The big change to Advanced Warfare MP is the new ExoSkeleton, which changes the player movement by introducing boost jumps, boost dodge, boost slam, and more. Included in MP is also new Exo-Abilities. These items are part of the Pick 13 system, and using one does cost you a slot.

You have 7 options to choose from for your character’s Exo-Ability.

  • Exo Shield – A quick-deploy shield attached to your exo’s arm
  • Exo Overclock – Increased footspeed
  • Exo Stim – Temporary health regeneration beyond normal levels
  • Exo Cloak – Short duration visual concealment
  • Exo Hover – Short duration hovering in place
  • Exo Ping – Shows enemy movement and weapon fire in the HUD
  • Exo Trophy System – Destroys incoming grenades and rockets for a limited period of time

The first thing some of you may say is that the Cloaking ability is gonna be overpowered and bad; but before you judge, you have to play it. It’s actually pretty well balanced. When you’re cloaked, if you fire your weapon, the cloaking deactivates. Also, you’re not necessarily fully cloaked. Enemies and players can still see your character’s outline, so this is not some invisibility item.

The battery power for all abilities is very limited and takes a while to charge back up.

Watch this video starting at 0:22 mark to see the options of Exo-Abilities in-game menu:

  • Steve

    Just wondering is overclock always active or is it limited time?

    • Time limited as well; I saw a member of curse using it today in the ESL tournament.

      • Steve

        Oh guess they might have lightweight as a perk instead, I don’t know the perks in this game but I doubt they’ll leave it out.

        • pulseimpact

          Lightweight is a perk in Advanced Warfare

        • Lightweight is in perk 1 slot

      • justchill

        where i can see the tournament,Thanks

        • You can watch it on twitch, 11 am EST.

  • Name

    temporary juggernaut confirmed, YES!

    • Xander

      No, it’s faster health regeneration, think of it more as ICU from Ghosts. :p

      • Choppabro2psn

        But with super speedy recovery, rather than unnoticeably in ghosts.

    • Romeo Benjamin Laurente RN

      Only noobs need juggernaut to play lolz :p

    • Billy Bedlam

      Come on noob fuck outta here with the temporary juggernaut, lol your the kid that sit s in the corner in cod4 and WaW with it

  • I’d be more worried about Exo Ping than the Exo Cloak. Is this basically a UAV without the scorestreak?

    • There is a perk to counter it, I believe.

    • Charlie

      More like the oracle without the streak. But it doesn’t last too long and has a counter.

      • Oh alright. I misinterpreted how it works. Sounds pretty cool though. Thanks.

    • çħιđєɾå™

      It’s just like the perk ping from ghost

    • KernosT

      Look dude.There is a perk called blast suppressor which makes you undetected while using all exo movement like dash and boost jump.Exo Ping makes you still be able to see all the players using exo movement and firing on the mini map.But you have to activate and it will only last for a short duration so its nearly useless.

  • Charlie

    These things are awesome. Lots of good options. Imagine running into room, taking out 2-3 guys, no ammo left and another guy pops up, you hit LB and pull out a shield from you’re arm, back out of the room, reload and go take the other guy out.

    I’m loving a lot of these new additions, and nothing looks over the top. Cloak, extra life and the personal oracle are worries, but they don’t last long and have counters.

    • KernosT

      Cloak is just a thing that makes you pale and stuff not completely invisible.And for that fast regenerating,you have to turn the exo ability on,its not like ICU perk.And its limited and also the personal oracle also know was tracking drone and threat grenade(2 different tracking stuff)which can be used from exo launcher can be countered each by using blind eye and cold blooded respectively.I hope I’ve cleared your worries.

  • Charlie

    My one question I haven’t seen confirmed. When you use your ability, does it recharge at some point in a single life? Or do you have to wait for respawn to get it.

    I’d like to see it get recharge each streak you get, or per 5 kills or something.

    • Odin

      You have to respawn.

      • Charlie

        Fair enough. I’m cool with it, I rather it be a less effective new edition than something everyone can abuse.

        It sounds and looks like they have balance in mind with everything.

        • curi0us

          Personally I think it’s a terrible idea. Why give such a great tool for players if it has such a limited use per life?

          Overcharge seems to barely be useful at all in a game where X is required to do Y.

          I’m all for it slowly, and I mean slowly, regenerating, but it seems for something that’s in the near future, you think a problem like a low battery, would’ve been addressed in the design phase, or in the early steps of the project.

          I know I’m projecting realism into a video game, but it just seems fairly logical is all.

          • Whoa

            Balance. You don’t put real life realism into a multiplayer for COD. Balance is the #1 priority.

  • SuperRandyHere

    So the abilities do recharge over time? or…

    • Guest

      It works like shadowrun abilities or armor abilities in halo…

      Edit: I was wrong. It does not recharge apparently. I’m happy about that because it puts less emphasis on luck with timing a recharge. I could see people camping for it to recharge if that was how it worked. Bravo Michael Condrey for balancing it reasonably.

    • xHoii

      No they don’t. Your Kd won’t like it means you have to die for them to recharge (return to normal)

    • Michael

      I don’t get it. So you HAVE to die in order to use it again? Meaning you can only use it once every one life? Or am I completely wrong and confused?

      • imakidder

        I’d say it works like tactical equipment (flash bangs, emp gernades, etc..) so once you use it the only way you can get it back is from dieing. Except using scavenger which obviously wouldn’t work in this situation.

        • Michael

          I hope so. I’d rather only use it once per life to keep it balanced. Cause we all know campers will continuously cloak every 10 second after it’s recharge.

    • pulseimpact

      Good, I can live with one use. That’s much more balanced than a recharge with relies on luck with timing.

    • Sal

      I do not know if this was said/mentioned but when you recieve a gun from
      a supply drop with a built in attachment, attachments that are
      UN-equipable, that attachment does NOT count as a point; its a free
      point, so having one built in attachment, plus the 13 points you have at
      your disposal, all EQUAL 14 points worth of stuff.

      I dont remember seeing guns with 2 built in attachments; which would make it 15 points worth of stuff.

      Something interesting and balances out the fact that you’re FORCED with that attachment. Pretty cool 😛

      If you count everything on the image, 13/13 points are used but there 14 points worth of stuff.

      imagine getting your favorite gun from a supply drop with good stats
      equiped with 1-2 of your favorite attachments. You’re set. Pretty cool.

      Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Will you guys be posting stuff on the ESL live stream?

  • pulseimpact

    Honestly, they remind me of armor abilities in Halo. I am mostly happy with all the news of Advanced Warfare, but these things look nooby and gimmicky. I don’t care if they are on a timer…they are still going to ruin the flow of some gunfights. I am not a fan of this addition.

    • KernosT

      Then turn it off.simple turn all exo abilites off and get fucked on by the other players.

      • pulseimpact

        It will be banned by competitive, and I will not be getting fucked on by noobs. I will abuse the most OP one if it comes down to it, but I probably will avoid them all. They are just as dumb as armor abilities were to Halo which is one reason that series died…

        • KernosT

          You will surely get fucked.It doesnt take for a genius to understand that A person with super abilities will beat the shit out of a normal soldier any day regarldess of how OP guns you use.

  • Batman

    What buttons are required for dashing?

    • Charlie

      Press down the left analog stick and push in any direction to dash either in mid air or on the ground.

      • Batman

        That doesnt seen too practic.
        I think it is going to destroy my controller lol

        • It sounds odd when reading it, but if you try with a controller in your hand it doesn’t seem too bad. Of course I haven’t played, but I tried the movement on my PS4 controller to get the idea.

          • Suu

            “Supposedly you can’t dash forward though, so if you do it forward it’ll just be running and then the slide thing is back.”

    • I could be wrong, but Ali-A said that to dash, you double bump the direction you want your dash on the left stick. You might want to go check his videos because he briefly talked about that.

      • KernosT

        Why would you even watch that Activision Cock sucking cunt.

        • idk. I do know he’s hated upon for not citing his work from charlie intel and stuff. I was just interested in advanced warfare gameplay so I watched some of his videos. I do respect your opinion and the five others that agree. Everyone has to hate a least someone these days. I’m not racist, I just hate everyone equally. 😀

  • George Claude

    i dont know why everyone is getting pumped for the exo abilities, i’m just going to forfeit it for an extra perk which is more useful than a an ability that requires me to die to use it again

    • Xecho

      You must be dumb. The abilities are the game.

      • George Claude

        im dumb? lmao u must not know anything about the pick 13 system

        • Xecho


        • Xecho

          yea oke

    • ccrows

      You can bet that this stuff is gonna turn into Micro DLC.

      IMO they already went over the top with this suit SH*t, and the (possible) eSports branding on them was the last straw.

      I really hope that Trey goes back retro in 2015, and tones down the extra stuff a little bit… (AKA keeping DLC/MicroDLC to Camos, and a few weapons)

      • They won’t. It’s Activision that makes these decisions for micro-DLC. The gamestudio for the game just designs the items, so even Treyarch isn’t going to do shit about it, I think, at least.

    • Drill

      Same here. There’s probably gonna be challenges of doing some things with each of the abilities equipped so everyone who likes to go for challenges might end up using them all at different times.

    • KernosT

      You do know that you can turn of exo abilities right?However you are gonna get fucked from all sides and is going to be absolutely helpless to all the people jumping behind you and killing you.And he said you will have to die if you want the full battery to recharge,dont use up the whole thing at once,use it strategically

      • pulseimpact

        Jumping has nothing to do with exo abilities. Movement mechanics are built into all the characters.

    • Yup, I think so too, but I also think I might have maybe 1 or 2 class(es) with an exo ability, just in case you encounter some really good players and you need all you can get to beat ‘m.

    • BAMozzy69 .

      Unless they quiten down that boost and sound of your footsteps which are very loud and annoying then I won’t be using the boost at all but crouching everywhere and sound whoring everyone else!

  • Danny-boi01

    No tomahawk or throwing knifes? :,(

    • There’s a spikeball lol

    • KernosT

      LoL dude GTFO.Those are the most annoying thing in CoD history.Dont u dare even wish for that shit.Throwing knife hits you on the leg its a one shot kill,I would expect that for like a 1 year old or smething but a fuckin super soldier.No way.Please throwing knife and tomahawk stay out of all future CoD Games please.

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        So if I miss the throw, I can still kill you if you lined up and I recall the Spike Drone?

        • Yes. I was watching the e-sports tournament and someone got a kill when calling the Spike Drone back to them. Works like the Hell’s Retriever from Mob of the Dead.

      • Danny-boi01

        using a tomahawk or a throwing knife takes more skill than throwing a semtex or grenade for a kill or two… i guess you dont have that skill to use the tomahawk or throwing knife…..

    • There is the Spiked Drone, hich is basically a throwing knife that even returns to it’s sender.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Overclock Cloaks WILL be a problem. Plus the Target Enhancer/Parabolic Microphone, Danger Close, Lightweight, Toughness, etc. You can’t have a Black Ops 2-like game without OP as hell perks.

    • Charlie

      A lot of this stuff is yet to be determined. Cloaks last only 10 seconds or less and doesn’t recharge, it could be way better. Most of these are useful, but not overpowered considering how they’re implemented. Target Enhancer doesn’t look good at all, the sight is small and not as effective as TF. Was the tracker sight in Ghosts good? No, so these kind of sights can be in the game without it breaking the game.

      Danger Close was in Ghosts and wasn’t very common, I expect it to be balanced and not very powerful of a perk. Lightweight and Toughness aren’t OP in my opinion.

      I wouldn’t mind Toughness and Danger Close being replaced for other perks, but I’m not that worried. It seems like Sledgehammer has balance in mind with a lot of these new features, so hopefully we don’t see any OP perks, equipment, etc.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        It’s balanced WITHOUT Overclock. So you misrepresented my point. Cloaking within itself is balanced, BUT with Overclock, it could become a problem, even if you get it once per life. Overclock allows you to increase your battery life. The Target Enhancer could still be a problem, even on pistols. Yes it’s small, but it’s better to not have it in the game. Letting me see an enemy with a solid red color covering them is not balanced, unless I were to use Cold-Blooded. Why sacrifice a perk, when I could use the point on something else? When will these developers ever learn? The Tracker Sight in Ghosts wasn’t as bad as the Target Finder, but people still used it all the time; there was a bright orange outline. The Thermal, however, was the main problem in that game.

        Paired up with a Thumber-like gun, the Danger Close perk in Ghosts was OP. Combined with noob tubes and grenades on Advanced Warfare, it will be overpowered. Sledgehammer still gives the option, and it WILL be used, AND abused. Lightweight is overpowered because it breaks the camera angles. It does not sync-up with the character animations. Toughness is not really “overpowered”, but it IS a “Critical Perk”, where you have to use it on EVERY class. But a sniper combined with Toughness is overpowered.

        I’m developing a speculative analysis in augmentation before the game is released. I know this community, and things WILL get abused, no matter what the developers do.

        • Charlie

          I did misinterpret your main point. You we’re talking about the perk Overcharge. I thought you we’re referring to the ability Overclock (Marathon basically.) Yes, even though it didn’t look like it made it last too long, I think 15 seconds with it equipped.

          Also, it’s hard to implement things that won’t be abused with our community unfortunately. There will always be a cheese thing to use. If it’s not a Target sight or tubes and Danger Close, it’s something else. I do agree that Danger Close and BS sights have no place in this game and will get abused. Maybe they found a way to fix lightweight, but it seems like a perk that will be in most COD’s for a while yet, and I’m not as worried about that.

          Toughness is definitely a perk that feels necessary, but don’t think it’s OP. It just helps you win gunfights. If people we’re smart enough to realize that using Quickdraw and Stock and aiming around corners will help you win a lot of gunfights. Doesn’t mean the combination is OP though.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I did mess up with the perks. I meant Overcharge, not Overclock (lol my bad). Got mixed up. I honestly don’t think they should have added it.

            If they don’t put in dedicated servers, then Lightweight will always be effected. It’ll be broken. Plus, Stock/Stalker is back, so the animations will be even more annoying.

            It helps you win gunfights’ and that’s why it’s overpowered and critical! If Toughness was in the game, then flinch would be balanced. I don’t want to have to spent a point on a pick 3 system like in Black Ops 2. The combination IS overpowered, because they have a setup to beat me in every gunfight, whereas I am making myself vulnerable. It doesn’t need to be in the game.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    I think this game is awesome, but whoever thought that Danger Close and the Target Enhancer should be in the game, should be slapped in the face multiple times.

  • Wait wait wait, so all those gameplay videos where they’re boosting up is that just the hover exo or nah? Because I seen that they jump boosted a few times.

  • Alex

    This is just Call of Halo Titan Warfare.
    F**K the EXO to be honest. I just want a solid FPS like MW2/BLOPS1without the futuristic jumping around cloaking BS WHY IS THAT SOO HARD

    But…. I suppose can’t be any worse that Ghosts.. BTW if they make a Ghosts 2 they are the biggest fucking morons on the face of the planet

    Thank you

    • LOL

      Fuck YOU MORON.

  • KuuGeeL

    Exos are cool! So far im liking the game but im not excited.

  • Max Martinez

    People are thinking that EXO Cloak will make you invisible like you are not even in the game. You are wrong, you can still see the person.

  • Suu

    I was thinking of like a custom exo camo customizer thingy.”
    “Only you’d unlock colors and designs VIA supply drops.”
    “Without the Mirco DLC, cause that ain’t fun.”

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Much as I like the concept and gameplay the exo-suit offers, I can’t help wish they were a LOT quieter as that clanking and wooshing is very annoying and frustrating – at least whilst watching. Whether the noise is so imposing when playing I will have to see but I find it very irritating every time you run or boost. Its so loud it even obscures the ‘shout-outs’.
    I am still not entirely convinced I like the concept of the loot drops either. It seems the regular weapons don’t have camo’s and I want to earn these in the traditional way. I also would prefer to earn weapons etc by completing certain challenges – I think its wrong that someone could get ‘elite’ items just for playing if they get a lucky bit of Loot where as the more skilled players may get rubbish cosmetic items. Doesn’t seem right to me.
    I find it funny that there is no ‘Dead Silence’ as SH consider it a ‘crutch’ perk and yet ‘toughness’ remains. I assume they based this on e-sports where everyone uses a headset so everyone uses ‘dead silence’ but its not so common as ‘focus’ is in public matches. Why with the exo-suit enhancement would you ‘flinch’ so much anyway? Personally I would rather see everyone have toughness built into their suit (it makes sense) and have the option of Dead Silence as a perk to replace it. It would also eiminate that horrible noise of your footsteps and exo-suit clanking and wooshing too!