After all the speculation on zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, at launch, there’s no fourth mode in the game. Zombies, which was shown in the Cut Scene video earlier, is a bonus wave in the Exo-Survival mode only on Riot map.

According to players, it actually takes a lot of work to even unlock Riot to play on it. After that, you have to get to the certain round to play against the zombies, which then it ends in a Cut Scene.

Earlier today, GameStop stated Zombies are coming in Advanced Warfare DLC; it still isn’t clear whether its a fourth mode or just more Exo-Survival maps with bonus wave.

SOURCE: PrestigeIsKey

  • VVFZ

    Oh well, Exo-Survival better be great

    • Ratboy

      its pretty good

    • George Claude

      its just survival from mw3 and ghosts, nothing special

      • Juzzie

        Agreed, Just finished the first 50 waves and I don’t think it’s worth all the levels

  • Ur Mum

    If SHG has any sense, which they do, Zombies will be a fourth mode.

    • Luis

      People like you make me sick. They can’t please everybody and when they try, you still get mad

      • Reyeeyeye

        How is this trying? They just said “Hey zombie fans… yeah… we’d like extra money, otherwise just stick with this little teaser bullshit” They should have at least included a full level and not keep it for DLC.

        • EnderaceGaming

          Do you really need an explanation?
          They did try since Zombies is actually included as an extra round in the game.
          It’s better than being left with absolutely nothing. That would be considered not trying.

        • Luis


        • Proof

          They said nothing about zombies actually. They tried keeping it secret. Someone found it in the game and leaked it. But everybody blames the game makers for “leaking” it when they didnt say shit

      • ben wills

        You make me sick. They took something out of the game and resell it back to us. It’s horrible business practices and very consumer unfriendly.

        • EnderaceGaming

          How do you know they took something out of the game to resell back to us?
          What if it was never supposed to be in the game in the first place?
          Which would you rather have; Zombies or no Zombies?

          I’ve seen you and your unsightly comments recently.
          You seem to be the unfriendly one here.
          You, chief, make me sick.

        • Luis

          Exactly my point. Your on the other side of what Ur Mum said. He wants a zombie game mode and you think it shouldn’t have it because it doesn’t belong in the game. I don’t care if it has or doesn’t have zombies, thats just a bonus that shows SH is hearing the community, but sometimes its a double edged sword since theres always someone else complaining. Its hard to please everybody

      • Ur Mum

        I’m not mad, I’m actually excited for the game. Just fairly certain that SHG will be adding it in as a fourth mode to please those that make you sick.

  • Well, I prefer Zombies in BO3 next year.

    • The truth

      Unless BO2 makes players have to buy it in DLC too. Smh

      • The truth


    • TheShadowReaper


    • Rorke File

      That game will also rock with Vonderhaar

    • Ak74u

      I agree if we have zombies in this game it won’t be as exciting next year on treyarch’s next game it will get boring and old

    • Tristan Pitzi

      has that been announced already?

      • Not yet. But, I believe that is almost certain that Treyarch’s game for next year is Black Ops III.

        • Haitian Jack

          Regardless of the title of the game, Zombies is a given with Treyarch

  • Seven


  • JackOrJohn

    HA. HA.

  • Lil’ shit

    This is bullshit. Just a tease only to keep the actual maps for the DLC? That would’ve been cool if zombies had never appeared in CoD, but why the fuck tease it like this and not give an actual level? Lazy money grabbing cunts.

    • Common Sense

      Bro. I’m not even mad at them, I’m mad at the retards who pay for DLC like that.

    • they didnt tease it. They said it was a bonus wave. Then some random who got it early leaked that cut scene. SHG never teased a full mode

    • jordanxbrookes

      Mad bro?

      • Static oz

        This is how it starts. Each year they will be trying to UP their money intake. Before you know it will you will be paying a lot of money for DLC that should have been put in the game in the 1st place. If you Hostely think the game is slowly changing so they can get more money out of us you’re crazy. Just picture CoD in 10 years

        • Static oz


  • spartanelite

    Well there is actually going to zombies but in the future DLC soo there’s that for any of you wonderin 😛

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    what so fun about zombies lol

    • Peyton Barnes

      (slams face into palm) (laughs a little) (sigh) zombies are just fun O.K

  • Or am I just stupid?

    I don’t think they can make it a game mode cause treyarch has it patent right?

    • Half of Treyarch probably joined SHG mid development anyway.. Hence why it’s very Blopsy.

    • Are We Not Young God?

      Remember they all work under Activision, it isn’t like they are out to sue and destroy each other. they do what’s best for Call of Duty.

  • LegitBedsheets

    This whole zombies thing is more flipflop than Obama 2012

  • jordanxbrookes

    I love how everyone is having a hissy fit over this. I hope next time Sledgehammer leave out Zombies altogether because the backlash of you all makes me sick. Go harass Vonderhaar over the nerfed snipers you pathetic people.

    • Proof

      Really Tho. The community doesnt know how to handle anything so they bitch about something. Then wait for it to go opposite and bitch about that

    • Are We Not Young God?

      The fact that they only put in a bonus round for zombies is absurd. It’s too gather up hype for the DLC that will include more zombies (Possibly a legit mode for it, to early to tell without confirmation) to make more money. Honestly on the business side it’s fucking beautiful how they do this and get away with it. Now you might say (Then you guys would complain there would be no zombies at all) Well fuck Zombies as a 4th mode. sledgehammers should have gone a separate route ex: Cyborgs, mutants and kept it original. Just venting 😛 sorry if I seem harsh.

  • Stefan Lang

    Don’t understand the butthurt. Let Treyarch handle stand alone modes.

  • Star-Lord

    Not surprised, was hoping for something different though.

  • juicestice89


  • Kobrah

    Exactly what SHG said… Funny that…

  • EuroXMan

    Oh well.. that a big fail, Cant wait for next COD.. for zombies….

  • The Truth

    Let be Honest here… COD is a money making machine. Players buying DLC = a butt load of more money. -What would make more players buy DLC?? Almost everyone wants Zombies! Put Zombies in DLC forcing majority of players to buy DLC. (In todays world everything revolves around $ Money $, even Call of Duty.

    • Love-Hate relationship

      At least someone understands what they are doing, Activision are dicks for doing this but they are some smart motherfuckers, I will give them that.

      • Rodoe528

        True, I wish you could just buy the maps you wanted instead of the whole dlcs

    • king wolfe

      Na they marketed it wrong, pre orders are lower than ever. The zombie community is huge to the point treyarch couldve sold zombies as a stand alone game. Had they put zombies out and promoted with multiplayer gameplay a couple months ago i can guarantee pre orders would be neck to neck with ghost and black ops. They couldve had that plus dlc later with new zombie maps and modes. They dropped the ball like a new york new years eve

    • Blazer

      So true!


    I hope bo2 was the last game to have zombies. I mean at least infinity ward has been switching it up these past few years. But zombies attracts the younger players

    • Rodoe528

      Zombies are the reason people buy DLCs I don’t think they will stop making and they’re still fun as long as it’s not with a squeaker

  • Willekeurig persoon

    There will be zombies in the DLC…

  • mountkarma

    Guess what the evil geniuses over at the COD sales team figured out. If we tease these stupid gamer’s with zombies in the $60 copy and then put tons of zombie DLC out they’re going to buy our DLC. You’ve all just lost a little bit more value for your dollar.

  • Favorite Ape

    Fail. Zombies and dedicated servers. We all knew activision was the king of sham. Now we know condrey is too.

  • yesmiw2035

    On tier four and see no riot map…