The Fuel Up for Battle Advanced Warfare Mountain Dew / Doritos promotion website is now live. This promotion is limited to the US only. If you buy specially marked packages of Mountain Dew or Doritos products at US retailers, you can redeem the codes on the package to unlock limited time of Double XP, limited time of Rapid Supply, and Mountain Dew exclusive gear.

Here’s some of the gear you can earn via the promotion:

Every code you enter on the Fuel Up for Battle site enters you into a chance to win a Xbox One console. You have to register for an account on the site, and then link either your PlayStation ID or your Xbox Live Gamertag account as well.

There’s 10 pieces of gear you can earn via the promotion; here’s a chart showing product unlocks which gear:

For international customer, a promotion with Monster Energy is set to launch very soon.

SOURCE: Fuel Up for Battle 

  • modernpoika

    FIRST! 😀

  • Seven

    Enough with these promotions.

  • TheGamerBeast

    ofcourse no PC

    • consolemasterrace

      get out of here peasant

      • Handheldmasterrace

        NO! You get out out of here peasant

        • Samuel Fogle

          How bout we stop bashing people for the systems they play on? We are all gamers here!

          • Handheldmasterrace

            It was a joke look at my name.

      • TheGamerBeast

        smh that’s what i’m talking about, why aren’t you at or Next to PC Gamers side, we need a good and fully supported Game like console owners have, you will never understand, KIDS these DAYS

  • Prince Of The City.

    Its kind of ridiculous that you don’t have a chance of “completing’ your character unless you buy the game itself + a huge pack of MTN Dew & a huge bag of Doritos from Walmart. & also, you have to earn 12 hours of double XP & 12 hours of rapid supply ( whatever that even means ) in order to get the calling card. You know how many bottles that is if you’re only getting 15min per code? 96 bottles of MTN Dew… 96 fucking bottles… & thats not counting the other bottles for the other items.. Just know whoever has that calling card is a fat slob who has 100+ bottles of MTN Dew & 15 bags of Doritos in his house lol

    • TRUTH

    • RdJokr

      It’s just marketing, jeez. It’s not like they’re forcing you to buy. Besides, I’m sure there are way cooler gears than the Mtn Dew and Doritos ones.

      • Prince Of The City.

        No, they aren’t “forcing” you to buy it but it mandatory to buy certain things to complete the character which is kinda of shitty in my opinion.

        • RdJokr

          Well I guess it bothers people who needs to feel that their game is “complete”.

        • you can earn this in supply drops most likely and who cares. There are over a billion different ways to make your soldier. I think there are better things than this shat looking exo

        • Alex

          Again… they are not forcing you to play.. If somebody gave you some free candy would you complain about the flavor? Actually, I am sure you probably would.. at least about the calorie content. But you dont have to eat the candy! Then throw it away, shut your mouth and move on. We like candy!

    • Psychomaggot105

      That’s the point.

    • ccrows

      Personally I wouldn’t want to wear an EXO/CAMO/Whatever that you need to buy Doritos/MDew.

      IMO You’re just asking to get ripped on for that via chat or hatemail…

    • Slothigans

      So many holes in your argument. One, you don’t “Complete your character ever” hence the phrase “there are millions of ways to CUSTOMIZE your soldier. Two, your are not forced AT ALL to be in this promotion. This stuff is just one out of the many others coming in game. Three, 96 bottles and 15 bags of chips. Who says you have to eat them or drink them all? You can save the chips and save the soda. And you don’t have to be fat to eat chips or drink soda. All I’m saying is they’re just trying to have fun with their game. Just do yourself a favor and don’t complain. These extra things are not gonna make up your entire gaming experience so don’t worry.

    • Christian Cintron

      At my job people drink nothing but MTN Dew. All i do is ask for the cap when their done i dont drink that shit lol

      • Justin

        Exactly what i’m doing. I drink Mtn dew but not enough to unlock everything you can unlock, so i’m just taking other peoples caps

    • Justin

      Or you can do what i’m doing and take other peoples caps. There is no reason one person needs to get every cap themselves, there are other means of doing it.

      • iext23

        Why but them when other people can buy them for you? Am I right?

      • tj631

        Exactly! You don’t have to buy them all yourself. People buy mt dew all the time that don’t even care about the codes. Plus you can share a 12 pack of mt dew or big bag of Doritos.

        • Justin

          Dumpster dive for codes!

        • Razer Brigg

          You dont have to buy them period. Just goto the store and take pics of the codes.

    • Correction! 96* bottles of Mountain Dew, not 100+. That, and a REALLY low sperm count…

      • Prince Of The City.

        Actually, 96 would be for the double XP and Rapid Supply only. I was saying 100+ because of all the other bottles you’d have to buy for the other unlocks.

        • John

          Actually you are wrong because it’s only 15 min of 2xp and rapid supply drops for the small 24oz single purchase bottles. If you purchase a 12 pack it’s 45min of both.

          • Alex

            I entered a 12-pack code and got only 15 in xp… and now no codes are working… all are coming back invalid.

      • justin

        Have 3 kids to disprove that theory. I think it made the sperm swim faster

    • kyle smith

      what r u talking ab out

    • CGkillZ

      So your bitching about them marketing to give us 2xp and customization? Your stupid as fuck. If you don’t like it don’t buy the food.

    • WizzleFizzle

      Some of us who do enjoy the delicious nector that is Mountain Dew are neither fat or slobs. I can assure if I have that calling card, I will not have 100+ bottles and 15 bags in my house. I take out my trash. Like the other comments have said, if you don’t like it don’t do it. By the way, the way your character looks has no effect on your lack of skills in game.

    • Kyle Mullenix

      Not a slob considering I work at a recycling center. 😉

    • Boobman222

      I am the fattest slob. Shooting little squeakers in my Mountain Dew pants. And if they don’t wine, I’ll brag about my calling card.

  • Guywithbrains

    So much news lately which is a good thing. Wondering when we get that launch trailer (looking at you Black Ops 2 launch trailer date)

    • RdJokr

      Uhh, at launch date? That’s how it always is. You get a LAUNCH trailer on LAUNCH date. In this case, November 4.

      • LovekillerX

        Well we got launch trailer from Ghosts before the actual release date so… We also got Black Ops 2 launch trailer on October 16th and release date was November 13th.

        • RdJokr

          Oh, forgot about that.
          And Black Ops II had a launch trailer a month before the date as well… So I guess we can expect a new trailer in a week or two.

          • LovekillerX

            Well time will show us. 🙂

  • Christian Essinger

    Just US ?

  • Spencer5

    Sadly there are people who would take pictures with their phones for the codes on the bags of Doritos, and render them useless when sold. Though Mountain Dew did a nice job with putting the code under the cap.

    • Psychomaggot105

      Last year they were in the bag.

      • Spencer5

        I don’t recall last year, but when I went to Walgreen’s a few days ago, those $1 Dorito bags had the codes outside the bag.

        • Christian Cintron

          Yeah last year they had the codes in the bag. It was the event to win the Xbox Ones

        • Psychomaggot105

          Yeah I remember they were but I just found some this year and your right they’re outside the bag. I’m not sure why they do that. Don’t they know if the code was inside the bag people would forced to buy the bag?

    • Mw3_fan32

      Lol that’s what I do XD

    • Ray

      I took pictures of 11oz bags of Doritos at Walmart tonight. 4 of them didn’t work and the others did. I’m 8 bogs away from max double XP. That’s all I can want for considering there isn’t a 7-11 anywhere remotely close to me and I preordered the game from Gamestop and not Walmart.

  • Max Martinez

    I got the Goggles last night! I think they look pretty sick. 😀

    I’m just gonna take pictures of the other bags and maybe buy a few Mountain Dews.

    • ChickenDoughnut

      You’re taking pics of the codes on bags? Really? You’re the kind of person that ruins CoD for the proper players

      • Max Martinez

        Sure, getting codes to make my player look cooler is gonna make the game worse for the proper players. Lol.

        • Spud_Muncher

          Those codes unlock in game items that PROPER players have PAID for whilst you effectively steal them. Whilst you may not be making the overall game experience worse you are the kind of person PROPER players despise and most normal human beings despise.

          • Colin MacKenzie

            He’s taking pictures to help those who wish to dodge spending money on products for the sake of codes. There is nothing wrong with that; in fact it’s justified. Ask yourself, do you buy Doritos and Mountain Dew on a regular basis? If so, this might be a nice perk for you. However, don’t think for a minute that purchasing the above products in the name of a marketing tactic makes you a “proper” Call of Duty player. If anything it just makes you someone who enjoys spending money getting digital items in a game by buying a bag of chips.

          • Spud_Muncher

            If he is buying the codes to giveaway to others then that is a different story but he has not made any hints towards doing that, it sounds to me as if he is taking the photos and keeping the codes to himself. If I’m wrong and he is giving codes away then I’d be a little less harsh but still if you’re trying to be a good Samaritan and do some giveaway buy the things and give them away, don’t steal them.

            I don’t buy them on a regular basis nor am I based in the US so I couldn’t do this promotion but if I went to a store with intention of buying the products for the bonuses they offer to only find out they were used by others I’d be pissed.

            Sure it’s a huge marketing ploy but some players will go with the intention of buying these for the additional content/rewards only to find out they’ve all been used up.

          • Max Martinez

            And? The codes are on the back of the bag for crying out loud! Why pay when you can just take a picture? Most of the people buying it just want to eat it. You can’t do that with the Mountain Dew bottles so if you want a code that isn’t used just buy that. And these are widely distributed. I highly doubt people will go to every store imaginable and take pictures of Dorito bags.

          • Spud_Muncher

            “Why pay when you can just take a picture”? Because I’d like to think some people still have some morals. Believe it or not some players will go in and pay for these codes, not the the stuff in the bag or bottle, just the code and they’ll pay because they hold the same view as me that stealing isn’t something that’s OK.

            The bottom line is by taking photos of these codes and walking out the store with no Doritos or dew in hand you are taking those codes away from paying customers, so effectively stealing.

          • Max Martinez

            You can’t say anything about Dew cause that’s under the lid and I don’t go that far. And why do you act like I’m physically stealing something from the store? It’s a damn code on the back of a bag. It’s not like I’m taking the whole bag with me. Jesus.

          • Spud_Muncher

            I guess we have different opinions on stealing. You’re going in to that store with no intention of spending money and the full intention of gaining something. That IMO is stealing. You walked in to the store and took something that would have otherwise been used as promotional material to make a sale.

            Are you just plain ignorant to the point behind my argument or do you genuinely fail to see it? Some players will go with the intention of spending money on these codes, when they get back to find out the code is invalid they will be pissed, would you not be had you spent money?

          • Max Martinez

            Lol! The whole COD community knows how this works. People take codes all the time. They’ve been doing it since the first promotion. No need to spend money to get a damn code you know may or may not work. End of argument.

          • Spud_Muncher

            and players question the reasons the COD community is always looked down upon, it’s things like this. Inconsiderate people who think they can do no wrong and everybody is below them. It really is amazing that you see no wrong it what you’re doing.

        • ChickenDoughnut

          Cooler? Unlikely. But you’re stealing the codes from people who want to pay for them. That’s just low.

          • Rmawi

            lol the codes inside the bag so how can you steal. btw its a good idea in my opinion.

          • ChickenDoughnut

            If the codes are inside the bag, how do you think taking pictures of the codes is a good idea? He’d have to open the bag to take those pictures. Your feebleness is staggering.

    • People, Look Things Up!

      Nice ? I have the Doritos Shirt and Fuel Boots so far!

    • Samuel Fogle

      So you are telling me that if you bought one of these bags of Doritos (the important word there is “if”), and tried to use the code only to find the code doesn’t work because some fuck decided to take a picture of the code and use it, you wouldn’t mind it at all? Don’t tell me that.

      • Max Martinez

        Why would I buy something with a visible code on the back? That’s a waste of money if I’m buying it for the code.

  • Dennan

    If this game sucks on pc, I will move to PS4.

    • LovekillerX


      Join us and you will be pleased.

      • RdJokr

        Don’t do it. Stick to the PC Master Race.

      • People, Look Things Up!

        Go to Xbox One, while PS4 may look better, we have better servers, DLC a month early, and smoother frame rate

        • LovekillerX

          Better servers? If you meant Call of Duty’s servers for example, think again. Live and Playstation Network is same experience although someone claim it is different. I have never had any problems with it. Maybe you should try to move out from your cabin located deep in the woods with 2MB max speed modem?

          Yeah you get DLC a month early but my life isn’t depending from DLC releasing month later. The important thing is that I actually get it at some point.

          Smoother frame rate? I don’t know what you meant by that because PS4 is stronger than Xbox One and usually PS4 has better resolution with same frame rate as Xbox One.

          As you said to someone else some time ago, look at your name and do what it tells you to do.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            Actually, the ps4 cpu is clocked at 1.6ghz where as Xbox One is 1.75ghz…Xbox One is faster, and I have both so you’re an idiot for telling me which is better experience wise, the ps4 dropped frame rate for ghosts gamely…I’ve never had it drop on my Xbox One, you’re an ignorant person, so why don’t you read my name? Look it up

          • LovekillerX

            You’re calling me an idiot because I have looked things up already? Wow. Who is the ignorant here? And tell me which one is better: GDDR5 or DDR3? Also that is so little difference between cpu that it doesn’t matter.

            You don’t have to insult me if I have my own opinion and also facts listed on my comment. Grow up and come back when you have learned that world isn’t spinning around you.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            GDDR5 and DDR3 are graphical memory…

          • LovekillerX

            Yeah I know that. We have better resolution and same frame rate as Xbox One. There aren’t many games if at all which have better frame rate on Xbox One than PS4. My point is that we are having slightly better graphics AND same frame rate as Xbox One.

            And I don’t know about those frame rate drops because I haven’t had any. People can always make things up.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            Well I own both, and it happens to me all the time, which is why I favor Xbox One for CoD…so please, you don’t even have an Xbox…stop being a fanboy, if you want you can buy my PS4, it’s awful

          • LovekillerX

            I’m a fanboy because I don’t buy both next gen consoles? Maybe I don’t need to buy another to prove that PS4 is superior compared to Xbox One. Good luck with Microsoft which actually doesn’t even believe their own policies… I leave you alone now and let you grow up and stop being ignorant. 🙂

          • People, Look Things Up!

            You’re only leaving because you’re wrong…you have nothing to prove it’s any better, I hope you keep enjoying your party system being broken with the “NAT Type” errors and the system freezing when you go to send a message, had two PS4 after the first was replaced and still same thing

          • People, Look Things Up!

            Quit being a Playstation fanboy, I play both and the only thing PS4 has over Xbox One is that the controller is more comfortable to play FPS games due to the smaller dead zone on the thumb sticks, due you know what dead zone even is? Look it up

          • JadenAlldredge

            You truly must be a mental patient the ps4 Is by far better

        • Guywithbrains

          Couple of points that needs to be fixed:

          1. Better servers? I wish you don’t mean dedicated servers because you have no information about that. Also I think we are getting the same experience when it comes to servers.

          2. DLC a month early. True. Still we don’t know how good Advanced Warfare DLC is going to be so you can’t use that as a reason to buy Xbox One version.

          3. Smoother frame rate? Come on. Dead Rising 3, ’nuff said. What is the most ironic part is that Dead Rising 3 was that time a Xbox One exclusive. I would have understood frame rate drops if the case would have been multiplatform game. Also in this part yet again I think we get the same experience – although yet again you used an example that we don’t even know about yet. Wait until the release.

          ^ When discussing about frame rates you have to remember PS4 uses GDDR5.

          Not trying to be mean but thing you mentioned can’t be discussed now because the game isn’t out yet.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            Completely understand you’re not being rude
            1) I find myself lagging out of a lot less games on Xbox One
            2) I always get the season pass so whether it’s good or not I’ll be getting dlc
            3) I’m using Ghosts as an example here…it does look better on PS4 but I can turn a corner and then just boom! Frame rate drop, never on Xbox One though…and I’m using CoD as an example because he’s on a CoD website

          • Guywithbrains

            ^ Well Call of Duty is usually developed to Xbox if I’m not wrong so you might be right about that one.

            3. I have seen the same thing but I think it is more because of code in the game. Because it has got a lot of moaning about dying behind the corner no matter the platform you’re playing.

            We’ll see when game releases. What we know pretty sure is that PC version is going to be bad, maybe better than Ghosts. Although who plays Call of Duty nowadays on PC? Maybe 1/6 from the community.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            I’m glad you heard me out, unlike that Sony fan boy who was quick to say “OUR GRAPHICS ARE BETTER”

          • Guywithbrains

            I think he meant the same as I but he expressed it more aggressively.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            Either way I’m glad you actually read my replies, I hope the PS4 version is more stable than Ghosts was for you guys ?

          • Guywithbrains

            One of the basic rules in the internet: read before comment. 🙂

            EDIT: Hope you get good version too on your Xbox.


    • Underdog BO1 FTW!

      me too, but to xboxone

  • Meh

  • Antal120
  • jordanxbrookes

    I bought some Mountain Dew and Doritos a few days ago, then I realized, I’m in the UK, and we get bloody Monster Energy :/

    • RdJokr

      Maybe there’ll be custom Monster gears?

      • jordanxbrookes

        Doubt it, I think it’s just going to be Double XP and that’s it.

        • RdJokr

          Well, doesn’t matter anyway. All these “exclusive” gears are gonna be sold as micro DLCs somewhere down the line. Seeing as last year, Ghosts season pass covered all the micro stuffs, I expect AW season pass to do the same.

          • drjakeyoung

            Ghosts didn’t cover the micro stuff. In fact, I’m pretty sure alot of people were pissed because it didn’t!

          • jiy

            why it clearly says four map packs not anything about microtransactions

          • RdJokr

            Really? A friend of mine got the season pass, and it gave him pretty much every micro stuff.

          • your friend lied haha

          • Trippy Killa

            hes talking about the team leader digital content probably. ice camo & ghost mask

          • I doubt it. He said all of the micro DLC

          • but he could have just seen only that and gotten it mixed up

          • RdJokr

            I thought he did, but then he showed up using all the character skins I can see. And I know the guy, he’s not one of those people who’d waste money on these things.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Are there images of what this gear looks like? Not sure if it’s worth it…

    • People, Look Things Up!

      Go to the website it will show you the item and tell you how to get them

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    A few questions: For the Fuel Exo Skeleton, do they really expect me to buy the full game from Walmart? How will I unlock the suit if it comes with the game? Do I have to wait for launch? And does this mean I can only buy the standard edition to get this?

  • J4MES

    So you buy these drinks and crisps just to get Mountain Dew and Doritos customised cosmetics in-game? Yuck; that’s really tacky. I find the commercial aspect of COD tragic these days and now having players running around with exo suits with Doritos on them is really pathetic. I don’t know why people go berserk to get their hands on them but once again; bravo marketing from Activision as people keep falling for this garbage.

    I’d rather earn my stuff legitimately like the old days when COD was not riddled with all this BS. No grotty camos or Snoop Dogg voiceovers.

    • People, Look Things Up!

      It’s not even that, I’m doing it to help kill time for the game, Ive been buying a Mtn Dew and a bag of Doritos after school at 7/11 across the street, this weekend will get a 12 and 24 pack and be done, don’t really care about double XP

      • J4MES

        Your idea of killing time is to eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew? I wasn’t aware that these made time go quicker? Maybe I’ll crack on with those at work but I suspect this is the most illogical thing ever.

        • People, Look Things Up!

          Wow, are you that dumb? Not eating doritos or drinking Mountain Dew, collecting the codes off friends or my own drink and trying to get the gear and XP while we wait this last month out, you must work as a Wal-Mart greeter with the intelligence you just displayed

    • MichiganerE

      Same here. I miss the CoD 1-WaW days when no one cared about K/D ratio, when no one cared about MLG/E-Sport. Just having fun.

  • RedAwesomeSauce

    diabetus after puttin all my codes

  • Josh

    The Exo you get from a Doritos or Mtn Dew code is the same Exo that is a preorder bonus at GAME in the UK.

    • Kelvin

      Also all the exo’s from the Dew/Doritos you earn for free with supply drops through the game anyway. There is literally no point unless you want to get even more unhealthy.

      • People, Look Things Up!

        You’re wrong, they are exclusive till February 2015 my name and do it

        • Kelvin

          Exactly. They’re in the game via supply drops regardless. Also as mentioned above; you can get the stuff through other means anyway.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            We will be the only ones who gave these items until February, I find a fun factor in this exclusive stuff

          • Justin

            I agree. I enjoy small things like this that Call of Duty offers.

          • josh

            not to mention the calling card at the end im sure that is only from this promotion

        • Aaron

          sorry to say but not true I got a supply drop with the Mt. Dew Fuel Boots in it a while back and have had them equipped and I just entered a dew code and unlocked them also lol

          • Alex

            Aaron, I think you are lying… I really do. Fail..

    • jordanxbrookes

      Really? Awesome, makes me happy I pre-ordered from GAME, now they’ve just got to not fuck up my delivery.

  • Dennan

    I don’t even think I can get doritos in Sweden. I can get Mountain Dew but it’s hard to find stores that has it.

    • Would the codes even work on non-US psn/xbox accounts?

      • Dennan

        I have no idea.

  • Guywithbrains
  • Call of Duty merchandise was always pathetic.

    • J4MES

      If it’s got COD on it; people/idiots will buy it regardless of price or health implications. I am surprised they haven’t come out selling used toilet paper with COD on it as that would be big business considering the amount of s**t Activision have sold over the years!

  • galaxygraber

    What, no love for Canada?

  • This has nothing to do with anything, but is it sad that I know the entire “Democracy” speech word for word?

    • Slothigans

      Why would having that kind of knowledge be sad? If you think that being smart and knowing something is sad, then THAT is what’s sad.

      • People, Look Things Up!

        He’s asking because it’s a trivial thing to know…it’s a quote from a game, which as you said isn’t sad, it’s just kinda pointless, not smart

  • EspioNotCoDPro

    Is there any word if the monster promotion codes everywhere else will work the same IE give double xp ETC

  • infedel

    Yeah, screw this. I already preordered the game gamestop, I am not buying it again just to get a green looking armor. I suppose this is some sort of experiment, if it works, they will have more promotions like this, forcing you to buy games at 2 or more retailers just to “complete” you soldier. If you like the stuff, buy the promotional items, if you have a 7-11 near you, go for it. But if you already got the game from gamestop or amazon or another retailer, DON’T BUY IT FROM WALMART. I shouldn’t be saying this to anyone really, even if you have way too much money on your hands, they will just unlock it for everybody, or sell it to you as dlc for, I don’t know, 2-4 dollars, instead of 50+ that you have to pay now. Yeah, whatever.

    Plus the gear looks like crap. The atlas pro stuff looks way better, I like the shoes, helmet and goggles, asides from that, who really gives a shit what color your armorpads are? Hell, after playing the game for a few days, you will most likely have better looking stuff already. At least monster promotion from ghosts gave you badass patches and backgrounds nobody got, and you always wore the patches.

    • “If you buy specially marked packages of Mountain Dew or Doritos products
      at US retailers, you can redeem the codes on the package to unlock
      limited time of Double XP, limited time of Rapid Supply, and Mountain
      Dew exclusive gear.”

      You don’t have to buy the game again…

      • Guywithbrains

        I wish people would pay more attention to the article before commenting. 😛


    Time to steal the codes off the chip bags lol

  • XThexRealxBanksX

    my fkn code doesnt work, what a fucking rip-off….

    • ChickenDoughnut

      Probably stolen by Max Martinez above. Or at least scalpers like him.

      • Max Martinez

        Yes, I stold it!

        • MazeMatik

          I’ve read all the comments above concerning the “stealing codes” issue and while it amazes me how stupid, selfish and immoral you can be, consider the following example:

          1. You and your kids are at McDonald’s
          2. You’re hungry and so are they
          3. They’d also love to have that special time limited toy that comes with any kid meals
          4. So you get your meal and your kids meals
          5. But when the employee gives you your order he doesn’t give you the toy and tells you that he’s keeping it for his kids

          How does that sound? Is it fair? Would you like that to happen to you?

  • Elektrobanq

    Do those Dew Shoes™ come in diet?

  • FazalGaming

    Wow America, promoting unhealthy foods. Nice one.

  • smb3master

    So by Walmart exclusive, do they mean that you have to pre-order AW from Walmart too?
    If so, that sucks, because I pre-ordered it through GameStop already.

    • ScRui

      Would like to know how the Walmart exo unlocks also… do I have to pick up the game (buy it fully) or just pre order it and buy dew and Doritos…

  • JoZer805g

    The way to get the Mtn Dew & Doritos Fuel Exo suit is pretty stupid. You got to buy Advanced Warfare from Walmart with a big bag of Doritos or a 24 pack of Mtn Dew.

  • YouHardscope

    @JoZer805g I don’t think so maybe you just have to buy those specific items form Walmart. Correct if i’m wrong because I was just going to say that.

  • Is a red wine with Brie cheese suit planned for french customers?

  • wtflolsmh

    Anyone else cant access the site? After I login i get an error saying “An unexpected error occured. Please try again later”.

    • Matt

      same thing is happening to me, are you in canada?!

    • Rooster2628

      I’m told constantly my email and password don’t match up

    • Psychomaggot105

      Since yesterday I could login. Working fine for me.

  • Adam

    I liked Double XP better.

  • Christian Cintron

    Too bad the site is all fucked up. Cant even login

  • ScRui

    Does anyone know if you have to buy the game from Walmart or just pre order to get the exo?

  • curi0us

    Most of my coworkers drink Mountain Dew and eat Doritos. Almost all of them had label for COD on them.

    I’ve already gotten most of the stuff and six hours of Rapid Supply. I’m going to guess Rapid Supply means more supply drops. I wonder if supply drops cap out. I’ve also gotten about four hours of Double XP. And if it stacks, x4 XP sounds really goofy. I wouldn’t be surprised if people actually get halfway to max prestige in 24 hours.

    Insult to injury, there’s “exclusive” stuff, according to the website. 7/11 and Walmart if you’re curious.

  • Ibrycets

    Does anybody know if this is available in Australia?

  • Matt

    does anyone knows going in canada? i just bought 3 bags of doritos to get gear for my character and everytime i go to the site that says get my gear it says an error occurred :s im so lost bec now i feel like i got completely ripped off…. some one help

  • Psychomaggot105

    I just read the rules and it says” if a person redeems the max 106 codes that person will recieve an exclusive in game badge”. I’m not sure but I think the game fuel 12 packs give you three points per code.

    • SteelerRob2

      2 points. I entered two 12-packs and 2-20oz caps and got 6 codes. YRMV.

  • K.E.M

    I mean if you want Diabetes, be my guest. 300 calorie soda with 200 calorie chips.

  • Call of Calorie : Diabetes Warfare

  • ScRui

    so far I got 2 1/2 hrs worth of double xp and rapid supply and all I need is the 7-11 promo, Walmart promo, 24 pack and big Doritos bag… I have done the 7-11 promo twice and still have no email with a code… anyone else having issues? And has anyone figured out the Walmart promo yet?

  • SteelerRob2

    Screenshot of my gear so far. Btw, for those having difficulty signing in, just use another browser. I could not sign in with Firefox, and had to try 2x with Chrome but it worked.

    • gg

      how do I link my psn account with it?

      • Visrod

        how do I link the xbox live

        • Greg Wright

          Anyone answer ur question I am wondering the same thing lol

          • Christian Schulz

            It sent it to my PSN automatically, I never had to link it. Maybe it has to do with your email?

    • Chris Zappi

      i got those and the knee pads then when i added more it didnt give me any rewards not even xp like it should have

      • OrangePixl

        Same here, i didn’t get my goggles in game even though it says i have them in the fuel up load out. Anyone know how to fix this?

    • Zigzags

      i have all the gear, and 6 hours of x2 xp and rapid supply.

  • Tep Kok

    fuck yeah mtn dewritos bro I love being a corporate sellout for a green vomit drink

  • smb3master

    This site is partially broken, I tried logging in with Firefox, and it just says an error has occurred, and with Chrome, anytime I go to the dashboard it just redirects me to enter a code, even though I’ve already gotten a couple pieces of gear.
    But then it works perfectly with Opera? wth.

    • Z Holmes

      What I am having a lroblem with is logging in with facebook. it worked just fine and then all of a sudden it tells me that i have to register an account. It says my email address is already resgistered – yes, I know that. I have 13 codes inputted in and cant get back to that point

  • YouHardscope

    For everyone that is confused on how to get the Fuel Exoskeleton from Walmart, you HAVE to buy COD Advanced Warfare and the 24-pack of Mountain Dew(or the Doritos bag). With 7-Eleven you need to download the app. Then open the MTN Dew Gamefuel and Dortios page in under “What’s in Store” section an register. Then you got to the store and buy MTN Dew and a Doritos bag an let the cashier scan your app member barcode from your phone. Finally a code will be emailed to you. PLUs if get all the gear and up to 12 hours of rapid supply and 2X XP you get a calling card.

  • JoZer805g

    Looks like I won’t be getting the Walmart exclusives since I got kick out from the only Walmart in my area, Next Walmart is like 2 hours away but ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • Myke Fletcher

    Does anyone else keep getting an unexpected error message every time they try to log in?

  • Clayton Travis
  • Clayton Travis
  • Cyclops nX

    The bad thing about this for me is I live in Alabama and there is no 7-Elevens around me what so ever. If someone could help me get a code I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Mw3_fan32

      Are you a Alabama or Auburn fan?

  • Is this promotion available in Australia?

  • Bill

    What’s going on worth the 7 eleven asp i don’t get that? I tried to get it a couple times but haven’t gotten a code.

  • moonwalker925

    I have put in a few codes from Dew and Doritos . If I buy a few more bottles of Dew, what happens when you might have a duplicated unlock code 9 say for two sets of pants). Do you get XP, or does the duplicate just unlock another item not owned ? And what of the Wal Mart Situation ? If we out in a code from a 24 pack, what and where would the game code come from ? Has anyone unlocked a exo yet by just putting in the 24 pack ?

  • spoiledacid

    how do I link my gamertag i made an account and put in some codes but my gamertag isnt linked yet

    • MrDewAndDiabetes

      mine too, welcome to the team.

  • Stuart smith

    ” it’s great to hear that you are interested in the Monster Energy Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Promotion.

    We are happy to announce that cans with promotional codes for the upcoming Monster Energy Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Promotion will be available in stores from October 31st, 2014 until 31 January 2015, or while stocks last.

    To claim your reward you will need to purchase a promotional can and register online at where you will be required to enter your Call of Duty®: account email address and password.

    In Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, The Baltics – Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Slovakia promotional codes can be found on Green Original cans only. In the UK and Germany promotional codes can be found on Green Original cans and Assault cans.

    We hope this information has been helpful.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us again, if you have any further questions.”

  • Will

    Can someone help me? I made an account but it didn’t give me the chance to link my account or choose which system. Can someone explain? So now I have an account but I don’t know if its already linked or if i need to make a new one.

    • bubski

      im in the same boat with you man…

      • platypiguy73

        yeah how do we know if it’s linked or not?

  • Sativus

    My codes won’t work…

  • Bccc Secret society


  • BrutalBearSlaps

    Is anyone having trouble getting the code for the 7/11 purchase??

  • Luke Unclespanky Hartung

    I just bought a bottle of diet mtn dew and the code under the cap was somehow already used?

  • Shadd

    would be nice if the site wouldnt log me in right away then click back to the log in screen and lock me out saying invalid password/email,.. kinda getting tired of their server crashes, some days it works others it just boots right back out.

  • NeOblack

    just go to walmart and take a pic of a bunch of codes apparently it works cause I bought 2 bags and the codes were used


    free code:- HEHWYY37V9

  • Original_Cytek

    So I just bought a 12 pack of Mt Dew Game fuel wiht a code inside the box…. everytime I try to enter it it says invalid code…… WTF???? What’s the point of buying this !@#$% if the codes they give you don’t work…… oh forget trying to find some support site/email/phone number or even a mailing address… they left that a mystery on purpose so they could bait you into buying their products and !@!#$ you by printing invalid codes inside the packaging.

    • BrutalBearSlaps

      For support go to mountian dews main website and contact them. I did that for a code and they came back within the next day

  • codean

    Anyone know my all my 11oz dorito codes are only giving me 15min vs the 45min they are said to give?

  • Anthony Naparala

    Now, this might sound completely stupid. I preordered the game literally 3 days before they started the promotion for this. Now, here’s the question. How do I get the exoskeleton without having to buy another copy of the game if at all possible?

  • BlackRose

    Can’t even fucking log in, they need to fix the birthday thing. Dicks

  • Jay

    how do link my gamertag, it didn’t say ANYTHING for it? Please help

  • Blazotic

    Anyone having issues loading the website? It keeps saying file not found or loading forever for me and other people I know.

    • steelchallenger .

      its been doing that for me too

  • Raya

    Does anyone know how to link my PSN to the Mtn Dew/Doritos website. I already made an account with COD and with Mtn Dew. Now when I add codes it doesnt go to my game. How do I link it?

  • Help

    how the hell do i get the codes for the double xp, rapid supply and exo stuff onto my xbox i tried to go on the cod website like it said but i cant find the codes please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bl_Fa

    How do you enter the code when you buy the game and Dorritos at Walmart?

  • Chris Zappi

    i had 8 codes and added 5 or 6 more it said they accepted but didnt get any rewards any body else having this problem??

    • IVIexIVIix

      because you only get 3 items for each size drink or bag

  • Is this only on original mtn dew or is it on code red too?

  • Gorilla Ray

    I just recently bought 2 bags of small doritos and 2 small things of mountain dew. I got the gear from the codes but I did NOT get any Double XP or Rapid Supply. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?



  • Jesse Graham

    does it work on steam

  • Anon

    I don’t play, but I got a mountain dew with a code, so I figured I’d give it away. =]

    code: HW797 6P76A

  • Caliente

    twitter @MrCAL_iber I bought all the pieces from gas stations, grocery stores, 7-Eleven, even had to buy a second copy of Advanced Warfare from Wal-mart because I usually by both copies for PS3 and PS4 from gamestop…anyway Ive posted what it looks like to have everything including the fuel card complete and I probably still wont win the prize #MyReality
    Anyone looking to join a decent clan look us up… Faces Of Death
    Clan leader MrCal_iber PS3 and PS4
    must be skilled and available to participate in diamond division clan wars!

  • Noel F. Vigil

    I need help, I completed both missions and automatically completed the Eagle mission yet my percentage is at 98%. So I can’t unlock the calling card, is anyone having this issue?

  • Noel F. Vigil

    I completed the Eagle mission, but I’m at 98% so I can’t unlock the calling card. Does anyone have this problem?

  • Noel F. Vigil

    I need help! I completed all the missions but it still says I can’t unlock the calling card. It’s at 98%, did anyone come across this issue?

    • Does anybody have this problem

      I just posted a similar post like yours about the issue , guess I’m not the only one to have the same problem lol. Any luck on your side?

      • Noel F. Vigil

        No, but I sent Mtn Dew an email. I’m waiting for a response. Do u think this is a bug?

        • Does anybody have this problem

          Yeah , was the website glitchy when you were putting your codes in? and i just sent them an email as well , if you hear about them first about what to do to fix this , please do tell me 🙂

          • Noel F. Vigil

            They sent me a phone number to call them about the bug, 1-877-201-0887.

          • Does anybody have this problem

            Hey dude , it only gets up to 99% , i entered another code making it 107 code entered , then it will get you the fuel calling card , if you want a free code i can message you one to help you out , via here or text or psn if you have a psn of course.

          • Noel F. Vigil

            By text would be nice thx for telling me.

          • Avatar Does anybody have this

            No problem dude , and alright my number is 870 659 6701 , just say its you in the text lol

  • Does anybody have this problem

    I have both 12 hours on Double XP and rapid supply, yet my completion rate bar at the bottom still says its at 98% , so i am not sure if that is the cause of me not being able to get the calling card, could anyone help me on this matter please? Thanks.

  • Jeremiah

    My cod won’t work

  • Jeremiah

    The code is shit

  • guest

    This so called Promotion is just pissing me off !! You can even get onto the website that #Mountain Dew provides you on their carton. Very #Poor Customer service on the #PepsiCo website ! Makes me want to advise everyone be aware of buying the game, #Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare and/or #Mountain Dew and #Doritos ! Promotion is NOT being delivered as offered/promised !!!!!!

  • OMGitsQuant

    When I get tto that website to put in my code, I need to register an account, when I do, and once the page is done loading it always says file not found. This is really annoying. Now when i try to do it in another tab it still says file not found. Someone please help!

  • Zack

    I can’t register. The birthdate year doesn’t go past 2009. This is bull crap.

  • hui

    I can’t use these codes, you can have them

  • Ben

    tried changing browsers and I am still getting “apache tomcat error”…anyone know how to fix this???

  • Shizzledizzke

    aw dang it, I did the codes before I signed into my cod account in created on my computer

  • brad the killer

    How do I enter my code

  • Spikespiegel

    whats wrong with this site keeps saying Please log into activision first. when i am logged in, wont let me put codes in….

    • infedel

      Same here. Didn’t work last year either, but at least I got some cool clothes for AW nobody else has. I am not going thru with this bullshit for 10 min of 2xp, especially if you only get 30min per day.