A user has sent us details regarding the new upgrades and armory available with the Nemesis DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Nemesis DLC pack brings part 4 of the Extinction saga, Exodus, and they have added new upgrades to the game for it.

There are 7 new upgrades for Nemesis DLC pack, and there are 4 new upgrades for everyone.

Infinity Ward has also added a brand new soundtrack for Exodus; you can listen to that here:

Thanks Kameron and @DrLilRobot for the tip!

  • Looks pretty cool. Too bad I haven’t been collecting any teeth, so I wont get any of it 🙁

  • drjakeyoung

    Anyone else think they are gonna release micro transactions for teeth? So 1000 teeth like £9.99, 100 teeth 1:99? What are your thoughts? It would certainly get them more money.

    • Money Boy

      Nah Activision doesn’t do much Pay2Win for CoD

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    I want to play this so badly,but waiting a month after it’s release takes out all of the hype.

  • drjakeyoung

    What about the new relics?

    • Dr. LilRobot

      misleading title. i never said anything about relics.

      • drjakeyoung

        Oh is it? that’s fine, 10 relics is enough for me!

    • SilentNova

      After the 5 new relics, I think I’m pretty much done with relics, thank god they are giving us these awesome upgrades! Gives me incentive to play Extinction again

  • Dr. LilRobot

    i’ve played with the new upgrades already. my favorite right now has to be Toughness, it really helps against Gargoyles.

    • John

      Thx for info

  • im4eversmart

    There are other non-dlc upgrades comming to extinction! Why not post about those?

  • Money Boy

    Damm These Upgrades Sound OP. But pretty sure the DLC ones will be expensive as hell

    • Guest

      the dlc ones are part of the Nemesis DLC package.

      • Money Boy

        I know. But it just showed that you need that Nemesis DLC and not how much teeth you need.

  • Simon

    These upgrades are really fucking powerful, looks good. 2 Classes? My god.

    • SilentNova

      Weapon Specialist with Medic class…I’m done

    • zombiefreak935

      yeh but it cost a thousand teeth so it will take 3 weeks strait of non stop extinction to earn it and you cant sleep just extinction for 3 weeks,at my rate it will take 4 months and by then aw will have its first dlc

      • Zelkova

        Yeah I saw it cost 1000 teeth for the dual class upgrade. Then I saw there were upgrades costing 500, 300, 200, a few 100s and 50s. I mean come on. I think what they did here was put it as such a high number to ensure that those who are completionists would continue playing until they got everything so they can then later say they were successful and had plenty of people playing the game still. Its ridiculous how this is making someone play for so long (1000 teeth will take about a month to get assuming your at 0 when you start the grind then you gotta grind for the 500 and all these others) and they shouldn’t have done this. Its taking advantage of people. :/ Just my 2 cents on the matter.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    I want Advanced Warfare news instead of news about this piece of shit. Anyone agree?

    • Guest

      Ghosts is actaully, Fun. Even though it’s a fucking rip of MW3 and their older games, It’s a goof game to play until your BO2 this and BO2 that.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        It’s boring and terrible.

    • jooker-jr

      Well, there is no AW news and the stir is about cod

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        I want there to be AW news, though. Not multiplayer news, I just want some more gameplay from Singleplayer. It’s so many months away and I hate waiting.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      You want news about Advanced Warfare but there’s none, so this is what you get. If you don’t fucking want this news, DON’T FUCKING CLICK ON THE ARTICLE.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Guess what? When someone has an opinion, then quit being butthurt about it. It’s Call of Duty, so it’s still fucking relevant. I don’t have to do what you ask me to do. How about; we stop with the Ghosts news, because it’s retarded as shit that people actually give a shit?

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Your comment just back fired at you.

          “When someone has an opinion, then quit being butthurt about it.”

          and then THIS:

          “How about; we stop with the Ghosts news, because it’s retarded as shit that people actually give a shit?”

          So, When someone has an opinion you accept it, but you don’t seem to accept that (some) people like Ghosts and you call them “retarded as shit”.

          If there’s news/articles about it, that means people care about it, it’s not fucking rocket-science.

          Damn, if people who like or care about Ghosts are “retarded as shit” then I don’t know in what category you’re in.

          P.S: I wasn’t butthurt, I could give 2 shits about what you have to demand. I just find it fucking idiotic for someone to click on an article that YOU CAN AVOID EASILY, just to give your negative opinion.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Since when did I call someone retarded? No, I said that the concept is retarded, not the people themselves, so it’s not hypocritical/ironic. I’m just saying that the Ghosts news is “lame” as hell, because the game itself is “lame”. Ghosts obviously is NOT popular at the moment.

            So MY opinion is, essentially, the retarded opinion? Bitch please.

            This is the ONLY Ghosts article where I complained, because I’m tired of anything related with Ghosts. The DLC is lame, the patches are lame, and the game in general is one of the worst CoDs ever. I don’t want to keep going on this site expecting AW news and seeing this shitty game in the feed. Sorry for having an opinion, they’re still relevant, whether you like it or not.

          • Charles

            I think the big reason people don’t like ghosts is because to many people say wow ghosts sucks… vs BO2 or MW3 or BF4 but not a lot of people look at it as just a FPS and not as a COD game I like all the COD’s just because I don’t base my experience on this COD vs other COD.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            But you HAVE to compare it to other CoD. If the next CoD had 1 gamemode, 10 weapons, no single-player nor Co-Op but the multiplayer was the best FPS ever made, it would still lose to other CoDs. The game can’t be downgraded from the older version.

            Just like The Sims 4. From what I saw/read/heard it’s just a downgrade of Sims 3.

            No Toddlers, no pools, no Openworld, same more-than-dated graphics. (Sims 3 had all that stuff.)

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            A game can’t just be “updated”, they apparently have to be changed, otherwise “they’re the same shit, different iteration”.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            It’s retarded that people like it. That’s what you said.

            That’s still calling people retarded for liking something. The “concept” only involves people and the game. The only meaning you can get from that is, one like it, you’re retarded. There’s nothing else there.

            Never said your opinion is the retarded one. There is no retarded opinion, that doesn’t exist.

            And if you want people to erspect your opinion, you should respect theirs.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Yes… That’s what I said. I don’t hold back on what I say. Like I said, I didn’t call anybody in particular retarded, just the concept, that’s what I initially meant. I just basically said that I’m tired of Ghosts news, and now, hopefully there won’t be any more.

            People wanting to see Ghosts just holds back on Advanced Warfare news. I don’t care about the garbage new DLC or the patches that barely do anything, I just want to see AW news from now on. But you don’t always get what you want, I’ll still complain, however.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            And I’m tired of white knights. :/

    • Crusf

      Why did you click on the article and bother the comment then?

  • jordy

    any good extinction player for ps3 add me grinding theeth jordy210 i have a .29 down ratio

  • Andreas S Hidle

    There are no new relics as I can see here

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Some great additions but doubt I will ever get enough teeth to buy these….