For those that finish the bonus Exo-Survival Zombies wave on Riot, more details on that here, can unlock a zombie Exo-Suit to use in the multiplayer portion of Advanced Warfare.

SOURCE: PrestigeIsKey

  • pervert

    I think I Jizzed out of my nipples.
    It kinda hurt.

  • Dr. LilRobot

    this is interesting. i’m quite surprised they actually went with the route of zombies, rather than something new.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Not bad. Cool that they added the blood splattered all over. I probably won’t use the exo but I might just use the skin 😛

  • Antal120
    • MichiganerE

      So, are these going to be Ghosts’ “Dedicated” Servers, or are these going to be ACTUAL Dedicated Servers.

      • Stewart Thomas

        Well I played last night and 1 guy had full connection and we all had 1-2 bars. They ain’t up yet

        • MichiganerE

          Hopefully they are now.

  • Or any other gamemode

    I can see people try a play dead in search and destroy already

    • Or any other gamemode

      Trying to*

  • Juses

    Camo challenges reset after you prestige D:

    • zombiefreak935

      but why… D:

      • Juses

        I don’t know know. You need 500 headshots for one of the challengs. I hope sledgehammer fixes that 🙁

        • Aymen Skiken

          its a glitch , no worries.

          • Juses

            It’s not

      • zombiefreak935

        No i mean why do camo’s reset.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Are you sure? That doesn’t make sense and I’ve heard otherwise. Source?

      • Juses

        I saw it on reddit. Unless the guy was lying.

    • Stewart Thomas

      Fairly sure they don’t. Watched a stream of a guy yesterday and he kept the camo r had unlocked

      • Juses

        Camo challenges.

  • Juses
  • zombiefreak935

    my ps4 says its sat to unlock at 8:00 pacific?not 9:00.

  • Biff Ibkus

    Xbox One resolution is 1360×1080 then scales up to 1080p. Does anyone know what 1360×1080 is?

    • Stewart Thomas

      1080p is 1920×1080

  • Guest

    at which round is the bonus zombie round^ (sorry i can<t do question marks nor apostrophes for some reason…)

  • at which round is the bonus round^ (i cant do question marks nor apostrophes for some reason halp)

    • – Simba –

      Zombies is on round 11 on the Riot Map

    • Aymen Skiken

      unlock riot by reaching round 100 on any map , then get to round 11 on riot, and bam!

  • Oh man, this games micro transactions are going to be legendary.

  • No point for Hardcore players… They don’t get to see customisations in game!! Pointless.

  • An Unknown Player

    Oh man, totally casual zombie soldier here I come!

  • How do I get the Campaign veteran helmet? Is it that helmet in the ” memories ” trailer?

    • hisdf

      complete the campain on fucking veteran u dip shit

      • You have to be like 10 years old to be swearing so much kido, go back to your mommy, play time is over.

        Also, it was 5 days ago, don’t you think I allready figured it out and earned it allready? Doesn’t even look that good anyways.

        • Zane Boult

          # tag LOL

    • Zane Boult

      You finish the campaign on vet

      • Can you not see I told the kid I allready unlocked it?

        • Zacho

          Your a liar.. your just lieing you know you didn’t finish it

          • You can’t spell, and yes, I did. It’s not hard, do you want me to post a picture of it with my gamer tag in it? I’ll even message you on Xbox that this account is linked to my gamer tag, I was disappointed in it anyways, it doesn’t look as good as it did in the trailer, and I used the ” Military Expodition ” mask or whatever it’s named, it’s the one in the induction campaign that the American soilders have.

  • stakedoarber.

    Completed riot, never got the zombie gear on ps4

    • andy

      me niether but i think you have to do it in private match not local but just wasted several hours trying to complete

  • Phil

    When you sign in online go to private match and check the maps listing, it will tell you which tier you’re on and how many rounds you need to complete to get the next tier. You need to complete 50 rounds on Tier 1 maps, 75 rounds on tier 2 maps, and 100 rounds on tier 3 maps to unlock riot, then get to round 11 on riot to get the bonus wave. So if you have some friends you play with do it in private match so you can work on the maps you need.

  • Phil

    Also I don’t know at which point the items unlock, but I have the zombie boots, gloves and exo and have not finished the tier 3 maps. I still need the helmet, shirt, pants and character.

    • Jonny

      You get some stuff by maxing Your weapon proficiency and exo armor and battery in the exo stats . You get a supply droo

  • Mossy

    I went through it all and received everything but the zombie helmet, did I not complete something?

  • Zane Boult

    Nah wat the hell i completed everything including riot. But nothing of the zombie stuff is unlocked do i have to finish it on xbl private match or does local count aswell and do i have to do it on veteran

  • Deadlord

    So i completed the zombie bonus wave on local host does it have to be online to get the zombie gear

  • Constantinescu Ionut

    Ok,I complete all rounds in all tiers and now how i go in riit because i don’t find any time when I search a new game online

  • Person

    Me and my freind completed the survival but now we can’t find our outfits. Anyone want to help?