UPDATE: GameStop US has also announced that they will be opening their stores at 9:01pm PT on November 2nd, 12:01am ET on November 3rd for Advanced Warfare launch.

Original Story: 

Best Buy has announced that they are opening on midnight EST across the United States on Nov. 3rd – meaning those in Pacific, Central, and Midwest can get the game up to 3 hours early just by going to Best Buy. That’s right: for those in West Coast, you can get the game at 9:01pm PT at BestBuy.

Even more, Best Buy has announced that you if didn’t preorder Advanced Warfare, no big deal – you can get the game at the same time as anyone who preordered the Day Zero Edition.

It’s getting the blockbuster game the second it is available – that would be 12:01 A.M. Eastern, 9:01 P.M. Pacific  and everything in between (Yes, you’ve read that right!) – at one of the more than 800 Best Buy stores opening early for the launch.  Whether you pre-order the Day Zero edition or not,  you can begin the next chapter of Call of Duty starting at 12:01 a.m. EST on Monday, Nov. 3. Click to find the store near you.

SOURCE: Best Buy


  • VVFZ

    Just get the Digital Edition so you can have it pre-downloaded and ready to go at 9:01pm PST

    • Exactly what I did. Hell with standing in line I already got it. Just gotta wait. 🙁

      • Can you pre-download on the 360?

        • CharlieIntel

          Only on Xbox one, They’ll most likely be downloadable on Nov. 4th.

        • Coy Stephenson

          There downloadable on November 2nd

        • ccrows

          I wish. 360 owners are getting the shaft on this.

          Meh, I know that I’ll be getting a XB1 for Trey 2015, so this will probably be my last midnight BS ever, since I might just go digital the rest of the way. IDK.

          If this is ends up being my last midnight launch, might as well (try to) enjoy it I guess… *shrugs*

          • LunatikToon

            We can still get the game off xbox 360 store at midnight or should be 11.00pm Sun night, just need to wait for it to download but you then get the free upgrade to xbox one aswell. I got 360 and xb1 but will wait to buy it on the 360 to get it free on xb1 no point in paying for both when i can get the other free, i dont mind waiting an hour or so for the download. Shame microsoft are not doing backwards compatibility like sony otherwise id buy it on xb1 first

  • Rob Schneider

    Comment section is a ghost town I’ll tell ya.
    Edit: well it was till I refreshed. Twice in one day I open the site as soon as they post an article just by mere coincidence. Not that it matters or makes any difference on anyone’s life. So yeah. Pretty pointless comment. Just describing what I see to people who I don’t even know. Anyways. Zombies eh. Sounds cool.

    • Daniel

      Relax dude, no one is going to call you “virgin”

      • Rob Schneider

        Wish I could believe you

    • – Simba –


      • Rob Schneider

        Tbf since you’re a lion. You probably get more pussy than me. *ba-dum tss*

  • Will

    Has Activision give this the green light, or is Best Buy doing this without permission?

  • This makes me think there might be server issues for the first time at midnight launch if everybody gets on at the same time.
    Edit: And now that we know Gamestop and also the digital downloads are unlocking at 12am Eastern, that makes it much more likely that the servers will crash.

    • And this is why we need ded servers.

      • Troy

        All good to me gives me a night to get the campaign outta the way before I dive into multiplayer

  • jordanxbrookes

    Naughty, naughty.

    • FazalGaming


  • Oh, we got a badass over here

  • Juses


    • TheShadowReaper


      • (FAZE)xXXXOPticSwagYoloXXXx


        • Siftblade of Rivia

          inb4 potassium joke

          • Want to go play Ghosts?
            You: Na
            Me: K

  • Seven


    • 405Wrecks


  • Daniel

    I told you guys that day zero was bs, and nuketown exo was a better choice

    • Juses

      We all knew that

  • Wow can’t wait for best buy to be sued XD

  • Stefan Lang

    Fuck that, doing the usual. Going to Gamestop at 10am Nov 3rd to pick up my copy. In and out like I like it to be.

    • JaBoiKnoWs

      This! I will never go to a freaking midnight release, or if I lived on the West Coast a 9 PM release. Line is annoying and filled with wackjobs. No thanks

  • the more AW gets brought up, the more my heart will try to jump out of my nuts….I never said I was normal….

  • FazalGaming

    Is Activision cool with this?

  • and on this side note….whats the point of Day zero now……

    • EJ

      not a damn thing

  • SkylineDesigns

    All I can say is YESSSS!!!!! finally the west coast gets some love and releases at the same time as the east coast!

  • jake


  • Prixr

    This is actually a good thing. Server wise. Once a certain amount of players are detected the more servers that will speed up. This means once people get it it should have no bad connection. Most servers are on Stand by mode which means they are on just not being activated for use until enough players are detected,

  • Billy Bedlam

    got it on my xb1

  • ApoX
    • They even took the bo2 emblem shapes. Well, at least we have a lot of variety.

  • Devin Wolfe

    I guess “same day shipping” means nothing.

  • Ryumoau

    This is great news i guess. I live on the east coast so its still midnight for me. :/

  • Guest


  • xkmhx

    Then what is the point of zero day if everyone’s getting it regardless?

    • Luis

      Its marketing. Great plan btw. Hype up people by claiming it’ll release one day early when. They could’ve just launched the game now 3 and say there’ll be double xp form hes first day. Sledgehammer is doing good so far with theirs od title

  • Rodoe528

    This is unfair! Do the people who don’t have pre orders get the arsenal and weapons too?

  • gumbie

    I’m on Australia we a day early stucke4s

  • ScOott

    Erghhf I’m in the uk

  • Vicsupreme

    Pacific coast is really getting lucky lol

  • eG_Tactics

    selling the last 6 six codes for the mountain dew gear 🙂 if anyone is interested, im europian and i’ve almost got all the gear , after tomorrow ill be giving them away for free to my friends, but if anyone is looking to buy some, just message me 🙂

  • ben wills

    Even more, Best Buy has announced that you if didn’t preorder Advanced
    Warfare, no big deal – you can get the game at the same time as anyone
    who preordered the Day Zero Edition.

    OH LOOK I WAS RIGHT THIS WHOLE TIME. A personal screw you to everyone who said otherwise.

    • Luis

      Does it matter? Same price same game. Glad your happy your paying the same as I and everyone else though

    • ccrows

      Congrats on being right and all (& I never doubted you either), but how is this any different than Gamestop telling people 2 years back that if they didn’t preorder that they wouldn’t get Nuketown?

      ^ Not only did EVERYONE get Nuketown @launch, but pretty much for the next couple of weeks afterwards too. (and @ANY Retailer too).

      What BB is doing doesn’t surprise me at all. They are not breaking the street date because with video games the street date ALWAYS was about “you can start selling once somebody else breaks the date”…

  • JaBoiKnoWs

    So lucky for people on the West Coast .. Oh wait, I live in Florida. I’m the lucky one

  • Also apparently different exo classes?

  • Need2makeanaccount

    so this is for gamestop too?
    Im intrigued

  • JaBoiKnoWs

    Any game I’ve ever pre-ordered for the last 5 years has been with Best Buy. They have the best pre-order bonuses IMO ($10 gift card for AW pre-order this year) but most impressive of all they have easily the best preparation and service. Walk in on day of release and they have everyone’s pre-orders for the game neatly organized so that it only takes 30 seconds and you’re done. Gamestop on the other hand, seems to constantly have rookies behind the register that need to look at 7 different things before they can hand you your game.

  • Laddie

    Breaking the street date for games or products is pretty disrespectful towards game developers. They put hard work and effort to attempt to make a possible great game just for it to be leaked and spoiled for people who don’t have it.

    • SkylineDesigns

      thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard.

      • Laddie

        In this situation with best buy, releasing it a couple hours early really doesn’t matter. But leaking it weeks before hand is a pretty big deal.

        • SkylineDesigns

          this article isnt talking about releasing it weeks in advance though so you’re first post is invalid then with you saying that

          • Laddie

            The article talks about releasing the game early and breaking the street date. Both of my comments are completely valid in the sense that they relate to each other.

  • Dr. Salim

    I bet this is not gonna happen because IMO getting a digital version is far better than getting the disk.

  • big_smoov

    So if im in the central time zone i get the game one hour early???


    is this for Canada too?

  • El Trollarch

    Already have the game, save your money guys! Multiplayers is a joke! Campaign is fun tho beat it in 6 hours!

    • Joey

      yup lets take advice from a guy who’s name has Troll in it …

  • Devin Wolfe

    My copy just got a tracking number so I should get it tomorrow.

  • Mookie747

    When can you pre download on PS3?