The MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season 3 Playoffs will take place this weekend in MLG’s new MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio. The event starts this Friday, Oct 24th and ends Sunday, Oct 26th featuring the top 8 teams from Season 3.

The qualified teams are:

  • OpTic Nation
  • FaZe
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Most Wanted
  • Rise Nation
  • Noble.Vanquish
  • OpTic Gaming
  • Denial eSports

The casters for the event: Chris Puckett, Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt, Ben “Benson” Bowe, and Clint “Maven” Forest.

Here’s the schedule for the weekend. All matches will be LIVE on, starting Oct. 24th at 6pm ET.

Friday, October 24

  • 6:00 PM   Winners Round 1 – (4) OpTic Nation vs. (5) FaZe
  • 7:00 PM   Winners Round 1 – (1) Team EnVyUs vs. (8) Most Wanted
  • 8:30 PM   Winners Round 1 – (2) Rise Nation vs. (7) Noble.Vanquish
  • 10:00 PM    Winners Round 1 – (3) OpTic Gaming vs. (6) Denial eSports

Saturday, October 25

  • 12:00 PM   Losers Round 1 – Match 1
  • 1:00 PM     Losers Round 1 – Match 2
  • 2:30 PM    Winners Round 2 – Match 1
  • 4:00 PM    Winners Round 2 – Match 2
  • 6:30 PM    Losers Round 2 – Match 1
  • 7:30 PM    Losers Round 2 – Match 2                                                          

SundayOctober 26

  • 12:00 PM    Losers Round 3
  • 1:00 PM      Winners Final
  • 3:30 PM      Losers Final
  • 5:00 PM      Championship Match                         

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty eSports news and follow us on Twitter for updates!


    Alright glad I will be missing that…

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    Ghosts is still around ??

    • Favorite Ape

      I thought they collected up all the ghosts discs and buried them in a garbage dump next to the E.T. game. Somebody must still have a digital copy they forgot to delete.

    • Yeah they will play AW when the time comes.

  • James Veach

    When I google charlie intel it says the site is down

  • david tomlinson

    Im sure the pros are so tired of playing ghosts. Bring on aw already!

  • Miguel

    How are there two OpTic teams?

    • jordanxbrookes

      OpTic Nation have been around for a long time.

      • Turtleneck11

        no Optic Nation is their new team Optic Gaming has been around for a long time

        • Ian

          OpTic Nation isn’t a new team , OpTic Nation was first introduced way back in like Black ops. It was later dropped from comp and made into a sniping team and then later brought back into a comp team again

  • Ahmed Malik

    While watching tmartns video I spotted a monitor with a game mode that was before blurry and still is but heres the photo look closely you will see it in the back

    • Juses

      Most likely the menu for exo survivial.

      • Ahmed Malik

        Probably but again if it is the menu then why cant they take a look at it by going close again its revealed so why not?

        • jordanxbrookes

          Because I’m pretty sure Trev would be more interested in playing the MP.

          • Ahmed Malik

            Can’t argue with that!

      • TheGamerBeast

        i don’t think there is a 4th mode or anything, if they’re hiding the zombies thing in Exo survival then it’s the only thing we’re getting, and even maybe we will see different type of enemy waves, cz there is alot of stuff they didn’t talk about, cz they have to make a DLC for co-op or there’s a 4th game mode coming which i hope for

        • Juses
          • TheGamerBeast

            yeah i want him to post Exo survival main menu, i wanna see the real menu that Michael tweeted blurred

          • TheGamerBeast

            LOL he removed the pictures or something removed them

          • Juses

            It was most likely activision 🙁
            He was the only person that would leak info about the game D:

          • TheGamerBeast

            yeah but atleast we got the chance to see some stuff, can’t wait for more leaks, i actually like when this thing happens every year lol

          • Juses

            Me too 🙁

  • Willekeurig persoon

    When is that MLG app for PS4 coming out?

    • Saved Patriot

      X1 is great, not sure but it’ll surely come out


    i can’t watch that its season finale of watching grass grow on hbo

  • Juses

    I feel sorry for the pros 🙁
    They have to play ghosts again.

    • Guest

      What do you mean. They’ll be playing aw when it comes out.

      • meow

        Comes out? They’ve provably been playing it past few weeks xD

  • NiftyGam3r


  • JaBoiKnoWs

    People actually watch this??

  • Comment…

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox


  • curi0us

    I’m sure the two people that show up will have their hands full.

  • Always the same clan/club/team

  • Guest

    I’m so original…

  • I think I know the answer to this already, but are we allowed to post a link to our own youtube channel?

    • jooker-jr

      U can but u will get hate. Unless u have something that relates to the article.