Speaking to GamesIndustry, Activision CEO stated that the company hasn’t made a decision on whether or not Advanced Warfare will be the last Call of Duty for PS3/Xbox 360.

But Hirshberg says it’s too early to determine if this will be the last Call of Duty on older platforms.

“Console transitions are hard to manage for companies like ours,” he says. “But if you have to have a set of problems, I’d rather have those problems be that adoption is going faster than expected and (older) software is dropping faster than expected, because that points to the future.”

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for PS3 & Xbox 360 was developed by High Moon Studios, as Activision wanted Sledgehammer Games to focus on next-gen and PC.


  • The real question of Activision is whether or not they want to lose some sales.

  • Blarg

    Time to leave last-gen behind.

    • Stephen G. Perez

      #cowboysUK πŸ˜‰

    • Aymen Skiken


  • Willekeurig persoon

    This is their key-rule:
    profit = yes
    no profit = no

    • matt

      That is every companies key rule…

      • Willekeurig persoon


        • Riley The Predator Myers


          • Guest

            Money equals Power

          • Guest


      • exhoii

        Not true.
        There’s profits, sales maximizing, Satisficing, growth etc etc, and they’re all different, for example growth, Activision could ignore profits and buy a new engine, market the game like hell,in other words prefect their game this way they could make a loss or just Profit Satisficing but with this they may gain millions of new customers who will buy their next game, ie help with their growth.

  • Mobin Amanzai

    This confirms that Treyarch will be focusing on the Xbox One/PS4/PC version of the game!!

    • JuicyJuice

      It’s not confirmed, but it’s a possibility…I wouldn’t mind, but knowing Activision they will try to milk out every dollar out…

    • RdJokr

      After the mess that was Ghosts, I think every studio would be smart enough not to follow their examples.
      Still, that kinda leaves the question of who’s going to handle the last gen port next year, if that’s still happening. I can’t imagine High Moon being given the task again, while their own projects (whatever those might be) are probably shoved aside.

  • lucky_Spetsnaz

    Honestly they should drop it and focuse on current gen

    • Rorke File

      This game made bye 2 studios so focus is here, current gen bye sledghammer and last gen bye high moon .

    • alex

      People dont got the money to get a ps4 or xbox one like yall so they should keep the call of duty titles on last gen to but another company porting it

  • KevJumbaify .

    Only exo ablility worth using is over charge. Which I use every time I respawn

    • Waze

      Same it just gets me back into the action quicker. Also the exo shield isn’t too bad considering it pops up in one frame.

      • honestly you are in the action most of the time right as you spawn haha.

    • KernosT

      Ping and Stim are vital for me tbh.

      • That Guy

        Hover is really good since no one expects you to hover. never seen someone else but me use it though

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Stim is stupid as hell.I use it and die as fast without it.

        • I dont use stim for the extra health. I use it if I about to die and Im perfect within like 2 seconds

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      Imo they are all worthless.

  • KevJumbaify .

    I say bye bye last gen

  • Ben

    They will NOT leave the last generation, not yet. You may ask why, but I have a good reason: playerbase. I bet the sales will be waaaay better on lastgen consoles.

    • EuroXMan

      Nope. Lastgen is dying slowly..

      • Blink

        your dieng slowly

        • MichiganerE

          That’s actually true.

      • Ben

        Yeah, maybe 3 years later they can outsell the last gen consoles… it’s nothing more than a slow dying, but it’s not going to happen in the near future.

  • The Flash

    I almost want to say I hope not, as god knows when i’ll be to get a current gen console, I still have and play on my 360 but likewise, i wouldnt want 3arcs next game to be dragged down because of last-gen focus being taken into account

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    So guys tell me? How is tge game?

    • Grigori

      Feels like a better version of black ops 2. Still the cod feel. The weapons feel like a mix of ghosts and black ops 2. The TTK is great. Weapons are pretty balanced. Supply drops are cool, but in my opninion not neccesary. The weapon camos are to hard to unlock. Good gamemodes. And some maps are great, some are ok and some maps don’t have a good structure. But the exo changes that, it’s a very cool addition that changes your playstyle! Overall one of my favourite call of dutys πŸ™‚ I would say a 8,5/10 for MP because of the camo unlocks and the maps. Haven’t really played the campaign or exosurival.

      • Juses

        Yea the camo challenges are way too hard. I only got a few headshots and a few long shots after like 900 kills with a gun. I really hope sledehammer changes the challenges. It’s impossible to get 500 headshots now because of exo suits

        • Bilbo

          You should see the Sniper’s
          We need to get 50 collaterals, really??????

        • Sinful Soulz

          SHGames said they are going to fix the camo unlocks ASAP. πŸ™‚

          • Juses

            Did they even try with the camo challenges? Why would you need 500 shoutgun head shots?

          • Sinful Soulz

            Between you and me (well, not really), I don’t have the game until tomorrow or Thursday, but that is pretty ridiculous. That is why they are trying to change them by listening to the community. Some of the challenges like Get 50 Kills with this weapon shortly after boost-dodging, are pretty balanced, but that challenge you mentioned is just undoable in my eyes unless that’s your favorite shotgun and play with it all the time.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            Of course that didn’t try it, they just cared about being different and hard and shipped the game

  • GinsuVictim

    I will buy it on 360 next year if they put it out for it.

  • Juses

    Well… Ok keep holding your games back with 10 year old hardware.

    • www

      ur annoying

      • Juses


  • Oh, I’m sure AW WILL be the last-gen COD game.

    • Juses

      It’s Activision… It won’t. But I don’t want zombies being held back by last gen πŸ™

      • MyKogInYourAshe

        *Held back from old-gen

        • Juses

          Fixed it πŸ™‚

          • KevJumbaify .

            Treyarch knows us πŸ˜€

  • Take Two

    No more cods on old hardware, it’s time to move on next gen, so i fully support it

  • Killbunny74

    Well, the ps3 version of advanced warfare just really sucks. It is totale different than the ps4, Xbone and even the xbox 360. The font is weird, the killfeed is way to big, uses halve of the screen and only the ps3 version has this??? That is just unacceptable and it has to be changed.

    • Take Two

      What did you except on 7 years old console?

      • Juses


        • Take Two

          Sup juses xD jesus

      • Killbunny74

        Well, the xbox 360 has the same killfeed and fonts as the ps4 and Xbone. So why does the ps3 not have it too?

  • Juses

    Why is sledgehammer going to fix spawns? And the connection it’s horrible.

    • Stealth_Valtsu

      I haven’t noticed

      • Juses

        Really? Almost every lobby I’m in the whole lobby is on a 1 bar.

        • People, Look Things Up!

          Same man, I spawn in front of kids and I don’t get hit markers on non moving people due to everyone being on a 1 bar

    • Ryumoau

      its been fine for me.

    • pulseimpact

      When* is*

  • Captain Panda

    graphics on ps3 are awful. Worse than ghosts, I know the ps3 has better graphical capabilities than what i am seeing, GTAV for example even previous cods, it feels like they are trying to force us onto next gen. plus the increased price tag for old gen to Β£50 from Β£45 why the need, i get the next gen is Β£50 but they have been from the start. That is the only complaint i have really the game is great fun, its innovative but still feels like cod, there are a few bugs but im sure they will be ironed out in updates to come.

    • Probably playing on a tv with high brightness and a poor display because it’s better than ghosts’ graphics

      • Captain Panda

        Nope playing on a correctly calibrated hd monitor, every other game looks perfect on it except aw. Ik it’s properly calibrated because I am a photographer and calibrate my screens using a spider screen calibrater

  • Stealth_Valtsu

    Honestly everyone who are real players and still playing on last-gen consoles should upgrade to current-gen/PC. Also last-gen is pretty out dated and limits some of the features that current-gen and PC can afford. I don’t mind but this is just my opinion.

  • Eh, if people want to stay on last gen let em. As long as it is done like Advanced Warfare and they have a separate team making the last gen version so it doesnt hurt the current gen, it doesnt effect me.

    • Ryumoau

      yeah, its the best of both worlds. πŸ™‚

  • ShankSquadIII

    *Off-Topic* Blast Suppressor is a crutch perk. It’s Sooooooooooooo good!

  • I hope they ditch last gen. I don’t want current gen to be held back and I want the hardware to be used to its full potential!

    In other news, for those worrying about PS4’s frame rate in MULTIPLAYER (which mind you is MORE IMPORTANT than SINGLEPLAYER), don’t worry no more as it is runs at 60fps locked. I hope CharlieINTEL will post this to inform worried PS4 owners and clarify the frame rate πŸ˜€


    I mean it’s great news for both consoles. They run at 60fps, with PS4 being native 1080p and Xbox One running fixed (so not dynamic this time unlike the campaign) at 1360×1080. Both versions look fantastic.

    Also, the PS4 holds v-sync throughout too which is a bonus so people who don’t like screen tearing will like that! ^___^


    • V-Sync or is the game capped at 60 FPS?

      • Both – it is locked at 60fps, but VERY rarely (only twice in this video) did it drop below 60fps, one of which was during a killcam, so that should tell you it’s basically 60fps.

        So no screen tearing too. Image quality is also fantastic!

    • Ryumoau

      glad to hear the game is at a constant 60 during multiplayer for both consoles. i don’t really mind it dipping lower for single player, since its not that big a deal. But playing online the game must run smoothly.

      • exactly. With MP, the engine makes it so your frame rate effects how many bullets youre shooting off

    • the current gen wasnt held back by this like it was with ghosts. SHG did nothing with last gen and made it only in mind of current and as good as possible. Then another studio ported it to last gen

  • Ryumoau

    Although i’m really happy with AW on ps4 and ready to move from last gen, its hard to tell if developers are still going to support ps3 next year. As long as Treyarch is developing it for next gen (like Sledgehammer did), i don’t mind Activision getting some other studio to port it down. I just don’t want Treyarch having to worry about the old systems.

    • Celest1ne

      They won’t. I’m pretty sure all companies have other studios doing the porting for old systems at this point.

    • shaun jones

      AW was terrible

      • Ryumoau

        ….you replied to my 8 day old comment with that? I swear you trolls get dumber and dumber every time. :/

  • Juses

    IMR = most op gun in the game if you have good aim. It kills people with one burst.

    • Ryumoau

      is that an assault rifle? I’m still low leveled and have been mostly rotating between Atlas branded Bal-27 and that AK-12 weapon.

      • Juses

        Yes it’s a assult riffle.

      • People, Look Things Up!

        Are you crazy? The IMR is a connection gun ? what’s op is the BAL-27 it shoots faster than most SMG and outguns them up close as well as having little to no recoil

        • Ryumoau

          what are you even talking about?

    • MrGladiator20

      IMR-Feedback and the Bal27-.308 very powerful.

  • Stephen G. Perez

    Is it worth the buy ON 360. Not here for graphics, im here for fun.

    • ghosts sucks


    • JoZer805g

      No, better on current gen consoles.

      • Stephen G. Perez

        No shit sherlock but if i had a current gen console i would have instantly bought it but is it any good on 360.

  • MichiganerE

    If the player bases for both the Xbox One and PS4 are big enough by next November, then expect CoD 2015 to be Current-Gen only.

    On another note, what does everyone think of Advanced Warfare so far? I’ve only beaten the game’s campaign and I thought it was great, 8/10. One of the best CoD campaigns in years in my opinion; I even put it in the top 6 for my CoD campaign list. Play it if you haven’t, it shit’s all over MW3’s, BO2’s and Ghosts’ campaigns. Also, the reason I didn’t rate a 10/10 instead of a 8/10 is because of a few flaws:
    1. It’s too linear at certain times
    2. A few small predictable moments
    3. Ending could of been better

    Reasons I rated it so high:
    1. Variety
    2. Length
    3. Fun
    4. It’s interesting
    5. It’s not Ghosts

    • Datsun enthusiast 79″

      I’d give this game a 5 out of 10. This game lacks a lot of needful things.
      This game isn’t as fun as mw3 or ghost due to the fact there’s only 2 ways to play multiplayer. You camp or you run and gun or run double jump and gun.
      As far as this game being interesting. Yes it’s different but not in a good way. I’m talking about MP. In MP your not consistently good or bad at the game. This game is so unbalanced and when the hacking starts to take off this game will be unplayable.
      The old Cod formula wasn’t shite just needed to be tweaked a bit. Cod 4 was I’m my own opinion the best modern shooter made.
      This new series of cod is totally different and lacks

      • MichiganerE

        The game is much more fun than MW3 and Ghosts. You’re only saying it isn’t because you actually have to learn how the game works and put into it to actually get good at it. In Ghosts, all people did was camp, and in MW3, all people did camp and abuse support streaks. How the hell is the game unbalanced? It’s the most balanced CoD games in years.
        Sorry, but it was time for change and it was times to get away from the old formula. In the end, SHG succeeded with this new formula. Also, I can tell you like MW3 and Ghosts more because they’re easy and take no skill to play. Meanwhile, you don’t like AW because it does. But, like most CoD players, you don’t want CoD to take skill, you want it easy.

        • Datsun enthusiast 79″

          Look I’m decent at advanced warfare. I also know the Smg and using the sniper rifles takes little to no skill to use. I can dominate with these two types of weapons on AW. Infact on my 3rd game I had sniped every one on the opposite team more than once with the last kill being a one shot kill.
          The Smg is the same way overpowerd and dominates most of the medium range rifles on the game.

          This game is inbalanced because on the other hand I can shoot someone first with head shots. Instead of getting a fair kill I get smoked by an over powersed Smg.
          The knifing is ridiculous as well lol. I don’t know how many times I shot someone at a good distance and that person would knife me. You would think a burst of rounds to ones head would be an automatic kill.

          Sorry but mw3 was a better game all around because it felt like cod . Mw3 made sense and multiplayer was fun. After playing AW for like half an hour I just wanna turn it off. This game isn’t all that interesting to me at all.
          This game compared to cod 4 is shite. Cod 4 could be remastered for ps4 and xbox1 and people would throw this game down for the remastered version.
          This is a kids game.
          We all have mixed feelings with the cod franchise. Cod was great when they kept the formula simple. They can keep it simple and innovative at the same time.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Let Treyarch make a current-gen only game, Advanced Warfare looks phenomenal as a current-gen focus, imagine what a current-gen only Call of Duty would look like :O

    • Sinful Soulz

      Hey Jordan, I think next year should probably have current-gen only, but my connection sucks a-s on the Xbox One. Xbox 360- Totally Fine! Xbox One- It depends on the time I play. Most of the time, it sucks. Well, I got the Xbox 360 version(it still hasn’t got here), but after seeing the graphics on the Xbox 360 on Youtube, I might as well take my free upgrade to the Xbox One and just play on there. Since it is a port, the recoil on the guns are not like they are on next gen, and stuff like that. Jordan, could you tell me how to get better connection overall? I need major help with this, and I really want to get set up on the Xbox One, like getting a great headset and Kontrol Freeks(signature CQC) for it. Please reply.

  • pulseimpact

    Well looks like I’m not getting next gen so RIP xbox 360. However, if they have the same PC support and options as AW then I’ll still get the next COD on steam.

  • Harro

    GTA 5 FIRST PERSON TRAILER IS OUT GUYS!!! http://youtu.be/-AFP6R2u3zs

  • hiipster sweg

    GTA 5 FIRST PERSON TRAILER IS OUT for xbone and shitty ps4!!! http://youtu.be/-AFP6R2u3zs

    • Take Two

      Keep hating xbox fan πŸ˜‰

  • Changes will have to be made, sooner or later.

  • Abdullah

    Multiple consoles leads to headaches for them like multiple different servers and players ranks and progression + it makes people all over and not in 3 Main systems ( PC , PS4 & X1 ) which also leads to less people playing different game modes in a system so game modes like Uplink on PS4 sometimes is hard to get in because there aren’t many players yet because yes the game is new and the DIVERSITY.

  • UpRiftCOD

    Maybe they should think about getting dedicated servers. The lag comp is awful.

  • Datsun enthusiast 79″

    First of all this game is garbage. I tried liking the game but just can’t. There’s nothing about the multiplayer that strikes me as innovative or new. The double jump Exo Skeleton honestly kills the game. I’m ok at advanced warfare and that’s good enough for me at this point. I’ve also realized playing this game requires no strategy or skill.
    If you play Halo or Titan Fall then you might like this game.
    This game just doesn’t excite me l. I could get better at multiplayer but the game is too bland and you honestly feel like your playing a black ops 2 dlc map pack.
    Honestly COD Ghost is a better game than advanced warfare.
    I’m done with cod games from here on out.

    If your thinking about buying a new gen console because of this game don’t. I’d suggest holding out for when the new gen consoles are cheaper.

  • Miguel

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    • People, Look Things Up!

      You need to move on, get an Xbox One, you may like it as much as you love your 360

  • Reed Falkena

    sledgehammer should have offered a downgrade program as well as their upgrade program. That way we can go back and forth and hang with the last gen crowd who cannot afford a current gen console.

    ALSO: I wish IW would have just kept the map pack menus in Ghosts separate. It getting harder to join any multiplayer games. Or they should have done the same thing they did with MW3 where you press the Back button to switch on or off the map packs.

  • lee

    lets be real there making lots and lots off money they should be able to make a decent game on both versions

  • 3arch_fan

    Bring on the TRYARCH!!!!!!! We are waiting, CODM king 11.2015 Long live TRYARCH!

  • Guest

    Today is probably the last time I will play a call of duty game, sadly. It used to be something to look forward to the new maps, new weapons, and various things. I have been playing call of duty since the very first game so yah, I am older now and I don’t have the reflexes of the kiddies so my play style is slower and more tactical.
    That said, all of the cool stuff that they have previously had in the game has been removed. The maps, the weapons, everything is designed just to keep guys running from one end of the map shooting at each other. No cool new grenades, no more bettys or claymores because too many people whined about getting blown up.
    Remember Black ops 2, it had some cool stuff like the microwave emitter and new things like a plantable shield. AW has that too but it’s useless against guys flying over the top of it so why even put it in?
    They have a 12 round grenade launcher and other things that go boom but they are utterly useless.
    On top of all that this game is just dull too. The maps are lifeless, the narrator sounds generic and bored. The music is flat.
    All that said I will get to the jumping. I personally do not like it but I can see that some people would. For me, it does not belong in a call of duty game.
    Call of duty started out as a game in which you played or assumed the role of various soldiers in various countries from various time periods such as WW1, WW2, Vietnam, etc. With Ghosts, it was just different factions of guys wearing ski masks.
    Now with AW it’s the titans vs the sentinels? This game is not call of duty anymore.
    For all of the guys who complained that all they ever wanted was to run around with only guns you got what you wanted.
    But what about the rest of us that liked cool new weapons and gadgets? This game has the wrist firing grenade launcher but they are all pretty much a waste of time. Just window dressing to show that they are there.
    They also have a laser weapon that shoots a constant beam which I really thought was cool, until I realized that guys with bullet firing guns were killing me so fast that it made the E1 a waste of a choice.
    The kill streaks are a bummer too. Barely anything flying over head because god forbid we upset anyone from a harrier or helicopter making it too hard for people. And no more good turret anymore that fires on it’s own, you have to operate it because hey, we really only want a balanced game.
    And lets talk about the flaws in the game. First off, every game has like half the players lagging. Secondly, every time someone chats on their mic or breathes it shows up practically in the middle of the screen. It’s like they screwed up on the resolution for just the chat info. This is on the PS4 btw, not sure how the X1 looks.
    For all of the complaints at least GHOSTS looked and felt like a war game. The game mechanics were bad, people shooting you in one bullet and shooting you from precarious angles that you could never be shot from in reality.
    Does anyone remember MW2 and how many cool points on the map people would fight over, or how BLOPS had an elevator or mounted guns. This new COD has none of that. Remember when the stats were built into the game as in BLOPS?
    Remember RPG’s, The Javelin, and the army of one bag? None of that here. Just vanilla running and jumping and shooting.
    For $59 bucks you take a step back to what COD might have looked like in the 80’s had better graphics been available. Yet this is supposed to be futuristic warfare.
    This game is the lovechild of Unreal tournament, Call of Duty, Halo, And Titanfall. Except it’s NOT a good thing. For all of you that are having fun I salute you but think back to the classic COD games like MW2 where it actually felt like you were in combat.
    This AW is a kids game, designed to appeal to very young kids with fast reflexes. And if you listen in to the chat lobby it shows.
    And before you say it’s because I am bad at this game and to get better, I have been pretty solid at these games, even Ghosts which i didn’t care for. But this game, it just is not drawing me in and I bet the servers for this game dry up in a couple months.

  • Alejandro SepΓΊlveda

    The answer is pretty simple… South america

  • shaun jones

    yes because they are too lazy to make a whole new engine or even modify it enough theyve pushed the limits of the engine because they dont give the developers enough time to make a full game

    • Ryumoau

      I swear everytime you comment, you prove you’re an idiot.

  • Gianpaolo Panicucci

    PC MASTER RACE. SERIOUSLY if you still play COD you must be a complete retard. If you are stupid enough to pay sony every month to play online, you deserve to be bent over and ravished by companies like activision and EA. ENJOY! πŸ™‚

  • OGConservative

    $60 for the 360 game.
    + $50 for season pass.
    =$110 of frustration and buyer’s remorse.