Following the MP reveal this week, many noted that Advanced Warfare MP doesn’t have any Dead Silence perk in the game. Many players were concerned about this as the footsteps in Advanced Warfare do sound a tab bit loud from what you can hear from the gameplay thus far.

Speaking on Reddit, Michael Condrey stated that the team is currently working on a different, better solution for Dead Silence in the works.

We’ve got a different, and we what this is better, solution for Dead Silence in the works. If we are wrong, we’ll bring it back. But I don’t think that is going to be the case.

Do you think Dead Silence perk should return?

SOURCE: Reddit

  • ThatOneBlazian

    They are probably gonna use the something similar to the Ninja perk from Black Ops 1. That perk was pretty balanced.

  • Damienjohnnn

    Exo ability silents your footsteps for a limited time

    • LeJunny

      You’re probably right, thats what they’re probably doing -_- I dont want that though

      • Using dead silence takes no skill. COD has been using like no tactics since like MW2 or BO1. With the exo ability to have footsteps silent for a short period of time will add so much more tactical thought which we need back in the game.

    • MrGladiator20

      I’d like it. 2 great exo abilities for search, cloak and silence

  • I’m just hoping for near silent footsteps by default. No more soundwhoring over something so common as footsteps.

    Edit: This means that Dead Silence should NOT return. I want it applied by default, just like marathon and resilience.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      I don’t want it to be a CRITICAL perk. I do NOT want to run it on all of my classes.

      • Argy

        Could be interesting to add other loud noises in the game that mask footsteps too…Like in the jungle terrain they could have animals and brush moving and then make the footsteps softer on dirt. Or in the city you walk into a nightclub and the music outweighs footsteps.


      haha then it’s illogical

    • Mr. Silence

      I think blops 2 was similair to that. Never had to use dead silence ever in that game.

  • Sal

    When the game ships and all the new found hate goes towards SHGames

    ; im hoping they don’t crumble.

    • HAWK

      yea there are quite a few things that they have done wrong already, but alot of good as well. Im not liking Danger Close, the Thermal sight, Parabolic Microphone, and the Cloak suit ability, hopefully these things wont be an issue but with this community, the worst is possible…and somewhat expected.

  • Guest

    I hope it is like BO2 were soundwhoring was not broken like in Ghosts.

    • Dominic McCall

      BO2 sound WAS broken

      • Mysterious

        you must of been broken. it was perfect for me. astros ftw

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        No, it was balanced. One thing it did right.

        • Black

          Play BO2 with a good headset and the Super Crunch audio settings and you’ll soundwhore everyone. I always smile at people using suppressors in LP SnD but no Dead Silence.
          Plus Dead Silence is not only good for footsteps but also sound triggers (“grenade !”, “reloading” etc).

    • ccrows

      Broken in Ghosts?

      Unless you got “Canine Ears” bro, the “DS Buff” is just fine in Ghosts…

  • theSupremeVishnu

    I’m fine with dead silence as long as it isn’t completely silent.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Take out quickscoping, too, while you’re at it.

    • Hostslayer


    • MichiganerE

      Unfortunately, that’s only a dream. I hope quickscoping in AW actually takes skill to do like in Black Ops 1. Not only that, considering the game is going to have a skill gap, then QS should as well, right? It only seems logical.

      • Godly

        From what I’ve heard (may be a tad bit off since I haven’t looked into many perks/attachments) people that have played, even the pros say the ADS time with snipers is pretty slow and makes quickscoping hard/harder than it usually was. No idea if there is any attachment for snipers for quicker ADS or a perk.

        • MichiganerE


          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Yes, because aim assist is a lot less effective than on, say, BO2 or Ghosts.

          • MichiganerE


          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            At least so I’ve heard.

          • MichiganerE


          • smayo

            Aim assist was disabled due to the fact they played on a pc (xbox1 dev) with a xbox1 controller, that is still my major concern for this game, how strong will the aim assist and the sticky aim be when it’s turned on, and I think it’s the reason why players find QS more difficult in this game

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          There is no Quickdraw (Lightweight Handle) for snipers, which I appreciate.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Quickscoping seems more difficult, now with the new movements, and aim assist not being as much of a big deal. I’m tired of people like Ali-A, Midnite (even though I think Ashley is cool as hell), Vikkstar123, Tmartn, etc. making early quickscoping videos to tell the snipers to play it. I hate what YouTube has done to Call of Duty. It’s made the game unplayable. No matter what they do, quickscoping will never be balanced, simply because they’re weapons built for long range, and people use them like shotguns (snipers).

        • MichiganerE


    • “Quickscoping won’t be in the game.”
      ~ Ghosts developer 2013

      • TheShadowReaper

        said no one ever. check your sources moron

        • Ghertomp

          Look it up, a developer actually said that in an interview.

          • fires

            I believe he said it will be harder to quickscope because they changed scoping mechanics, he’s not wrong. But I never heard Rubin say it was not removed, but CHANGED. Anyways with the fast ttk, quicjscoping is the last thing I’d complain about in ghosts

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            A guy from Raven said that it’s NOT in the game at all whatsoever.

        • Yes someone actually said, I tried searching for the interview but didn’t find it. I’ll keep digging so you can get calm.

      • jooker-jr

        tbh the first time I heard this I was like : thats impossible

      • Guest

        No last stand
        -Robert Bowling 2011

        • Michael

          Actually he said quote “FUCK YOU LAST STAND!” but you were close :p

        • jordanxbrookes

          There wasn’t any Last Stand, but he never said there wasn’t Final Stand.

    • iKasai

      The only way to remove quickscoping is to remove sniping all together, which isn’t going to happen.


      i feel very strongly that they should remove aim assist completely. On PC version it doesn’t have it and kills are more based on skill.

      • hi

        but unfortunately we play console players play with a controller not a keyboard and mouse , so no they aren’t going to remove aim assist .

        • iTYPE2ANNOY

          wtf thanks for stating the obvious… i know consoles use a controller, that doesn’t change how i feel. Just to clarify i play on PC and on console, but when I play FPS on console i feel like i’m being babied with the stupid ass aim assist. It should not exist.

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Aim assist doesn’t effect AW like it does on BO2.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Great idea.

    • I myself find it fun to quickscope but believe it or not, it takes skill no matter what COD game you’re playing haha. Some more than others yes but it does in all and it take a lot of practice. I have been QSing in private match with friends for years but can QS in Matchmaking for shit. You miss once and you’re dead 90% of the time. Plus with the time to scope in, you could already have a few shots into you. Not trying to be rude but the people who hate quickscoping are the ones who are either jealous because they cant or they just never tried and dont understand it.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        If I wanted people to quickscope, I’d tell them to just play against bots. Abusing aim assist creates an unbalanced experience for players like me. Quickscopers should NOT be able to run fast at all, but with Lightweight, games like BO2 are broken because of lag. So they don’t just abuse aim assist, they also abuse lag. Quickscoping does not require much skill at all. I’ve heard of people saying that they just picked up a sniper (without ever quickscoping) and just picking people off one-by-one. I’ve gotten lucky ass quickscopes from across the map. Pressing the triggers on a controller is NOT challenging. Let me ask you this; is placing down a gadget that controls where you spawn in order to feed (which breaks the game) really fair to you? I have been Quickscoping since MW2. I’m good at it. But I don’t care. I care about Call of Duty, and I don’t want the franchise I love to be ruined. I understand it completely, because I was one of you.

        • The lag has nothing to do with quick scoping haha. And it doesnt abuse aim assist. On Ghosts they took away aim assist for snipers but you can still quick scope just as easily as before. Every sniper left though because they made the handling for the snipers slow as hell because of the people who dont understand the skill behind quick scoping. And also notice you put the word “lucky” in there.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I never said that quickscoping MAKES the game lag, I said that quickscopers do better with lag compensation and shitty hit detection, like on BO2… They DO abuse aim assist. That’s been a fact since CoD 4. They didn’t take out aim assist on the snipers on Ghosts. It still uses a lot of aim assist, that’s why it still exists. There’s no skill behind quickscoping. All you do is aim and shoot.

          • You read that wrong haha. I meant lag doesnt help sniper. Whether the person used an AR or a sniper, the lag was on their side in the first place. Dont matter which gun they use. They will most likely win the fight. Plus they DID take aim assist out for snipers in Ghosts. You have to be fully aimed in for the aim assist to kick in and with how slow it is to do that with all of the unjustified nerfs, its no longer really a quickscope. Scoping fully in can be considered not a quickscope normally with normal ADS time. Please watch this…..

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            The lag effects everything. CoD has been connection-based for years. Since snipers abuse aim assist, they abuse lag as well, especially because of the bad BO2 hit detection.

            I didn’t notice aim assist changes on Ghosts. But you may be right. I’m not completely sure. I should test it. They probably manually took it out, which is a legitimate way of doing it.

          • I know its been connection based. But everyone abuses lag no matter what gun they use. Unless you suck more than a thirst prostitute, lag is gonna win you the fight matter what gun you use

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Snipers abuse lag the most because they depend on it in order to get their kills. They purposely use Lightweight and Toughness in order to win gunfights.

          • and the reason you never noticed a aim assist change in Ghosts is proof that aim assist has nothing to do with quick scoping haha 😛

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Aim assist DID. That’s a FACT. It effected Quake III Arena, the engine in which CoD is based upon. And aim assist wasn’t removed completely on Ghosts’s snipers. Quickscoping was in the game due to two things: 1. Quickdraw. 2. Same engine.

    • Austin Michael Titus

      that would be a dream come true

  • Dominic McCall

    Toughness should be took out a perk shouldn’t determine a gun fight better player mechanics should

    • hi

      if you think toughness makes the player a better player then one without it then you are dead wrong.. but anyhow i think that toughness should just be integrated into you’re character already ..

  • gustafon

    If dead silence doesn’t return I don’t want anything that amplifies sounds either. With Amplify in Ghosts you could still hear Dead Silence which was dumb. And you could hear steps from across the entire map.

  • HAWK

    I’m more worried about the “Parabolic Microphone” it completely takes away the element of stealth and me even bothering to use a suppressor….

    • Sal

      They had it in ghosts where someone with a silencer would show up on the minimap if he was close enough to you. Im hoping its something similar and not the whole map.

      • poop


        • Sal

          Yup. It’s true. It was like a secret. I’ve seen it. Go try it if you don’t believe it. Lol.

          • Paul Thomas

            Mind telling us how to get it to happen? Just saying its there doesn’t mean it is.

  • Elian22

    Everyone is bitching about dead silence not being in the game but I personally think that this is a good thing. Without dead silence you won’t have to have that one perk that you need in every class. Its pointless. And plus with all these new exo mechanics and the game’s fast pace of the game itself, dead silence is definitely not needed in this game. Just how they added danger close because of the game’s incredible fast pace

    • jooker-jr

      i personally don’t care about dead silence but its the best way to counter the people who use headphones.


    The one thing I’m curious about is parabolic microphone. Wtf is that

  • D2ultima

    If they add Dead Silence, then likely some form of Amplify/Sitrep Pro perk is going to be added too. I don’t want a repeat of MW3 where some guy can sit in FFA with his sound turned up and a 7.1 surround system and just hear everyone LITERALLY half-way across the map from his location (no, I’m not joking or exaggerating; it’s possible with a good enough headset), especially if there’s some form of portable radar system already implemented.

    If Dead Silence makes a return, it should not be 100% silent AND there should be no listening-boosting perk. Let it be in a slot with other proper competing perks, like Flak Jacket or Scavenger or something. Sacrifice for benefits is key, people!

    lol, I type this as if this comment is going to be seen by anyone who’ll use it to make a difference.

    • Paul Thomas

      I like this idea. Make it like MW3’s in a Slot 1 perk, or maybe completely silent as an Exo Ability. The use of a battery would make it a much more tactical ability.

      • D2ultima

        I’m a firm believer that it’s less about what’s there and more about what it competes with. For example: What if you put shock charges in the lethal slot in BO1 and increased the damage they dealt? It’d in essence be MORE op than it is, but you couldn’t ceiling C4, floor-shock charge-trap people anymore, etc. I think far less people would have been using it, no?

        Anyway, as long as we don’t have a “hear other footsteps louder” thing, it’s ok.

        • Paul Thomas

          Well that’s why I said put it in slot 1 where several other important perks are. Or make it a exo ability where you only have a limited use in it

    • Woah, woah, woah. Did you just say a 7.1 surround system, and then say headphones? Let me check… “some guy can sit in FFA with his sound turned up and a 7.1 surround system and just hear everyone LITERALLY half-way across the map from his location (no, I’m not joking or exaggerating; it’s possible with a good enough headset)” But, a surround system implies speakers, not headphones, but then you went on to say headphones… Explain.

      • D2ultima

        I meant surround system as in “any method of acquiring 7.1 positional audio”. I suppose good enough speakers can do the job if they’re positioned well, but I was considering a good headset mainly. Please note I play on PC and there are a lot of good (emulated, but very functional) 7.1 headsets out there that allow you to hear people with such clarity and distance, like the Logitech G35/G930, Corsair Vengeance 1500/1500v2/2000/2100, etc.

        For exmaple: when I played ghosts at the launch of the game, in killcams with users who use amplify, I’ve actually heard myself from as far as inbetween the two buildings in that snowy map with the railroad in the center, where the killer was on the opposite side of one of the buildings. Yeah. Literally halfway across a map. In MW3 it was actually a bit worse. I remember knowing people were in separate buildings entirely and effectively being able to hunt players in FFA on audio alone whenever I got specialist bonus.

    • MrGladiator20

      I like blackops 2’s dead silence. If you sprinted you could actually hear your own footsteps, same with the enemy. And you didn’t really need dead silence. Really you can only pick out people when they sprint or if they jump. I think dead silence should be in the game and if you don’t like your footsteps sometimes being heard use the perk. I rarely use it myself because I’ll find you first with my turtle beaches ?

  • Why didn’t they do the same thing with toughness? Its 2054 and soldiers are still flinching unless they have a perk? Flinch should be removed from the game. A perk should not be the difference of winning a gun fight.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      You have just won all of my internets.

    • &another1

      Yeah, I was hoping it would finally be gone. They want to remove perks that feel like a necessity to players but yet they leave toughness in the game. :L

    • MichiganerE

      ^ This… Why the develops don’t fix the most minor/dumbest problems, i’ll never understand.

    • hi

      so.. you’re saying that toughness should just be integrated unto everybody?

      • Jake Weichert

        You are all stupid (except for hi). If there was no flinch, then that would be basically like removing a mechanic from the game or giving everyone an extra perk. It would also in a way decrease the skill gap in the way that good players know to use toughness whereas many, but not all, bad or inexperienced players don’t know to use toughness. The devs are going for a game where you have to actually be good at the game to be rewarded instead of everyone has a chance.

        • Austin Michael Titus

          they should just let it be like how it was in bo1, everyone has flinch, the better players win by aim, not a perk (if there is a perk like that in bo1, i dont remember it)

          • systemize

            It was hardened pro in bo2 but not many people used it because of sleight of hand in the same perk tier.

          • Austin Michael Titus

            yes but no one ever used it, and it didnt make too big of a difference

          • Austin Michael Titus

            bo1 that is, who ever went for hardened pro anyway? Sleight of hand was the go to

          • MrGladiator20

            Hardened pro is a good perk. I used it mainly on smg classes or on a Famas with dual mag. Still get the reload speed and you could wallbang and stay on target when shot at.

          • Austin Michael Titus

            props to you man, i couldnt do it, i think i got it pro on one prestige but i never used it after

        • A single perk should not determine the outcome of a gunfight. Similar to stalker or quickdraw, these perks allow you an advantage over another player. I believe that it was in MW3 when both stalker and the focus proficiency were introduced and, at times decided who would win a gun fight; A person with and without these. Before MW3, the outcome of a gunfight was based on gun skill. A solution could be to remove these perks entirely, but we have been accustomed to these and it is likely that every player would complain. The only realistic solution is to implement them into the game. The idea is not far fetched as we are in the year 2054 and our resistance to bullets would be largely increased and strafe speed along with weapon handling would also be increased.

          • Whoa

            Oh really? do I need to remind you of stopping power?

    • imTojo

      instead of commenting on here why don’t you Tweet the devs about this

      • I have no power when it comes to persuading the Devs about something like this. Its all up to pro players and YouTubers to see if this will eventually happen.

        • imTojo

          try tweeting @MichaelCondrey he has replied to some people who aren’t Youtubers and proplayers link your paragraph to him

        • You have no power because you believe you don’t. I have tweeted him often, and I’m not pro or tuber.

        • Walter Iego

          “By the power of Milkskull!” – of course you have. If everybody chips in they listen.

    • Jasy

      Get this man a FUCKING COOKIE. You sir have just won the internet.

    • steelersdc26

      I wish it was like that too because I literally have to use it on all of my classes, but the same could be said about Dead Silence and Search classes.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Exactly, this is my solution for everyone, remove Toughness, and build it into the soldier, and instead of bringing back Dead Silence, just make everyone’s footsteps quieter.

      • Aaron V


      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        They could make it a balanced experience, by putting equal flinch for everyone.

    • MR_WATSiT2YA

      You can’t just remove flinch, and no matter what year it is, a soldier can’t get shot two or three times and not even react.

    • THUNDER QUOTE but really i wont dead silence it will stop camping

    • Myke Fletcher

      THIS! There shouldn’t be any perks that are mandatory and this one is.

    • buttlicker

      if you got shot in the body in real life, im pretty sure you’ll flinch too

  • Derrick Wingler

    If they’re close enough to hear your footsteps, you’re close enough to hear their footsteps. I feel like the only people who bitch about this are the people who don’t own a decent headset with Dolby Digital Live.

    • Stewart Thomas

      People who are sitting in a corner shaking like a shitting dog don’t make footstep sounds

  • Nick

    Unless they make your footsteps a lot more quiet naturally then I’d like a perk that could decrease the volume of your footsteps! Allies aswell because half the time I die or panic because no one else runs dead silence anymore *noobs*

  • TheGamerBeast

    yeah let them Take out quickscoping, cz this can be horrible, inb4 someone 360 in mid air and no scope someone, this is the new challenge lol

  • galaxygraber

    How about no footsteps period? They’re future soldiers, yet they don’t even have the technology to silence their dinosaur stomping?

    • I don’t think respawn game modes need this, but having no dead silence and loud footsteps in a quiet game of Search and Destroy, could be a problem.

    • exeterman2

      Tactical crouch walking bro.

  • Name

    i dont really care if it comes back but i am interested in what they are trying to do

  • Michael

    I know the footsteps are extremely loud in this game but to be honest sound whoring will be completely irrelevant in this game if they don’t add dead silence. I would want dead silence because I hate being sound whored by some guy with astro a40’s. (yeah I can’t afford one as of right now.) so I hope they add it 😀

    • clercq1983

      You really should get the Astro A40’s. I know 250$ (depending on where you at) is a lot of money for a piece of hardware. But it’s worth it. If I were you I would try to save for a couple of months and get them. But I also know, not everybody has the same financial capability… Believe me, I’ve been here…

  • Manx Mouse

    Please don’t put dead silence in the game! I want more room for my perks and if I don’t run it then I will get pummeled by ninjas!

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Their solution is to sell some “Silent boots” on the microtransaction store.

    You want to run around silent? For $5, you can buy these futuristic boots with built-in Dead Silence!

    • jooker-jr

      he’s joking activision

  • yardis

    Everyone’s footsteps should be loud.

  • Name

    the problem with dead silence is it limits your perk selection. In previous cods, you HAD to use it or get sound whored like a n00b.

  • Kill Denied

    They should remove Toughness and reduce flinch in general.

  • hi im brian

    how about instead of worrying about dead silence they take danger close out the game cause that perk is the biggest piece of garbage ever made

  • curi0us

    I wouldn’t miss Dead Silence if it was gone. Then again, it was basically a requirement in competitive stuff from what I hear so whatever.

    • How about an option to disable footstep sounds in custom lobbies? And set the sound off on competitive games. But if the footsteps are really loud, like they seem to be, people could camp in a corner with a headset and just pick people off… (In SnD)

      • curi0us

        It’s a step in the right direction I suppose. But then again, this is a brand new CoD, with new rules, new guidelines, and more options.

        I would genuinely like to see the game pan out before making any kind of decision.

        Personally though, I think it’s a good idea, to a fault.

  • cRi7iCaL

    Perks like Toughness, Dead Silence and maybe even Quick Draw should be default abilities since they are used by almost everyone that plays on a high level. It’s a good way to shift the focus to other perks and change the Meta (drastically).

    • LovekillerX

      I agree with that. But for now they have put it as weapon attachment like in Black Ops 2 (quickdraw handle.) It works better as perk in my opinion. But I’m not saying it wouldn’t work as weapon attachment but I was little annoyed when I had to choose between three attachments (which two to choose because I didn’t want to use wildcard for third attachment.)

  • Haydn

    If there is technology to reduce all fall damage, then why is the technology to silence footsteps so hard?
    I know the reason why dead silence doesn’t exist – they are too busy sucking hastro’s ass

  • ccrows

    “We’ve got a different, and we what this is better, solution for Dead Silence in the works.”

    ^ SH asks everyone to mute their TV… 😉

  • “If we are wrong, we’ll bring it back.”

    I’m really starting to love SHG.

    • I was scared hearing a new developer was in play now. The only reason I am having high hopes for this is because they care about the community which is what most developers lack

  • Waido

    if u take out must have perks then take out toughness to. Iam fine with not having dead silence.

  • Waido

    take out toughness too because its an must have perk as well

  • Ggspikey

    I don’t think they should bring back Dead Silence, but just make footsteps quieter, because it is just a waste of a perk spot, same goes for toughness.

  • macht


  • Primey_

    “If we are wrong, we’ll bring it back”

    Now that’s a sign of a dev who cares. You wouldn’t see Infinity Ward saying something like that

    • I know right, these developers, Condrey and the whole team is the best thing that has happened for call of duty in years. They are proud of their game and they care of their fans, they want the fans to enjoy the game too.

  • jooker-jr

    how about making dead silence an Exo ability ?

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    There shouldn’t be dead silence and there shouldn’t be any toughness. You shouldn’t have perks in the game that are a must run to be successful which is what is going to happen if they are in the game.

  • Instead of foot steps, silence the blast from the Exo suits

  • Batman

    New era for CoD = new stuff.

  • Pi Natra

    Dead Silence makes no sense, because with every Jump Boost Or Dash you will be shown on the minimap and you can hear it. So you wanna Run around with dead Silence, but the jump Boost can everybody hear?

  • cesc-2007

    Why black ops2 style perks ?? I thought it was a new game.

  • Ryumoau

    i don’t really use headsets so it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me whether its in the game or not.

  • If I had to guess what this means, they are probably going to make everyone’s footsteps quieter, and add AMPLIFY as a new perk. That would make sense.

  • Mario Rivera

    How about completely silenced steps while walking and about 50% of DEFAULT ghosts footstep volume while spinting, this will add a degree of realism and strategy in the game and sound would still be a factor for advanced players. Toughness should not be a perk either, they should take it out and make that attachment that detects silenced weapons/extends the hud a perk instead.

  • Will

    I won’t really matter all that much with boost jumps play such a huge role in the movement mechanics of the game.

  • Aaron V

    I wish there were more players who actually understood the importance/non-importance of some of the things in the game so they could give better feedback besides “Yes” or “No”. Yes or No polls don’t always give the answer that is needed.

    Having perks that you become TOO dependent on, is never a good thing. It takes away the skill & awareness aspect of the game.

    Saying yes to having Dead Silence in the game is understandable for players that don’t want to be loud. But it still makes players dependent on the perk. We shouldn’t have to worry things like this at all.

    Saying no would be the better option. Why? 1.) We won’t depend on it. 2.) No one will have an advantage or be at a disadvantage. 3.) Footstep loudness/quietness can be tweaked to the point where sound whoring is not a big problem, BUT enough to be able to hear players enough to know someone is coming if you’re actually paying attention.

  • J Sama

    Flinch shouldn’t exist. They should just make your screen get a tad bit more bloody as you get injured, to compensate. I don’t mean in a ridiculous over the top kind of way, just a little more than it already is. I’m a fan of gun fights and battles. Those of you that argue “good players with better aim will win “flinch” battles, you are simply wrong. Don’t get me wrong, it does occur(mainly in the older games like MW2). The problem is the consistency. It changes the meta of the game and turns a lot of gun fights into a game of chance and luck. Who will flinch worse this time? What guns cause more flinch? Lmgs, Semi auto ARs, guns with very high fire rate, etc. It’s just a a mechanic that is not needed. There are instances where you can land first shot on target and have decent gun skill, then little Timmy hits you with ONE shot from his LMG with no attachments and throws your aim waaaaay off. All the way to the point where there is NO amount of gun skill that will let you “correct” that and still get the kill before he kills you. Toughness remedies that, so technically you have a crutch perk that gives GUN BATTLE advantage towards whoever has it, versus whoever doesn’t have it. I dislike that and I think toughness and flinch should be removed entirely. Only gun battle advantages should be red dot vs iron sight, or long barrel vs silencer, etc. It shouldn’t be “you outgunned me because your screen is completely still and mine is all over the place simply because you have a certain perk and I don’t”. Just my two cents

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I must admit I do find the noise very off-putting when watching and its so loud that it obscures the shout-outs. I can see it being very irritating over prolonged play.
    The main reason I use Dead Silence as the noise of my own footsteps irritate me – with the extra noise of the Exo Suit to that would be even more annoying.
    I like others cannot understand why ‘Toughness’ is a perk in the era this is set – especially with Exo-suit abilities! It should be in everyone’s ability as standard and would make gun-fights more ‘focussed and fair’ a bit like the incorporation of Stopping Power did.
    Dead Silence also encourages a more aggressive play style in my opinion. You are more likely to run around and rush if you think the opposition may not hear you. If you think they will then you are more likely to creep everywhere!
    Ideally I hope SH build Toughness into the game (i.e. so everyone has it) and replace the perk with Dead Silence. If that means moving them around so that it is in with a lot of other ‘must-haves’ then it still won’t be over-used!
    I get the impression they went to a lot of e-sport matches and they ALL use Dead Silence and Headsets. In Public its not so common (unless you play SnD or SnR) but Focus is (almost) essential regardless.
    Wonder if Scuf users will have a much bigger advantage now too??? Maybe unless you can have more adjustment on the control scheme (i.e. swap ‘A’ for LB and/or ‘B’ for RB???)

  • Jim Bobert

    No Dead Silence just means those who can afford the best headsets will have a clear advantage. If TTK is like Blops2 & no Quick Draw for snipers I’m buying this day 0. I hope they add a bumper jumper config or bind A to RS press.

  • Dexter

    I wish they decided before launch whether they were going to include it or not. If Dead Silence is in the game I won’t buy it. So this pretty much makes me not want to buy it when it launches. Ghosts was great at launch. All of the nerfs and buffs were irritating and the smg buff was the last straw. Done with that game.

  • Bring it Back

    No Dead silence has completely ruined it for all S&D players… So what a way to ruin cod you make me sick!