UPDATE: Michael Condrey has tweeted out confirming that this is a glitch and that a fix is in the works for it.

Numerous reports are coming in that player made emblems in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reset after you prestige each time in the game.

Many fans take a lot of time to design some pretty sweet emblems, but if you plan on prestiging – you may want to hold off on anything special, as the emblem does reset. We’re not sure if this is an accidental glitch or intentional; we’ll keep you updated.

  • Mitch

    They need to fix this and camo challenges resetting if they are uncompleted.

    • Biff Ibkus

      Camo challenges definitely need a fix. Also, I’d like it if they would remove the concept of “expiring loot.” Why can’t all of the character gear just be permanent if we work so hard for it?

      • John Blue

        You worked your ass off for random Supply Drops?

    • ccrows

      Kinda OT, but has SH said if you can reset stats in this game?…

    • TheShadowReaper

      what’s wrong with camo challenges? i have mostly been playing the campaign so fill me in if you will.

      • MisterCMC

        Well for a start, some of them are impossible to unlock, such as Woodland on Assault rifle which requires 500 long shots, but then it also resets whenever you prestige.

        • ccrows

          “but then it also resets whenever you prestige.”

          Wait.. Camos reset when you prestige? or is it just the work progress of getting the camos?

          ^ AKA lets say I actually made it to 500 longshots and it “officially unlocked”, does that get reset too since it was unlocked?

          I’m confused… πŸ™

          • blofeld

            if you unlock a camo it stays when you prestige, but if prestige you lose progress towards the next camo.

            e.g. if you had 499 headshots and prestige you gotta do all 500 again.

            Worst than this is the triple kill challenge , I haven’t had a single triple kill, as the time is far to short

          • ccrows

            OK, that doesn’t suck as much then.

            THX 4 the info… πŸ™‚

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I’ve gotten 3 kills within a second and it counted as double kill multiple times. I think you’re not supposed to let go of R2. I let go for a millisecond and it didn’t count. Stupid, can’t wait for the first patch.

          • Rzr Crux

            Think that’s bad? the double kill on the mors challenge is impossible, it doesn’t shoot that quick. You have to get 50 collaterals to do one challenge.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Reminds me of the BO2 RPG triple kill, except multiply it by 50. That was a pain in the ass to get. Closest I could get was running to the enemy spawn in demolition and shooting rockets, but I only got double kills nonstop. Really annoying. Turns out I accidentally got it through a glitch in gun game, lol. I got a double kill with the smaw and immediately after switching I got one with the RPG. Counted as a triple RPG kill, not complaining!

          • Tim Jenkins

            Yeah but remember when you actually got that triple kill with the RPG in BO2? Hardly any feeling was greater! But you’re right, I went through the first prestige and didn’t register one triple kill. Hopefully there’s a patch to fix the camos and the amount of time requires for a double/triple kill

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I got two now and I’m about to prestige. Shame I’ll lose my progress, but I guess I’ll have to do camo challenges after I get to prestige master. I got 4 unlocked already. Gold (Which looks nice with my full KVA Assassin suit. I’m just missing the boots and the exo for it), Kryptek Raid, Kryptek Neptune, and Carbon Fiber.

          • Are there any desert-themed krypton camos? I really like desert camouflages and in BO2 I would run chocolate over diamond.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Meh, not from what i unlocked. Carbon fiber is cool and easy to get (50 kills with no perks). I believe there is an all white or all black camo, but those are from longshots or headshots. Just a cool thing, The camo stacks on top of your weapon varient. For the BAL 27, I have the Atlas Edition (White, Red and Black). I put Gold on top of this, and the areas that are usually black are filled with the Atlas Edition decals, it looks so sexy. I’ll screencap it later.

          • XLKILLA

            It’s a bug I prestiged and still have my progress.

          • Trucky

            No, once the camo is unlocked, it stays unlocked. Only progress on challenges you have not completed reset.

        • TheShadowReaper

          so there no reason i’m actually trying to unlock the camos cause they reset? nice….

        • XLKILLA

          Nope didn’t reset for me and my friends. That must be a glitch to like the custom emblems.


      Mine didn’t reset and I still have the camos I unlocked. This game has a lot of bugs.

  • KevJumbaify .

    They also need to fix the thing where your friends show up as level 1 and with no player card. And loot expires? The fuck. Still great game tho and fast paced which I like πŸ˜€

    • JoZer805g

      I guess if you want to get the loot that expires, you need to get it from a Supply Drop to unlock permanently.

      • That is how it is but it’s such a dumb system, I cried when I lost my headhunter helmet ( the dragon mouth thing with red eyes in the trailer ) yesterday.

        • HMHDrummer

          All of the timed loot is recieved from completing certain challenges, so u get it every time u complete that challenge hence the names “headhunter” helmet “bloodthirsty helmet” “one shot” goggles etc. At least thats what I’ve gathered.

          • Dude I’ve gotten it like 10 times I don’t think that’s how it is

          • Luis

            yeah ive gotten that helmet a lot and kept loosing it. you do get it each time you complete its challenge then expires and the cycle goes on. I got lucky enough to unlock it through a supply drop. No more disapearing

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Every time you do the challenge it unlocks. For the bloodthirsty helmet, you have to get a bloodthirsty every game to keep it. Hopefully they change this.

          • XLKILLA

            Yes it is. There’s more then one part to a challenge.

          • Necronomicon00

            Actually he’s right that’s exactly how it is. The cosmetics that expire are earned through certain in game kill medals, like 5 one shot one kills in one game gets you one shot goggles. Or Blood Thirsty giving you the Blood thirsty helmet. Getting 5 headshots in one game gives you the headhunter helmet. I guess the goal behind them is to encourage you to perform well to keep using the items to show off.

        • JoZer805g

          I got that helmet too but it most likely will expire soon, but I’m going to keep grinding to get those Supply Drops to unlock that helmet

          • HMHDrummer

            I think they should add a trade system for loot, that would make loot so much more badass.

          • JoZer805g


  • KevJumbaify .

    KF5 with grip and red dot is the way to go ?

    • Ratboy

      no need for red dot on that gun, save the point πŸ˜€

      • KevJumbaify .

        No. I need my red dot.

        • Ratboy

          I dont know why but I seem to get used to iron sights on most guns and get to save the point. I guess thats a good thing

          • I used to not be able to use iron sights on any gun, until the BOII Vector. Hot damn the iron sights on that were so good, I started trying others, now I rarely use red dot sights.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Me as well. It’s really helpful in this game for some reason, idk why.

    • JuicyJuice

      I found the ASM1 being more useful, with advanced rifling and foregrip, it doesn’t even bounce and it plays like an AR

    • Semi Wolf

      Shoots marshmallows with supressor

  • Adam

    3 years in development…this is unacceptable.

    • Aymen Skiken


      (lemon grab reference lel)

  • Why???????????

    • AcePhoenix007


    • David Sync

      Probably just a early game error, the game just came out yesterday

      • Thanks Cpt Obvious! πŸ˜‰

      • I hope so!

      • Tim

        But they claim “we’ve been working on this game for 2 years!!” — well, why haven’t they fixed the obvious errors? What the hell have they been doing?

    • GTA 5 FIRST PERSON TRAILER here if you want to see it! http://youtu.be/-AFP6R2u3zs

  • Favorite Ape


  • Willekeurig persoon

    Uhm no? I just prestiged but my emblems are fine..

    • Aymen Skiken


  • Cosima McInnes

    Completed the campaign (awesome btw) and played 5 hours of mp

    now I’m selling the game tomorrow ;’)

    • Xecho


      • Cosima McInnes


    • TheShadowReaper

      wow really!? o.O

      • Cosima McInnes

        The mp is awful … shoot first die first is back and worse than ever. Connections are horrible because I have lost count of how many times people have just appearrd in front of me when they were 10 feet away 1 second ago. The guns are useless the maps are soo horrible. Hit detection is … hmm bad. I promised myself that I would not get angry over call of duty again and if I did I would not play it anymore because I can’t deal with the stress of raging anymore. Just gonna have to wait for treyarch’s next game and then thst will probably be ny last call of duty ever. So disappointed πŸ™

        • Jacob

          Try the survival – its fun but way too short, but you can see that SLG actually has a decent chance of making this their hallmark (like how Treyarc has Zombies) Might mean that the next CoD SLG rotation is worth a look.

          • Cosima McInnes

            I have and it’s actually pretty fun but the teammates I am keep dying in the second round :’)

        • TheShadowReaper

          i’ll give you the connection part but the rest….is like listening to a COD hater playing the game. nobody will miss you. bye bye.

          • Guest

            Typical Tmartn fanboy response ^_^
            And I’m not going anywhere so πŸ™‚

            Trust me you will hate this game in a few months and you go back to ghosts claiming it’s the best …. happens every year and this one is no different

          • -_-

          • Cosima McInnes

            Sorry dude. I gave the game more time today and it was better. It’s hard to adjust to but I think I can stick it out for now.

            need to keep my anger under control :’)

          • TheShadowReaper

            you definitely need to control your anger more. i wont comment on your previous reply and how its just, well, read it for yourself and you’ll understand. posting screenshot here.

          • Cosima McInnes

            It was a silly thing to say πŸ™ sorry πŸ™

          • TheShadowReaper

            its cool

    • Jacob

      Good call.

  • TheToughLuck

    People who can actually play are lucky. I got the AW XB1 and the code for the game says it couldn’t be found D; I totally missed out on day zero. I’m sad.

    • Harrison King

      SAME MAN IM SO MAD. I’m calling MS right now but will the code be able to be redeemed eventually? Is it just not finding it because so many people are trying to download the game?

      • Did you guys get a free copy of the game? That would explain why you can’t get on right now.

        • Harrison King

          I pre-ordered the X1 Advanced Warfare Limited Edition Bundle and it came with 4 codes and of those 3 codes were bonus DLC than there was the actual code to download the game and that is the only code not working for me. All the other DLC codes worked fine.

          • Harrison King

            Hopefully our codes actually work eventually. I’ll be mad if I have to buy the game again.

          • From what I understand, you need to delete the file and download it again. Should work after that. I saw it happen to a couple people yesterday.

  • Celest1ne

    I still have to beat the campaign. I like that it’s longer this time though.

  • KevJumbaify .

    Fuck. For some reason my AW on PS4 went back to a countdown for 5 hours and I can’t play. What the fuck

    • KevJumbaify .

      Anybody else have this problem? The fuck am I suppose to do now

      • Xerolh

        I have the same problem.

        • Guest

          I busted deleted the game

        • KevJumbaify .

          I just deleted the game and redownlaod it

  • Harrison King

    is anybody else’s game download code not working?

  • Drasadex

    Hey people, I don’t have the game yet, but I’d like to know something:

    What’s everyone’s opinion on the Multiplayer? like, is there a lot of camping, are there any “abused” Exo Abilities, are the maps any good, that sort of thing…

    • Juses

      I think the game is good. But the spawns need fixing. They’re terrible I spawned direcly in front and behind of enemies a few times. And yea there’s camping because the game just launched. Also yep most of the maps are good except a few.

    • Exo abilities don’t seem to be abused because of the limited battery per spawn. I’ve already ran into a few situations where the strafe saved me.

    • alex

      I think it’s great. But the biggest adjustment you’ll. Need to get used to is just how fast pace the game is. I have played cod in almost year cause ghost sucked. So it took by surprise how fast it is

    • TheShadowReaper

      a little fix on the spawns and the game can easily get perfect user scores in my opinion. if you have ever played Quake or even more recently, Titanfall, the feeling is similar but a little bit more heavy, leaning to the more irl and as much realistic as it can get version of the movements we have seen in the mentioned games. also remember that if you like SMGs or Snipers you may not like this game cause both gun classes suck at this game real bad.

    • WTEO

      The game is pretty awesome for the most part. I haven’t encountered any Exo Ability abuse at all, and there is minimal camping. The controls are smooth and fluent, and you catch on pretty quick. Like the others said, the spawning could be better, but they aren’t super terrible or anything. The only thing I don’t like are the stupid ass camo challenges ( half of the AR challenges are longshot kills, literally).

    • Jacob

      The game itself is good. I don’t like the multiplayer. The hit detection is poor and the laggy-gameplay is worse than ever. If you like SMGs or Snipers – don’t buy the game. All the jumping and whatnot makes snipers (or even ACOGs) entirely useless because people can bounce out of your peripherals in under a second when scoped. SMGs shoot marshmallows and inaccurately to boot. Shotguns are refreshingly nerfed down to a comfort level, however – I was worried with all the boosting and sliding powers of the EXO, it would be OP… but its surprisingly not that bad for us shotgun-haters. Pistols are back to MW3-esque damage and suck again [the 1-shot pistol is powerful, but has the effective range of about 10m… garbage]
      The game modes are rather bland, basically on par with Ghosts. Camping exists, but mainly as whole teams. People spread out and get picked off, so they sit on the rooftops and hide – everyone expected this pre-launch, but no one expected the degree of it. Literally every match I played on launch day included people sitting on one spot as a team [even on S&R and KC – whether they had mics or not] This is normally rewarded with a win for the campers [CoD = camp or die, a universal truth] Knifing is garbage in MP, with all the sliding and dodging you practically cant win unless you catch them off guard. [The default dodge control is Left thumbstick click + direction… that’s a reactionary response to seeing an enemy even if its involuntary] And as always, the spawns are garbage – this will change though, as it normally is patched within 3-4 days of launch.
      The maps are good, however. Generally they are almost all medium sized maps – they didn’t oversaturate the default maps with large-variants like they did with Ghosts. Generally expect most maps to be the size of Warhawk [Ghosts] but with additional tiered-level combat.
      I love the Exo-Survival mode – SLG’s answer to Zombies. Its inventive, but captures a lot of the good parts of MW survival, Zombies, and Safeguard into one package – I wish they would have made it more dynamic though, it certainly has potential to be great.

      • brad

        Sniping isn’t too bad, but SMGs are very weak. Its definitely an assault rifle focused game

    • Drasadex

      Thanks people.

  • Juses

    Advanced warfare got a 9.1/10 from ign πŸ™
    They didn’t give it a 10/10

    • KevJumbaify .

      If they did the comment section would reach 1 million

    • TheShadowReaper

      has ever IGN gave a 10 to a game?

      • They did, to Last of Us and GTA 5.

        • Hipster

          uncharted 3 also got a 10 if i remember correctly

  • NiftyGam3r

    This game is amazing, hype was legit i still cant get over how good it plays and the boost dodge and all that plays really well which i was worried it wouldnt. The graphics is something that i still cant get over about.

    Feels so good specially for some gamers like me that completely skipped ghosts bc of how crappy it is.

    • Juses

      Yep i agree. Everything is good except the spawns πŸ™‚

      • Rodoe528

        Yea, spawns still bad but the Exo lets you turn on noobs real quick

        • Yeah, I’m so happy the game isn’t broken but I still get quickscoped, but for some reason only when I’m very close to the sniper.

          • NiftyGam3r

            I havent encountered a sniper yet. Honestly the game plays so fast everyone is better off with a AR or SMG

          • vinny

            Its really hard to snipe… if u had the game saturday or sunday, a lot of pros were sniping but they could only get 1.0 kd on avergage. Its become super hard to snipe, ever since bo3 sniping hasn’t been the same, you can only quickscope and get lucky tht it didn’t register as a no scope, if it did… the shot fires 5 miles above the person head… I think cod only wants us using smg’s…. they took out theater mode probably just to make ppl shut up and stop complaining, sniping is still possible but its hard, im still tryin tho

          • .Seriously? I have never found cod hard to snipe in.

          • It’s rare but when you find them they use that variable zoom scope to aim in faster. Wait till Christmas, then they’ll start flooding in.

          • vinny

            Its really a challenge to snipe now, in bo2 my sniping k/d was about 1.56 now its around .82 all the noobs said it was op and now its nearly impossible…. What is life?

          • Dude are you serious? I actually seriously, will full legitimacy have been 360 quickscoped twice today!

            Nobody uses the semi autos and everyone uses the MORS
            And the wors part about it is that the MORS is terrible for long ranges, and is even better than shotguns at short to medium range. The MORS feels like the DSR 50 and the Intervention combined and modified to shoot 50 caliber slugs.

    • TheShadowReaper

      tbh the graphics, while great, are easily recognizable cause of the use of the same engine. dont get me wrong though, SHG have done an amazing job with such an engine in their hands. but i’ll just like to mention that the difference isnt as big as most expect or say. but its a great leap away from what we were used to.

      • TehShadewRaeper

        I agree the graphics are the most important part of every game. As long as I get my 120 fps

  • KevJumbaify .

    Props to sledgehammer for making the exo suits “work” in MP. I love when some is shooting you from the back and you can just quickly boost jump around over his ass or around a corner real quick and kill them. and uplink is fun as hell

    • yardis

      It makes running away from gun fights so much easier. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have spammed the jump and dash button to get away from multiple people.

  • Potat0chip

    If I delete 36gb from my ps3 will the internet go faster I have 131gb remaining space from my 250gb ps3 someone please answer

    • Doubtful for much of any increase

    • Common Sense

      If you delete storage space will this increase your internet speed? Surely, you can’t be serious. I am serious and quit calling me Shirley.

  • Eaz Jmilly

    How are people already prestiged… Cough* Cough “no life”

    • KevJumbaify .


    • zombiefreak935

      shouldn’t take more than 6 hours.

    • WTEO

      It really isn’t that hard to accomplish considering it was double XP all day, along with people having XP codes from Mountain Dew/ Doritos.

    • Carrisi

      Lol but yet your on a cod site?

      • Eaz Jmilly


      • >Spends life on game spending all money on XP to level up fast
        >Spends all weekend on nonstop cod

        >Posts comment on website

        >No life

  • zombiefreak935

    loot expires?but why?keeps saying ive lost something!

  • Osner Jean

    I’m really enjoying the game but honestly the scorestreaks in the game sucks, wish they just put black ops 2 streaks in the game

    • Carrisi

      They do but is that by design so no one score streak can ruin the game? Especially when they are earned by campers.

      • Osner Jean

        I understand but it’s kinda lame to have high streaks that you earn and still can’t get kills with them

  • NuttyTheSquirrel


  • NuttyTheSquirrel

    I just bought Advanced Warfare… I don’t know man. I feel some kind of regret…
    Still, only payed 35EUR so…


    • Aymen Skiken

      u wont regret it … ur granted access to heaven

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I feel that every time I buy a cod but I still usually have fun and enjoy the game lol. Ghosts was the exception to the fun.

      • Ghosts was fun for a little while because it was something fresh and new. That was probably the only reason I played it as playing the same cod for a year gets tiring. But otherwise, the game mostly sucked πŸ˜›

  • Juses

    Is anybody else having trouble playing atlas George on ps4?

  • It’s day one who the hell has prestige allready?

    • KuuGeeL

      Me I started playing it two days ago plus it was double xp.

      • I pulled a all nighter today and I’m only rank 30, you people are far too addicted.

        • KuuGeeL

          I only play domination and drop 30+ kill every game.

        • Jacob

          I played for 2 1/2 hours and got to rank 30 and I was doing bad enough to stop playing MP entirely… how did you lvl so poorly?

    • Carrisi

      My mate started at Sunday night midnight launch and is second prestige, he has played non stop though.

  • Juses

    After playing for one day I can say this game is better than ghosts.

    • Juses

      And bo2

      • Carrisi

        Better than ghosts for sure, stil deciding if better than black ops 2, I think it will be the more I play.

        • Still deciding? I can’t grasp how angry squeaker quickscope target finder LMG camping C4 abuse cruch perk bad collision god mode soilder ops 2 could have a chance against AW.

          • Tim Jenkins

            Hmm good point! No C4, no bouncing betty’s, no g-damn shock charges! NO CAMPERS IN ADVANCED WARFARE!

          • Or the terrible collision detection, even though I’ve seen the MORS hit shots it shots it shouldn’t of.

  • Und3rY0urB3d

    Does anyone know if you can unlock the extra custom class slots via prestiging? I hit prestige one last night and it didn’t give me the option so…

  • WTEO

    That’s kind of lame, but I’m sure it will get patched sooner than later. I’m just glad the game as a whole is good and fun, and much better than Ghosts. The only complaint I have are the ridiculous camo challenges, and the expiring loot (one of the most pointless things I’ve ever seen in a COD game). Overall it’s awesome though.

    • Carrisi

      Agree with all that except I like the ridiculous camo challenges it takes dedication and makes them more rare

      • WTEO

        I don’t mind them being difficult and challenging, I just hate the fact that half of the challenges are a bunch of longshot kills or a bunch of hip fire kills. Some variety would have been nice

        • Jacob

          I just love how one of the first camos most people actually get on a gun is Gold… so stupid.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Exactly my thoughts.

  • Busy Marine

    People have prestiged already?!?! Aw man what ever happened to when everyone got the game on the same day, now I’m going to be a total noob starting tomorrow.

    • Juses

      There’s x2 xp. That’s why.

  • Grigori

    I am missing something… Wait, where the f is gungame!?

  • UpRiftCOD

    Does anyone know if they’re gonna fix the lag? Pretty much if you’re host, you have a huge advantage.

    • Favorite Ape

      What about the dedicated server support?
      Oops. Never mind.


    I don’t think I’ve seen the sun since November 1st hahaha

  • Max Martinez

    Everytime I load a new game it gets stuck at synchronizing game setting and puts me in the game a few seconds after everyone else.

  • That’s lame, i’ve put around a hour of working on my emblem http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/36353839630126397/B6E381608AE295823D90F0939CE143358BCA82A7/
    and it’s gone. Why? You don’t even have to unlock editor or extra layers.

  • Guywithbrains

    I have been enjoying the game so far with no problems (no lag either or bad spawns) but I wanted to ask how to lower weapon sounds in campaign? All those explosions and shooting are so loud and then talking is like whispering.

  • leguywhodrownedquietisback!

    fuck you keshav.f u petey.

  • xxinfamouswolf

    And the problem with the ‘speed reload’ getting using when single taping x or square, when you are meant to double tap to do it.

  • Michael Parsons

    My emblem didn’t reset.

  • Anyone else suck at AW? Coming from a guy who had a 2.00+ K/D in every CoD. I’m getting destroyed in AW. And everyone on my friends list has a W/L below 0.30…

    • Guywithbrains

      I had 1.2 K.D. in MW3 and now I have about 1.0 in AW. Usually I get 20-12 stats so I’m not the best either but it is all about fun.

    • Felipe Rios

      I went from a 1.58 Black Ops 2 K/D (Not that it matters) to a 1.34 in Advanced Warfare. I was getting my ass kicked when I first started playing. Then I started playing momentum and finally got into a groove.

    • I’m doing fine, infact better, so many people refuse to stop playing like its ghosts and a lot play like they’ve never played cod before, like the basic stuff like people will ignore you even though you boosted Infront of them after killing 3 of there teammates.

    • Grenadier

      I’m doing pretty well tbh. Maybe too much Destiny LOL

  • Justin MD
  • Michael Parsons

    Never mind. Lost mine after prestige AND leveling up. πŸ™

    • ScOott

      Can u reset stats when u prestige ?

      • Michael Parsons

        I didn’t see anything saying you can

        • ScOott

          Ok thanks

  • Ryumoau

    This sounds like a strange design choice. Hopefully Sledgehammer patches this, since otherwise the game is amazing so far. πŸ˜€

  • fulzee

    Bought it on the Xbox 360 to take advantage of the free Xbox One copy, can’t get it on the Xbox One for free because of stupid Day Zero lasting until the November 10th. ._.

  • logic buns

    Does anyone know about the camo problem when you prestige how you lose your headshots and whaton? Are they working on fixing it?

  • king wolfe

    They need to fix hit detection, although i do well in game i can tell that half the time 2-3 bullets dont register when i fire.

    • meow

      thats called no dedicated servers lol

  • Grigori

    The reset to much! Do camos reset after prestiging?

    • Bilbo

      No, but your progress, yes
      So your 253/500 headshots is BOOM gone

      • Grigori

        Oh alright, still sucks though

  • Unreal

    does it also reset your elite and pro weapons you unlocked when you prestige?

  • Damien Anderson

    Has anyone else encountered an offline local bug where camos just don’t progress? I have well over 50 kills with my hbr & no attachments, but when I look at the progress bar it’s still at 0. I’m on PS3, not sure if that matters though.

    • Jalal

      I’m having the exact problem on the 360! Can anyone help?!

  • Unreal

    does it reset your elite and pro weapons when you prestige?

  • bara

    Quick scoping is OP. I thought they said that it wouldn’t

  • Petta DahlstrΓΆm

    Meh, no support for Intel Core 2 Duo even at minimum. One of the
    greatest things about COD that everyone could play it, is gone. I guess
    thats was one of the biggest mistakes from Sledgehammer.

  • Chris Lopez

    Where is gun game at

  • darkslob123

    on the in-game load screen a message say “you’re emblems dont reset after prestiging

    • Kyoshilonehearted

      It actually means that emblems that you UNLOCK don’t reset. So any emblems things that you earn stay. Any emblems you create go away, happened to me and it really pisses me off.

  • Johnn C

    Not only that…but I hit prestige…and now my leaderboard scores are frozen, or won’t register a score at all. People are breezing by me, while I sit with a frozen score and nobody will answer WHY. No fixes….no official word…nobody does shit. Game is a joke, and it’s unbelievable that they have issues at launch after all this time.

  • Eric Jones

    Does anyone think they will change the headshot reset when prestiging? Who is getting 500 headshots in one prestige? It gives no incentive to go for camo’s until Prestige 15?

  • Rids

    I need to reset my stats how?

  • Joseph Bloggingtonshire

    Can you reset stats after prestige one like in black ops? I went a bit nuts in day zero so now getting my k/d to where it usually is, is gonna be a problem.

  • IIIllIlIlI

    i spent alot of time on my emblem just to have it taken away…. better fuckin fix it

  • GTA 5 FIRST PERSON TRAILER here if you want to see it!! http://youtu.be/-AFP6R2u3zs

  • Β»-(Β―`v´¯)-Β»Belladonnia

    Is anybody else getting this issue with the clan invites to where you send a friend a clan invite and it keeps saying “User does not have a COD account?”

  • Anonymous

    How do you remove emblems in AW? I really want to know

  • kev

    any body having leader board issues were it not registoring kills etc

  • Kyoshilonehearted

    I have been loving this game overall, but what is with these stupid decisions? Infected is only 8-12 players even though Ground War is 12-18. Emblems reset after prestige. The gun camos are nearly inconceivable to unlock.

    They really are overlooking some pretty obvious things here…They need to tell us what they are going to do about it.

  • BZrex

    Did anyone else’s camo progression reset when you prestiged? I had 46 longshots and 89 headshots with my BAL-27 and now I have 0 for each I also had 4/5 relentless medals for the calling card I wanted

  • Jason

    I made BATMAN! & I was pretty proud, then it got deleted. LAME.. :/

  • Lisa

    does anyone know how to open the supply drops you get from campaign? i’ve unlocked like 5 or 6 and i can’t find them anywhere

    • An Unknown Player

      It opens automatically, check for items called atlas campaign.

  • Ghost Fondler

    Words cannot describe how disappointed and angry I am that your emblem is reset!! Why they would want to do this is beyond me, more ways to piss off players, they’re all taking bets back at SH HQ to see what gets players pissed off the most, the lag or deleting your emblem that you’ve spent probably a few hours on like me! Fuck you sledgehammer!!

  • Kinny

    Camo challenges for weapons are also completely wiped, my kills with the stinger/starella have been reset to 0 but i have unlocked the camos and will have to redo the challanges to get diamond camo…. Sux

  • STLBadAsz

    Actually just go to the call of duty app .. Sign in and click on your emblem .. Then options.. Save as player card and go to your emblem on the game… And save and apply to player card.. It works trust me

  • Walter Iego

    There are plenty of other bugs. You get stuck at invisible walls, enemy spawning behind you one second after your, etc …

  • f18hornetz

    I myself spent hours on making an emblem, so it was kinda frustrating for me when this glitch occured. Surprisingly I found a way to recover any lost emblem after prestiging.
    1. Get the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare app.
    2. Go to the emblem editor on the app.
    3. Click the slot in which you made the emblem (For example if you made your emblem in the emblem 1 slot, click that slot.
    4.Once your in the slot, (it might appear empty but that’s okay) back out and the emblem should reappear in the list of emblems.
    5.Click it again and make a small adjustment to your emblem so that the save button isn’t grayed out.
    6.Save your emblem and if you check your soldier or in-game the emblem is saved in the game itself.

    This also works with multiple emblems just click on the slot in which the emblem resided in and follow the same instructions.

  • Martin

    My emblem disappeared after getting on first prestige but there is the way you can get it back – just download the official cod:aw smartphone app and go to emblem creator and it will show up on your saved emblems after few seconds… Only think you have to do is set it as “active”. I play on ps4….

  • Dean

    Iv played loads games since.my ranks froze and should be between rank 20-30… will i lose my progress?

  • Dmv soldier

    Just prestige today and my dam emblem got erase

  • yumyum

    why does the score stop once you prestige??

  • last7trick

    Help? I haven’t prestigedbut my emblem has vanished from my suit and gun. Its still saying its active and I can still see it in the emblem maker. Its just gone from my suit n gun. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  • lkr

    Also when your split screening the emblem editor completely disappears

  • GoldBlooded

    Yeh this happened to me. I made about 6 or so what I thought were pretty cool designs to find out they were erased after prestiging. So annoying

  • b3arjewx

    Cant veiw emblems while another account is signed in on the same console while mine is signed in

  • i need help

    How do you put emblems on guns

  • Yep, I noticed it after I prestiged. What’s weird is my emblem was still there when I first prestiged. It didn’t get erased until I turned my system off and back on the next day.

  • Coby101

    Why can’t I accesses my emblems I didn’t prestige and can’t access them

  • Coby101


  • Coby101

    Y can’t i accesses my emblems the option is gone

  • aaron

    ya i lost 4 of my emblems and i took 10-30 min. on each

  • It keeps deleting mine every time I sign in. I take 1 hour to make mine. Come on. I made the Big Hero 6 logo. Gone.

  • bb_504

    They are not lost. I just figured something out. If you go to the editor and click on the position in the gallery that the emblem you want was in and then go back out to the main emblem editor screen, the emblem will show up again. Click on it again, move a layer left then back right or whatever and hit save…BAM!!! You got them back.

  • Dale

    I can’t even find emberlems on mine it was there now I can’t find it in playercard

  • cod sucks dick

    this made me so pissed i its such a stupid fuck up

  • RoLLo904

    They could have done allot better with this game. Sledgehammer made black ops and in my opinion both of them sucked. I love the campaign in advanced warfare however the multiplayer needs some work. 4 times so far my console has completely locked up during multipler. They could have done allot better with the weapons as well. I mean come on its supposed to be 2060.. cloak is a waste. A lot of perks suck. Huge lagging problems in multiplayer wich happen often. It’s ridiculous. Sledgehammer you SUCK!!!! Infinity ward come back!

  • Jdub

    I had 3/5 relentless kills then prestiged now I have 0 towards the calling card but it shows them in my medals…

  • Chris Delong

    I have an emblem on my playercard, but it doesnt show on my actual character. It shows the emblem is active and all but its not on my loadout or exo suit. Shouldnt my emblem be on my character? Please help.

  • Anonymous.

    Why can’t I see my emblem on my weapons or outfits am I messing something?

  • Mfarman4

    Can I earn or get back a redeemed weapon

  • Mfarman4

    Can I get back or re earn a weapon that I redeemed by accident?

  • Brian Recker

    not only that, but ive noticed that (sadly) even if you perm unlock a weapon, once you prestige you don’t even get to keep the unlocked atachments you gained for that weapon. so basically im gonna wait till 15th prestige so I can keep everything? no progression at all for medals, just camos. what a waste of time that I don’t have!

  • rgee gwapo

    Was this fixed?my emblem disappeared again!

  • Victor Valdez

    With me I it won’t let me create emblems…does anybody know why?? If so txt me @: 626-242-8093

  • ShiftyBeki

    Really bro they didn’t fix IT for like a 5 months:(

  • noah

    i don’t have the edit emblem option and i selected operator from the multiplayer can anyone help?!