Michael Condrey has confirmed that Advanced Warfare’s eSports playlist “Ranked Play” Pre-Season will begin this Tuesday November 4th, 2014. The mode will feature monthly seasons, with the first to start in December.

For those with questions on how the mode works, users on Reddit have broken down the features and ranking of this playlist. Here’s a summary:

  • The mode is located under “Find Match” -> “Ranked Play.” It features up to 8 players total, and features Momentum, Uplink, CTF, Search & Destroy, and Hardpoint.
  • As of right now, nothing is restricted as eSports rules have not been determined.
  • All players start in the Bronze Division.
  • There will be monthly seasons, with Pre-Season starting Tuesday. Currently it’s Season 0.
  • There are “Division Points”. In order to rank up from Bronze to Silver, you need to earn 100 division points. Once the 100 points are reached, you will need to complete 3 more matches in which you win at least 2 of them to be promoted to the next division.
  • You get Division Points by winning games and lose Division Points by loosing games.
  • If there is an uneven amount of players at the end of a game, it is noted in the summary right underneath the given division points.

SOURCE: @MichaelCondrey and Reddit

  • Kalhnykta
    • Juses

      Console players pirate games too….

      • Jamel

        Yeah but it’s far more risky for console players to pirate games.
        Everyone knows PC users are the pirates of gaming.

    • Xecho

      actually look at allthose seeders. That torrent is pretty good. wud torrent

  • Mr_ysi42t96

    No Dom kill conf in ranked

    • Woody

      ranked is a competitive playlist

      • Mr_ysi42t96

        Dom isn’t competitive -_-

        • really? wasn’t it apart of ghosts, mw3 etc?

          • Mr_ysi42t96

            I was being sarcastic

          • you obviously don’t know what sarcasm is m8

          • Mr_ysi42t96

            Nah man, you obviously need to know what’s sarcasm is

    • Nope domination sucks for competitive. No it’s not in the ranked play.

  • Ludwig Wittgenstein

    They need to stop people being able to quit otherwise without a time penalty it will turn into ghosts style shitfest.

    Oh and more ranks would have been nice

    • ScumbagFloodsie

      Have you not played Bo2 League Play? People don’t leave almost at all, due to the ranks and possible rewards. In CvC, there was no penalty for leaving, that’s why people did it.

      • p0tat0stix

        total fan of league play in bo2, but to be honest, people left all the time. Also DDOSing was rampant in league play specifically because of the rewards. Still, wayyyyy better than CvC. I hope they leave clans out of the ranked playlist.

        • Tricky VIk

          “This is true.”

      • Ludwig Wittgenstein

        Are you mentally incapacitated? People didn’t leave in BO2 because there was probation. In AW, there is no penalty for leaving, apart form a few points.

        • CGkillZ

          Are you stupid. People always leave. Probation doesn’t matter.

          • Stonerzard

            Halo nobody hardly ever left it was great, mainly because of the stupid ass probation times. That’s the way a competitive playlist should work!

      • Are you joking? People leave all the time. Especially on my team.

      • what is Bo2 please? sounds like excessively smelly body odor to me…

        • Max Kelly

          i means Black Ops 2 dumbass

          • rick

            It* dumbass

    • Common Sense

      Before they do anything about people leaving, they need a fix for DDOS attacks. Otherwise you’ll get screwed twice.

    • Jon

      More ranks it has one more then bo2 with grand masters they have it start with bronze instead of iron and added diamond between platinum and masters and theres grand master yet you can’t get in it my guess though nothing official said yet but most likely the top so many people who have the most division points will be promoted when the 1st season starts and everyone complaining about it not showing the ranks and no ladders it’s preseason so of course no ladders till the true season starts and will probably start showing ranks then too

  • LiisterEU

    The probation needs to be similar to CS:GO, so the more a player backs out, the longer they get suspended for. This would make the game stay 4v4 so much more

  • ………..

  • Ryumoau

    This is really cool. I may give it a try, even though i didn’t bother with league play in BO2. Since they aren’t restricting anything right now, i feel more interested in it. 🙂

    • They will restrict real soon. Why don’t you try it for what it is?

      • Ryumoau

        i’m not that good so i always felt too intimidated to try it in BO2. But since this new game is going to be more difficult for everyone, i feel like i have a better chance.

  • Adam

    I need a clan to join.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Only thing that might annoy me in AW is the points when playing objective modes. I know it’s supposed to encourage playing the obj, but 50 points per kill is going to take twice as long to get streaks, and it’s not like I’m always capping a dom flag.

    • Guywithbrains

      100% agree with you. I am team player but I can’t always just run from flag to another and get killed because enemy team camps near the objective.

  • Guywithbrains

    According to a press release from Gamestop, zombies mode will be in season pass.


  • Kenny

    How do I know if I have the Day 1 (or 0) update already installed on my Xbox One? I’m worried that when the game is released, it will ask me to update the game and well…Ain’t nobody got time 4 dat!

    • Everyone will have to update. Deal with it.

  • Max Martinez

    The update would be for both days. Unless they release another patch.

  • jelluh24

    So it’s like the same as league of legends ranked? awesome! 😀

  • Guest

    here is a gameplay of all the maps and gamemodes in advanced warfare! http://youtu.be/hVHcHwrC1ps

  • here is gameplay of all the map loading screens and gamemodes! http://youtu.be/hVHcHwrC1ps


    Zombies confirmed via season pass

    • EuroXMan

      more like DLC not season pass..

  • Kyle

    You did not just say “loosing games”. Besides that typo, great article.

  • They need to make a punishment for leaving ranked games, because whenever i get close to silver div I join half way through a game where my team is getting smashed because most of them left, and then i end up losing.

  • Stonerzard

    The one improvment needed is the probation times, I hate going into a game of CTF and by the end of the 1st half it’s 1v4 and I end up in Iron League because of my teammates backing out. I’d love to see more competitive intergration, mainly with the World Championships. A bit like a compendium like they do for the Dota World Championships, things like a camo of your favourite team in the WC, or gear that’s related to them as such. Even special World Championship gear and camos for players who compete, just to boast something off. Almost like Pokémon events, where some are only given out at certain events, it would be cool if you participate in an MLG event, you get an MLG camo and MLG gear. Or EGL, or any other major events really. It would really boost the competitive scenes.

  • Joseph Vandiver

    I play on PC Its DEC and when I try a ranked game, no games found? When can I play ranked? Same as CTF WTF

  • hahadude420

    Y won’t it let me pick my created class in ranked play? There’s exclamation marks next to all of them besides the pre made one’s.

  • Ryan Williams

    was silver division and need 2/3 to be gold and won a game and ranked me back down to half bronze wtf?

  • ryenon

    i was in gold and i lost a game and went all the way back to the start ?

  • Concerned Gamer

    Hey… i got a problem, and i don’t like it. I play really well, i work my ass off… and the first time i got to get the 100 division points it said “Play 3, win 2, go up”. Ok, so i turned off my ps3 and called it a day… only to find myself back to the bottom of bronze. So, i did it again yesterday, only that i played through the qualifying games. Won 2 and got instantly promoted to silver… ok, nothing terrible until i shut off my ps3 and call it a day . Only to turn on my ps3 and see my stats reset to bronze the next day again. Maybe they reset cause’ it’s season 0 (pre-season) and when season 1 starts we have to star equally. Or maybe you got an explanation for me. So if you do, appreciate it… “Concerned Gamer”.