Twitch TV has just released the VOD replay of today’s Call of Duty Multiplayer Reveal Live stream in case you missed it. And in case you want a recap of all the Multiplayer Reveal stories, you can find them all HERE in one place.

You can also find all of our exclusive gameplay footage on our official YouTube Channel HERE and HERE.

***Starts 1 hour into video***

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  • Blastors

    What the hell is wrong with everybody? First they want CoD to change and when they do, they start bitching about how CoD isn’t like the old days…

    • Haydn

      Lol howd you know they’re bitching if you’re the first comment

      • Blastors

        Youtube comments and other comments on Charlieintel.

        • Haydn

          Hahah I know what you meant 😉
          wanted to seem like a smart ass

    • Jr

      I don’t know what you are talking about I never said that at all.

    • Potato Republic

      Dude…it’s the CoD community…what’d you expect?! Everyone to be 120% satisfied? Pfft..

    • exeterman2

      Never wanted that, most people want it to go back to basics…

    • hungryandrew

      I think they are complaining that COD is copying off of Titanfall, Halo, even Black Ops 2 in some aspects.

      • AW development started before titanfall, thus it’s not copying it. It’s just similar.

      • K

        What entertains me is that they’re saying about Advanced Warfare “it’s just Titanfall without mechs!”
        How many people remember the same fuck knuckles complaining about Titanfall saying it’s “Call of Duty with mechs!”
        Ridiculous man.

    • Carrisi

      Okay game looks amazing. The virtual aspect are a great idea, listened to the community with the perk system, game modes, espoets etc but…… TTK looks way too fast! The gameplay is most important and this for me is why ghosts failed.

      • EnderaceGaming

        TTK isn’t fast is what I’ve heard from those playing AW.

        • Carrisi

          Really hope your right, I was just going on today’s footage.

          • Odin

            Apparently it is in between ghosts’ TTK and BO2’s TTK.

      • UpRiftCOD

        Yah thats what im worried about. In all the gameplay they showed, people where dying in two bullets. Hopfully that changes when the game comes out.

    • iNancy_rC

      Yeah, and half the time they refer to MW2 as the old days. People need to realize this is a new developer with new ideas and its good for the game

    • riley


    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s because people are ignorant, they can’t accept change, but when there’s no change, “Oh it’s the same thing, different name, Call for Money: Recycled Warfare, Titanfall/Halo/Killzone/Crysis copy, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada”.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Again, boy was I fucking wrong.

  • baseballer59

    Can’t watch it on mobile…

    • Dat guest

      Lucky you don’t have Metro POS. They lied by telling us we have 4g.

      *Tries to watch HQ video in 4g*
      *Phone explodes*

      Really though, this game looks fucking amazing. Like literally amazing. That tsunami that rips off half of the map, then it’s swimmable- AND new animations. The haters are grasping really really hard at straws and resorting to the old COD SUUUUXXXX circle jerk routine…

      But we all know they look like idiots.

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    all i want to know is if its possible to disable aim assist! 🙁

    • Well if you don’t like aim assist get the game on pc. It doesn’t exist. Even when you use a gamepad. But I would say it’s not the same though.

      • GodLikeLeftNut

        ghosts has aim assist on PC thats why im so worried :/

        • Really? I never noticed that. Well then lets hope there’s an option!

          • GodLikeLeftNut

            yeah and even as respawn forced aim assist too with titanfall its pretty annoying :/

          • Yeah. It seems like they think the community wants it. I just don’t understand why there isn’t the option so everyone is happy.

          • GodLikeLeftNut

            init its not hard to do even on the forums people didnt want it :/ i just hope its not the same with AW thoguh i did ask ages ago to put an option to disable it for a cheese burger and they said they like cheese burgers xD

          • lol

    • KuuGeeL

      you will need aim assist people will be on the air 50% of the time.

      • Well an option would be better than forcing people!

      • GodLikeLeftNut

        i dont need aim assist, i play crysis too, i can deal with ppl in the air ^_^

        • UpRiftCOD

          After playing Destiny, I will be mlg pro at this.

          • GodLikeLeftNut

            i dont have a ps4 🙁 #pcmasterraceproblems xD

          • UpRiftCOD

            Well you got titan fall

          • GodLikeLeftNut

            Yeah but I’m forced to use aim assist 🙁

  • In the URL, you forgot the “t” in multiplayer.

    • JoinTheRest

      lol what made you look there

  • Chris

    Well, looks like I’ll still stick with cod4. You know, the game that actually takes skill and isn’t a messy pile of crap. This game you die way too quick, there’s way too much shit going on, way too many superpowers and score streaks, etc. It’s just one big pile of noobyness for kids who aren’t competitive gamers. This is a scam to keep the kids busy while mommy and daddy don’t make them do their homework. Or it’s for the older people who like to slouch on the couch and drink beer while they talk crap through their mic. COD has turned into nothing but a social disaster geared toward the brainless idiot or 14 year olds who like to see stuff go “BOOM”. What a joke. COD4 will forever be the greatest of all time game. Ask Stevy, jd2020, and fourzerotwo. Those guys left COD because the franchise has gone downhill. There’s no denying it. COD is so nooby and unorganized. It takes no actual true skill to play anymore. I encourage everyone to rise up, stand for what is right, and reject buying this game. Show the developers that we will not accept anymore video game scams. They are even still penalizing players with fast internet speeds! This game is a lie and nothing but a lie. Anyone can play it. Even my grandma or your uncles brother in laws older cousin. There is no competitive edge or reward. I want to feel like I did back in the cod4 days, where I would feel like I was actually playing a game. Where I felt the awesomeness of pulling off a sick clutch in search and destroy, where I engaged in gun battles because the guns took skill and bullets didn’t kill people as fast as they do in ghosts and advanced warfare. I want to feel that feel again. Please, if you are reading this, copy and paste this to every YouTube video if advanced warfare and every Charlie Intel page in the comment section. We as true hardcore competitive first person shooter gamers must not take no for an answer. We must not let this go any further. We must…ahh screw it. Ranked playlist is coming back. I’ll be getting this ish day one.

    • EnderaceGaming


    • iNancy_rC

      Hey, cod 4 is the greatest. But dont judge a game by 5 minutes of gameplay. This is a new developer and i think they have a chance. Im not saying its gonna be great because it could pull a Ghost, but give it a chance.

    • Carrisi

      Pointless rant, only valid point is that it looks like you die to fast

    • ThatOneBlazian

      Play the first game before you bash it.

    • Christ sucks

      Who writes comments that big for everyone to read? Faggots like you ain’t no one got time to read your pointless rant. You suck!

  • KuuGeeL

    First time ive been excited this big for a cod game since modern warfare 2, I hope not get disappointed 1 week after the game releases

  • Manx Mouse

    the boost slam reminds me of super mario.

  • Mr Generosity

    Did JxB go?

    • Maybe one day

      No, he isn’t that big or popular in the call of duty community he’s one of the small channels just look at views and comments on his videos compared to the likes of Ali a drift0r and that faggot tmartn also compare his twitter and that to the likes of them

  • fires

    Crossbow is back baby

  • iNancy_rC

    How many people on these forums have played every single call of duty. This includes 1-3. Or how about Call of Duty 4, where the cod multiplayer we know and love started. Every game has something good and something bad. Personally, i really look forward to the competitive part of the community. Why would you be mad if they focused on the competitive aspect of the game. Saying they only care about MLG. This is a good thing. This balances the game. Ghost has failed because the balancing of weapons and perks is horrible. For those of you who played League play on Black ops 2 know what awesome is. League play was almost perfectly balanced with the weapons, perks and score streaks they banned. Everyone had a fighting chance. Yes once someone on your team raged you were screwed because 3v4 but if you had a full team or even 3 guys to play with,( which most people play cod with friends) then you would destroy everyone. So for them to focus on making this the best game for competitive players, it helps all sides of the cod community. Your not forced to play this with your try hard panties on, but at least they really put forth an effort to balance the game. This is why i am exited to play this game. Lets stop complaining about past cods, this is a new developer. They are teaching new tricks to an old dog. I personally cant wait to test it out. If it sucks it sucks but don’t judge it by 5 minutes of gameplay.

    • Carrisi

      Agree mate, love COD although ghosts nearly killed it for me, mainly cos it was unplayable cos of the instant deaths.

  • Louis

    I just want fair amount of playlist form core to hardcore modes

    • NextGenNose

      If I remember correctly from the livestream, they’ll have 12 different gamemodes at launch. Which ones? no idea 🙂

      • Confirmed:
        1.Team Deathmatch
        2. Capture The Flag
        3. Search and Destroy
        4. Hardpoint
        5. Uplink
        6. Moment (Don’t know how it’s spelled)

        • Xecho


        • otiscleetus

          He (Condrey I believe) mentioned Kill Confirmed as well. Kinda obvious it would be back though…

          There will be FFA also.


          HC – KC, TDM and DOM.


          my guess anyway

  • Black Doge


  • MONEYS504 .

    there is only teleportation

  • zombiefreak935

    theres a back to school ad in the corner, WHAT MONTH IS IT?

    • EnderaceGaming

      BTS Ad?
      NO!!! D:

    • exeterman2

      August, 3 weeks left til school :'(

      • ThatOneBlazian

        I’m already in school ;(

  • Guess Co-op will be revealed just before launch like Extinction

  • exeterman2

    Why did it have to look good?! I want it because it looks kinda good but ghosts was shit so I don’t trust them. AAARRGGGHHH

  • the specialist

    The best cods are mw2 and mw1.I always play hardcore so I do not mind about ttk.I use my brain and strategy to play not skills.that’s how players must opinion of course.

  • ThatOneBlazian

    Good Luck topping this next year Treyarch

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Treyarch can do it with BO3. They’re can fast-forward the story line 20 years into the future and have something comparable to Exo in MP. They already have cloaking and other futuristic stuff in SP mode.

      It’s IW who needs luck as Ghosts seems too basic compared to AW. Fast forwarding their story line would seem unlikely as America was crippled badly.

      • ThatOneBlazian

        Yeah your right, but hopefully next year they don’t go Halo status if they go for another futuristic COD. And I also agree with you about IW. I felt Ghosts lacked replay value.

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          IW succeeded in making the most boring and stripped down COD in Ghosts.

          When BO2 have more players than Ghosts, you know there is something wrong. And what’s wrong is that Ghosts is simply too boring to hold and entertain players.

  • AmishHippo

    I’m more excited for next year… Treyarch FTW

  • xVale

    So if the multiplayer sucks we can shout: ”Reisdorf!!!”