Infinity Ward and Treyarch have announced that they will be activating Double XP for Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this weekend, from August 29th till September 2nd.

Double XP for Ghosts is also to celebrate the upcoming release of Nemesis on PSN/PC on September 4th.

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  • Trizay

    People still need Double XP in BO2?

    • It’s not about people “needing” it… it’s just fun bro. #geez

      • Trizay

        I guess. I suppose it just doesn’t matter to me since I hit prestige master awhile ago. :T

        • Same here lol… but it’s still fun to see those outrageous scores at the end of each match 🙂

          I allowed my 10yr old to start playing about a month ago, so he’s super stoked about double xp…

      • Grenada!

        Some people have a life and they don’t manage to hit max prestige.

    • Ben

      I do need because I bought the game earlier this year and I don’t really have too much time to play games these days… :/

    • Prince

      I still dont have max prestige so… ya. Although i do play mostly zombies so.

    • Jonah Bear

      it rarely goes on but still we need double XP

  • Blarg

    Does this apply to MW3 ?

    • jordanxbrookes


      • Dr. Salim

        Yes, it’s still on for MW3

        • jordanxbrookes

          All fucking right then.

    • Mr Mc BICHENN

      It was on mw3 from November to like June. I think it’s still on honestly they never took it off that I know of

    • I swear MW3 has endless x2 Xp since the BO2 Launch?

      • Blarg

        I was thinking that playing today since it was 200XP for each TDM kill but I wasn’t sure.

      • It does for some reason they don’t turn it off

    • Keshav Bhat

      As far as I know, MW3 has had Double XP active for over a year now; apparently they never turned it off since BO2 launch? Not 100% sure on that

      • Yup, I played MW3 about a week ago and double XP was still on. I think it’s just permanent at this point.

  • Ryumoau

    Awesome! i plan to plug my copy of black ops 2 back in friday to take advantage of this.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I think there could be something to do with Advanced Warfare after the Double XP Weekend, I know the 3-year development cycle can mean Double XP Weekends more often, but to have one at a random time seems weird in my books.

    • otiscleetus

      it’s Labor Day weekend here in the US … 3 day weekend for most. seems like a fine time for double XP if u still need it

      • jordanxbrookes

        I forgot about Labor Day since I’m in the UK.

        • Carson kelly

          how many prestgies are there gonna be in advanced warfare follow me on ig irish_man_from_hell_ and earthproductions and earth-entertainment yj

          • derrrrrrrrrrrrr


  • Guest


    • Daniel

      What time does it start at

      • PrzM


        • Grid

          AM or PM

  • Josh

    It’s useless for me being Master prestige on BO2 and 10th prestige on Ghosts!

  • drjakeyoung

    Really hope PSN will actually be working by that point.

  • DarthDan97

    I’m about 7th prestige so I’ll probably be able to hit master prestige for the 2nd time! 😀

    • ccrows

      ^ That’s dedication right there.

      BTW I did 10th prestige twice myself… 😉

      • DarthDan97

        Bo2 is probably my 3rd fav cod after waw and bo1.. I think I have almost 20 days logged on bo2…

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  • OPmonkey

    I’m on cod ghosts now and there is no double xp..

  • legitshots

    I hope they make it to where its 2xp all the time in bo2. If anyone knows if it will happen or probably happen let me know.

  • Chilldude

    Is there double weapon xp too?

  • Reece1827

    Is this just for psn and pc

  • Salman

    Is it double weapon XP as well?

  • lionheart0079

    Double xp for weapons is def cool. Givez you a chance to max them out so you only have to worry about camo. This game is not just get your best weapon and then shut down…challenges, weapon prestige, and so on are also fun and challenging. It really improvez your game also if you suck like me.

  • UpRiftCOD

    Is it double weapon xp?

  • Nighthawk1911s

    I don’t care what anyone on YT says, I’m thankful for Blops II now that I have experienced Ghosts. Double XP for my third max prestige run, I’m in! Thanks Dave!!

  • UnderPul

    What time does it end? Im not talking about the day but a precise time.

  • IceKoldKilla

    FUCK! I missed this! I forgot to check this website before the weekend. Now it’s Sept. 3rd…. FUCK! I’m Prestige 6 in Ghosts and wanna rank up fast before Advanced Warfare. I’ll need to take advantage next time.

  • ReadyForTupac

    I’ll need Double Xp later for my new account :/

  • Jonah Bear

    i want to know when the next double xp weekend will be for black ops 2 everybody likes it and i want to know and i can still rack up points easily but i have gotten two prestiges in one double xp weekend soooo i was just wondering

  • killerbeast

    Today XP!!!!!!!!

  • Hexswayy

    Will there be another double xp before 2015?

  • Cam Hester

    How can i get emails for when the double xp weekend starts for ps3 any cod game