Tired of getting penalty killed because of friendly fire from your killstreaks? Well that will no longer be an issue this Novemeber when Advanced Warfare releases. Sledgehammer Games Michael Condrey just confirmed via Twitter that Hardcore modes penalties will be based on number of kills although no confirmation if you get the boot after a certain number of kills or if a voting system will return. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more…

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Sounds good but I also like ricochet.

  • Have fun with those probation timers! *Continues playing core*

    • Galibotrix

      This right here is the whole reason I refuse to play TDM or Free for all, I just cannot stand the fact of how long you have to wait to spawn back in when you die. 🙁

  • Too bad I’m a filthy casual :'(


      being on here so much, you sure don’t study COD like a casual

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I quite like Ricochet in Hardcore modes – what I don’t like though is score streaks ricochet. Its a nightmare in Ghosts when you get certain Field Order rewards (like Barrage) and some random idiot continuously runs around and I die? Its not like I am controlling the scorestreak! Or the ‘Gas’ in Showtime – another one that annoyed me too! Scorestreaks should help your team not ruin your chances. When I play Hardcore I usually opt for scorestreaks that either (UAV) or at least don’t target ‘Allies’ but never the less I shouldn’t die on un-controlled score streaks!

    • Louis

      Completely agree! Uncontrollable score streaks shouldn’t kill you because of that one idiot on your team.

    • Dude I only play Hardcore to kill my teamates! So this really benefits me!

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s why I play Free-For-All, too many stupid teammates on the field, both in Core and Hardcore modes.

  • Louis

    Don’t like that. Wish they would keep ricochet. Please put a voting system in HC because if you’re with a full 6 of your friends and you accidently kill them you won’t get booted. There was so many times where a friend or myself was booted by throwing a random grenade or shooting through someone/thing and then having to play a man down because of that crap.

  • imTojo

    ricochet sucks it ruined the griefing community

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Griefing? Really? Why should we give a shit about them?

    • jordanxbrookes

      I think you mean the ‘no-lifers’ community.

      • justchill

        griefing is fun for sometime………

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        there’s nothing ‘no-lifer’ about a griefer, it’s the try-hards memorizing spawns and stressing about their k/d that have no life.


      there’s always a way to grief let me show you the way…

  • Anyone know what that gun is in the picture? I thought it looked like the MP40 but I think it’s the ASM from the trailer.

    • Batman

      Its that futuristic Tommy Gun

      • thanks thats what I thought it might be

        • just

          he is right because he’s batman

          • iTYPE2ANNOY


    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s called the ASM1, funny enough I was playing with the Thompson today in Call of Duty 3.

  • DarkSurge

    Unrelated but, could anyone please confirm if 4-Player Splitscreen is returning?

    • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

      I think 2 player on PS3 X360. 4 Player on X1 PS4.

      • I pray the 4 player split screen is not true. Just when I thought two splitscreeners were bad enough… 🙁

        • Black

          It’s always been two split screeners online, 4 players split screen is for people who want to play at home with buddies.

        • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

          I have an idea.
          Last gen (PS3 – X360) – 2 player split-screen vs bots (not online)
          Current gen (PS4 – X1) – 2-4 player split-screen vs bots (not online)

          Why? Because on last gen, I think that 4 player split screen would lag badly. Plus, I don’t like split-screen online. On current gen, I think it will lag atleast a BIT less, and thus you can run 4-player splitscreen okay. Heck, on my PS3, I can hardly run MW2 with all 4 players.

        • Galibotrix

          I cannot complain about split screen, I live with a roomate and we just cannot afford another Ps3 or console at this time. We have our own tags and use them, I will however say that using split screen makes it easier to play, because for one you have your team mate right next to you and you can screen peep off of them, and when you don’t have a head set that can be a huge benefit. I will say though it is a pretty cheap tactic, so IM 50/50 on the whole thing. 4 people on 1 screen that bs, pretty much give you a majority vote on everything, and nearly impossible to do anything with them team thats on one screen. Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do right.

  • Batman

    HC mode is only there to spit players. No one plays HC regularly

    • myself and a lot of others ONLY play Hardcore

    • Damienjohnnn

      I only play hc. So your statement is false.

    • TheHitman1982

      Would much rather play HC than core.

  • Grenada!

    I only ever play HC S&D, so it’s all good for me since you don’t really kill your team mate that often in S&D.

  • justchill

    so now i can troll people more with team kill by ruining their streaks, thanks SHG

  • Why can’t they leave Richochet except for Killstreak Richochet? Like others have said your just gonna get team killed when others get jealous of earning high score streaks. I love Hardcore but the HC community absolutely stinks.

  • Andrew G

    Ricochet is not Hard Core… Hard Core is not Ricochet. Glad to see FF returning, will be curious to see how implemented.

  • Saint123q

    Thank you SHG! The Cod Gods are listening to me…I hate Ricochet especially because people tend to jump infront of you to get you killed on purpose. This way if someone team kills its there own fault, we dont pay the penality for people being little children and jumping infront of us to get killed on purpose. The same thing could happen with this system but it is a lot less fun.

  • Irshaad Solomon

    What kind of Hardcore modes will there be?


    great news for me. bad news for everyone playing hardcore. all you fools playing hardcore will not enjoy when I join your game.

    • TheHitman1982

      You will promptly be an avoided player, so have your fun the first time.

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        i will certainly will, thank you pal.

  • Shrinkwrap

    Back in COD4 days, one RPG immediately fired into the ground at the start of a HC S&D made for some really annoying games.

  • Will_Wheatley

    This is stupid as hell, you really fucked up SledgeHammer. Hardcore Search and Destroy is nothing but a troll shooting a rocket at the ground at the start of EVERY ROUND killing his entire team.

    • Galibotrix

      I die more from the boost slam than I do rockets or anything else. The thing that bothers me, is the people that are TK’ing never seem to get booted, its always me I accidentally hit someone with a grenade or KS and boom kicked, while the other guy just goes around trolling the shit out of everyone lol.

  • toastedbreadgt

    I am so sick of getting team killed on hardcore search in the beginning of each round, and them not getting booted

  • Galibotrix

    Which is total bullshit, because I have been kicked a few times for bombing run team kills, and accidental grenade team kills. Yes I need to watch where they are being put, but it’s kinda hard to just stop in the middle of a gun fight and say oh whoops better not shoot that way. I cannot count the number of times I will be running an smg, and ads for someone to run in front of me while im 1 v 1 an opponent and then get kicked because he ran in front of me.

  • Greg Harris

    just got my first merciless kill streak on hardcore domination and then threw a grenade at the enemies check point and 3 of my team went to it and it killed them all and I got kicked so I didn’t get the merciless medal which pisses me off it was a accident. black ops 2 if you accidentally kill teammates and get kicked you still get to keep the medals which I though advanced warfare did the same but doesn’t look like it. I prefer treyarch over sledgehammer’s call of duties to many rules and penalties…

  • I have not gone one single game without being kicked for team killing it’s f’ing rediculous