By now, we all know you can earn supply drops in multiplayer by playing and beating challenges to unlock rare gun combinations and gear for your soldier, but what you probably don’t know is that there are certain items you can only unlock by playing singleplayer.

While visiting Sledgehammer Games last week, Michael Condrey informed us that supply drops can be earned while playing the campaign, and these drops will include loot you can only find by playing singleplayer. So if you’re trying to unlock everything in multiplayer, you’ll have to get through the campaign too.

  • Xecho

    Nice love Campaign

    • Lightning1432

      I always find it my tradition to play the whole campaign before stepping into the multiplayer.

      • Xecho

        I always play multiplayer first.

      • GarethWasher

        Well if you do that for AW you’re going to miss out on that precious double xp time.

        • Lightning1432

          Meh I could care less. I am a casual gamer I don’t even pre-order games anymore. Ghosts left that scar for me.

      • çħιđєɾå™

        Me too I don’t play mp till I’m done with the campaign

  • I just completely Nerdgasmed while watching the stream.

  • jordanxbrookes

    This is going to make the game better for those intelligent Call of Duty veterans, and so much harder for those idiots we here over the mic, this definitely satisfies me 😀

    • Big Hamm3r

      And yet you didn’t spell “hear” correctly, and you’re taking jabs at others. Ironic?

      • MrJDGuns1

        It was just a typo calm down.

        • Jim

          Typos or not.

      • Crusf

        Dude is probably agitated that jordan is on every article and was waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

  • Like TF2/CS:GO cases only with less money involved.

    • Snow

      probably with the same amount of money involved the way cod has been evolving in the past couple games

      • “Advanced Supply Drop for only $4.99 each.”

        • HotHam

          Battlefield 4 does this with battlepacks

  • Mitch

    Will there also be loot based on the difficulty you play the campaign on?

  • Black

    Do you think the rarity of the loots will depend on the difficulty we play on ?

    • TheShadowReaper

      I like this idea.

  • Chris

    Off topic but what is the 3rd game mode we are getting? I’m holding off buying the Season Pass until I know what that is.

    • HotHam

      they havent said and probably wont until closer to release

  • Putin

    I approve.

  • Cadence

    Good move by Sledgehammer taking a page from Battlefield’s book here. I’m a mulitplayer completionist, but saw no reason to dedicate that same effort to Ghosts’ campaign or extinction mode. Maybe I’ll actually finish the campaign this time around (still haven’t beat Ghosts yet lol).

  • Potato Republic

    Now this I will enjoy!

  • I’ll be playing trough the singleplayer for the first time in like 4 cods then

  • Linkinito

    Please offer us a Supply Drop which contains Kevin Spacey’s head for Multiplayer after beating the game in Veteran. 😀

  • RdJokr

    Smart move Sledgehammer. I always go for the Campaign first, but this is a nice attempt to get people playing, as most just ignore that and go straight to MP first. Hopefully the same will apply to co-op.

  • wonton_doup

    Playing campaign in COD is like hiring a prostitute for a hug.

    • Cycovision

      Which is why 70% of people who buy CoD never even touch multiplayer

  • George

    Great idea, that kinda thing is what kept me playing Conduit 2’s campaign!

  • Ryumoau

    this is great news for me since i’ll be playing story mode first anyway.

  • Skinnahx

    Does doing the Campaign on a Harder difficulty give you more or better supply drops?