UPDATE: Activision has provided further details and stated that the promotion starts in the US on October 6th. The codes in the boxes can be used to unlock in-game gear, Double XP, and Supply Drops. 

‘FUEL UP FOR BATTLE’ with Mountain Dew®, Doritos® and Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare.  The Fuel Up for Battle promotion allows players to customize their Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer experience by accessing in-game gear through the new ‘Supply Drops’ reward system.

Starting October 6, fans in the U.S. can collect codes from specially marked packages of DEW® and Doritos products and enter them online at www.DewandDoritos.com to enhance their gaming experience and create a unique identity for their advanced soldier by unlocking exclusive (until Feb. 15, 2015) Dew and Doritos in-game gear.

Players can customize their character with accessories such as an exoskeleton, loadout vest, helmets, goggles, boots and more.  Gamers will also be able to unlock double XP and rapid supply rewards. Every code entered from DEW and Doritos packages unlocks Call of Duty in-game rewards and each code entered will also provide a chance to win an Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Original Story: 

Activision has just announced a partnership with Mountain Dew and Doritos for Advanced Warfare. This special marketing partnership will allow players to unlock Double XP and exclusive supply drops for Advanced Warfare, similar to MW3’s promotion.

Get ready to stock up on specially marked Mountain Dew® and Doritos® packages to unlock exclusive (until 2/15/15) in-game gear, Double XP and Rapid Supply for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare.

Head over to http://www.fuelupforbattle.com for more details.


  • wat

  • Time to get fat–er, fuel up for battle!

    • Ryumoau

      yeah its just sad. Activision cares more about making more money than health issues.

      • You choose to yell at Activison for this, and not McDonalds, Burger King, or any fast-food chicken restaurant? Yeah, that’s just sad.

        • NEONHAZ13

          Y u no mention KFC??? Lol jk

      • Since when were food companies at fault for someone’s health issues? Last I checked, we’re responsible for our own health.

        Also, Activision isn’t selling the food products; They’re simply promoting them.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        You can buy them and give them to a sibling, friend, etc.

        • Guest

          In context of that reply, you are a shit friend there sir!

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Haha XD

  • GFTW

    Looks like I’ll be having some Doritos and Mountain Dew in my future then!

  • jack

    Shame its only a US thing

    • SoTotallyXray

      It will come to the UK look out for icons on Mountain Dew and Doritos, soon

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Mountain Dew and Doritos? Lol typical.

    • Max Martinez

      Atleast they didn’t go with Monster Energy. I personally don’t like drinking energy drinks. Especially while I’m sitting down playing video games, it’s not good for you honestly.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Mountain Dew is an energy drink though.

        • Dr. Salim

          It’s more of a carbonated soft drink.

        • it’s 7-up/sprite with cafeine, all in all, same shit

          • UpRiftCOD

            With vegetable oil mmmmm.

  • Ryumoau

    i really hated when they did this for MW3 and i still hate it now. It just seems really awful to encourage millions of people to consume junk food as acidic and unhealthy as Mountain Dew just to get extra perks in a game. 🙁

    • Mario Rivera

      So dont take part in it…

    • Max Martinez

      Just buy it and get the code. You can give the drink and chips to someone else. They aren’t really telling you that you have to consume it to get the code.

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        yeah sure “they aren’t telling you” to drink it but they sure are making you spend money on them… it’s called propoganda and persuasion. When you buy it you are more likely to consume it and more likely to buy more if you enjoy all the chemicals they add to make people love the taste so much. It’s a trap!

  • Time to move out

    • Wow riley. That new fancy exo-suit you got sure helps your writing! Its almost as if you have opposable thumbs! #yeahijustwentthere #kippo



  • Mitch

    If you get double XP with this on Day Zero, does that mean 4x XP?!

    • Oh I hope so.

    • JoZer805g

      Someone give this guy a bag of Doritos and a bottle of Dew

    • HenryDF

      And if you tactically drink the Mountain Dew, does that mean UP ALL NIGHT on Day Zero?!

      • NEONHAZ13

        No it means fuck real life lets play aw!


      No! but it means you get more 2XP for a longer amount of time. MW3 did this same exact thing with MTN Dew and Doritos just in case you forgot or you were born yesterday. This money whoring is sickening. It’s to get the other companies (mtn dew & doritos) some sales in exchange for advertising, being bombarded with “Advanced Warfare” everywhere you look. This is how money hungry people get your attention and make you want to buy unhealthy foods. They don’t care if it’s bad for you they just want that money out of your pocket!!! More people’s attention = more money.

      • Paul Thomas

        Actually if you had double xp with dew and played on a double xp weekend you got x4 xp for kills in MW3.

  • Doritos? MUCH better than Monster Energy

  • Baruck obuma

    4x XP??????????

    • Mario Bélanger

      Day zero 2xp + Doritos & mountain dew (if lucky) 2xp

  • DopeAap


    • Excel

      Wait, this is only in the US?

    • Same thing with Finland. We have no doritos but Mountain Dew could have codes just like Monster had Ghosts codes last year…

      • Guest

        Luckily in the UK we got plenty of Doritos XD

        • guest

          UK don´t get the codes :´(

          • NEONHAZ13

            We get Doritos don’t ruin it and we got monster codes last year so…

        • guest12222

          Fuck UK nobody have more Doritos then me y buy 30 doritos every day y I am already at prestige 4 bitches…so fuck your cup of coffee

      • Fininsh guy here

        What part of Finland do you live? I was visiting Helsinki last week and Verkkokauppa.com’s store was full of bags of Doritos.

        • Hmm you’re right, but I think it’s the only store in this country that has them. And I don’t live near enough 😀

      • Tibo Bergé

        Here in Belgium, the Monster Energy codes were on the cans in January…

  • dplusj

    Americans get unhealthier just to get some double XP lol

    • Why is it just Americans?

      • some countries don’t have Doritos or red mountain dew. And these limited edition doritos/mtn dews might not be sold in some countries

    • NEONHAZ13

      I drink dew and eat Doritos and I’m a proud Scottish/English person so lets gear up for battle by drinking energy drinks to make us on edge and eat Doritos to… Erm…

      Give us a bigger meat shield! Here’s your Doritos jim

  • iKasai

    They did this for mw3….. Yet I never found a mtn dew pack that did the deal

    • Juses

      You must live in a strang place… everywhere i went had them until like january

  • curi0us

    If my math is right, things will start in October. Possibly around Oct. 2nd, or 3rd.

    If the gear looks good, I’ll probably look into buying things.

  • Haydn

    Monster tastes like cat piss 😛

    EDIT: not like I know what cat piss tastes like 😉

    • JoZer805g

      I’m on to you.

      • Haydn

        Should have chosen better words lol

  • J4MES
    • Haydn

      YEAH! Im on board with this 😀

      • UpRiftCOD

        This kid has same name as me, but which one is the imposter?

      • NEONHAZ13

        Oh but I don’t drink tea(buys ten packs anyway)

    • Perfect idea!

    • jordanxbrookes

      PG Tips for life 🙂

  • I totally saw this coming.

  • 8th prestige Day Zero!Hhahahahaa

  • This is probaaably not coming to Finland, right?
    Last year I bought 6 cans of Monster and I don’t even like the drink. And I hate Ghosts, lmao.

    • We have no Doritos FYI

      • Haydn

        You have no Doritos? You must have a very difficult time with that 🙁

    • HenryDF

      I remember buying all that Monster last year, all for…well, sugar lows and short bursts of x2 XP.

  • PatPatPat

    Who would have thought

  • Josh

    This is soo much better than last years Monster energy drink promotion for Ghosts 😀

  • drjakeyoung

    Before and after 3rd November:

    • VVFZ

      Thanks for ruining doritos for me

      • drjakeyoung


    • Dr. Salim

      Who says you have to eat them.

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        *whispers* you don’t even have to buy them, the codes are on the outside of the bag 😉

        • Acadius Alexander

          Not anymore. As of last year, they type the codes inside of the bag due to people taking pictures of codes and using them.

          • Sagar Trika

            Yeah, but that goes against FDA regulations. The reason they were on the outside during the MW3 promotion was because corporations couldn’t have ink that the codes are printed in near the food. It’s a “health hazard.”

          • Acadius Alexander

            I understand what you’re saying. I’m just going from what Doritos did last year with the Xbox One contest codes. They printed them inside the bag. Maybe there was a light film over the code and that’s how they were able to do it? It’s just Doritos got a lot of blow back from people taking pics of the codes and using them therefore the honest people who attempted to use it were at a loss. Maybe this year they’ll print it on a card within plastic much like a cereal toy. But what I do enjoy doing is giving away Double XP to nice randoms or even on sites like this. I hope to see you again and I’ll share with you all (as much as I can anyway).

          • Suu

            “Share with me pls.”

          • Acadius Alexander

            Will “dew”. See what I did there? Yes, I’ll definitely be on here sharing codes for free when I get them. ???

          • Mark Fortin

            share with me to

    • Acadius Alexander

      I’m laughing and saying, “ewww!” at the same time.
      Thanks for the laugh. ?

    • XD

  • The page says one person have max 12 hours double xp. So you could have the game on Nov 3 and have 36 hours double xp… Damn. I bet some people will be max level in 3-5 days.

  • PCMR


  • IIPlayer99II

    Looks like I’m buying some Mountain Dew in November… Never bothered doing this in the past for ghost or mw3 but for advanced warfare I’ll do it

  • Guest

    It says in small print 12 hours of double xp AND 12 hours of rapid supply – so the rapid supply is not the supply drops then?

    • Mitch

      Probably just unlocking Supply Drops 2 times faster.

  • Tep Kok

    it’s like they’re parodying themselves at this point

  • Juses

    is it for ps4?

    • Dr. Salim

      Most likley

  • Mario Bélanger

    Need a drink?

    • Juses

      looks like pee

      • ur rite juses

        • Juses

          am always rite

        • Juses

          gud ding ur fallowing nao

          • ya im stalkin u hid yo kidz hid yo wif und hid yo huzban cos im stalkin every bode out there

    • Guest

      no mario, i don’t drink sugary water

    • Felipe Rios

      Where did you get this????

  • jordanxbrookes

    Hope this is for the UK too, I missed out on this for MW3, and I sure don’t want to miss out on it again.

    • I actually like Mountain Dew so I could use an advantage this year if they just do it in Finland. At least we had Ghosts Monster cans 😀

      • jordanxbrookes

        Same here, plus with my favourite Chilli Heatwave Doritos, I really want to eat, drink and play.

  • Juses

    So theirs no point to buy the atlas limited edition now?

  • Dylan DuGirls

    I don’t drink Mountain Dew or eat Doritos anymore so if anyone would like to buy some junk food I’ll hit you up 😉

  • oh jeez, mountain dew and doritos there’s only 2 things that come to my mind:




  • Out of all ways to promote this/any game, using unhealthy food and drinks is the most pathetic one.


    Lemonade flavored Mountain Dew???? Where the fuck have I been??

  • galaxygraber

    Blech. I don’t like Doritos or Mountain Dew, so I guess I’ll just be taking the codes and giving away the food to friends.

  • Kermit the Frog’s opinion:

  • zombiefreak935

    what are chances

  • JaBoiKnoWs

    Hopefully they have codes on bigger family sized bags of Doritos that maybe unlock a little more than the smaller bags. I’m not going to a store and buying a bunch of little bags lol ..

  • OscarTheTitan

    The montage parody makers will be very happy about this XD

  • Jamsehh

    No UK? Oh.. Okay..J

  • Black

    I wish they would have done it with Red Bull and Haribo instead. :'(

    • NEONHAZ13

      Hahahaha lol

  • Michael Aylwin

    Will this be coming to the UK ?

  • Qwayze

    No UK 🙁

  • i did this with halo four, in total i probably had over 24 hours of double xp

    • and i usually buy like 3 bottles of mtn dew a week XD and i also love doritos and surprisingly I’m only 100 pounds

  • Also will this work with ps4?

  • 7h3d4gg3r

    Dam, I’m gunna get it on PC and I live in the UK. Activision are once again not thinking about anything else then the USA console players

  • BigShadyJPirate

    Confirmed! Codes on outside of Doritos bags in Eastern NC! Whoop whoop! Free codes!

  • Wrath

    where would you put the code (never understood this) help?

  • Lord_InFamous3-6

    Did you drink my mountain dew? Let me smell your breath. Who drank my Mutha-F***ing mountain dew?………Its not mountain dew, its mountain lightning. I cant afford mountain dew, the economy’s rough right now…OBAMA!!!!! http://youtu.be/FeJ1UqnHsvU

  • eastboy

    I dont live anywhere near a 7/11, anyone wanna share a code for the Doritos/dew loadout with me? My psn gamertag is eastboyshanxfam, i will mutually share a code from any of my double purchases with anyone willing. Msg me if interested.