Sledgehammer Games’s Michael Condrey confirmed on Reddit that Multi-team TDM, which was in Black Ops 2, will not be in Advanced Warfare MP. Treyarch introduced that mode in Black Ops 2, and the mode didn’t make an appearance in Ghosts. SHGames says they don’t have any plans for it to be in the game on November 4th.

Its not currently in plans for AW for Nov 4.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • jooker-jr

    I want party games to return

    • mixamax

      If there not I’ll have second thoughts on the game…

      • PatPatPat

        No. you’re still going to get it. I highly doubt ALL you played in Bo2 was party games.

        • Plato/Tomato

          I mean that’s what I did after a couple months :3

        • mixamax

          In BO1 I literally spent half my time playing party gamemodes.

          • PatPatPat

            I’m trying to say, that’s not all you’re going to do.

          • Calm down haha. He said he’ll have second thoughts. Never said he wasn’t gonna get the game. Everyone has second thoughts about a game they have or want to get

          • PatPatPat

            I’m calm, bruh. we all cool.

          • mixamax

            True, but after a couple of months have past party gamemodes and Co-op mode are the way to go IMO

      • J.N

        I guess they are back cause in the MP trailer they showed a crossbow and we also have a rail gun wich could mean one in the chamber is back

        • mixamax

          I hope you’re right and let’s all hope that they’ll add more gamemodes too! I was really disapointed when I found out that BO2 had the same exact 4 gamemodes that were in BO1…

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      YES. Party games are super fun when you want to just chill back and take a break and have a quick, fun game. Hopefully SH brings it back.

      • My ass is Smart!

        What is a part game? Sift? How does one play a “part game?”

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Typo. My phone’s auto correct is annoying sometimes.

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Watch competitive gaming, and you’ll know.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Party Games, for me, are more of just Ranked stress-free fun experiences away from multiplayer, when I get stressed because of some sort of Tac Inserting Quickscoper.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Exactly. Same for me.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I don’t want silly Party Games, no, no my friend, I want Wager Matches, Black Ops style 🙂

      • jooker-jr

        we can only hope.

    • Pedto

      This needs to be spammed towards Michael and Glen.

  • PandaMan

    Honestly Multi team game mode wasn’t a hit in BO2, and it could be in this, but I’m glad they’re playing it safe

  • Primey_

    Meh. No big loss imo.

  • AaronFernando

    I hope party games makes a return since SHG takes the blackops 2 approach for their game

    • Grigori

      Gungame and sticks and stones <3 one in the chamber would also be greattt!

    • pulseimpact

      I hope wager matches make a return in treyarch’s next game, and codpoints…they were much better because you wanted to win where party games k/d counted, but winning didn’t matter.

  • Michael

    I never touched multi team so it doesn’t matter to me. If I wanna play a multi team game, I’ll go on halo. But please put demolition and party games and I’ll be happy.

    • ritdude

      And infected

  • Zarky

    I literally never played this on BO2… Everytime I went to play it hardly anyone was in the playlist and it took forever to join a game. So I don’t really think many people mind about it tbh

  • dplusj

    How about Football mode….you get to run around with a pistol only 3 bullets to hit the guy with the ball as a tackle lol

    • jooker-jr

      how about uplink

  • J4MES

    Multi-team was an interesting idea but just lacked interest in BO2. The spawns were pretty bad from the few matches I played and most just ended up in a three-way argument between teams! Sledgehammer need to be sensible with the playlists in AW and just need to limit them to popular and populated modes in the franchise’s history. Most playlists in Ghosts were very bare indeed – Blitz, SnR, Drop Zone, Reinforce, Infected etc.. and many were pointless as there were better core ones available that people were familiar with.

  • Multi-Team failed because.
    • 3 people is not enough for each team
    • Used Moshpit for Matching Making

    And give us Faceoff Already!

    • a Mr.Bungle a

      I agree, i really want Face off back!

    • Joeldagod

      I think that sledgehammer brought that to mw3 so I think it’ll be in aw

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    I’m fine with it.

  • a Mr.Bungle a

    Will there be a Face Off playlist? I’m hoping so

  • Guest

    I really enjoyed infected in Ghosts, that would also be awesome mode in AW imo.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I want to see Multi-Team though 🙁

  • Name

    please bring back team tac and face-off!

  • Cloud Flash

    Multi-team and party games were awesome.

    Hopefully they show back up eventually.

  • i love multi team i wish they would bring it back

  • WildAmericans

    Any idea if they are bringing back the 2v2?

  • David Schuessele

    War is all I wanted out of this game, but sticks and stones is great fun. Crossbows and spike balls ftw.