Sledgehammer Games’s Michael Condrey has tweeted out stating that the team is currently debating whether having either 10 or 15 total prestiges in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer.

Latest two Call of Duty titles (Ghosts & Black Ops 2) have 10 total prestiges; whereas MW3 ended up with 20 prestiges.

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SOURCE: @MichaelCondrey


    15 but actual emblems bit the crap ghosts had

    • Joseph Hull

      I think there should be just 10 then like every map pack like add 5 or something

      • Miguel

        like the idea

      • lol

        You do understand that there would be 30 prestiges then right?

        • Joseph Hull

          You would get your money’s worth I go the atlas pro edition $120 so if there is 30 yeah you should just about get your money’s worth

        • NEONHAZ13

          But maybe also prestige awards in the map packs?

      • PinGuiNPL

        Start with 10… 1, 2 & 3 DLC – 2 Prestiges… Last DLC – 4 Prestiges. .. So we have 20 Prestiges… Nobody can have 20 PR. second month… and we all have fun to play till next COD πŸ˜‰

        • iFaRgHeRz

          How mw3 should have done it, i believe that would work really well

    • baseballer59

      I never even bothered to figure out which emblem was which in ghosts because they were so bland.

    • NextGenNose

      By far, BO/BO2 had the best Prestige emblems, imo.

      And if they do plan to do 15 Presitges, let’s hope they dont do what MW3 did with 10-15 😐

      • jordanxbrookes

        Aah, Black Ops, it makes me cry on how much I miss the good ol’ days hearing “Friendly Spy Plane above” :'(

        • I hated ghosts because i had to wait like 10 years to get to the color and yes it took forever cause i hate the game

        • macht

          for me; “friendly huey inbound” “friendly dogs incoming”
          “friendly napalm strike inbound” “friendly sr-71 above”

        • Kill Denied

          Black Ops was the best Ops

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            black oops(burp)
            white ops(an operation which has been really given information about it to the public.

        • Batman

          BO1 > all

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        bo3 must have a king cobra or viper emblem

        • What? Why?

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            I love snakes

          • Oh, okay….Cool.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            quoi tu naimes les serpents ? si non putin.(my countrys official language)
            mujhe saap ko chaata hai(my ancestral language)
            guess which languages are these.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            *tu naimes pas

      • IS it bad that I really like the MW3 emblems, and the Ghosts ones? Only the first ten of MW3 BTW.

      • Chandler

        I liked Bo/Bo2 prestiges but cant people realize, Infinity Ward used Real Medals and Emblems from the military and put them into their game. Treyarch made up their prestige emblems which is cool but, Sometimes i feel like its silly having weird looking emblems. Myself would prefer SledgeHammer to do whatever the heck they want. Since Call Of Duty 4 Trailer (I’ve been playing COD since COD2) all ive wanted was for them to do what they want because while others are hating because it didn’t match what “they wanted”. Everyone who says a call of duty is going to suck just by watching others play it and trailers that are staged, those people need to buy the game and play it for them selves, and if they like it then they keep it if they don’t they can return it but of all the things that can bug me, PEOPLE WHO HATE A GAME AND GO ON THE INTERNET AND SAY HOW BAD THE GAME IS. Those people want attention, and i give it to them by giving them long paragraphs about how their opinion doesn’t matter when a team of professionals who it’s their job to make video games are making games of their own creativity for the consumers… That’s is all people. If you love call of duty as much as me you can see past all the imperfections because those imperfections are what makes the game the best it is. If you don’t like call of duty because its nothing like a past call of duty, then you have gone full retard because people complain about how the game is so repetitive even though there isn’t much to change except the era and how it looks. Thanks if you read this all the way through πŸ˜€ If you disagree with me its fine. Because i am only 1 person with an opinion that doesn’t matter πŸ™‚

      • Grenada!

        Black Ops 1 had the best prestige badges by far and then Black Ops 2 would come in 2nd.

      • Aaron V

        I still think WaW had the best emblems. When you saw someone with a higher prestige emblem in WaW, you knew they were pretty good. Now days it doesn’t mean much other than you play a lot.

      • Argy

        The only thing I wish they would stop is abusing the skull. Like every FPS game out there should learn to use the skull as rare as possibly since its so abused now in games…

      • dansnedd

        digging around in the Black ops 2 files i found an aditional 5 prestige emblems it seems like they had a similar train of thought

  • the donkey

    “The best engineers are the ones that take other people’s ideas and put them to use in a way that works. Honestly, no FPS games are really going to innovate beyond where they are now. We have semi realistic FPS games set in the past, present, and future, others set in cartoony worlds, games with rewards for kills, games without, games with double jump, cloaking, blah blah blah. The ideas are really already out an nobody is going to “innovate” enough for the people that whine about the stagnation of FPS games. How much can you do with running around shooting other virtual characters in all honesty? What do people expect them to come up with to please their vague concept of “innovation”? What developers really need to do is take the ideas that are out there and perfect the implementation of them, unless someone comes up with a brilliant idea none of the billions of people on this planet have ever thought of, and make the best game they can for the market they are targeting. Call of Duty will target their fast paced rewarding gameplay loving audience and try to perfect their game. Same with EA and Battlefield, Valve and CS, 343 and Halo, etc. Having a variety of games that target different audiences is good, and if you don’t like what one company offers, go to another one but don’t shame people for liking what you don’t or not delivering on your undefined but expected concept of innovation. Vote with your money.
    I want 15 prestigious”The best engineers are the ones that take other people’s ideas and put them to use in a way that works. Honestly, no FPS games are really going to innovate beyond where they are now. We have semi realistic FPS games set in the past, present, and future, others set in cartoony worlds, games with rewards for kills, games without, games with double jump, cloaking, blah blah blah. The ideas are really already out an nobody is going to “innovate” enough for the people that whine about the stagnation of FPS games. How much can you do with running around shooting other virtual characters in all honesty? What do people expect them to come up with to please their vague concept of “innovation”? What developers really need to do is take the ideas that are out there and perfect the implementation of them, unless someone comes up with a brilliant idea none of the billions of people on this planet have ever thought of, and make the best game they can for the market they are targeting. Call of Duty will target their fast paced rewarding gameplay loving audience and try to perfect their game. Same with EA and Battlefield, Valve and CS, 343 and Halo, etc. Having a variety of games that target different audiences is good, and if you don’t like what one company offers, go to another one but don’t shame people for liking what you don’t or not delivering on your undefined but expected concept of innovation. Vote with your money. and I want 15 prestiges

    • john5

      give that man a medal!!!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      This is what people need to understand.

    • Guest

      You sir have won the internet.

      • justchill1234

        how do you post these pictures

        • Walter Iego

          I think he uses his brain to do these wonderous things. Some people just “have it” you know.

          • Brain

            I don’t have a brain now read my name. πŸ˜‰

      • NEONHAZ13


    • ccrows

      Just make it 10 Prestiges, but with the ability to Reset.

      It will make the majority happy…

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Agreed. Innovation doesn’t exactly have to bring something up or find new ideas. Innovation and uniquity (if that’s a word) go hand and hand. Advanced Warfare looks unique, and that’s why it’s being advertised as an innovative CALL OF DUTY game. This is a unique CALL OF DUTY, they have never advertised this game to make the FPS revolutionary, just the franchise.

    • CABgamingProductions .

      *slow clap*

    • Jim

      Nice Double post. been using copy and paste skill?

    • Guest

      This is ridiculous, and I expect people to down vote this because it is not what they want to hear. You cannot use the excuse of “what other choice did they have,” when clearly they had plenty of choices. They said they were open to new things with their new tech and such, yet only added features previously available in other titles. No one complained about one game being too similar to the other unless it is COD compared to a previous title. I’m sure plenty of you complained about COD being too similar to the last one at some point, but now all of a sudden, when it is too similar to other games, it’s innovation, and people are DEFENDING that. How can you say “having a variety of games that target different audiences is good,” but say they should all just copy each other and make it better? This is not innovation. Just because COD didn’t have features of other video games before, does not mean innovation comes when it does. Just to be clear, I’m not shaming anyone for liking this game. If anything, I’m shaming people who suddenly love these things even though they have existed for long now. Innovation is something new and fun that has not previously been seen in its time. Innovation, for example, is Respawn with all new movement and verticality. Doesn’t SH crown themselves to do that, and call it innovation? How can someone call Titanfall “just COD with mechs” yet praise Advanced Warfare for bringing other games into one? What about features from Killzone, Crysis, Halo, Borderlands, and Battlefield? Those features were not so hyped when they were announced, but suddenly, when COD announces them again, it’s a big turn for gaming. There’s no damage control for this. You cannot say FPS games are not really going to change, when they have been improving for years. The only franchise that has not is Call of Duty. That can be a good thing if you have been playing it and enjoy the way it is. If you are a long time COD fan, you can understand that similarities between that one and the previous one are acceptable. But after Ghosts, change needed to be done. This is not what should have happened. It should have been to not only revive the franchise from its failure of Ghosts, but bring in new players for the expansion of the community. Taking things is not the way to do it, and we should all know that. I bet if Call of Duty brought destruction like Battlefield, fanboys would praise COD for innovation too. But this is not a message to COD fans, this is a message to COD fanboys. Change needs to open up in a way that it is new for everyone. A community will not expand if the game brings nothing new to the people who actually play other games. If you have played all the games this game has stolen things from, then it is not worth $60. Before people start raging about their disagreement with my comment, understand this. I have been playing COD since MW2. I have always played other games, but COD was my primary game up until Ghosts. This is not a post to discourage people from buying Advanced Warfare. I also do not want to offend anyone. This is a comments section and the point of it is to leave an opinion. This is my opinion. If I had said an incorrect fact, feel free to correct me. Otherwise, don’t rage about how my OPINION “is wrong.”

      • cheesecake guy

        Call of duty is like a plane cheesecake. Titanfall is like Carmel flaver, halo is like chocolate flavor and Crysis 3 is like peanut butter chip flavored.

        Advanced Warefare is chocolate flavored cheesecake topped with caramel and peanut butter chips. Not for everyone, but still damn good.

        • Alex Lamb

          Like…a plane made from cheesecake?

        • Argy

          You, sir, need to re-read and fix that post. So many errors I thought we were talking about something else.

          Also, I think you just called Call of Duty plain… which means that this cheesecake would not be chocolate flavored cheesecake topped with that crap, but a caramel swirl cheesecake topped with chocolate and peanut butter chips with sprinkles on top, possibly made at a cheesecake factory that had to shut down due to selling alcohol to minors.

          • the fukin cheesecake guy

            I’m just a cheesecake guy you douche muffin.

    • Z.Janahi

      Well said, competition always brings the best to the customers. 12 prestige ranks are more than enough, I hope they design the emblems well

  • Chaos347


  • Drillz

    15, the more the better. For 11-15 they should use classic cod4, mw2, and mw3 prestige icons. I really want the 10th prestige icon from MW2 to return, it was in an early build of Ghosts.

    • Drillz

      Or better yet, they cap the max Prestige at 10, then release a Free DLC which contains 5 more prestiges and all the prestige emblems from COD 4 and so on and give players the option to select whatever emblem they choose. Also they should give us the ability to place the emblem on our exo suits.

      • MichiganerE

        I like this idea.

      • Drillz

        Lol I suck at Photoshop but this is pretty much what I was aiming at in my idea. Like the players should get the ability to match the colors of their exo with the emblem they chose.

        • Walter Iego

          Call of Spiderman – Advanced Netshootingthingy

        • Suu

          “Yeah making their own camos, but unlocking colors and designs VIA supply drops.”

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Somebody give this man a cookie.

  • Whoa

    5! Gives the game more longevity. I am proud to say I was 24 Prestige in MW3 (in case some of you don’t know in MW3 you have the option to prestige at 20th but the numbers dont change for the logo so its basically a repeat of 20th and i did it 4more times)

    • My ass is smart

      only flve prestigious? Lol so much longevity.

      • Whoa

        15 lol my bad on my behalf,

    • fulzee

      I did the same as you and went to 24, but I reset all stats 3 days before BO2. I’m now 8th prestige again (32 total). I find it very fun and rewarding to prestige, especially in the way that the MW series did it. The more the merrier!!!

  • Jamie

    I think it will be 15 because if you add 10 pristige it is to easy but if you add 20 is too much 15 is just the right amount of pristiges

  • Chromes

    they should have 15 so you still have interest in the game and it reachable, i hate getting pointless xp when im 10th so put 15 and it will prob last the games life before a new one comes out

    • Argy

      I’ve always voted for having more levels than a “max level”. There should be a “prestige level” but that shouldn’t stop you from leveling up farther. “Like Oh yeah, you’ve unlocked everything, you are awesome… now keep leveling up or prestige”

      My main reason for wanting this being that it leaves interesting friendly competition open to allow people to see how long you’ve been sitting on a prestige, but it also tells newer players damn, he’s way beyond that level, maybe we shouldn’t play in here because we’re cupcakes.

  • MichiganerE

    The votes for each choice seem close but are changing at the same time… Hmm…

  • TheGamerBeast

    i would say 15 but if every prestige is 50 or 55 like BO2 not like ghosts at all cz this shit blows, and would like after reaching the max prestige, i get some kind of awesome max prestige icon like in BO2, and i just hope they add some cool prestige icons, something like BO2 not like GHOSTS pls, cz in ghosts u can’t recognize if he was prestige 7 or 4 or 5 from the prestige icons, i believe that prestige icons or style makes me excited to play more like in BO2 and that’s just my opinion thanks

  • Joseph Hull

    How many levels are in a prestige

    • Haydn

      judging by the fact that the level 46 in the image above has the 2 silver star icon (max level will have 5 silver stars) It could be anything between 50-60 levels πŸ™‚ I say 55

  • LeJunny

    Depends do we get prestige tokens like we did in previous CoDs?

  • Tim Lopes

    I mean if it had theater mode it could just have 1 prestige for all I care, but it doesn’t so not buying

  • MissouriKid

    Why does everyone whine about not having theater mode. Wasnt theater mode one of the factors that contributed to lag, and wonky hit detection in BO1,MW3,BO2, and if you have a next gen coonsole does it really matter considering that you can record straight from your ps4,/X1.
    Sidenote: I hope that there is 15 prestiges, and that there is a grind within each prestige like in MW2,Bo1. Ghosts basically gave you everything from the get-go and gave you no reason to prestige, which decreases the longevity of the game.

  • Guest 601

    Is it me or am I’m the only one that notice that the names of the players might lead to some hints of gamemodes & maps?

    • They always use silly names for when they show us screenshots. I think they do have names to correspond to each map though, like Riot2014_1, Riot2014_2, and so on.

  • Seven

    i think 10 prestige levels are good but they better not be the crappy ones like in ghosts. Black ops 2 had interesting and cool prestige emblems.

    • baseballer59

      Yes I agree with you. Black ops 2 did almost everything right!

    • CGkillZ

      Noo bo2 sucked compared to bo1 or mw2. Even mw3 emblems looked good.

  • Vinyl Zac

    I think that they should have 15 but every dlc adds 1 except for the last one which adds 2 and maybe there could be micro transactions for like $2.50 get 3 more prestige ranks
    -these are just ideas I am throwing out there take in what you think

    • NOOO!!! What are you? It’s 2014 and you’re BEGGING for micro transactions. Shame on you. That sounds like a really bad idea, sorry.

    • dplusj

      $65 for a game, $50 for a year of playstation plus, $50 for the season pass, micro items for all kinds of other stuff, and you want mirco items just for a prestige that should be free lol no thanks

  • yardis

    As long as I don’t lose everything when I prestige you can do as many as you want.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I say it depends. How much XP will it take to level, and how many levels until you prestige? I liked BO2’s 55 levels and 10 ( Basically 11) prestiges. It worked very nicely and lasted quite a bit without becoming too tedious. With Ghosts, it felt like it took forever to level up, which turned me off of the idea of doing it so many times. Also, the prestige icons need to look sexy, not bland. In BO2, I could tell what level people were just by looking at it. They all stood out. Ghosts’ icons all looked kinda the same, nothing really popped out. I hope AW does it the better way.

    • Although I didn’t get max prestige in BOII, I debated buying the game, and I ended up buying it in January or so. Surprisingly, I got to fourth prestige, and that is the highest prestige I’ve gotten to in a CoD. I don’t play very often, because school, YouTube, etc.

  • Aaron V

    Prestiges can be limitless if it’s not too tedious. Ghosts had a good idea with how you were able to still keep what you wanted by buying them with the tokens and not resetting challenges. But 15 would be perfect. It usually takes around 24 hours to prestige once for a decent player. 15 days played for players who want to max prestige sounds fair. 20 days is stretching it… Unless they had something like TitanFall where you get bonus XP after every prestige. The ideas are endless, but 10 is not enough.

  • GodzXPro

    I think 15 would be good, or you can have 10 prestiges then add prestiges later on either by a dlc or possibly something special for clan wars….lol idk just giving my opinion

  • Can’t think of a name :(

    Some guy is named DemolitionPit. Hint that demolition might return?

  • Manx Mouse

    Make it 15 Prestiges, but let it be easy to level up…ghosts took forever to rank up

  • Guest

    The Sawmill probably a map

  • Michael

    It doesn’t matter to me. But I would probably stop at 10th. I think it depends on the person and your devotion towards the game itself. So if you play cod constantly then people would consider hitting that max prestige (whatever that may be.) I think 10th is a good decision, but if they add 15th prestige then please be the bo1 prestige icon with the skulls πŸ˜€ then I would probably consider going to 15 πŸ˜€

  • baseballer59

    10 please. Beyond that it asks too much for a normal player to hit max prestige.

    • It just means it takes an above average player and shows who to watch out for in the game.

    • Aaron V

      Normal players don’t max prestige buddy

  • jordanxbrookes

    It all depends on how fast you level up, if it’s like Black Ops 2 where you can get to Master Prestige within a week, then you need to add more prestiges. If it’s like Ghosts/MW3/MW2 where ranking up is a grind, then stick with 10.

  • 15 prestiges with nice, fluid leveling up (not like ghosts xp). And everytime you prestige, you should lose all your unlocks. And make us earn those unlocks back… In ghosts you could just buy everything back with your squad points. Some people hate how you lose everything when you prestige but for me it makes prestiging rewarding. OH, and last thing. Give a special reward for hitting max prestige, like the gold camo in Black Ops 1.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Yeah, don’t allow anyone to gold camo unless they hit the highest rank/prestige possible. Btw, this to me looks to be the gold camo in Advanced Warfare.

      • I disagree, some people don’t like prestiging, so that is restricting them from the gold camo. I think it should stay how it is (or was in BOII). I do hope that there is something like a diamond camo like in BOII, even though I never got it. (I didn’t play much and bought the game very late)

  • Haydn

    not 20 like in MW3. We don’t know how well the game will sustain itself. It could go on and be that playable for people to want to hit max prestige or it could be like ghosts.

  • LovekillerX

    I would like to get 15 prestiges. It isn’t too much but also not too many. For me 10 prestiges are a little bit too less. But I wouldn’t mind if they put 10 prestiges into the game.

    Of course it would be good option if they put first 10 but add five more later. What you others think? πŸ™‚

  • JoZer805g

    I think 10 prestige levels is perfect for launch and the last five prestige levels sometime after the first DLC pack is released just a few weeks before the second DLC pack arrives.

  • Petta DahlstrΓΆm

    Too bad developers havnt understood that the best FPS game of all times have already been done (in 2001). It’s it really strange noone ever tried to copy it, you know what am talking about? Exactly:

    • Oh.I enjoyed that game sooo much,good ol times

      • Lightning1432

        Riley if you remember playing this game then you are an old fuck. Dogs only live 15-20 years and assuming you played this at age 1. Translate to dog years you were 7 when you played this game. And now back to the present in dog years you are really 91 years old, give or take. So damn Riley you have seen some shit haven’t you?

        • Yes,i’ve seen some shi* i shouldn’t have

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            wolves” breasts lol

          • I always wanted to become a diamond dog

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            oh you must wait for the creation of outer heaven.then we will recruit you

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            At diamond dogs there are some guys who hate cod or prefer bf over it.they will kill you.i hope in ghosts 2 I wont have to carry you.

          • I’ll carry you mate

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet


          • Im super doge

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            you love mgs?

          • Yes

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            when I said wolves breast.i was talking about no mans land.just played it.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            krypto super dog.krypto super dog. with superpowers

          • Im also a diamond dog now

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            “we are diamond dogs”big boss

          • This one is better

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet


      • Petta DahlstrΓΆm

        Funny thing is, its still active today πŸ˜‰ With cups etc. It’s all here developers, just copy paste it, and you’ll be rich without having to to stupid DLC’s

    • GodLikeLeftNut

      the old days are good to watch competitive because pc action was much better to watch. watching some of the console pros play advanced warfare atm is a joke, not one of them has used even used dodge in a gun fight, they still just wonna strafe back and forth with aim assist :/

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      someone should remake that game who could be me.the only change should be should be remaked in the fox engine

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      it maked me cry

  • macht

    15, black ops 1 rules

  • Kill Denied

    10 Prestige ranks and 70 levels.

  • Walter Iego

    Why not 120?

  • J4MES

    They should make it 20 or something long-winded. I’m not too bothered about my rank as it doesn’t mean anything apart from how much time you play in the long run. It means little regarding ability or reputation-wise. I hate seeing players reaching max prestige by mid-December though so why not increase it to a challenging grind?

  • Guywithbrains

    Why wouldn’t they let us keep the camos when we prestige? Also choosing one gun to stay unlocked when you prestige like MW3 did.

    If they make prestiges like this, then I will prestige my first time ever in Call of Duty game. 43 days playtime in MW3 and never went to prestige!

    By the way is that private lobby or is infected returning? I really hope it returns but little bit updated so the mode would fit to exoskeleton gameplay.

    EDIT: Select Team? That would be great idea that we could change team. I hate being always in losing team. Battlefield has this and it is really good. I don’t have to leave the game and find the same match I left again 3 times in a row.

  • Sentinel

    Hmm i would say 10 but add more later. Kinda like MW3 did BUT with unique emblems. Plus players would get unique rewards for each player card emblems, character, guns, etc. customization for going the extra mile, after passing the 10 prestige mark.

    Cool Idea: Lets say a player who reached prestige “13” can now be experienced enough to manipulate/interact with one of the dynamic maps online in a way that would help the team players or be able to use a prestigious gun & camo for swag. I think it will make the player go for the extra mile and in return, give them a reward for it.


    Is it just me or does the ranks 14, 25 and 41 look “unusual”????

    • MrGladiator20

      I think rank 14 is prestiged along with rank 25. But rank 41 is normal. I forget what rank it is called but the eagle with 3 stars over it was definitely in blackops one around rank 37 which leads me to believe that it is not prestiged. Also anyone notice for rank 25 its similar to Treyarch’s symbol with a spade in the middle?

  • Zach sniper

    I feel like there should be enough prestiges to keep the game alive for a while. You always have your hardcore beast mode players that get 10th in a couple months or days. It usually takes me till March to get 10th prestige and although its fun I have nothing to do after that. What makes me go back to Mw3 is the fact that im not 20th yet. I feel like they should add the best detailed/best looking gear and camo for whatever the highest prestige is. The gear shouldn’t have any extra things to it to give them an advantage over someone who doesn’t have it but if you add gear with sick looking detail and camo, people will work for it. Also add gear for every prestige but don’t make it nearly as cool as the max prestige gear. Also if there isn’t going a kem/moab maybe make it to where the highest prestige gets it to use when they hit 25 kills I know with this game its goes off of score but for your pubstompers and other great players that will make them play a lot longer and btw that should only be in the game if there is 20 prestiges in my opinion.

    • MrGladiator20

      I agree with you a little. After every prestige they should give you a “special” supply drop that has things that can only be found in the special supply drops. Also I personally like 15 prestiges because it reminds me of blackops one. I remember I came onto bo1 around Christmas and couldn’t get to 15th prestige until after Mw3 came out. Hopefully whatever they decide to do, they will have good prestige emblems that are noticeable and actually look good. If they are like blackops 1 emblems I will be sure to try to get to max by waw 2

      • Zach sniper

        yea I understand why people want 10 prestiges because its quicker to get to but when they hit max prestige they will beg for more later so I think 15 will be good and just add some really sick prestige emblems.

        • MrGladiator20

          And judging by how level 50 seems to be the max rank, I’d like to level up somewhat quickly so I could prestige 15 times. 20 just seems like too much because I like being able to hit max rank and with 50 levels and 20 prestiges I think you would level up too fast. I still want a slight challenge with every prestige unlike 10 prestiges.

          • Zach sniper

            I just hope there is more than 10

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    i like 10 being masters style in BO2, dont forget many people reset too (for KD most likly)

  • Tournaments

    Whats the point of adding more? So dumb what that xigh0stz tweeted to him. Just start off with fucking 15 for god sake.

  • Psychomaggot105

    I voted 15 but Id like 10 but with idea with it.

    Veteran prestige idea.

    10 more prestige levels

    ( must have completed first 10 prestiges to gain access to veteran prestiges)

    In veteran prestiges when completing operations you don’t recieve challenge xp but you will recieve the patches.(or whatever unlocks aw have)
    After each veteran prestige level the player will recieve a patch and background corresponding to each level. Once the player completes the final veteran prestige level he/she will recieve a gun camo. Maybe for each prestige medal it’s just the standard version but colored all black with some silver outlining.Same goes for the emblem and background. For the gun camo I was thinking complete matte black with maybe a red or silver accent mark on the gun or both.

    Good/bad leave a comment/suggestion

  • Spoon

    People that voted for 20 prestige levels need to get a life. That’s about 700 hours of COD and two hours on it a day, every day in a year. Bet it’s the same people that reach 10th Prestige by December then moan when they have nothing to do.

    • jooker-jr

      i personally voted for 20 because its a challenge and u will know that the player who reached 20 prestiges is a badass player ( unless if they found a way to hack the game )

    • KuuGeeL

      Each year i reach 10 prestige on december so i can play other games bf4 etc.. i play 3-4 hours a day because i go to college 4-5 hours a day and when i come back home and play, got nothing to do except weekend which i only play 30-60 minutes a day.

  • drjakeyoung

    Hmm, look at the 4th name down, is it a clue that demolition is coming back?

  • KuuGeeL

    Voted 10 prestiges and add more later, so i dont get bored.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    I’ll take 10.

  • CABgamingProductions .

    I say make it 10 to level 50 relatively easy to do and fast and add in the 5 extra prestiges, or maybe after ten you have to get so many like cod points you can use those tokens to get an extra prestige

  • mrpompom

    How many ranks before your first prestige? Make less but hard to get rank points, 30 prestige. If it makes sense…

  • SLingshot

    What they should be doing is making seperate MP lobbies for the stupid halo jumps and lazer guns and another for classic COD….. i cancelled my preorder because of the MP reveal and put my money down on Mortal Kombat X (which looks very promising). Sledgehammer is pooping all over my favorite game series, i’ve been playing year after year after year and this is by far the most ridiculous.

    • Guywithbrains

      Maybe it was time for a change. After Call of Duty 4 we haven’t seen so big change as now. I am more than happy about what I have seen so far.

      These people who are afraid change can go play whatever game between Call of Duty 4 and Ghosts. That’s about 6 games so go ahead and choose the best for you. πŸ™‚

    • Cadence

      AW will feature a classic mode without exo abilities and “halo jumps” for those of you who refuse to adapt.

  • Honestly, there are just so many things to unlock in Advanced Warfare. And that’s a really good thing, but I think I won’t unlock everything by the time Treyarch releases their game!

  • Ryumoau

    10 prestige levels sound like more than enough to me. I’ve never reached the max in any game, even black ops 1 (which i spent the most time on).

  • Brandon

    In one of the gamer tags we have hoverslam which we can do in AW. Also another GT is demolitionpit and i think that means demolition is making a return.

  • steelersdc26

    10 is enough for one CoD. I can’t speak for the whole community with this statement, but I find that I become a max prestige around the end of June and this gives me about 2-4 months to experiment with everything now unlocked and makes the game more fun. 15 or more prestiges will not give me the amount of time I need to have the most fun I possibly can in the game. Again, this is about me, not the whole community, so leave your own opinions down below.

  • Grenada!

    Just do 10 prestiges but alos give us the ability to reset our stats and level once we reach 10th. Simple.

  • Dr. Salim

    10 Prestiges with 5 prestiges per map pack

  • duh

    15 so the game lasts longer

  • Mitch

    Just do 15 to make the grind last longer. The thing I’m personally more interested in is how long it takes to prestige once.

  • Oriole5

    I really like what Titanfall has done with the “prestige” system. As a base level 1 no prestige, you earn the regular amount of xp. When you prestige/regenerate, you earn a slight boost in xp rate. It’s something along the line of 110%, then 120%, 130%, 150%, and so on. However, there are challenges you have to complete before you can prestige again. These challenges force you to try new weapons and equipment, which I think is a good idea. Overall, the leveling process becomes less tedious when you are a higher prestige, but you still have to complete challenges before you can prestige.

  • Odin

    I noticed something. In the multiplayer reveal trailer after they have the title come up on screen and the virtual lobby is shown, a guy named HoverSlam is level 46 and the symbol for his rank is two stars. In military and COD the symbol goes up to five stars. You hold the same symbol for 2 to 3 levels in COD. This means no more than 60 levels!

  • Moeen

    15 is fine, hate when they add more ranks after, kinda ruins the grind sessions. Also what do you think the max level is? 55 was a pretty nice number

  • 4starcommander

    15 prestiges would be nice since I have no life anyway…

  • Mikey9835

    There’s quite a few Easter eggs in the player names, for example: DemolitionPit which might be a hint for the demolition game type to return. Also OverLordZero1 is a reference to MW3 as Overlord was the name of the commander and Zero-one was the call sign for the delta squad.

  • Undeadzz

    I would like 15 then maybe add more later just so there is something to do till the next one.

  • SAM


  • Black

    15. Then add ranks/prestige levels with new DLCs.

  • blops2suckedyoudelusionalidiot

    How can you like the blops prestige emblems… they don’t even make sense. Traditionally they were badges, not random shit like snakes or skulls.

  • goose

    10 and add 1 with every DLC

  • Maxspawn

    10 is plenty. Also in this game I’m extremely anxious and worried for prestige. In ghosts, there was no point in prestiging. You weren’t rewarded at all. Sledghegammer if you are reAding this, please give the player strong reward system for prestiging. This will make cod fun again

  • Mike

    Why not have just the 10 prestiges, but make it similar to Titanfalls presitiging? Where you need to do certain challenges before being able to hit the next prestige. And they get slightly more difficult with each prestige. Can get boring just going level 1 – 55, 10times over. If its going to be like that, then make it 15 prestiges. Also i don’t like the idea of adding them with DLC packs. By the time DLC4 comes around personally i don’t really care about that game anymore as you are looking forward to the next COD.

  • KuuGeeL

    Max level is 55 , because hoverslam hes level 46 with two stars and at level 49 he will get 3 stars and level 52 he will get 4 stars and level 55 which is max he will get the 5 stars which we get each year for max.

  • Kyle PDX

    Im fer that 10.

  • It depends how good the designers are at making Prestige emblems.

    If you’re using the same ones as MW3 or Ghosts, 10. If you’re using the same ones as the guy who made that Atlas Gorge emblem, 20.

  • goody0813

    Just 10 please! Some of us have jobs and family’s.

  • [UnFK4Ever] PHiiLZ

    you know what would be cool, if you get the max level, 10 or 15, and when you achieve that, the game show an option to you restart from the zero and get all the prestiges with the same symbols BUT in this time with some type of mark in the corner, so people know you are doing all over again for the 2nd time and maybe for the 3rd time, and then it finally stops

    • MrGladiator20

      They could also put it on the cataloging card in the corner like some other games and have a gold background with the number of times you reset.

  • Branden Poehlmann

    I say neither and that you should do away with prestiges .. just do a leveling system and the higher you get the more u unlock .. with prestiges it makes it easy for people to hack, with a leveling system you can add unlocks with like each time you get to a certain level .. killzone shadowfall had an awesome rank system .. being prestiged doesnt mean anything all it does is brings out the kids that like to talk crap because there maxed out and that makes it no fun, and the same goes for the hacking to get maxed out, makes it no fun at all .. just my opinion

  • DocTheBlankman

    Just have a bunch of levels like battlefield. Give players a reason to really try. Give 80 levels like in mw3

  • JaBoiKnoWs

    Just 10 .. some of us has lives

  • Oreo

    They should make it 15, but not make it like black ops 2 where you had to get to prestige master to unlock everything.

  • 100 prestiges and a super rare collectable item plus some cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • add in new maps too along the way to make the prestiges harder on the harder [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!