Sony and Activision have released a new bundle for Black Ops 2’s micro DLC on the PlayStation 3 Store today. The bundle is called the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Ultimate Customization Bundle.

This bundle gives you all 25 personalization packs released for Black Ops 2, the Extra Slots Pack, and the Flags of the World Pack for just $24.99. If you bought each one separately, they would cost a total of almost $60. This is a huge savings for those who want all the micro DLC for Black Ops 2. 

This bundle contains everything you could ever need for customizing your loadouts in Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Multiplayer. Get 25 personalization packs each loaded with a themed weapon skin, three uniquely shaped reticles, and a Calling Card. These epic packs include Weaponized 115, Afterlife, Cyborg, Party Rock, Beast, Dead Man’s Hand, Octane, UK Punk, Paladin, Comics, Aqua, Bacon, Benjamins, Breach, Coyote, Dia De Muertos, Dragon, Glam, Graffiti, Jungle Warfare, Kawaii, Pack-A Punch, Rogue, Viper, and Zombies. In addition, you get the Extra Slots Pack and the Flags of the world calling cards (Europe, North America, South America, and Asia/Pacific packs).

No details have been announced regarding if this Bundle will release on Xbox 360 or PC.

SOURCE: PlayStation Store 

  • blackburnt7

    sadly ive bought some of them…

  • Ps3 is burned. But would have loved to have this

  • And just in case y’all didn’t know the oribital VSAT is back. As a UAV module. As confirmed by condrey.

    • Dean


    • I don’t understand. There isn’t a UAV module that shows the enemy position in real time.
      If you’re talking about the Orbital module, no that isn’t the same as the VSAT/Blackbird, since it only makes it so the enemies can’t shoot down the UAV, since it’s orbiting in space when you call in a UAV with the Orbital module.

      The only thing that would come close to the VSAT, is the UAV with: Fast sweep, enemy direction and Orbital. But to be honest, that’s more like MW3’s Advanced UAV.

      Please explain me how it is possibly to have the same VSAT effect with the AW’s UAV’s modules.

      My opinion: keep the VSAT effect out of AW. It’s a Treyarch thing, that should stay that way.

      • Mr_ysi42t96

        U use upgrades on UAV to have the same effect as vsat, probably will add a lot of points to earn it I guess…

        • I know, but there aren’t options to fully create the VSAT. There is no module that makes the UAV update enemy positions in real time, so it’s impossible that there is a ‘VSAT-like’ UAV in AW through modules, unless there are more modules than the leaked screenshot shows.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        “If you’re talking about the Orbital module, no that isn’t the same as the VSAT/Blackbird, since it only makes it so the enemies can’t shoot down the UAV, since it’s orbiting in space when you call in a UAV with the Orbital module.”

        That was just a guess Drift0r made. My guess is that the Orbital makes it like a VSAT but without enemy direction. So just dots moving around in real time. Then, if you combine that with Enemy Direction, you get a full VSAT. That’s my guess.

        Orbital making it so that you just are not being able to shoot it down for 300 additional points is kinda silly to me, especially when the other attachments, like faster sweeps, extra time, extra assist points, showing enemy direction, etc. all cost less than 300 points. Surely making it not be shot down shouldn’t cost 300 whole points.

        • You’ve got a point there. I think you maybe right on that one, although I hope not, since I don’t want to have that ragequit inducing machine in the game…

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I just hope that if you turn it into a VSAT, you can’t turn it into support.

          • True

    • jordanxbrookes

      I’ve already said that in a previous post, one person didn’t take it too kindly.

      • Bartram22

        Hi seen a lot of people say you have a YouTube channel on a few posts .. What is channel name?

        • Hes channel is CampyElite

          • jordanxbrookes

            Haha, very funny.

        • jordanxbrookes

          it’s my Disqus name.

  • Bartram22

    Sadly I’ve sold my 360 for next gen :-/

    • Seven

      You shouldn’t have done that lol

      • Bartram22

        Lmao yep most expensive paper weight I’ve ever brought the only one come to think of it … Roll on December it will be nice to have a back log of games to play .. If advanced warfare not to my liking Il be re buying a old console for sure

  • Danny-boi01

    that’s a good idea too bad i had most of the micro packs on release but that’s also good for the people who gave up on ghost and switched to black ops 2.

  • “For just”

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yeah, for just. All the items listed would cost you $58 if you bought each one separately.

      • A bunch of guns skins which you can’t sale or something that cost as much as a newly released AAA game? wut

        • Well you dont have to buy them…

        • exeterman2

          They do not cost as much as a newly realised AAA you moron, that’s less than half the price of a new AAA…

          • I can get a few AAA with $25.

          • exeterman2

            Not brand new AAA. Something like cod or battlefield or assassins creed is not $25 brand new

        • RdJokr

          That’s the sad truth. Same case here with Borderlands 2 sale last week on Steam. 30 skin packs, that somehow cost the same price as the GOTY edition. Just plain ridiculous.

  • Mario Rivera

    If u got 25 bucks to blow on different gun colors in a video game then u got 25 bucks u can donate towards a much more meaningful cause such as combatting world hunger or a searching for a cure for cancer…

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      Then what are you doing on a website of gaming news when you yourself buy the games too? Why not take your own advice and get outta here if youre gonna complain.

      • Noiz3yBoyy

        You just got served Mario!

        • Mario Rivera

          Served? His comment didnt even make sense given the context of my post. Just a dumbass that totally missed the point if u ask me…

          • Will WilFredo Mendoza

            Youre a complete idiot that you dont make sense.

            First you talk about giving money to charity on a gaming news website.

            Second you are now nagging about Activision taking advantage of us by taking our money away. You must be one of those kids that nags about every CoD that is announced and still ends up buying it and then hating it and going back to the previous game. Go donate your money to charity if youre gonna nag like a little kid about money being wasted on microtransactions. This is a gaming news website, specifically for CoD. We have the OPTION to buy it. However, you started nagging about money shouldnt be spent on games (micro items specifically) and instead waste it on Charity.


          • Noiz3yBoyy

            You speak the truth.

      • Mario Rivera

        You are so lost i dnt where to begin. My problem isnt with cod or even dlc at all. Its with astethic micro tranactions designed to take our money (which can be used for better purposes) for virtually nothing in return. You and the people that upvoted ur comment are perfect examples of the retards activision is looking to take advantage of.

        • Keshav Bhat

          People who enjoy customizing their character can and will spend their money how they want to spend their own money. Not here to command and dictate what people spend their money on or how. People do what they want, if they want camos, awesome! If they don’t, doesn’t change anything.

          • Mario Rivera

            It does change things tho, buying them lets activision know that its ok to charge us for every petty little thing on top of the game and season pass so many of us already pay for. While i feel the game itself is a very worthwhile value, including astethic stuff like camos would be the nice value bump faithful season pass holders deserve. I understand the concept of trying to make as much money possible but supporting blatant greed is something i will never partake in. Thats just me tho, spend ur money as u please.

      • Guest


      • Drills

        He’s always complaining. You know this idiot called me broke because I dont wanna upgrade to next gen yet. Ironic he says donate money to a more important cause but he rathers people donate money to getting next gen systems. What a fucking tool.

    • fires

      if you blew 60 bucks on a game, why not give the 60 to charity? thats basically what you said. consumers do what they want with their money, if it extends the gaming experience of a game, its well spent in my opinion, if they want to give to charity, again, they choose what they do with their money.

      • MR_WATSiT2YA

        Why the fuck do all of you care about what Mario Rivera said?

    • ” You see that snack there? Even though its your hard earned money, fuck you! You could’ve donated that! “

  • Fading Lee

    Yes because all activision needs is more money. And for the people arguing “you don’t have to buy it” my issue is with the practice not just this content but everyone throwing money at it is just encouraging the problem to get worse….soon we’ll be paying to have the content that was finished/planned months before launch…. oh wait

    • fires

      LOL, valve sells keys for 2.50, crates usually rack amount to 10 cent return on what you get, with unusuals(1 percent) costing usually maybe about x10 profit. dont give that bullshit about bad practice, valve does that all the time, and nobody gives a rats ass, 2 dollar camos help empty out the remaining change i have in my psn wallet, why not spend it on badass camos? dont buy if it you dont want it, many people will pour money into a game for longetivity, thats what DLC content does basically, people SPEND MONEY TO PLAY THE GAME LONGER.

      • Fading Lee

        I put down valve for it too, selling content that effects the game in almost no way/took almost no time to make for a profit under the assumption that buyers are too stupid to not buy them((especially activision)and if you think they think better of you then you truly are stupid) is in no way for the customer. It is for no other reason than to get every penny out of you they can, they don’t care of it keeps you playing…. that’s the problem. That’s why more and more camos keep coming out, that’s why they push season passes(and now possible camo passes) before the game is even out, it’s not to keep you happy… it’s to keep your money coming in, why do you think aw is instituting a supply drop system?(hint: in the hopes that enough people will request the option to buy them so they will be justified in turning that “feature” on).

        Dlc isn’t inherently corrupt… in fact I love the idea. The ability to support a game long after launch makes me beyond happy…. however seeing it used with the priority to make a buck instead of to make players happy/make a game more fun has the opposite effect on me.

        At the end of the day though it’s your money to spend on what you want and I can do nothing about what you choose to spend it on… I would simply like to see more quality dlc(that wasn’t cut from the game only to be out back in at a fee)…. is that such a bad dream? Content made for the gamer and not for his wallet

        • They don’t even MAKE it anymore. They take models and with the consent of the creator, they sell it and give the creator a small amount for each sale. Valve is still making money off a old game by literally doing nothing.

  • George Claude

    i guess for the people that waited 2 and 1/2 years to buy micro dlc on bo2 they get it for 60% off. good for them lol

  • Black

    It doesn’t come with Ghosts and AW camos… shame.

    • RdJokr

      You have to actually own/pre-order Ghosts and AW for that.

      • Black

        I know, but I use amazon and not gamestop.

  • Tep Kok

    For only 25 burgerbucks I can further contribute towards the monetization of things that used to be unlockable!

    • Mario Rivera

      Lol i know right. Now we are starting to see guns monetized in the form of “random supply drops”.

      • Paul Thomas

        You know there isn’t a micro-transaction system set up for the supply drops right? Its essentially the same thing as battlepacks but without the option to buy.

  • Bmeowmix

    If only this was released when it was relevent people might’ve bought it…

    You’d think they’d release it BEFORE micros release like season pass

  • Ryumoau

    no way would i spend that much on these type of dlc camo that should have been unlocked freely in game.

    • We already HAVE unlockable camos.