User ‘anfuny29’ has been streaming for quite a while now and a lot of new information has been revealed from his stream.

Here’s the break down posted by users on Reddit:

  • ARX-160 is 3-round burst
  • MP11 has the same reload animation as the CBJMS from Ghosts.
  • In exo survival, there are “Objective rounds” where you have a mission, similar to extinction. However, if you don’t complete this mission, it punishes you.
  • The default pistol in exo survival seems very powerful.
  • Enemies can use exo abilities.
  • The EM1 Quantum looks to be very good up close, but very bad at a distance.
  • Camo unlocks are similar to BO2.
  • There is tons of customizability in private matches.
  • You can put a SNIPER SCOPE on the railgun pistol.
  • Exo stim allows you to survive two sniper shots.
  • The thermal scope is a rectangle when scoped in.
  • Same bomb sound as MW3
  • The bomb is a circle.
  • The exo smash thing blows up cars.
  • the MK14 looks very good, possibly overpowered.
  • The SAC3 (Vector akimbo) has a very slow fire rate, about the same as a remington r5.
  • system hack lasts approx. 20 seconds
  • i dont know what causes it, but every once in a while i hear the sound of a heartbeat sensor. I assume its when you have the satellite in uplink.
  • exo shield is pulled out fully instantly. 1 frame.
  • You can put a stock on snipers
  • NA45 sniper has a 2 bullet mag, is a two shot kill
  • default infected weapon is the bulldog again.
  • Bulldog seems to be 90% copy paste from Ghosts.
  • there are point blank medals
  • The map Greenband looks like a maze
  • “Toggle lockdown mode” in for LMGs
  • the Esports playlist consists of Hardpoint, Uplink, SND, CTF, and Momentum.
  • S12 is fully auto
  • Camos seem much harder to earn. Examples being earn 500 long shots, and 50 bloodthirstys.
  • Riot is LOCKED in exo survival. You must complete 100 rounds in each tier of Exo Survival to unlock it.
  • you can be shot while entering the goliath.
  • AMR9 is a 5-round burst SMG
  • MP443 Grach is fully auto

SOURCE: CoDAW Reddit via u/WiseMoose

  • Nice copy paste from Reddit 😛

    • Keshav Bhat

      😛 gave them full source!

      • Fair enough 😉

      • Tricky VIk

        “I upvoted cause you already had a bunch, but I don’t understand what you meant by this.”

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        That’s fine, thanks for the news, man. Awesome stuff. Buying this CoD for sure.

    • ccrows

      Speaking of leaks, I just saw the Goliath KS. (which yes I know was leaked a few weeks back by a “Popular YTber”)

      *sigh* IMO This game is becoming more and more of a ripoff of TF, and I hated TF too.

      Still gonna give this game a chance, but I honestly just don’t see AW being better than BO2. Maybe Ghosts, but that’s it… 🙁

      • Tricky VIk

        “This was in development before TF.”

  • Baruck obuma

    cool beans

  • That guy

    ARX 3 round burst…. No thanks.

    • skeetshootin

      Agreed! At least give me the option to have full auto, Ghosts even had that, at least copy some of the viable aspects of that game! Damn!

      • beardie97

        Probably a/some variant/s is/are automatic.

        • skeetshootin

          Lets hope so….

    • CrowReap .

      You know that 3 round bursts guns aren’t that bad.

      • Sexy Mcgee

        M16 from MW1, Famas in MW2, G11 in Black Ops, and Type 95 in MW3 being the best weapons in those games.

        • JuicyJuice

          and yet you dont talk about the pre-patch MSBS -.-

          • deven moderie

            lol that gun was a monster! one burst kills for days!

    • Johtoboy

      I’m just glad there is a 3 round burst AR in this game.


    Riot is LOCKED in exo survival. You must complete 100 rounds in each tier of Exo Survival to unlock it. Well FUCK OBAMA will get the CIA to hax it for him

  • Auptyk

    He is aware of the thread… I just Googled him, got a Ustream hit and he has been “banned for copyright violations” haha. Wouldn’t have taken him long to get banned naturally, this thread probably didn’t help. lol Cool info though.

  • Seven

    Are you shitting me?!? Now I have to accually play a shit ton of survival to get just a small taste of zombies. Fuck you sledgehammer

    • J4MES

      People still crying about co-op?


    • Oh no! No zombies!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It’s one round, not going to do much anyways.

      • the dude

        Actually when u beat that round on every map, it unlocks zombies

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Oh yeah. And you’ve seen this? No? Okay then.

    • MichiganerE

      Gotta love how you’re the only one who liked your comment; that’s pretty sad.

      • Tricky VIk

        “I think it’s collectively, like beat 100 rounds not at once, but like actually beaten 100 rounds no matter how many times you play, I think, and I hope.”

        • MichiganerE

          Okay then.

  • FATHEAD661

    And the last “secret” mode we were all waiting for is not there. Guess I shouldn’t have hopped on the hype train for it like everyone else.

    • MMEH

      maybe they are patching it on day zero to keep it a suprise until the game comes out

  • Ghaster

    Is this last gen footage? if it is actually it looks good i expected worse just some photoreal effects missing and its dx9 but still looks like AW nice.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      No, it’s PS4 footage. PS4 streaming makes it look terrible. I tried streaming AC4 to see the streaming quality and it was very pixelated.

  • TheGamerBeast

    i just need to understand something to unlock RIOT in Exo-survival should i hit 100 rounds in 1 Game or can i maybe survive like 9 rounds every match and play about 10 or 11 exo survival games? cz if survive 100 rounds in 1 game this is impossible

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      You need to complete 89 rounds in Tier 1 (total), then tier 2 (IDK, 90?), then tier 3 (100 rounds), and then you unlock Riot, where you can unlock the zombies round. Have fun with that.

      • Autocorrect

        Im glad to hear that there is a zombies mode (kinda) instead of just one random wave(what I expected)

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          It is just one wave until proven otherwise.

          • Autocorrect

            Why would u unlock one wave by completing hundreds -_-

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Because you’re not just unlocking zombies. You have to complete 89 waves to unlock tier 2 survival maps. See, you play that much for a new map. Riot is probably the last map because everyone probably would only play that if it was tier one.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Kind of crazy for just one round of Zombies. They really want us to play the mode lol.

  • Michael

    The bulldog and s12 will be my biggest concern. Developers dont understand that people will abuse everything that’s overpowered. I hope both guns are somewhat different and give off a different effect (EX: more hitmarkers in the bulldog, and slow firerate for the s12, etc.)

    • ThisGuy

      I’m hoping the s12 has shit range like the aa12 and I’m also hoping that when you use the bulldog you instantly die for being an asshole….

      • Michael

        Exactly. Especially mw3’s aa12. That thing was a hitmarker machine.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Or just use Stim/Shield.

  • YouHardscope

    “Camos seem much harder to earn. Examples being earn 500 long shots, and 50 bloodthirstys” are you serious -_-

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Can’t wait. Finally a challenge that will take forever for kids to unlock royalty.

      • Tricky VIk

        “Unless they find a way to hack and get camos, cause you know there’s that one guy in the CoD community that likes to do that and ruin it for everybody.”

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I don’t get why people hack for camos. You don’t get bragging rights because you’re a hacker, and it’s no fun getting them without working for it. That’s like playing a campaign and skipping the entire story just to get the trophy.

          • Tricky VIk

            “Exactly, you’ve expressed my exact thoughts in your own words.”

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        And yet it promotes camping.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Not really. Getting headshots, bloodthirsties, kills after dodging, close quarter kills, etc. No kills while prone or leaning or anything.

    • jooker-jr

      That’s actually very good because when u see a hard to earn camo in someone’s weapon u will immediately know that he’s good with this weapons.

      The only thing that I’m afraid of are stupid hackers and glitchers.

    • This is like Black Ops 2 and to be honest, they weren’t HARDER to earn, just took a little longer. Which is fine, because it gives you something to work towards. If it was unrealistic goals, then I’d be upset.

    • Mario Rivera

      Its not too hard to get at least 2 or 3 longshots a game. And the 50 bloodthirstys shouldnt be too hard to accumulate over a reasonable amount of games.

  • ‘Scuse me, but is the Crossbow B2 and the Heavy Shield the only specials in the game? I can’t help but get more annoyed that this “anfuny29″ didn’t once take a screenshot of the specials weapons >.>”

  • skeetshootin

    So let me get this right, there are a grand total of 6 different AR’s. Two of which are burst fire? The vectors are akimbo only? I was excited for this game about 3 months ago…..seems like the more information that is leaked the more disappointed I become.

    • KernosT

      LOL you must be pretty sad.There are more guns via Day Zero Patch.There can’t be 11 pistols.

      • skeetshootin

        I hope so! I hope there is an option to make burst into full auto, dual wield, etc…

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      There’s no need for more guns than that. Look at BO2. What’s the difference between the AN94, the MTAR, and the Scar?
      1. They look/sound different and animations may change
      2. The stats are different.
      See, the first one isn’t that big of a deal, it’s just cosmetics. However, with all the weapon variation that changes the guns stats, it basically creates new guns. Let’s say we take the MTAR from BO2. Increase the range, slow down the fire right, and increase the accuracy and you basically get the SCAR. See what I mean? Why should they create more base guns if it’s just going to become repetitive in how some guns preform?

      • skeetshootin

        I get what you’re saying, my point however is that having options are fun, take weapon camos, they are cosmetic, but its nice to have the option. I personally would rather have different weapons, instead of the same one tweaked 10 times, that seems REDUNDANT.

  • Semi Wolf

    Lockdown mode for lmg= bipod irl

  • Things i noticed and posted on steam:
    – SAC3 – akimbo only. Pretty accurate.
    – ARX-160 – 3-round burst.
    – Weird paint ball effect that leaves yellow splash/decals whenever you shoot. Replaces read screen of dead with yellow paint too.
    – Ballistic CPU can’t be equipped with sights. Only default scope.
    – MK-14 model looks exactly like in MW3 except for color scheme. Now it’s dark/typhoon. Looks like 2-3 shot kills.
    – System hack lasts around 30 sec. Whenever you hacked your HUD jammed and big skull/Jolly Roger appear at center of your screen at the moment of hack and each next time you respawn. Announcer still works. Exoskeleton too. Unless streak gets specific customization.
    – RW1 doesn’t one shot kill at long ranges. Hitmarkers.
    – Exo in infected.
    – Infected load-out – Bulldog (6+24 shells) and 2 explosive drones.
    – Heavy Shield has Fast plant and Shock plant attachments (can be equipped together)
    – Crossbow once again shooting explosive arrows. Single shot at default. Starts with 1+5 arrows/bolts.
    – Exo survival pretty ordinary – each wave different set of enemies – soldiers/dogs/drones/goliaths, sometimes there’s an object – collect tags across maps/defuse bombs (Guy made it to the 11 wave, pretty boring = ).
    – Bomb look weird. Sort of curling ball/rock with a grip on it and few buttons which you press with your thumb finger to defuse it. Looks more like door breaching device, not like classic case with explosives inside
    – Atlas 20mm sniper seems to be should mounted and acts like a .50 cal Barrett.
    – AMR9 smg seems to be 5-round burst.
    – AK-12 has sights similar to Galil from BO1. Reload similar to SIG-552 from BO2.
    – Missile Strike killstreak similar to Predator missile.
    – Akimbo for pistols (Atlas 45 and Grach MP-443)
    – Search and Destroy – team swaps each round.
    – Mayhem launcher – unguided. Fires projectile of molten metal.
    – FFA goal/score once again 30.
    – Along with weapon variants there’s camouflage for default weapons.
    – Camo for secondaries.
    – Sniper rifles leaves trail once again.
    – Looks like no FMJ attachment.
    – Even though you use exo/left hand to smash/melee it still says Combat Knife in kill cam.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I wish he played exo survival on a smaller map. He picked the biggest one and it was so boring (to watch, at least) on rounds 1-10. Lol also, the new bomb design reminded me of this.

      • Jake

        off topic but one of my favorite episodes of parks and rec lmao

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Same (: Love that scene, lol.

  • big_smoov

    I wonder will there be a Select Fire attechment in the day one patch???

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It probably comes in the weapon variants.

      • beardie97


  • alex

    Did nobody get pictures of the maps he was playing?

  • beardie97

    – MP443 Grach is not automatic, is 2-round burst.
    – The sounds of the DNA bomb are not the same as the M.O.A.B. of MW3, they are completely different.

  • MichiganerE

    Similar animations from Ghosts? Not a surprise considering all CoD games have the same exact weapon animations. It’s also nice to see that camos will be hard to earn, brings back the satisfying feeling of earning camos from MW2.

  • Emre

    this game is just copy paste from other call of duty games.

    • Stefan Lang

      Because all the other CoDs had exo suits right? Idiotic statement from an Idiot.

      • Emre

        pretty easy huh.
        to slander people through the internet.
        I have slandered you? idol ” call of duty ‘

        Subject: Re: New comment posted on New Advanced Warfare MP info leaks out from stream

  • Copy pasta

    Recycled weapons and other features are proof that this game was lazily developed, pathetic for a 3 year development period.

    • Stefan Lang

      Awwww :'(

      • Ak74u

        I’m not complaining either but there are a lot of guns in advance warfare from the previous cod game (ghosts).

    • Drasadex

      Someone needs a tissue.

    • sonny

      Hardly butthurt, more like he’s a disappointed cod fan who actually wants to see some improvement in the weapon variation.

    • Mario Rivera

      Its probably more of a licensing thing. They probably already bought permission to use certain guns in game for a few years. Thats y u usually see a few of the same guns a couple years in a row.

  • LovekillerX

    For me MP11 reminds me of MP7 but I don’t know. MP7 was nice weapon and I used it a lot in MW3.

    But I have heard that there were some campaign missions shown? I would like to have one more “glimpse” to campaign but that campaign stream was taken down earlier today. 🙁

  • Caleb

    I’ll be honest….I, like a lot people, sold Ghosts and was really pissed I bought 3 of the dlcs. I didn’t buy the 4th….first time I’ve ever not bought all of them. This gameplay sounds so similar to BLOPS 2 (other than the exo stuff). And that is a GOOD thing. A fast paced Cod is what we want. If we want a slower paced game we’ll play Battlefield(not saying that’s a bad thing…I enjoy BF4). But I like to play Cod for a quick fast

    • GinsuVictim

      4th DLC was the best.

      • Mario Rivera

        Devastation was pretty good too. (The one with the dome remake).

    • SC4R

      i was in the exact same boat dude thats why im waiting a good month to see if i like it and if my clan wants to do clan wars

  • Caleb

    paced game where I can get plenty of kills

  • Caleb

    I think the most kills I ever got in Ghosts was like 30-40 kills…which is not that great

  • NRG

    *Exo stim allows you to survive two sniper shots* DID GOD COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN ALREADY?

    • ccrows

      meh I much rather have a “juggernaut perk” in ALL GAME MODES. 🙁

      ^ & yes I would ONLY use it in QSing lobbies…

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)


  • Eaz Jmilly

    is he still streaming?

    • Show N Prove

      it was taken down :/

      • Eaz Jmilly

        Oh… 🙁

  • Mikey9835

    500 long shots, 50 bloodthirsties, do they assume that we’ll spend all that time using one weapon? I hope it dosent do what ghosts did like, kill 50 enemies while taking a shit, BO2 did camo challenges right. Also I know that michael condrey said that exo stim wouldn’t be overpowered but, come on two sniper bullets without dying? My guess this will be nerfed in the future.

    • Justin

      I think a lot of stuff will get nerfed and patched, hopefully the camp challenges to start with

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      No. Fuck no. I want to be able to take 2 sniper bullets. Stim is balanced.

  • The Bulldog, hell no.

  • smayo

    Is it possible to equip fast mags and extended mags at the same time ? I miss that setup since mw3 (SoH/ext.mags)

  • Justin

    500 long shots is fucking insane. This maps must be huge

    • Rmawi

      the maps are all small-medium 3 laned which is the best type opf maps you could have. the camo challenges are set out the same as bo2 but much harder which i think is a lot better.

  • They will probably patch the camo challenges like ghost did after release

    • Autocorrect

      Im with you. SHG probably doesn’t want the people that already have it to unlock anything.

  • Ak74u

    Why are there a lot of guns from ghosts? Arx-160, bulldog, vector (akimbo) mp443 grach, Ak-12, lynx there’s probably a few more and I think I’m really going to love this game but why have a lot of guns from the previous cod game

  • SkylineDesigns

    yo a 5 round burst smg? sounds OP

    • Autocorrect

      Probably has recoil out the ass :/

    • skeetshootin

      Sounds gay, like taking it up the ass gay

  • juicestice89

    Excited for new COD. Its not a ” copy” but obviously your nit gonna throw away the great parts of the game that have kept us happy for the last 10 years or wtvr. Let them do their thing! I trust them to do a good job, and it’s nice to not have to worry about my 70$ investment being wasted they give me a year of fun each time. And yes I also buy the dlc. Soonnnn!!!

  • patrick

    Exo stim allows you to survive two sniper shots.
    looks like another fucking pain killer.

  • Colinnnnn

    Is the nano swarm its own killstreak or is it a module for the missile strike?

    • Henrik

      module for the missile strike.

  • i think im gunna love exo stim 🙂

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Exo stim allows you to survive two sniper shots.”

    • ItsHyro

      10/10: IGN.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)


  • Anime Fan

    Such Bo2, many Trollarch … wow
    They said it was going to be BIG CHANGES! only movement a bit for all i see. I hate Call of Titanfall since it copies everything from BO2. And i love exo suits but hated BO2. If they wanted to take ideas from previous CoD games i recommend BO1 and MW1

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      You seem tense. This is one of the best CoDs ever. Sit down and go to timeout.

      • Anime Fan

        look at the fanboy, QQ more pls

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          “fanboy” lol qq fuck off pls

          • Anime Fan

            if youre not a fanboy, than what are you? 🙂
            You worship the game like its God or something XD

  • RedAwesomeSauce


  • Puppet Master

    Somethings on this list have me worried.

  • Hokdpls

    Does anyone else think that the 50 bloodthirsties and 500 longshots could be for the “Royalty” camo?

    • justchill

      no, from what i have seen, you get “royalty” after earning every came in a class, similar to diamond on bo2

  • PatPatPat

    meh. again, not too worried. only upset about the bulldog.

  • RAGE

    Ghosts DLC was probably a better set of Maps than any other COD game

  • Honest Dave

    Good, they deserve it for this constant xbox one month exclusive cr*p. What happened to the devs who cared about the gamers first and not the cash?. Activision still sucking Microsoft d**k for cash years later. Might post them a chapstick.