Speaking in the newest episode of GameSpot’s Aim Down Sights, Michael Condrey talked a little about the reasoning behind the introduction of Exosuits into Call of Duty franchise. One of the main reasons was that it brings new movements and changes the way we will play Call of Duty. Condrey also stated that fans calling for innovation and change also lead to the decision of new movements.

We had heard loud and clear from fans that they wanted change, they wanted innovation; that we needed to bring something new to Call of Duty,” Condrey says about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. “And change is scary sometimes, right? I can’t say everybody thought it was the right idea on day one, but I’m pretty sure most people think it’s the right idea today.”

Sledgehammer Games had decided upon bringing the Exosuits into Call of Duty back in 2011, right before MW3’s development ended.

“Three years ago, the exo wasn’t in the mind’s eye of the public like it is today,” he says. “You think about it now; it’s films like Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow and Oblivion; and you see it all over the news of the military adopting it and healthcare. So everyone’s talking about the exo. But three years ago, it was a big step.”

SOURCE: GameSpot

  • Matthew

    Now people are happy for Traditional cause they don’t want change.

  • Juses

    Only 56k pre orders for Advanced Warfare on ps4 🙁

    • Mitch

      Estimated and US only.

      • kplem

        yeah this time last year ghosts had 300,000+ on xbox 360 only so that says alot check them on VGcgartz they are terribly low on AW

    • Guest

      Also alot of people preorder online, which i don’t think vgchartz is counting 🙂

    • Hey I was one of them and I have no friends on PS4. 🙁

      • Juses


    • Ed

      that doesn’t count digital preorders. plus, you don’t have to preorder digital copies til the last minute to get the preorder bonuses, so why bother rushing to preorder digital copies.

    • Because majority of the players is getting smarter. Last year, Ghosts had a lot of pre orders, and then it turns out, it was the worst Call of Duty ever. (Some of you may argue but it is, if we’d ask all the players). You don’t need to pre order right away, you wait until like a week to do it, or then you can be smart this year, and wait for the launch and honest reviews. If it looks good, you can buy it. If it’s horrible, you will save 60$.

      Think about it like music. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s good.

    • Mario Rivera

      Im one of the idiots that preordered haha

  • Juses

    And ps3 advanced warfare is not even in the top 40 D:

    • ccrows

      Listen I know that you’ve been posting for the past few days and all, but ripping on other people’s religions/religious beliefs is a dick move and it’s just not cool…

      • Juses

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        • ccrows

          Whatever, the fact that you knew “who” I was talking about just shows how “close” you tried to tried to create your fictional character (avatar and all) to that person.

          BTW how come your user name is not Jusus instead of Juses then?

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          • Juses

            I didn’t make this character

          • ccrows

            So who made the character?


            Why did you choose to go along with it?

            ^ Yes I’m being serious about those questions too…

          • Juses

            Ugh… stop being so serious. It’s from a youtube channel called spodermen and i thought it would be cool

          • ccrows

            Just looked up the Youtube channel, and it was indeed a rip on Jesus Christ.

            So it goes back to what I said earlier, ripping on other people’s religions/religious beliefs is a dick move and it’s just not cool…

          • Juses

            Stop being so sensitive… this is the internet

          • ccrows

            Of course it’s the internet, but I expect that kind of stuff from Reddit not here.

            I mean your Avatar pretty much screams Reddit. Personally, I like to think that people here are a little bit above Reddit.

            Anywhoo.. I just don’t get why you feel the need to come here and rip on other people’s beliefs, when they didn’t do anything here to mess with yours…

          • Juses

            Well… your the only person here that seems to care. Most people here laugh 😛

          • ccrows

            So basically you’re saying you don’t care who you offend just as long as you get a laugh out of it?…

          • Guest

            What has he actually said to be offensive to any religion? His user name & pic aren’t offensive coming from a christian myself, so I don’t understand what he has done wrong? It’s not like he’s actually trying to impersonate Jesus.

          • Juses

            He’s offended that my name is jusus. It’s not lie my name is jesus

          • Truth

            Real talk, if it’s offensive, just ditch the schtick. A religion is a personal thing and people do tend to be discouraged by stuff like that. Imagine if I had an account named “Atheists are fucking stupid” and posted dumb crap all day satirizing atheists in a vehemently and apparently offensive way, on a comment section with rules, in a civilized comment section at that, and tried to defend myself by blanketing internet rules on the rules of the comments. It doesn’t work.

            It’s not really a big deal, no one is being sensitive, it’s just a blatantly disrespectful and annoying thing that disregards another’s way of life. They’re pretty much forced to bite the bullet, ignore it, say something (like ccrow), or get offended. I don’t really give a shit if it’s the internet or the Nile river either.

            This is a site about a video game and the comment section is top notch. Virtually immune to trolling and baiting, and MOST forms of ignorance. Keep an open mind breh.

          • ccrows

            & that pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say.

            You pretty much nailed it spot on Truth. Thanks…

          • ccrows

            He’s already said that his username/avatar was taken from Youtuber Spodermen.

            If you look up that channel the person has made videos to rip on Jesus.

            By all means, I’m no bible thumper, (Sh*t far from it), but c’mon choosing that avatar with that user name IMO it’s a dick move.

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          • Guest

            I now see what you mean! This video he posted is “juses” preaching about things, which I do see people being offended by. This is more than just trying to make people laugh, if they’re bashing at anyones religion!

          • ccrows

            Listen I have friends that are Atheists, and we’re cool. I respect their beliefs and they respect mine. (and that’s probably why were friends)

            Like I said, I ain’t no Bible thumper, and I respect other people’s beliefs, but I just want to hang out in the Charlie Intel forums without having to deal with this stuff that’s all…

          • Guest

            Yeah, I agree. Im not religious at all, but I respect others if they have beliefs. I would never bash on anyone for being religious, that’s just disrespectful and uncalled for. Just gotta deal with the trolls and the haters!

          • On

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          • Juses

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          • Juses

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            Stop being so butt hurt i’m not doing anything to offend you lol

          • Josh

            I cry….

          • it’s a dolan comic character look it up: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/dolan

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      • TheShadowReaper

        please, can you keep your Juses preaching off of the internet? we don’t need any of it, ty.

        • Dat Guest

          What a juvenile thing to say.

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          • TheShadowReaper

            its as juvenile as saying that its bad to harp upon people’s beliefs/ religions. truly, Reddit level of maturity.

  • jordanxbrookes

    “Call of Duty never changes”
    *Call of Duty changes*
    “No, no, you’ve ruined Call of Duty, change it back”
    Just face it, we don’t know what we want anymore, and this is why Ghosts was hated on by the community. Half way in Black Ops 2’s life cycle, the majority of players disliked the game and wanted the complete opposite of it, that’s when Ghosts stepped in with a complete 180 to what Black Ops 2 was, and then everyone disliked Ghosts for not being what Black Ops 2 was. Right now, everyone, including myself, can’t figure out how Advanced Warfare can be as ‘bad’ as Ghosts, but trust me, people will find out the negatives, and once again the dubbed ‘Call of Duty Cycle’ will continue it’s revolutions, until one day, we the fans completely kill Call of Duty, and all because we wanted change, we wanted things to stay the same. – Jordan W. Brookes

    • Matthew

      You get my Upvote.

      • jordanxbrookes

        As do you too my child 🙂

    • Truth…the CoD community will never be happy.

      By the way I’ve been following CharlieIntel for almost 2 years and a half now, but I finally decided to bite the bullet and make a Disqus account. Hope I can contribute to the community more often now 😉

      • jordanxbrookes

        Welcome to the jungle(A Neon Jungle reference :D)

        • Lol! Thanks! 🙂

        • HypeeZGb

          Great reference bro

          • HypeeZGb

            Sincerely (wasnt being a sarcastic prick lol) great song

          • jordanxbrookes

            Haha thanks, and well, lets just say I might be a big fan of them 🙂

        • PsychOutGaming

          and an awesome song by guns and roses

          • jordanxbrookes

            Definitely 🙂

      • TheFruityPunch

        ^ I created my mine after I read this

      • david

        “CoD community will never be happy..” or maybe the trolls who never liked COD are the ones saying things like “No, no, you’ve ruined Call of Duty, change it back”

    • People look at the MP trailer and think
      because there’s music and is extremely scripted in order for it to look awesome and build a level of hype but when it comes to the actual gameplay, it’s not as awesome and then people bash it

      • Batman

        Not this time, watch gameplays, its exactly like the trailer

      • Ive seen at least 2 hours of gameplay and this game is fast as hell and overall refreshing

    • Cloud Flash

      Things like that will always happen – you’re hearing different opinions from a different set of people every time. The one least happy will shout the loudest.

      The people who hated BO2 and loved Ghosts continue to love Ghosts and you won’t ever see them complaining about it – and vice versa.

      A new group will cry loudly about AW, too. Probably the same one who liked Ghosts.

      • Batman

        I like every single CoD, BO2 sucked for treyarch standards
        I like ghosts in all of its life cycle
        BO1 is my favorite
        Unless AW has shitty connection its already my 2nd

      • Sal

        As for myself, I liked BO2 to an extent but it was so full of bullshit I can’t bother to go back to it.

        Funny because I have like 500 hours on BO2 but 375 on Ghosts because of the low quantity of people playing on PC… IW, next time, don’t let Raven port anything, you idiots.

    • Batman

      I hate BO2
      I like Ghosts
      And AW is already my 2nd favorite CoD no matter what.
      I played 8 out of the 10 CoDs on the market
      Mark my words, unless AW has shitty connection it will suceed
      Im Batman!

      • jordanxbrookes

        There are more than 10 Call of Duty games 😛

        • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

          Yea the spin-off nintendo ones.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Not to forget the Big Red One.

          • Had a great story imo

        • Stephen G. Perez

          Dont foget those ds games

    • cRi7iCaL

      I don’t see that happen. Yes the “Call of Duty Cycle” exists/(ed) but I believe Ghosts is hated so much because it really is a game that didn’t meet the expectations and standards of today’s game industry and its consumers. The majority of Call of Duty Players has stuck to the franchise for so many years that they know what they can expect from the developers and IW failed to anticipate the needs of the community. It just seemed that IW wanted to do so much with Ghosts that they just couldn’t play out their full potential. They emphasized the wrong things (realism and costumization) instead of focusing of what really needed to be done (gameplay). But it’s a gamble, if you don’t have the right people to direct the studio and react to the current trend.

    • Thoughtful Discourse

      And if you ask those same people what they wanted from Call of Duty they’d tell you that COD 4 was the best and to bring that back. And if the next Call of Duty game was COD4 HD those same people would complain that COD is dead and has run out of ideas.

      Sometimes you just can’t win.

      • Sal


        When you have a target painted on your head, everything you do is wrong on people’s eyes. You can’t beat them.


      You are speaking for more than one different kind of person, different people want different things. That being said…speak for yourself.

    • mojito

      Wow, did you just seriously put your name after all that shit?

      • jordanxbrookes

        No, I simply made up my own name in my head.

        • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

          OMG I just realized. WAY off topic, but the illuminati symbol is three sides. If there are 3 three’s (333) then that makes, obviously, 333. but if there were 2 illuminatis, would that be 666? If there would be 2 illuminatis, that would be the devil.

          • Stephen G. Perez


    • Dat Guest

      I’ve been saying this forever. You’ll notice in all forms of media and entertainment, once something reaches it’s peak level of popularity- it’s over. It happens in music, movies, etc.

      I doubt many of you listen to hip hop… like ACTUALLY listen, not form baseless opinions, but this happens every day in hip hop. Let’s say Lil Wayne. Releases Tha Carter III, everybody thought it was shit. Released his next album: Tha Carter IV… now Carter III is a classic but this new one is shit? He’s releasing Tha Carter V later on this year… watch everyone say Tha Carter IV was a classic…

      It’s dumb.

      I’ve said time and time again that CoD fans can be idiotic, but they’re also toxic. They’re toxic to the series as much as the haters are… because they’re haters themselves. How can you seriously say that bare bones piece of junk CoD 4 and that terribly broken MW2 are better than any Black Tops, or even Ghosts? Honestly, MW3 is objectively the worst CoD. That doesn’t make it a bad FPS because it’s tons more playable than basically any other FPS. Due to it not being a boring snoozefest filled with h4rdc0r3 elitists.

      • whoa

        In my opinion I thought both the carters were meh and everybody knows Lil Wayne fell off after no ceilings. When that mixtape released he was in the peak of his career. Now we just wait on carter V to see if it can match up to no celings.

    • David Sync

      Amen /^-,^

    • Mario Rivera

      Ive been saying this for years. Its on the devs to say fuck what we say and look at the numbers. Look at how few ppl played terrible maps like aftermath and determine what aspects about that turned ppl off so they dnt repeat it in the future. Dnt take something we hate and inspire the next cod around it. And that goes outside of cod too, cloaking is why crysis failed but yet we see it in cod now… grrrr. I know cloaking looked as balanced as its ever going to get but its still just a pile of shit with a nice dress and fancy perfume on. Minimize the amount of unnessary tools ppl use to exploit in their efforts to suck the fun out the game for everyone else. Dnt take away 1 bitch tool and add 2 more… I agree that this community is flip floppy as fuck but its on the devs to have a little common sense on whats not gonna work in the hands of a general population waiting for the 1st design flaw to exploit.

    • Marshall Braaten

      I honestly thought that Black Ops 2 was great. I don’t want to get in an argument here, but Ghosts was a huge upset coming after that game. It was stale. There was nothing in pubs to grind for besides a symbol. If this game has good gameplay and something to grind for, it will be at least a decent game.

    • KevJumbaify .

      You win the whole damn internet

    • The Cod community isn’t one person. It annoys me when people complain about the community complaining. The fact is if half people like 3 lane maps and if they get put in, they’re happy so they say nothing while the other half people against it get angry. If you try figure out what a community wants you’ve already lost. You have got to figure out what a community needs and what will work.

      • Stephen G. Perez

        3 lanes ftw

    • Sal

      Hold on, I have to screenshot this.

    • awkenney

      My fear is that they’ve just innovated it in some way to provide innovation, but does little for the core aspects of the game – gunplay and competition. Meaningful change would be preferred. And I realize that this means some designer is going to have to be a far more creative person than I. But it really has to be better than “Hey we’ve done the X and Y axis pretty well. Let’s see if we can do more with the Z axis.”
      I think they could probably do better by going back to basics. Take us back to WWII. Strip the weapons, killstreaks and perks down to the minimum required for the game to be fun but not chaotic. And let’s have a good time blowing each other’s limbs off with archaic rounds.

  • Anymouse

    The exo isn’t new anymore. It was so last month. Even my dog has one! Call of Duty is behind the curve once again.

    • MichiganerE

      I know right? I’ve had an Exo for 20+ years, and I’m only 16! Wait…

      • jordanxbrookes

        Son, me and your mother have to tell you something…

        • MichiganerE

          What, Dad?

          • jordanxbrookes

            I’m not your real father, your real father died 5 years ago in Vorkuta, your mother isn’t your real mother, she nursed you after your real mother died in a Soviet attack, you are infact a time-lord that was probed by the preserved aliens over at Area 51, you predicted 9/11 would happen but was flashed by the CIA to forget that you knew, now only you have the numbers Michi, tell me, where is the broadcast station?

          • MichiganerE

            Okay, I only have a few questions…
            1. Why the Black Ops references????!?!?
            2. What does this have to do with an Exo suit??!?!?
            3. What drugs are you using?!?!?!?
            4. What the fuck is going on?!?!!?

            Juses, I need you!!

          • jordanxbrookes

            1] You can’t kill me
            2] Time-lords only know what the future of warfare holds
            3] Caffeine
            4] I don’t know

            Where the fuck’s Juses when you need him.

  • What’s so sad is people will say this game isn’t Innovative. You don’t have to like this game to realize it is. I may hate this game in the future, but I’ll never deny they tried to be innovative. And for that I’m greatful.

    • even if it is innovative, people will say it’s an halo-crysis-titanfall-elysium-edge of tommorrow-blade runner knockoff

    • jooker-jr

      The movement in AW is not innovative ( boost jump , dodge etc ).

      Combining all the features is innovative

      • Okay? I never talked about the movement in AW being innovative or not. Thanks for input though…

  • Acadius Alexander

    I can’t judge a game that I haven’t played. Here’s hoping for the best.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I will say this now. If the game plays well with few or little issues(lag,connection,etc) this will change the way FPS games will be played. If the movement is intuitive and fluid and fairly easy to operate without too much hassle you are not going to want to go back to the regular slow paced shooter. This is my prediction!! You heard it here first people!!

  • NightOwlOfWarfare

    And everyone’s saying they stole ideas from Halo, Titanfall, etc etc but in some ways you’ll see that AW has some different aspects when you start playing the game itself.

    • NightOwlOfWarfare

      I created my account for this 🙂

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Let’s be honest. CoD was the same old shit for 11 years before Advanced Warfare was announced. CoD 4/MW2 were really the only games that changed the way the games were played. CoD 4 brought perks and streaks to create the metagame of CoD that we know and love. MW2 brought crazy streaks, pro perks, etc. (can’t think of anything else at the moment). It seems to me that Sledgehammer Games are the developers that the current Infinity Ward are not, as well as Treyarch; simply because they have even MORE talent than the ORIGINAL Infinity Ward team.

    I’ll quote John F. Kennedy: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

    This quote that I found was PERFECT. If CoD never changed, then we’d miss opportunities. It would be just the same old aiming and shooting every single time you played, which creates a much more boring experience. Now Advanced Warfare has brought the eternal change that both CoD 4 and MW2 were left and stamped upon us. The people bitching can keep bitching like a bitch, while we play on and adapt to change, and watch the franchise grow substantially.

    • awkenney

      There wasn’t much about MW2 that I loved and I want to make the distinction because COD4 is a better game. COD4 introduced just enough metagame to make things interesting over COD2. MW2 added more of this so that a player who wasn’t as good at gunplay and movement could win over another, better player using metagame. IMO, that is the first change in the history of COD that should never have occurred, because gunplay is the core of COD.
      If for some reason a player gets bored because there’s just not enough imbalance and variety in the game to hold their interest, I’d say that they’re failing to see the point of COD MP and the problem isn’t the game, but the player.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        It’s both the game AND player.

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    biggest problem is that CoD needs a completely new engine. by all means it getting better but they are issues that will never be fixed and never will be. as there are now 3 developers making individual CoD games so none want to spend the money in doing that so the other can just take it.

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    failure dosnt mean lost, ghosts tried many things (bigger maps, perk points, class style, weapons with integrated attachments). weather we hated them or loved them CoD had to try them out and AW will be the same, there will be things you love and things you hate. just better developed this time hopefuly xD

  • Bob Loblaw

    Judging by how Titanfall has had nothing but success I’m sure Advanced Warfare will also have ongoing success.

    On a more serious note, it’s OK to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings.

    Frankly, I feel as though the FPS genre is growing stale. Call of Duty has survived two lackluster titles in three years. Players are no longer staying loyal to the franchise and player populations have hit all time lows just months after launch. While that might be an indication of the community losing interest I disagree with the direction they have taken the franchise.

    They can scream “innovation” at the top of their lungs but that doesn’t actually make it true. While a couple features might be new to the genre, like co-op streaks, the core game play mechanics are something we have seen time and time again but are new to the franchise. We have had exo-suits/special abilities for quite some time in numerous games and no I’m not referring to Titanfall in that regard. I’m sure some of you are drawing a blank as to what titles I’m referring to, that’s for a reason. All of them have had limited success on consoles.

    With all the AAA titles coming out late this year and early next year I don’t think Advanced Warfare will be successful, it may sell fairly well but I highly doubt player populations will remain stable. I think Advanced Warfare will be deserted after a couple months.

    I’ve also heard that pre-orders are at their lowest in 5 years. That’s just speculation but from my understanding that originated from an investors conference. A google search will yield many results if you wish to look.

  • UpRiftCOD

    Players say the game is the same every year. When a different approach is actually taken, everyone flips out and starts demonizing it. I don’t understand, do people like to bitch and moan? This game looks near perfect to me and so far I’ve seen nothing wrong. (Except shotguns seem a bit op but thats okay)

    • Cadence

      I saw someone get a point blank hitmarker with a shotgun; they look to be as inconsistent as ever in AW. Overall they seem a bit more powerful than in previous CoDs, but they have to be with everyone jumping and boosting around.

  • aimSum

    Honestly they just need to change the series name of “Call of Duty” and completely not include it in the title of their games anymore. Then just title their games uniquely based off of what’s included in it’s IP like just “Advanced Warfare” or “World at War II”and that is when people of the “Call of Duty” community will quit bitching and complaining every f’n pre-release!

  • Haydn

    I must say that I am quite worried, not for advanced warfare but for all the CoDs that will follow. If it turns out that the Exo suit abilities are a huge hit for the game , any other instalment to come afterwards will feel very dull and boring indeed. That is one way it could turn out, the other way is that every CoD that follows will be futuristic and that is definitely not good either.

    This may to hard to take. But Advanced Warfare could be the game that kills the Series as a whole no matter how good it may be 🙁

  • Stephen G. Perez

    “Why did you change it”
    “Stop copying halo, crysis, every fucking future movie made, titanfall, And battlefield” (yes people have said battlefield before”
    And don’t forget the biggest one,
    “It never changes”
    Yup no difference at all guys

  • Billy Bedlam

    people fucking cry in this community so much like a bunch of bitches man up give it a chance

    • Raines

      I did, and just as I thought, it sucks balls. I stopped playing it and will not buy the DLC’s. If I could get my money back I could. Not only that, ol’ Condrey lied. Said we’d have all these choices in Classic playlists to choose from. Ya, then they reduced it to the random Mosh Pit only to force us to play in the exo-garbage lists.
      So yes, I gave it a chance, boy am I sorry. Sledgehammer, that’s the last of my money you are getting.

      • Billy Bedlam

        It’s the same thing every year it’s so annoying

  • Raines

    Being able to boost in the air, like in Resistance with the huge fans, and all sorts of cheesy futuristic capabilities made the multiplayer a joke. I played Resistance 2 and 3 multiplayer maybe for a couple hours and stopped. It sucked. I don’t want to try to play a decent multiplayer match with a bunch of jackasses flying all over the place getting cheesy lucky kills while in the air. This is going to be annoying as hell.