With nations brought to their knees by a global terrorist attack, the world turns to Atlas, the largest private military company on the planet. Power, though, changes everything.

  • Macrox

    That multiplayer tease :O That looks awesome! As well as the flooding event at the end there it seems dynamic map events just became bigger.

  • LovekillerX

    Oh my god this is so good trailer! So hyped for the singleplayer! Dat multiplayer tease!

  • HenryDF

    Looks so good 😀

  • NotANOTHERWatchDogs

    Is it just me or does Kevin Spacey look less realistic here than on earlier trailers. And some of his quotes in this trailer weren’t that convincing. They kind of sounded forced. But I’m really excited. The only reason I ask about him looking less real is because look at wagt Ubisoft just pulled with Watch Dogs. But like i said, may just be my device

    • Macrox

      I’m guessing they were still working on lighting systems. Some of the lighting here seems way better than the initial reveal. Good lighting can really make the look of a game.

  • GodzXPro

    This looks so badass…the hype is real in the next 2 weeks.

  • Gamefr3akable

    I’m really excited about this game finally. I was never this hyped since MW2. Graphics look beautiful and not only that, the story looks compelling like the Modern Warfare era. I look forward to this on November 4th!

  • Rob Braunsberg

    Yay! Dude with a Mohawk.

  • Aymen Skiken

    did i just see a grappling hook, NO DUCKING WAY!! if i buy advanced warfare i would look like a statue sitting on a chair…

  • Aymen Skiken

    and i thought this was a live action trailer…

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I did at first too.

      • TheShadowReaper

        funny thing is that the graphics AW has are way better than any BF until now. they were saying that BF “was developed for PC and has amazing graphics and shit” when it was just developed on consoles like any other game. if it was developed on PC it would have graphics of that caliber. but it does not. how easy it is to manipulate consumers. and some of them wont admit it even now.

        edit: just saying.

  • drjakeyoung

    Hype level: Just gone up! Cancelling my pre order on PlayStation store so i can get the atlas pro edition whenever it comes available here in England.

  • Josh2242

    Saw more than 6 triangles on the mini map 😀 either ground war is back or there will be more than 6v6 on a standard TDM

  • CFCluvver32

    The graphics look incredible – it looks so photorealistic! It does make me question whether or not the footage was captured from an Xbox One, or simply a PC render? Just remarkable, though!

    • eatmymonkey

      You mean PS4 or PC or were you joking?

      • iPandaHDTV

        All of this footage was captured on XBOX One.

        • OscarTheTitan

          I somewhat doubt it. Trailer footage almost always is a PC render because it’s the version that looks better

          • Tayler Hammond

            Not this time. The trailers even say “Captured On Xbox One”

          • OscarTheTitan

            If that’s the case then I can’t wait to see what the PC version looks like 😀

        • jordanxbrookes

          I think the reason why people are questioning whether or not the trailer was captured on PC is because some people can’t tell the difference between what’s in a cutscene and what’s in actual gameplay, of course the cutscene graphics will look better.

      • Derrick Wingler

        You don’t know much about COD’s history lol. He means X1 or PC. They would never show PS4 footage because they have a partnership with MS.

      • Axel Noir

        The graphic’s resolution is just a number.

        • TheShadowReaper

          i dont want to crush your dreams but, resolutions matter. a lot.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Not as much as frame rate, I’d rather play at 720p if it means having a 60FPS, but the game on Xbox One will most likely either stay at 900p or be at full 1080p. I’m just concerned about the frame rate. Destiny is at 30FPS, and whilst the YouTube quality caps videos at 30FPS, it looks smooth, when in actual fact you can clearly see the 30FPS in play. It’s a shame it’s not at 60FPS.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i agree. 60 fps is a must no matter what resolution else you cant play a game. any game in less than 60 frames per second is unplayable imo. but when you go 1080p you never go back Jordan. you just cant go back…

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            The game is confirmed to be at 810p, and since they’re worried about console parity, then the game will be at 810p on PS4 as well, which is a shame. I don’t want my console dumbed down because the other can’t run it as well as it can. On the plus side, however smooth the frame rate is on Xbox One, will be as smooth on PS4.

        • OscarTheTitan

          It matters when the “next-gen” consoles can’t even pull off true 1080p with a half decent frame rate and have specs weaker than a 4 year old PC. It really does matter because it will bottle neck the industry and cause this gen to quickly lose fizz

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Their specs are as good as a PC from 2 years ago, and most people who own PCs have AMD PCs. Next-gen consoles can’t pull off true 1080p? I guess that’s why 90% of the PS4 and Wii U’s libraries are native 1080p. Next-gen does NOT hold back PCs, like it’d matter, either way.

          • OscarTheTitan

            Most people have AMD cpus? Where the hell did you pull that one out of? Intel is the market leader by far. And as good as a PC from 2 years ago? Dafuq? The GTX 680 which was released early 2012 absolutely destroys the next-gen consoles. As well as ANY of the i5s released that year. Like I said, at least four years ago. Sadly it will effect the industry. As PC’s increasingly get better year after year, the console market will be in trouble. Now I’m not saying that consoles are dying or that this will be the last gen, but what I am saying is that this gen will last a lot shorter than previous.

            As far as native 1080p games go, whilst the PS4 may have more native 1080p games than the ONE, it comes at a frame rate trade off or lowering the general graphic fidelity that should be standard for a console released in this day and age. When the PS3/360 were released, they were top tier or at least you couldn’t find a PC at a reasonable cost that could perform as good. But as soon as the “next-gen” consoles were released, they were already years behind and were pushing the limits of the hardware as soon as they were released.

            Also just a side note, 1080p isn’t even next gen technology. That shit’s been around for ages. PC is moving towards 2K and 4K which is what the consoles should be thriving towards!

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I never said most people have AMD *CPUs*, I said most people have AMD PCs overall, whether it be graphics cards, CPUs, or both. And how much is the GTX 680? $300-400? You’d be an idiot to buy that shit. No. The next-gen equivalent is around a 580. They get better year after year? With $3000 graphics cards? It gets more expensive year after year, and games will still look and play great on current gen, so I see no issue. If you mean that the hardware will become cheaper, well, so will current gen. “Got a $500 AMD computer? That’s okay, just buy a $200 PS4/Wii U and you’re golden”.

            If the game is 30 FPS, then you know for a fact that the games look fucking awesome. The Order 1886 gets a bunch of shit because of the developers saying that it’s “a more cinematic feel” and “they just put 100px borders on there so that it’s less intensive” or “it’s not native 1080p” or “it’s 30 FPS so it’ll be magically terrible”. To shut people up about that game; cinematic borders or not, the game is still 1080p, the pixels are just negated. Even if it’s 880p, the negated pixels are justified through 4x MSAA. But yeah, back to my point; there are times where a game’s SP is 30 FPS and MP is 60, and when a game is at 30 FPS on next gen, it’s because of multiple reasons: 1. console parity 2. graphics are too intensive 3. physics/mechanics are too intensive (Drive Club). As long as the games look and play well, then there will be times where 30 FPS is justified. If the frames are smooth, then I see literally NO issue, it’s just the fact that 60 FPS is plain better. DOUBLE of what 30 FPS is. If a game is 60 FPS, shit, I’ll take it. To put your last point into perspective; it depends on the PC. A $600 PC is good enough. That’s still $200 more than next gen. I see people paying $1000 for a PC. WHY?! I laugh at those people.

            Really? 4k requires expensive ASS hardware in order for performance to be stable. Saying 1080p isn’t “next-gen” is a ludicrous statement, because most PC players play 1080p either way.

          • OscarTheTitan

            1) Do you understand how CPUs and GPUs work in PCs? Because an “AMD PC” is an unofficial term meaning a pc has both an AMD CPU and a Radeon graphics card. This makes absolutely no sense for your argument because most people use different components from different manufacturers such as an Intel/Nvidia, Intel/Radeon, AMD/Nvidia, AMD, Radeon. Either way your argument fall flat on it’s face because Nvidia is the market leader in the graphics card sector anyway.

            2) Funny that you’d mention the 680 because the 770 (which is basically a rebranded 680) is $100 cheaper than the 680 and performs ~10% better. I only mentioned the 680 as an example because it was a top tier card. There are a plethora of GPUs that perform better or similarly to the next gen consoles that were released as far back as 2008/2009 (for example: HD 4850X2, 4870X2, 5870) all of which are dirt cheap today.

            3) Wow. The 580? That actually was released 4 years ago (December 2010) which further proves my point of the consoles being 4 years outdated. Not exactly good for your argument.

            4) $3000 graphics cards? WTF? The ONLY graphics card that costs that much is the Titan Z which is ridiculously expensive and only extraordinarily rich enthusiasts buy cards like those. Also PLENTY of great quality, inexpensive cards came out this year. Do you know what is the number 1 best selling graphics card on amazon is? The GTX 750 Ti. A low end card that performs better than a PS4 and for less than $150.

            Proof: http://gamingbolt.com/geforce-gtx-750-ti-runs-battlefield-4-better-than-console-counterparts

            Of course as well as the R9 270/270x and R9 280/280x which are incredibly faster than the PS4.

            5) I think you miss the point of PCs. Sure you can stick with the hardware for ~5 years if you want. But if you want to get better performance later down the track you have the option to. Something that consoles lack.

            6) 30 FPS is shit. Plain and simple. Devs who say it “benefits the game experience” are saying that because of the hardware limitations of the platform they are developing it for. The only reason the game can run at 1080p is because it runs at 30 FPS. Also the negated pixels are not justified through anti-aliasing because there will be two black bars on the top and the bottom of the screen which is just a hindrance to the gameplay experience and doesn’t add anything else other than being an annoyance.

            7) You literally just proved my point that games have either graphics or physics/mechanics that are too intensive for the shitty hardware that’s provided to run at a half decent framerate. For pretty much everyone, having a lower framerate makes the game not play as well as having a smoother FPS and shouldn’t be tolerated as a reason of justification.

            8) I never said anything about a $600 PC (what I said in that point was relevant to back in 2006). These days, you can build a gaming PC for $450 and it be on par with a PS4.


            Or you could flesh out and spend around $600 as an an investment for the future.


            It’s an investment because ultimately, in the long term, you’ll save heaps of money. Steam/Good Old Games/Humble Bundles and hell even origin was literally give Battlefield 3 away for free. All these services and all these games cost next to nothing (and in many cases, literally nothing) as well as having no subscription fee to play online. I have haven’t paid full price for a game in over a year thanks to http://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals
            Also, don’t be an asshole to those who like to spend a lot of time, money and care into their PC. It’s a hobby and they are enthusiasts. I built my PC for around 650 and most other PC gamers don’t spend a shit ton either. It’s a HUGE misconception that you need to spend over $1000 on a gaming rig.

            9) I will give you that last point because I don’t think my wording was quite right. What I meant about 4k was that PCs were CAPABLE of playing at 4k whilst the PS4 and the ONE will never be. 4K is the standard that we strive for whilst the next gen consoles are STILL trying to get 1080p down.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            1) Yes, that’s why I said “or both” in my comment. But either way, there’s no doubt that many people buy AMD PCs, because they’re cheap. And you said “unofficial”, well, what’s the “OFFICIAL” term? Nvidia is the market leader, eh? I don’t see tons of people with $1000 PCs, people like cheap and affordable.

            2) Current-gen hardware (preferably the PS4) runs on a Radeon 7870, which is not bad at all. The only reason to buy a PC over current gen, is to get BETTER hardware, not equivalent, but I still find it to be ridiculous, because I feel like you should have both for the best experience.

            3) 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, whatever. It depends on when the 7870/R7 270x were released.

            4) The new Titan is $3000. I was simply making a joke that some of PC’s prices are laughable. And cards with “50’s” in their name are, for the most part, terrible, such as the 650. The R9s are ridiculously priced, though, last time I checked, they were $3-400. Not worth it imo.

            5) I honestly could care less about performance. I care about games, that’s all that matters, and sure that’s what current gen is lacking, but games are coming. EXCLUSIVES. That’s what PC lacks. Nearly 40% of all games on Steam have never been TOUCHED, and Steam is still far less popular than console, and it has existed for 10 years now. 60 million registered users on Steam (70 million on last gen, 160 million on Wii), and 100,000 people at most playing? Yeah, console MUST be getting far less popular (I laugh at PC elitists that genuinely believe that the console market is becoming less popular). Anyway, I digress. There are positives and negatives to everything. Consoles are cheap/affordable and easy to use (with the exception of X1), and PCs can be expensive and slightly more complex. PCs have mods and consoles don’t, but PCs also have more modders/cheaters in multiplayer games. Also, with consoles, people get an equal experience, because we all have the same hardware. On PC, there’s always someone with better and/or worse hardware than you. Just a few examples. I’d recommend both, but I prefer the PlayStation/Nintendo communities, because PC elitists are dicks.

            6) It’s really not, 60 FPS is just better. Again, as long as the frame rate is smooth and never drops (like on Destiny), then I see absolutely NO issue. South Park the Stick of Truth can only be played at 30 FPS, because of the “cartoony animation” feel. 30 FPS is actually IDEAL for some games. Would you imagine a game like The Order, with cinematic borders, to be 60 FPS? It makes no sense. No, they can make the entire resolution 1080p, negate 200 pixels, and add 4x MSAA in order to maximize performance. 60 FPS on a game with cinematic borders looks shit, so I give them a free pass for 30 FPS. Destiny is 30 FPS because of console parity between last and current gen. The cinematic borders aren’t an annoyance, they are there for the cutscenes and to make you feel like you’re playing a movie. And there are instances in some games where the frame rate bumps up to 40-60 FPS, like on Infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadow Fall, so there’s that.

            7) “Shitty” hardware? No. If you genuinely think that current gen consoles are weak, then that’s preposterous. There are games on PS4 that look better than most PC games. Consoles have to be affordable, and that’s what Sony did right. $400? Still cheaper than most PCs, and looks even better, I think that’s a plus. I’m sorry that not everyone has a GTX 780 with an Intel i7 series CPU running games on 4k at 120 FPS. You get what you get. I don’t see the issues, because I just game, not giving a single fuck.

            8. Good luck with that, I don’t think I’ve seen that, unless one of the pieces are absolute garbage.

            You won’t save “heaps of money”, because the only worthwhile sales on Steam only happens twice a year, and when do Humble Bundle sales occur? Yes, you got Battlefield 3 for free, but I get 2 games given away to me every month via PS+, some people get 4-6 games given away. PS3 users got Crysis 3 this month for free. Plus, console users have Amazon and free games. Knack was $25 a month or two ago, and it was $60. Subscription fees on PSN exist now because of the fact that they don’t want to risk their services getting hacked. You are essentially paying for a much better and safer service, plus other benefits. I get games given away to me, beta access, and sales. I got Injustice: Gods Among Us for PS4 for $8 via the Superhero Sale (I probably already mentioned this), and last time I checked, it was roughly $50. I pay full price for some games in order to support the developers for making kickass games.

            It’s not my fault that they’re ignorant and that they waste their money. $1000? Seriously? I don’t know, some people must be rich. Unless you’re a YouTuber, I don’t see how that is justified. You call PC gaming “cheap”, when a lot of people have these $1-2000 rigs, and it’s ridiculous. I’m not going to tell people how to spend their money, but when I have an opinion, I’m not going to hold back on it. I tell the brutally honest truth, and it’s okay that you disagree, it’s just my genuine thoughts. It’s a huge misconception? People do it anyway. I’ve seen YouTubers spend $5000-10,000. Good for them. It’s their money. They have the career to do it. Since I want to be a game developer, I’d definitely have to get an expensive ass PC.

            9) There ARE 4k TVs, but we’ll have to wait until they (and 4k in general) gets cheaper in order for it to be the “norm”. Again, a console manufacturer’s ideal is to make consoles cheaper/more affordable, and easy to use.

          • Guest

            1) You’re right, there is no doubt that many people buy AMD CPUs and GPUs. Just not as many as Intel and Nvidia. In some situations, a Radeon card has better value for the money and sometimes it doesn’t. Same applies with AMD/Intel. There is no “official term” because there is no restrictions as to what combo of GPUs and CPUs you can put together (I myself have an AMD FX 8320 and a Nvidia GTX 760) so what’s your point? That “AMD PCs” are cheaper? Generally they are. But that doesn’t negate the fact that cheaper AMD cards can out perform a PS4. Also WTF is an Nvidia PC? And since when has a PC that includes a Nvidia GPU suddenly make the cost go above $1000? I’ve mentioned the 750 Ti before but it is very relevant. That NVIDIA card (which out does the next gen consoles) only costs $150 which is incredible value

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            The 750ti is $150? Yeah, that’s quite a steal.

            Not really. As I said, the PS4 has a 7870 (quite a bit of people own 7700 series and even 7800 series). There’s no doubt that the PS4’s video card is good, especially for its price. For a console, you also must admit that its architecture is quite amazing, I was surprised to find out that the power supply is inside the system, instead of outside of it like on Xbox One.

            A lot of Nvidia cards are expensive, and that’s my point. 780ti’s and Titans are quite pricey, and so is your 760, at least as far as I know. And Nvidia/Intel combos can definitely add up to $1000. Plus, you have to take into account monitors, keyboards, and mice, and possibly even headset(s).

          • OscarTheTitan

            Bro read my full reply.

          • OscarTheTitan

            1) You’re right, there is no doubt that many people buy AMD CPUs and GPUs. Just not as many as Intel and Nvidia. In some situations, a Radeon card has better value for the money and sometimes it doesn’t. Same applies with AMD/Intel. There is no “official term” because there is no restrictions as to what combo of GPUs and CPUs you can put together (I myself have an AMD FX 8320 and a Nvidia GTX 760) so what’s your point? That “AMD PCs” are cheaper? Generally they are. But that doesn’t negate the fact that cheaper AMD cards can out perform a PS4. Also WTF is an Nvidia PC? And since when has a PC that includes a Nvidia GPU suddenly make the cost go above $1000? I’ve mentioned the 750 Ti before but it is very relevant. That NVIDIA card (which out does the next gen consoles) can be bought for as cheap as $119 which is incredible value.

            2) I wonder how many times I have to tell you this? The 7870 (or 580 they are basically the same) are old. The 700 or R9 series has cards that PERFORM BETTER THAN A PS4 for quality (750 ti, 270x 760 etc.) are really inexpensive for the quality.

            3) It does matter when the 580 was released because it shows you that cards being released in 2010 still outperform the PS4. The 7870 was released 2 years ago and is out done by the similarly price but better 270x and much cheaper 750 Ti. My point is that the PS4 was released with already incredibly out dated hardware.

            4) Yes the Titan Z is $3000 (for some reason) as I mentioned, but no one buys them. That’s why it’s only been rated 27 times on Amazon compared to the 250+ ratings for the 750 Ti which costs next to nothing. Saying that “cards with “50’s” in their name are, for the most part, terrible” is stupid because the “50s” cards have always been designed as a cheaper alternative to more pricey cards. Whilst this still applies with the 750 Ti, it isn’t relevant because of how well it performs compared to the consoles.
            Also, which R9’s were you looking at? The R9 295x?
            The 270x costs less than $200


            5) HAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry but did you just say that PC’s lack exclusives? That is probably the most dim witted thing you’ve said so far. Here’s a list of exclusives that have came out from 1977-2013 (includes new and grand classics) on PC.


            If that counts as nothing then let me give you some perspective. The PS3 had 158 exclusives over it’s 7 year life time with there being an average of 22.57 games per year. 33 (1977-2013) years * 22.57 is 812.52 exclusives over the same period of time as PC. Of course this can’t be completely accurate as the industry fluctuates (up and down).

            Also, Steam isn’t as popular as console? What the hell?Steam has an active user base of 75 million users. That’s an increase of 10 million users since October last year.


            As I’m typing, there are 4,532,562 players online and it has peaked at 6,565,424 a couple days ago. And that’s just Steam, you don’t need a Steam account to play LoL, Starcraft 2 , and most MMOs. There’s millions of PC gamers unaccounted for. Also, 160 million on Wii? 160 million what? Units? Miis made?

            I find it quite ridiculous that you’d say that there are positives and negatives to everything yet you only mention positives of Consoles and the negatives of PCs. PC having more cheaters is quite a rash statement. After years playing on PC and PS3 I can say that, in general, cheaters are rare in multiplayer games (keep in mind that the only multiplayer games I play are BO:II, BF3/4, CS:GO, Gmod, GTA: Online and Dota 2) on either platform these days due to anti cheat measures. The only time I encounter cheaters frequently is in GTA: Online. Mods are fantastic and add hours of extra fun to games and even expand into fully fledged communities. If you have a system that can play the games you want to your liking, you are on a level playing field because it becomes about comfortability and skill after that. Those who have ridiculously expensive builds aren’t automatically better players. You still have to be good at the game.

            Talking from experience, those I’ve met on PC have been some of the nicest people I’ve met whether it be online or IRL. Communities are far more closely knitted. In fact, I’ve had totally random people actually buy me games that were on my wishlist because we are friendly to each other. It’s very much a give and take relationship between PC players. On PSN there is no such thing. I only play PS3 for a couple of real world friends because the members of the community that I’ve met have been either rude as fuck or non-existent.

            6) Sorry but “creating a cinematic experience” is never acceptable as an excuse for 30 FPS. And “console parity”? Do you understand what that is? It’s an underhanded strategy to purposely degrade the visual quality on another platform so that that platform’s competitors don’t look too much better. This is exactly what my original point was. That the “next-gen” consoles are holding PC back. Look at what happened to Watch_Dogs. Also it would make zero sense to degrade a PS4 so the PS3 doesn’t look as bad. It’s last gen for crying out loud! What’s the point of trying to make the last gen look bad for the sake of the PS3 version? It’s not like there is cross platform play so having the ps4 version PURPOSELY downgraded is utterly stupid. The fact of the matter is that the PS4 cannot handle a game that looks fantastic, has an incredibly open world, and have a decent framerate due to the hardware limitations.

            7) No multi-platform game looks better on PS4 than it does on PC. Not a single one. Look at these difference in these pics:

            I know that Crysis 3 isn’t on PS4 but come on. This game has graphics unrivalled to anything the consoles can produce.
            Again with the ridiculous thought that you need a GTX 780 with an Intel i7 processor. give it a rest. I have shown you time and time again that you don’t need to need to spend a shit ton to get an excellent gaming experience and raking in the benefits of PC gaming at the same time. You could not give a fuck and sit there with an arrogant “get what you get” attitude, or maybe you could enjoy all the many, many, many gaming benefits of PCs such as having the option to upgrade in the future if you aren’t happy with piss poor console quality games in 5 years time.

            8) Garbage? Are you freaking kidding me? Here is another that I just whipped up. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/84K88d
            Better GPU, CPU, storage and includes all the loveliness that comes with PCs. Or if you want a more future proof build get this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/H3bjRB

            You must keep in mind that when you are buying a PC you are not just buying a gaming machine. you are building a fast and efficient computer for everyday use. Whether it be multi-tasking, design work, home work or streaming, a gaming PC will be an incredibly valuable investment for your life. Especially your life if you want to be a game designer.

            The only worthwhile steam sale are on twice a year? WTF? there are specials on ALL THE TIME. Right now games are 50% off 65% off 75% off! Everyday! It’s not just games that are on sale, but great games that cost next to nothing to begin with. Games like Garry’s Mod, Goat Simulator, State of Decay, Quake, Speedrunners, BroForce the list goes on. My point is that games are generally dirt cheap and indie games that would have stood no chance on the console scene are welcomed and new, talented developers are created.

            As for the free games on PS+? ERMAHGERD! YOU GOT FEZ?! SO JELLY! No. You do realise that the games you receive on PS+ do not justify paying $50 a year to play online. On PC we get an incredible amount of free games all the time and we don’t have to pay anyone to access them. Whether they be small games, AAA titles or free to play, PC out does the consoles without contest.

            Good for you that you sometimes pay full price for games to support the developers! I try whenever I can (if I think they need my full support) but if you’re like me and study full time, cash is short so you cut corners whenever you can. And PC is the only platform that allows a brilliant gaming experience and the enjoyment of a large library of games without breaking the bank (I live in Australia where they tax the shit out of anything electronic for some stupid reason, but there are no taxes on Steam so I pay VERY little compared what i would if I gamed on consoles).

            I’m very aware that people spend $1-2000 on PCs which I’ve explicitly stated that I don’t think you have to spend anywhere close to that amount so I agree with you somewhat with that. But be aware that those YouTubers don’t represent the entire community. They spend the money because they either get paid to do it, have a lot of spare cash lying around for no reason, purely do it for a hobby or any multitude of those reasons.

            9) 4k isn’t the norm yet. I’m very aware of this. But 4K Tvs and monitors are getting cheaper and are doing so faster than 1080p did to become the standard it is today. I don’t own a 4K monitor or TV at the moment but within the next year or two, I probably will. And I can (if I so choose to) upgrade my graphics card to play games at that level. But the PS4 will never be able to play games at that level if they can barely pull of a half decent 1080p game. See what I’m saying? It’s not that you HAVE to spend a shit ton and have some absurdly expensive rig to become future proof, PCs themselves ARE future proof. They are the future. The industry has been booming incredibly in recent years and has even taken over the console industry in terms of profitability
            as well as the games themselves getting released more and being received better by critics on PC.

            There really is no downside to PCs other than learning how to build one which can take literally an hour. Plenty of guides and friendly advice out there. Trust me, the feeling of finishing a build is incredibly satisfying and you’ll thank yourself afterwards.

    • SilentNova

      Graphics are meh, all I care about is fun. If Aw has good kill streaks like Mw2 had, I’ll love to enjoy the game for a whole year, that is until the next Zombies installment 😉

      • SilentNova

        What I meant by “meh” was that I don’t care too much about them, AW graphics look great, I just meant fun factor is overall more important than graphics

        • CFCluvver32

          Definitely – I agree! As long as the game is fun, and keeps me entertained for the full year (if not longer) until the next CoD is released, that’s all that matters. Graphics are a bonus, but a game should not be judged on graphics alone 🙂

          • Tayler Hammond

            I’m pretty sure it will keep people entertained for a long time. It looks like there’s so much you can do. So much experimentation with weapons and equipment. I got bored with Ghosts in a matter of about 2 weeks. I’ve never had that happen before. I’m the kind of CoD player with 30+ days played on my record in each game. I have about 7 days played on Ghosts. At this point. Anything will be better than that game.

    • Derrick Wingler

      I recently changed from being a console gamer to a PC gamer and put together a $2000 gaming PC for myslef. This will be my first COD on PC and looks like its going to be perect for it ^_^

      • CFCluvver32

        Really?!? I recently made the switch too. I had a PS4, but sold it not too long ago and bought a gaming PC. So far, it has been a wonderful experience gaming on the PC, and I wish I made the transition sooner. And I agree with your last point – Advanced Warfare will look wonderful on PC (not to say it won’t on console :P)! Hell, it should look wonderful, if you payed $2000 for a PC to play the games on XD

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Sorry to crush your dreams, but 1. That was a bad idea imo and 2. The PC version will suck.

          • Derrick Wingler

            1. He just said he has been very happy with the change so far, and i am as well, in fact I’m far happier gaming on my PC than i was on my console so i don’t get how it was a “bad idea” when we are both perfectly happy. 2. So you’ve played the PC version? How? When? Where? I can’t imagine how you would be so confident that it will be bad when when there isn’t even so much as a review of it yet.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            1. Well, people are far more annoying in-game on PC. Plus, disregarding console COMPLETELY for PC? That’s ignorant, especially since PC is lacking in exclusives imo. It’s a bad idea because $2000 imo is a waste of money, especially on a platform (gaming-wise) that just gives you better pixelation. 2. The CoD pattern with PC has been the same since MW2, that’s why, and it’s recommended that you have a 760 in order to run the game, like Ghosts.

      • TheShadowReaper

        wtf? 2000$ PC? that’s an overkill. at least you got a Titan…correct? if not you got ripped off.

      • Ben

        I don’t want to crash your dreams, but the last CoD was one of the worst console ports of all time on PC…

        • Derrick Wingler

          I’m aware. I’d like to imagine that Sledgehammer will do a better job.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        A $2000 PC? What a waste. And CoD isn’t good on PC, never has been, except for the old ones.

        • Derrick Wingler

          So far its been the single best PC I’ve ever used and I’m entirely happy with it. Considering that both my field of study in college and most of my hobbies revolve around computers I don’t see how its a waste to have the fastest PC i could possibly make, and i haven’t found a single game that doesn’t get a smooth 60FPS at maximum settings displaying at 1440p resolution. It was completely worth it to me.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            That’s good, I just personally think that $2000 is a waste.

      • OscarTheTitan

        Dude, I HOPE you didn’t spend $2000 on a PC fro CoD. A $500 would have sufficed

        • Derrick Wingler

          I didn’t make it “For” COD. I play literally everything except for sports games lol. I spent that much money because i wanted to, not because i felt it was necessary. I’m amazed how many people are attacking my decision to build the best PC i could.

          • OscarTheTitan

            No no! Oh I’m sorry! I thought you meant you bought it EXCLUSIVELY for CoD! I apologize 🙂 Hey if you got the money then I’m not one to judge

  • FictionFtw

    I took a little bit of time to look at the MP portion of the trailer a bit, and this is what I see.

    Scorestreaks are BACK! There’s numbers next to the little scorestreak pictures in the 3rd MP Clip.

    I think they may have replace tactical grenades with tactical abilities, that can recharge over time, as seen in the 3rd MP clip.

    ….Huge Dynamic MP events.

    TTK (Time to kill) is Moderate, a blend of Ghosts/BO2 taking 3-4 bullets to kill. Wonderful IMO.

    Exo’s in MP Confirmed.

    You can customize your exo! The guy had a red decked out exo, and then another guy had some sort of Devgru thing.

    When you shoot an un-silenced weapon, on the mini map, you appear (atleast for your teammates) as a red triangle (seen in 3rd MP clip)

    Ground War (probably) confirmed (3rd MP clip). Also, TDM Confirmed (but who thought it wasnt coming back)

    The medals are back (You know, Nuclear medals from BO2 etc.)

    The entire HUD is waaaay more sleek. 😀

    And I’m not sure, but this is just my guess – Sleight of Hand is coming back, because of how fast he pulls out his mag in the last MP Clip.

    Also, Theatre Mode may be returning. (Because the first MP clip sure looked like a Theatre mode clip).

    It looks like it’s a blend of MW2 and Black Ops 2. Which is amazing.

    Hopefully you guys can catch more! 😀

    • Need more ppl like you

      Thanks for the analysis

      • Guywithbrains

        All of that sounds awesome and all that information sounds like this Call of Duty is definitely much better than Ghosts, if not one of the best Call of Dutys ever.

    • SilentNova

      Bops1 had the longest TTK in my experience. A blend between the two would be fantastic.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      1. Looks like UAV’s are back too but may be wrong. 600 score for a UAV is a bit crazy.

      2. Mini-map had 8 players on your team. Maybe no more 6v6? Now it’s 8v8 standard?

      3. When you shoot your arrow on the mini-map glows red and you can see a flash out of the tip of your pointer on the mini-map representing exactly the shots your firing.

      I could imagine if your team members also shoot you can see what team mate around you is shooting and in what direction their shooting, where the enemy is highly likely to be.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      The HUD and map look beautiful, as well as the gameplay. We also have the ability to boost jump backwards, which will give a huge advantage, and we have some MP maps revealed.

      We have what looks like the inside of a facility, possibly near a city in the distance and possibly next to a body of water in between the facility and city (look through the doorway in the background of the first MP clip, my guess is it’s somewhere in Asia), we have some sort of underground desert facility (My guess is that it’s in the U.S. or Mexico, if U.S., probably somewhere like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, etc.). We also have the San Fransisco bay, somewhere on the ocean line. This is definitive because we have the Golden Gate bridge in the background.

      Also, look at the grenades in the final clip in the HUD. It looks like they have battery life, or charges. My guess is that these are the smart grenades that change. maybe, depending on which type of grenade you choose when you throw it, you use more or less of the charges. Example: Throwing a frag would cost one charge, whereas throwing a semtex would use two, throwing those heat seeking grenades would use 3, and throwing those see through wall grenades would use all of it. Just an example.

      Finally, it looks like we have 2 scorestreaks returning. A UAV? for about 600 points (which is like 6 kills, pretty steep), and what looks like a dragonfire (from BO2), a vulture (from Ghosts), or a Gryphon (also from Ghosts). It’s at only 700. So either it’s pretty weak, or that first one is not a UAV. Also, 1 kill is 100 points. If you look at the streaks on the HUD before and after the kill, it fills up grey and the points go down by 100. It will probably follow the scores BO2 used with some tweaks here and there.

      Anyways, that’s everything I noticed.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        I think it’s Refinery that Jordan found (an MP map). I don’t think those are charges for grenades. They’re charges for Exo Abilities, as you can see on the emblems in the center. I see wings, for aviation (boost jump)?

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Completely agree. These were my initial thoughts.

          • Sinful Soulz

            It appears that the player has selected boost jump and cloak for his exo-suit abilities. The ability on the left is most likely boost jump because of its wings. The ability on the right has a transparent globe or shield around it. My guess is that it is most likely cloak.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            If you look at Drift0r’s video, it’s actually the map that was leaked to him in March.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, and it looks like the 3 MP clips we saw were all one big MP map, even the part on the bridge. That’s massive.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I hope not. :/ I don’t want this to be another Ghosts. If you’re right, and the maps are massive, then they’ll bring 8v8 instead of 6v6.

      • That didn’t look like a boost jump…maybe a jet pack. Thought it had something coming out of the back. Plus the way it moved just did not seem right for a jump.

        Also adding on to the second part where you talked about San Fransico Bay…the water looked like it was forming a decent sized wave. Could this map possibly have a tsunami be one of the interactive events?

        • Also I hope they do not over do the amount of abilities on the Exo-Skeletons to get a game like Halo. Also I hope that we get to see all the guns in multiplayer.

  • Ryumoau

    great trailer!! I’m so glad to see new footage of Kevin Spacey. For awhile i was worried he wouldn’t be in the game much because they kept showing the same scenes of him from the reveal trailer.
    Was also amazing to see a brief tease of multiplayer. i love that they are keeping the clean HUD display for multiplayer. 🙂

  • dont cry

    What happened to the people living in those “five continents”

  • Finally an AW trailer that makes me excited and gives me goosebumps. I like it 🙂
    looking forward to 11th of August.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)


  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Fast TTK it looks like though 🙁

    • Guywithbrains

      It didn’t look as fast as Ghosts, but fast enough. Then I have seen comments about it looking like Call of Duty 4 hitbox, but don’t know what they are talking about.

  • turtlekicker

    TDM is back!!!

  • noobswontlie

    Least we know how Mitchell looks like (sorry if it’s blurry)

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      IS that him? I don’t know.

    • MichiganerE

      This part in the trailer doesn’t even look like a game.

      • Vivek patodia

        Fingers crossed,i am just hoping this wasn’t taken from a very very over powered pc and then edited and made finer.

        • MichiganerE

          Maybe it a CGI cut-scene.

          • kyr95

            Even for a cut scene this surpasses anything ive ever seen ( even Last of us Cutscenes standards! )

          • MichiganerE


          • kyr95

            I mean you could see the mark left by the generals glasses on his nose! :O

          • MichiganerE


          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Nope, look at Kingdom Hearts cutscenes. They will blow you away. They are the most realistic depictions of cel-shaded characters in video game history. Far exceeds other games.

          • kyr95

            You just had to remind me that KH3 isnt out yet 🙁

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I’m such a dick lmao. And I’m pissed that KH3 is on Xbox One, that’s my big pet peeve with it. 🙁 Hopefully you’re getting a PS4? :D? :D?

          • kyr95

            Unfortunately i dont have money for either of them 🙁
            I will watch on youtube as it seems :/

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Damn… I hope that doesn’t become the case… 🙁

          • kyr95

            Well what can we do? :/
            But even seeing it will be a dream come true. We ve been waiting years for this.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I have a PS4, so I’ll get it when it comes out.

          • kyr95

            Ill be waiting for impressions from you man. Dont let me down 😉

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            It’ll be another year or two lol.

          • kyr95

            Whyyy do you have to keep reminding me?!! >:(

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Probably CGI.

    • Plokijuh1229

      The detail like the wrinkled ear makes it x100 more human.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Spitting image of Troy Baker, except without the dirty blonde hair. Awesome. My favorite voice actor, for sure, besides Mark Hamill.

  • Black

    The chick is boss.

  • Guywithbrains

    Campaign is going to be great! Also that MP tease with huge dynamic event was awesome!

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Please no Ghillie Suits.

    • Aymen Skiken


    • jordanxbrookes

      What if you had a hood-like ghillie suit like Kruger has in Elysium?

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        IDK man I think it’d still be confusing, not as bad as Ghosts, but I personally don’t want any Ghillies at all. :/

        • I am ready to see some sniper gameplay already. Just hope they do not nerf them to a point of being unusable.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I do. I hope that is what the snipers become. I don’t want snipers at all.

          • I see nothing wrong with them. They are a gun that a new player can not pick up and drop 50+ kills with. The people that annoy you and kill you out of spawn and dominate the middle of the map have played a long time and know a decent bit about the way the map spawns ect. The new people to the game will either sit and stay with it or are easy to dispose of with smart movement…like drop shotting and halo jumping. If the sniper shots twice with a bolt action you deserve to die. It is bad aim on your part in that case. So what is wrong with them?

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            That’s irrelevant. An OP gun doesn’t have to give you a huge killstreak. It’s all about the stats of the weapon. The sniper rifles in games like MW2, MW3, and BO2 are far too easy to use, and they break the balance and flow of those games. What if they headglitch? What if they have Lightweight? It’s a matter of the ADS time. The Ballista destroys on BO2. You can get a shot off, miss, and BLOOP hit the second shot. It’s not balanced.

          • So the points on the player using the gun are irrelevant, or are you talking about the number of kills in a game? The player using the gun would dictate to attributes such as aim, reaction time, and movement. The amount of kills would deal with ones success using a gun when meeting another player. Also I did not say anthing about killstreaks…

            Headglitching is how a player moves and is not limited to a sniper. What does lightweight change except the movement speed?

            Sure the sniper might ADS quickly but it is not that much faster if any faster then a normal gun. If you move and hit him with one or two bullets and he still gets you he has skill

            Also like I said earlier the sniper SHOULD NOT survive to shoot a second bullet off when pitted against a gun shooting upwards of 300 Rounds Per Minute. That is five shots a second atleast.

            Also when you say sniping is to easy, do you ever do it? When you did what success did you have? Now why is it that you are complaining more about a sniper then a LMG, Shotgun, or even guns like the AN, MSMC, ACR, MP7, etc. that are truly OP?

            Edit: Sorry if you felt like there were any offensive tones or choices of wording in my reply, if so I apologize as that was not my intent. Yes we all have opinions, I’m just trying to show why I have mine and then debate. Nothing wrong with a good little debate. Also sorry for the extra long reply.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            “Headglitching is how a player moves” and your point is? Doesn’t make it any more shitty. Quickscopers headglitch more than anyone. Lightweight changes the camera angles (fucks up the lag compensation).

            Quickscopers have little to no skill, though. Anybody can hit the triggers on a controller. Snipers are SUPPOSED to have a longer ADS than most of the guns, otherwise they’re not balanced.

            Most of them never miss because snipers on CoD are overpowered.

            I used to be an ignorant quickscoper, yes, and I was good at it. The snipers on MW3 are as overpowered as the ACR and MP-7. The snipers on BO2 could outgun an AN-94/MSMC easily. LMGs and shotguns are OP, but if a sniper can beat a Shotgunner at close range, then we have a problem. Snipers are NOT built for close range.

          • I do not see why you are even bringing up headglitching or lightweight. They are not restricted to a sniper and more people then just snipers use them.

            Not everyone can pick up a sniper and do good, any new player can pick up a AR or SMG and have a bit of succes.

            If they are so easy to use and reauire no skill then why do pros not quickscope during tournaments? I mean it would only make sense to use the gun you have the highest chances of winning with.

            Snipers and AR’s or SMG’s both hit the same hitboxes…the only difference is the aim assist.

            Also snipers are just high-powered rifles. In real life Snipers in units will use guns like the MK Mod 11, I think it is, on the ground while clearing streeta. There is no limit to the effective range and to say a Sniper is meant to be worse then a shot gun in real life is not true. If you breach a building in a real life scenario using a sniper is it going to aim down sight slower or do less damage then a shot gun? No, of course it wont.

            Snipers can beat a shotgun at close range when the shotgunner misses. If they both miss shotgun should win on the second shot.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            You fail to see my point. Headglitching is a major issue, on Black Ops 2 in particular. It’s the positioning, and with the terrible hit detection on Black Ops 2, it makes the enemies almost impossible to win a gunfight against. As for Lightweight, yes everyone can have it, but even someone WITH Lightweight can be outmaneuvered by someone ELSE with Lightweight. Speed perks in general need to be removed, unless AW runs on a genuinely new engine, in which the game won’t think in frames per second.

            That’s an irrelevant argument. People who go into multiplayer, have a grasp on how the game is, otherwise they’d learn in singleplayer. Seriously, it’s a bad idea to go to multiplayer without learning the basics. As even a SLIGHTLY experienced player, you can pick up a sniper and quickscope someone easily. It’s just using the triggers on a controller.

            “Why don’t pros use snipers during tournaments?” is another generic, ignorant statement. Pros use the best guns in the game so that they aren’t hindered. Pros actually DO use snipers sometimes, however. And comparing public matches to competitive when competitive is pretty much irrelevant is the definition of sugarcoating and excuse-making.

            They’re using sniper rifles, therefore they have a much better grasp on a player because of their optic. Aim assist is the main reason why snipers are overpowered. What if, judging by your argument about new players, a “noob” picked up a sniper and accidentally no-scoped? If you can do that, then there’s an issue. There’s no “accidentally shooting an AR”. You either shoot, or you don’t.

            Real-life people don’t snipe aggressively. They don’t spin around looking like an idiot using a sniper at close range. They aren’t BUILT for that. The MK11 Mod 0 is a Marksman Rifle that’s spammable. The DMRs on Black Ops 2, specifically the SVU, can dominate even an SMG at close range, and that is DEFINITELY a gigantic issue. In real-life, if a sniper was in a close quarters situation, then they’d use a CLOSE QUARTERS WEAPON, such as a pistol. The pistols on Black Ops 2 are overpowered, so there’s that, too. I hate snipers that use KAP-40’s just to be annoying. In real-life, the guns do what they’re functioned and built to do, and that’s irrefutable.

            Snipers should never beat a shotgun, again. Snipers in real life NEVER enter a close quarters situation. Ever. If they do, then they’re either ignorant, or extremely ballsy. It’s not about “second shots”, it’s about the initial gunfight. If a quickscoper is as “skillful” as he say he is, then he would NEVER miss.

          • I understand the first paragraph, but what I’m not understanding is why you are acting like he gun/playstyle that a person is using limits the amount they will headglitch. Also, when you say that a person with lightweight can outmanuver the other is just the other person using better movement/positioning.

            Yes, MLG players do snipe…but it is not with aggression, nor in gamemodes that re quire constant combat. I mostly see it used as a gun in SnD. MLG is relevant in this case because people will use guns to give them the highest success unless they are screwing around or challenging themselves.

            Accidently no scoping a player is not based on quickscoping, and real life bullets do not go weird directions.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            It’s hard to say. In my experience, quickscopers headglitch more than normal players. Then again, the franchise is full of cheap players. We have LMG Target Finder campers on Black Ops 2 as well as “worm squirming” with the shield. It’s not about their movements in terms of Lightweight, it’s about them exploiting the perk and the lag compensation. That’s why quickscoping is so annoying. Plus, the animations don’t add up to what they’re doing on your screen.

            MLG is actually irrelevant because they use the best weapons in the game. I consider quickscoping overpowered, but using a sniper against a Remington on Ghosts just means that you’ll lose. I’m talking about quickscoping on BO2, because quickscoping isn’t that popular on Ghosts (thank God).

            When these idiots “1v1”, they allow no-scopes, too, so it’s relevant. It proves that the snipers are broken on CoD. Sniper bullets DO go in weird directions in real life because of gravity.

          • The issues with lightweight and the models are the developers fault, not the players.

            I do not know why nobody snipes in Ghosts, I normally am the only one. I’ve won against plenty of people using the Remington. All it requires is reacting quicker and adjustong to being hit.

            Bullet drop is a real life factor. However, bullets will never go up, left, or right, and bullet drop occurs over distace that alot of these maps dont appear to have.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Then doesn’t that mean that the game is flawed in general? With quickscopers using it, then that makes it a bigger problem. Players exploit what the developers put in, while it be on purpose, or on accident.

            Maneuverability is the most annoying thing about snipers. The game can’t calculate their movement and sync it with the character animation, therefore on our screen, it looks annoying when we lose the gunfight. Ghosts has Quickdraw as well as easy as hell stats, and high damage models.

            Ghosts maps have such a range, such as on Stonehaven and Siege. If gravity was put in Call of Duty, then it’d help the balance.

          • It just looks that way because of the sensitivity. Snipers just have higher sensitivities so they can snap targets.

            Quickdraw is just a perk, EVERYONE CAN USE it. I mean it makes sense. It is like running if you have done something hundreds of times you’ll get better and faster at that thing.

            If you want to put it on those maps then have fun you will never hit much anything with your AR. Snipers can hit things at over a mile out. Those are kills confirmed from that distance. With the M200 Intervention they hit a target some 3000 meters out. That Is most likely at about 4 MoA down. Plus whatever they have to account for wind.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            That’s not an excuse. It’s part of the sensitivity, but also the perks they’re using. It’s unjustifiable, because they’re abusing a simple thing like sensitivity. That doesn’t make it any less annoying and unbalanced.

            Everyone can use it, but it’s more overpowered on snipers, and shouldn’t be on snipers at all, that’s my point. An always OHK at all ranges? Seems OP to me. Quickdraw on snipers, besides aim assist, is what makes quickscoping exist.

            If a sniper hits me in the leg, then I should NOT be dead.

          • It is not a snipers fault, it is just a mpdel anyways. The model should not have enough time to turn if you shot it instead of sitting and watching it anyway.

            If a perk should not be allowed for one player then it should not exist in anyform on the game. What your saying is like saying a player with a SMG, Handgun, or knife should not have lightweight or marathon because they already run fast enough. It is not something you can take from one player without taking from all of them.

            Yes it should be OHK at all ranges if hit in the rightspot. If you have ever heard of Chris Kyle then you would know of his shot with a .338 Lapua Magnum killing a guy with a gut shot from over a mile away.

            If you get hit in the leg with a sniper your leg wont be intact. Sure you may live for a few, however without medical attention you will bleedout.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            …But you said fast sensitivity, so even if you’re putting your bullets into them, they’ll turn around and beat you in the gunfight, only because the fully automatics in games like Black Ops 2 have such low time to kill compared to the snipers. It’s irrefutable how easy the snipers are to use in CoD in general.

            A few attachments on Black Ops 2 were perks in previous games. That was Ghosts’s issue; they didn’t want to make a perk unusable for certain weapons, thus broke the balancing. On Black Ops 2, you couldn’t put Quickdraw on a sniper rifle, not only because it was unbalanced, but also because it’s impossible to put a stock on a sniper rifle. The perks existed in the game in order to give players a gigantic edge. They shouldn’t exist in the first place, especially non-simplistic perks in the latest 5-6 iterations. And taking out ONE perk that would effect the balancing either way would not have been an issue whatsoever. Whatever you have to do to balance a game and create an even playing field, then you do it. Or do what Treyarch did, and transfer perks unto attachments, which may be the case for Advanced Warfare, and that’d make me happy.

            No, it should NEVER be a OHK at close range. Ever. Snipers are never that accurate. Not once in real life do you see someone use a sniper rifle at close range, aiming down and out of their sights and not even aiming down the sights. It’s not logical, looks stupid, and is unbalanced. That’s like making an SMG work at all ranges. I understand medium range (13-15m), but imagine SMGs that can kill from 30m with a TTK of 50 health. Would you want that? Or an AR with a ridiculous rate of fire of 1500, time to kill, and accuracy? There’s no logicality behind quickscoping, and it just looks silly on the player character models in general. And it’s not like good character animations in multiplayer aren’t important; that just makes for lazy developing, which is also an inexcusable act. I’m not talking about long range, I’m talking about short range.

            Depends on the bullet, and if it actually hits, and doesn’t graze the person. That’d definitely happen with a .50 Cal.

          • I did say higher sensitivity, but if you are behind them with a gun killing in three bullets with a rate of fire at around 900+ then you should kill them before they can turn and ads.

            The whole attachments replacing perks is so wrong. A stock doubling your movement speed while ads? A grip doubling the speed to ads? That is simply bullshit. Sure there is a line of balance, however guns shoul be balanced by the way it works without anything not what can or can not be used with it.

            It is not realistic in any form to say that a Sniper will not kill from a short range. At close range a person who has used a gun enough will not have to aim down sight but know where the bullet will hit from constant use of the weapon. Also in a military situation where you somehow run in to a person at a close range are you really going to have time to set the safety and switch to a handgun and turn off the safety? I would not attempt it and instead aim and hope I hit that bullet.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            What if I’m around 3-5m away from them where the bullets drop off and do less damage? Then what? Even if I’m face-to-face, the sniper should never win a gunfight. That’s what pistols are for.

            I’m not justifying it. I’m just saying it’s more balanced than perks. However, technically stocks can give you better maneuverability, because the gun rests on your shoulder. Grips make a gun easy to carry and make the gun longer, so of course you COULD aim down sights faster. You’re going to be using attachments after you unlock them, but if what you’re saying is the case, then snipers don’t have to have a scope, they should always have iron sights on Call of Duty, THEN they would require slightly more skill. Is that not what you’re saying?

            It IS unrealistic, because it never happens. Snipers always get kills from long ranges. That’s what the weapons were intended to be made. Actually, snipers are always far away from enemies. They’ll never come close to them, unless they run out of ammo. You can’t just magically tell where a bullet will go, because snipers require significant accuracy and precision. Your eye sights have to be great, your predictions of the wind have to be top notch, and you also always have to worry about gravity. There’s no way a sniper can be accurate at close range, unless you’re directly in front of them to the point where you can kiss them. When there’s a close quarters engagement in real life and I don’t have a pistol, then I admit to myself my fate and/or either start using the sniper differently (ahem, hitting the enemy with the end of it) or run. I don’t think soldiers can’t improvise.

          • Bullets from a weaker gun, I.e. 12 gauge drop about 2 inches at 100 yards I think it is.

            I mean your movement strafing while ads wont double, nor would a grip effect the ads as much as it does on some guns. What snipers have you seen come with Iron Sights? The ones I’ve saw are made to be scoped.

            I am sure when clearing out a nest or advancing up the street snipers have tooken fire from closer range.

            Snipers have to start adjusting for wind/bullet drop/target movement/earths rotation at very far distances. Im sure at about 20 yards if youve used a gun enough you can make a decent prediction especially if you have a quickpeek down the scope. At ranges of about 5 yards you aim and shoot. There is no running and trying to hit them or switching weapons. If you know anything about guns you do not just drop one especially without safety on. Yiu also should bit carry a gun in picket or holster without that safety on.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            SMGs don’t really do much damage at medium-long range. Shotguns are meant for close quarters (but need to be balanced in a CQ game like CoD).

            It’ll feel more lightweight, making your movement strafes in real life a lot better. I don’t know about doubling it, but it would help, I think. Not extremely, but at least slightly. A grip AND a stock would help with ADS. ALL Snipers can have iron sights. I was just simply rebuttaling your point about attachments. Snipers shouldn’t be OP, then, with scopes AND iron sights, either way. And yet, snipers on ALL CoDs are far too easy and overpowered, especially on games that enable Quickdraw/SoH Pro.

            They ALWAYS stay in the same spot.

            None of these things happen on CoD, so you’re essentially proving that snipers on CoD are far too easy to use and that quickscoping should be nerfed. No snipers on CoD are realistic. No Sniper in real life has low idle sway and recoil, in fact, Snipers should have the MOST recoil out of any gun in the game, besides LMGs, and yet, guns on CoD are like laser beams. Snipers would NEVER enter a gunfight at close range, and that was my point. You’re essentially saying that quickscoping is realistic. It’s not. It’s too easy, it’s a glitch, and needs to be removed. I’m hoping it’s nerfed in Advanced Warfare, or else that’ll be a big reason for me NOT to buy it, especially with FaZe numbnuts on YouTube.

          • The models not matching up is the devs fault.

            If a sniper can not have quickdraw then nobody should in any form. That is like saying a SMG or Handgun user should not have lightweight cause they already run fast enough.

            Yes it should be OHK at all ranges. If yoy have heard of Chris Kyle you may know of his kill from over a mile away. He used a .338 Lapua Magnum to gut shot a guy and kill him.

            If a sniper hits you in the leg then rhat leg is gone. You ll soon bleedout from being shot if you dont recieve medical attention.

  • SilentNova

    And so it begins, “oh my god! You die way to quickly in multiplayer!?” Be that the case those few seconds of multiplayer gameplay looked more fun than Ghosts multiplayer! This trailer has reassured me to have some hope AW

  • Trizay

    I’m a bit skeptical of how quickly the enemy died in the multiplayer tease.

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      Same here.

    • jooker-jr

      Looks like he’s using an SMG with high fire rate.

      • Guest

        The gun is 900 rpm and it took him about 13 bullets to kill.

    • Duke of hazard

      The gun is 900 rpm and it took him about 13 bullets to kill

      • Trizay

        Um… no. He may have SHOT 13 bullets but he killed the guy in like 1or 2.

        • Duke of hazard

          The gun took more bullets to kill and has a very high rpm. Of course it looks like he died way to fast.

          • Trizay

            I get what you’re saying but if you look closely you can see that the enemy died after 1 or 2 bullets connected with him. I don’t care what the rpm on the gun is, that’s way too fast.

          • Duke of hazard

            It was a headshot. That’s why.

  • Partner

    I want it .. like .. one nice woman with large breasts and firm booty

  • AcePhoenix007

    Was that Tom Hanks at 1:44??

    • and was the bearded man at 1:45 right behind the general (tom hanks) was that Will Irons? (Jonathan Irons’ son?)

  • JKB98

    I’m really impressed. I thought it was a live action trailer at first!

  • Sinful Soulz

    If you look closely in the multiplayer tease, you can see the hit-marker indicator is normal on his first few shots, and then you see as he aims towards his body more, the hit-marker indicator has more lines around it. I’m thinking if you shoot another opponent’s exo-suit your gun deals lower damage, and when you hit the body of the opponent, you deal regular damage.

  • kyr95

    Spectacular trailer!! Lets see what we’ve got though:
    -An impressive cutscene on a control room perhaps with 2 operators that takes place right after the Golden Gate Bridge incident ( as seen in the computer screens ).
    -Another look at the power plant mission including the power plant’s interior ( taken place in Seattle i think 😛 )
    -A spectacular look at the invaded Seoul in the Induction mission. We also see other pods landing with soldiers coming out of them. We also take a look at Will Irons ( yes the guy who dies at the explosion after his arm gets trapped is Jonathan Irons’s son) in an empty pod ( not their own ) possibly belonging to the squad that they were assigned to assist at the beggining of the mission.
    -First look at the ATLAS Corporation along with all the advanced military equipment theyve developed.
    -Soldiers are being dropped from a chopper on the destroyed Golden Gate Bridge ( the level after “Collapse” which focuses on retaking the attacked fleet), and one of them ( unknown name or rank ) lands on a car.
    -We take a look at an invasion by ATLAS on a big city. Explosions everywhere! 😛
    -A mech walks on the streets of Seoul.
    -A look at Lagos, Nigeria and its train transportation system.
    -We also see the beginning of the “Collapse” mission, with Mitchell and Gideon inside an armored vechicle on the tunnel leading to the Golden Gate Bridge,monitoring for suspicious activity.
    -This scene is weird. We see some soldier kicking another like its supposed to be a practise ( testing the exo-suit ) and we see another one lying down on a bed. But on the background we see another soldier firing at us with a pistol while holding hostage a VIP possibly. So this might be a rescue mission? ( And no, the VIP is clearly not Irons, since he doesnt wear a tie in any of his appearances)
    -Another peek of the invasion in that big city and as we see Gideon and Knox ( another member of ATLAS with apparently big hair 😛 ) we can see a flag on the background, indicating that this mission takes place in Netherland.
    -Gideon jumps on the elevator cables. Theres no indication in what mission this is but its clearly not the Netherland one, as there he wore a black shirt.
    -Mitchell using the grappling hook on the Netherland mission ( which is freaking cool! )
    -We also see Ilana ( the female ATLAS soldier and according to SHG a big part of the story) jumping from a ledge and shooting the glass underneath the enemies that are pursuing her. Its possible that shes using the Overdrive mechanic of the Exo suit to do that ( slow-mo ability ).
    -An ATLAS soldier on the ATLAS camp at Detroit. “Aftermath” mission.
    -Another look at the mech and a “fighter jet” at Seoul.
    -Now, the sweet part. We see a part of a cutscene where Jonathan Irons has a conversation with a general ( being played by Matt Ridey-awesome!-with the codename “Kingpin”) and theyre arguing about invading a foreign soil with or without Congress approval.The man standing behind Kingpin is no other than Gideon ( we can see from his beard and his white hair that this cutscene takes place very later in the game-possibly the point where ATLAS turns rogue). There is a great ammount of detail in this cutscene, such as the effects that Kingpin’s glasses create, the sign that his glasses leave on his nose, Jonathan’s teeth etc.
    -We see one soldier of Mitchell’s Marine squad jumping across a huge gap in a part of the Induction mission that wasnt shown at E3.
    – Our first look at Mitchell ( exact same face as Troy Baker without the awesome hair-nooooo ) looking at a small robotic surveillance fly, with Gideon and possibly ( judging by his pointy hair ) the soldier codname ‘Joker’ played by Jeremy Kent Jackson.
    -We see another level taking place in the rear of a mountain jumping from one side to each other with Mitchell wielding an unknown gun and with a significant different running animation. Reminds a bit of “Cliffhanger” from MW2.
    -A look at the ”Biolab” mission on the Balkan Mountains, with Cormack-apparently he joined ATLAS as well-revealing his face behind his helmet.
    -A fight between Ilana and possibly “Hades” ( played by Sharif Ibrahim )taking place in the streets of Santorini, Greece after an apparent car chase.
    -We see the jet packs returning with an awesome opening scene and the watering effect amazingly better. Its almost certainly the same mission where the jumping on the mountain takes place.
    -A look at the “advanced future tank” on “Biolab”.
    -A look at the exploding aircraft in which Will Irons dies and its sharpnels cuts off Mitchells hand at “Induction”.
    -Another look at the opening scene of “Induction” and Will and Mitchell using car shields to protect themselves from the drone horde.
    -“Ideas dont determine who’s right. Power determines who’s right. And i have the power…so i am right.” (Shivers…)
    This could as well be the final mission of the game, as it seems that Irons is talking to a possibly wounded Mitchell laying on the ground, as the doors open behind him to make his escape.
    -And last but not least, the MP teaser….Welp, nothing really to say than ” awe ”
    5 days to go!!

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    till now the fox engine was the best.now its 2nd.although there is a gap between gameplay and cinematics the graphics of induction were superb.