During the live reveal of Advanced Warfare MP, Sledgehammer Games showcased four videos highlighting the big features of Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer. The videos have been uploaded as separate trailers now onto YouTube, for those that might have missed it.

Exo-Skeleton Video:


Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer Maps:

  • jordanxbrookes

    Am I the only one that thinks the multiplayer is TOO futuristic? I want change, but all this futuristic stuff is a little bit too much don’t you think? But overall, I’m so looking forward to this game.

    • Guest

      I quite like the futuristic setting because it gives them freedom to include cool new gadgets and stuff in the game

      • jordanxbrookes

        Don’t get me wrong I like the change and the improvements, but some stuff seems a bit OTT, but I still can’t wait for November 4th ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I just cant wait for “November 3rdmber 3rd”hhaaha

          • jordanxbrookes

            Oh yeah, I meant November 3rd ;P

    • cryp

      I feel you. I thought the same… but maybe its just getting used to.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Yeah, I’m sure I’ll get used to it over time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Suu

      “I think it’s fine, well all have our set opinions and respecting is part of the community, I honestly dislike how people are judging and saying that the TTK is low when they’re playing on LAN and then that they’ve stolen the ideas from Titanfall when this was in production before Titanfall. It looks amazing and I’m excited.”

    • Titanium Games

      Well obviously the game takes place in the future in the 2050 and the stuff have to look futuristic. The game looks and seems to play smoothly even for it to be three months before its lunch. The game feel like it should be Black ops 3 to me. It would be interesting to see what Treyarch have up there sleeves next year

      • ApoX

        Black ops 3 will be set in modern day setting I guess. I dont think they will release another scifi cod after aw. Wouldn’t be logic I think.

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet

          might be a bit tech and a civil war in maybe Baghdad?

    • Mario Rivera

      Agreed, the only change i wanted was removal of bs/minor tweaks here and there to cool stuff implemented to past cods. This overhaul looks a bit too much but ima be optimistic

  • Jkice

    Everybody just go on youtube and click on an CoD AW video and just watch the shitstorm of hate everywhere.

    • Lord Beerus

      Pardon my french, but F*CK YouTube. The YouTube community is hands down the most vile, two-faced, hypocritical, biased, fanboyish community on the internet. They have SPECIAL hatred for Call Of Duty that is unmatched by any other internet community. Yes, even worse than IGN AND Gamespot. As far as I’m concerned, 99% of the people who comment on YouTube are hipsters.

      • hey im new to the charlie intel community and i love you guys its not a pool of hate it people with a brain and who like talking in a educated manor

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Welcome! ๐Ÿ˜›
          Why I like this site is because I can talk about COD without being bombarded by people who want to feel cool and call me a “12 year old retard” for liking a game they don’t like.

        • Ryan Ras

          So no1 is commenting on the cloaking ability? Again camp friendly bull!

      • People before AW – CoD sucks! Just a reskin every year! Copy and Paste! Boo!!

        People now – Such futuristic crap! Laser guns and jetpacks! Ghosts re-skin with added mobility! Call of Titan Halo Fall!

      • j’aurais pas dit mieux que toi!

    • Uggghhhhhhhh I don’t want to but I can’t stop making myself cringeeeeee

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I installed a google chrome extension that turns all YT comments into “herp derp derp herp derp”. Very helpful.

        • MichiganerE

          What’s the extension called?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Herp Derp for YT, I Believe.

          • MichiganerE

            Never mind, I find the extension.

          • Penguin-Kun

            That is the best extension I have ever heard of.

  • cryp

    Anyone seen the guns on the floor in the mp trailer? I saw a mp7 variant, some AR’s not seen in the create a class vidz and What about the very last smg… Is that an ak74u variant?

  • Guest

    Can you guys at charlieintel ask Sledgehammer, if we are able to swap L1/R1 with L2/R2 on the PS4? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dr. Salim

      I thought that was the default for the Ps4

      • Guest

        For Ghosts i think aim and shoot is L2/R2 by default(but not sure), personally i prefer to shoot and aim with L1/R1

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      That’s default on PS4. Even so, I believe you could change it, just like all previous CODs.

      • Guest

        Okay thanks, i prefer aim and shoot with L1/R1.
        i thought the default was L2/R2.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I meant the default is L2/R2, but still, should be able to change it.

    • Confirminator

      Ask them to fix the TTK. Make it similar to BO1. They’re going to loose so much of the Black Ops community if they continue to follow the Ghosts formula.

  • David Sync

    I see they didnt over hype this game cause they knew our community

  • Furious_kid

    Can anybody confirm the health in this game? Is it awful as ghosts which promotes camping or is it good enough so you get a fair chance to actually fight back and use the abilities like the way they’re showing us?

    • ThatOneBlazian

      Its somewhere around the middle based on my observations.

      • Furious_kid

        Looks like it but in the reveal trailer and from the few youtubers who posted videos it seems like exactly the same from ghosts…If the health is terrible, no matter how much boost, double jump and strafing is there, nobody will ever use it as you’ll just keep dropping like flies by cloaking campers shooting you down with snipers and danger close grenade launchers (still don’t know why they keep adding danger close) . The health should’ve been like Titanfall, that’s why you don’t see that many people camping in that game as you have the chance to actually to do parkour stuff and survive if you’re skilled enough.

        • Suu

          “Remember they’re playing on LAN so yeah.”

        • ThatOneBlazian

          Looks pretty balanced to me. You can barely camp with cloak, the meter drains pretty fast and it doesn’t even recharge. And it reveals you as soon as you shoot. Also, keep in mind they are playing on LAN. The health is the same for EVERY COD, 100, its all about the hit detection. Ghosts had GREAT hit detection, the problem was that the weapons caused a lot of damage. BO2 gave you a chance to fight back but it would give you WAYYY to many hit markers because of how bad the hit detection was (Like 2 sniper shots back to back and no kill or emptying a shotgun at close range with no hit markers at all). So I’m not worried at all about the health. And how can you say no one will ever use it? Every single gameplay video I’ve seen shows lots of players utilizing the new exo movements and abilities.

          • Furious_kid

            Every one will run and gun since they’re showing the gameplay, they even showed it when Ghosts was revealed. But after the main game launched, people started camping and using IED’s everywhere…It was a complete mess!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It has a ghost-like TTK. Difference is that in Ghosts, you moved slow, so you couldn’t avoid the gunfire, which made the TTK feel too fast. In this, you could boost, dash, or use any exo abilities to save yourself. With fast ttk and fast movement, it should feel normal.

      • Furious_kid

        Thanks man, appreciate it…I’m just not looking forward to be mowed down by cloaked campers and OP Danger close explosives …I really miss those days when rushing and earning kill streaks actually took skill than sitting in a corner and let your Riley the Kung Fu puppy defend your camping and act as a death streak even if you succeed killing the camper.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Unfortunately we won’t know how this will work until the game comes out. Tbh, this game looks more rush friendly. Campers may have a hard time adapting, especially when we can now easily boost jump or dash out of their line of sight.

          • Furious_kid

            Agreed ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Confirminator

            That’s true, campers will have a harder time in AW. The downside of jumping and dashing all around is that the player will expose him or herself on the map, and thus become an easy target to hunt down. It’s worth the risk if you can start a gun fight with some camper that will be won or lost at 2-5 shots. But, when it’s 1-2 shots, you are better off holding down the fort. A fast TTK will always promote camping, unless camping for so long will expose a player on the min map (that would destroy camping for good).

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            They expose themselves, but they are also harder to hit. It’s kinda like a balance.

    • jordanxbrookes

      The health in Ghosts is at 100 units just like every other Call of Duty, do I really need to keep saying this? -_-

      • Confirminator

        Can it be that the health in BO2 and Ghosts are the same? If the units are the same, I presume there are other mechanics that are much different, which apparently greatly effected the TTK(?). Any thoughts?

        • jordanxbrookes

          The TTK in Ghosts is much more faster than in previous titles, but the health in Call of Duty has always been 100 units.

          • Confirminator

            Perhaps the bullet damage went up 50%

  • ThatOneBlazian

    It’s hard for me to imagine how Treyarch will create the next COD. This one so far looks like it has nearly everything.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    People say AW is stealing things from different games. I say AW is taking different elements from other games and improving them. They take the best features from games and mix them all together to create some cool dynamics within the game. Sure, you could play all the separate games to experience their elements separately, or you could play AW and use all of those elements in a way that just.. works.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Exactly, to me, Advanced Warfare is a mix of Titanfall, Black Ops 2, Call of Duty 4, and a personal twist from Sledgehammer themself. I’M NOT SAYING IT’S COPYING TITANFALL, I’M SAYING IT HAS BITS THAT ARE SIMILAR TO TITANFALL, AND LIKE WHAT SIFTBLADE SAID, IMPROVING UPON THEM ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jasonxbrookes

        DAT CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION DOE! This was exactly what I was hoping for in the character system! Great work SHG!

      • Xecho

        Also Battlefield and maybe uh Halo

      • Whatever Brah

        You forgot battlefield 4 (battlepacks = supply drops)

        • jordanxbrookes

          That’s only one thing though, and I said that’s to me, you might feel different about it.

    • Like the Romans did with the Greeks..

    • FerdyDesign


    • The Telephone Pole

      Yeah. “Funny” comment: Titanfall + Crysis + Halo + Black Ops 2 = Advanced Warfare. Isn’t that a good thing you get the best of FOUR worlds.

      • Argy

        Not necessarily. Think of it like cooking a dish for dinner, yeah you can put in all the ingredients you love into one pot and call it edible, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to taste very good…

        It also leaves open a lot of new problems that they are going to have to solve… mostly on the front of how do you balance a game where there are so many moving parts going at once…

        • The Telephone Pole

          Ha ha. Not exactly literal. I was meaning more of how the people who say stuff like that are complaining that it is a copy. I’m trying to say that it’s a new “sub-genre”. Let’s say like Minecraft and it’s clones. The clones are bad. But DOOM the original of FPS (including guns or no guns) was good and (heavily borrowed but with differences) Wolfenstein 3d as well. Titanfall starting a verticality movement gameplay was obviously released first and AW soon (which was developed around the same time) looks good in verticality too.

          • Argy

            Technically speaking, Titanfall pulled its entire style from other places. The difference between that and CoD AW is that they were taking previously created styles and fixing them, while AW has to take its own style and without f***ing that up add in these other ones.

            One thing that I’m interested to see/hear is if they are using private servers or if they are using P2P networking. I have a feeling I know the answer, which means that the lag is bound to set in hard and it’ll be interesting if people like the verticality in gameplay when there are stutters and around-wall shots.

    • Iโ™ฅCOD

      Agree, they have evolved the game. Tajen the best bits and actually listened the community! i do feel you die to quick, the TTK looks so fat which despite the game looking amazing would ruin it for me.

  • jordanxbrookes

    There is an SMG called the KF5 that looks just like the Call of Duty 4 MP5 ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Lightning1432

      Ooooh I am excited for this. I am sure to HOPEFULLY *Please SHG* get a blue tiger camo and suppressor on this.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Or Red Tiger camo ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Xecho


          • karli

            Oh the Joys of unlocking camos back in the early games… I hate how easy it is to get what you want in the new games. Hopefully weapons will be unlocked by rank in AW, though I highly doubt they’ll do that. (unless I’m stupid and you only get weapons from the supply drops)

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            They said there will still be rank unlocks. Supply drops give you special versions of different guns.

      • Xecho

        Stalgia all over

      • hi

        is it me or does the SN6 look like the UMP 45 ;D

    • Romeo Benjamin Laurente RN

      K7 remake? Hehe

  • l-Ox-l

    You know guys, i don’t know why there is so much hate about AW out there but i’m loving it, fast paced gameplay, new mechanics, the exo jumps and boosts have me more excited than ever! Why so much hate? They want the same “enter a corridor and know that somebody is there because the game is designed to be somebody there” *cough Ghosts *cough (Boring), BTW i love the charlie intel community, nice guys with love for cod, and sorry if i had any errors but english is not my main language!

  • Sentinel

    Ahh damn, I really like that new mode uplink!! I already have many strategies to try out with my squad ha

  • AlexK

    Seems there were alot of weapons in these videos that actually weren’t highlighted in the stream or live gameplays. H many weapons you guys reckon will be in the final game?

  • Munir Fernรกndez

    The only thing left is a video about scorestreaks. Please post soon.

  • KevJumbaify .

    They didn’t even mention the war gamemode in that trailer. People won’t know its in the game now :O

    • They did. Check the gamemodes trailer.
      Now it has a different name.

  • Confirminator

    After watching various clips, it is seems clear that this game is Ghosts re-skinned with new movement mechanics. When the time to kill takes only 1-2 shots, it’s just not going to work. I have lost all interest in this game.

    • Suu

      “Remember they were playing on LAN, it’s much faster compared to online, either way, pick it up or don’t but I’m sure you’ll have fun.”

    • I don’t know what clips you watched but okay. Don’t get the game then, easy as that. I can’t understand people that can judge a game by so little footage and no playtime.

      • Confirminator

        Certainly there will be lots of new content and perhaps some great ideas for the gameplay. Perhaps co-op mode will be worth the purchase. Those are new things I can’t fully judge.

    • Dice is getting revenge on CoD after IW sabotaged their BF4 E3 showcase…

      • What did IW do?

        • They made their game work

        • When Dice was showing BF4 at E3 they couldn’t load up the showcase for about a minute.
          But they got it working soon after.

    • Jamkin

      Was that actually on screen lol

  • Merffy

    Orbital VSAT’s back.

    Think of the epic combinations:

    Orbital / Scrambler
    Orbital / Extra Time
    Orbital / Speed

    Thank you Sledgehammer, thank you.

  • Anyone seen The Goliath? It’s the big mech suit! Drops down like a massive care package and you enter it like in TitanFail.

  • Ryumoau

    i love all the new detailed customization options they’ve added to the game. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Imactuallystoked4thisgametho

    Is it just me, or did the weapon at the end of the biolab map trailer look incredibly OP…

  • carl

    It looks like camping will be a whole lot more difficult in this game. I can’t stand ghost pubs anymore, it’s always parties of ballistic vest running m27 using pussies. The m27 is literally the perfect gun to camp with, it’s frustrating how unbelievably OP it is. It’ll be refreshing to join lobbies where the players actually move about.

  • YouTube.com/bobzor

    Uplink looks sweet.
    Like tribes.

  • The Telephone Pole

    The supply drop mechanic reminds me of a CS:GO arms deal like thing. Which is a good thing.

  • Argy

    I felt like we were getting a mixed message. On the one hand, it felt like they were taking elements from other games and improving on them. On the other hand, it felt very cluttered in its design and in its implementation. It leaves me to think that what’s left is honestly going to be a shit show (so to speak) of a game instead of intense action…

    I’m usually not wrong on my predictions either. Usually.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      The trailer made it look very cluttered and unrealistic on how the game would actually play out, since it was scripted and heavily edited. However, the personal gameplays didn’t look too dysfunctional or chaotic, just fast paced.

      • Argy

        All I’m saying is I called Ghosts with 1min of video (I didn’t even finish and I knew what it was going to play like… and I was right). I called Titanfall with 3 minutes of video (I talked with the dev team before launched and told them exactly what I expected they would deliver… I was right and they admitted it afterwards). Here they are giving me 4 videos approximately 2 minutes each and I’m calling it cluttered. It seems… like there are just too many hands trying to influence and not enough quality control over what’s a good direction and what’s a waste of time and what’s cool but won’t work well with this mix. So they end up with this mess of conflicting cool, so to speak.

      • Argy

        Also, let me get it straight, I’d PREFER they had a kick-ass game that was amazing. Power to the players when the devs get it right…

  • TrackHo

    Good work ripping off other games, implementing them and calling them new and revolutionary. Expected as Sledgehammer did the same thing with MW3, hard to believe that this game took three years to develop.

    • hi

      yeah so we can expect to hear from you when a new games comes out looking like bf + halo am i right? , i mean geez what do you people want? all ideas of a futuristic game have been made there is no other way to make a newly futuristic game without it being like an already made game .. ,what games have they ripped off?

      • TrackHo

        They ripped of many game elements claiming that they’re new. The so called new game mode “Uplink” is Griffballfrom the Halo series, the Supply Drop system is essentially a re-skin of Battlepacks from Battlefield 4. The pick 13 system including the create-a-class menu is exactly the same as Black Ops 2 and the “One-Off” perk/scorestreak for just playing the game is similar if not exactly the same as the Burn Card mechanic.

        • hi

          okay and are people complaining about it? not really cause its a fun game mode who tf cares if it the idea came from another game. the supply drop is not such a big deal anyhow , and the pick 13 system , how can you rip something off you’re own franchise? lol . all of these new things are really new .. to call of duty , its just what we needed , new things to the franchise. so tell me how is this bad?

          • TrackHo

            It is bad that they claim these features are new when they’re clearly not.

          • hi

            like i said “new to call of duty” , unless you can tell all of this has been in any of the previous call of duty games?

  • I’m excited to see how the scorestreak “customisation” will be. Changing how the streak works to do what you want is going to be so cool!

  • Ech!

    Well, I just came…

  • KoolAidMan

    Its like COD and Halo made the perfect baby!

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    I can’t stand those op ass perks.

  • SharpShooter

    Looks like you die to quick again! Thought SH would of learnt this fatal mistake that killed Ghosts. Game looks sooooo good please get the TTK right so it actually plays like a COD game!

  • Skruddy

    I’m really looking forward to this.

    I just love how mobile and free this game is just by the looks of the trailer, maybe now CoD might actually be worth calling a ‘skilled’ game now that you have large amounts of ways you can move around the map.

    This’ll be great for me to practice my TF2 scout aim :3

  • Caleb

    First off, all those people that say AW is taking from Titanfall, you’re an idiot. Titanfall came out in March. By your logic that would mean that they made AW in 5 months. So no, SH is not copying Titanfall or taking their ideas in any way.

    • TrackHo

      You’re the idiot for thinking a game gets completed on it’s release date

  • Tim โ–„๏ธปฬทฬฟโ”ปฬฟโ•โ”ไธ€

    I guess Powers Does Change Everything I cant wait for Advanced Warfare

  • Sentinel

    AK-12 from Ghosts making an Advanced Return to the Warfare!

    • ApoX

      The Arx-160 is in there too. Tan coloured now.