In the newest Episode of GameSpot’s Aim Down Sights, Michael Condrey has confirmed that Advanced Warfare’s Co-Op mode will feature up to 4 players support.

  • Team at SHGames has been focusing on 3 lane maps, verticality, and bringing the fast paced action to Call of Duty
  • Co-Op Scorestreaks will bring new ways to use streaks and let players experience different ones
  • Uplink is basically like American Football, intense scramble for scoring
  • Condrey hopes that competitive community adopts Uplink game mode
  • Team at SHGames is listening to all feedback from all communities about what they want; “on Nov. 5th, we’re still going to be listening to fans and still making changes and bring new things.”

Michael Condrey has also confirmed that the markings on the Advanced Warfare controller doesn’t reveal anything about the Co-Op mode of Advanced Warfare.

โ€œThereโ€™s nothing on the controller that tells you anything about it.โ€

Watch the episode now here:

  • Lckite

    Shit no zombies

    • maybe it’s for the best

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      They didn’t say that the game won’t have Zombies. They’re putting their own spin on it.

  • Bit disappointed, but I’d rather leave Zombies up to Treyarch and have Sledgehammer do something new!

    • Zombies will never be done by anyone other than Treyarch. It annoys me sometimes how people dont understand this haha. I mean zombies is owned by Treyarch. Sure things like gun game go from dev to dev but thats MP. Zombies is an entire gamemode that Treyarch trademarked

      • Not exactly, zombies as a gamemode is something that Activison trademarked, not Treyarch. And since Treyarch, InfinityWard, and SledgeHamma’ Games are all owned by Activision, Zombies could be in anyone of them, just as Extinction and safeguard could.

        • zombies for 2 and half years would kill all ideas

        • Even so, Treyarch made the story. Any other activision dev team would destroy it.

        • Batman

          ATVI wouldnt dare to touch zombies, they know they have a golden mine with 3arc

      • I understand that, I’ve been a CoD fan for a long time lol, it’s just it was hinted at and we had some hope for a second ๐Ÿ˜›

      • crusher91

        Treyarch is owned by Activision….who also owns IW and SHG….so technically trademark would mean absolutely nothing.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      They said that they’re putting their own feel to a particular Co-Op gametype from past CoD games. It might be Zombies, so I think he basically confirmed some sort of Horde mode.

    • Aaron V

      You’re so ignorant. SH would not do zombies, end of story.

      • Suu

        “What’s the point in trying to make a person feel small and insult them, lets be a world of kind men instead of mankind, my friend.”
        “And with that I wish you a good day.”

        • Aaron V

          Telling someone they lack awareness is not an insult. I’m not sure what it is that makes people upset when you use the word “Ignorant”. It’s not “Arrogant”…

          Hey Suu, you lack awareness… Are you insulted? Didn’t think so.

      • Yeah I know but it was heavily hinted at with the controller and there was speculation lol, chill.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I haven’t even seen last week’s episode haha, but glad to know we know more about this co-op mode, really would love it to be a revamped Spec Ops, but with people caring towards a horde based mode, I doubt it will happen. :'(

    • Paradoxgaming

      Shut up meg

      • jordanxbrookes

        Ok, you have said that same comment to me at least 3 times now, it gets repetitive after a while, try something new, I know trolls can’t come up with originality and just copy everyone else, but at least try.

    • KernosT

      I think it wont be spec ops.Cos Condrey said that its something that SHG themselves have come up with.And when that teaser image was filtered with various kind of crap on Photoshop CC.It looked like a giant plane that had like missiles and machine gun on it.Maybe something related with Fighter planes or maybe a killstreak.

  • Adam

    4 player co-op, that is good. Now we need 4 player split screen private matches!

    • you can in older CODs. Im pretty sure black ops was the last one with that. I guess they pushed the old consoles to such a limit that it could not handle more than 2

  • Andrew G

    Why anyone wants Zombies… again… baffles me. Let Treyarch do the Zombies… let’s see what SH brings to the table. Maybe something new and exciting instead of old and rehashed?

    • this guy ^

    • Michel

      Let Treyarch do Zombies …………. IN ADVANCED WARFARE

      • NuttyTheSquirrel


        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          I don’t think you understand the caliber of Sledgehammer Games. They could easily do well at Zombies and create their own narrative for it. But it was TOO easy for them, that’s why they’re making a different Horde mode.

          I wouldn’t count Zombies out until the Co-Op mode is announced in September/October.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I like how you ASSUME the Sledgehammer Games is this amazing developing team, when you never even touched their work.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Really? I’ve played Modern Warfare 3. And they’ve obviously shit on Treyarch in terms of actually ADDING multiple new mechanics into the franchise whilst creating a vast new metagame, whilst Treyarch can only put in Scorestreaks and the pick 10 system and that’s it. Do you see anything game-breaking? We don’t know for sure, but the game clearly looks far less broken than shitty Black Ops 2.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            MW3 was as bad as Ghosts… If they’re making a MW3.5 with AW, they WILL NOT go far. Modern Warfare 3 is literally the worst FPS game (FPS game published by a publisher) I’ve played.

            It’s not like their Naughty Dog. “They’ve obviously shit on Treyarch in terms of actually ADDING multiple new mechanics into the franchise whilst creating a vast new metagame, whilst Treyarch can only put in Scorestreaks and the pick 10 system and that’s it.”

            Not really. Treyarch made some crazy changes. They started the futuristic stuff, the pick-10 which is the pick-13 in AW. They changed the way perks work, attachments, etc.
            Treyarch changed the pace of the game, the scorestreak feature, the ability to choose streaks in real-time (I don’t remember if that was in MW3). They also completely changed the Zombies mode.

            Treyarch did the dangerous changes. The Pick-10, the perks, the time where the game was set, new attachements that never were on CoD before.

            I, personally didn’t like many of the changes. I loved how the older class system (had to have a primary and secondary), the older Zombies mode (Black Ops), the pace on Black Ops was good how it was.

            I’m not a fan of Black Ops II, but Treyarch did change some things. And they changed the most dangerous stuff.

            In AW, I didn’t really see much change. The exo-suit abilities (jump, dash, etc), the pace (obviously) and the ability to customize your scorestreaks (which is fucking awesome). Other than that, there’s nothing else. (Supply Drops is just fucking stupid, and it isn’t even a feature for me, they just give you guns with locked paints and attachments… Some are sightly more accurate than the original version, etc. Just feels like they were going for the Battlepacks on BF4, which I also don’t like.)

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            They co-developed it. We don’t know what they made, nor what they did NOT make. Sledgehammer said they worked on SOME of the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 3. They worked mainly on Campaign and Co-Op. A halved job should not be considered a staple of what the company is about. You’ve seen the things that Advanced Warfare brought, and it looks like, to me, and improvement of Black Ops 2, which means that the game will be fun. The issue with Modern Warfare 3 was balance due to half-assed development from INFINITY WARD, not Sledgehammer. That travesty was Infinity Ward’s turd while coming to fruition as a replacement developer of the old Infinity Ward.

            They’re Visceral Games (at least half, I’m sure). Dead Space and Bond games. They’re known for creating compelling narratives and just all-around fun games altogether. I still have yet to play Dead Space, though (I’m not a Horror guy). They’re quite a talented breed.

            Treyarch did NOT add to the mechanics of the gameplay whatsoever. Possibly with the attachments, but they made more mistakes than positive additions. Black Ops 2 is full of BS. They did not touch on the outdated Call of Duty 4 character animations and Black Ops 2 has what I like to call “Treyarch Net Code”, which has always been flawed. Black Ops 2 was a bad game because they were near the end of a console generation and were limited with what they could do. They still had an outdated engine and they had to make due with what they had, so I’ll cut them some slight slack.

            I’m talking strictly Multiplayer, since Treyarch has a separate development team for the separate modes (although Zombies in Black Ops 2 uses the Multiplayer engine). The pace of Call of Duty was there since CoD 2, they didn’t really add anything to change the fast pace. In fact, they even put things in the game for campers to use, such as Riot Shields that you can deploy and exploit. Recycled Scorestreaks was one out of few things that Treyarch brought up into the game. Scorestreaks completely ruined Team Deathmatch, the most popular mode.

            Black Ops actually had a lot of camping, things to Ghost. I thought Zombies on Black Ops 2 was the best iteration the franchise had. Mob of the Dead, Buried, and Origins are the best Zombies maps I’ve played, and they’re loads of fun. The Pick-10 could work as long as nothing is critical/unbalanced. I don’t want to be FORCED to use a perk. Otherwise, perks should be removed from the game (they’re technically considered cheats, anyway).

            They didn’t change the actual mechanics, they just added a metagame, in which Advanced Warfare significantly improved. Sledgehammer put in both the metagame AND mechanic changes, whereas Treyarch gave the same rehashed gameplay.

            The changes Sledgehammer made to the game are significant. Yes, they improved Treyarch’s metagame with the Pick-13 and Scorestreaks, however, they actually changed the GAMEPLAY mechanics and added a more significant metagame, giving the game a learning curve/skill gap. You can boost jump and dodge/strafe. You can use these two as a combination whilst in the air, completely changing the movement. You can even hover, cloak (which is balanced), and make various combinations with the movement (as I stated earlier). They added the Exo Abilities (Launcher, too), and Co-Op Scorestreaks. Supply Drops aren’t a bad change, I see it as creative, but it could possibly make overpowered builds. However, they are far more sophisticated than Battlepacks.

            Sledgehammer also innovated over Ghosts’s customization features (albeit it’s not a 3rd-Person game), added new modes, etc. They basically added new options, while making a well-balanced game. If that’s not a talented Multiplayer development team, then I don’t know what is. Albeit it is speculation, as I haven’t played public matches.

          • Kevin Zuniga

            Mw3 wasnt a bad game it was just really frustrating

          • tobi xw

            Mw3 was fucking amazing…first off sledgehammer games had nothing to do with mw3s was all iw. Sledgehammer games was brought in to help with the campaign….second…mw3 was for the sweaty bastards like me …fucking awsome..people couldnt hang thats y they didnt like it..

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Are you a wizard?

            Because Sledgehammer’s position on MW3 was NEVER known. +There’s an interview with Michael where he actually says that they helped on everything, not only SP, everything.

          • Michel

            MW3 & BO2 were both bad.
            Idk I hated MW3 but sometimes I still had fun with it for 2 months.
            BO2 was very frustrating but fun too, if I wanted to play a serious match I went to league play with my friends.
            If I just could’t take the BS I went to Zombies.
            There were so many options, thats why I’m still playing it.(Because Ghosts is shit too)

            Ghosts was just was wrong in every way.(Except for connection which was better then BO2)
            After 2 weeks I just hated the game, refused to play it and just played GTA V(thank god that it was released)

            Now we have this new developer which is using a lot of good things from BO2(except for thoughness & OP Pistols).
            So it might finally be a good COD.
            They just need to increase TTK, remove the OP pistols which BO2 also had(they just seem more OP this time) and a good Co-OP modus.

            And if we have any luck, Activision finally didn’t lie to us and they use a completely new engine.

          • Aldo

            It was IW/Sledgehammer who introduced the ability to select your streaks during the game in MW3.

            “Treyarch changed the pace of the game”. Can you explain what you mean by that? In my opinion CoD has always been a fast paced FPS which is why I love it and the only CoD that didn’t have this pace was Ghosts which was a snoozefest!

            Yeah, I’m not convinced by the Supply Drops idea either but I’ll wait until I’ve played the game before passing judgement. I hated the Battlepacks in BF4 though so I’m not optimistic! It’s just too random for my liking.

          • beasty

            You must be retarded to think MW3 was a failure. Besides black ops 2 being decent.MW3 was the last great COD.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            First of all, it’s called an opinion you fucking idiot.
            Second of all, NO. Black Ops II was better than MW3 in my opinion. And both sucked ass compared to Black Ops.

          • Michel

            MW3 wasn’t SHG work?
            This is their first own game and they obviously want to change a lot in COD.
            While keeping the best things of BO2(even for thougness, OP pistols, OP Snipers, OP shotguns … at least it seems that way)

          • KngOfThe4String

            The only reason they have Treyarch and Infinity beat at mechanics is because they had THREE FUCKING YEARS to work on this game! As opposed to the year or less they’ve had recently. I bet Treyarch’s next game will put this to shame. And @ NuttyTheSquirrel as far as not seeing their work, I’ve seen many of the SH team members work when they created the first Dead Space. and if that isn’t assurance enough of them being competent at creating a good creepy co-op mode to rival zombies then I don’t know what is.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            CoD games used to take 1.5-2 years. And no, Gayarch was shit in BO2. They can’t make a multiplayer game worth a shit. There will be no CoD that’s as fluid as Advanced Warfare. BO3 or whatever the fuck it is will be just as generic as past CoD games. Only SP and Zombies are what I’m looking forward to in terms of Treyarch games.

          • CALL OF DUTY LOVER

            Bro don’t hate on black ops 2 that’s the shit till today

          • CGkillZ

            Dead space lol. They have actually made games before…

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            The only thing that Dead Space has to do with CoD it’s that it is a shooter.
            Just because they made games before doesn’t mean that their next game will be good. An EXCELENT example is Infinity Ward. + It’s not like the hole EA Redwood Shores (Visceral Games) is now Sledgehammer. As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t many people who worked on Dead Space there. There’s Glen and Michael, the audio guy (can’t remember his name) and a handfull of people. Sledgehammer Games has 200+ employees. Visceral Games still games amazing titles, so the essential people are still there. IW on the other hand, had around half of their employees after the “disaster”, the ones that matter left.

            As the old saying says: “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

          • CGkillZ

            Hey your dumb dead space is a 3rd person game. Just stop lol

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I meant shooter.

          • CGkillZ

            Well you haven’t played it. It looks great so don’t discredit the studio.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Exactly. People shouldn’t say that it’s bad nor good. It’s goes both ways.

          • CGkillZ

            But your assuming it’s bad. We’re hoping it’s good. It’s better to hope somethings good then trying to tear it down.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I’m not assuming it’s bad. The CoD trailer magic just doesn’t grab me like it used to. The last 3 CoD’s were fucking garbage for me.

            And actually, it’s better to hope something’s bad and then play it and fucking loving the shit! xD

            Or else it lives with just high standards that it will never live up to what people thought it would be. Look at Assassin’s Creed 3, or Watch_Dogs.

          • CGkillZ

            Idk I’d rather be optimistic. It looks somewhat good. And that’s from actually watching the gameplay. If it’s shit I got destiny to play.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Well, I don’t. Since Destiny is (probably) not coming to PC. At least not for awhile. So I rather not support Bungie at all. Give them the same treatment. I usually just buy console games if they’re “company” exclusives (Uncharted, The Last of Us, Forza, etc).

          • CGkillZ

            Well that’s just my personality. Usually the happy people in life are optimistic… It won’t be on pc. Maybe eventually in the next few years. Can’t always hope games are shitty.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I’m usually optimistic too. But when you’ve wasted 180 euros on a franchise that has been nothing but pure shit (my opinion) you start to be unoptimistic since every trailer from those games where you waste 180 euros are “hype-train” trailers.People think I’m a unoptimistic piece of shit in here, but that’s just because I can’t be optimistic with CoD anymore. I’m gonna wait for AW to come out and then see it for myself. IF it’s good, I’ll buy it. If it’s not, I’ll just do the same with Treyarch (wait) and IF THAT game is also shit, goodbye CoD.

            I’m optimistic about a shit-ton of games.
            The Crew (played it, it is amazing with a friend)
            The Division <3
            Rainbow Six: Siege
            Witcher 3
            Project CARS
            Uncharted 4
            and some more that I can't remember.

          • CGkillZ

            If you aren’t optimistic about cod why are you here?

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Because I still want news. Just because you aren’t optimistic about something doesn’t mean you don’t want to know about it.

            I’m more skeptical than unoptimistic. I don’t really know if THIS IS the CoD that I’ve been waiting for, and there’s a huge change, but at the same time there’s not much of a chance. Either way, it’s a biggest change we’ve had and I’m gonna buy this game (the power of having money to spend and you don’t know where xD) but I’m only buying this game blind-folded because it is a new studio. I actually don’t even want change, if they “gave” me MW2 Revisited Edition I would be golden, and happy like a little kid on his Birthday.

          • CGkillZ

            I would like a zombies mode for advanced warfare but it won’t happen. At this point they want to bring back fans. So what would bring back the fans.. zombies. Everybody loved zombies it would make sales increase dramatically. But most likely it’ll be a survival mode like mw3 but with 4 people. I believe that’s why ghosts didn’t have that mode but I’m not sure.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            There was a leak that it’ll be a Horde mode like Zombies, but I don’t think they’ll make the same formula. They said they wanted their own spin on it. Ghosts had Safeguard and Squads.

        • SMDBeetach


      • MeisseN

        But why? I think I’m already bored with Treyarch and their zombies after black ops 2. Origins is fun and all, but in the end it’s just lame. I hope they go back to their roots, removing all those puzzle stuffs and overpowered perks (like Scavenger and PHD) to make Zombies truly about survival. And bring back the good old atmosphere like in Nacht or Shi no Numa. At least make it creepy

      • GodzOfTheArenaTV

        HELL YEAH!!!! I’m with you on that one Michel ๐Ÿ™‚

      • CABgamingProductions .

        I gotta be honest, I don’t want anymore zombies, b02 ruined the experience for me.

      • fobfanwhoo

        This just made me laugh my ass off^ no clue why…

    • Tim โ–„๏ธปฬทฬฟโ”ปฬฟโ•โ”ไธ€

      If u worked at SHGames studio what would you do??

      • Andrew G

        Tough question. I would love to work for SH if I had that kind of creative and technical talent.

        Have seen a few suggestions tossed around. Someone suggested a “Terminator”-type theme along the same lines as Zombies/Extinction.

        Me? Not a Zombies or Extinction fan. Would much rather see a 4 person Co-Op tactical mode. Have Various levels and tactical challenges against AI enemy soldiers and equipment. Tasks such as rescuing hostages, sabotaging weaponry or databases, retrieving intel, escorting a VIP, etc. Keep the occult/alien element out of it.

        • Urgh

          I would love to see something like that return, especially with the addition of the exo-suits ;0

          • HypeeZGb

            It is most likely going to be something like that, as extinction wasnt exactly a hit. Dont get me wrong it was fun, but nothing compared to zonbies with the round objective not completing a mission while facing hordes its too simple. In my opinion ( i know no-one asked for it, but thats the whole point to a forum/comment section right?) it will be either round based or mission objective most likely round based, but Atlas controlled superhumans (biolab experiment) or atlas soldier wearing exo-suits. Either way it will be interesting to see, im not fussed i just like the way SHG are going so far.

        • Guest

          Sounds like spec ops (not survival though).

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Spec-Ops? Fuck no. Zombies is much more fun than that bullshit.

        • Clearlyjay

          Good suggestions

        • KernosT

          Well technical and creative talent doesnt come in a day.Study something for Game Dev then work and get experience then try and join.Each and every Big Dev company has their own page for jobs.They take all sorts of people if they have talent.And about your idea,it sounds great but its more like something on a story mode.COOP is something that is always fun and just when you get bored of MP you go to it.

      • nick

        i see a co-op that involves robots takin over the world b/c of a hacker and we basicly have to kill robot planes,turrets,etc to get to the hacker and shut it down

    • Trizay

      Finally someone that gets it!

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      If they did Zombies, then I’d be happy. But it’s definitely a Horde mode.

    • Aaron V

      It’s not going to be zombies… But it probably will be similar to the way it works with surviving rounds. That’s what makes it so fun.

    • No Zombies and no aliens. Extinction was a waste of time in my opinion. They could’ve invested that time and resources into making MP in Ghosts better.

    • Confirminator

      It will likely be some plot of dangerous beings taking over the earth… Robots, Dinosaurs, Apes or Fish.

    • Zombies

      Cba Waiting!

    • Zombie4ever

      Yea new could be good. But if they do some shit like this Extinction crap, id prefer old and rehashed. With new exciting maps, graphics and weapons.. ZOMBIES never gets old !!;)

  • SamBirch

    Honestly I think Extinction proved that any wave based mode other than Treyarch’s Zombies is just going to be a disappointment. I’d love to see Sledgehammer bring something completely new, completely fresh, and hell of a lot of fun!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Extinction wasn’t really wave based. It was more objective based.

    • Aymen Skiken

      wut m8 ? i enjoyed extinction more than zambiz…. i like zambiz too , but it gets boring after few matches…

    • I liked Extinction… :/

    • I loved extinction. Infact more than zombies. Well at least BO2 zombies. They damn near destroyed it in the game. Nothing will get better than classic NAZI zombies. Der riese is and will always be my favorite zombies map.

      • I think BOII had better zombies…For watching anyway. I tried playing t and It was too slow and boring. But I love watching NGT do videos on them!

      • Batman

        Origins > any zombies map ever

        • Trizay

          And MOTD

        • Origins is for sure up there on my list but I enjoy the more classic style. Maps where the whole the thing was not based off of a easter. I did love the story line though

        • *easter egg

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    So it’s not zombies or anything to do with co-op. My guess is maybe it has something to do with the Mustang and Sally from BO1 zombies. Or maybe just a hint to the return of the m1911. Why? Because look at the gun on the poster of the BO1 game. 8 tally marks.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Black Ops will forever be my favourite Call of Duty title. Played the campaign of it again yesterday, and I’ll tell you what, I had a blast playing it.

    • Andrew G

      So… you didn’t read the article?
      “Michael Condrey has also confirmed that the markings on the Advanced Warfare controller doesnโ€™t reveal anything about the Co-Op mode of Advanced Warfare.

      โ€œThereโ€™s nothing on the controller that tells you anything about it.โ€ “

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Not the co-op mode. I said in my comment it has nothing to do with co-op. Meaning it doesn’t tell us if it’s zombies, it doesn’t tell us if it’s round based, nothing. I’m saying that maybe mustang and sally may make an easter egg appearance in campaign (like the ray gun in WAW), or maybe just dual wield (or single-wield?) m1911s could be available in MP. If the tally marks have nothing to do with co-op, then why are they there? Surely the markings on the controller and on the gun, both saying 8 in tally marks, couldn’t be a coincidence.

        • Andrew G

          I would doubt highly to see a gun like the 1911 in such a futuristic setting… unless the Co-Op mode is a throwback…

          It could just be a coincidence, or as Condrey joked it, it is the amount of kills Schofield got in total during the dev cycle ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, you have a point. But it doesn’t hurt to theorize and see what everyone else thinks.


      you are most likely wrong.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        thx bby <3

        • iTYPE2ANNOY

          that wasn’t a compliment and i am not your “bby” don’t be such a queer, you can’t have this dick.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Sounds like you’re in denial.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            If you want me you have to be born as a girl, sorry. Just because you are a transvestite, it doesn’t count. Sucks for you.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Just saying, you sounded very defensive. Almost like you were trying to hide something.

  • BAM! i told you no zombies! whoever said that there would be zombies you were…

    • Urgh

      It was pretty obvious that it wouldn’t return, but at least you didn’t succumb to the silly ideas of the “others” ( .-_.-)


      EXACTLY WHAT I WAS SAYING. It was hilarious watching people jump to such ridiculous conclusions bases off pure speculation!!! What I REALLY want to know is WHY is the SAME EXACT marking on the AW controller also on the Black Ops 1 pistol for the cover art ?? What does that shit mean!!

      • Aaron V

        It means round based co-op… People are thinking too hard.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Actually they said it has nothing to do with co-op. Therefore the co-op would not be round based because of this.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        They’re not confirming that Zombies WON’T return.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      How in any way, shape, or form does this NOT confirm Zombies?


  • Mitch

    I’m guessing it’s gonna be those human-like creatures from the MP map Biolab

    • Autocorrect

      Remember that no multiplayer map was influenced by co-op. Ever.

      • Juses

        yes there was…

        • Juses Chrest yu stoopid. Itz co-op influenced bi MP Not MP influenced bi Co-op. Such wow. Much stoop.

          • you need to work out that dolan orthograph

          • Juses

            y u say dat? u maek me cri

          • Juses

            what if co op was influenced by Biolab ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Look at the Ghosts DLC maps. They all had bits of extinction in it. One even had a killstreak based off extinction.

        • Aaron V

          Pretty sure Extinction was created first before a few maps… Think about it.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            That’s what I said.

      • Kurama

        Unearthed was based on Extinction, unless you mean something else.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Uh… Really? World at War would like to disagree.

  • Grenada!

    Zombies is Treyarchs thing, people who were thinking it was going to be zombies are stupid.

    • Trizay

      Thank you! Someone that gets it!

    • justinrijstn

      Treyarch did help sledgehammer with a few things that is obvious maybe they helped making AW and maybe they made zombies for them because a lot of people are angry because they need to wait a extra year for zombies. That was my theory (sorry for my english)

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      There’s still no confirmation. My speculation is that they’re putting their own twist on Zombies with some Horde mode. I don’t want any Spec Ops garbage.

  • Aymen Skiken

    well … wut ’bout robot zambi dogs that like eating chipotle ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Name

      i honestly dont really like that, in objective modes it doesnt give you many options to move around the map and the lanes can be camped by the other team preventing you from ever getting halfway across the map, my opinion was mostly formed from my experience playing on plaza in black ops 2 which was 3 lanes, but based off that map in AW(the space elevator one) which is also three lanes, they kinda addressed that with multlple levels which might not be soo bad afterall

      • Merffy

        Three laned maps are the best. You don’t end up with a headache when trying to control traffic. That’s why I adored Black Ops 2 and was hoping Sledgehammer would continue the approach.

        • Aaron V

          That’s exactly why “Pros” aren’t Pros…… You think any major Pro Sport is meant to be easy so you won’t get a headache? Listen to yourself buddy, that’s a joke.

          If anything, 3 lane maps should ONLY be made for Competitive since there are only 4 players. It doesn’t work in 6v6 anymore.

          • Merffy

            Uh, major sports require a lot of physical effort. They weren’t created to be easy, and aren’t meant to be easy. Nor is Call of Duty a physical sport. It wasn’t created to be easy either. Like all FPS, it takes time and “skill” to actually “get good” at the game. I mean, look at Halo.

            Controlling traffic/lanes in Call of Duty doesn’t really justify whether or not you are pro. Hell, I’m not even pro, but back in Black Ops 2, Orbital VSAT + knowing the spawns and putting pressure on lanes; my team and I basically controlled the momentum for 45 seconds. If teammates are able to benefit from that momentum by gaining their streaks, they too will be able to control the momentum at a given time. Eventually, we’ll have the game locked if we are able to keep the momentum going. But hey, you don’t see me on Youtube asking for likes.

            For Call of Duty, pros are pros because they’ve put hours into their skill over the years, they make on point predictions, win mind games, and have abnormal eye-hand coordination, reflexes, etc, not because they only know how to control traffic in lanes.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Call of Duty is the easiest FPS in the world, since it was CREATED as such. Simple controls and easy to pick up = features that CoD always had. That was its benefit, and that’s what sold the game. Halo requires slightly more effort because the health is high. Halo and CoD MP are different genres. One is an Arena shooter, and the other is an Arcade shooter (Advanced Warfare seems very similar to Quake, but is still an Arcade Shooter). You can play a session of Halo for a couple of hours and warm up your shot, go to CoD and get destroyed, and vice-versa.

            Anybody can play ANY game for 8 hours a day and become one of the best.

          • Merffy

            Easy to play, hard to master I guess. Like fighting games. You can button mash, sure, but you probably won’t get any good at the game by sticking to that forte. You’d have to devote a lot of time into it to understand the mechanics and such.

            “Anybody can play ANY game for 8 hours a day and become one of the best.”

            But you didn’t specify how many days it’ll take to become the best. Let alone, some what good. It could be months, it could be years. Then again, you said any game, and not all games are a FPS. You can master an iOS game in a matter of hours.

            Playing FPSs for a while now, I can say I’m some what naturally good at them, it’s just a matter of adjusting and that even takes time.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Hard to master? Eh… It’s hard to master the maps. Now with Advanced Warfare, the mechanics will finally be hard to master. But talking about past games, when I first played CoD 4 in 2007, yes, it was quite hard to master, since I didn’t really play any FPS’s since Goldeneye (now I’ve been playing FPS games for years). Anyway, CoD back in the day didn’t really have mechanics, besides on the weapons (which, I guess, weapons are the most important in an FPS, and that’s where quite a bit of the mechanics are).

            I meant anything. It could range from any day. It depends on the person and if they are quick learners, or slow learners. But the “practice makes perfect” idiom is popular for a reason, and it’s evident with e-Sports. I don’t like nor support e-Sports for multiple reasons.

            It’s really just the maps and understanding traffic flow. If I were to get Advanced Warfare, I’d probably start with bots and work from there.

          • Merffy

            Some maps aren’t really difficult to master, especially three laned maps. Ghosts, however, totally destroyed that for me, so sadly and selfishly, I couldn’t adjust.

            I mean, even for quick learners, it’ll take more than a day, because there will always be someone else who will just be better at the game and that person wouldn’t be better if it wasn’t for the immense amount of hours he/she put into the game.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I concur. Playing a level for the first time requires patience in order to learn it.

            I’ve been playing the franchise for 7 years, and I’m still not the best, which is crazy. There’s always people better than you, that’s why competitive CoD is so predictable. EG and OpTic win every single time, because they have the best recruits. No one, besides Envy, have a chance to shine.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Three-lane maps are the staple of CoD. They were in CoD 4 and MW2. They help the flow of the game and stops campers. Instead of one portion of the map to camp, they’d have to watch all 3 sides, making it easier to get rid of those pathetic campers. Ghosts had bad maps not only because they were big, but because they had design flaws.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          They are the best, yet Black Ops II fails to have the best maps.

          • Merffy

            Most of the maps in Black Ops 2 were fine. I didn’t like Turbine the most, but everything else was fine.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Nah. There were like 4 maps that I actually liked, one of which was just a remake/copy from their last game, so it doesn’t really count. In my opinion, MW2 maps were much better. Each had a different feeling. In Black Ops 2 every (good) map feels the same to me. Hijacked and Nuketown are essentially the same to me, and Raid feels very close to them.

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Even with Black Ops 2’s maps, the game was ass. Period.

          • Merffy

            Dude, I wrecked in Black Ops 2. Never thought it was a terrible.

            I hated the M8A1 though. That, personally, was my only problem with the game.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Black Ops 2 is probably the worst CoD. For me, the worst CoDs are Ghosts, MW3, CoD 3, and BO2.

            I’ll create a list of the problems:

            -Lag (net coding)/Hit Detection
            -Quickscopers w/ Tactical Insertions
            -Target Finder LMGs
            -Target Finder
            -Critical Perks [“Holy Trinity”] (i.e. the Lightweight < Toughness < Dexterity combination)
            -Headglitches on maps (ruins the flow of the victim in the gunfight)
            -Remington 870
            -Pistols, such as the TAC, B23R, and KAP-40

            Treyarch did some things right, but they got multiple things wrong, as well. It can be a fun game when I'm not raging at my T.V. at quickscopers killing me quickly. Obviously I think Sledgehammer will be the best developer of CoD ever since the original Infinity Ward left. Treyarch honestly sucks at developing Multiplayer. At least there's Zombies.

          • Merffy

            Lag was pretty much a personally problem for me. I’ve been able to upgrade to a more high grade ISP and that solve all my problems I’ve been having with any type of online game I’ve played.

            Quickscoping is pretty much low brow these days. Sure people still do it, but like… it’s nothing new. Not like how it was back in MW2. I still get mad at it, but then again, snipers were made to kill in one shot I guess.

            Campers are always a problem, and Ghosts introduced a whole new level of camping, especially removing the UAV. That’s why I prise the Orbital VSAT. People may consider it broke, sure, but like, campers pretty much were free kills.

            Target finder was annoying. I found it useless. I mean, why don’t people just use their eyes?

            Lightweight, Toughness, and Dexterity; that’s what I ran. Black Ops 2 and MW3 did destroy my love of rushing by removing Marathon Pro, and I fell into that void of caring about my K/D, so I quit rushing and ran Assault rifle and those perks.

            Shotguns, I mean, they’re not OP, but they are a cheap annoyance.

            Pistols, I don’t really use em nor do I hang around to get killed by em.

            Many people believe Treyarch is the better developer, but I for one can’t put MW2, Black Ops 1 or 2 above or below each other.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Upgrading the ISP is irrelevant. You’ll still be in matches in which the hosts are from Russia, and you’ll teleport all over the place. Dedicated servers stop this.

            “I guess” this isn’t the type of mentality you want to have. You don’t have to be 100% positive about the game, because the game DOES have flaws. No, quickscoping was a major problem with Black Ops 2, because it newly adopted the Tactical Insertion-quickscope combination, in which they are a deadly combined force.

            It depends on their positioning, and with “Worm-Squirming”, it was overpowered on BO2. Riot Shields just need to go period. EMPs don’t destroy their shields, and they can deploy them and use them as COVER. Thank GOSH Advanced Warfare will not have that, as far as I know. Camping is an issue when they can cover an entire portion of a map. It depends on the player. Camping in BO2 was the least of my worries compared to the other BS.

            The Target Finder IS their eyes. It shows enemies like a UAV would, but a BIGGER red DIAMOND. It aims FOR you, pretty much.

            That’s why the game had a problem. Why put those perks in the game, when all we use are those 3? The pick 10 system became the pick 7 system.

            The Remington with Long Barrel was.

            The best CoD will always be CoD 4, unless Advanced Warfare is amazing. Sledgehammer seems like they’re way better, at least there won’t be game breaking BS (hopefully) in AW.

          • NightOwlOfWarfare

            FYI there’s something called the Heavy Shield in Advanced Warfare. Then what if you even have the Exo Shield ability and Overcharged perk? Lol too much shield in one player.

      • Michel

        Basically it is 3 lanes, but because of the exo abilities you can easily jump between them.

      • whoa

        Well you have to remember the vertically in the game now. it isnt like you can only go 3 ways and thats it. you can make a right jump on a building go left then go on something else or make a right. You see what i mean. Now if it wasn’t for the exo suits 2lane maps will become rather dull real quick.

  • Autocorrect

    Don’t think it’s spec ops because spec ops was always one or two players max, not four.

    • I would not like spec ops anyway. Never really did.

    • i don’t think spec ops will ever return, it was campaign levels backwards

  • Joeldagod

    Micheal condrey is a real cool guy tbh


      tbh you don’t have to put “tbh” after or before everything you say tbh

      • tbh you’re quite right.

  • I think it’s spec ops because they said it’s their own take on the mode and kin of said it’s not zombies, the only things left is spec ops, arcade mode from cod4, extinction, and survival

  • Guest

    Does he answer every question? I would like to know if you can aim and shoot with L1 and R1, on PS4 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Juses


      • Guest

        I prefer that

    • Juses

      and probably

      • Guest

        ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • pepp

    I think robots would be the most likely candidate.

    • Juses

      i think mutants

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Did you ever played Black Light :Retribution on the PS4 ?

        • Juses

          No, why?

          • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

            There’s a gamemode called Onslaught with mutants World War Z style with rockets,flamethrowers,armors there’s even a robot similar to the one on advanced warfare.Just imagine if the co-op was similar.

  • CFCluvver32

    What struck me as odd was when Michael Condrey said “It’s our take on it”, with regards to the co-op mode in the interview.

  • Michael

    I love that Michael Condrey along with the rest of the SHG devs are listening to the community. As a community, we have been asking for change for a LONG time now and that’s what we’re getting in advanced warfare. But that co op mode is something that I can’t wait to hear more about as the game gets closer and closer.

  • Guest 601
    • Freeze

      haha lel

    • Doesn’t suprise me lol. MW3+Ghosts out of IW 2.0 are among the worst in the franchise. Don’t credit IDubs 2.0 with MW, MW2, or any game prior to the major overhaul.

  • Lets all be honest. This game is a build off the Treyarch BO2 Engine (a great thing), so they already have the golden ‘Z’ code. All they have to do is rehash it as something new and fitting to the series. i.e. a Robot horde mode. This gives them the freedom to customise robots to their liking and players the same feel as zombies while not entirely stealing Treyarch’s light. Please let this happen.

    • Batman

      Stop saying BS.
      This game is built entirely on a new engine.
      They are using some animations from BO2, but that’s it, nothing related to the engine

      • Built off an entirely new engine. You really have absolutely no clue.

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      I was really skeptical of AW when it was announced. But having them incorporate so many Treyarch things has won me over. Before the Multiplayer reveal I was not going to buy the game. Now I pre ordered. My only concern is that if AW is a success and fun to play what is going to be left for Treyarch to do. I think they may be screwed. They may have to go back to WWII era or something. AW seems more like BO3(not a bad thing) than its own game. I guess we’ll have to not focus on Treyarch right now and only worry about AW. I hope AW plays well for the public. So far so good.

  • mason 117

    What if the co-op mode is like zombies but instead of zombies they are those guys from the BioLab mp map and they are like superhuman beings like they could jump as if they had an exo suit but they don’t have an exo, also they could resist bullets just like zombies just because they’re superhuman (just an idea passing through)

    • I wanted to read your comment, but I couldn’t stop cracking up about your profile picture.

  • jmorgan795

    Really, some people would believe it if some random you tube said that fought turds in the new mode. Seriously, I mean, it’s no wonder that zombies got started, and with that picture, it’s most likely like mutants or cyborgs or super soldiers or something futuristic like that.

  • nick

    i wanna see a robot co-op mode where all military robots ate hacked by a inknown guy or a virus and theres robo bombers,sensor turrets,drones,tanks,etc… i think it fits the time and theme perfectly

  • 4star

    Who the hell thought that fucking tally marks on a controller would be linked to just zombies? In black ops 1 cover the soldier had the tally marks on his gun represent how many kills he got in battle, not how many rounds he survived in zombies.

  • Godly

    When he said “it’s our take on it” i got a feeling he was talking about Extinction or Zombies. So hopefully they do have a round-based undead type mode with “their take” on it.

  • Guest

    Yes, I’ve tried to ask. Good to see an answer!

  • Shudeki

    Im pretty sure is not going to be zombies bc no one can make zombies as good as treyarch, but is definitely going to be a new round base game mode. Let’s see what they come up with!

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      SH is just putting their own spin on it with a narrative that they made.

      • HotHam

        And you know this how? It’s your theory stop typing it like its fact.

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Don’t tell me what to do, and Michael Condrey confirmed it himself; he said that they BOTH put their own spin on SOMETHING. That’s what’s fact. What’s theory is that it’s Zombies. Another theory was a leak a few months ago that states a Horde mode. It’ll be like Zombies, get over it.

  • Black

    I hope there will be a fun survival mode like in MW3 (I didn’t like it in ghosts, we could not choose the map and miss the MW3 “arsenal” system).

  • Marshall Braaten

    All I want to know is if there is gonna be DOLPHIN DIVING!

    • HotHam


  • Guest

    I like everything Sledgehammer is doing, but I don’t think Uplink should be a competitive gametype. Hardpoint, Search, and Flag are enough, and I don’t want one of them substituted. Uplink is like ricochet or assault from Halo, and in Halo 4 it was exploited with cross map throws. I think even in the cod boot camp someone exploited that. It’s fun to mess around with in matchmaking, but I don’t think it should be a competitive gametype.

  • NightOwlOfWarfare

    This is good. Sledgehammer games listening to the community will probably be one of the best things about this. I also miss the 3-lane verticality lol.

  • Tayler Hammond

    Bring on the Dinosaurs!!!!

  • Guest

    we all know it is something new,but everyone wanted zombies cz we love that co-op mode from treyarch but they are the best at zombies and they can’t make zombies this year and ofcourse zombies next year when treyarch release there game, but i though they was gonna make some futuristic zombies mode different from treyarch, but am really looking forward of what SH will give us in Co-op cz don’t forget they are a great talented studio that have alot of ideas, from what we saw and they also did the dead space series

  • TheGamerBeast

    we all know they was gonna make something new in co-op, but all wanted zombies so bad cz everyone love what treyarch did with zombies, but they can’t make zombies this year and the year after when treyarch release there game for sure, i though they was gonna make so type of futuristic zombies mode, but i think we will see something new this year, cz don’t forget SH is a really talented studioand they have alot of ideas from what we already saw and they are the devs that made dead space series, so i think we will see something awesome

  • J4MES

    I think Michael Condrey is the reincarnation of Jesus. Anyone else noticed this?

    • Juses

      Yea he is a reincarnation of me

  • LovekillerX

    I really hope that they bring something new to the table. We have seen enough zombies and that is Treyarch’s thing. We should let Treyarch bring zombies next year when they release their game.

    Sledgehammer Games should do something new. Maybe those “aliens” in Biolab (in that picture) are going to be your enemy in co-op. Who knows? It would be nice to see something objective based like extinction did in Ghosts. But if they do both survival and objective based then it is just good for all of us.

    I am just wondering if they could release some picture or teaser for us. I think that we all want to get “a taste” from new co-op mode. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I still hope the co-op mode is based on Universal Soldiers. Would be awesome!

      • LovekillerX

        I don’t know about that. What is Universal Soldiers?

          • thebulky1cometh

            I’m fairly sure there would be licensing issues with Universal Soldier, BUT you may not be far off. I see guys in tanks and I’m immediately thinking something like the government has tried to craft superhuman soldiers but they go rogue and you have to fight them off. Could be cool.

          • Fingers crossed.

          • I was thinking this was some joke, but then i read Roland Emmerich.

  • Maybe they could make a nice co-op based on Starship Troopers. Gotta kill some bugs, sir!

  • Ryumoau

    This was probably the first episode of that show that i could stand to watch the entire episode instead of skipping around. we finally got some exclusive info for once.

  • BlueStorm017

    โ€œThereโ€™s nothing on the controller that tells you anything about it.โ€
    Okay, so we’re supposed to believe that these markings, which clearly hint at zombies, don’t give anything away. These markings are there for a reason, otherwise that’s the most random thing to slap onto a controller. Maybe it’s not pointing to zombies specifically, but it could be hinting at some sort of round based survival.

  • Potato-

    I want them to make advanced AI or in other words there own take on fucking skynet. I call it “Salvation” so treyarch has zombies IW has aliens and shg has robots, they could have little additions like crafting would be similar to zombies but instead of just finding parts around the map you have to search the map/city like stores and stuff for items or kill robots and scavenge robot parts, or make it so you must search the city clean to make different mixes of chemicals you inject into you having there own take on perks. Making the things we know and love from zombies and extinction and adding extra layers to it making it more challenging. I would love to have the story be shown the way zombies did it not linear campaign cutscene in mid game bullshit like extinction. That was my ideas and I would like to hear what everyone thinks of it and see if shg or treyarch and IW can see this for more ideas.

  • Emre

    this game looks like BLOPS 2

    • george95915

      It basically is, just your players have the movements of a pilot from Titanfall, other than that it really just is like a copy and paste, sadly this means that there could annoying quickscopers like in BO2, Ali-A even said the “SNipers will love Advanced Warfare” that was enough to make me want to only pre-order the regular edition, but only after I get other games.

  • BringBackZombies!


  • Run N Gunning Camper

    I have an idea!

    Instead of Zombies, I want no-skill, brainless run and gunners charging at me like zombies on BO2. I will then camp and massacre them with my guns. Make an AI mimicking those 2-20 no-skill, wanna-be Ramboes, on TDM.

    That would be the perfect third game mode for me in AW.

    • Alex

      Are you making fun of people who aren’t very good at multiplayer?

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        Yes, I am. And what are you gonna do about it?

        • Alex

          No need to be defensive. One thing that’s difficult about communicating only through text is that ‘tone’ is absent. I asked the question through a tone of clarification, not aggression. More than anything, I thought your comment was clever. It made me laugh.

  • Alex

    I’m so glad it’s 4 player co-op. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this video sooner. It (to me at least) doesn’t seem very well-known.

  • Alex

    If it is a survival mode, I hope they give us a better chance at getting good weapons besides a randomizer (like the mystery box). In WAW there were times I blew all my money and only came out with….. A Sniper! Everyone knows Snipers DON’T work in survival mode!