Activision and Sledgehammer Games have confirmed today that you will be able to transfer your Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer stats between Xbox 360 and Xbox One or PS3 and PS4.

All of your Multiplayer stats and gear are shared within a console family (Xbox 360 <-> Xbox One or PS3™ <-> PS4™) and will be waiting for you when you transition to next-gen

This works both ways, meaning if you rank up on PS3, then play on PS4 – your stats will transfer, and, if you play on PS4, then go back to PS3, your updated stats will be there. (Same for Xbox platforms.)

SOURCE: Advanced Warfare

  • Keep up the great news CharlieINTEL! There’s a reason why I have you on my Google Chrome Bookmarks: I can always rely on you guys for CoD news 😉

      Usually one of the first things I open when I open my browser

      • Nice! What browser is that?

        (Also nice to see you use Gyazo too! :P)

        • Switched to Mozilla because it seems to be faster than chrome nowadays 🙂

    • Mobin Amanzai

      bookmarks you say … so I guess they’re not good enough to be on your home page (jk)

  • Juses


  • TheShadowReaper

    “that’s to be expected” news. i mean, they wouldnt go as far as to not make stats transfer, right?

  • Guest

    To be expected tbh

  • Juses

    most ps4 owners upgraded from a 360.

    • Rorke File

      But are there still people upgrading to ps4 from x360

      • imaapro

        Yes but it goes both ways. ps3 to xbox one and xbox 360 to ps4. Does it really fucking matter. Shut the fuck up with the console wars bullshit.

        • Jeff

          R u sure like have you tried it?

      • PCMasterRace

        Upgrade to PC, peasant!

    • Mario Corleone

      I upgraded from 360 to Xbone one, Thank god i kept my 360 🙂

      • Why Nerf My Gun

        Thank god I didnt get a xbone one.

    • Juan Daniel Chavez

      will the guns also come with the stats

    • PCMasterRace

      Maybe you should have gotten a PC peasant.

      • Cool Wolf (WolfTheGamer)

        Dude, you can’t call us peasants if we try to save money, and also how we have a house which automatically does not make us a peasant.

  • 720peasant

    Great news! I’m getting Advanced Warfare for my Xbox One at launch and then will upgrade to the 360 version in time for Xmas with my stats saved so I don’t have to start again. Sweet!

  • Munir Fernández

    I would like to know when they are going to reveal more of the game, still waiting!!!!


    I have a Xbox One but I might as well get the 360 version for free.

  • Kim Shacklock

    But how long do you have to transfare.

    • Ryumoau
      • Kim Shacklock

        Thanks Ryumoau.

    • moonwalker925

      I go back and forth a lot. I find often if I cant find a game quickly on the Xbox One, then the 360 is apt to have one as there are 10 times as many users. I usually only play domination and KC.

  • Mr_ysi42t96

    Anyone know if league play from bo2 is coming back?

    • Ryumoau

      yes. its called Ranked play this time.

      • Mr_ysi42t96

        Thanks bro, league play was awesome and competitive I reached top 18% almost to top 2% 😀

  • Ryumoau

    Awesome news! They did this for Ghosts as well. This is great news for me, since i actually find myself spending more time on ps3 than ps4 (because ps3 has WAY more social features that i love). But i will definetly be experiencing the game for the first time on ps4.

    • LovekillerX

      Well I play a lot more PS3 because I’m attached to it. I can’t let go from that old dusty machine although I’m getting Advanced Warfare for PS4. 🙂

  • Stefan Lang

    Wait, why is there a riot shield on that dude’s back. I thoght they came out of the arm.

    • They brought the riot shield back in the form of an exo ability and weapon. We gon rage hard this year.

  • ihavenoidea

    so this is “backwards compatibility” on the consoles PC’s had this for years :/

    • Kobrah

      This is not ‘backwards compatibility’…

  • ron

    i have ps3 and now i buy ps4 all my weapons and my things saved in the multiplayer??

  • Sunfires

    Can you transfer saved data from a ps3 to a Xbox one, just by copying the saved data from the ps3 to a flash drive then uploading it to the Xbox one? I know it work on the same console’s but ain’t sure about different consoles, I’ve heard you can and I heard you can’t, so if anybody has the answer or has tried it and knows what they are doing, please let me know. P.S. I like both systems just the same so don’t argue about which is better, they both have their ups and downs and they are both awesome. I mainly wanted Xbox one because of dead rising 3 but plan on getting both.

  • Evan Duviviers

    I have the speakeasy and the entire optic gaming load out and I’m scared if I get the Xbox one version of the game I’ll loose those and have to get them back. Will o still have them if I get the Xbox one version?