Infinity Ward has announced that Extinction Double XP weekend will be across platforms this weekend, starting September 5th and ending September 8th for all platforms.

This is to celebrate the release of Nemesis DLC on PSN/PC.

  • Drasadex

    Is the new Extinction map worth getting?

    • Infidel

      Just buy it and stop asking. Its only 15 dollars or 10, i have a season pass. And yes, it is worth it, think of it as origins to extinction

      • Drasadex

        “Just buy it and stop asking”. Thanks dickhead, appreciate it.

        • Infedel

          You welcome. Now go and spend that money on some cheeseburgers and diets soda instead, american pig

          • Drasadex

            oohhh you really got me there with that one lmao

          • MichiganerE

            Stop acting like a bitch.

          • J.d. Snead

            It’s alright, nothing awesome like the Breeder/kracken fight. Its by far the shortest map. Most of us were more excited for the new upgrades than the actual map.

          • Duke of hazard

            Hey look! It’s a bitch!

      • Slingshot

        it’s better and easier than point of contact, just open all the doors first before doing the generators, and DO THE CHALLENGES…. itll be the best extinction experience to date. Especially with that pistol ark attachment

  • Dr. Salim


  • Infedel

    Good, i can hit 5 more prestiges like last time. Fun times.

  • Seven

    Who gives a flying fuck

    • George Claude

      obviously u because you clicked on the article

    • Drasadex

      I give a flying fuck.

  • Chris Lehmann

    looks like another weekend of non stop button mashing alien killing slaying bitches yeah buddy

  • Daniel

    Maps to complete:

    • Clonetrooperdj

      U on ps4? if so add clonetrooperDJ

  • Autocorrect

    Everyone who hates ghosts, look at it this way: CoD Ghosts did many terrible things. But, now all three devs know what not to do, what’s ok, and what’s great. CoD Ghosts was blessing in disguise.