A first for Call of Duty, Sledgehammer Games is bringing a Virtual Firing Range to Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer. You can use the firing range in Create a Operator mode, and even between matches. There’s no map load screen; all you have to do is press the button and you’ll be entered into the firing range. Now, you won’t have to go into a match with a class you haven’t tested out before.

An all-new feature, and a first for Call of Duty.  From the Create-a-Class menu or between matches, players can instantly hit the Virtual Firing Range to try out a new item with just a press of the button.  No map load, no having to blindly go into a match with a new loadout.  Now, players can get an immediate feel for things like the sights, attachments, bullet spread, recoil, and more before the next match even starts.  It’s a great way to test-drive a new weapon before heading into battle.

Checkout our YouTube video showing the Firing Range in action:

  • jordanxbrookes

    This is going to help me out a lot, because when I don’t play for a while, I struggle to get my bullets on target. This is definitely going to be useful to do whilst waiting for the next match to start.

  • WalkersFTW

    how long do you have between matches because the video here is 30 seconds. Have they changed the countdown timer to 60 seconds, to give people time to use the virtual firing range?

    • TheOnlyOneUndone

      I really hope not..

  • Rob Schneider

    Imagine an actual virtual lobby where you could quickly have a 1v1 with another player in your lobby in between games on a virtual map thing, would be pretty cool. Like a futuristic face-off on a simple map.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Really good idea.

  • JKB98

    This would be a good tool for testing out the recoil of (supposedly to be released) DLC guns.

  • Primey_

    Pretty cool but I prefer bots 🙁

    • curi0us

      Too early to tell. But I imagine it’s a decent possibility.

  • quite cool

  • This game is going to be great i can just tell.

  • drjakeyoung

    Holy shit Michael Myers is gonna be fun on this game.

    • If you’re referring to Swift0rs Michael Myers, then it probably wont happen. He didn’t do it on Ghosts, either. He’ll probably stick to BOII.

      • WHAAT?

        He did it on ghosts.

        • I’ve never seen him do Michael Myers on Ghosts. I’ve only seen him do Swift0r says or LOL Idol on Ghosts. Mychael Myers he does on BOII. He may have done it once, to try it, though.

      • Swift0r? That a copy of Drift0r?

        • No he was on YouTube before him and there names are spelled differently don’t know why he said it like that…

      • ……

        Ummmmm Swiftor didn’t create Michael Myers lol

  • curi0us

    One part of this game kiiiinda has me spooked. It’s clear that we can just run around with a knife, load up on perks and other things, but it calls into question how a knife build will work.

    Considering players will now be able to basically go in any direction will probably make a knife-only build difficult.

    Then again with wildcards you could effectively and stacking perks you could make yourself fast, make yourself immune to UAVs, stuns, thermal, detector, and various other things, as well as make yourself silent and your kills not appear on the minimap.

    But none of those things don’t matter if you can’t get into melee range.

    • Yeah Knife only is either dead or may only be useable on in door maps with ceilings

  • This is so great, sadly I won’t get to play AW.
    Cri everitim…

  • LovekillerX

    For those who don’t know yet or missed Gamescom 2014 microsoft press here is a nice thing for those who want to know about singleplayer: they showed us “Collapse” mission. Have a look! Hopefully all of you can see this! 🙂 Looks great! You can leave a like (IF you want, you don’t have to) so those who don’t choose “sort by newest” can see this.

    By the way now that I looked to Call of Duty wiki, there are a lot of new weapons listed and more scorestreaks. For now there are 11 scorestreaks listed. Also I’m not sure if there are new perks listed (scroll down):

    Link to wiki: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Call_of_Duty:_Advanced_Warfare

    “Collapse” mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r66PFe_BeGs

    • Gedeon is south african apparently!

    • Aziz Peregrino-Brimah


      • DopeAap

        What is it?

  • Ryumoau

    this is a great addition and hopefully something that will be included in all future games.

  • ChickenDoughnut

    Am I the only one who would prefer Squads/Combat Training/Bots instead? Just me? Ok 🙁

    • Chewy Suarez

      There is a mode called Combat Readiness Program according to the dev. It’s really similar to the combat training in Black Ops 2.

      • ChickenDoughnut


  • I love this new feature, great for testing loadouts or killing time between matches.

  • Slippy G

    It’s nice that there is a place to test out the new weapons but where can we test out the new exo abilities? Well the best way I can think of is to impliment something like combat training in Black Ops and Black Ops 2 or squads in Ghosts. I know Sledge Hammer has never impliment AI’s for the MP before but Infinity Ward did it for the first last year and it works out great. So Sledge Hammer, do you accept the challenge?

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Whilst the concept of this is quite interesting, It does make me wonder how much time there is between games. I can see it getting boring and frustrating quite quickly if it takes too long – after all it’s not lie you will be forever testing your weapons….