Michael Condrey has tweeted out an image revealing a new soldier in Advanced Warfare MP that was earned through an Elite Supply Drop set.


SOURCE: @MichaelCondrey

  • Is it wrong for me to ask for a Stealth Clown Exo Suit?

    • Seven

      Depends what kind of clown.

      • Did you not get the good old MW2 Resurgence Map Pack Trailer joke I used? I feel old now….

        • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

          Good one!

        • Bruce Wayne

          I got it. Robert bowling with his clown head glitch

        • Nick

          I still remember the MW2 glory days, which were 5 years ago, crazy to think how much time has passed.

    • exeterman2

      That map pack was fantastic apart from fuel. Carnival was a brilliant map.

  • Haydn

    Damn… you guys are fast with your news 🙂

    unlike a certain other gaming website *COUGH* IGN *COUGH*

    • loyal fan

      honestly IGN sucks, Charlie Intel for life lol

      • IGN really sucks 10/10 – IGN

      • Myke Fletcher

        IGN is ok for anything except COD. Honestly, I think Gamespot is much worse then IGN. Only because it’s painfully obvious that they are funded by Microsoft in one way or another. Everything they do seems to have a pro Microsoft spin. I am not saying this as someone who hates Xbox, because I don’t. I just want my information to me neutral not biased.

    • Eaz Jmilly


    • HenryDF

      IGN, or at least the journalists at IGN, all seem to dislike CoD and the entire IGN community is full of haters (the comments beneath CoD articles are just painful to read).

      IGN’s good for general gaming news, but don’t expect IGN to report anything to do with Advanced Warfare unless it’s an exclusive, something big, or a review.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        No, they don’t dislikes. They even have a guy who’s THE COD GUY.

        But it makes sense. There’s no need to make a video or write an article about 1 new screenshot. There’s why there are sites like this.

    • jordanxbrookes

      IGNore the IGNorants that make up IGN.

  • BrotherhoodOfSteel

    Did you guys see the leaked image of Weapon Master armor? Its diamond plated

    • link?

      • Guest

        Here you are.

        • Dope! Thanks!

          • Rapturouss

            No big deal, friend (:

        • HAWK

          OMG That is EPIC!

          • Rapturouss

            I know right!!! o:

        • Autocorrect

          They also showed the lynx sniper. Hopefully not as terrible as ghosts’s lynx

        • KernosT

          It was shown in the last seconds of the reveal trailer.No one noticed it.

          • Strange that didn’t get the usual GT Pop Block analysis of the multiplayer reveal yet!

  • Looks pretty cool. It seems like customization will be a pretty big part in AW. I can’t wait to customize my soldier!

  • Black

    Stuff I want for my soldier : half mask + beanie ; half mask + hoodie ; gaz mask ; different shades of black for overall outfits ; half fingered gloves for thumb and index.


    the noob of advanced warfare

    • yeppers


    • Guest

      wrong, the noob can’t level up his weapons if his life depended on it. this is a try-hard.

  • Suu

    “This looks so cool, you know what I’d hope though?..”
    ‘Like you know how GTA has their little updates with clothes and whatnot for free and stuff, they should do monthly supply drop clothes update thingies and we need a custom exo color cutomizer with designs and colors unlocked VIA supply drops aaannnnnnnnd no micro DLC for supply drops, and we need SABOTAGE!”

  • Supply

    Quick question are supply drops just randomly picked or are they handed out for challenges etc?

    • TheShadowReaper

      they said u get free supply drops from the campaign. (actually they are unique so u can get them only through the campaign). u also get 5 free supply drops with 2 of the pre-order versions the atlas pro and the other one. other than that we don’t know, probably micro dlc.

  • If only the actual attention to detail was actually visible in multiplayer this would actually be pretty cool. It looks like every other soldier I’ve seen so far in all the multiplayer videos on YouTube.