In today’s latest IGN First reveal, IGN goes in-depth with Advanced Warfare’s new Pick-13 system with Sledgehammer Games producer, Mike Mejia.

  • clercq1983

    Whoehoe, I’m the first one…

    • K

      Jordan bit sore ’cause he likes to be the first 😉

      • clercq1983

        Sorry Jordan… 😉

      • jordanxbrookes

        Not really, but ok.

  • jordanxbrookes

    That’s nice.

  • Spodermen

    This is looking like a great game already.

  • HenryDF

    Am I the only one thinking of just using one scorestreak (probably the Care Package), and just using the other two points as a wildcard?

    • jordanxbrookes

      UAV for me 🙂

      • HenryDF

        Ooh that’s a fair point, particularly with all those UAV upgrades. That could be really effective.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I’m also excited about the Warbird and the Paladin too 🙂

          • HenryDF

            They both look like a lot of fun, it’s gonna be good to try these all out. Plus, we haven’t even seen all of them in action yet, which is even better.

    • KernosT

      I agree.Im gonna use the UAV with VSAT module and then spend the points on the tactician wildcard which lets you choose one more exo ability.Exo Stim with Overclock would be a sick combination.

  • K

    IGN First, telling us things we found out a month ago.

  • Guest

    Interesting. jk we knew this

  • KevJumbaify .

    The normal mode with no exo suits better just be a gamemode like moshpit or this whole new cod would be pointless

    • Jim

      then dont buy it..

      • jordanxbrookes

        Did you even read and understand what he said? He said that the Non-Exo Playlist better just be a moshpit otherwise the whole exo-skeleton and abilities would be pointless.

    • It’s was called a playlist but I doubt a bunch will play it. The game is fast because of the exo suits. With out the suits, you cant get everywhere in the maps and it would be pretty much Ghosts 1 mile every 50 hours run speed/gameplay

    • Show N Prove

      Yea I totally agree with you, a lot of people would be stubborn to try the exo suits and would never give it a chance.

  • Juses

    Hurry up Condrey with the Co-op trailer. I hope we get it in 27 mins

    • Vivek patodia

      Juses you have no power here.

  • Guywithbrains

    We need co-op trailer, Michael!

    • Juses

      i agree

      • Guywithbrains

        I can’t wait to see what they are going to show us. Let’s just hope we get that trailer today or then tomorrow but before the weekend.

        • Juses

          Mabye we’ll get it in 23 mins. The trailer are usualy revealed on tuesday or thurday at 1pm eastern time

          • Guywithbrains

            If they release it today ( I think it is a small chance) then I would be so happy.

            Although they talked in the interview about their favorite co-op mode being spec ops and some kind of survival like MW3 had special ops missions and normal round based survival.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Yeah I watched that video. Is it pure coincidence or is he trying to tell us something? Hmmm…

          • RdJokr

            I hope not. All those exo abilities would really be a waste if it’s just for pure survival and special ops missions.
            Still, Condrey said the co-op mode would support 4 players, so there’s at least a change from MW3.

          • jordanxbrookes

            If it is Spec Ops, whilst everyone would be disappointed, I’ll be very happy about it.

          • Guywithbrains

            Time to fight with a friend about who gets to be in Advanced Warfare’s version of AC-130 (Paladin) if there is one mission where you can use it. 😛

          • jordanxbrookes

            Or fight on the Golden Gate Bridge against enemy forces, whilst blowing shit up 😀

          • Guywithbrains

            Didn’t we have Golden Gate Bridge mission in MW2 spec ops?

          • jordanxbrookes

            It wasn’t the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was on a suspension bridge, hence why it was called “Suspension” 🙂

          • Guywithbrains

            Oh right. But still it was pretty cool. Specially that soundtrack made it great. If they bring back spec ops, then they should try to make memorable missions as in MW2 (first mission, suspension…)

          • jordanxbrookes

            Definitely, I just want to see Spec Ops back.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I couldn’t stand Spec-Ops, personally. Felt too linear. But then again, I haven’t played MW3 Spec-Ops for a while.

          • or blowing IT up

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I prefer your speculation on 4 modes. Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies, AND Spec-Ops/Survival.

          • Guywithbrains

            If we get spec ops and some horde mode. Well it would be too good to be true…

          • Doi doi

            If it’s survival then that is really disappointing since survival just feels like a campaign mission that never ends until you die. I like Zombies and Extinction because of the enemies.

          • Guywithbrains

            I love Extinction. The best co-op mode after special ops missions!

          • Juses

            Zombies is way better

          • Guywithbrains

            I don’t like it because it is just endless shooting until you die. There is not so clear story compared to Extinction. But I agree it was fun with friends.

          • Juses

            The zombies story is better and atlest zombies has replayability

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            No clear story? Zombies has had a far more in-depth story and set of gameplay mechanics than any CO-OP mode on CoD.

    • Michael

      My name is Michael ?

  • Juses

    I hope they show new guns

  • Grenada!

    Why can’t I get excited for this game? I’m just not bothered about it anymore for some reason and it’s getting closer and closer to release but I can’t get excited. Maybe because there is a CoD game every year and I’m use to this now or maybe I don’t think the game will be good? Why can’t I get excited people?

    • Guywithbrains

      Just watch the co-op trailer when it comes and hype level will be over 9000.

    • Josh

      I think when they show off all the gameplay at events we know what to expect and the maps and guns they’ve brought. It’s like there is no surprise anymore, so the excitement doesn’t build!
      If I were not to visit this site and watch gameplay of AW, but had only watched the reveal trailer, I guarantee I would be extremely hyped for this game. I kinda wish they didn’t tell us everything!

      • Show N Prove

        couldn’t of said it better

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        There’s still more maps to reveal, another Campaign mission, and, of course, CO-OP. But, we’ve also haven’t scratched the surface on the weapons, gadgets/equipment, etc (which I’m sort of worried about).

      • Argy

        I think its a combination of things, for one we’ve already used and played with over half of the things in this game (pick-10, score streaks, etc…) and so seeing them slightly modified or changed for this release is like” okay, that makes sense and I expected that. But then we wait to hear what’s new that we as people could never have thought up before in an FPS and they are like “Well we added in this element from another game that we thought was cool” and we react “Yeah, it’s cool, but I played it there.”

        On top of that, they over broadcast now. So like lets say they only teased the exo-suits. Just maybe one or two 5 second clips of them cloaking or whooshing around. Then you get super excited because you are like “Oh man, game changer!” but when you see them in action 100 times you realize its like… meh at most because it still feels too much like the original formula.

        In other words, over marketed and bad marketing.

    • Michel

      I had the same thing with Ghosts, and it ended being true.
      Now I’m actually fucking hyped.
      I already know the game will have a lot of bullshit like bad camera angles, OP Snipers/Shotguns/Pistols, Danger Close, requiring a perk to use the exo etc.
      But for some reason the gameplay just hypes me up.

      • well you dont need a perk to use the exo. The ability and launcher are the same thing as the two tactical and lethal grenade spots in previous COD games. Yeah you can put two grenades in your launcher but you could have two in previous games also.

        • Michel

          If you use the Exo(Like jump etc).
          The enemy will know where you are, which in my opinion is bullshit in 2051?

          • It is stupid from how much you’ll use it but hey whatcha gonna do

          • Michel


      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        I am worried about the camera angles/bad character syncing, too, but what if the net coding is mastered? Hmm. However, I saw the trailer, and people with SMGs have the same bad sprinting animation on the player models as BO2/old CoDs, which is ass.

        If those things are OP again (which is why I’m waiting for a review before I get it), then I won’t play MP as much. I wonder when they’ll learn?

    • Sami Ul Haque

      Its the same here there is nothing about AW thats just getting excitied it looks like a combo of BO and GHOSTS MW ASWELL not sure untill co op trailer comes

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Because Activision plays us over and over again like a Fiddle.

      -Reveal the game in May
      -Show gameplay from Singleplayer in June
      -Give us a “surprise” in July – “surprise” flops
      -MP trailer in August – expects a beta – stupid Early Access Edition instead
      -Expecting Co-Op in mid-September – probably going to be September 20-30th

      The cycle needs to improve.

  • Diego Diniz

    Good Maps and Good Streaks…PLEASE!

  • Juses

    i guess co-op reveal until tuesday 🙁

    • StaticShockFather

      Na it’ll be at the end of the month

    • i guess you’re right ;(


  • LovekillerX

    I really hope that we will see a trailer soon from co-op. Maybe not today but in a couple of days it would be nice if the trailer could be released. But I think that we will see it in a week or at least hear something about co-op really soon.

    However I am also happy if I see another map from multiplayer and even more if I see a new campaign level. I have always been single player veteran (I like to play story first, no excuses.) Hopefully we will see something new soon! 🙂

    • HenryDF

      Think about it though; how much of Co-Op will you actually play compared to MP (or even the Campaign if that floats your boat)?

      Zombies was ok – you could play the same map a few times without getting bored. Extinction tried replicating that, and personally I was bored of every Extinction map by the second or third playthrough.

      When it comes to Spec Ops, you’ll do a mission until you complete it, then you won’t play it again unless you have nothing else to do. Survival is similar to Zombies in the way that it can still be fun when you replay a map.

      What I’m trying to say, is that unless Sledgehammer hit the nail on the head and give you a Co-Op with a load of replay value, you might not end up playing it very much at all. We all saw how Extinction ended up.

      People are getting all hyped up over something that really isn’t hugely important in the wider scheme of things – in reality, you’re not gonna end up playing days and days worth of Co-Op as you may with MP. There’s a reason the CoD devs always do it last, because it just isn’t top priority.

      • Co-op campaign is the way to go.
        I spent hours playing with friends and unknown players on World at War. Best COD Co-op ever.

        • HenryDF

          My favourite CoD Co-Op is Zombies. I just love it, it’s simple, you can get better and better at it, and it’s not particularly boring.

          I just hope Sledgehammer don’t try and replicate Zombies, or at least if they do, they do it well. Extinction was a travesty; props to Neversoft for trying to do good things with it, but it was just so boring.

          • fires

            Not to knock on anybody’s opinion, but I’ve loved extinction more than zombies(IMO). I like the replay value in extinction and the older zombie maps over black ops 2 easter egg driven maps. Not to say it’s bag or anything, but mob is literally unplayable without looking for plane parts, and origins really needs the staffs to get far, unlike der riese, which is, well, pretty brain dead when comparing

          • HenryDF

            I can see why people would prefer Extinction – it requires more skill than Zombies, more concentration, and it’s not particularly complicated in terms of completing a level (as you mentioned with Mob).

            The maps and the concept (sticking that drill down everywhere) just really doesn’t work for me. You’re progressing through a map just for the sake of reaching the end, with very little fun or interesting stuff along the way – the occasional Rhino, but that’s it.

            Zombies is just a survival mode, and I like that. There’s no aim other than to live as long as you can, and there’s no distraction like the drill in Extinction. Just survive, and do well. It couldn’t be more simple (until Treyarch start trying to be clever with building stuff).

          • Depending on which map it is and what Im in the mood for, I sometimes too like extinction more. Zombies will always have a strong place in my heart though.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Extinction is ass. 🙁

          • Suu

            “I think they should implement the armory feature in the new co-op mode.”

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            They’d probably make it simple – or even better – scary as hell, or, EVEN IN 3RD PERSON. :O

        • YES, but Co-op campaign should be an arcade mode, and not the main co-op of the game. Implementing 2-4 players in the campaign requires minimal effort. Showing score on kills, adding more enemies and more weapon/ammo drops. That, and some simple networking.

      • LovekillerX

        I see your point. It is true that the multiplayer and campaign “floats my boat.” For me zombies are fun with friends sometimes but I didn’t like it that much. I got bored for all that shooting. The only thing that made zombies interesting was the chance to shoot massive groups of zombies trying to overrun you. But when I went to online with random players I was like “nah this is boring” and secondly my teammates always died or left.

        Extinction was a little bit better experience for me. I liked the “objective style” with those rounds of aliens. Extinction was better because now there was actually something else than just shooting everything you see moving.

        What comes on spec ops, you are right when you told me that you just play it few times and done. But there was actually pretty cool and nice missions which I liked to replay many times with friends or alone. Spec ops with friends was really nice and enjoyable, especially in MW2. But if they add spec ops to co-op, they should make it worth of replaying.

        They should do their own thing. I don’t get the interest to zombies. It is already seen and we will probably see it in the future too when Treyarch launch their game. IW have extinction, Treyarch have zombies. Now Sledgehammer Games should make their own thing like cyborgs. But this is just my opinion.

        • HenryDF

          What you said about Zombies is fair – it really isn’t much fun on your own (though I loved solo Buried), and it’s hard to do well when randoms just quit. Playing with friends is good fun though.

        • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

          The co-op should be like survival with an objective.Per example destroying or shutting off something.Then each round there should appear some stronger enemy for example a 2 meter armored guy or a flamethrower dude.IMO that would be a really cool thing.

          • LovekillerX

            Exactly. I was thinking the same.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        If it were Zombies, I’d tell the MP to go fuck itself and just play that lol. What if MP is a trainwreck (and what if it isn’t)?

        I disagree about Zombies. Nowadays, you could play it for hours on end per session, if you wanted to. Zombies is the best CO-OP mode thus far. I don’t think they’d do Spec Ops. If they do, I’ll riot (“Our take on it” – they invented Survival in MW3 and they worked on the Spec-Ops mode on MW3, as well). But-maybe we’ll get both? 4 modes like Ghosts?

      • TheShadowReaper

        i will disagree here. the importance of the Co-Op mode (as you said yourself) depends of how much of a replay value it has. i maybe not play WaW and BO zombies anymore but if my COD friends were still in the gaming scene we would easily go ham 24/7 on Der Riese. even if it is the same thing over and over again, it is addicting. and being addicting adds a lot of replay value. BO2 zombies were addicting at all. they were small, bad designed maps (and a teaser for the following DLC zombie maps. yeah, fuck you ATVI!) and as a result had little to no replay value.

        and how much important the Co-Op mode is isnt up to you to decide Henry. some of us still wanna live the good old days of 24/7 survival, completely forgetting that a multiplayer version of the game even exists.

        • HenryDF

          There’s a reason I asked the question “How much Co-Op will you actually play?” rather than saying “You’re not gonna play any Co-Op compared to Campaign and MP” – because I’m not trying to decide how important Co-Op is to people. I’m trying to find out.

          I quite liked BO2 Zombies, by the way. Tranzit was horrific, but Buried was great fun with some great weapons, Mob of the Dead was interesting and pretty fun (not amazing), and Die Rise, while slightly boring, still delivered and was ok. Playing the smaller maps like Town was great too, I loved that map. The maps don’t have to be big to be good, even in Zombies – surely you should know that after Ghosts.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Biolab SP demo next week, I bet.

      • kyr95

        Oh dear. I have to hold myself to not watch it. Im trying to go blind concerning the missions, and i already spoiled myself with the collapse mission ( one of the most badass sequences ive seen in a game )

  • David Sync

    COD AW Hype progress
    Campaign 1%
    Multiplayer 32%
    Co-op 62839599163649501837859500276165959926479504827367595029736750600694726264850%

  • Still no co-op reveal trailer. 🙁

    • Guywithbrains

      Like if u cri evri tim. 🙁

    • Chances are that is going to be the very last thing. They know thats what we care about the most. They are putting out more videos than normal on this and of stuff we already know was announced because they just want to build tension and wait as long as possible to get that trailer out. That’s why my hopes aren’t up….yet

  • Dangelo95

    So this weeks multiplayer? Next week campaign? And the week after that co-op is what I’m thinking? I just hope the co-op is not mw3s survival with exo suits I want a horde mode like cyborgs or something

  • modernpoika

    Now i noticed that gun looks very different with some variants… Nice! 😀
    I’m not afraid to take a stand…

  • NiftyGam3r

    This is fucking awsome

  • They havent explained how everything unlocked, so far everyone has it from the start…

    • TheShadowReaper

      didnt they say that you get to unlock whichever weapon you want to when you level up in certain levels? kinda something like a mixture of Black Ops 2 and Ghosts?

  • Oman that’s great news

    Guys I’m just here to say this but I know for a 110%that it is zombies.I have a friend that works there and I work for Activision.Dont care if you believe me

    • Money Boy

      Yeah my grandad works for Bungie so that means 3arcs next CoD is BO3 100% CONFIRMED

      • thebulky1cometh

        Granddad? So if you’re 15 (based on how you spelled 3arc), I’d put your grandad at least in his mid 50s, probably closer to 60…what could he possibly do for them that would allow him to have access to insider information?

        • Money Boy

          Are you serious?

          • thebulky1cometh

            Was your comment sarcastic? These boards are full of idiots trying to claim “insider info” so I wasn’t sure.

  • Cool

    Hey guys just here to tell you this but ik for a 110% that it’s zombies. I work for Activision and my friend works for sledge. Don’t care if you believe me.

    • exeterman2

      *Sniff* *Sniff* I smell bullshit…

  • IIPlayer99II

    Emp grenade descriptions say it disables exo movements..sounds op

    • Argy

      Depends how they make it. Like if we’re talking BO2 where the EMP magically went through walls then yes, it’ll be OP. EMP relies 100% on range, and if it doesn’t have the range then it doesn’t really work.

  • Br4dthebe4st

    Can anyone tell me what those symbols where underneath the gun when chose the elite version of the BAL? Thanks.

  • You literally need “Blast Suppressor” …

    • Charlie

      From gameplay I’ve seen, it doesn’t highlight a red dot on the map in an obvious way. it’s a brief transparent red dot for a split second. But I’ll still use that a lot when I wanna be stealth.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    I would have preferred something else, since everyone knows what the Pick System is. Will I be able to go to the Virtual Firing Range from the load menu?

  • jooker-jr

    I would love that some perks change the way u look.

    for example if u equipped lightweight, ur exo suit will look thinner
    if u equipped flak jacket, ur exo will be a bit thicker
    if u equipped Blast Suppressor,then u will see the suppressor on the exo ( like bo1 )

  • Sentinel

    Sigh… Just talk about the Co-Op mode already! Don’t go over sh!t that we already know of like for real ign. -.- I check Ci daily and all I see is the same things we known over a month ago. Ya’ll give out the news, previews, and reviews. Leave the game breakdown for sites such as Ci

  • J Sama

    So am I literally the ONLY person who thinks the Parabolic Mic is gonna ruin the game in a way? Because there honestly is NO counter to it. It’s basically removing stealth from the game completely. One simple attachment let’s you know where everyone is when they fire their weapon. Seems kind of dumb tbh

  • Rebelxero

    Whoa they took off the sound perks! No dead silence or awareness? What is that mic perk for the gun though?

  • Kenny Rader

    damn this shits gunna be dope!!!!!! no life after november 4th

  • tron

    I’d skip over danger close too.