A big conversation going around the community following Ghosts’s launch was the TTK, or time to kill. For many fans, the time to kill in Call of Duty: Ghosts was really low, and enemies would die a lot faster in Ghosts compared to Black Ops 2 and before.

For Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games has stated that they’re still currently balancing it, but the are aiming for the TTK to be closer to that of Black Ops 2 than Ghosts.

We’re still balancing but we feel its closer to BO2 than Ghosts. That’s our target.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • NextGenNose

    BO2 TTK please SH <3

    • Carrisi

      This is the greatest news so far about AW! thank you SH for listening about TTK, it ruined ghosts and made it less skilful.

    • Michel

      Black Ops 2 TTK would make one shot kill weapons(Snipers/Shotguns) OP(except if Aim-Assist is turned off for Snipers).
      And with the movement it would be very difficult to kill anyone.
      At the same time it decreases the chance for bullshit to happen.

      Ghosts TTK will make it unplayable for me.

  • Seven

    Ghosts may have been ruined by its TTK. Well that and the fact that the game had shitty maps, shitty create a class and the over all feel of the game was shitty.

    • dave

      some of the worst maps and killstreaks

      • NextGenNose

        Yea, Ghosts really did have simplistic/boring killstreaks 😐
        Hopefully AW will have some badass, yet balanced ones.

        • The streaks were fine in terms of overall balance. I was getting tired of Swarms, K9 Units, Chopper Gunners, and AC130s dominating the match and leaving gun-on-gun in the dust.

          • HotHam

            yeah really, i would rather them go back to CoD 4 style killstreaks.

          • That’s stepping back too far. Give more freedom to choose our streaks, but don’t make things too crazy at the same time.

          • Jim

            Lol Well that sucks for you.

        • Isn’t a big ass Goliath armor with a mounted mini gun badass enough?

        • David Sync

          Mate! Have u seen how beast it looks when u enter the Goliath and even better is it’s attachments

        • Baruck obuma

          *COUGH* Laser beams from space *COUGH*

      • MichiganerE

        Correction: The WORST maps and killstreaks.

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet


          • MichiganerE

            Riley, Chasm and Free Fall.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            do yu like mgsv”s graphics?is it next gen?can we compare it to aw?

          • MichiganerE


          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            thanks but i dont understand what do yu mean by sure.plz

          • MichiganerE

            I’m saying sure as a way to reply to all three of your questions.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            i just replied you which is better betwn the 2 images

          • MichiganerE

            I can’t decide.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            both are beautiful and nextgen?

          • MichiganerE


          • Le Guy who drowned quiet


      • The Telephone Pole

        I liked Loki and Odin. Although I’m just a fan of orbital weapons.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      … and the TTK.

    • Seven

      At least we got Fish AI

    • How was the create-a-class bad?

  • Gustafon

    I am so glad they are aiming to take all of the great things from Black Ops 2 and put them in their game. It seems like Infinity Ward is too high on their own pedestal to take the good from their other developer. I am pumped for November!

  • theSupremeVishnu

    With the fact the most people are going to be boosting around constantly it should be no where near Bo2. You’ll never have time to kill anyone if it is.

    • Celest1ne

      Eh. Maybe but I think a good amount of people playing Cod have played Halo at some point and are used to hitting a jumping target. Just takes some getting used to.

  • Mike

    Somewhere in the middle would be good. Sometimes in BO2 it felt like I could unload a clip before they would die. Ghosts is crap, I don’t want to die immediately with no chance to turn and kill, and also when i get shot i want to regen health so i can potentionaly go in a gun fight without full health and have a chance to win it.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Like BO2, please. And if Michael Condrey is reading this, UNBLOCK ME lmao.

  • Scott

    Ghosts is a piece of shit game in which you die in regular game type in 1-2 bullets. Hardcore should be 1-2 kills not regular game type!

  • 420IzForT00Ls

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why tailor the game for noobs again like Bad OPs 2? The TTK in that game was awful. Took 3 clips to kill someone


      Actually more ttk benefits the vets not the noobs

      • Dat Guest

        Not really. You’ll change your mind when you unload a clip in a guy only to reload and get killed by him in the process. To top things off, some guns just downright shat on the others. Ever tried shooting a M27 at a guy who just dumps on you with his PDW from mid range? Wtf?!?!

        • STEALTHD3M0N

          That’s a combination of lag and shite hit detection. BO2 suffered from that the most. Ghosts has fantastic hit detection and barely lags. I’m hoping AW has the hit detection of IW games and dedicated servers.

        • Grenada!

          If you’re unloading a clip into someone and you get turned on, then you sir need to get better aim and get better at the game as a whole, because you sucks if that happens to you.

    • Jim Bobert

      You’re mistaken. Ghosts was the most noob COD of all time. Slower TTK permits more movement and more exciting gun battles. Why do you think pros and the masses are so addicted to Blops2? You can choose when to engage and when to back down. This is the best news for the majority of COD fans. Thank God Sledgehammer listens to it’s fans. Thank you!

    • ItsHyro

      The more bullets needed on target the more skill is needed

      • Suu

        “I think so as well, I also thought that usually on Ghosts whoever had the best internet connection had the best K.D. This would probs be all fixed with dedicated servers, and poor Ghosts never supplied us with that, either way this is just an opinion.”

    • Grenada!

      More TTK takes more skill because you have to have good aim and know how to play to an advantage in gun fights. Low TTK is for noobs who spray and pray just to get 2 bullets on someone and they drop. BO2 TTK was perfect and it needs to be the same for AW.

  • Duke of hazard

    Who in the fuck is that 7% percent that voted Ghosts? Are they lost? Do they need Google Maps?

    • Seven

      Probably some of those youtubers getting paid to say that a bad game is good.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Ali-A, Tmartn, MrDalekJD, Vikkstar123, chaosxsilencer, etc. voted for Ghosts.

        • Seven

          Choas and those guys are good youtubers and cool guys it’s just they should speak freely so that their viewers don’t get mad. Whiteboy7th street was a legend when ghosts came out becuase he basically spoke the truth

          • OscarTheTitan

            It’s true. He ripped into it.

          • Grenada!

            Exactly, that’s why I love Whiteboy, he speaks the truth. Also you can tell Ali-A prefers BO2 because he uploads that more than Ghosts, most youtubers do because Ghosts is boring to play and watch.

          • atzerath

            i’ve played both and went back to Black Ops 2 after a couple of months. Ghosts was a dissapointement from the beginning.

    • DoIneed2login

      I voted for ghosts because blacks ops 2 is awful and the shitty hit detection is the reason for the not so high ttk

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        Why are people confusing or coming to the retarded assumption that shitty hit detection and a slow TTK are in the same boat? You think because it’s taking longer to kill someone there is automaticlly bad hit detection?

        Lol it makes me laugh like… have you ever stopped to think that maybe your accuracy is just plain awful and that’s why you get turned on so bad? These kids can’t aim straight to save their lives literally… awwh bless em.

        Using the “theres bad hit detection” excuse is so lame lol this isn’t Black Ops 1 step your accuracy game up and get good.

        • Suu

          “That’s kinda true, but don’t cha think sometimes hit detection screwed ya? Cause I mean I love B02 and I like Ghosts but yeah, hit detection wasn’t as good on B02 than Ghosts.”

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            No hit detection never screwed me, hit detection is being confused with lag. Also just because the TTK in Ghosts is faster than BO2 doesn’t mean it’s hit detection is better…

            The game is coded so if you shoot a character in head they take damage it’s as simple as that, there is no 2 ways about. This isn’t BF4 where bullets are projectiles and can miss because COD use hitscans for their bullets.. it’s basically a laser that will definitely connect if your accuracy is on point.
            The only reason why TTK is slow is because of shitty internet connections which is the cause for bad hit detection/hit boxes or having outright awful accuracy and your actually missing shots.

        • Sal

          Because it is.

          Shooting an opponentwith a gun on Bo2 will cause only a very few bullets to actually register. You shoot 5-6 bullets, but only 3-4 register. This happens even on Split Screen.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Not really your just missing your shots. Please provide a video of you shooting someone or a bot with 6 bullets and some of those 6 bullets not getting you a hit-marker.

            There is no video out there that shows bad hit detection in BO2 but there are videos that show lag compensation.

            Believe it or not the average accuracy is like 16 -18% that means in every 1 of 4 bullets you fire you actually miss 3 bullets. Bearing in mind 25% accuracy a pretty accurate player.

          • Sal

            Lag comp and hit detection are related. The lag comp is nonexistent on LAN.

    • JoZer805g

      I have cause I prefer to have low TTK cause it takes more to survive and I always win the gun fights in Ghosts. In Black Ops II I just usually find my way behind the enemy to get a kill from behind without being shot at last and lose the gunfight.

    • HotHam

      i voted for ghosts, only because i hated black ops 2s TTK way more than Ghosts. I would rather it be in between but there was no option.

    • ccrows

      IDK, Ghosts brought back the “Heavy Duty” playlist that increased health (y’know after everyone b*tched about it) and NOBODY played it.

      ^ There’s probably more people that like Ghosts TTK that you think.

      Anywhoo, it really doesn’t matter to me…

      • yoyo

        thats because the guns were not balanced in that game mode. Thats why I stopped playing it. I would have played it more if they tweaked a few certain things.

    • Grenada!

      The noobs that can’t aim so they need fast TTK.

    • Again, people on this website just don’t understand that other people can have a fucking opinion. For me, it was either Ghosts, or I don’t care. I voted for I don’t care because, well, I just don’t care about the TTK. Its too small a change for me to notice. But so what if they voted for Ghosts TTK. Maybe they liked that game better. Now, if you said, ” Who were the 7% of people that voted for Ghosts? If you did, tell me why, because I disagree.” That way, you wouldn’t be an asshole who is too full of him/herself to listen to other peoples opinions.

  • I think it should be closer to Ghosts simply because everyone is going to be double jumping and boosting.

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Make it like Ghosts! If it’s like Ghosts’ TTK then they have no time to turn around when I camp a corner. Please SHG, make it like Ghosts so I can camp effectively just like in Ghosts.

    I don’t want another run and gun COD crap. I don’t want another Crap Ops 2.

    I want a slow, tactical, more Battlefield like COD. Nerf all the Scorestreaks and make them almost useless just like in Ghosts. I want a more powerful IED with no sound cues and I want a Portable Radar so I can lie down prone and ADS’d at the door waiting for you to walk into my trap.

    They should also nerf the boost jumping and you should only be able to boost jump once per life. It’s hard to aim when people are jumping, you know. Boost jumping is like noob tubing with Danger Close. It’s cheap and it doesn’t take any skill to get a kill while mid-air.

    Lastly, I want even bigger maps. I want AW to feature strategic maps like Siege, Stonehaven, and Chasm. Scrap those small to mid sized maps. Camping is better on the bigger maps.

    • Bigger Retard

      Just leave

    • yoyo

      i’m really starting to love run and gunning camper’s posts. At first I fell for his “trolling” but now I understand what hes doing: bringing the truth.

  • Cole

    This has nothing to do with the article, but does anyone know what the actual knife animation looks like. I’ve seen plenty of gameplay and was just wondering if it’s like ghosts or like the older cods.

    • DisAUsername

      From what I saw, it is like BO2. No stabbing animation.

      • Raptor

        Thank god! Ghost’s was “overpowered” in a sense to where you could not even be facing the guy, knife and kill him. But then BO2’s knifing was a bit shitty and you would lunge past the guy…still prefer BO2’s knifing

  • I believe the TTK should rest between BO2 and Ghosts. Ghosts felt a bit quick, but BO2’s TTK felt like I had to spend 50 bullets to kill one person. With the amount of time it takes to kill people in BO2, not only are enemy personnel aware of my shots, but it gives them plenty of time to gang up on me.

    • ItsHyro

      Lol black ops 2 didn’t take a 50 bullets to kill someone it was perfect as it encouraged rushing compared to ghosts where you can easily get melted in 3 bullets, causing more people to camp and play passive.

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        COD should move on to become a strategic shooter. They should punish mindless run and gunning just like in Ghosts. They should make Core exactly like Hardcore but with a HUD and mini map. It should only take you 1-2 bullets to kill someone.The devs should promote camping and people should realize that camping is the superior playstyle.

        Run and gunning should be nerfed severely and the devs should discourage people to use this playstyle. People should play COD just like how you will fight a battle in real life. The army don’t run and gun in the open but they camp behind cover and ditches. COD should be played like that.

        • Retard!?!?

          I really hope you’re a troll

        • Guest

          Go play battlefield

        • ItsHyro

          No it shouldn’t.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            Yes, it should. AW should be more like Ghosts.

            Trust me, once you mastered the art of camping, you will realize that Ghosts is a well designed game.

  • TheGamerBeast

    yes BO2 TTK please

  • LeJunny

    WTF is wrong with most of the community? All the people who said Bops 2 TTK are probably bad because they know in Bops 2 its all about the gun with higher damage like if you have an M27 and the other guy had an AN youre probably going to get out slayed, in the other hand in Ghosts all guns are balanced it just depends on your reaction time

    • Retard!

      You died in like 3 bullets in ghosts with most guns…

      • LeJunny

        Thats only if you have host with LAN connection and not everybody has a 100% accuracy shot, the point is there’s no guns skill in Bops 2 its all in the guns damage

        • ItsHyro

          So you saying some randy guy can pick up bo2 and do well with guns?

          • LeJunny

            No, Im saying that people in games like Bops 2 only do good with those specific guns that everybody uses because of their high damage for example mostly everybody uses the MSMC, AN-94, SCAR, HAMR, FAL, and Remington

          • ItsHyro

            I used to get Chicom swarms because i had more Gun skill than others who haven’t played call of duty as much as me.

          • LeJunny

            I respect that because the Chicom is my favorite gun but see we’re one of the few who use under rated guns

          • ItsHyro

            Yea i like using underrated guns because you get a sense of accomplishment when you outgun others using like AN94s and MSMCs and stuff

          • LeJunny

            Yea i just hope AW doesnt have a lot of those OP guns like the AN-94, MSMC, etc

        • Grenada!

          Are you right in the head? Ghosts was all about who can press RT down first wins. BO2 was who ever has the better aim and skill in a gunfight wins.

  • Show N Prove

    Shit I think the reason why I’m so good at Ghosts is because of the TTK… xD

  • Celest1ne

    Thank fuck. I find Ghosts irritating for that 1 fact ALONE. I can tolerate everything else but the god damn TTK needs to be like BO2.

  • Show N Prove

    I hated black ops 2 for its TTK it was like I was shooting a marshmallow gun at everyone, yea everyone liked that game but apparently me and everyone in my group of people I play with.

  • Michael

    I know I may sound clishae (sorry don’t know how to spell it :p) but SHG’s are really listening to the community. SH wants us to have that fun factor in cod again and I know their pushing for success and we can all see that. I can’t complain about this game yet because I haven’t played the game, but from the feedback that we GET From SH and the feedback we GIVE to SH makes it sound like they really want what’s best for the community. Thank you SH. I’m still on the hype train for this game and I feel like I’m the only one.

    • Whoa


      • Michael

        Lol choooo chooo!!! ?????

        • MichiganerE

          Three Michael’s?

          • Michael

            What do you mean by three michael’s?

          • MichiganerE

            It showed they all had the name Michael.

  • Drillz

    YES!! Im glad they paid attention to this. TTK really killed Ghosts. I was never the type to complain about Ghosts cause I play it everyday and saying it’s a bad game wont make my experiences any better. I loved the TTK in Black Ops 2. I just loved that feel of being able to eat bullets and then turn around and destroy a kid. In Ghosts I didnt get that feel cause I was dying instantly and it became very frustrating. Mixing that low ttk with the spawn trapping in Blitz was a pain in the ass also.


      Play Destiny. My ping is 300 and I still end games with a 5 k.d

      • Stealth_Valtsu

        You are a skilled player than 🙂 and that is why weshould aim for the higher TTK

        • STEALTHD3M0N

          It will never happen but I plan on abusing the exo boost and dodge to make sure no noob gets a free kil xD

  • Xero

    The second i saw that they leaned towards BO2, and not ghosts. I went the same day and pre-ordered day zero, (fyi, all standard editions are day zero if you haven’t read that article). Anyway, I liked what i saw, the more futuristic items appealed to me. The exo, the abilities for it, and even the sniper gameplay i’ve watched looked like bo2, maybe mixed in w/ a little mw3 honestly. But very good. Looked like it took actual skill to hit shots rather than ghosts zero recoil weapons.

  • Guest



  • MichiganerE

    Just look at those results. I knew the majority (including myself) preferred BO2’s TTK, but I didn’t think THAT many people preferred. Oh well, that’s good for the majority then!

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Joking aside, I really hope it will be more like BO2’s TTK.

    • Guest

      The corporate sheep will LOVE it!

    • Truth

      Exaggerating so hard makes the point your trying to make weak. Never have they added gameplay changing micros- ever. The reason they’re called “micro” transactions is because they aren’t $5. Anyway, most games give you the option to buy skins and crap. Batman, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted….

      Besides, if you want it, bad enough you’ll just buy it anyway, lol.

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        Dude, my original reply was supposed to be for the other article. I revised my OP.

        • Truth

          Weird, but I can’t change shit cause I’m guest lurking. You know that feel.

  • Jonnygreenjeans

    The TTK should be low, we’re not using bulletproof vests here. We’re shooting guns not water guns, for those who want a longer TTK obviously need the handicap to survive the gun fight. Just get your skills up and stop whining about TTK or the game being bad because you’re not doing well.

    • Stealth_Valtsu

      It’s mostly about internet connection in low TTK!

  • Name

    A greater ttk expands the skill gap

    • Jonnygreenjeans

      That’s true but at no point if I get the drop on you and put in 2-3 shots you should be able to turn around and kill me. We’re not amped up on steroids lol

      • Grenada!

        CoD is a game, so it has to be fun with good gun battles. If you want a fast TTK, go play a simulator or join the army.

        • Jonnygreenjeans

          So you’re now whining that you can’t have fun because you can’t stay alive? Pft. Get your skills up. And last time I checked CoD was a sim, a simulation of being a super soldier lol

  • Cloud Flash

    I’m glad the majority of people voting have some common sense. BO2 TTK was far superior – spraying in the general direction of the target from your corner and knicking them with one or two bullets is about the furthest from encouraging skilled gunplay you can get. Ghosts was dreadful.

    • Sal

      The TTKs are the same, you dense kid.

      For starters, the Scorpion kills FASTER than the K7. But since on Bo2, only a very few amount of bullets register, the Scorpion seems to be slower.

      In fact half of the guns on BO2 kill faster than the guns on Ghosts.

      • Cloud Flash

        Thanks for the insults. Real mature coming from someone who claims to be above the level of “kid”.

        And yes, I’ve seen the numbers. But that doesn’t change the fact that the felt TTK in Ghosts is much higher. If the improved hit detection has made the TTK that much faster, then it needs to be extended from a game design perspective to compensate.

  • Ghost was so shitty I cant believed anyone actually played that game, every other COD had it flaws but Ghost……. the entire game was a flaw.

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      once I was running on warhawk.with what?a panzerfaust.because of the hud.hud.i got fucked by a honey badger

  • hi im brian

    something that should never ever make a return and i hope they make a last minute decision to take it out before advanced warfare comes out is danger close,everyone is always gonna have a problem with the game but that perk is so damn awful and despicable i hope it never makes a returng

    • jooker-jr

      but most of the time u will be in the air

    • Cadence

      I’m disappointed by DC’s return as well, but Flak Jacket will most likely counter it. The problem with DC in Ghosts was that Blast Shield didn’t really counter it. I don’t think Sledgehammer will make that same mistake here. You also have exo abilities, so it should be easier to dodge explosives.

  • Pete

    This is off topic but I really hope this game has more than two mp factions. That’s one thing I hated about ghosts.

    • Kill Denied

      I agree.

    • jooker-jr

      the story of AW is about PMC so it makes sense

    • Mitch

      Well from the gameplay we have it looks like all maps will be Atlas vs. Sentinel.

      • Pete

        yea, hopefully the maps they haven’t shown yet will feature different factions, but i think its unlikely

  • Thom

    I’ve played AW in Germany and I feel the build that I played (on LAN) has more a TTK to Ghosts than BO2 though.
    So lets hope they continue tweaking it…

  • dplusj

    Come on it’s a futuristic game and technology means we should be able to deflect bullets better and not instantly die like in ghosts from being shot across the map

    • jooker-jr

      there will be better and stronger weapons in the future so it does make sense

  • LovekillerX

    I think that we should be able to live longer because of futuristic stuff in the game so TTK should be near to Black Ops 2. I don’t want to die too fast which happened very often in Ghosts when enemies just came behind the corner to crouch shot me with Honeybadger and I died like in a second. In Black Ops 2 I didn’t die too fast, I had an opportunity to escape. For me MW3 has a little bit too high TTK (I mean it took longer to kill an enemy.)

    Everyone have their own opinions but for me TTK near Black Ops 2 is a go. 🙂


    Ghosts had shite killstreaks not even worth getting.

    • LovekillerX

      There were only few killstreaks which I used. Not so many that I hoped. Let’s hope that Sledgehammer Games put scorestreaks worth getting. This far those new scorestreaks looks like you want to achieve them. 🙂 What do you think?

      • STEALTHD3M0N

        They have announced they will add more. So far I really like the vulcan but the warbird is one I’d really like. Also I hope there is some OP killstreaks. In MW2 I was always getting wrecked by choppers but whenever I got them (rarely) it was well worth it but if they do it should be 1800+

        • LovekillerX

          Yeah my favorites are Orbital Care Package, XS1 Vulcan, Warbird and Paladin. That warbird which seems to be like VTOL warship (warbird in AW) seems to be the one I would really like to try and also paladin is looking nice!

          I usually got hammered by chopper gunners in MW2 but also I got many chopper gunners so I also hammered enemies lol. Warbird seems to be new chopper gunner in my opinion. 🙂

          • STEALTHD3M0N

            I didn’t quite see what the paladin was

  • John


    I want BO1 TTK!!

    5 bullets to kill. Not 2 like Ghosts or 3 like BO2!

    • I would love to get the Bo1 feel but hey, I haven’t had any problems with how fast enemies/myself die before Ghosts. It wasn’t a thing to complain about until Infinity Ward released their game…

    • jooker-jr

      the hit detection in bo1 is terrible

  • kia0525

    Idk why people hate on ttk in ghosts, much more consistent than black ops 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if people complain about the ttk in aw when it launches.

  • Haydn

    How does it make sense to say the ttk in ghosts was ‘Low’. This is time we are talking about! shouldn’t it be “The ttk in ghosts was fast”?
    That would make more sense to me…


    see i knew my tweet to them would work, they do listen when you tweet them about crucial topics….especially when they don’t want to fail as bad as Ghosts, they know it was the worst COD

  • K

    This is so reassuring.
    While I don’t mind either Ghosts or BOII TTK, the new movement mechanics, double jumping and hovering would be stupidly punishing to use if you died as fast as you did in Ghosts. It’s not the right kind of game for a Ghosts style TTK in my opinion.

  • PeLLi

    Damn I was kinda hoping for a TTK like Black Ops 1…. although I dunno if BO1 and BO2 are the same, just that guns fire faster in BO2 😛

  • Bartram22

    All I can say is wahoooooo!!! This is the one bit of info I’ve been waiting for I’m now going to place my pre order… Finally il get to play cod on next gen! This game is going to be epic!

  • Bloodyman2103

    YES! This was something I was worrying about, thanks SH Games!

  • jooker-jr

    personally I want headshots to be rewarding ( like counter strike )

    • Kill Denied

      How so?

      • jooker-jr

        check out game plays for counterstroke global offensive and u will know

    • GodLikeLeftNut

      well i think the double hitmarker thing shows off headshots now, so least its nice to know when you do n dont get a headshot. though it is cod engine so a headshot can be by shooting them in the foot xD

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    personally the slightly higher TTK make watching comps more exiting. ghosts is boring point squirt hardly move about kills and not really any turn on’s as BO2 there was some good 1v1 gun battles.

  • macht

    Bo2 was too much and ghosts too little, a mid way is perfect, like mw3 or mw2

  • Ggspikey

    BO2 TTK is much better than Ghosts for a game, because you actually get a chance to shoot back.

  • Grenada!

    BO2 TTK all the way. It creates better gun fights which makes the game more fun as a whole.

  • Zach sniper

    yes! bo2 ttk

  • KuuGeeL

    Just pre-ordered the game and got cool title for ghosts and bo2.

    • pulseimpact

      Can you still get the camos and from where?

      • KuuGeeL

        there is no camo I pre-ordered from my local store

        • pulseimpact

          ok, but you did mean the title like player background right?

  • Primey_

    BO2 TTK please

  • AW will revive the community

  • MarKQrTY

    A fast TTK only negatively effects players with poor arrcuracy, if you are good at the game you will win 95% of the gun fights you are supposed to in ghosts

    • pulseimpact

      I agree, but it depends. A slower TTK would be fine as long as the game functions properly. An extra bullet or two with an AR-SMG for example is fine with me. So long as snipers are not like BO2 where they take almost no skill. I really just want good connection like Ghosts. If this is a better functioning BO2 then it could be one of the best CODs yet.

  • AaronFernando

    Dont make it close to blackops 2 make it like blackops 2 please that’s what we want the hit registration looks perfect…. SHG i think you’re game will be the most successful because of how much you listen to the community thankyou SHG and the team hope this will be the next legendary COD that us the community wanted.

  • Rated-R619

    Black Ops 2 TTK is just PER-FECT !

  • Cadence

    Thank you, Based Sledgehammer.

  • Guest

    I think Ghosts was fine, but BO2 was not that much slower. As long as lag is minimal I am totally fine with BO2 TTK. I just hope that’s the case. I also hope snipers are not OP in BO2. Even with aim assist disabled (I played the first two months like this) there was some funny curving bullets because of magnetism and hitbox problems. I wish bullet magnetism would turn off with aim assist disabled, but apparently it was just removing sticky aim? I never liked BO2, but I like BO1, but in both games there are some funny things going on with the hitboxes. I guess depending on how this game functions we will know if it’s truly a new engine…

    Ghosts and MW3 have almost the same TTK and recoil for most guns, but the terrible lag compensation in MW3 fucked up TTK. Only some SMGs have faster TTK at range, but snipers, ARs, LMGs, and shotguns are either the same or slower. BO1 had probably the slowest TTK because of recoil and lag compensation.It’s funny how people complained when we had a game with good netcode again. Yes, there is lag, but as someone with good internet (single digit to low teen ping, 75 up, 35 down) the only games I feel that don’t penalize you with lag comp are MW2 and Ghosts. Ghosts also has one of the lowest autoaim in the series and bullet magnetism. Snipers don’t even have autoaim until they start to ADS (although bullet magnetism is still somewhat present). I mean it’s the closest we have been to MW2 in a long time where ARs were 3-5 bullets without stopping power. With stopping power guns like the UMP were 2 bullet with extreme range yet the MTAR is OP. -_- The Remington R5 is similar to the ACR…both of which are made by Remington in real life.

    The amount of complaining in Ghosts is a lot to do because it is a good COD and return to a classic style. F1stdacuffs, Hutch, and Gunns4hire all like Ghosts…all OG commentators who started commentating with COD 4 and played since even COD 2. It’s only the MW3 and BO2 crowd that really shit on the game and champion the vocal minority. The online population is also fucked up because BO2 main menu counts things outside multiplayer where Ghosts does not. You can see Ghosts is more popular when you go directly into the multiplayer playlist counter and compare that. Also, Ghosts has the lowest pre-order numbers since World at War. Ghosts was destined to have lower sales with that and console consolidation and GTA V coming out a couple months earlier. Ghosts imo will always be one of the best CODs, but I am looking forward to the drastic changes in AW because it was needed.

    • Guest

      I meant 75 down, 35 up…

  • | Coop X

    honestly I like ghosts ttk only because its fast!! makes the game fast paced on close quarters maps!…but in bo2 it took to long to kill

    • No


  • Batman

    Hit detection is what will make or break this game

  • I hope the TTK is closer to BO2. I hated the Ghost TTK, at times if someone was shooting you from behind, you can’t really react towards it and you end up dying. Or if someone comes up to you and you don’t really know where they are coming from.

  • IIPlayer99II

    I don’t think that the time to kill was faster in ghost i think the connection was better and therefore hit detection was better and the time to kill got faster because of that

  • ttkcod1advoactor

    bo2 you died before you saw ur enemy so it shouldnt be that clowns and ghosts was same how about cod 1?

    • jordanxbrookes

      That wasn’t down to TTK, that was down to crap hit detection and latency.

  • Tim Lopes

    I rather have it doubled the BO2 health and have a health bar as well so I can see how much damage I am doing and so the skill gap increases even more, any new player to the game could get as many kills as anyone else if it only takes 4-5 bullets to kill someone, if it was more like 8-10, more aiming will have to be involved, meaning more skill needed

  • JaBoiKnoWs

    Didn’t like BO2 but TTK in the game was pretty good. Part of what ruined Ghosts was the TTK. Very Very happy to hear this .. even though watching gameplays on YT it looks like TTK looks more like Ghosts.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox


  • Suu

    “LOL I took a vote in the polls and the TTK for Ghosts option was like none.”
    “I personally don’t have hate for ghosts it was fun and frustrating at times, but meh I hope AW, I’m sure AW is gonna kick butt.”

  • TC_Seatowncasper

    Black ops2 is the most disgraceful piece of crap ever produced in the series. Ghosts at least doesn’t force you to use a loadout with lethal’s, or secondaries. You know, all the weak and soft, wannabe gamer, garbage used in the typical pubs. There are definitely flaws with ghosts like the mods and jackass hacks but the fluidity of the game and the ability to have a more pro setup for your loadout is why its been the better of the series. Now if only a developer, i don’t care which one, made an ala-carte loadout section to choose from. Take the top three game style loadout configurations and at the menu, offer the choice of how you want to setup your player. This is supposed to be the 21st century on next gen consoles and all, right? Oh and for F’ sake, please make a REAL hardcore ric mode that doesn’t allow explosives, #RealGamersDontUseExplosives

  • Sal

    Too bad the TTKs are pretty much the same.



  • Daniel

    we already have Exo Suit,using just a regular bullet,bo2 ttk the most legit

  • AaronFernando

    those 8% are campers who wants this game to be camper friendly

  • Haitian Jack

    Probably the best news ive heard so far.

  • Nick Swartz

    For the love god, don’t make it like Ghosts. I hate being looked at and dying :/

  • cwatz

    WaW, BO1 and Titanfall are around the perfect TTK. Granted some of that comes from longer range combat or recoil, but they have always felt the best to me.

  • Bartram22

    I’ve just been on YouTube and looked at a youtuber called driftor and he says it’s more like ghost time to kill ? I was looking forward to the game until I just seen his video :-/

  • Guest

    I agree that the time to kill should be much slower than in ghosts cuz well it sucked however if it was like black ops 2 too much then it would seem like the players would be impossible to kill because everyone can just dash and run away really fast so idk

  • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

    Hell no, I’m starting to hate the sound of the time to kill being closer to Black Ops 2 than Ghosts. The reason I hated BO1 and 2 was because the guns were way too damn weak and useless, ugh. Ghosts had the perfect TTK with strong guns, like they should be, not retarded airsoft toys that shoot marshmallows *cough cough* I’m looking at you Failarch. I really hope Sledgehammer doesn’t ruin this game by pulling a Treyarch on us and making all the guns useless weak garbage. Black Ops 1 and 2 had stupid horrible TTK, it took way too long to kill someone because of how weak the guns are. All the guns behaved like useless toy airsoft guns that shoot marshmallows. 5-6 hit kills, complete garbage BS. Dumping half a clip into someone and they don’t die, BS. Having to reload after every kill, BS. Ghosts had the perfect TTK: strong like it should be. In Ghosts I could kill 3 people with an SMG and still have half a clip left. Unlike in FailOps where the guns are so stupidly weak that it just ruins the gameplay experience ugh. Also before any of you open your mouth with the same stupid argument I hear from people who can’t handle high damage guns, like “Learn to aim”, “Low damage requires more skill, high damage is for noobs”, save your BS please. I’ve heard it millions of times. Let’s say I had perfect dead on aim. With a weak trash Treyarch gun, I would still need more bullets to kill, therefore using up more ammo and making gunfights terrible and slow because all the players soak up the pathetic little weak plastic bullets like a sponge, resulting in slow gameplay. On the other hand, if I had perfect aim with one of Ghosts’ perfect strong guns, true I would drop the target faster with less bullets, and that’s what I would get rewarded with: my aim would get me the kill I deserve. High damage works both ways, in your favor too, for those of you complaining about it and are too stupid to notice that. Call of Duty is attempting to create a MILITARY shooter experience with GUNS, however unrealistic it might be. Not a stupid toy airsoft BB gun simulator like Treyarch did with BO 1 and 2, lmfao they are terrible and I hope future COD games aren’t ruined by FailArch’s stupid mistakes. Not everyone in the COD community wants to play with weak useless airsoft guns like BO1 and BO 2 had. And before you tell me to go play Hardcore, save your breath because Hardcore doesn’t have all the same modes as Core.

  • Atzerath

    i hope the gameplay will lean closer to MW3/BO2 than ghosts as well…Ghosts was pretty bad where it concerns multiplayer imho

    • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

      Lol. MW3s TTK was just barely OK and tolerable, aside from the underpowered explosives and shotguns. BO2s TTK on the other hand was absolutely awful, because all the weapons were weak useless crap and it took way too long to kill someone. After [email protected], Treyarch decided it would be a good idea to make the guns do as much damage as stupid airsoft toys. Ghosts on the other hand had the perfect TTK, and weapons were STRONG and useful like they should be, not like the little kids toys in BO1 and 2 lmfao. I hope Sledgehammer doesn’t mess this up and make a Treyarch style disaster when it comes to gun damage.

  • Chris Thrasher

    Ghosts to me was more like battlefield wannabe. It had it’s place but I would say in a more tactical kind of gameplay rather than the frantic Counter Strike-esque realistic arcade type of deathmatches that we are used to.