UPDATE 2: These items are now available on PC on Steam here.

UPDATE: These new items are now available on the PlayStation Store here.

Sony has confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that new micro items for Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available July 31st on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

There’s 3 new character packs, 6 brand new personalization packs, and now, the Maverick weapon, which was part of Onslaught DLC, and The Ripper, part of Devastation DLC, are now available for separate purchase for those who don’t want to buy the entire DLC packs.

Here are the new items that are available now on PSN and PC:

Character Packs:

  • Inferno Character

A firefight really becomes a fire fight with the Inferno Character Pack. Burn down any multiplayer match by equipping this eye-catching uniform and 2 different headgear options.

  • Bling Character

Live the high life head-to-toe with the Bling Character Pack. Blind your enemies with a gold and diamond accented uniform and 2 different headgear options.

  • Blunt Force Character

Arm yourself with the Blunt Force Character Pack and enemies will experience chronic defeat at your hands. The pack comes complete with a leafy uniform and 2 different headgear options.

Personalization Packs:

  • Skulls Pack – $1.99

Send your enemies to the grave with the Skulls Personalization Pack. Deck your kit out with an undead themed camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Leopard Pack – $1.99

Stalk your prey in the shadows with the Leopard Personalization Pack, featuring an animal print camo for your weapons, plus a themed reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Hydra Pack – $1.99

More dragon heads equal more fire, and that is just what the Hydra Personalization Pack delivers thanks to a fiery camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Abstract Pack – $1.99

Sometimes you have to engage in Post-modern warfare. Deploy with the vivid Abstract Personalization Pack, complete with a masterfully painted camo, ink-splattered reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Nebula Pack – $1.99

Look light-years ahead of your competition with the Nebula Personalization Pack. This pack comes complete with a nebular camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Tattoo Pack – $1.99

The Tattoo Personalization Pack gets you ready for life on the high seas. Set sail with a nautical camo, anchored reticle, as well as patch, playercard and background.


  • The Maverick – $3.99

Outfitted with a lightweight wood stock and a digital screen display, players can choose to use the Maverick as either an assault rifle or sniper rifle, depending on their tactical needs. As an Assault Rifle the weapon’s fire rate becomes fully auto with relatively high damage at range, and as a Sniper Rifle the Maverick sports an advanced scope and a semi-auto rate of fire.

  • The Ripper – $3.99

Provides players with two different configurations: medium to short-range capability as a Sub Machine-Gun (SMG), and medium to long-range as an Assault Rifle (AR). This unique 2-in-1 weapon has the ability to switch from SMG to AR and back again on the fly in the midst of battle, at the touch of a button, giving maximum flexibility to adjust to a variety of map types and tactics.


  • jordanxbrookes

    That’s nice.

  • Damien Anderson

    Gonna grab Hydra, Nebula, and Abstract. The other ones are really…..meh. Still not sure why the Tattoo pack has a nautical theme? Now I can only hope they remake Underpass or Bloc for the Nemesis DLC.

    • PatPatPat

      No, nebula is bland. You can barely see in on any of the guns, and most of the time, since a lot of the maps are sunny, you cant even see it. Get leopard. Its pretty cool. And hydra is just, bleh. Not too good. I prefer one of the skin packs.

      • Damien Anderson

        The skin packs are of no use to me. I mainly use the badass squad packs. And thanks but no thanks, IMO the leopard camo looks bland, just a bunch of dots.

        • PatPatPat

          Meh, its your choice.

      • hi

        yeah super bland on the 360 and the one , doubt it will that bland on the 4 .

  • RdJokr

    Ehh, they picked the worst possible time to announce this. And being 1 month late doesn’t help. Hopefully this will be a big smack to IW’s face and wake them up.

    • IW doesn’t make this stuff. Activision makes IW sell it.

      • RdJokr

        I know that. I should be clearer in my point: Ghosts was a really bad game, and IW should see that by now. Their DLC is getting absolutely no attention, other than from absolute fanboys and Xbox gamers.

        At this point last year, everyone was still hyped for BO2’s DLCs, even though they are about a month late on PS3 and PC. Treyarch knows what they are doing. Even though Activision was pretty much forcing them to get DLCs on schedule, they still managed to deliver quality content to a certain extent that pleases the majority.

        IW, on the other hand, are pretty “meh” with all their DLCs so far. Extinction is pretty much the only good point that saves Ghosts from being a total trainwreck. Yet it still has so much to improve…

        • jordanxbrookes

          IW have some good DLC camos, I like leopard, nebula and a few others.

          • Damien Anderson

            But Ducky was such a great camo #sarcasm. I agree though, Hex was interesting. And I cant help but always use the Heavy Metal camo.

          • advista

            Honestly We PSN Players are getting fed up with this shizz Maybe only me but I may just switch to Destiny (Getting Both) And yes i know that activion is Publishing it

          • Damien Anderson

            Man I cant wait for Destiny. Gonna blow everything else away.

          • STEALTHD3M0N

            Hex kills me every time I see it. It was a decent camo in mw3 and it looks worse on ghosts imo it’s like a paid remke of the mw3 one but worse

          • RdJokr

            Well you can’t deny that they have some good camos, but that’s about it really.

        • HenryDF

          I thought the DLC maps were some of the best yet (MW3 was pretty dire near the end, as was BO2). Yes, the game itself is crappy, but some of the DLC maps are great – Fog, Ruins, Departed, Pharoah, and the remakes are good fun too. I’d say nearly all the DLC maps are pretty good; plus, don’t forget the weapon DLCs.

          The DLCs can’t make up for the quality of the game, but compared to some of the previous offering’s we’ve had (BO2’s DLCs were good initially, but really started to get a bit boring; that was pretty much the same with MW3), they’re pretty good.

          I know everyone has their faces right up Treyarch’s arse because of how crap Ghosts was, but give IW credit where it’s due.

      • Keshav Bhat

        I’m really confused??? Infinity Ward is the developer, they make all the DLC, the game, the micro DLC. Activision is the publisher and ATVI is the people that sell these items.

        • Damien Anderson

          Activision decides what actually releases. So IW could make the best map ever, but if Activision doesn’t think it’s investors or the COD community will like it, then it doesn’t make the final cut.

  • Baruck obuma

    who cares about this game anymore?

    • Damien Anderson

      Right now on PS3? About…43,192 people.

      • Baruck obuma

        black ops 2 360 = 78,142

        • Damien Anderson

          My point was that this game has a considerable fanbase. Not to compare numbers with a lackluster sequel to the best COD.

          • Sal

            Bo2 on consoles was terrible with rubber bullets

  • NEON

    Haha a bit too late for that. Everyone’s on the AW hypetrain now #ChooChooMotherfuckers

    • ccrows

      IDK man, after seeing the jump boosts yesterday, I actually have higher expectations for DLC4. (mainly because I know what engine it will be running on)

      ^ Basically, I’m bracing for the worst with AW’s MP reveal on 8/11…

      • HenryDF

        I’m looking forward to DLC 4 (I’ve got a sneaky feeling there’s gonna be at least one remake, probably Rust), but I’m looking even more forward to AW’s MP reveal.

        We’re not gonna be able to tell if it’s good or bad by the trailer – the Ghosts MP trailer managed to make it look good.

        I’m not saying AW’s MP is going to be bad, but you’re not going to be able to tell by the trailer (unless you’re really worried about how the future tech seems to look, rather than how it plays).

        • ccrows

          Fully agree, but I want to know what all the gimmicks are.

          AW is “the game” where I decide to make the jump to the XB1, or stay at home with the 360. A lot of these “gimmicks” are gonna factor into that decision.

          Because if there’s too much “over the top BS” then yeah I’m playing BO2 & Ghosts for another year to get my “COD Fix”, and I only have room for 1 console.

          Plus I got friends in the exact same situation…

      • UpRiftCOD

        I dont think it will be that bad, I just think people will hate it for being different

      • xiSpeedy

        i am hoping that jump boost is either a killstreak or a perk. nothing more, nothing less. or even a launch pad on a map hahahaha

  • omar_soft

    PC gets no love I guess. Not that many people play it on PC (Max of about 4000 people a day) I’d still like to buy the maverick and ripper.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It’s probably coming to PC July 31st as well, but I don’t have 100% confirmation on that so I didnt add it into the post

  • GamerSam99

    After yesterday, I think it’s safe to say no one will care about any kind of Ghosts news anymore…

    • ccrows

      Gotta Disagree

      After seeing the jump boosts confirmed, you gotta wonder WTF is also gonna be in AW’s MP.

      Sure it’s too early to tell, but SH could be playing with fire with COD’s traditional fan base…

      • GamerSam99

        Understandable, I have some of the same concerns as you, but I’m really trying to be optimistic about AW. Sledgehammer said te multiplayer will be pretty revolutionary, and I’m ready for a big change to happen to the COD formula. While I thouroughly enjoyed MW3 and BO2, Ghosts has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m very ready for something new.

        • ccrows

          IDK, I want to like AW. I mean I want to love AW like I fell in love with COD4 for the first time.

          It’s just that well I (and many others) got hooked into COD4 to get away from Halo, and AW is kinda going back into that direction. Yes it’s too early to tell, but I think COD is going into the future too fast.

          A Perfect Modern Warfare (AKA take out the BS that screwed with MW2 ~ OMA and MW3 ~ SRP/PP) IMO would have been safer, and probably more successful – that would cater to everyone.

          IDK, I’m hoping for the best with AW, but man am I bracing for the worst come 8/11…

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I’ll tell you right now, if SH made MW4, I wouldn’t have bought it. Three was enough, and Ghosts felt like a worse version of MW3.

          • MichiganerE

            I agree, we’ve had enough MW games, and now, it’s time for the future!

      • Keshav Bhat

        I’ve been with Call of Duty since COD 4 and Im ready for a big change. Need something new and exciting and ready for what SHGames is gonna bring. We need something new to keep this series fresh and alive.

        • ccrows

          I’m a vet just like you, and I know where you are going with that, but I disagree that “we need change just for the sake of needing change”.

          COD is basically “The Madden of FPS”. (and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I actually mean that in a good way).

          Every COD (up to this point) outsells the last, and it reaches out to the masses on soooo many different walks of life. It’s a simple formula that works.

          ^ Mess with the core formula that traditional gamers have supported since COD4, and (like I said earlier) you’re potentially playing with fire.

          I have no problem with people wanting “spice” and to “play something different” but couldn’t you just “buy something different?”…

          • MichiganerE

            BO2 sales were lower than MW3 sales, and Ghosts sales were far lower than BO2 sales.

        • Ryumoau

          agreed. I want Sledgehammer to take the franchise to a new direction. Treyarch can give us a more classic feel with their game next year. I don’t want all three developers making the same type of game.

  • PatPatPat

    For a second i was like “Are you fucking kidding me? more?” and then i remembered PS3 didn’t get it yet. I just want IW to release Nemesis so this year can finally be over.

  • VMJ

    Here are 30 new multiplayer improvements in Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare© enjoy!
    1.Mid level TTKs with a tighter margin.

    2.More mid-sized CQB maps.

    3.Balanced weapons, With tighter groups of TTKs.

    4.With snipers, the closer your target, the higher the chance of a hit-marker.

    5.Snipers have two range increments instead of one.

    6.Seamless dual rendered scopes.

    7.Improved hit detection.

    8.Levelution in-game (On most maps).

    9.Multiple reasons to level up.

    10.Every perk has an opposing perk.

    11.Perks can cancel one another.

    12.Thermal sights are more challenging.

    13.No sight will level your gun’s recoil.

    14.No over powered gear.

    15.Shields are only shields.

    16.Nothing has the ability to produce radar other than scorestreaks.

    17.Nothing modifies the damage or firing rate of your weapon.

    18.Multiple routes to areas of the map.

    19.No killcam delay.

    20.New material.

    21.Map packs will be more intriguing.

    22.Amazing third game type.

    23.New Game Modes.

    24.Improved audio.

    25.Improved graphics.

    26.60 FPS 98.9% of the time (With over 25x5mbps connection).

    27.E-Sport support.

    28.Multiplayer game modes are modeled after E-SPORTS.

    29.Multiple layers to maps.30.New multiplayer mechanics.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Imagine the crying quickscopers: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A F*CKING HITMARKER!! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!”

      • advista

        Yea wtf U want everyone to camp and snipe if they do that im not playing that shit game We snipers Want our QUICK SCOPES

        • jordanxbrookes

          No, you quickscopers, want your quickscopes, us traditional snipers, don’t want to be hated on because of you quickscopers. That’s how I feel :/

          • James Veach

            No this just makes it more difficult to quickscope someone who is in your eye. Distant quickscoping will be unchanged.

        • JackOrJohn

          Fuck your quickscopes.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          You can still quickscope, you don’t have to camp. You just have to play more carefully and defensive. Basically it’ll prevent quickscopers from rushing and using the sniper as an OP shotgun.

        • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

          F*ck quickscoping.

          • advista

            Well the only reason Bo2 Did so good was because of MLG and Competitive sniping

    • PatPatPat

      Yet no news on the 360 version? 🙁

      • Keshav Bhat

        What do you mean?

        • PatPatPat

          There isn’t any videos/ News on how good the 360 graphics will be.

          • Jack Meoff

            Yea because SH is not even making the PS3 and 360 version so they could care less i bet it will look like the toilet paper after i wipe my ass with it

    • MichiganerE

      This has to be the best list I’ve ever seen for a CoD game…

  • NiftyGam3r

    $4 for a gun? Lmao! Saving my money for the linited edition AW 😉

  • RockerxxRicardo .

    Still find it stupid that the Ripper and Maverick aren’t free if you own the DLC….

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    These static camoes don’t cut it. 3Arch made cool looking animated and glow in the dark camos while IW came up with static camoes that looks like sticker skins for cellphones.

  • Ryan

    Fuck this is all just cash grabbing garbage.

  • Vinyl Zac

    Just saying ghosts ended after the third dlc for me the multiplayer was getting boring with having to restart all over again. But this is good for the players who only have small hard drive so yeah this is a good micro transaction pack.

  • Jocsan Menjivar

    How I can buy the Maverick I want to buy it but my age is 13 so I dont know how to do, I have enough money for buy evrything but i just want to buy the Maverick pack please some one help me!!!