Last month, a new patch for Ghosts had a glitch where players couldn’t plant or defuse the bomb in S&D. That original glitch was fixed as hot fixed, but then a couple weeks ago, IW released another patch for Ghosts and brought the glitch right back into online play in Ghosts.

Today, Infinity Ward has finally fixed the glitch in online play and private matches. You should be able to plant/defuse the bomb normally in Search & Destroy.

  • hoss

    Glad that they are continuing to bring innovative new things in these patches that expand upon the model that’s been working for 7 years.

    • Walter Iego


  • Im not playing this

    • Ok then.

      • Ya ok,so now what do you want you posted this for my attention and now you have it?

        • The knowledge that tells me you are grumpy. Good day!

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          • Well you haven’t gone to school. I live a very happy life thank you!

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            Hail hydra

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          • Well you might have, but it doesn’t really show. 😛

  • K.

    • David Sync

      This made me laugh harder than it should have

  • Well it’s good they fixed it. I don’t play Ghosts much but this cost OpTic gaming a round of S&D!

    • They wouldn’t have won anyways, but still doesn’t hide the fact it cost them a round. It’s a real shame something like this took so long to be fixed.

      • You don’t know that. Gaming and sports are highly momentum based. That one lost round could have shifted the momentum and their psyche, causing them to lose.

        • True either way. Let’s just hope there’s nothing like this in AW.

  • Michael

    Oh waw I though they fixed it lol.

  • ccrows

    Hate on Ghosts now all you want guys, but come Late Jan/Early Feb it’s gonna be “Ghosts and BO2 was awesome, AW sucks, and can’t wait for Trey 2015”.

    FTR – I’ve always liked BO2 & Ghosts, and yeah I’m already looking forward to Trey 2015… 😉

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      If someone goes back to Ghosts after AW regardless of how it does that person should just stop playing COD FOREVER!!! Nothing will be as bad as Ghosts, NOTHING!!!

      • baseballer59


      • ccrows

        It may be boring to some, but IMO it didn’t have anything “gamebreaking” like MP40 of Duty, OMA/DC from MW2, or SRP/PP from MW3.

        I’ve gotten a bunch of KEMS in Ghosts and I still LOVE going for them. (and yes I RunNGun most of the time too).

        Sure Ghosts had stupid stuff like MM and Pred, and yes IMO Blast Shield should have countered DC (oh look DC is in AW too) but IMO neither were gamebreaking like the others above, which is why I still enjoy playing Ghosts…

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          Boring is putting it mildly. It’s a snoozefest with all the sound whoring campers, IED’s everywhere, shitty killstreaks, no recoil LMG’s with thermo scopes, Fucking dog popping out of nowhere, cheap ass support streaks spamming oracles every 30 seconds. No, you are right the game is great! Unless you are a MarkofJ type player the game is the worst in COD history to me! God bless if you came find fun in that and hay, you’ll have it all to yourself when AW comes out.

          • ccrows

            Exaggerate much?

            Obviously you haven’t played since the Dead Silence Buff and the IED nerf.

            Weak KS? I mainly run Specialist and go for KEMS, but Dog->TR->Grif is a BEAST setup.

            Dogs popping out of nowhere? Technically Dogs popped out of nowhere in Trey games too, but I know what you meant by that. The dog/wolf is EASY to kill by walking backwards and shooting.

            Oracles? *Pfft* I don’t care if people know where I am, and now with the latest patch, I know “EXACTLY when” they know where I am.

            LMG’s? Every COD has a good LMG. MW3’s LSW with Thermal & silencer was one of the most OP in the series. MK48 were beasts too. Big deal, learn to flank. I have no problem flanking those guys. Put running shoes on if you have too.

            What else do you have?

            Anywhoo.. Seems like you haven’t played Ghosts in a while. Patches and DLC IMHO made it waaaaay better than what it was at launch.

            Like I said earlier, nothing was gamebreaking in Ghosts, and IMO Ghosts had the best hit detection in the series since MW2…

          • ccrows

            (Cont @BMR)

            If you don’t like Ghosts that’s fine, but IMO these 3 are worse than anything that you had on that list:

            * Nuke in a CP FO

            * BS not countering DC

            * MM/Pred being over the top silly

            ^ IMHO those are worth complaining about, but I could still make a case that none are gamebreaking. (just more annoying/cheezy)

            COD4, BO2, & Ghosts are my favs in the series, but as much as I enjoy playing them, they ALL have their flaws…

          • I can’t comment on this because I’m a Hardcore only player, and that’s a complete different ball game.

            However, dogs take time to kill. They kill you mid-lunge so you’ve no way of stabbing them or killing them before they kill you. I’ve literally spawned and been mauled by a dog. Or the moment a guy calls one in it’s killed me the moment it pops out of thin air.

            It’s the amount of bullshit equipment that ruins the spawn system on Ghosts. It’s standard for me (running Sitrep) to be able to see at least 7-8 I.E.D’s glowing in the far distance within 15 seconds of the game. It’s a joke.

            And Hit Detection – try taking down a Helo or an attack helicopter and see just how many bullets don’t register.

            Standard too for shooting enemies. Sometimes I have horrible aim and somehow I get instant hit detection when I know fine well none of them should have registered.

            I’ve got a 100bar connection and never lag. But you can’t deny this game was a complete and utter disaster.

          • Choppabro2psn

            Come on call a spade a spade and stop defending it. Its not exaggeration when hes telling the god honest truth. Ive gotten kems, and it still doesn’t make the game fun like going for moabs and nuclears did.

          • Freeze

            You should have to sneak around people to kill them, there should be way more recoil to leave it up to accuracy to decide who gets the kill, not whoever can sneak bhind the other. Slows the game way down. Also turns off players with very good aim

          • Sal

            Translation: “I have no idea what I am doing thus the game sucks and I use a silenced MSMC with the best internet ever so I’m good at bo2”

            Face it, bald man. BO2 didn’t took gunskill just like Ghosts. Half of the guns are laser beams and the hit detection is worse than any CoD game made. It’s been proven. BO2 lags even in split screen.

          • www

            “BO2 didn’t took gunskill just like Ghosts.”


            “Half of the guns are laser beams”

            Yeah Ghost’s guns arent laser beams either…………….

            “and the hit detection is worse than any CoD game made.”

            I can relate but its not as bad as you say. I know why you think its terrible. Its because you live in Brazil. Not as many people play and less people = worse connections. Either that or you’re playing against US players, that must be ping hell. Or your internet is bad, this is an online game after all….

          • Sal

            Compared to BO2? More of them have higher recoil. The only guns on BO2 that kicked like hell were the Scorpion, the PDW and the Scar-H. Everything else was a laser. On Ghosts, I can safely say the Vector, the Vepr, the CBJ, the FAD, the Ameli and a few others kick way too much sometimes.

      • David Sync

        A lot of people said that about MW3,then came BO2 and half of the community complained about MW3 being better…. we have a very hypocrital community bro and i feel it will only get worse when AW is released

        • ccrows

          100% Agree with everything you just said right there…

        • Chase

          I’ve actually never seen someone complain that MW3 is better than BO2. I’m not denying it, i’ve just never personally seen it.

          • ccrows

            Gamefaqs would be one of those places.

            Although TBF MW3 fans weren’t as vocal as MW2 and COD4 fans were, but it still happened…

          • Cloud Flash

            I haven’t either.

            MW3 was shite, plain and simple. BO2 is one of the best CODs I’ve played, and until Ghosts came out, I didn’t think it could get worse than MW3…

            Don’t think my opinion will ever change much. I don’t pull the classic COD switcharoo.

          • David Sync

            Well it did happen a lot actually it was a huge face palm

          • Batman

            MW3 is shit, but better shit than bo2

          • Sal

            I’ve seen a large amount of people who asaid that.

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          Th will not be as bad as Ghosts for two reasons. 1-scorestreaks are back. People will stop being pussy little campers and actually move around. And 2-The actual scorestreaks themselves will be fun. The exo-suits will only be game breaking if the lag is horrible.

          • David Sync

            True, i know im going to be playing AW a lot more than BO2 and Ghost combined considering i have 6 hours play ofGhost and 67 hours BO2

          • People camp for killstreak, how is it better?

          • Baldmanz_RAGE

            Scorestreaks give you more points for objective based play then they would for just getting kills. So camping for killstreaks will take a hell of a lot longer to get if you don’t play objectives. TDM suffers but every other game mode is fantastic. You must not of played BO2 if you don’t know this.

          • Merffy

            Scorestreaks don’t stack easily.

          • Sal

            People will hate on it because “omg futuristic omg titanfall copy”

            Just you wait.

        • Choppabro2psn

          Nah I doubt anyone will go back to ghosts. Maybe ops 2 but never Ghosts

          • Guest

            I’d go back to Ghosts far before BO2. I play BO1, MW3, and Ghosts right now. I’d rather play through lag comp then a boring game.

          • Choppabro2psn

            Mw3 was the shit.

          • Austin Michael Titus

            i would, i love bo2, and ghosts is eh, but no way i can ever go back to bo2 with all the no skill snipers

          • Choppabro2psn

            It has gotten out of hand.

      • Choppabro2psn

        This is true.

      • Sal

        Ever played something called CoD 3?

        People constantly bitching about campers and I’m like “wtf you talking about” while knifing or shooting them all of them on the back… lolololol

      • jordanxbrookes

        Oh really now?

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      If I play AW and a couple months in, I say Ghosts is better, I will personally fly to your location, give you a trophy, and give you a half million dollar check. Ghosts is the only COD game I’ve sold after the first few months.

      • David Sync

        Lucky, i still have my copy of Ghost just to be part of my COD collection and i dread it ever being there

      • Cloud Flash

        Count me in as well – I’ll buy a ticket for the seat next to you and bring my own check. In fact, double it. One million god-damn dollars.

        Just wish you could sell Steam games…

        • Sal

          That’s your own fault for preordering.

          • Cloud Flash

            Yep. It absolutely is, and now I know better.

      • Sal

        If anything tells me Sledgehammer will screw up the hit detection lol

    • Primey_

      Hell no. Ghosts and awesome do not go together in the same sentence.

      • Sal


    • memememememe

      Love how true this will be. You sir are a fortune teller

    • exeterman2

      No one will do that, ghosts is not just the worst cod, but possibly the worst game I have ever played.

    • pulseimpact

      You could be me and like Ghosts AND be excited for AW. Ghosts a top 3 cod for me. Played every multiplayer since COD 2. I’ve been an xbox live member for 10 years.

  • JoZer805g

    I am new to the Charlie Intel community

    • David Sync

      Well welcome!

    • PatPatPat

      You know what, it’s cool. It’s weird to, because if you think about it, we’re like…a neighborhood. Damn. Aight, im fairly new, so welcome bruh

    • JoZer805g

      Thanks for the welcoming

    • jordanxbrookes

      Welcome to the dark side of the force.

      • JoZer805g

        NOOOOOOOOOO!!! X(

  • zombiefreak935

    anyone else come on here every day and see jordan brookes

    • jordanxbrookes

      I do.

  • James K
    • Vermell

      How’d you get 16 teeth? Yesterday I was playing with Pistols Only relic, helped a noobie and got 9, would’ve been 8 but I had one from the bonus pool. How many relics where you running and/or how many boobies on your team?

  • Tayler Hammond

    Now they need to fix the glitch where the SnR round doesn’t end when the entire team is killed… It’s a glitch that should’ve been fixed in it’s first month.

  • Suspect

    About fucking time

  • jordanxbrookes

    “Thank you for your continued patience!”? What, people managed to wait 9 months for this glitch to be fixed? Sorry Infinity Ward, but it’s a bit too late.

    • 11 weeks?

      • jordanxbrookes

        Whenever it started, it should’ve been fixed as soon as people pointed it out.

        • Well it starts Nov 3 so lets hope its fixed by then but i dont see anything that needs to be fixed ;D

          • jordanxbrookes

            I’m talking about the bomb glitch. The only thing I would fix in AW from what I’ve seen, is build Toughness into the soldiers automatically, and quiet everyone’s footsteps down a bit. I can’t wait for Advanced Warfare to come out November 3rd 😀

  • J4MES

    IW may as well just give up with Ghosts – most players did long ago. It’s all about Advanced Warfare now. Thank god we wont have to put up with another IW abomination for another two years..

    • hey! there are still people that play AND enjoy Ghosts right now, don’t talk like if you represent the entire CoD community

      • Freeze

        He kindof does.

      • J4MES

        I said ‘most players’.

      • Stewie

        Can’t believe people are still supporting this dreadful excuse of a game. It’s one of the worst games ever made. Raise your expectations kid and stop being a mug to the COD brand.

        • so i can’t voice my opinion because i like a game you don’t like? and just because i support this game, i’m a kid?

        • pulseimpact

          I’m 23, and been gaming online since Halo 2 and SW Battlefront. Ghosts is one of the best Call of Duty games by far. People who prefer broken games should not be taken seriously. I don’t care about how many bad youtubers and hypocrites say it. Hutch, Gunns4hire, and f1stdacuffs all like Ghosts and those are three of the original commentators and biggest during COD 4 and MW2. Ghosts also has more players than BO2. that’s a myth which is caused because BO2 menu counts other stuff outside multiplayer where Ghosts does not. Look at playlist population on 360 and PS3 where Ghosts is in the traditional 1.4-2x lead and then there’s next gen which is another 20k or whatever PS4 has…I’m on 360. The only thing that killed Ghosts was GTA V. Ghosts had the lowest pre orders since World at War and that was before anyone knew how it played. Facts > Fanboys > Degen BO2/MW3 kids. Ghosts is the best COD since MW2, and BO1 would be better, but the game had too much lag comp. /rant

          Also, I’m looking forward to AW a lot. I have a few concerns, but I have no problem to it being opposite of Ghosts.

  • Alex

    Only retards play this game

    • i guess i’m a retard then :L

    • Sal

      And only retards think BO2 is better (or worse for that matter). They’re both the same crap.

      • Guest

        Ghosts > MW3 + BO2. Both those games are the same crap. MW3 and Ghosts have same TTK, but lag comp up the ass makes the game take no skill.

    • Im only a retard for like 30mins at a time. I could never go full retard. But if you dont even play it why are you on the page for Ghosts info?

  • Simon

    Also, I just played a game of Extinction and get 3 times the amount of teeth I usually do. They’ved upped the teeth.

  • Potato Republic

    Never liked [email protected] good for the people that do I guess..

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Typical IW. Back in MW3, they buffed the LMGs and the next patch un-buffed them. They ended buffing them again.

  • winiscool

    I dont care what anyone says. I didnt like ghosts. I still prefer cod 4 over everything. I just hope AW will be good ao everyone will stop bitching.

  • Fixtion

    Just to throw my opinion in since everyone else is: Ghosts sucks, I’m a major COD addict and i barely had any time on BO2 and barely have any time on Ghosts. The guns kill way too fast compared to other COD titles, dogs are annoying and too low of a killstreak, IED usage is just too strong, such a huge % of players spam IEDs to protect their rear-end. also, as a majority of the time sniper, Ghosts gives no fucks about snipers and sniping gameplay compared to all the CODs even BO.
    I wish I could go back to MW3, MW2, BO or COD4 just to snipe. BO2 was just as much of a joke as Ghosts, Hopefully Infinity ward looks at Ghosts and does a complete 180 with their next COD.

    Everyone has their own opinion so go ahead and tell me how wrong I am, I’m sure I can have a response to your opinion.

  • Mi6Agent0067

    It should be fixed in the first place and not have small updates to try and fix it then have them try it out them selves then when ready send it out to everyone

  • But what about on LAN?

  • SLingshot

    you can still plant on top of the bomb underground in Ruins…..

  • No matter how much bullshit was in BO2, it was still a fun game. The same amount of bullshit is in Ghosts, but it’s not fun. I can’t figure out why, but that’s just how it is.