Michael Condrey has confirmed on Twitter today that the ranked playlist in Advanced Warfare will feature monthly seasons, similar to how League Play worked in Black Ops 2.

The ranked playlist will be a separate playlist from the public matches and will allow players to compete in a ranking based matchmaking.

Condrey has also confirmed that “the good news is now you’ll get a special piece of loot gear to wear for the next month based on your season performance.”

SOURCE: @MichaelCondrey

  • TheGamerBeast

    awesome news, and can everyone here tweet at him saying what about the PC version news because he gave us alot of stuff and reveals except any news on the PC version

    • Primey_

      He’s constantly getting pc questions but he avoids them. The latest is we’ll get details this century


      • TheGamerBeast

        god dammit avoiding PC again

        • M.W.P.

          you guys have CS and PS2 so quit your whining.

          • Primey_

            And what if we don’t like them?

            We have every right to complain. The PC version is constantly terrible. BO2 and CoD 4 were the only really good versions. IW is constantly shitting on pc players and Ghosts was the final straw for many.

            They just don’t understand how to make a good PC game, it’s actually quite pathetic.

          • TheGamerBeast

            yeah the only hope is i have a feeling SH is going with a great optimized PC version, i’m asking because i’m a hardcore PC gamer only i buy all COD games on PC, and after playing ghosts last year my first words on COD is that i will never ever buy any COD game on PC or whatever

          • Joe nagy

            Yea I wouldn’t base you COD playing career on Ghosts. It was pretty terrible. I think AW will be good all around and hopefully they port well to PC

          • The port will be fine I am sure – as far as performance. But what about other lacking PC features. SHG has had 3 years on this title and another completely different stuido working on the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions so there should be no excuse whatsoever to not implement proper PC features. After all the excuse in the past has always been… not enough time.

          • While their PC ports were god awful, I wouldn’t say they’re terrible at just making those. Ghosts was the last straw with IW games overall for many.

          • Joe nagy

            Actually, those were pretty much the best 2 games on any platform. So PC didn’t get the shaft….you just got the same sub-par games we all got.

    • RdJokr

      Activision’s probably keeping them from revealing PC details. However, considering how the schedule has been since MW2, we’ll get PC details mid-October.

  • TuTKoKmoLLi



    Itll be the exact same thing. Nothing different other than special loot AND a rank. Matchmaking will still suck & it wont be truly skill based. Because COD.

    • spartanelite

      Ehh it tries it’s best to do so, plus it keep the try hard quiet and keeps them out of public games

      • Super029something

        i dont see the problem with trying in a public game. isnt that the point?

        I mean sure, anybody that plays competitively would crush you all like bugs but that doesnt mean that we’re trying any harder then the rest of you.

        • LunatikToon

          I second that

        • people just call others try hards because they lost and want to feel better. I myself have tried hard but Im not a try hard. My skill is just my skill.

        • jordanxbrookes

          My issue is seeing jumpshotters and competitive players in my public matches. They have their own playlist yet they’re still in my games :/

          • Whoa

            Why? It’s a public match! It’s like an NBA star going to the local park to play ball. Obviously he is great and plays in the NBA but hes allowed to play in public too. What just because he participates in a higher level game of ball means he can’t go out and ball in a public park? I hate when people complain about tryhards like honestly nobody plays too lose so they are going to try their best to win. (btw im not angry at you jordan lol this was a bit more of a rant at the subject lol)

          • jordanxbrookes

            I’m talking just about competitive players. They have their own playlist, yet I still see more and more of them in my public games, jumpshotting around corners and pissing me off.

          • Whoa

            It’s times like that where i say I need to party up. *puts on shades* and go on a winning streak.

          • Bruh?

            Bruh its because you don’t know one thing about competitive if your whining about getting destroyed in pubs there’s things call scrims, tourneys, GBs, so its all not in sum dumb league play system so in between important games comp players hop in a public match to keep there reflexes and there shot warm so now do you understand why “tryhards” are there??

        • spartanelite

          No I know i play competitive sometimes but in public match it’s better when people aren’t trying like it’s the Cod chapionship


    Will you be able to prestige your weapons again??

  • Comrade

    EXO-Survival will include cyborg humanoid unicorns/bicorns/tricorns/quadcorns, sharks, and other monsters. These monsters will be armed with guns, swords, and magical spells. There are some special weapons that can only be used in this mode such as freezing grenades, gravity grenades, flamethrowers, swords, staffs (like from the zombie map origins), and new exo abilities.

    • jooker-jr

      Hmmmmm……. Seems more legit than hellsapawn.

    • Whoa

      Tricorns? Tri meaning 3?
      Half Life 3 Confirmed.

    • drjakeyoung

      Can the sharks have lasers on their heads?

      • Comrade

        Sorry, but sharks are on the endangered species list so yes, sharks will have lasers on their heads.

  • When I hear there’s a ranked playlist in Advanced Warfare that will feature monthly seasons, similar to how League Play worked in Black Ops 2.

    • kyr95

      Give this guy a Deathstar!!

      • Why not a Death Star cookie?

        • kyr95

          Fiiiiine 😛

          • That guy


        • Black

          Can I have one too ? ♥‿♥

          • hazmat

            death star cookie party! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          • Black

            Hell yeah! =D

  • TrackHo

    The only thing new in this game is the movement, everything else is from other games or Black Ops 2. Quite sad for a game with a three year development cycle.

    • Dean Cowan

      Yeah, becausd a FPS game is going to make leaps and bounds gaming industry?In this year what game has truely innovated? The only real innovation I see is higher res and VR devices. After that i really can’t see the industry getting innovative.

    • Whew

      Why don’t you innovate the next game buddy.

      • TrackHo

        I could easily innovate the next game buddy but that’s not my job.

  • Super029something

    Im hoping that its pretty much exactly the same as league play. They done it pretty perfectly.

    • Super029something

      Except if people ‘break’ lobbies once they see who they’re up against by
      dash-boarding or joining friends session’s, they should also get probation.

  • thunder

    now all i need to hear is IW has been disbanded and we will all be happy

    • I love how nobody has hated on this or down voted yet haha. We should start a petition to get IW replaced. MW3 and Ghosts were the worst games of the series.

      • Guest

        One of the only good parts of MW3 was the campaign which sledgehammer made.

        • Wrong

          IW worked on campaign , SHG worked on Multiplayer

          • hazmat

            SHG worked on survival and campaign due to lack of staff for IW, and the biggest part of a COD game is the MP, so IW wanted to work on that for themselves, IW and Raven did MP in MW3, SHG worked on campaign and survival/spec ops stuff

          • Daniel

            Both did work on all gamemodes

        • SHG didnt make it. The only thing they did was make survival (in term of literally making). They helped design campaign in terms of level design but everything was all under IW’s command. Thats probably one of the most common mis-conceptions. IW is still the developer. They just hired SHG to help.

      • Mw3 isn’t one of the worst games. Ghost has to be the very worst. Mw3 is better than Ghosts.

        • Yes ghosts is worse. But MW3 is still one the worst (the second worse) One of the is different than the.

      • Brash

        I don’t get it. IW knows cod best since they created it. They’ve kept alive while Treyarch is f’ing it up.

        • Astro

          its not the same IW now though buddy

        • treyarch has done complete opposite. Infact more people like the past couple treyarch games than the last couple IW games.

        • Infinity Ward Call of Dutys are terrible. Even going back to MW2. COD4 was awesome though.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I wouldn’t be happy.

      • Jimmeh

        Did you get my message? 🙂

        • jordanxbrookes


          • Jimmeh

            Replied to you from another article, asking whether or not comments like these can lead to a suspension:

            This is a compilation of comments from the Destiny section of CharlieINTEL:

    • IW FTW

      Infinityward won’t be leaving the cod series anytime soon, since they created cod. I don’t get it, ghosts is awesome

  • Awesome i freekin loved it in bo2

  • I wanna see a time disruptor grenade in survival.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Not a fan. Good for those who like it though.

  • Haitian Jack

    What are they doing about people who quit league play early? I loved the BO2 league play, but what am I supposed to do when I gotta play 1v4 because my whole team decides to rage quit? Why should I be put on a 5 minute probation because i’d rather jump into another session than play another 8 minutes against a full squad alone.

    • This. League play was made unplayable because people constantly quit out.

      • Haitian Jack

        They need to drop peoples graphics down a level everytime they rage quit. If their still rage quitting on 144p, just kick them off the server for an hour.

    • I recall if you dropped out of a match ( even if the server tossed you off ) you were banned from playing for a few hours or more depending on the number of times it happened.

      • Haitian Jack

        The most I’ve ever seen or gotten was 5 minutes. Which sucked, because if the server dropped me, I got banned.

  • Yosuf

    Why does it matter? we’re just gonna get ip flooded anyways

  • Krc5

    Monthly seasons is such a bad idea idk what they are thinking league play had a terrible ranking system

  • 111AlaN111

    I would be very excited if the survival mode presented time ago is just a joke or that there is a GOOD survival mode apart from that.

    Or that the survival mode has cyborgs, kind-of zombies, superhumans and more apart from people shooting you.

  • moonwalker

    In BO2, once you were placed in a division ( iron was the lowest) you were given 10,000 XP for a win, 7500 XP for a loss. Is this the case in AW as well ?