REVIEW UPDATE 8/21/14: We’ve been using the controller now for about two weeks, and we wanted to provide an update. The control is one of the best in class. Some of the worries we had at the beginning have become non-issues, and nothing to worry about. The controller build and structure is fantastic and over time, this controller will give you a great experience for playing the best in class first person shooter games. 

SCUF Gaming controllers have been around for a while now; pro gamers around the world use SCUF controllers for better grips, the paddles, and overall better controller. For years now, we’ve just stuck to using the regular controllers that come in the box with each console. We’ve never ventured out to try something new. Using the SCUF One, we’ve learned a lot.

Microsoft’s out of the box controller restricts many fans of the one thing that we as gamers want: options on how we want to play. SCUF Gaming brings an incredible variety of options, with options to choose how many paddles, the shape of the thumbsticks, whether you want rumbles, Electro Magnetic Remapping, ability to change the Xbox logo light, and the best-in-class grip. You, as the gamer, get to dictate which features you want, to make it YOUR controller. 

The staple feature of SCUF controllers is of course the paddles. You can choose either 2 or 4 paddles. The paddles are located on the back of the controller, and you get to choose what button assignment you want for those. For our controller out of the box, we chose A and B button for the two paddles. What the paddles do, basically, is allow you to use the configured buttons without having to move your finger off the thumbsticks. This allows you to, in Call of Duty, maybe slide into the action and be able to change the direction your character is looking. But what if you bought your controller and then realize you want to change the paddle configuration? Make sure that when you buy the SCUF itself, be sure to select the EMR – Electro Magnetic Remapping feature. This allows you, with a Scuf Magnetic key, to change the paddle layouts whenever you want. We tested this out, and it works very easily. 

You also get the option to select the type of thumbsticks you want. SCUF offers 6 thumbstick options, with many choices from concave up, and more. We decided to go with the Regular Concave option for both thumbsticks. After using this option, it’s become natural to make sure your fingers stay in the thumbsticks. The concavity allows your fingers to be cushioned into the placement, and feel comfortable while playing. 

Another huge improvement in the SCUF One is the new Hair Trigger function. This reduces the trigger latency so you can press the trigger button faster and start shooting in action quicker.  The trigger stop mechanism prevents you from making any unintended actions after you press aim/shoot button.  This is very helpful when playing Call of Duty or any FPS title. It brings a new level to how you should play your game.

Finally, and what we think is the best feature, is the grip. It’s incredible. The first thing you’ll notice when you pick one of these up is that the texture on the back allows for a comfortable grip that ensures a sturdy placement in the hands.

SCUF has delivered an amazing array of features with their SCUF One controller design. The clean, beautiful design with so many customization options for to choose from, delivers a best in class product for all FPS gamers. 


Grip: 5/5

Responsiveness: 4/5

Trigger Functionality: 4.5/5 

EMR Feature: 5/5 


  • Best in class grip
  • Electro Magnetic Remapping feature allows for quick paddle placement change
  • Trigger is more responsive than out-of-box controller 


  • Update (8/20/14): We wanted to clarify regarding the color issues – the issue is not a production issue at all; it’s only a mishandling by the user issue.
  • Update (8/20/14): To clarify regarding tear: the controller’s back may see some normal wear/tear after prolonged usage of the controller; the material on the back, after further impressions, does seem like it’s easy to tear. Our initial impressions of the material revealed a possible tear could occur. 
  • Not really made for games other than First-Person Shooters.

Visit SCUF’s website today to purchase your SCUF One. PlayStation 4 fans, SCUF also has a new line up of 4PS PS4 controllers available on their website as well. 

  • jordanxbrookes

    It’s sad that these days people have to rely on SCUFs to do well. It’s come to the point where I’m considering to get ‘One'(No pun intended). I can’t stand getting SCUF-Jumped around every corner, I need to get one so I have a fair chance against them :/

    • Haydn

      tbh… I’d like to see some tool shoot me when I jumping over their heads in Advanced Warfare 😛

      • jordanxbrookes

        Precisely the point of why I need ‘One'(Again, no pun intended). People thought drop-shotting was annoying, then Black Ops 2 came along, and we saw the rise of SCUF-Jumping.

        • aSKINNYlatte

          Just play claw, does the same as scuf but it’s free.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Hell no, I’ve heard what players say about playing claw. I’m not getting cramps in my fingers just to have a fair chance in gunfights.

          • Ya scuf only sucks because they don’t have a Campy controller

          • jordanxbrookes

            Lol, yeah, where’s my yellow JXB SCUF controller? Use promo code JXB for 5% off lol 😀

          • I called and they said i need 6k-10k and i can get a sponsorship and kontrolfreek is 1k-5k

          • jordanxbrookes

            I’m on the road to 1k 🙂

          • Same im about 130 away i think

          • jordanxbrookes

            Nice one, #soon 😀

          • What is claw? Sounds like a really bad handjob.. O_o

          • jordanxbrookes

            It’s where you have your thumb on the right stick, and your index finger on the A button, makes it easier to jump-shot people, but it takes time to get used it and it can give your finger cramp.

          • Run N Gunning Camper
    • GodLikeLeftNut

      go for shark, scuf are not worth the price (i brought a scuf and i regret it)

    • Edwin Cortez

      A lot of people jumpshot without scufs. The controller just makes it easier. Me and a couple of friends jumpshot and dropshot pretty damm good without scufs.

  • LFC4Eva

    Waste of money. Mouse + Keyboard is better for games like COD anyway. As long as controllers have aim assist; it’s way too easy so people may as well just get a cheapo £10 controller and just play with that instead of blowing £100 on a SCUF.

    • J R Hartley

      So.. you’re not one of those people that thinks the kb + mouse is far superior to a controller. How refreshing! 🙂

      Oh, but wait, you said the kb is better. But hang on a minute, you said a cheap controller makes the game too easy with aim assist.

      What are you saying again? 🙂

      • LFC4Eva

        If people want to use a controller; just get a cheap one. No point is lavishing it up on an overpriced cosmetic device when the standard controllers do the same job. Only tryhards and trickshotters use SCUF. I just use a MK on PC which relies on proper skill and no handicaps for kids thinking they’re 1337.

    • I find M+K far easier than a controller – I find relaxing on my sofa with a controller in hand far more comfortable than sitting at a desk! £100 on a scuff is a bit of an overkill but if that’s too expensive then from £40 you can send in your current M$ controlled for a Scuff upgrade 😛

    • Auptyk

      Mouse and Keyboard is way more precise than a controller for all FPS games, however having just made the switch from PC CoD to XBOX One CoD I can tell you that a SCUF controller makes a huge difference.

      On PC, almost every finger is able to control a different function, this isn’t the case on a controller, and you find that to do a jump shot you have to take your thumb off the aim stick to hit the jump button (A). Coming from PC Mouse and Keyboard CoD this annoyed me beyond belief. Buying my SCUF allowed me to jump without sacrificing aim.

      That was worth the price of admission to me alone.

      • LFC4Eva

        Should have just used Claw controller setup instead. If I use Steam big picture and my Xbox One controller; that’s the customisation I use so there’s literally no point in SCUF.

        • J4MES

          Claw in Call of Duty pretty much renders SCUF useless.

        • XLKILLA

          Most don’t and can’t play claw.

      • Timmeh

        It’s not hard to jump and then aim with a standard controller. Someone that relies on persistent jump shots shouldn’t be playing Call of Duty. Why you just didn’t use claw in the controller settings is bizzare..

        • Auptyk

          Claw isn’t comfortable with my hands. It may be a solution for some people but it just wasn’t working out for me.

          I’ll fully admit SCUF may not be for everyone, but they are great controllers.

      • Guest

        Just do yourself a favor and get a XIM4, G502, and an Orbweaver.

        • Auptyk

          I thought about XIM4 as I was switching from PC CoD to X1 CoD, however based on my research XIM4 doesn’t deliver a “true” Mouse and Keyboard experience. XIM4 conversion is still limited by turn speed restrictions on the console.

          I still play almost everything else on the PC and didn’t want to mess with my muscle memory for aiming in all my other PC shooters.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        I’m good with both.

      • GodLikeLeftNut

        i just modded my 360 controller myself. it does help but scuf are a total rip off, shark is a better option.

    • curi0us

      You can disable aim assist in AW. You have no ground to stand on.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        No you can’t lol.

  • Super

    Inb4 people hate on this because people in the e-sports community use them.

  • Kobrah

    How much did they pay you to post this CI?

    • jordanxbrookes

      I hate people like you -_-

      • Everyone’s mad cause they dont have there own custom exo coming to Advanced Warfare!

        • jordanxbrookes

          Ikr, pre-order the JXB Pro Edition and receive the JXB Exo-Skeleton and JXB Personalization Pack 😀

          • NEONHAZ13

            OMG how much jordan!

          • jordanxbrookes

            AT THE LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW PRICE OF JUST $599.99 ;)7

          • David Sync


          • jordanxbrookes

            Lol 😛

          • Potato Republic

            Flesh Light?..


          • David Sync

            Yes, it is not a typo

      • ccrows

        I normally do too, but it’s no secret that Scuf gives kickbacks to popular people that promote their stuff. (& no I’m not accusing CI of that either)

        FTR, Duncan Ironmonger has talked with me about kickbacks in the past, but I’m not into doing that S***.

        Also FTR I do own a Scuf controller, but I rarely use it. Why? The trigger stops make the controller useless with pretty much every other game. (and I’m tired of swapping controllers since I only use wired)

        Right now I’m actually looking at it all wrapped up laying in a corner collecting dust. I haven’t used it in months. Been meaning to sell it, but a friend of mine keeps telling me that he wants it. Meh, whatever.

        Being dead serious, it doesn’t make that much of an extra difference if you already use tactical controls.

        ^ Youtubers will tell you differently, but that’s because the popular ones get kickbacks from Scuf… (Nuff said)

        • Edwin Cortez

          To lazy to switch controllers? Damm laziness is gonna destroy the world. I dont have scuf but i do use kontrolfreaks and i switch everytime i play other games.

          • ccrows

            Kontrolfreaks? Apples and Oranges comparison my man…

          • Edwin Cortez

            I have to switch controllers everytime i play fifa, gta etc because i only use that controller for COD, i dont see the difference, i change my controller up to 3 times when i play and i dont find it annoying at all, Wired are both of my controllers by the way

      • RC-1009/2025

        I agree. What if they just bought the controller just to review it, no biased or anything?

    • They said you can have Kobrah’s soul

    • Edwin Cortez

      Have you donated something to CI? Life ain’t cheap

    • Keshav Bhat

      SCUF sent me a check signed with $0.00. I have yet to make a single cent working on these sites for the last three years, but we do it for our fans.

      Always gets me mad when people think we get money for the work we do. We’ve never been paid by ANYONE.

      • Kobrah

        Sorry dude it was just things like when you said ‘best in class grip’ and things like that made it look like they were telling you what to say. Also thought is was weird timing. Oh well, keep up the good work and keep the news flowing! 🙂

        • Keshav Bhat

          Thanks for your opinion on the review. Will try my best to make sure it’s unbiased from now on. 🙂

      • jordanxbrookes

        I apologize on behalf of the silly internet people who think everyone gets payed by everyone just for saying something positive.

      • GarethWasher

        When will the podcast get a new episode?

    • 111AlaN111

      Nothing. Just some money for the advertisements that are in any other site. This article shows also the controller’s cons, so it shouldn’t be taken like just publicity.

      • Kobrah

        When I posted my first comment the article didn’t show any cons. Keshav has since edited it to be less biased

  • W u do dis

    He’s being paid by scuf. SELLOUT !

    • Keshav Bhat

      See my update comment.

  • Emre

    and for Netherlands?

  • drjakeyoung

    When are they gonna release some custom PS4 controllers? I haven’t actually seen any on the market yet!

  • Josh

    They are paying you to say this and that’s ok! I don’t understand why people hate on YouTubers to do the exact same thing. If you believe it’s a good product that could benefit your CI users there is no shame in promoting the product.

    • Wtf

      But he didn’t list any of the negatives!

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Talking completely positive about something is evidence of selling out. NO product achieves perfection. Ever. How about the fact that this should be considered cheating in-game?

      • Josh

        Why would it be considered “cheating”? They have moved the buttons to the back paddles to become more accessible for the user, allowing them to still have full control of the thumbsticks. The only thing that I can see that could put another player at a disadvantage, is the trigger function, as you are able to react quicker and therefore win a gun fight when you otherwise wouldn’t.

        But couldn’t you say using Kontrol Freaks are cheating as they allow you to be more accurate?

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          They have essentially modded the original controller to make the experience easier. It should be considered cheating. Kontrol Freaks are also mods.

      • Its is a pretty damn good controller. Forst noght using it at my friends I hitmarkered a 5 Man OS.

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          That’s irrelevant. Of course it’s good. BECAUSE IT’S MODDED.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yup, I made a grand total of $0 from SCUF. Such promotion!

      • Josh

        Hang on, I said it don’t matter if you make money – practically defending you! I get annoyed when people hate on YouTubers for promoting products when there is nothing wrong with it if you feel it’s a good product. The reason why i thought you were getting paid was because originally there were no negatives and the length of the article is rather long in comparison to others.I know in the past this site has asked for donations to help keep it running and I know you don’t get paid. But yes, it would be nice if you were able to make some money off this site because of all your hard work and keeping on top of all the latest news.

        • Keshav Bhat

          Thanks for the support. I did make an UPDATE comment at the top so that people understand my perspective.

  • K

    Sorry Charlie Intel, this is ridiculous.
    Your attempt to pass off this advertisement as an actual unbiased review is laughable.
    Don’t pull shit like this. It’s dishonest and makes you look tacky. I understand you need to pay the bills and all that, but don’t lie to your readers to achieve it.

    At least be upfront that this is a paid for advertisement.

    • Keshav Bhat

      For the last three years, I have received a grand total of $0 from working on charlieINTEL and on all the sites we have. This isn’t a “paid” advertisement. SCUF hasn’t paid me anything to write what I wrote today. We aren’t sponsored. I’m a normal, High school student who doesn’t make a single cent from writing this review. If I did, I would probably be doing this job for a living.

      • Keshav Bhat

        EDIT: We’ve had the controller for a matter of a few days and can and will change the review if we feel like something isn’t right. I already updated my review. See new final score and break down category. Hopes this clarifies a lot. Thanks for your opinion on the review. Will try my best to make sure it’s unbiased from now on.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    How is this not cheating?

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      The pros played with Scuf in COD Champs which is sponsored by Microsoft.

      MS and Activision allowed these players to use Scuf and none of them got banned.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Yeah, that’s why I hate SCUFs. And “pros”. Anybody can use an overpowered weapon and have 1/10th of the shit banned. There’s no skill involved lol. 😛

        • Nytrofactor

          Actually, banning makes it only skill AND smarts involved.

  • Bartram22

    I was going to buy one but The layout on mobile device is very poor need to make it better instead of everything clutterd together

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    I cant say much but something a lot better then scuf is coming 😉

    • JamesWhiteneck


    • jordanxbrookes

      Yeah it’s called FUCS 😛

  • Potato Republic

    I got a Scuf. But I don’t like it one bit. I prefer just the old fashioned controller. Could be just me.

  • NextGenNose

    Unfortunately, the Scuf 4PS doesn’t have “hyper sensitive triggers” =/

  • Keshav Bhat

    UPDATE FOR ALL: We’ve had the controller for a matter of a few days and can and will change the review if we feel like something isn’t right. I already updated my review. See new final score and break down category. Hopes this clarifies a lot. Thanks for your opinion on the review. Will try my best to make sure it’s unbiased from now on.

    We don’t get paid by anyone for anything.

  • Oag0

    That’s an easy paycheck, gj Charlieintel.

  • OMg

    the first thing charlieintel ever promotes or reviews you guys flip out. wtf. Plus, this product is such high value you guys should be happy they didnt pick a terrible product to promote. Hard work and no money may make them not work as hard so something like this every now and then i dont mind.

  • Kill Denied

    Just another way to get your money, if you can’t play with an ordinary controller don’t play at all

  • J4MES

    Hold on..this controller yesterday was awarded 5/5 and now it’s 4.5/5 with cons? I wish IGN had this review logic for most of their over-hyped games!

  • Fam Fam

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  • Stentar

    If you don’t like the review, don’t read it. This guy doesn’t get paid to do this and people get on here and complain about his first review of a product.Thanks for the review and your hard work and time keeping us up to date on the latest COD Intel.

  • Stephen G. Perez

    Do your think ign got paid to review great games and call them great? No they say they’re great because they are so why would scuf pay ci to review it

  • Kilo Juliett

    Are the Standard Length Scuf Sticks the same as the Stock XB1 sticks? Also do they feel the same or are they looser/stiffer?

  • Djammin Jimmy

    It was necessary to modify the audio controller supplied with the Turtle Beach XO One Gaming Headset to allow for the 2 paddles on my new Scuf controller. I used a dremel to sand off two crescent-shaped areas approximately 1/8 inch deep from the lip of the audio controller to accommodate the paddles and allow the controller to slide fully into position.

  • CustomerIssues
  • FazalGaming

    PS4 4PS?