YouTuber MrDalekJD has gotten the Advanced Warfare Xbox One Limited Edition bundle from Microsoft early to unbox.

The Advanced Warfare Limited Edition Xbox One bundle: features a massive 1TB hard drive and in-game sound effects, the console is emblazoned with Sentinel Task Force iconography. The wireless controller looks like an artifact from the powerful battlegrounds of the future. You get the Digital Edition Personalization Pack, Limited Edition exoskeleton, and the Advanced Arsenal, which includes a bullet brass exoskeleton and the EM1 Quantum custom weapon. The bundle also includes the full game download of the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition, with early access and double XP on November 3, plus two custom weapons: the AK-12G Assault Rifle and Crossbow-B2.

Here are some high-res images of the console from @MrDalekJD:

  • Jordan Griffiths

    What a console….

  • Beautiful console meh controller

  • Ryumoau

    Thanks for posting this. The console looks great and i love that its themed on the Sentinel Task Force. The terabyte harddrive was a great touch as well, though i personally think that should have been the standard size at release for both consoles.

  • TheShadowReaper

    PC gamer passing by, dont mind me.

    • No.

    • jordanxbrookes


      • Jordan Griffiths

        £429??? Killalot will prefer buying Atlas Pro Edition with Day Zero content

  • viking deathpit

    Hopefully its a zombie killstreak for multiplayer. That would be awesome.

    • Ryumoau

      how would a zombie killstreak even work?

      • Grigori

        We had an extinction killstreak

      • Faster zombies with dog ai.

  • beardie97

    Come on Jordan, you too? have you got ANY proof he has the game? TAYLOR STEVENSON IS A LIER

    • Autocorrect


      • beardie97

        Thanks, im spanish XD

        • Autocorrect

          Sorry, no problem ?

  • jordanxbrookes

    The Taylor guy might be a “MASSIVE” phony so take what I said with a pinch of salt like I’m doing, I’m fine with Exo-Survival 🙂

    • CrowReap .

      all I hope is exo-survival isn’t boring/repetitve like mw3’s survival

      • jordanxbrookes

        I liked MW3’s Survival, but if I’m honest, I’d rather have Spec Ops, but that’s just me 🙂

    • beardie97

      Basicly, just a liar… And he IS.

    • kyr95

      Come on, we both know he has the game, maybe the 4th mode isnt true, im fine with that. But he was the first one to leak the camos and give me exclusive info ( and to you as well i suppose ) about the campaign.

      • beardie97

        Sorry but no… He has not the game at all. He also lied saying Im angry because I asked him for a copy… come on, REALLY!!?? Give me ANY proof he has the game… How do you know the camos are real, huh?? Which details he gave wich werent already known?? Please guys, STOP GIVING HIM POPULARITY.

  • Preload for ps3/ps4 11/1

  • Nvoltis

    Prestige emblems leaked! (Also includes a master prestige!)

  • Mike

    Let me remind everyone here. You do NOT get the full 1TB space it says. Keep in mind all the system space and other resources that the console uses.

  • Humza Qureshi

    iyo guys does it have the vibrant color pallet of bo2 or the dullness of every other cod?

    • jordanxbrookes

      A cross of MW2’s and BO2’s colour palette IMO.

      • Humza Qureshi

        Thanks for the respond, bro I subbed to you:)

  • Josh2242

    “Amazing console” XD Playstation Nation for life bruh

    ….Only cuz i dont have enough money for PC ):

  • drjakeyoung

    Just wandering, i know you have to get the weapon variants from the supply drops, but for the bass weapons, do you have to unlock them and the perks from ranking up like in BO2? Can you get a variant from a supply drop of a weapon you haven’t even unlocked yet?

    • Kobrah

      You have to have the base weapon unlocked before you can access the variants

      • Mr_ysi42t96

        Unloved? Sexy talk over here 😉

        • Kobrah

          Stupid auto correct >:(

          • Mr_ysi42t96

            I’ve been there lol

        • Kobrah

          Yeah, you can only get variants for the guns you really dislike 😉

      • drjakeyoung

        Okay thanks for clearing that up. Any info on what ranks you have to be in order to unlock different weapons.

        • Kobrah

          I haven’t heard of any leaks/announcements regarding which weapon is unloved at which rank yet

    • Dean Cowan

      Michael Condrey said you have to unlock them. So that would carry over for perks etc. which I like. Instead of having your full class at lvl 1 in Ghosts

  • Drasadex

    I have to admit, that limited edition Xbox One looks pretty nice.

  • Vik

    This console got Ebola when the Ghosts disc was inserted.

    • Miguel

      Ghosts sucked big enchiladas.

  • Guys “Taylor” does not have AW last night i read his tweets he gave wrong leaked info and was “leaking” confirmed content!This morning he tweeted saying he was on a “Banlist” if he was he would have been days ago with ace but after aces video he says hes also banned…If you remember after he got the “game early” he said theres no 4th gamemode then after “beating” the game there was no 4th gamemode..even after playing exo survival many times and making it to the zombie round no 4th gamemode?Well last night a website leaked after round 10 the bonus zombies round becomes a 4th gamemode!!That when the kid removed all his tweets and got put on the “banlist” then he tweets “HUGE DISCOVERY ON EXO SURVIVAL” he does not have the game hes just leaking info that was already covered..
    * Screenshot from the website! –

    Sorry for this guys i know on here i’m more of a asshole but i thought you guys should know [-._.-]<— Lego face i made

    • Guest 601

      You mean Tyler?

      • Guest 601


    • ShankSquadIII

      It says he’s blocked me on Twitter. Probably because I accused him of being a liar.

      • beardie97

        He is blocking people who ask him for ANY proof.

    • beardie97

      I have been saying he is a stupid and bored kid for hours, and still there are people who believe him… Just pathetic. Thanks God there are smart people like you out there. Btw, he responded me saying I asked him for an early copy and he said no so im angry with him HAHAHAHAHA

  • hINO


  • Lucky bastard. Ive seen it before, but I really like the color scheme for this console.
    I might still pick up the controller.

  • Bob Loblaw

    What rpm is the 1tb HDD running at? I hope it’s not 5400 like the stock one. 1tb is hardly “massive” as well, not with updates up to 12gb and the like.

    I’m seriously considering putting two 7200 rpm 4tb HDDs in raid 0 to future proof my Xbone once the price drops for the 4tb HDDs. I’d almost consider an SSD but seeing as how they’d also be throttled by the USB 3.0 any two 7200 rpm HDDs in raid 0 is equally as fast.

  • AmishHippo

    I smell over hype in the air…

  • ShaneFTW

    What an ugly looking console. I thought my Xbox One looked pretty horrendous in terms of size and sheer ugliness but this looks tacky as hell.

  • cesc-2007

    So an limited edition xbox one.
    I thought all xbox’s were limited well to 900p anyway.

  • hino

    Does anyone know if the xbox one bundle come with call of duty advanced warfare predownloaded when you pick it up in midnight

  • Jin

    Is the game already installed on the console after you bought it? Or do you have to download the freakin 45 gig? Because in the video there was no redeem code!?