GameStop has just announced a new preorder bonus for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, that ties in directly with Destiny. If you preorder Advanced Warfare at GameStop, you will get access to a Level 20 Blacksmith Armor Shader.

Pre-order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare before 9/21/14 and Receive the Level 20 Legendary Blacksmith Armor Shader for Destiny.

Blacksmith Armor Shader, an in-game Destiny reward that personalizes the look of your character’s armor. Use the Level 20 Legendary Blacksmith Armor Shader to apply shades of gun metal gray, bullet brass yellow, and metallic silver to your Guardian armor.

You have until September 21st, 2014 to preorder Advanced Warfare to get a code for this in-game Destiny item.

Both Call of Duty and Destiny are published by Activision, so Activision seems to be doing a cross-game preorder promotion this year.

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SOURCE: GameStop

  • Numbelovari

    Love this, going to pre order just becuz of this

    • NEONHAZ13

      I think you’re joking…

      But we’re on the Internet, where anything is possible

  • Call of Duty and Destiny don’t go together.

    • It’s a preorder bonus. Calm yourself. It’s not like Bungie is putting an AC-130 in Destiny.

      • Or are they…

        • I wouldn’t be surprised, it would be a futuristic version as a skin for your ship.

          And 3 weeks later this will be quoted in some other forum..

      • jordanxbrookes

        I would laugh so hard if that happened: “Guardians… ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!!!” XD

    • Keshav Bhat

      Call of Duty and Destiny are published by Activision. Same publisher, so marketing wise, this is brilliant idea – informs CoD fans about Destiny, informs Destiny fans about AW.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Do you know or think there could be something vice versa? You know like ‘Pre-order Destiny now and you unlock the Advanced Warfare multiplayer bonus map Gorge’, or something like that.

        • Probably not, since Destiny is a new game from Blizzard, but hey, you never know.

          • Zoltan L Williams Jr.

            Bungie, not Blizzard. And both AW and Destiny are being published by Activision, hence the cross-promotion

          • Oops, I meant to say Activision, meaning, the publisher of Destiny.

          • You were right in a way. BLizzard = no. Activision Blizzard publishes COD

          • Keshav Bhat

            Blizzard? Activision publishes Call of Duty, Skylanders, and Destiny. Blizzard does World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, etc..

            But in terms of what Jordan said, no, it’s too late for any new Destiny bonuses as the game launches in two weeks.

          • I meant to say Activision.. I didn’t know where my head was there xD

          • Josh

            Isn’t Activision Blizzard the parent company of both Activision inc and Blizzard Entertainment?

          • Keshav Bhat

            The overall company is called Activision Blizzard Inc, but Activision and Blizzard publish different games and publish them separately.


          • iTYPE2ANNOY
          • I know its parent company Activisoion-Blizzard. Blizzard did not develop destiny though smh.

          • that’s called a PUBLISHER 🙂 , Im not the idiot here buddy

          • x)

        • AstroCyborg

          gorge will be free within a month after release just like nuketown 2025 & freefall were

      • angus

        I reckon they are doing this to boost AW preorder numbers

      • Don

        But I’m pretty sure fans of both games are informed of one another. But this still isn’t a great promotion because what it’s offering is something you’ll eventually get at lvl 20 in Destiny!

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        “informs” ??? no… i’d say it just makes more people purchase both games…why? because they want more money $$$$$$$ greedy bitches!!!

    • StockManx

      They’re both from activision.


      Stop complaining they both owned by Activition this shit is awesome! Is like saying Batman does not go with Superman

  • I like the color scheme!

  • Batman

    Lol. F*ck u ATVI.
    Even though Im getting both, this is unfair with non-CoD players

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It’s just a skin. Looks badass, but still.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Why would you have a level cap at 20? I like Bungie, but that’s put me off buying it, as well as other factors.

    • GodzXPro

      Now you can go as high as 30, so there is that….which is nice.

  • Psychomaggot105

    I remember bringing this up on the cod forums and someone told me it would never happen. I guess it just did.

    • Psychomaggot105
      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Lol that guy got rekt.

        • Kootra dern sure got rekt.

          • Siftblade of Rivia


          • He already got free, we won. Hashtag warriors to the rescue!

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Hopefully they don’t get have to move from the office due to either the owners kicking them out for not wanting that to happen again, or due to the address now being available to pretty much anyone.

          • The address was already available to everyone. But holy crap, in the ten minutes I haven’t watched, this happens.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I now, but now it is more so.

        • iTYPE2ANNOY

          LOL YEAH kinda like how your boyfriend “rekt” your butthole last night…

          • UpRiftCOD

            Hàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So much original.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            Thanks UpRiftCOD, cool username (not really) , is it because you enjoy uprift into your butthole?

        • Sherkt

    • jooker-jr



      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        “LESTIEN” !

        EDIT: *LISTIEN

  • Lacis Gaming

    What if you pre order the AW Xbox one do you still get it?

  • StockManx

    Do we get it if we’ve already pre-ordered?

    • GodzXPro

      Yea, you just have to tell them or you can show them the receipt and you’ll get the code

  • UglyBrownKid

    This is so stupid. I don’t want a pre-order bonus for Destiny. I click on a COD article for COD-related news/info. Take that Destiny shit elsewhere.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Destiny was in the title and the picture was of Destiny. Who’s fault is it for clicking?

      • UglyBrownKid

        The point is, give us a pre-order bonus for the game that we’re ACTUALLY pre-ordering. This makes no sense from a gamer’s perspective who has no interest in Destiny.

    • whoa

      This is COD related.

    • Penguin-Kun

      You don’t have to. It did say BEFORE September 21.

  • Josh

    This is only happening because preorders have been low for Advanced Warfare in comparison to other years – Just because Ghosts flopped, its damaged the brand and meant that people are hesitant to preorder this year. This obviously means SHG aren’t off to the bests of starts BUT from what we’ve seen Advanced Warfare is looking to be that change which we’ve all been waiting for, and I hope for SHG’s sake AW does well!

    • AstroCyborg

      yet the pre orders went up nearly 400% after the mp reveal

  • Lmao there dumb as shit i will give them $5 for the destiny stuff then cancel it

    • Morgan Freeman

      The employees even suggested that I do that. That is what everyone is doing. Get the code then cancel the COD preorder. You don’t have to buy it just because you pre order.


    • I’ve always wanted to use an ACR in BO1. Man, I really wish CoD online would come to the U.S.

      • well you can still play it iif you live in the US. just play with bots with high ping. win win cause bots suck. i can hook you up with an account


      that looks really STUPID. It’s just recycled ctrl+c and ctrl+v mindless game creation. You only like it because it has slow motion and loud noises, you fool!!

    • Grenada!

      I would actually rather have that than AW, no joke.

      • UpRiftCOD

        I would to, but then people wouldn’t buy the main titles. And that would make Activision very sad.

      • PHAT PETE


  • Autocorrect

    I preordered Destiny, played the beta, and canceled my preorder. Not interested at all. -_-

  • AcePhoenix007

    Well this is interesting….

  • IceKoldKilla

    For a second I thought it was actual armor but a shader? Just color? Nope I prefer Amazon over the fuckers at GameStop. I started saving money and time while also giving GameStop the middle finger years ago. Those greedy bastards that pay less and sell for higher prices piss me off. And everything from Amazon in Europe is cheaper before launch. In US I know a game usually stays $59,99 or $59,95 but here instead of 69,99€ or 59,99€ we get 54,99€ or even less. And buying multiple games from the UK while paying in € can save me even more. Fuck GameStop, I hope they disappear in the coming years.

    • Morgan Freeman

      They have no garuntee that they can sell it again after they buy it from you. It isn’t similar to a place where you bring your soda can and get 10c back because they reuse the tin. They have to account for not being able to sell the product used and it sitting on the shelf for years. It is a business, not a charity. If they gave more money for used things then they would not profit and the company would close down. Only stupid people complain about Gamestop’s buyback policy.

  • jordanxbrookes
    • NEONHAZ13

      That’s a real ad? And people say cods not realistic

      • exeterman2

        Are you saying you didn’t realise these existed? Because that’s ridiculous. To use them you have to love pretty slowly, they don’t have jet packs or invisibility. It’s not just this but also the gameplay of cod which has been shit and not even close to realism.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      That means they can now wield a sniper rifle like it’s a SMG. I expect quickscoping in this COD.

      Fun times ahead. I haven’t quickscoped for a while.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Quickscoping is for douche canoes that are terrible at the game. Using snipers like shotguns? *facepalm*. Lol.

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          Terrible? That’s you.

          You’re the one who openly says you rage quit in COD when people don’t play the game the way you want them to. You just can’t handle it. It’s like the kid in the park who takes his ball and goes home because he can’t beat the other kids.

      • UpRiftCOD

        You would think with the super human strength of the exo suites, they would be able to handle all the kick from the weapon.


      Eddie Murphy?

    • So were is the advanced tactical chicken eating?

  • fuck yea, the ugly ass armor colors from the beta haha

  • nick

    this makes

    • nick

      this makes no sence but ok

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Fuck me I want this. I always thought that black and gold/yellow looked extremely good together. But I’m not going to be able to get it, because I’m not pre-ordering AW/Destiny. It’s all good, though. Great marketing.

  • UpRiftCOD

    If I pre orderd this along time ago, will still get it?

    • Devin Wolfe

      Same thing I’m wanting to know.

  • Black

    I hate gamestop.

  • jooker-jr

    ……. and I’m still waiting for the digital pro edition to launch in the EU/SA ps store 🙁

  • Sentinel

    Great marketing done by Activision. Probably boost up ’em Advanced Warfare pre-orders. I’m just curious to see what gamers would choose to play the most when both of these awesome games are out. I’m hooked on COD for sure, Day zero. Locked in.

  • J4MES

    I’m not a fan of these pre-order bonuses that plague games today particularly the ones which are exclusive to individual retailers.


    is cod pre orders that bad this year?

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      It is bad in the US. Destiny is killing COD AW. Destiny dominates the top 6 positions.

      COD pre-orders have never been this bad and I am not surprised that they’re doing this promo to uplift pre-orders.

      Off topic: The PS4 is also outselling the XBOX One in almost a 3:1 ratio.

      • PHAT PETE

        i have a xb1 and ps4 but i’m getting it on the xb1

    • J4MES

      They are extremely low but did spike after Gamescom and will continue to do so in the next couple of months. It’s a real shame that it’s not getting the backing it deserves as it could be the best COD in a very long time indeed. Sadly Ghosts and IW have destroyed much of the trust but I hope Sledgehammer restore faith on release and the community is united again with a good game.

      • Guywithbrains

        AW feels like it would be really much fun. Exo suit abilities make gameplay much more funnier. Although those who don’t like exo suit can still enjoy the game by playing no-exosuits playlist.

  • DopeAap

    Level 20 armor is pretty useless :

  • DannyT

    Advanced Warfare will sell less than Destiny and FIFA 15 this year.

    • Ryumoau

      …..and your point is?

      • KYS

        Shut up blind fanboy

    • Guywithbrains

      It seems like it. There is a good reason, though. People won’t pre-order so easily because of Ghosts.

      Although I think Destiny is way overhyped but that is just my opinion.

    • PCMR

      AW will sell less than many games this year. Infinity Ward and Ghosts have practically destroyed COD and even with a good game, SHG will struggle to get people back. New gen = new standard of games and possibilities.

  • Ryumoau

    if you already preordered advanced warfare, do you have to go back to gamestop to get the code or will it be included on the receipt for Destiny?

  • Guywithbrains

    No killing robots as George Washington. :/

    • Ryumoau

      thats disappointing.

  • Grenada!

    Destiny isn’t even that good. I played the beta and it was nothing special, I really can’t see what all the hype is about. People say it’s like a MMO, it has small MMO features in it yes but it feels just like any other shooter you can go and pick up at this moment. I got bored with the MP after a few matches and I actually cancelled my pre-order for Destiny. I will eventually get Destiny but it’s nothing special and it’s not a must have at launch. I’ll get it when it’s cheaper, maybe Xmas time when there is deals on.

    • Guywithbrains

      5 places with small areas to visit, repetitive missions, same looking enemies, not so good voice acting and almost copied boring multiplayer from Halo.

      Destiny looked promising until I got my hands on the beta on PS4. I got bored to the game in one hour but I still managed to get to the max level in the beta.

      [My opinion]

      • Grenada!

        Exactly although I don’t see how you’re calling Halo MP boring, Halo apart from Halo 4 is amazing. But yeah I know what you mean about Destiny’s repetitive missions, I got to the third mission and I was like haven’t I done this before? The area’s don’t even look that nice either, just some scrapped cars and field. I hope the full game is better since that was just the beta but god the beta was crap. I can honestly see the game dying out in a month or so.

        • UpRiftCOD

          Not for me, ill be playing it for 2 years, or untill the new one comes out. Plus there’s expansion packs.

  • Damien Anderson

    So if I preorder AW will they give me the code right away, or when AW releases?

    • Ryumoau

      i would hope they give the code now or when Destiny releases. The code won’t do us any good when AW releases because i imagine most people would have already moved on from Destiny or are far above level 20 to find that armor useful.

  • MOAR BLACK OPS 2 DOUBLE XP!!1 Seriously I will play a lot this weekend. I did stat reset and want to go for that master prestige again

    • Ryumoau


    • UpRiftCOD

      Naw man that game sucks

      • No it doesn’t.

  • Alex Sorkin

    I have a code but I don’t know where to redeem it. It doesn’t work on Xbox One, is this because it won’t work until the game comes out?

    • Sean DeJean

      I got the code in a email and its not redeeming either not sure whats up with that

    • Morgan Freeman

      Seriously what’s going on

  • AstroCyborg

    screw you gametop im not buying from you

  • i dont want destiny pre order bonuses here in australia i cant even order a version with with the season pass

  • WiZaRd

    so do we have to preorder it again on cod the site to get those special unlocks?

  • Mason Duran

    i redeemed the code and accidentally deleted the item. How do I get a new one?

  • Dilliehendrixx

    soo.. if i pre ordered on the 21st. do i still get the shader?