GameInformer visited Sledgehammer Games and got information regarding another developer that is assisting in the developer of Advanced Warfare. Raven Software, the studio that is lead on Call of Duty Online, and has worked on MW3 & Ghosts, is assisting Sledgehammer Games in development of Advanced Warfare.

“The Sledgehammer Games team was able to leverage talent across the company after last year’s game shipped, including the team at Raven Software to help deliver against our three year vision for Advanced Warfare,” the duo told us.

High Moon Studios has been confirmed as the developer for the Xbox 360 & PS3 versions of Advanced Warfare.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • Damienjohnnn

    What did raven do in ghosts?

    • Read the credits to Ghosts. I believe they did some mp design.

      • Damienjohnnn

        Yikes… If that’s the case they better do a better job in this cod.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Map design, I think. DLC. They worked on DLC for years.

        • Keshav Bhat

          Raven didn’t work on Ghosts DLC at all. They left Ghosts once it’s released to focus on COD Online for China.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            DLC for Call of Duty is made before release; or, so I’ve heard.

          • Whoa

            No it is not. Maybe ideas for DLC but creating them happens after the game releases.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            There’s no way I can prove it. At all. It’s all speculation. I don’t mean to claim it as fact, it’s just something that I’ve heard throughout the years.

          • NotTrollingJustTellingtheTruth

            But if you actually worked in games, you’d know that the DLC usually is processed after the game is finished being developed.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I’ve heard the other way around, actually. You actually trust the developers and what they say? It’s all marketing.

  • Raven Software helped make Ghosts. Advanced Warfare is gonna suuuuuckkk! Jk 😉

    • Steven Cook

      Ur stupid ghost is awesome u just not good at cod bo2 don t count game is easy easy to keep kd up I had a 1.2 and wouldn’t even trying that hard

      • Johnathan


      • mason 117

        That’s a low KD lol

        • Yeah. If I half asset it in BO2 I probably would still have over a 2KD. 1.2? That guy isn’t very good. Haha

      • galaxygraber

        I don’t like Ghosts as much as the previous games, and I have a ~1.9-2.0 K/D. It’s just as many people say, it’s just too slow. It’s a very well designed game, the players ruin it.

      • I’m bad at COD? Ha! I wish. Then I wouldn’t care so much about the game and I could just play casually. :p

  • Drills

    Just dont let them touch things that ruined MP in Ghosts like the ttk, maps, IEDs, etc. They should just do some small shit like the titles and emblems or some shit.

    • Sal

      TTK on Ghosts is pretty much the same as other CoDs. The difference is the hit detection.

      The MP5K, Scorpion EVO, P90s (both versions) and many other SMGs outTTKed the Bizon and the CBJ, the fastest firing SMGs on Ghosts.

      • eatadick

        The CBJ is a weak piece of shit that gets trumped by the retarded commando knife and all the pistols. It’s that shitty. Same thing for Bizon, it’s got sub-part hipfire and pathetic damage.

        • pulseimpact

          The Bizon is not pathetic…honestly I could see an average player thinking the CBJ is bad, but the Bizon has one of the fastest TTK in the game and is very effective with a grip. The only real difference between MW3 and Ghosts on TTK is the extended range on a couple of the SMGs like the Vector and MTAR-X. The game just functions better than MW3 and has less aim assist which makes the gunplay less sticky and more fluid. The bizon has good hipfire, and if you think it’s bad then you should use steady aim which clearly tightens the spread. The pistols in Ghosts are not better than the CBJ. The PDW in particular is by far the worst weapon in the game.

          • Suu

            “CBJ was like my best weapon for a while, and I’d unmute the other team to hear kids rage, cause apparently using the CBJ makes kids rage, but yeah I’d hear them whine that they got killed with a CBJ, but I loved that gun.”

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        The TTK in Ghosts is instakill. No one wants easy mode instakills we want a balanced TTK like in BO2. Not instant but not too slow!

        • theSupremeVishnu

          It was just that the bullets registered too fast, I hope it is between Cod4 and Bo2

        • Sal

          TTK on BO2 on LAN is near instant because there is NO need for server calculations.

          Hell, the Scorpion EVO outguns the Bizon.

      • Wamp

        average damage on BO2 for AR’s was 35 or 36, Ghosts is 42, and the way the frame rate/fire rate rounding works the weapons fire faster, even if the guns say they have the same fire rate and because of the lag comp on ghosts(with an OK connection), the delay between bullets registering is near to none so it seems like you get instakilled. Lag Comp was way worse on BO2 but how it worked kept the fire rate constant, not delivered all at once.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Ghosts is Infinity Ward title with Raven and Neversoft helping. Raven didn’t specifically add those certain items.

      • Dr. Salim

        I know they made the menus.

      • pulseimpact

        Ghosts multiplayer was made by Infinity Ward and Raven with Certain Affinity assisting on some maps. It’s unknown who made each individual decision, and map design is something that was spread out with multiple teams. I think Neversoft was mostly just behind extinction, and everything suggests they were not involved with multiplayer (but I could be wrong). I liked Ghosts personally, but even still this is probably a non issue article. Raven has almost 200 employees and it could be as simple as them taking people to bugtest and work on UI elements. People are freaking out here when most of the game is probably finished, and it’s already clear that Sledgehammer is focused on three lane maps with some verticality to aid with the exo movement.

        • guest

          i can tell u extinction was done by raven, neversoft only helped with singleplayer the competative mutiplayer balance and content was all done by IW, and yes raven also helped with ui. if you want to point blame its all IW’s fault and so will be their next title in 2 years time, unless they hire some real talent.

          • TADPOLE

            Neversoft did the extinction

          • neversoft made extinction mode. Thats why they merged into IW when they shut down and also why there are neversoft easter eggs on the last extinction map “Exodus”

          • jordanxbrookes

            Extinction was created by Neversoft, not Raven.

      • Vivek patodia

        keshav are you indian??

  • Didn’t we already know it?

  • Juses

    Im calling it cod will go to a 4 year dev cycle. Raven will be the 4th dev

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      I called that one a couple of months ago. I hope that becomes the case.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Raven is currently focused on Call of Duty Online for China, don’t see a 4 year cycle happening in the near future (until at least 2016).

    • Ɗαwσσd ᴴᴰ

      I hope Activision make them develop Cod instead of IW

  • why did Raven stopped working on call of duty online to come do this. why?

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    So what does this mean? What are they developing? MP? DLC?

    • Plokijuh1229

      Maybe Co-op?

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        No. They’ve never made Co-Op. Maybe some Co-Op DLC, but not the Co-Op metagame. 😛

        • HeX Reapers

          They made COD:OL, (Cyborg Zombies) so maybe something in that range?

    • Suu

      “For some reason I read MLP DLC.”
      “My Little Pony.”

  • dest

    Feel sorry for you last geners haha

    • Guest

      If it’s anything like Titanfall or Ghosts, then there’s no reason to worry too much. Of course next gen will be better, but it’s not worth it to me to upgrade right now. I hate to disrespect Sledgehammer’s hard work, and I like xbox live, but there’s a lot of mistakes microsoft made with the One imo. :/

  • Dr. Salim

    Will they be working with Treyarch or nah.

    • Guest

      I guess that depends if third mode co-op is Zombies or nah.

      • Dr. Salim

        I meant next year

  • ben wills

    I wonder if CoD: Online has a competent PC Port. Either way working on MW3 and Ghosts isn’t particularly promising.

    • ToanswerChief

      CoD: Online is a PC only game…

      • ben wills

        Yes, I shouldn’t have said port and something more like proper features or something. I just wonder if it has FOV Slider and servers and actually runs ok. Hard to tell since I can’t read chinese menus, or really find much info on them.

  • Richard

    Bring back zombies please!!!

  • NiftyGam3r

    Ravensoft… GTFO

  • Juses

    Wow my comment got deleted for saying that the dlc will probaly suck

  • Juses

    soo… i guess you’re not allowed to have opinions here 😛

  • Macrox

    I trust Raven Software. My hope for a Singularity 2 is all but gone unfortunately. 🙁

  • Maybe Raven Software’s working on the co-op mode?

  • Soda

    I think Raven studio is responsible for the Robot Zombies mode. They also were rsponsible for the Robot Zombies is Call of Duty Online.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    You have to be related to someone to get a job there.

  • Vermell

    Fish AI confirmed! Lmao

  • Grenada!

    God no. Raven helped make MW3 and Ghosts and we all know how bad they turned out to be.

    • CinemaSins

      Ghosts wasnt that bad

  • Ash_Killem

    Maybe they are doing the port to last gen?

  • Guest

    I like everything, but I don’t think Uplink should be a competitive gametype. Hardpoint, Search, and Flag are enough, and I don’t want one of them substituted. Uplink is like ricochet or assault from Halo, and in Halo 4 it was exploited with cross map throws. I think even in the cod boot camp someone exploited that. It’s fun to mess around with in matchmaking, but I don’t think it should be a competitive gametype.