Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that Beachhead Studio is working on bringing Clan Wars to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Beachhead introduced this new feature with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Clan Wars uses a map in the mobile application in which there are capture points. Each capture point is tied to a certain game mode, and teams must earn wins in that game mode to earn more capture points. Clan Wars are timed period events, featuring many divisions and breakdowns for clans based upon your wins.

Beachhead Studio will provide more information on how Clan Wars will work as we get closer to launch this November. Stay tuned.

  • iebrh

    lul wut

  • FUCK YEAH! more warcry for our clan!

  • The one thing I didn’t want in Advanced Warfare. If you’re in a good clan with cool people, sure it’s going to be fun when you can actually win games with your team. But if you’re not in a clan, public matches will be full of 6 party tryhards and that’s not fun… I mean everyone can get a full party and tryhard, but when there are clans there will be A LOT of people doing this. And they’ll also have a high motivation for it.

    My idea would be to limit clan xp and all that stuff only to clan war playlists. :/

    • WhatsInAName

      They should also implement actual Mercenary modes like we had in the past and not the mosh pit BO2 had and no-merc modes in Ghosts. Gives solo players a fun place to play. Make merc modes for the top playlists – TDM & DOM.

    • The only time a pub stomper gets a break. When these try hard clans full of virgin sluts get on in there 6man virgin party.

      • MrOnYourFace69

        Says “The_Anal_Assassin”…I must assume this person is the biggest 40yr old virgin ever.

        • John Biddie

          was just cold man roflmao

    • Sal

      This is one of the reasons why people abandoned Ghosts too.

    • nevrbeenscared

      you must really be terrible at this game if you cant find a couple friend and school some try hards

    • Flat

      Cry Baby.

    • franklinmurray0

      I think the same way it not right in she you have five going again one person

  • James K

    Uh-oh. The return of Pub-stomping caravans.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Clan wars? Ha, I’m a one man army, a JXBArmy 😉

    • Jaish

      Shush Jordan

      • jordanxbrookes

        Hi Jaish, err I mean, hello stranger 😛

    • Ok heath

      • jordanxbrookes

        Lol, the One Man Rock Band Heath Slater BABY!

  • Clan Wars Ruined my Clan. On ELITE We had 93 Members. Brought them over to Ghosts, and no one would play, so we were put against Clans with 90 people that played while we got destroyed. So I kicked out 80 Players that I was friends with and had been dedicated on Past CoD’s just to please the people that played Ghosts. Then they slowly stopped playing leaving a once massive Clan dead and with nothing to show for it.

    I wish they would bring back ELITE, and make wars like ELITE’s operations. Then maybe we could return to our glory days

    • jordanxbrookes

      Call of Duty ELITE > Call of Duty App …PERIOD!!

      • Kill Denied
        • jordanxbrookes

          Exactly, TLoK was the best.

          • Kill Denied

            Black Ops was the best, can’t believe it’s been three years

          • jordanxbrookes

            Was? What you talking about? Black Ops IS the best 😛

          • Suu

            “Am I the only one that wishes there was another flamethrower attachment?..”
            “I miss it.”

        • PEZ

          This definitely needs to come back. The COD app is worse and awful. BRING BACK PC COMPATIBILITY!

    • Souperduperchic

      I agree.

    • Josh

      Agreed, I always preferred the challenges on MW3 for CoD ELITE.

    • Ta Edward Tib

      I know how you feel man. We clan wars ruined my clan too. To much time and dedication is required. This is hard for people that actually work and have a family!

    • Fading Lee

      The clan I’m in really took off in elite(especially blops2), 40 or so mostly active guys taking home the gold almost every week… then this clan war comes along and we have to boot amazing guys, guys who have been with us for years just because they work on weekends/just had a kid and can’t play as much?

      I don’t have much hope for them actually changing but who knows they may actually shock me

      • *cough* *cough*

        Active Roster *cough* *cough*

    • nevrbeenscared

      we went from 100 to 30

  • Hayzer

    Why did they bring this back? I hate going up against Clans in every match I go in… -_-

  • Graham Davis

    clan wars is garbage bring back league play, this games looking worse by the minute, preorder now cancelled!!

    • jordanxbrookes

      I bet you haven’t even pre-ordered in the first place.

      • Graham Davis

        yes I did just changed it for destiny from amazon.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Well if you don’t mind the level cap and the fact it’s not even open world, then go for it.

          • Graham Davis

            im going to lol that’s why I cancelled AW. Is COD open world?? erm nope

          • jordanxbrookes

            No, but neither is Destiny, not anymore -_-

          • GodzXPro

            No offense but as long as you have friends to play with in Destiny, then you’re going to love the game……and level cap, I have a feeling that will change because you can level past 20 atm, the only bad thing in my opinion is the open world.

          • jordanxbrookes

            You can only get past level 20 via armour upgrades so technically, you’re still at level 20.

          • Graham Davis

            If ghosts had continued with league play instead of crappy clan wars the game would have been FAR better and I wouldn’t need to cancel…

          • jordanxbrookes

            Ghosts? Are you talking about the same game I’m talking about? And also read my comment, stop judging until you see what the Ranked Playlists are, for crying out loud -_-

          • Edwin Cortez

            He’s obviously complaining about the wrong thing, people here are talking about clan wars… Not clan vs clan Playlist.

          • Roman Dement

            Graham is telling the truth, Clan Wars in public matches destroys the fun because clans will straight camp their asses off in one room or a small section with strategic setup to make sure no one can get in and kill them all.

      • Edwin Cortez

        I can bet on that too.

  • Afo

    Clan Wars needs to change, The idea of your clan meeting other clans is good but the thing is that you’ll need to grind in order to win. No skill at all, you’ll need to win more and faster than the others. Diamond clan wars is the worst 8pm-12am/pm on a weekend, I mean come on! I dont want to spend my Whole weekend.

  • Ryumoau

    i had no interest in whatever this clan thing was when Ghosts was around but since i’m so hyped for Advanced Warfare, i might actually try this thing for it.

    • *Logic out of 10*

  • Graham Davis

    League play was the best thing to happen to COD it gave you a goal to try to get into masters. fantastic in BLOPS2 just needed tweaking a bit, clan wars is all about the longer you play then youll win it! only worth it for people on the dole. If you actually had a job you just couldn’t win it.

  • Louis

    Oh looks like time to re-install a shitty app that hardly worked for ghost….NOPE! Screw clan wars

  • jordanxbrookes

    GUYS, GUYS, CALM DOWN! They said there is a thing called ‘Ranked Playlists’ which to me sounds a lot like LEAGUE PLAY, so calm down and stop judging until you see what this is about.

    • Graham Davis

      Wil have to see what Ranked Playlists actually means. everyone has a rank on cod now but it doesn’t actually mean anything.

  • GodzXPro

    something about clans, finally wanted news on this.

  • Drill

    I’d rather have the Clan Ops MW3 used. Clan Challenges throughout the week such as clan members getting acolades for most hip fire kills or something like that. On the weekend Friday-Sunday they should go back to 3 hours of play each night, and have objectives like Most TDM kills, most domination flags captured and so on. It was a lot easier doing it this way. Now with the wars I find that it is very strict if you’re in a top clan because they need you to play every day that war is active and you dont have time to play other games you enjoy.

    • About100haji

      All you guys complaining must not be with the right people or are not good enough to get an invite to dimond division where you get 2 ( 4 hour) blocks to play clan wars. And they already make it where you can only get clan points during clan wars (to lvl up your clan) so yeah most of you guys have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Frankenstien

    Clan Wars (Ghosts) is just grinding out wins for a week to get a node. Basically, if you and your clan doesn’t have a life you can do well. Problem was that this got very boring to my clan and everybody lost interest and quit participating. I won’t even go into the fact that the only way you can check progress was on a phone app. Apparently Infinity Ward thinks nobody uses a computer anymore? Now in Clan Operations (BO2) it was limited to weekends and instead of winning nodes your clan competed for most kills, most captures, most tags,ect. This created a rally point for my clan on weekends and everybody enjoyed it and we did very well. Also the results were easy to check on the internet. Somebody over there needs to pull their head out of the sand and realize that they actually have customers that aren’t gigantic nerds.

    • Souperduperchic

      I agree.

      • That’s your second time saying that. I understand what you are saying, but you might want to say things differently next time.

    • CoD

      The guy above obviously never played Clan Wars. Or at least the Diamond Division (where good clans play). What is described above, is not how it works. Diamond Division has nothing to do with ‘grinding out wins for a week’.

      • Frankenstien

        Played a lot of clan wars and it got boring. I’m jealous of all your free time if that makes you feel better. And nobody said anything about diamond division except you. I don’t care about diamond division or to hear what you have to say about it.

    • Tex

      You mean beachhead studio

    • BYRNE

      Actually its on windows now so stfu

      • jordanxbrookes

        Windows 8*

      • Frankenstien

        You couldn’t make me “stfu” in any situation young lady. So there is that. You have to have windows 8. Post a comment about “nerds” and watch the nerd tears flow. Hilarious.

  • Sorry for advertising but since it’s kinda relevant to the article topic I’ll do it once.
    I’m in a great clan that focuses pllays clan wars on mainly PS4 but PS3 too, we’re recruiting if anyone’s interested 🙂

  • Willekeurig persoon
  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    This ain’t good news.

  • Edwin Cortez

    COD is meant to be played with a group of people …The only solution for all those forever alones is to bring back the merc Playlist.

  • Joshua Ramos

    Good thing I canceled my pre order. Just gonna wait another whole year without COD.
    Been waiting for 3arc 🙁

  • george95915

    Doesn’t anyone else want the custom clan titles to return, I thought those were awesome.

  • GinsuVictim

    Everyone in our clan got bored from the grind of Clan Wars months ago. It just wasn’t worth the headache, especially since we are mostly all in our 30s/40s and have to work/sleep/have a life outside of CoD.

    The app is just a piece of shit, plain and simple. Bring back the Elite site.

  • Heath Juhnke

    Hopefully the rewards for winning a such clan war will be better than a damn digital patch. Also hope they make a app that’s more involved in the actual game itself. As many of my clan members and myself have seemed to always had problems with the cod ghosts app. Oh a would be nice if available on all tablets also.

  • Эльдар Бекбулатов

    Will be there hardcore mode??

  • Slider’s Fury

    If you know what you’re doing, cw is an awesome tool for building your organization. Most of the complaints I see here are from individuals who just can’t hack it, and/or are just plain terrible at the game.

    Adapt and overcome, or get left behind, bottom line. Can’t hang with no lifers? Recruit some no lifers of your own that will play when u can’t. Its very simple. The excuses I see here from horribad players never ceases to amaze me.

    I have a full time job myself, and can’t dedicate hours to a cw, but guess what? The 5-6 new guys we recruited yesterday can!

    Rise above your excuses, recruit, and see your problems resolved. Cya/smash ya on AW!

  • Roman Dement

    Fucking great… i swear dude, team camping is complete bullshit. Clan Wars ruined Ghosts plus many other things, but mainly clan wars. I really hope clan wars is its own separate mode.

  • Rob J. Headley

    Over 1/2 of you need this prescription.

  • matthew odonahue

    hey anyone out there that wants to join a clan join the 253Gang we are getting ready for clan wars on thw 15th we have 7 members so far

  • Mrs Dredd

    I am the Co-Leader of the clan Abhorrent on Call of Duty Advanced
    Warfare. We are looking or active, experienced, competitive members.
    Once we reach our maximum clan level we are closing the clan and
    recruitment will be set to invite only. We are a TDM clan our clan level
    is 24 going on 25 our current member base is 29.
    Our clan goals are to achieve red clan tags and place 1st in each clan war to reach Diamond Division.
    Requirements and Rules:
    Attend each clan wars.
    Must have a microphone, communication is highly important.
    Until we achieve red clan tags we ask a couple hours a day of game play at most.
    Must be 18 years or older, we have 0 tolerance for drama.
    Respect is very important, for example, no hitting on girls and no trash talking other clan members.
    We are strictly all about the game.

    If interested you can contact any of the following members on Xbox 360:
    A Hero Falls – Leader
    Mrs Dredd – Co-Leader