We’re getting a few tweets about players seeing other users who have hacked with their user names and or prestige hacks, and so we wanted to post on how you can report players in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MP.

Here’s how to report players, from Activision Support:

To report a player from the Multiplayer lobby:

  1. Press Y (Xbox) or (PlayStation) to open the Friends menu.
  2. Scroll to the right and select Recent Players.
  3. Highlight the player you wish to report and press A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation).
  4. Select Report Player.
  5. Choose one of the five options: Offensive Language, Exploiting, Cheating, Boosting, or Offensive Emblem.

To report a player in a Multiplayer match:

  1. Pause the game (Start on Xbox, Options on PlayStation).
  2. Press Y (Xbox) or (PlayStation) to open the Friends menu.
  3. Scroll to the right and select Recent Players.
  4. Highlight the player you wish to report and press A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation).
  5. Select Report Player.
  6. Choose one of the five options: Offensive Language, Exploiting, Cheating, Boosting, or Offensive Emblem.


  • 😛

    • zombiefreak935

      Hackers be like

      • impaler

        M$ be like …meh

  • EuroXMan

    Already? Damn..

  • I figure this will be used more to report penis emblems.

    • I see them all the time in BO2 😛

      • Yeah but they stopped watching the emblems after like 4 or 5 months.

  • jordanxbrookes

    But Boosting is now part of the game 😉

    • Dagger_X333

      Loool I see what you did there! That was very EXO-dinary. 😉

      • Xecho

        Let’s stop this puns before they get exout of hand

        • MichiganerE

          I agree, before this conversation gets too advanced.

          • Well we all received the Call of Duty and must prepare for the most Advanced Warfare.

          • Gump

            Just be sure to exosheild your eyes from all the penis emblems.

          • But the exoshield is transparent -_- You will still be able to see them 😛

          • MichiganerE

            Yes, now I must HAUL ass through the corridor to buy the game tomorrow.

          • zombiefreak935

            until next year, 2078

          • Rob Schneider

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    • the specialist

      if someone reports somebody because he just lost?i think that activision can check our games and see if we have done something wrong,right?

      • Favorite Ape

        I think your under the misconception that they actually care. Just look at how they handled ghosts. Every once in a while they would ban a bunch of random players to give the illusion that they were doing something. Then the support forums would be flooded with banned players demanding an explanation that they could not give and then would reinstate the account. Rinse and repeat.

    • think of the hiding spot capabilities with exo.

    • Favorite Ape

      Always has been for all cod’s. They have never really cared about boosting/cheating/hacking. They already have your money. They just put out the perception they are really working on it.

      • For.The.Misinformed.Gamers

        See it’s the lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of how the gaming industry works that has so many people commenting on what they do not know.

        You are actually correct and incorrect one some points. Many people do not understand how the gaming industry works and who stakes care of what issues. Activision is the just the publisher, owns the rights to COD and are responsible for the servers. Yes in ghost cheating was/were/is (still) really really bad and the one who made ghost was “Infinity ward” and Activitision published it. Infinity ward was the company that didn’t care or do anything about the cheaters. Activision was getting a lot of scrutiny for this and were losing respect and reputation, there for they began to seek out a different company to design COD. Activision this time around chose “Sledgehammer” to design COD advanced warfare. Sledgehammer is very well known for listening to the community, they are respected AND have a good reputation on coming down on hackers as much as they possibly can. So granted they have your money, but sledgehammer values their reputation and respect in the community more. That being said, Activision went with Sledgehammer for the reason to not lose more customers and gain back customers and profitability by choosing a Sledgehammer that is a more customer centered company and will crack down on the issue that was causing Activision to lose money and customers. So yes in the past they did not care, but that is with the understanding that IT WAS A DIFFERENT COMPANY that had designed the past COD games. Again which is one of the main reason Activision had a fallout with “Infinity ward”, and chose to change since “infinity ward” was causing Activision a huge loss.

        Sledgehammer is very adamant about catching hackers, cheaters, and exploiters. Granted technology is technology and when you fix one thing someone is going to try to find another way around it. So fighting against hackers, cheaters and exploiters is going to be a difficult and constant fight. Doesn’t mean the game will be perfect with no cheaters, rather what is means that there will be A LOT less and highly controlled. The control on these exploiters, cheaters, and hackers can be more effective when us as gamers who don’t like people running the gaming experience to report them to help catch them as soon as possible and limit the amount of cheaters in the game.

        To be honest so far it has been a good experience with Advanced Warfare compared to ghost or any other past COD games. So far running into an exploiter, cheater, or hacker has been reduced a great deal and i see about an 80 percent improvement on this compared to the other COD games. So far Sledgehammer has done a great job to in battling this and trying to give gamers a better gaming experience because the jerks are being banned from the game. Some are even being banned from PlayStation accounts. Granted they can keep opening new accounts but as long as they are constantly being caught, eventually they will move on to something else. I give all the credit in the world to Sledgehammer in dealing well with the past reputation and scrutiny left behind by other careless game design companies. Taking on a huge risk in attempting to change the reputation of a game with a community base taking it out and talking bad about them when they were not the ones that designed the past COD games.

  • Paul Thomas

    Good, because it sucked in ghost when you joined the lobby, and you had to deal with 30 seconds into a game assault juggernaunts with insta-kill mini-guns. On top of that you couldn’t leave in some cases (without a shutdown,) and if you waited to the end of the game you’d get booted out and your internet would go down. Those were the main reason I quit playing.

    • zombiefreak935


      • Paul Thomas

        I would lose internet connection completely after I got booted at.

  • JuicyJuice

    Anyone noticing the bad spawns, or is it just me?

    • zombiefreak935

      YES, killed a guy walked into the next room and boom instant knife knife upon spawn to him.

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      Yeah but still it’s a very very addicting game and really fun for say.Played it for 8 straight hours.

    • zombiefreak935

      knife is better in aw, not op though.

  • The Flash

    because reporting people really makes a difference

  • Favorite Ape

    Complete waste of your time. Just unplug your Ethernet cable, plug it back in and find another match. You want to spend your time playing or sending reports to a dead link?

  • Ryumoau

    Thankfully i haven’t encountered any hackers or cheaters so far. I also haven’t met anyone saying offensive things either, though i doubt i would report someone just for that when i can just mute them.

  • trivialpursuits

    Is it just me or does it not show how to report on pc, probably the home of the most cheaters and hackers in cod. I had a match last night where a guy was hipfire headshotting people at ridiculous ranges consistently.

  • Bob

    There is a lot of bugs needed to be sorted out and a fair few players cheating to

  • dick fargus

    people are already hacking the game. its only been a week or 2. shooting bots and L10 prestige already.

  • Bailey

    Ok, so there’s this hacker I just came across. If you guys could report him that’d be awesome. This kind of stuff really pisses me off & I want something done about it. His name is SilkyHands 03 . He was hacking a multiplayer match in advanced. Shooting people from inside buildings that no one else could get in. You couldn’t even see him to kill him. All you could see is the building. There was no possible way to get to him. Please report him.

    • Bailey

      & that’s Xbox 360 btw

  • Blaine Morgan

    I’ve played cod since modern warfare 2. That beings said I think I’m done with Cod. They ruined first shooters for me. I could deal with the exo skeleton. But to do away with dead silence. Turn team death match into a camper fest even more than it was. Then using low profile and cold blooded and hiding in a corner still you get run up on and shot in the face like they knew you were there. Think about it. It doesn’t add up. If i wanted to pay 60 bucks to wipe my ass with something and be disappointed this would be it.


    It doesn’t do anything. Ban me for this but I have encounter the same hackers since MW3. There needs to be transparency.

  • madgamer

    I met 4 today in a group, reported them, but it won’t help

  • Ronald Scandrett

    Red eyed allied are cheating in clan wars and u carnt report them everyone who’s in a clan yr better off cheating were going too