We’re getting reports that PS4 gamers can now start pre-downloading Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ahead of its Day Zero launch on Nov. 3rd. If you have already pre-ordered the game digitally, then you should start seeing the game appear in your download list.

UPDATE: Sony has announced the pre-loading for PS3 gamers will start tomorrow, Nov. 1st at 10:30am PDT.

Hi everybody – We are just days away from the launch of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and I wanted to let you know that the PS4 game is now available for pre-load in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America for those of you who pre-ordered the game digitally through PlayStation Store. For PS3 digital pre-order customers, you’ll be able to start pre-load at 10:30am PDT, Saturday, November 1st. You’ll be the first to the fight when Day Zero begins starting 12:00am ET on November 3rd. Just in time for a full day of Double XP!

SOURCE: PlayStation

  • first

    first haha

    • Noob

      No haha

  • Primey_

    Still no PC pre-load…

    • Mar7ongA

      yeah, I’m still waiting for the PC pre-load too 😛

  • Max

    Can anyone confirm ps4 pre-loadling is live North America?

    • M.W.P.

      It is, mines starting to download. California here.

    • neigum333

      100% confirmed

  • Atrocity

    Game is also 1080p on PS4 according to well know PC Modder Durante.. 😀


    • Ryumoau

      awesome!! 😀

  • cool

  • Ryumoau

    wow i could have sworn that they originally said November 1st, but this is even better. 🙂

  • Not Sure

    Guys, the reason the download is only 7 gigs is because that’s all you need to start the game, the rest downloads in the background. The full 40 odd gigs will be downloaded by the time you can actually play. (Assuming you keep your ps4 on or in standby mode).

  • TheGamerBeast

    STILL WAITING FOR PC should be today it’s a 55GB ffs, sorry if i come here everytime and bitch about PC lol

  • jannick

    can u play it if you pre download?

    • Primey_

      Of course not

  • Holy damn the live action trailer is epic! Beat the bo2 version in my opinion, which was the best before

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Wrong article 😛

      • Didn’t even notice they did an article of it xD

  • LeJunny

    PS4 just got this? I thought that was the whole point of pre-order, I pre-download mine last week on Xbox One

    • Adam Nord

      Yeah that’s what I thought too. I just started my PS4 download, but a buddy of mine did it for Xbox One last week too. Really annoying since Xbox One just added this feature. Since it’s going to take about 16 hours to download for me, it’s nice to actually have a couple days to do it, thankfully they didn’t wait until the day of like it said.

  • Honest Jim

    Another middle finger to PC users.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Anyone know how long the download takes on average?

    • Um, depends on your internet speed

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Ik, but most people have a pretty average internet speed. Usually it depends on PS servers and how many people are downloading at once.

        • Iwan

          My internet speed is about 30mbps down, a 7gb file takes around 20-30 minutes.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I meant the 50gb but okay.

          • Iwan

            The pre-load is 7gb but okay.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            No, it downloads 7gb first, then the rest in the background. The game is larger than 7gb.

          • Iwan

            I’m not that stupid, the “actual” pre-load is only 7GB, but it technically is 47.45GB.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            It preloads the 7GB first (That’s one of PS4’s features, probably a few SP missions) that way you can play those missions while the rest downloads.

  • Mike

    Please don’t question my stupidity, but does 360 get a pre download or something? Do we get a code on our recipt to use on our 360? Or is this for the next gen consoles only?

    • Daniel

      360 doesnt support that feature at all bro. Im sorry

      • Michael

        Thanks for the reply.

  • Anybody Else Agree?…No? ok

    I hope they have free holiday camos like ghosts

    • Same, it gets ya in the mood for the holidays~

      • Mar7ongA

        I also hope they dont only push out one holiday camo like ghosts did during christmas, I hope they have one for easter, one for christmas, etc 😛

    • Even better, gear customization. Santa hats and all that stuff 😀

      • Mar7ongA

        Haha santa hats would be funny 😛

  • Now people can finally stop asking this question. 😛

  • blackburnt7

    what about ps3?

    • I do not recall the PS3 having the pre-load feature.

      • Mitch

        It actually does, one game I remember is GTA V.

      • blackburnt7

        i preloaded ghosts last year. so i def has the feature.

  • a643

    Can ‘ t pre load it :/
    Is this maby US only?

  • Simon Enokyan

    My comment was deleted …. Great -_-

    • KevJumbaify .

      For aw zombies ?

    • lars

      just put it in an open google drive, so we can all see:)

  • Miguel

    Yassss mine started about an hour ago

  • KevJumbaify .

    The evolve alpha tomorrow should keep me busy until AW comes out

  • Simon Enokyan

    http://youtu.be/On2RFBlAGH4 Second Try ! Zombies Help me guys ^

    • Tricky VIk

      “I hope this is real.”

    • Drasadex

      video removed by copyright claim. neat video though.

  • Hi

    How about ps3?

  • Haydn

    So with this zombies stuff I have seen, is that a separate mode?

    • Wondering the same thing.

      • drjakeyoung

        It’s the end scene of exo survival. When you complete round 10 on riot, that scene plays then the 4th mode will unlock i think.

        • Daniel

          I think it will only unlock zombies instead of enemy AI in exo survial

  • drjakeyoung

    Charlie intel, can you please post an article about the zombies thing, even if it’s just about the rumors so that we can all discuss it in the proper article?

    • Haydn

      they wont if activation told them not to…

    • Daniel

      Activision wont allow them 2 do it

  • Sajjod

    When will pre order on PS3 starts to download ?

  • CharlieS

    i pre ordred advanced warfare two weeks ago but i didnt click 1 day delivery will i still get it on the 3rd?

    • Miguel

      2 weeks ago? Of course ground shipping usually takes 5-7 days

      • ScOott

        I’m no expert don’t normally do online, take other guys advice.. I just assumed they wouldn’t post early no matter how early u pre-orderd

    • ScOott

      Doubt it .. Think they will give u the normal 5 to 7 days what ever it is … Pre order it again ?

    • CharlieS

      i don’t know what to do know beacuse scott is saying doubt it and miguel saying yea 😛

    • Iwan

      If you pre-ordered off Amazon, they usually deliver a few days early even if you didn’t click 1-day.

      • CharlieS

        thanks bro

  • Simon Enokyan

    Good job charlie intel ( the best place for leaks ) sarcasm…

  • lars

    for you all zombie fans:)
    and its allready taken down… lol haha

  • neigum333

    My PS4 downoad is only 7.34 gb??

    • Legendxry

      Mine too , u are only downloading the multiplayer. ^^ Dont worry singleplayer will download later.

    • Iwan

      the other 40GB is install.

  • neigum333

    Why is my file only 7.34 GB?? shouldnt it be 44??

    • Chris Rash

      That’s whats needed to start the game.

    • guest

      It’s still downoalding I believe. It just doesn’t show it.

  • BotMw

    Hi guys, I just pre-ordered it for my ps3 (accidentally) from the store and it’s set to predownload. I don’t see the option for ps4 pre download/pre order claim?

    That’s my psn, in case you want to play 😉

    • Steve Coss

      Can only pre load on the system you pre ordered on, on official release day it will show up for download on second system

    • blackburnt7

      contact customer support, they will change it for you.

  • Mobin Amanzai
    • Swag Lord 420

      Give us download link please.

      • Christian Essinger

        its a gdrive link ? u can download it

  • Sobatrox

    How about EU?

  • Snortingskittles

    http://youtu.be/psWG26ORw44 watch it it the zombies cutscene even though it looks like a troll oh and by the way his intro is like 30 seconds long

  • Adam Is My name


    • mitchsvet

      How long did the whole download take you, and what are you speeds?

  • Iwan

    To anyone who didn’t see the zombie leak, I will try and describe it for you.

    It takes place in the map Riot, flames and smoke cover the map.
    It is in First Person View and the person is crawling away from the exo-zombies horde.
    A helicopter comes down and picks up the guy, he double jumps into it.
    The person in the helicopter has a strong British accent and looks for bite marks on the soldier.
    He then gets ripped out of the helicopter by a Military type zombie with the exo abilities.

    Some zombies have fault exo suits and some don’t have any at all, there are Military type zombies with exo suits.

    There is a shit-tonne of zombies, more than Black Ops 2 had.

  • Tim


  • InstantHawk

    When will the PS3 get the pre-download?

  • Timmy


  • Shockwave Gaming


  • itzmepuga

    wacth b4 taken down
    zombies trailer !!!!!!!

  • Chris Rash

    I just got of the phone with Activision & there doing a server reset at 9pm central the 2nd of November.

  • Ratboy

    Everyone who didn’t get to see the zombies leak, here. This video is not mine but I recorded it. I have it saved so if it gets taken down just tell me 🙂 (Sorry for bad quality I use the top of the line recording software 😉 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4OHrm7mMTIyam5QWWhCMWdDek0/view?usp=sharing

  • iCantKeepCalm

    i got a question my download says 6gb and the game its 42gb i dont know why …. anyone know something about this ?


      All digital Games are just like that 6 GB on primary and secondary 36 GB… is cuz you be able to play the game while is downloading, but yeah in this case is useless and pointless

  • Diego Diniz

    Zombie Gameplay Leaked on Youtube!

  • Ziggy

    Zombies is in Wave 5 of the exo survival I’m not sure if it is any other waves but it is definitely in wave 5

  • BURLEYbeer

    I have yet to see an answer to this question, hopefully someone may be able to help. I pre-ordered on PS3 to get the free PS4 version. The PS3 version is set to start pre-download on Nov 1, 10:30 am PST. Does anyone know when the cross-buy PS4 version will be accessible to download? As of now, it still wants me to purchase.

    Annywho, if anyone has an idea or has read something somewhere.. let me know!

    • Steve Coss

      I heard with the cross buy you will only get pre load for the system you pre ordered on. You can not download 2nd system until after official release. I do not know this for fact but seen a comment from a guy claiming he pre ordered from his brothers ps3 and he called and found out he can’t preload his ps4 now.

      • BURLEYbeer

        Thanks for the reply. After I wrote that message I actually contacted PSN and they confirmed that. It was well listed that you can buy it on PS3 and then get it on PS4, but not the other way around. So, the customer service person refunded by PS3 purchase and pre-ordered the PS4 version so I can pre-load it. Now I just gotta wait till I get home to set it up on my PS4, hopefully it goes smoothly

  • Adrian Rivera III

    I have to read how big the file size for AW on PS3 is

  • LuDogg1661

    Can someone help me? I purchased advanced warfare on ps4 digitally and downloaded it to my console on ps4 but when I go on my ps3 to download it it only gives me the option to buy it again?

  • buddhabbuddhism

    I’ve downloaded for ps3.. How now do I download for ps4 for next gen upgrade? Do I have to wait, anyone do so yet?

  • vasilos7

    You know when can pre-load on pc??

  • Benjamin Fonseca

    Guys can someone help me please, I bought dvanced warfare on my ps3, but now I need to download it on my ps4 does anyone know how? Because when I find it on my ps4 it says I have to buy it again when it clearly says it’s compatible for ps3 and ps4?

  • MeanMachine1233

    if i got the dayzero edition for the ps4 would i be able to have it on my ps3 as well?