The Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal has been and gone, and we’ve luckily had a chance to try the game for several hours.

Below I’m going to touch on what I feel are the main points to cover with a new Call of Duty release, and often the biggest concerns amongst fans.

Warning: this is long, but a worthwhile read.

I would consider myself more of a moderate Call of Duty player, someone who balances their time between playing, going to work and everything else on top. The following is more of an honest and personal first impression and a genuine representation of what I think so far. So, where do I start with Advanced Warfare? Well, you don’t need me to tell you that it looks, feels and plays very differently – just watch the trailer.

When you first sit down and play Advanced Warfare, you’ll quickly question yourself – is this Call of Duty? I say that because the element of movement has been overhauled extensively, and walking around with the occasional jump and slide has been replaced with boost jumps, boost sliding and so much more. It’s essentially still Call of Duty, but now on steroids with a jetpack strapped to your back – and I say with absolute certainty, you’re going to love it.

Let’s not kid ourselves here, when you play Advanced Warfare for the first time, you’re going to need to take some time to get the hang of it. We’re very accustomed to clicking the left analog stick to sprint for a considerable duration of a match, with the odd jump or slide here and there. Advanced Warfare encourages you to throw away your previous methods of navigation and instead the ‘A’ button becomes an integral part of your movement across the map.

The introduction of verticality with your exosuit has a fairly big impact on the way you play and engage enemies – ultimately being a skilled player is more of an importance than ever before. To the vast majority of players, the learning curve should pose no problem and be a fairly smooth process, but there’s no denying some players will feel slightly alienated at first by the change in movement, and suffer the consequences of more skilled opponents. I’m not suggesting it’s difficult to manipulate, but neither will I say it’s super easy to get the hang of straight away, and those who play Call of Duty for short periods of time may find the controls to be ‘fiddly’ if they intend on boost sliding and so on.

The movement abilities of your exo allow you to navigate completely new paths of engagement throughout a particular map – for example instead of taking the door of a building, you could jump to the roof and make a lethal entry from above to stir things up.
The jumping manoeuvres aren’t to the extremities of Titanfall for example, and from the 4 maps I’ve played, you can normally only jump to the height of a 2 storey building – attempting to exceed this height of a building will display an off limits message – basically you can’t, and definitely no wall-running. You quickly adjust to the ‘weight’ of your player and gauge and control your descent when in the air – this can become important when in a gunfight.

Ultimately you’re going to spent a lot of your time in the air, there’s simply no getting away with it – in fact some game modes have objectives based on rooftops with no method of reaching without your boost jump capability. Besides, given you receive no fall damage when making a hard landing, staying mobile and moving fluidly throughout the map is only beneficial to you.

Also, I just want to state before anything else that the cloak ability isn’t nearly as effective as you may think, and you’ll have to seriously question your eyesight if you struggle to see another player cloaked – it’s not extremely noticeable, but it’s noticeable, and definitely not something to be overly concerned about.

Overall, the exosuits make Advanced Warfare incredibly fun to play and those adrenaline filled, clutch moments are going to become far more commonplace on a day to day basis. The fun involved with your exosuit really comes to light in the new game mode ‘Uplink’ – it’s essentially American football, but with exosuits, and guns, and explosives… you get the picture. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun on a particular game mode in a very long time – it’s just insanely fun, and I’d love to see it come to eSports as others have said.

With all this talk about exo’s and buildings, let’s talk about maps – I’m not going to go in-depth in terms of map layout and design, as you can simply just watch gameplay videos. To me, the strength and creativity of the map selection make a Call of Duty game. Forget all the weapons and fancy technology, the map selection is where all the action takes place, so much so they become almost stained in our memory. I’m not a fan of the burnt down, rubble covered, desolate environments that have been a regular appearance in previous Call of Duty’s, and as you’ve probably seen from the gameplay videos, it’s not the case in Advanced Warfare (I’m so happy about this).

The maps within Advanced Warfare return to more of a 3 path/symmetrical arrangement that we’ve seen for many years, with the introduction of upper and lower levels within each ‘path’ throughout the map – atleast from the 4 I’ve tried. Each map has a fair share of outdoor and indoor space with the majority of the action flaring up in the centre buildings depending on the game mode in question. Each map has it’s own unique character, and they’re unquestionably more vibrant and colourful than previous Call of Duty’s, and generally look amazing both visually and graphically. I wasn’t drawn to any map in particular and didn’t have a favourite in mind – I found them all to be equally as good.

The big question of course is, map sizes – are they ridiculous like Ghosts? I would say the maps are in the medium to medium-large end of the scale and have ample breathing room to evade gunfights. With that being said, your exo abilities have a big impact on your speed of motion, and ultimately your return to action time is fairly quick – definitely quicker than Ghosts. I would go as far as to say the maps are almost perfectly sized with exosuits considered, and there’s no shortage of action near objectives given everyone can now jump towards you in any direction. They COULD be considered to be on the big side if exosuits were out of the picture, but again they balance it out pretty damn well.

Evidence of this can be seen in the scoreboards of Advanced Warfare gameplay recently uploaded on YouTube. The average Call of Duty player who racks up 10-15 kills in a particular game on Ghosts could quite easily exceed 20+ kills in a particular game on Advanced Warfare. There were rare occasions where it took me a little while to find an enemy, but I’d put the blame more on the other players not having a clue what they’re doing – it was the first 1-2 hours of playing after all.

It could be deemed risky for me to say this so early on, but I’ll go as far as to say the maps combined with exosuits are camper UNfriendly, and I don’t think anyone would succeed particularly well with hiding in a corner. Given you can now jump high distances and travel at much higher speeds, it’s just as important for you to keep moving as it is for your opponent. Of course campers will always find a way and it’s almost impossible to eradicate them, but you can only hope.

As for dynamic events or map changing scenarios – I’m actually not a huge fan of these in Call of Duty as opposed to Battlefield – I think it’s better suited for a game like that. The map ‘Defender’ as seen in the trailer features a huge tsunami wave approximately 3-4 minutes into a particular map. Ideally you need to get to higher ground or simply drown, it’s one or the other. The wave doesn’t engulf the full length of the map and really only impacts about 25% in total. The wave itself doesn’t change the overall structure of the map whatsoever, and merely poses as more of an inconvenience if you’re stupid enough to stand in front. With all this considered I have no complaints and think it’s actually pretty cool, and a good opportunity to get some last second kills as people panic in the path of the wave.

Spawns have been a long-standing complaint with Ghosts and it’s now generally a fear to many when the next Call of Duty game is released. Given the fast paced nature of Advanced Warfare, depending on your skill level and that of the opposite team there’s a good chance you’re going to die a fair bit more than previous games – so good spawns are pretty important right? Spawns in Advanced Warfare are actually pretty damn good, and the game isn’t even finished yet. There were occasions where I spawned within a few metres of an enemy, but I’d say this happened approximately 1 in every 12-15 respawns and certainly didn’t lead to overwhelming frustration.

You’re normally spawned into a good location with sizeable distance from the action to give you enough time to ‘re-integrate’ yourself into the game, but close enough to re-enter a gunfight within 10 seconds or so. Again, given the game is still in development, I would hope this can only improve as time goes on.

Next up, game modes. I’ve already briefly touched on ‘Uplink’ which is essentially American Football, but the other notable game modes are Hardpoint and Capture the Flag which are finally returning. I probably played Hardpoint and Capture the Flag the most out of all the game modes available. I’ve mostly been a TDM/Domination player in all my years of Call of Duty, and playing Hardpoint/CTF again gave me more of a “first time” view of how these game modes behaved within Advanced Warfare. Overall, my opinion was positive and again I felt these game modes were far more adrenaline filled over previous versions. I know I’ve mentioned it several times but the exosuits really do speed everything up, and team work when it comes to Capture the Flag is more important this time around. Hardpoint on the map ‘Riot’ played especially well and I thought the objective locations were really good, and forced tight, fast-paced gameplay.

I found there was more of a reliance on your team to succeed in a particular game mode which I think is definitely a positive although you still have the ability to stray off by yourself and completely ignore the objective if that’s what you prefer – I know some of you do!

Let’s touch on Time to Kill – it somewhat links in to all of the above. The time to kill is quick, that I can confirm, however it’s not quite as quick as Ghosts as you’ve probably noticed. Personally I am a huge fan of the time to kill within Black Ops, where enemies needed to take a slight beating to go down. Unfortunately Advanced Warfare is much quicker, and closer to that of Black Ops 2. This isn’t so much a complaint, but more of a personal opinion which will differ from person to person. The fact it’s closer to Black Ops 2 is only a good thing however, and it’s not impossible to evade a gunfight with the inclusion of your exo – just don’t expect to turn on enemies too often when you’ve got a few bullets already inside of you. In addition I actually find grenades and explosives to be much less effective than previous games, and your exosuit gives you the ability to evade with a high probability of survival depending on your current health level.

The weapons all feel very unique and have their own defining characteristics, with tons of customisation options throughout. I didn’t feel any of the weapons were particularly overpowered and each had their own drawbacks to balance them out with each other. Although I had very little time with the commonly named “laser beam” weapon, I didn’t find it to be particularly effective and you had a good chance of jumping away with minimal effect to your health.

To conclude, Advanced Warfare is a mixture of the best Call of Duty games in one, with added exosuit abilities that have a major impact on the way in which you play the game. From the small selection of maps and game modes I’ve played, I think they’ve mostly nailed it in terms of map design, map size, and encouraged more fast-paced and adrenaline filled gameplay within a 10 minute match period.

There’s no denying the skill of a player is now a more significant factor within Advanced Warfare, and the skill gap will increase between those who are moderate-heavy players over more casual players. Those who adapt well to the game and have good gun skill will find themselves slaying their opponents with ease. There’s a definite consensus towards eSports that many people have concerns about, but from my perspective it has very little impact on standard public game modes – it’s still the Call of Duty we come to expect in my eyes.

I normally gauge my opinion on a game based on the urge I have to keep playing as opposed to a rating on a scale of 1-10, and I can tell you right now that I definitely can’t wait to play it again. I’m confident in saying it’s the Call of Duty game we’ve all been waiting for throughout the past 12 or so months, and has the right mixture of features and design choices to be extremely fun to play for a long period.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter – @thatPetey and hit me up if you have anymore questions.

  • justsayin’

    screw the haters the game looks good and could very well save cod

  • Brian

    Thanks for going really in depth!

  • Aymen Skiken

    DAMMIT … i slept while reading this…

  • PandaMan

    Awesome review guys. This just added to my reasoning to preorder. The FPS genre is dieing IMO, and with Battlefield going down the hole, TitanFall a flop, AW and Destiny will be the games that will hopefully save the genre from destruction. I have high hopes for Advanced Warfare and I think Sledgehammer is going to do amazing things for the CoD franchise.

  • Very well done article. I can’t lie I’m not intrigued by this game because by just looking at it you can tell this is a very innovative game. I applaud Sledgehammer Games for their choice to move in a different direction for COD and try to be, well….Different! I’m sure there will be things in this game I do not agree with, but that’s with every COD. I once again will say I am quite proud that they (Sledgehammer Games) are not afraid to do their own thing. I feel like I’m rambling on about the same thing, but I just can’t express how proud I am that this game looks so innovative. This doesn’t mean I won’t hate the game. I usually do a few months in anyways. Haha. Once again, great article Petey! If I was to rate this game from what I saw I’d give it an 8/10.

    • It was a good review, except for the fact that they didn’t use a goddamn table of contents… 😀

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Excellent read. Basically sums up any concerns I may have had with the game. With the grenades being less effective in this COD due to being able to dodge or jump out of the way, danger close somewhat makes sense.

  • So looking forward to this game!

  • PatPatPat

    Thanks guys! Now i can pwn noobs on the youtube comment section!

  • Kill Denied

    What Advanced Warfare needs:
    Better weapons and weapon names.
    Removal of the Threat Detector Sight.
    Diverse Maps.
    Black Ops time to kill.
    An exoless playlist.

    • yardis

      I’m assuming you have never played this game, so my comment will reflect that.

      1. How do you know they need better weapons and weapon names. Have you seen all of the weapons in the game? What does a weapon name have to do with the weapon?
      2. Why does the threat detector sight need to be removed? There is a counter for it.
      3. Why does the TTK need to be like BO?
      4. Why would you want a exo-less playlist? Everything about this game is built around the exoskeleton. If they were to do that, it would be like they are creating a whole new game. If you don’t like the exos maybe this game isn’t for you.

      • The funny thing is, Peteys review said that the TTK IS like BOII.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Target Enhancer needs to get removed. I don’t care if there is a “counter”. I don’t want to sacrifice a perk in order to counter an unbalanced attachment. Or an unbalanced Tactical grenade like Threat Detection.

        The TTK needs to be like Black Ops because you’ll die way too fast.

        The game already has a non-EXO playlist.

        • yardis

          How do you know it’s unbalanced? Have you used it? You are not forced to use a perk to cancel out that supposed “unbalanced” attachment. You are not forced to use anything, there are other choices in the game. According to every video I watched about this game and this article, the TTK is close to BO2. You didn’t die fast in that game. You are right about the non-exo playlist.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I know what the Target Finder does. Locating an enemy with bright solid red scanlines = unbalanced. I AM forced to use it against a player abusing said perk/attachment. That’s why perks don’t HAVE to be in the game. It causes people to equip CRITICAL perks, like Lightweight, Toughness, Hardline, Flak Jacket, etc. It is NOT balanced. Why was the Target Finder OP in BO2? Same thing.

            I’ve seen the videos. The TTK looks almost as low as Ghosts. They need to tweak it.

          • yardis

            When something is considered op or unbalanced there usually is not a counter. The target enhancer and the threat detector have counters, therefore, they are not unbalanced or op. The 870 from BO2 is op. There is no way to counter it up close. Again you are not forced to use anything. If you don’t like perks or you feel like they shouldn’t be in the game, why are you playing CoD. Go play Battlefield, counterstrike, or some other game that doesn’t have perks. The target finder was not OP. I never ran cold blooded ( I think that was the counter) in BO2. It wasn’t a requirement because it was unbalanced. According to the devs, you know the people who created the game, it is closer to BO2. People that have played the game say it’s closer to BO2. Watching a video and playing the game is two totally different experiences.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            That doesn’t matter. It literally makes you win gunfights. Thus, it’s OP. Even without Cold-Blooded or whatever, the sights themselves are still good, so you could still win gunfights. The Target Enhancer is just a smaller Target Finder. Again, if I’m forced to equip a critical perk, then the attachment is not balanced. Balancing does NOT equal counters, it’s not even to give an equal experience nor a fair experience. Balancing just means that everything is effective. BUT, when something is too effective like the Target Enhancer, then it is essentially TOO effective, and must be changed.

            I AM forced to equip a perk if something like the Target Enhancer is broken. It’s like being forced to equip Toughness and Lightweight in BO2.

            I never said I didn’t like perks. I don’t like them in the sense of them being too powerful (thus being too critical). I can play whatever the hell I want. Just accept that the game is flawed, because it, in fact, is. No game is perfect.

            I’m tired of people like you and telling me to play something else. You’re just straying away from the topic like an ignoramus.

            The TF was fucking overpowered. Are you kidding me?! It was a rectangular attachment that was clear and open, and you could, essentially, see the entire portion of a map with it. The reticle is also good. Even without the BIG ASS RED DIAMOND, it’s still a good sight compared to a red dot, especially on AR’s and LMGs. It’s unbalanced because it’s a portable UAV attachment.

            You seriously trust the devs? They’re never going to say anything negative, due to marketing. It’s what they want you to hear. I’m making my judgments based upon the gameplay I’ve seen, and the TTK is NOT like Black Ops 2. I suppose you don’t know what “evidence” is. If the TTK is like BO2, then why does it take 2 shots to kill people in AW?

          • yardis

            First off, why are you cursing at me. I in no way, shape, or form came to you in a negative way. Now that that is out of the way. The target finder/target enhancer does NOT make you win fights. It way give you an advantage, just like every other perk in the game gives you an advantage. Apparently you don’t get the concept of the word forced. When you are forced to do something, you have no other choice. You are NOT forced to use anything. You may feel like you are, but there is a choice.

            I never told you to have to play a different game. I said if you don’t like perks, why are you playing CoD. Then I mentioned the other games that don’t have perks. That is in no way telling you not to play CoD. Also, I never said the game wasn’t flawed. You are complaining about an attachment. An attachment that may not be anywhere near as useful as you think.

            The target finder had its disadvantages. Like only being able to see 50% of the screen. You can’t even tell if someone is beside you. Target finders are extremely easy to counter, and it was only considered OP by people that didn’t know how to counter it.

            i do trust Sledgehammer. They have not given me a reason to not trust them. As far as I can tell, they are actually using community feedback for the game. Of course devs will never say nothing negative about their game. It has nothing to do with marketing. They have been making Advanced Warfare for three years. That’s their baby, so why would they say something negative about their game. I don’t know what gameplay you have seen, but from all of the streams and gameplay I have watch you do not die in two bullets. It takes at least 3-4. Count the hitmarkers on each kill. the only time you will see less that 3 hitmarkers, are when its a sniper, shotgun, or that 1 shot pistol. I also never said it had the same TTK as BO2. My words were that it is closer to BO2.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Cursing is a common thing I do…

            The Target Finder/Enhancer DOES win gunfights for you. You do half of the aiming, and the sight does the other half. The sight technically DOES aim for you, though, simply because one of these sights gives you a RED DIAMOND over the opponent… It gives you an unbalanced advantage. One of the definitions of force: “make (someone) do something against their will.” I am FORCED to use Cold-Blooded against a person with a Target Finder, because otherwise, I’m at a disadvantage. It becomes a critical perk.

            You recommended me games (that I probably already play anyway) and went off topic instead of other ways to shut my complaints up. It’s a flawed way of incorporating logic. It’s something a quickscoper would say to develop a flawed point as an excuse in order to justify their means of playing. The Target Finder is, essentially, a UAV in an attachment. Using an LMG with it makes it the best class to use in Black Ops 2.

            Another flawed “point”. The Target Finder does what it’s supposed to do. It’s like saying a sniper is magically at a disadvantage because they only look at a circle. I can aim at one way, and then aim at another, if I am at a disadvantage. Dumb players don’t look beside them before they aim another way. That’s not a flaw with the Target Finder, that’s just a dumb way of playing. The Target Finder is the most overpowered attachment in Call of Duty. At least noob tubes in MW2 didn’t show red diamonds.

            SH isn’t incorporating community feedback, they’re taking feedback from the irrelevant/irreverent competitive players. I don’t trust their decisions with the perks. They might as well taken them out, because they don’t look balanced. The Target Enhancer looks far more balanced than the Target Finder, but it could potentially be a problem. Cloaking COULD be a problem. Quickscoping could be a problem. So why should *I* trust them? I don’t pay $60 just to be at a disadvantage against critical perks and overpowered snipers. About the developers and negative feedback; artists take feedback, albeit positive, negative, or BOTH, and incorporate it into their work. An artist who thinks their work is perfect, will NEVER improve. Game development is an art. They even make conceptual art pieces in order to use as a source for their 3D modelling. My point is, is that they are ARTISTS. They need to get off their high horse and accept that no game is perfect. Not even theirs. When I draw, I accept that it’s a shitty stick figure, and not the Mona Lisa, even though it’s my baby and I created it. As for the TTK; it just looks quick. 3-4 from 1-2 isn’t that much of a difference. How many bullets did it take from close range with an SMG on BO2? From medium range? They need to tweak it, that was my point. Plus, with all this jumping and shit, it’s going to lag. Thank no dedicated servers.

          • yardis

            I’m just going to leave it at this. Target finders/target enhancers don’t automatically win you gun fights. Yes, they both give you an advantage. So does sleight of hand, quickdraw, flak jacket, touchness, and every other perk in CoD. You are not forced against your will to run a perk to counter those attachments, but since you believe you are I will let you keep thinking that.

            I reccommended you games becuase you are complaining about a game that hasn’t been released. I didn’t bring it up to go off topic. I was simply telling you that you are not forced to play the broken series that is CoD. If you play CoD, no matter who develops it, you will have to deal with some sort of bullshit. That’s just how CoD works. I take CoD for what it is. It’s a extremely fast paced, fun, and frustrating FPS.

            I don’t recall saying the target finder does what it is supposed to do. The target finder is not similar to the uav. The people that show up on the target finder are the same people you will see without using it. When I was talking about not being able to see beside you, I was talking about the people who sit stationary aiming down sights the whole game.

            You say that Sledgehammer isn’t implementing fan feedback. That is coming from your distrust in CoD devs. I understand that. They are listening to pro players, and they are also listening to their fans. I won’t have proof till launch, so I will just drop that subject for now. The TTK does look quick. But if it was any slower it would be like playing a high health game. The movement requires a faster TTK. Dedicated servers were neither confirmed or denied, but I am with you. We probably will have that hybrid system or just p2p.

            The thing about them being artist is correct. Since I am an animator, I can relate to what you are saying. Yes we take all types of feedback. It doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive. All feedback is welcome,but some artist are stubborn and don’t care what others think. No game is perfect, but there are some games that are damn close. I get what you are say though. Game devs with huge franchises that make millions of dollars don’t care what you think, and I understand why. If my game was making me millions of dollars I wouldn’t care either.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Toughness is a forced critical perk, for one. And so is Hardline in TDM (on BO2). The Target Finder isn’t forced, but Cold-Blooded would be. Why give attachments to give players a BIG advantage like that, instead of a balanced one.

            I’m not allowed to be critical? I can’t give feedback? Apparently not, because I’d get blocked by fucking Tina. No game is perfect. I have every right to complain, because I’m a paying customer. They can block me all I want. It’s funny that developers refuse to fix their game, and it’s even funnier if it’s not against the law (false advertising).

            I said that the TF is like a UAV because it makes people show up as a red diamond. UAVs make you show up on the radar as a red dot, but requires kills. Which is more powerful? And you weren’t in-depth with that “point”, you just said people who are beside you, you never mentioned stationed players.

            They shouldn’t listen to the competitive douche bags at all. That’s why CoD has been shit the last 2 titles. Anyway, the TTK has to be balanced. Dying fast and winning easy gunfights is something I’m not a fan of. I hate Ghosts because I die without reacting, and I die against campers. High TTK’s promote camping, and that’s a problem. BO2 had fast movement. Lightweight broke the camera angles. But it still had a slow TTK. Ghosts didn’t have dedicated servers at all. They were all P2P. The only time Ghosts had dedicated servers, were on PC, and they were Unranked.

            Not listening to the people who pay their hard earned money should be illegal, in my book. Businesses run America. WAIT, no, people like Infinity Ward run businesses in America. People who don’t care about your money. A parent can just use that $60 on something else. Using MW2 not getting support can be a good example. How is Activision not getting sued from that? And I don’t mean from Respawn. There’s got to be some law for it… Anyway, I digress. I disagree that they should just ignore us just because they have a game that gives them BILLIONS. If they can’t take the heat, then they should get the hell out of the kitchen. SH looks like a different story, though, I hope they listen.

      • birdmorons

        all you said is why you are a really stupid person he said and its pretty self explanations so i reply to you

        1. why
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        go answer that moron

        • yardis

          I hope you are a kid because your grammar is horrible.

    • awkenney

      There definitely is such a thing as “overbalancing” a game and I think COD has done this since MW2. Most measures that require a countermeasure to nullify the effects need to be removed from COD along with their countermeasure. I can see keeping this to a bare minimum similar to COD4 or WaW, but you will always have those that argue against this because they prefer variety to balance. I’d personally love to see most of the play in COD go back to gun-on-gun action rather than the metagame that overbalancing creates.

  • kyr95

    Wonderfully written article. I have a feeling that this game will be great, and the fact that Sledgehammer is listening to the community and requesting opinions for important parts of the game, makes it even perfect.
    Of course, there will always be those “Titanfall-Crysis-Halo-Destiny copy” people, whom i dont even pay attention any more. Im pretty sure, that had this game was released but without the Call of Duty title, it would be considered as an amazing game ( because, lets be frankly, the gameplay sure as hell doesnt resemble Titanfall )by those who just like to hate on it with remarks like “Same old shitty engine and graphics”, while any logical human being would see that the drastic change in the graphical department ( surprisingly the MP arent as downgraded as much as i thought they would be).
    I look forward on getting this game on Nov.4, even if the multiplayer doesnt end up great ( which i doubt ), the storyline alone has me intrigued.

    • MichiganerE

      Where have you been?

      • kyr95

        Been wondering around 😀
        Its summer after all!

    • LovekillerX

      I was wondering too that where you have been! I really started to miss you. Not so much but it is nice to share my opinion with you. 🙂

      Good to see you back here. I agree that this article is wonderfully written although it is a little bit long but it didn’t bother me at all. I also agree with you when you said that if there wouldn’t read “Call of Duty” people would propably praise this game. But people tend to hate Call of Duty but when it comes to Nintendo games, they can release 1000 Mario games and still say “I love these games!” I don’t say that you can’t. I’m saying you can but don’t come to say that me and others should hate Call of Duty.

      For me Call of Duty is best series of all. Of course I play many other titles and genres but for me Call of Duty have made an impression. Call of Duty has always been my favorite. Singleplayer and multiplayer and of course co-op modes have made a big impression.

      We shouldn’t care about those who say that this is just rip off from Titanfall. Let them think what they want but remember this: the most important thing is that what you think and what pleases you. So if you care about Call of Duty and you enjoy playing it, other’s opinions doesn’t matter at all. If people hate Call of Duty it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t love it.

      I was surprised when I saw that multiplayer wasn’t so downgraded what I thought before multiplayer release. For me it looks almost like in singleplayer.

      Hey kyr95, did you go to Gamescom or did you just wander around your neighborhood? 🙂

      • kyr95

        Aww missed you too! Haha 😛
        Nah, its just that after the multiplayer reveal i went to my other house for a few days where theres no internet – i know 🙁 -and i will go again for this week .

        • LovekillerX

          Well good luck for you then! Did I already ask you which edition you prefer the most? 🙂

          • kyr95

            Truth be told, due to economical limitations ill buy the regular version 😛

          • LovekillerX

            Yeah same here. Life can be expensive sometimes. But I will buy season pass separately. 🙂 Maybe they will release some good maps. I haven’t bought any season pass in Call of Duty before haha. 😀

            You surely read about that traditional playlist which allows you to play for example domination without exo abilites. Is it good thing for you? 😛

          • kyr95

            Well im definitely gonna be playing the regular EXO version mostly, but its great that SHG is thinking about the fans by adding this.

          • LovekillerX

            Yeah they really care about fans and nobody can’t deny that. 🙂 I think that SGH will be best of all three developers. 🙂

          • kyr95

            Me too 🙂

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    My heart is bleeding… how dare they make a COD that’s unfriendly to campers?!

    I thought we were on the right path with Ghosts. Now if AW is even faster than Crap Ops 2 then this will be the worst COD of all time, tents down. Ummm… I mean hands down.

    • Michael

      Okay is that a troll comment or are you actually being serious?

    • MuscledRMH

      I hope you are a troll because Campers are the aids of COD and are hated by the whole community

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        Oh, no! It’s my arch enemy, MuscledRMH. The notorious camper hater of the COD forums. I better run back to my tent.

        • What’s your GTAG I wanna add you.

          Our Clan has a really nice 8 man so we can go camping together?

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Camping will not be effective. It was effective in BO2 with worm squirming (which could be countered), but in this game, camping isn’t a viable option. It’ll actually be to the point where you’ll start LOSING games just because you camp lol.

  • Jay

    I’m really looking forward to this game but I do have a concern. I feel that as the jumping plays a big part in the game, people with SCUF controllers are going to have a huge advantage as they can jump and aim at the same time. The split seconds between pressing jump and moving your thumb back to the stick could cost you. I know SCUF controllers aren’t that common but I remember when surround sound headsets were rare too, now a lot of people don’t play without one.

    • yardis

      I doubt the majority of the CoD community has SCUF controllers, and you don’t need a SCUF to be able to jump and shoot. People that use the claw can do it too.

  • MuscledRMH

    Can’t wait!

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      I can’t wait for Ghosts 2.

  • Michael

    Now this is a review! Thank you CharlieIntel. As players/consumers of COD we want the TRUTH. Most of us who read this article have an idea what’s to come this November and I myself can’t wait to get my hands on this game and play it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game and giving me an idea what to look out for and what to expect.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    My only concern is how bad is the lag going to be with all these new movement mechanics over a peer to peer network(with no dedicated servers)? Everything we have seen has been on a LAN connection and not what we(the public) are going to be on. This is the reason a beta would be helpful. I guess we’ll have to cross our fingers and hope Sledgehammer is addressing this possible issue. This could make or break the game!

    • Ryan

      Beta would have been a super smart idea.

      • There is still Eurogamer coming up soon. Who knows?

      • Mario Rivera

        Only ass kissers get to play cod betas lol

  • J4MES

    Is it possible CI for you to find out if there will be a beta prior to release? They released a survey just before E3 for registered COD players regarding feedback about the prospect of a beta for AW but all has gone quiet, and in this day and age; a beta for a game of this magnitude is nigh-essential for all parties. The build on show at Gamescom looked slick and very impressive and I’d love to sample the mechanics and see how the game runs before I commit to a full pre-purchase on my preferred system.

  • Ryumoau

    great impression/review of the game so far! Thank you! I’m so excited for this game. 🙂

  • k5berry

    Awesome article, and I’m so excited for this game

  • buff

    All 4 maps I’ve seen are VERY VERY SMALL.

    Either you’re playing diff maps or have no clue what you’re talking about which has been proven before on this site

  • Khaleel Ward

    Great write up. Really enjoyed your thoughts.

  • Naqash Liaqat

    What I want is:
    1. sabotage
    3.4 player split screen (if not my purchased 3rd controller was a waste!!)

    • Suu

      “You could give it to me.”

  • Eaz Jmilly

    From the of it, this cod sounds pretty damn good

  • Eaz Jmilly


    • Epicsand

      You can edit comments.

  • SAM


  • Lol, Black ops 2 was a step forward , then ghosts happened…all the great aspects of bo2 are in this.

    • Diego Diniz

      I prefer Ghosts than Black Ops 2. Not the Standard Maps, but the DLC ones, Favela, Mutiny, Ignition, Departed, Collision are VERY GOOD maps. I dont like Advanced Warfare Maps Design till now…

  • Cannon fodder

    Nice review. I’m fine with the new stuff as long as “time to kill” is along the lines of BO2 and less camper friendly than say.. Ghosts. While I got use to Ghosts, I never got as competitive in it like I was in BO and BO2 because I like to keep moving. This got my sorry butt handed to me often in Ghosts. I never cussed snipers and campers in a game as much in my life. Lol. You didn’t say (or I missed it) if it’s easier to spot other players in the new game? That is another thing. The graphics were good in Ghosts but I often couldn’t spot enemies as quickly as I could in the Treyarch games.

  • Guest
  • SAM


  • fires

    Im liking the game so far with the depth of the review, but ive seen players like Tmartn and Drift0r make comments on the so called, BEST GUNS IN ADVANCED WARFARE. the KF5, and HBRa3. What are your thoughts on those two guns?

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Some things have given me a little cause for concern (I know I haven’t yet played but based on game play and observation).

    First of all the loot system. Whilst it sounds OK in principal it does make me wonder if someone can get an ‘elite’ weapon for just playing a few hours whilst some of the more skilled players get cosmetic items that in all honesty does nothing for me – you never see your character much anyway. The character customisation just seems more of an excuse to get ‘rubbish’ in a loot crate. Lets be honest would you rather have an elite pair of goggles or a new weapon?

    This leads on to the Virtual Lobby and Firing Range. With the addition of this (I do like the look of the lobby) will the time between matches be longer now? I can’t see the Firing range being anything more than a novelty and rarely used after a few months by regular players. Will that waiting between matches get annoying and frustrating???

    Talking of class builds and the loot crate system, I notice that the weapons have a fixed camo but the base models seem standard. Does that mean that you can’t customise your weapons and reticles – the only customisation that actually has any significance in game as you get to see these? Part of the attraction of CoD’s in the past have been trying to get the challenges done for specific weapon camos or reticles. I know I have played an extra few games more than I intended as I was close to achieving one of the challenges for something. If all you get is a Random loot crate then I probably wouldn’t bother as much. There is something special about earning a ‘gold’ camo as that is a good indication you have completed a lot of challenges with a specific weapon.

    Talking of the weapons, I hear there is a lot of weapons in this. However the majority are just minor variations on the core set. With the fact that attachments can change a weapons characteristics anyway, why would I want 10+ variations of a weapon that basically do the same…. just with fixed attachments and camos when I could customise my own? Maybe not adjusting fire rate but most other things can be adjusted with attachments..

    I find it funny that a staple perk for the CoD franchise has been Dead Silence but that appears to be missing. I hear that Sledgehammer considers this to be a ‘crutch’ perk – like stopping power was. It may well be in e-sports where everyone wears a decent Headset but its not that common in public matches. However ‘Toughness’ (reduces Flinch) is included as a perk. In public matches it is almost essential to run Toughness (or Ghosts ‘focus’ which is the same) and with the exo-skeleton I do find it amazing that future soldiers will flinch as much – surely the Exo-suit should reduce flinch anyway? I think this should be built into everyones set up regardless.

    Having watched a lot of videos I have really noticed that the sound of your own footsteps and the exo-suit clanking and wooshing is very annoying and off putting – its so loud it obscures the shout-outs!. Part of and the main reason I use ‘Dead Silence’ is the fact it silences my own footsteps. I hate that noise all the time and can see this becoming an issue in CoD:AW. It also encourages a more aggressive running style but if everyone can hear you, unless you crouch then maybe it will encourage a more defensive or camping playstyle. After all you can move slowly into position and hear IF anyone is approaching before they get there.

    The other thing I notice is with that movement. Whilst I do think it looks fun and certainly brings something new, there is a certain group that will have a distinct advantage. That group being those with Scuf (or Scuf type) controllers even more so than previous games. Not having to take your thumbs off the sticks to jump and move in a fast paced shooter with a LOT of jumping movement will give players much more of an advantage – more so than those with expensive headsets. It does look like there will be a skill gap between those that can master the movement and those that don’t!

    I wonder if Sledgehammer has been listening more to the e-sport community as they all have Scuf controllers and expensive headsets and so the movement looks easy and great but suits their controllers and things like Dead Silence removed as they all have headsets so all use it. The majority of gamers though use a standard controller and rarely use Dead Silence (unless playing Search and Rescue…)

    Just a few concerns I have. I know its still an early build and things could change. I do hope that we get a significant amount of core weapons (not inc variations) that can be customised with specific camos and maybe reticles too. I do hope they balance the loot crate rewards so that harder challenges etc get a better chance of a quality reward. I do hope they reconsider there stance on Dead Silence and Toughness (I hope they build Toughness into the standard game – remove it as a perk and add Dead Silence instead) or at the very least turn down the sound of your own footsteps and the exo-suit movements. I do hope that time between matches isn’t excessive (90secs at most!) I hope that I can customise the controller settings significantly so that I don’t feel disadvantaged against Scuf using players. (the option of making the LB a jump button instead of ‘A’ and maybe changing the Melee or crouch button – usually ‘B’ – into RB would help)

    I know it seems that I have complained a lot about a game I haven’t yet played but as I said these are just my concerns and observations at this stage. I do like the look and think the changes could make it the most significant, interesting and enjoyable CoD since CoD4. The campaign looks very interesting too and I am very keen to play it. I also can’t wait to see what SH offer for co-op – there is a rumour it could be Zombies as the controller as the same round markers and there is a LOT of similarities between this and BO2 – although I would expect that the exo-suit would be involved so maybe robot-zombie- aliens???

  • awkenney

    A strong, well-worded review. However, I’d like to know what the author felt about the transition from COD4/WaW to MW2. For the most part there are going to be two camps here. I’m in the camp that thought MW2 and everything that came after it wasn’t an appropriate follow-up to COD4 and ultimately diluted and overcomplicated the series into what it has been for the past 5 years. Whether or not you share this opinion will ultimately determine my value of your confidence in AW.

  • cornerkick03

    I’m hearing conflicting ideas about game modes. I heard Uplink is similar to Quidditch where you have a ball that can be passed around and must be thrown into the other teams goal. I’ve also heard that Momentum is going to be similar to American Football. Is Uplink like quidditch or football and what’s Momentum?

  • Raines

    “It’s essentially still Call of Duty, but now on steroids with a jetpack strapped to your back – and I say with absolute certainty, you’re going to love it.”
    I can say with absolute certainty, I f*****g hate it. The jetpacks ruined the game. I stopped playing it and am not even going to bother wasting hard drive space by downloading the DLCs that I paid in advance for.
    AW is straight up skeet shooting garbage. At least Treyarch seemed to listen and the thrusting is only to move across the map more fluidly and not designed to avoid a dogfight