Sledgehammer Games and Activision have just blown the lid off Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer. Here’s a summary of what was revealed during the multiplayer reveal live stream but expect a more in-depth write up for all the new features that were announced. For now, let us get you up to speed…


Pick 13 – The Create a Class system that was introduced during Black Ops 2 is returning, except now you have room for 13 options instead of 10. Scorestreak selection is now part of the system and you now have the option to have a 4th Scoresteak if you use a wild card to enable it.

AW-Create a class -



Upgrade Scorestreaks – Every Scorestreak in Advanced Warfare now has the option to upgrade it and make it more powerful but it comes at cost. The stronger you make the Scorestreak, the more points it takes to earn it.

AW- Scorestreaks-Upgrades


Supply drops – Also known as random loot, are earned in-game from challenges that can contain anywhere from 1-3 items at random. And Each item is either a common, good, or rare item (defined by 3 colors so you can tell: Enlisted, Professional, Elite). Supply drop items consist of 1) special gun combinations that include rare camos and rare gun designs. 2) Player gear like helmets, exo’s, vest, etc.. 3) In game reinforcements or enhancements that are very similar to Titanfall burn cards. All items that you earned are saved in “The Armory” which is a vault that saves up to 84 items.

AW-Supply Drop-a


Exo-Abilities – Every solider has the new unlimited double jump and dash ability, but you can pick one additional special ability through the new Pick 13 system. These new exo abilities are activated by the player during the match (LB- Left Bumper), and used until the Exo Battery is depleted.

  • Exo Shield – A quick-deploy shield attached to your exo’s arm
  • Exo Overclock – Increased footspeed
  • Exo Stim – Temporary health regeneration beyond normal levels
  • Exo Cloak – Short duration visual concealment
  • Exo Hover – Short duration hovering in place
  • Exo Ping – Shows enemy movement and weapon fire in the HUD
  • Exo Trophy System – Destroys incoming grenades and rockets for a limited period of time

AW- Exo Abilities


Create-an-Operator – Customize your own in-game character like never before. Similar to the Ghosts customization but now with more options. You can now also customize Eye wear, Tops, Gloves, Pants, Kneeguards, boots, and Exos.

AW- Character Customization-c


Virtual Firing Range – While you’re in create-a-class or waiting in the lobby for the next match to start, you can now seamlessly jump into a virtual firing range with NO LOAD TIME while you wait for the next match to start. Perfect for people you want to test their configurations before the next match.

AW- Virtual Firing Range- d


Co-op Scorestreaks – Some Scorestreaks will have the option to have a second person to assist during the Scorestreak. One example shown was 2 people on a Chopper Gunner type scorestreak called ‘Warbird”. In addition to customizable scorestreaks, the game introduces Co-Op Scorestreaks, which for the first time, two players can now join up a scorestreak and work together. This is the perfect example of teamwork for those players that rack up score, with those that may not always get the chance to experience the high-end scorestreaks. Teaming up on a Warbird is a perfect way to gain the advantage on the battlefield.



New Weapon Class – “The high tech nature of 2054 is coming to multiplayer and there is no better example than the directed energy weapons. The new Heavy Weapons class includes directed energy weapons like the EM1 and EMPm2.  These new weapons use the power of weaponized energy to overcome enemies. This class of weapon doesn’t rely on reloads, but instead they are known to overheat after too much activity.”



New Game modes:

  • Uplink – Similar to Halo’s Oddball, the object is to secure the “Drone” (a ball like device) and reach the uplink station which is big glowing sphere at opposite ends of the map. Jump into the sphere to earn the full 2 points or throw the Drone into the Sphere to earn 1 point.
  • Momentum – Advanced Warfare is bringing back the “War” game mode that originally only appeared in World at War.  Momentum is the Call of Duty version of tug of war. Five consecutive capture points exist on the map, but only one is active at a time. The more kills and captures your team gets, the faster you are able to capture additional points. Once the other team captures on you, the momentum meter gets reset, so your team needs to be at its best the whole game.

AW-Mode- Oddball



  • Clan Wars – Currently being developed by Beachhead Studios, we’re expecting it to be similar to Clan Wars in Ghosts but nothing has been revealed yet.
  • Broadcaster Mode – Nothing has been shown yet but it was promised to be available day one at launch.
  • Hardpoint Game Mode – Black Ops 2 fans should be familiar with this mode, its returning to Advanced Warfare.
  • and more…
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  • David Sync

    They’re bring back war? Awesome!

  • NextGenNose

    Still no word on Titles/Emblems/Calling-cards/whatever 🙁

    • Black

      I’m not worried about that. I’m sure most people will unlock these in supply drops. 🙂

      • NextGenNose

        Hopefully we’ll get something like bits-and-pieces of emblems/icons and then we can take those and create our own emblems????

        I dunno man, I missed the Emblem Editor from BO/BO2 🙁

        • Black

          I like the Emblem Editor, because it’s convenient for logos. But I’m a bit sick of the porn stuff it also brings.
          If it comes back, i’d like to be closer to BF4, where you can copy and paste existing emblems from a website (dunno if we could do it with BO2).

          • NextGenNose

            LOL yea, seeing boobs and dicks in every lobby was really disturbing…

          • Black

            Yep. Especially when you have (younger) people around.

        • KevJumbaify .

          their is a calling card you get for pre ordering the limited edition

  • Wraith


  • Michael

    Wow man i am happy. SHG was not lying to us guys. This cod may be it. Is this the cod we have been asking for? But I’m not jinxing it. Much more innovation which we have been asking for. Fan favorited modes. I mean, what more could you want from this? This is awesome. I have high hopes for this game. Please SH, don’t let us down.

    • Imjustpostingasaguest

      Just like we said when Ghosts was about to come out:

      “Wow man i am happy. Infinity Ward was not lying to us guys. This cod may be it. Is this the cod we have been asking for? But I’m not jinxing it. Much more innovation which we have been asking for. A personal attack dog? Fish AI?! I mean, what more could you want from this? This is awesome. I have high hopes for this game. Please Infinity Ward, don’t let us down.”

      And look at what happened.

      I hope you guys aren’t getting to hyped up for this. Just keep expectations at a reasonable level. It’ll soften the blow if this cod DOES suck.

      The mechanics of the game do seem fine for now, but we haven’t actually gone and played it ourselves to judge.

      I really hope this will be a good year for cod. :-).

      • Plato/Tomato

        When did people say this about Ghosts? All I remember is people making fun of fish a.i. & the dog gif :p

        • Excuse me, but I believe that it is pronounced, ‘Gif’. #Kappa

        • EnderaceGaming

          You’ll be saying nearly the same thing next year.
          “When did people say this about Advanced Warfare? All I remember is people making fun of it being a copy of Crysis/TitanFall/Battlefield/Halo/Killzone/Just About Every FPS Game In Existance.”

          • Plato/Tomato


      • Michael

        I understand your comment and yes I am overly hyped but I’ll try to take your advice to stay at a reasonable level.

  • jasonxbrookes

    Wait….Does this game not have LMGs? What the hell?!??

    • Michael

      I hope not. We all know that the tracker sight that We saw in the reveal trailer would be put on an lmg. So in really hoping lmg’s are not returning.

      • jasonxbrookes

        Why would you want them to remove such a core weapon class?!?

        • MyKogInYourAshe

          It has LMGs but they’re called Heavy Guns

          • HotHam

            That’s not and LMG. They are HMGs now, heavy machine guns.

          • A heavy machine gun isn’t mobile. That’s why LMG’s are basically HMG’s, but mobile. A HMG would be like a turret, or on a chopper gunner.

          • jasonxbrookes

            So are they in or not?

          • Alex James

            No they removed them and added the energy based weapons but they said the energy guns act like lmgs

          • jasonxbrookes

            Damn. Hopefully we see the full gun list soon though. They revealed so few of the guns….Maybe there’ll be an LMG or 2 in the heavy weapons category.

        • STEALTHD3M0N

          I’ve never used an LMG in my life. BO2 all the noobs would use them with extended mags and it ruined the game

    • jordanxbrookes

      I think they are now called Heavy Weapons.

  • Lord Beerus

    scorestreaks are back? TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Munir Fernández

    This COD will fu+)(#ing rock….

  • Seven

    The pdw pistol, back and better then ever

  • k5berry

    SHG dropped some much info today, I thought I was going to have an informationgasm

    • K.E.M

      it’s SHG not IW

      • k5berry

        I’m a dumbass, will edit

  • GFTW

    Well this games is already better than ghosts

    • OscarTheTitan

      That is not hard to do

  • exeterman2

    Looking at videos the ttk is far too quick

    • Ryan

      This is my main concern. Everything else looks alright I guess but if it is anything like Ghosts TTK then I am out.

      • exeterman2

        Yh saw a bit of tmartns vid and it looked like his ar or smg killed in 2-3 bullets at high fire rate, possibly faster ttk than ghosts 🙁

    • HotHam

      That’s good. Why would we want it like black ops 1 and 2

      • exeterman2

        No it’s not. Ghosts has an overly quick ttk and so lacks skill and positioning. Playing older cods such as bo 1 and cod 4 you could move from cover to cover without being killed instantly. With such a low ttk aim is barely even a factor in gunfights.

      • Alex Lamb

        Said no one ever…

    • Everyone I have seen says that the TTK is far too slow, I think that it is perfect, though.

      • exeterman2

        It looks quicker than ghosts, how is that remotely slow?

  • jordanxbrookes

    This is awesome, there is so much to learn in this game, and I shall learn every nook and cranny of it 🙂

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    I LOVE the metagame. I think I’m slightly excited. Mix of excitement and some disappointment. I’m hoping it’s good. So Supply Drops are like Battlepacks?

    • NextGenNose

      Yup 🙂

    • Black

      To me, they look like the assignments in CSGO.

    • Guess what? You can quickscope in the game!

  • Young and Dope

    Well this year really does look promising, but I am still going to try my best to hold in the hype so there is not as much disappoint if it does fail to deliver. I am definitely buying the game though, I mean it’s Cod how couldn’t you 🙂

  • Matt

    I’m now fairly sure that this game is what IW was working on before the dispute with Activision and they left to form Respawn. They then changed the idea to become Titanfall. Activision then asked Sledghammer to come in and make the game their own, and it became Advanced warfare. There are far too many similarities, the movement system, burn card equivalents, the “Titan” scorestreak. Although I’m really looking forward to this, it does look like this like Titanfall’s “dad”, in that it clearly has more in the game and isn’t as basic as Titanfall is.

    • Joeldagod

      Titan = Futuristic Mw3 jugg

  • Drasadex

    holy shit, “War” is coming back? Now that’s fantastic!

  • KevJumbaify .

    YAY!! most excited i been for a cod games since bo1

  • KevJumbaify .

    wait what about being able to move directions while in mid air. is that a exo ability also or unlimited ?

    • whoa

      unlimited. When you exo jump you are able to go which ever direction you want.

      • çħιđєɾå™

        No only with the exo dash u can jump and switch directions

    • K.E.M

      I think thats part of the exo.

  • Pilot #171

    TDM on BIOLAB! From Optic Midnight.

  • K.E.M

    I had a orgasm watching the MP reveal. I wonder if there will be a big streak like the M.O.A.B.

    • Ethan Aldaz

      I kemed also

      • Black

        lol, nice 🙂

  • Haitian Jack

    I said since BLOPS 2 some of this stuff. Like, the wildcard for a 4th scorestreak thing. I didnt think of upgrading all the scorestreaks, but I did think that the Hellstorm Missle should do more damage in a more concise area when still in the single missle form than the split apart form. Either way, Im glad that it looks more like BLOPS 2 than Ghosts.

  • Cadence

    I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. Co-op score streaks and upgradable score streaks sound lime great ideas. But is anyone else worried about danger close returning (look at the pick 13 screenshot)? Hopefully isn’t as bad as it was in MW2 or Ghosts.

  • MichiganerE

    WAR IS BACK?!?!?

  • omar_soft

    Finally War is coming back! Loved that gamemode, such a shame to see it neglected until now!

  • Psychomaggot105

    Finally the score streaks are part of create a class! For some reason this stood out a lot more then other things for me.

  • Psychomaggot105

    The coop score streak sounds interesting but I’d like to also see a feature that let’s players give other players their score streaks. There’s times where I go on a tear and don’t use my streaks in attempt to get a kem.

  • You can also add quickscoping is possible in this game! Wohoo!

  • BITW

    To be honest, this game really looks like the change we’ve needed. I’ve never played Titanfall and wasnt a fan of Halo so Im not here to compare these titles whatsoever. What I am happy about off the bat is many YouTubers said the game felt like BO2 as far as the looks and the killing. One problem I had with Ghosts was the health and if it was like this mixed with the very fast gameplay this game would have easily been shit for a lot of people. With the health being more like Black Ops 2 I can say myself that I am glad it’s back. Of course there are gonna be kids that down this game havent even playing it before but it happens. Im buying this shit. This game just looks like so much fun to play and I cant wait for release day.

  • Markcus D

    Bot support (combat training? )

  • Captain KillerPanda

    Supply drops, a copy of battle packs from bf4.

    • That mechanic has been around before BF4.

  • MONEYS504 .

    optical camouflage… they do that

  • Mitch

    From Ali-A: The current build of the game does not have anything similar to the MOAB or KEM.

    • pp

      From a Twat: …

      • jordanxbrookes

        I smell jealousy…

        • Xecho

          Ali A is a twat and fake. YOU should know this.

        • Someone Else

          You’re a fucking faggot. Always wasting your time on this forum! I looked at some of your videos, you sound like a little bitch who watches t/t videos from Ali-gay and fagartn, you also sound like those guys wearing polo shirts that skate and that call other people ‘niggers’ over the mic on COD, also, fuck you. Acting like a smart-ass in here no one likes you.

      • true

  • kev

    Stim is not health regeneration like ICU its Juggernaut

  • Ed

    the only thing about this reveal i didn’t like was seeing the words “round-based domination.” so i won’t be playing dom this game… but at least hardpoint and ctf is back, so i won’t miss dom too much.

    • Alex Lamb

      What’s so bad about round based domination?

      • Ed

        in round based domination, if you are losing, it’s tough to come back because the time ends on you twice, and even if you had all three points, it cuts short your comeback.
        regular dom, you could be losing, take all three points, and voila, something truly exciting…
        round based is, ok, i guess, it just doesn’t have the same feel as regular dom to me.

  • Bmeowmix

    Most of this looks awesome, but I’m sort of concerned about a few EXO abilities. Cloaks are never balanced too well in games, Ping sounds like an Oracle that activate whenever, and I’m afraid Of Shield becoming too powerful. Hoplefully they balance this well. Also, I hope we can control who can go into co-op scorestreaks.

    • curi0us

      Cloak is on a short timer. Shields are on a timer too. Even with Overcharge they don’t seem to last long. I wonder if the battery regenerates.

  • 111AlaN111

    This COD looks much better than previous CODs. Yeah, COD makes great advertising and then f*cks up, but maybe this is REALLY a good game.

  • 111AlaN111

    COD AW’s trailers > Ghosts

  • BlueStorm017

    This game looks awesome.This is a well needed change of pace. I’m a bit skeptical about the exo-cloak but I’m hopeful that the proper balance is in place. I like that there are more customization options and hopefully the unlocking system will actually make us grind out which adds to the longevity of the game.

  • GunsNwarfare45 .

    I want sabotage … Please?

  • Sloth

    Actually Uplink is more like Ricochet from Halo 4


      Grifball with guns

  • Black

    84 items saved from supply drops : hopefully the number increases as we prestige.
    Having a new knife per prestige would be badass too.

    • codaw info

      I don’t think there will be a knife. From what I’ve seen the melee attacks are just like Halo where you use your arm.

      • Eh you can have a knife as a secondary so there definitely is an melee attack.

  • OscarTheTitan

    It seems as though SH is reeeeally taking after Treyarch. I love that they are bring back all that Ghosts lacked. The Pick 10/13 system, scorestreaks, WAR, bots it’s looking like BO3 without zombies (unfortunately). But that does raise the question as to what 3rd game mode is sledgehammer introducing?

  • Nolyn B.

    Can you find the attachments for each category of weapons?

  • Rorke File

    Looks good to me ..

  • damian

    I think I know howhat exotic survival will be like

  • damian

    It’s going to be lIke extinction it’s going to have a story line and u r going to be moveing around the map untill u get to a check point