During the OpTic Gaming Advanced Warfare stream, we got our first glimpse at the Caster Mode.

Caster Mode within Advanced Warfare also features ‘CoD Vision’ which shows the position of friendly and enemy players within the field of view in addition to the minimap.

UPDATE: Checkout the first 1v4 ace in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Search & Destroy from OpTic_NaDeSHoT:

  • Awesome i just can’t wait for COD AW !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryumoau

      me either! :3

  • boner boner and boner

    • Brad

      Weirdo weirdo and weirdo

  • James Veach

    Lol after the leaks they still show old maps?

    • jordanxbrookes

      They showed Detroit and Comeback. If they show us everything then we’d be spoiled.

    • Ryumoau

      They showed Greenband, Detroit, and Comeback.

  • Ivan Senpai

    All aboard on the #AW hype train!!

  • eSports look really interesting in the stream, bye bye Ghosts!

  • meow

    not one person dodging in a gun fight xD these kids dont know anything else but to drop shot or jump shot xD hope there will be PC comps, gonna be much better to watch

    • sigh

      please just stop , you sound so dumb …

      • meow

        unreal tournament have you ever played it? guess not or youd understand what i mean lol

        • smale45

          you damn idiot. These guys just got the fucking game and you want them to be master of dodging and shit ? you do sound dumb.

          • meow

            you really think they just got the game and youre calling me an idiot? XD

          • meow is gay

            Lol there will never be competitive cod on PC

          • meow

            …. Come on! You can’t of been born last week!?

          • ScOott

            Lmao best name ever !

          • fsdgasdg

            competitive cod started on PC. cod 2 competitive and cod 4 promod were huge.

          • Super029something

            They did just get the game you idiot.

          • meow

            Yeah there own final copy but they are the ones who beta test the game XD all pros do even starcraft pros got to play a load on sc2 2 years before its release xD

    • Soaring

      Your stupidity actually amazes me.

    • meow

      So many button hurt people XD

  • Ive been watching streams and when somebody was killing bots the TTK looked like Black Ops 2, but watching the Optic stream now it looks like they die really fast.

  • meow

    is this shit LAN? cos the reg looks so bad xD

    • meow

      oh it is haha oh dear xD

    • Super029something

      you will find anything to hate on, wont you? the reg looks fine.

      • meow

        Actually even playing this at EGX it seemed off. Maybe Im just use to a higher tick rate

    • Mobin Amanzai

      what’s reg

  • Mrpompom

    Seems like they really set out to make the right cod and go back to the roots with extra gadgets. I most say shg was thinking like cod players and of the community. But until the game is running at home no one will truly agree 100% you tubers get paid for hey it’s good so us the none youtubers will be the truly jury to how the next year will be.

    • dan9977


      • ScOott

        I think he was trying to say youtubers get paid to say good things about cod but consumers don’t… So we shall decide if it’s a good cod or not, not the youtubes .. That’s what I got any way O yea and I think he likes what he has seen so far 😀

        • juicestice89

          Props on the translation lol. U r fluent in auto correct I see :p

          • ScOott

            Lol I’m surprised he hasn’t been jumped on n killed n then told to go screw him self tbh… People on charlie Intel are like that with spelling mistakes they will gang rape you given half the chance… He used the wrong “their” burn him!

          • juicestice89

            Lol totally. Meanwhile, some of us are trying to type away quickly when we have a second at work.

  • TDownzy

    Advanced Warfare Gameplay Hardpoint on Detroit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtNRU9LKfNo&feature=youtu.be

    • Autocorrect

      Stop spoiling the game for us you penis

      • TDownzy

        Its multiplayer -_-

  • Squirtle

    Sorry if I am missing something but there is no countdown timer for the Hardpoint in caster mode?

  • meow

    steam users. UK/UE is now midnight nov 3rd (Y)

  • TheShadowReaper

    AW seems like it will make a way better e-sports game than the previous ones. exo-suit is the key.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      You damn right.

  • The Telephone Pole

    Now that I’m playing CS:GO while waiting of AW, the term “Ace” sounds weird in SnD for call of duty.

  • Disgruntled Marine

    Ok this ESPN style reporting on a video game just seems… well weird, but I guess this is becoming the new thing or has been for a while now. Playing the game is worth more than watching other guys playing and having someone blasting on about what this guy is gonna do etc.etc. Oh well I hope this game is fun, the campaign looks promising, I just hope the multiplayer is just as awesome. Ghosts had a cool campaign but the PvP was ok at first but got old quick.

  • KuuGeeL

    Lots of people got on the hype train from this stream looks like esports will be fun this year just like BO2.

  • A-a-ron

    This is HUGE for esports!

  • juicestice89

    OK so for everyone who doesn’t care, I never played Ghosts but have been on board for every other cod except #1 and mw2. Just curious, What was so bad about it? Other than campaign

    • Mobin Amanzai

      The campaign was great, multiplayer sucked mostly because of IED. But you should really go back and play MW2, one of the best (if not the best), not sure if there are a lot of hacked lobbies or not though

      • juicestice89

        I guess I could, if they update mw3 for xbox one.:) yeah people get to bashing ghosts quite swiftly.

  • qumquat

    I think the caster just came there when he got that dropshot

  • Diego Diniz

    Whats the name of this Gun ???

  • Diego Diniz

    Why we dont have “Flipped” button Layout When I plug my Controller on PC ???

  • Carl Boisvert

    How do you use de CodCaster? Can’t figure out…