GameStop has just unlocked chapter 5 of their “Advanced Training” today. They have posted a new video talking about the Supply Drops in Advanced Warfare.

  • Seven

    Wayyy too many videos that a lot of people don’t watch

    • Michael

      I like the idea how they show these things over and over because it sets in your mind. I know we hear the same info over and over about the new movement mechanics and the supply drops, but as much as it sounds clichΓ¨, I don’t mind it at all. But the only thing I can’t stand is hearing that word “verticality” in every video they talk about ?

  • Numbelovari


  • Numbelovari

    Numbelovari on youtube,i’ve got some exclusive stuff and shit

    • Seven

      Fuck off asshole

      • NEONHAZ13


  • My only question is about the Weapon loot. Say I unlock a different kind of Bal-27 is it a naked gun or will they put certain built in attachments with that gun depending on which one you unlock and depending on the guns stats. Because, say I like this certain form of an SMG I unlock, but it has a Holographic sight on it and it takes up a place in my pick 13. Would I be able to get rid of that? That’s something I’d like to know.

    • justchill1234

      there are certain attachments you cannot remove, so no

      • That’s stupid as fuck

        • Mr Doge

          Yeah but thats the tradeoff there are some variants of guns that have REALLY good stat increases but have a permanent attachment like an ACOG scope to balance it.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It depends on the kind. Some have locked attachments, some do not.

      • That’s so dumb

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          That’s what they had to do to balance it so that variants won’t be OP. But it could be good in some instances. What if you like that attachment on the gun, like maybe you use a silencer on all your classes? Then it’d work in your favor.

    • Michael

      Well who knows maybe you’ll like the attachments they have for you on your supply drop weapon. But also, I’m pretty sure you can unlock many different forms of the Bal-27 and other different forms of other guns (ex: IMR) in the supply drops (Correct me if I’m wrong.) So for example one can come with a holographic sight on your Bal-27 in one supply drop, and another one can have a red dot or stock attachment on your other Bal-27 in another supply drop. Again if I’m wrong then please correct me.

  • curi0us

    So to put things in perspective…

    Supply Drops are earned as drops. They’re earned by getting kills, completing challenges, how long you play, playing objectively, and being a teamplayer generally. They’re also earned through giveaways and promos like the Fuel up for Battle promo coming in October, and the AW XB1 Controller for example. You can also get exclusive supply drops in the single player campaign.

    The supply drops can contain 1-3 random drops with three rarities. Enlisted (green), Professional (Blue), and Elite (Gold). The drops are either cosmetics, weapons, or reinforcements (aka carepackages) that appear at 2 minutes for Enlisted, 4 minutes for Professional, or 6 minutes for Elite. Reinforcements are one-time use only before they disappear from your armory. There doesn’t seem to be any game mode restriction, so far.

    Cosmetics do not have any stats, and as stated, are purely cosmetic. There doesn’t seem to be any gender-based cosmetics so far meaning both male and female soldiers can equip anything and everything.

    Guns come in several varieties and have nicknames like “Lightweight”, “Assaulter”, “Obsidian Steed”, and so on. The guns that are looted through Supply Drops offer different stats compared to their base counterparts, some coming with unique camos that cannot be changed, unique attachments that cannot be removed, and can be real game changers once you consider the stats the guns offer.

    Also as a side note, the video seems to be revealing more than just information about supply drops. It seems to be showing the TTK, recoil for guns, and other little things. Just rewatch it and pay attention to the gunplay. Then again, it’s very possible this is still the same build as it was at Gamescon. But from what I’m seeing and comparing side by side with Gamescon, this seems like a more recent build.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Yup, that’s pretty much all of it. Not a big fan of the randomness (I could get something elite from a supply drop without doing something difficult, and vice versa.) But it’s not that big of a deal, and I’m sure it won’t bother me after release.

      • curi0us

        The factor that drew me into supply drops is the fact it’s basically randomized loot. It’s like an RPG where you are farming for loot, farming XP, or something equivalent.

        I understand what you’re saying, but to look at it from a perspective of fairness, you are on equal grounds with every player. Someone better than you could a supply drop that contains something not as useful, and someone far worse than you could get something better than what you get.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Yeah, that’s why I’m not THAT bothered by it. It’s because I’m used to it in RPGs or MMORPGs. But I do like that sense of reward for unlocking something extremely hard to get that none of my friends have. Bragging rights. (;

          • curi0us

            The thing is, you’ll eventually get X, or Y. So bragging rights eventually kinda fade away.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I know, but for example, in BO2, the first thing I did was get my specials (riot shield, crossbow, knife, ballistic knife) diamond. It took a month or two, but that was literally the first diamond weapons I had in BO2. To this day, many people don’t have diamond specials because it’s extremely annoying, difficult to do some of the riot shield and knife challenges, especially with the butterknife in BO2. I can pretty much say goodbye to bragging rights like that when you can randomly get it. Or being one of the first people to get that “I have no idea what I’m doing” calling card or the ghillie suit in Ghosts was pretty cool.

          • there are mastery cosmetics I believe.

          • meaning you could unlock it and brag lmao

          • Name

            yeah i saw a cosmetic set called weapon master, probably from doing all weapon challenges or something

        • pots

          Too random. All this unlock BS has ever done is create circumstantial advantage. Going to be rampant more than ever now. Stupid.

          • curi0us

            Everyone is in the same boat, regardless. Some people will get better loot, and some people won’t. Eventually, you will get the same loot that someone else has gotten. It just comes down to RNG.

            That’s basically all it is.

            RNG. Random loot is random. You’re no better or worse than anyone else.

          • pots


            You’re in the same boat at the start, but people will get better random drops than others. You can only have like 80 something / 300+ at a time.

            Either way if someone gets the best gun in the game at level 1, and another still doesn’t have it at lvl 50, there is dumb randomness advantage.

            Randomness creates circumstantial advantage. Idle sway is horrible for this reason.

          • curi0us

            That’s part of the whole deal. Someone is going to get the short end of the stick regardless.

            All you can do is hope RNG swings in your favor.

            I’ve nothing else to say on the matter until the game comes out. And if it’s still something you don’t like, well, more power to you.

          • Guest

            My best guess on this topic is that you most likely won’t be able to get the variations of a weapon until you unlock it, which for example, with your shoptgun, would look like this. Unlock weapon at lvl 42(random number :P) and then you cvan get variations. That would make it at least a little more fair.

          • Grenada!

            Agreed. One of the thing that pisses me of in CoD is the randomness and this is just going to create even more random crap.

    • Sal

      Look at the image. If you count everything, its 14 items. Yet the top of the image says 13/13 when there is clearly 14 items. Which means supply drop guns that come with attachments, those attachment do NOT take up a point.

      I have yet to see anyone point this out, anywhere, I would for you guys to see and agree with it or am i just completely wrong. Lol. Thanks.

      • curi0us

        If you look at the gun, you can see one of the attachments has a lock on it. I was actually very unaware of this fact that it did not in fact take a point. This certainly changes things.

        What if a weapon randomly came with an attachment that didn’t count as a point? That would make farming for “that one weapon” be an absolute nightmare with RNG.

        • Sal

          The way I think of it is that imagine you get your favorite weapon and it comes equiped with 1 or 2 of your favorite attachments. That’s 1 or 2 points that are not being used and can be used elsewhere; giving you and anyone else a slight advantage.

      • Actually, my theory is that your primary doesn’t take one up, but your secondary does. Just because you will always have a primary (I.E. Knife).

        • Sal

          When you don’t have a secondary, you also have a knife.

          If they’re cathering to the blops2 system(pick10) then everything you equip/have is a point.

          I think the primary takes a point; if youre 0/13 you have two knifes for both your primary and secondary.

      • Name

        according to someone’s vids i watched, i think driftor, he showed that he unlocked the bal assault rifle with an acog attached to which he couldnt remove and he said it did take up a point according to the gamescom build, so by what you are saying that means this video is showing a new build after all

        • Sal

          I think what driftor said is wrong because if you watch the video that he posted that is 40 mins long, you’ll notice another set up where it says 13/13 but there are 14 items.

          • Name

            lol wow thats funny

      • none

        Secondary gunfighter is equipped, yet only one attachment for the pistol is equipped. Maybe the wildcard only takes a point when the effect is actually used?

        I’m pretty sure that if the locked attachment didn’t cost a point it would be over powered.

        • Sal

          Maybe. I mean it could also mean that its bugged and the numbers are off; meaning its currently a pick 14 and they just didnt realize it.

          Again since they’re taking this from Blops2; wildcards take up a point no matter if use or dont use the effect of the wild card.

          if they’re making it so that wildcard dont go into effect unless you use the effect…then thats kinda random and would’ve been addressed.

          They figured they didnt need to explain pick 13 because of how similar it is to pick 10, idk.

          And yeah, it would be overpowered because lets say you use 11 points and only have 2 more points; ie 2 scorestreaks…with that extra point from a loot gun, then you can spend that 3rd/14th point on a 3rd score streak.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        This was pretty creative on SH’s part. That’s why they didn’t do what IW did with Ghosts and put permanent suppressors on weapons.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        It might be a bug, or what none said.

        From what I’ve hear from people that played it, those attachments DO take up a slot.

      • justin

        Michael Condrey confirmed on twitter the permanent attachments on the supply drop guns don’t use a pick 13 slot

        • Sal

          About time. It sounds like an unbalanced move but it doesn’t really bother me that it is.

    • WasabeJuice

      You can also now get supply drops from buying the Mountain dew and Dorito promotion ( And I think this is only the start to get supply drops in a lot of different ways.

      • curi0us

        I already pointed that out, good sir.

    • Josh

      Michael Condrey confirmed on twitter that custom guns can have their camos changed but yes, their attachments cannot be changed.

  • Bartram22

    Can’t watch the video keeps stopping every 10 secs :-/ ?

    • Zarky

      Because your internet is horrible?

      • Michael

        ^ ??

        • NEONHAZ13

          What videos??????

      • Bartram22

        Nothing wrong with my internet .. I play online no problem I watch a million n one videos no problem just this one

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      I hope you don’t play COD with that kind of internet.

      • daniel

        I play COD with about 600 ping and about 0.1 mb speed and still have a good time. For years ive been clueless as to how people can possibly complain about hit detection and matchmaking when its uncommon for me to experience these problems ( apart from ghosts where i die before its physically possible to react)

        • Guest

          You made me post a picture.

  • GamerSam99

    Anyone else notice how the sniper scope has changed since the Gamescom build? No more dual rendering it seems.

    • Guest

      It could be because he was invisible while aiming down the sight but who knows!

    • jordanxbrookes

      I noticed that too, maybe in the final build the dual render scopes are an attachment to give you better peripheral vision?

      • GamerSam99

        That could be a possibility. Personally, I have always heavily preferred the regular scopes. (i.e. all scopes before Ghosts)

      • GamerSam99

        Look at 2:50 when he zooms in. The prompt to zoom in comes up, so maybe the lack of dual rendering is only present with the Variable Zoom attachment equipped?

        • jordanxbrookes

          One thing that I don’t understand is that with the dual render scopes, it says at the side of your screen you can click LS to hold your breath, but everyone just doesn’t do that and let the scope sway. I don’t know if holding your breath just removes a bit of sway or whether it’s still like the snipers in previous titles where it completely steadies the scope.

    • Wraith

      Really? I could’ve sworn I didn’t see dual rendered scopes at Gamescom either.

  • omar_soft

    At least we know the AK-12 is coming back! πŸ˜€

  • George Claude

    I think supply drops are a good idea but they need to do some balancing. If your’re a newer player vs an experienced player you should have a lower probability rate to getting elite items and vice versa. I think cod will get even more frustrating if a level 10 gets a very dominant weapon while you still have enlisted weapons even though you played longer.

    • curi0us

      Look at it from a perspective of fairness, you are on equal grounds with every player. Someone better than you could a supply drop that contains something not as useful, and someone far worse than you could get something better than what you get.

      Random loot is random.

      • George Claude

        i suppose so…

    • mixamax

      I wouldn’t worry about that, SHG already confirmed that you won’t get a variant of a weapon until you actually unlock that weapon. So I’d believe that the lower level guys would have a lower chance of getting something good.

      • George Claude

        oh i didn’t know that

      • Aymen Skiken

        the variant of the weapons doesn’t make them op at all…

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      New players should adapt. You only get better by playing against better players and staying in lobbies. They should not cater to them and only them like they have in past CoD games.

  • The problem with character customization is that it will no longer be skill based accessories. When ever I was in a CoD: Ghosts lobby and saw someone with a rare customization option, I knew that they were a good player. Now, it’ll be random and the virtual lobby will loose its purpose. I hope there isn’t a K/D in the virtual lobby. It was the main reason why people were so sweaty in Ghosts (everyone can see you K/D easily)

    • Wraith

      This reminds me of CSGO and TF2 where the “good” players are defined by who can bust out their wallets and throw the most money at the game to get all the “pro” weapon skins and whatnot. That would never happen in CoD…or will it. The microtransactions are growing. One day there’ll be like some trading system topped off with the ability to buy more camoes. It’s over. Confirmed. 2020 yolo

  • Wraith

    Uh at 2:42, doesn’t that look a little cheap. The guy uses the exo shield to block the bullets, then almost instantly shoots the enemy with his shotty. There should be more of a delay between lowering that shield and firing your weapon. This looks like it’ll give players a few free kills every life.

    • Gump

      Very true and I thought the same exact thing.

      • NEONHAZ13

        Me 2 slightly worrying but everyone can use it so its fair am I right?

        • thebulky1cometh

          “Everyone can use it so it’s fair” is not acceptable. Remember the marathon+knife glitch from MW2? Very, very annoying. We should all want a balanced game where every gun class brings something to the table and NO weapon class or setup runs the show.

    • Black

      Maybe he has fast hands ? I dunno.

  • Aymen Skiken

    we can also have the standard sniper sight (when aiming the background is black) awesome !

  • UglyBrownKid

    Personally I love this Supply Drop aspect of the game. I can’t wait til November! I just wish they straight up jacked wall-running from Titanfall as well. That gameplay mechanic is awesome.

  • coolguy

    it doesnt look like this is how it will work BUT i would really like to see things get unlocked both by challenges and supply drops or have certain challenges give better chances at elite or professional gear. i know that it being completely random makes it an even playing field but it would just bug me if i got something crappy for doing a hard challenge or not really earning something great for a trivial challenge.

  • Xecho

    So ARX confirmed

  • Still haven’t upgraded to next gen so should I get a xbone or a ps4?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Depends on these 3 things:
      1] Which console(s) does your friends play on?
      2] Which console in the console family do you prefer or enjoy playing on?
      3] What games and exclusive games do you like?

      • I never had an xbox only a ps consoles but I am huge fan of insomiac games and I want to try out sunset overdrive but at the same time ps4 is getting a new uncharted and the order 1886

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Then get the PS4. Insomniac is still making R&C games exclusively for PS4.

          • Grenada!

            Or better yet and get both. PS4 you have The Order 1886, Last of Us and Uncharted. X1 you have Sunset Overdrive, Gears of War, Quantum Break and the one and only Halo Master Chief Collection. Why restrict yourself to only play one half of these games and not all? Get both and you never need to worry about a thing.

          • Guywithbrains

            Except money. Some people don’t get a lot of salary/money. That’s why I can’t buy both. Life is expensive which is sad truth.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I don’t trust Microsoft and their exclusives look garbage to me.

  • Worried about weapon balance ….?

  • I cant get over the visuals. COLOR (COLOUR) πŸ™‚

  • Sagar Trika

    Believe this is chapter 3 rather than 5. The only previous ones were the developer commentary over the “Collapse” footage and the four images they revealed in chapter 1.

    Did I miss any, because those three were the only ones that showed up when I searched the site.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    I love Supply Drops.

    • kyr95

      And the supply drops love us…

  • Grenada!

    Seems like they’ve got a lot of weapons from Ghosts in it which is disappointing.

  • NuttyTheSquirrel

    As long as you have the base gun unlocked, I don’t mind getting random gun varieties. But I don’t want to be playing on Day 1 (or day Zero, as they called) with a M4A1/MP5K (giving an example with MW2 in mind) and get destroyed by someone who got the AK-47 with a suppressor or even a red dot on it.

    I like this idea because it makes challenges more fun. But getting a random streak is a bad fucking idea.

  • Rorke File

    Looks good for me .. Hope they not to force you to prestige

  • Ryumoau

    i love loot in games like Borderlands and Diablo, so i’m glad its being added into this game as well. πŸ™‚

  • Eww they took away the realistic scopes?

    I am dissapoint. πŸ™

  • Blaine

    Am I the only one who is skeptical that they’ll be able to keep all 10+ variants of a gun balanced with each other? The more guns you have in a game, the more difficult it is to balanced them all, and COD has had a hard enough time keeping them balanced to begin with. Trying to balance 350 guns is a recipe for disaster. There will be 1 variant of each gun that will rise above the rest, no doubt.

    And the Reinforcements – really?? Does anyone else think that’s about as cheap as deathstreaks? For doing absolutely nothing to earn it, you can get a high end streak reward or 2 extra perks that last THE WHOLE MATCH. So they get an unfair advantage over every other player because they got lucky???

  • mountkarma

    Well I hate to say it but this is the problem with the recent CODs. When you combine ultra fast rates of fire, virtually no recoil and 2-3 bullet deaths the game sucks. It makes it clearly obvious its for casual gamers. If you get shot in the back and dont have enough time to 180 jump prone and kill that guy your gonna have a bad time. As a COD player that goes back to the vanilla COD days on PC it doesnt matter how much they add to make the player experience more unique if the overall game mechanics are built for casual gamers.

  • Hear-_-you

    The hbra3 bear fist looks like the maverick from ghost

  • True Artisan

    Hey guys i tweeted Micheal Condrey to try and clear things up here is his reply