In a Reddit post today, Sledgehammer Games’s Michael Condrey has confirmed some things the studio is currently working on following fan feedback from Day Zero. One of the things to note is that the emblems reseting is in fact something the studio is looking in to.

  • MP chat icon size and placement.
  • Kill confirmed score limit
  • Camo challenge tuning
  • Prestige emblem reset
  • Speed reload timing
  • 2XP messaging
  • Score mismatch when player leaves public lobby. (Doesn’t affect Combat Record)
  • COD Vision team color improvements

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Primey_

    They aren’t focusing on the bigger problems. One for example: They promised dedicated servers and we don’t have dedicated servers

    • iBlindHD

      Be thankful that they are atleast focusing on something

    • iiTZ PaVVn

      i understand the frustration. If we look at it, they promised dedicated servers, but did not state when they will be use. I hope they use them really soon because by the looks at how SHG is working on this game, they really wanna be successful and be the company community loves

  • Wisco

    the spawns are awful and need a fix ASAP

    • Confirminator

      It depends on what you are doing and how your team (or the other team) is flowing through the map.

  • Reptile

    Prestige emblem reset?

    • iiTZ PaVVn

      i think they’re fixing the fact that if you create a custom emblem and prestige, all of your emblem disappear

  • AcePhoenix007

    The also need to fix the godawf aim assist for multiplayer. Oh wait, it’s non-existent.

    • Trizay

      Not at all. When I first played the game I turned off aim assist and it was completely unplayable, even against bots. I then turned aim assist back on and found the game substantially easier.

  • Juses

    Make objective game mode kills 100 points, not 50

    • Tri-Edge

      No, the reason it’s the way it is to to force people to PTFO. You don’t like it go play TDM.

      • Guest

        fuck off you idiot, bo2 was the first game to introduce scorestreaks and playing the obj to count towards them and in dom on bo2 it’s 100 points per kill.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        In BO2, it rewarded you for playing the objective. In AW, it punishes you for not playing the objective. BO2 had a better system imo.

        • how does it punish you? I think the obj is fine in aw, 150 points for all flags including the home one, in bo2 it was 50 for the home flag and 200 for B

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            You only cap the home flag once. For BO2, you got 100 points per kill no matter what. But if you played the objective, you got tons more points to help you get your streaks. For AW, if you’re playing dom and you don’t cap flags, it punishes you with only 50 points per kill instead of 100. By getting the flag, you only get 150 points. This is kind of silly, especially with how much scorestreaks cost in this game.

            It’s not too bad, not too big of an issue for me, but I see why people are upset. Like I said, I prefer BO2’s system, but I don’t think this system is bad at all. It’s just different preference.

        • TheShadowReaper

          exactly, amen to that. no need to punish someone because he wants to kill people in a FPS game! gawd! that’s just stupid.

          • CGkillZ

            Also I don’t like how the assault rifles have no recoil. Kind of ridiculous.

          • TheShadowReaper

            havent used all of them yet so i dont know. the AK is pretty balanced if you ask me.

          • CGkillZ

            It has no recoil. Amazing range and great damage. But it’s more the bal and the other full auto assault rifle

          • CGkillZ

            If your not using an AR your fucked. The smgs have no range and even get outgunned at long range with a sniper or heavy weapon.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i actually used an SMG today and it wasnt bad. my mobility was actually fucking up those guys pretty bad. and the 40+ rounds mag was only making the situation worse for them. had a lot of deaths tho.

          • CGkillZ

            Well the only good smg is the kf5. I fucked some people up in search. I clutched it in a 1v5 but the rest of them just aren’t good. I feel like in this game everybody always does the same. Nobody is 40-2 usually people seem to go 32-27

          • Kobrah

            No shit a SMG gets out gunned at long range by a sniper or LMG…

          • CGkillZ

            No an AR outguns lmgs and snipers at long range

          • Kobrah

            Oh, I missunderstood your comment. In that case yes, you are correct

          • CGkillZ

            Oh its fine man

        • Prince Of The City.

          I have to disagree, I think punishing people in domination who don’t capture flags and only go for kills is the right thing to do. If you don’t wanna capture flags, you shouldn’t be playing the Gametype. It makes it near impossible for people like me, who play the objective, to win games without a full squad. Maybe I’m a little bit biased but whatever.. If you want kills, play TDM.. Don’t come into an objective game and force the people going for the W to lose because you only care about kills.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I play the objective completely. I usually end up with the most captures on my team in dom. However, I’m not going to blindly rush nonstop for the whole game. There are times where I have to sit back if the enemies are dominating and have B flag locked down. Having 50 points per kill makes it very hard to get a streak for your team to help you regain B. Just my way of seeing it. Otherwise, I’m not going to run at B just to be killed by campers repeatedly.

      • Juses

        Kills should be 100 points and doi g the abjectives should be 200 points

        • EuroXMan

          Nope it stay at 50.

      • TheShadowReaper

        it should be like in BO2. 100p for kills, 200p for obj.

    • yes.

  • Thats a good start. I would say that next on the list would have to be spawn fixes. I cant even count how many times I have spawned in front of the guy that just killed me and sometimes he will already be shooting at me when I pop back in.

  • Shaw

    How about getting a loss for winning the game? pretty ridiculous imo. My win loss is negative despite having over an 8 win loss in domination (only gametype I’ve played) and no, I do not dashboard. Connection is also quite bad, shoot first die…a returning fan favorite I see.


      YES ME TOO I thought I was losing my mind.

  • Juses

    No spawn improvement?!?

    • Well I hope they at least take it in into consideration:)

      • Humza Qureshi

        I’t wasn’t that bad for me besides the one or two bad ones I got while playing Hardpoint.

    • Static

      Sound!?!? All you hear are YOUR loud ass Exo suit movements. But when a enemy does Exo movements right behind you. You can BARELY hear them. I miss the sounds of walking in water, dirt, wood, etc. basically you can only hear things in your area. But after you add the noise your Exo makes. You can’t hear much at all. (I’m not a sound whoring fan but i do like all the crisp and amazing sounds in the past Cods)

      • Exactly!

        • The0dark0one

          I love the sound in campaign. Wait till the mission where you walk on broken glass, it sounds perfect. With headphones on, I’m completely immersed.

          • The sound of this game is very good, I know, but my problem is that in Multiplayer, you can’t hear the enemies, not their exo suits, not their footsteps, not their callouts, and that’s something that bothers me.

          • DeadlyTaylord

            It bothers me too, even today, especially, (i play hardcore mode like 98% of the time) And i understand the ability to quiet your exo suit, makes sense to me, but idk if they’re using it or not, and i can barely hear then launching around behind me. I like hearing the enemy if im sneaking around, peering around corners, or sprinting down a long open corridor, and i can hear at LEAST a slight clanking sounds behind me, at least alerting me some. But having no clue they’re there and just drop. Yeah. The last thing, idk if this is just me. But i dont hear their bullets most of the time if they’re shooting AT me from the front, just bullets wizzing by. Gun sound affects would be nice too. I have some turtle beaches, but a lot is missing to my ears. but in the campaign. YES, you could her EVERY one and everything thing. Glass cracking, guns being fired at you, footsteps when they’re RIGHT on you. The sounds are off a little to me, but then i try and compensate for that, check corners, behind me as i come around a corner, everything.

      • Tayil

        totally agree

      • COD4ever

        Please stop complaining about sound, there is nothing wrong with how it works now, no sound whoring is a great thing, it promotes more people to move. The moment you make it to where you can hear people move, the game will die because it WILL promote CAMPING! Did you forget Already what ghost was like when you could hear people?

        • Ghosts was an extreme, and you could counter soundwhoring by using Dead Silence. No sound at all is a huge fucking mistake, because it absolutely destroys situational awareness.

          Some soundwhoring is always good. When you don’t want to be heard, crouch or use exo-mute. People will always camp, just because some people like to be utter asshats.

          • COD4ever

            False, the reason why ghost was the worst game because no one moved, because you could sound whore people, mw3 was considered broken because just like people now are doing with AW saying you can’t hear people cause of dead silence, they patched sit Rep and made it to the point where you could hear people reloading their gun in their own spawn. Just stop making excuses for why your dying more often by blaming it on ” it destroys situational awareness” and learn how to get use to not relying on your headset to get kills. Simple as that.

          • You using MW3 as an example, which, after the patch, also became an extreme.

            And Ghosts being the worst game is also just an opinion 😉

          • COD4ever

            Me saying ghost was the worse was a little extreme on my part, I enjoyed that game, but it became unbearable to play because of the sound whoring. I applaud for sledgehammer making the sound the way it is because promotes the thing we the community wanted in ghost. Faster movement, fast gameplay, That fun factor that was lacking in ghost. If you rather have someone kill you from the back by hiding in a corner sound whoring, play ghost, if you rather have them killing you from the back by actually running through the map and finding you. Stick with AW

          • I understand that, but what I just completely hate, is that I feel so deaf in the game. When I rush around the map and get flanked, there is absolutely no way to see (or hear) it coming, unless they appear on the minimap, which can be avoided by using the stealth perks and such.

            I don’t need the volume of sound like it is in Ghosts, but to have the low sound volume as it was in BO2, also isn’t the right way imo. They should go with best of both, set volume in between.

            I think it’s rather weird you can’t hear someone boosting his exo-suit when he’s 2 meters away from you.

          • abillops

            I agree. there has to be something done so you can at least hear an enemy’s exo suit or footsteps if he’s close. it’s infuriating to get killed when he/she has been jumping right behind you.

          • Imrul

            Players that are against silent footsteps are right. How can you run whilst hearing your own footsteps but not your enemies? The same applies to them so it does not make sense in term of sound. We’re not floating on air, we’re walking on ground. You can’t just use that as an excuse just to eliminate camping, this is call of duty my friend.

          • bigbadcrawford

            Lol in the future the laws of physics clearly dont exist

          • moppies

            this isnt just call of duty. (soundwhoring) w/e you newcomers are complaining about has been an essential part in 90% of the biggest titles in the first person genre… Call of duty 1,2,3 even tho it’s the abortion of cods, and 4. quake arena, urnreal tournament, AMA,counter strike 1.5,1.6 css, cs go. take out the sound, you barely even have a skeleton of an fps. map awareness goes out the window situational awareness goes out the window…. i cant believe folks are even having this dicussion about a first person shooter

            note: 2 of those titles have double jumps and wall bounces. when i played them, i didnt see campers i seen bio rifle gods..

          • Satan

            SO you think it’s acceptable for a person to be able to run up behind you in a 300 pound exo suit with zero sound when i can’t walk around the carpeted library without putting 12 senior citizens in an uproar that they can hear me with miracle ear on the lowest setting. Makes sense

          • COD4ever

            Considering it’s a game, and it takes place over a 100 years into the future. Yes it acceptable, because you have no grounds to say you should be able to hear another individual with a game that involves technology that doesn’t exist.
            Like I said stop making excuses for deaths and just enjoy the game. What’s wrong your 300 dollar astros aren’t letting you sound whore anymore? :(….. better go back ghosts….

          • Tommy G40

            The guy has put forward a suggestion in which he thinks will improve his game yet your suggesting he should play another game because it doesnt fall in line with your view & then assuming his making excuses.

            You also state he has no grounds to say what can and cant be heard due to it being 100 years in the future however if you take in account that when the player doesn’t use his exo suit his normal boots should be heard on the ground his walking on , To argue that point is abit stupid.

            During the demo version of the game foot steps could be heard and was OP, Due to complaints / feedback they have made them silent.

          • COD4ever

            He made a suggestion yes, people with his suggestion has destroyed similar cods in the past, I obviously suggested him going back to ghost because that better suit his needs from the game.

          • bigbadcrawford

            Ghosts is miles better and gets an undeserved hard time. Perks are better, killstreaks are better, way better than aw, which am getting rid of. Hardly any perks that have impact, guns are shite and not enough choice. Aiming is slower, sights are ugly as fuck, the exo isnt fast enough to actuallt dodge well. Worst of all every respawn is full of people waiting near the spawns, killing any unpredictability and taking the fun out the game. So to beat the trap its easy just wait where u spawn and kill the guy, then move but thats samey and dull. Its become a predictable shell of a game and in an open gun fight without relience on learning where spawns are, and using tactics and movement many of these players who think theyre amazing would get shafted and they know it. The games not even out a week and the spawn campers are out in force ruining what could be a great experience.

          • MrGladiator20

            Just cause you’re bad at the game doesnt mean it’s terrible. I actually dodge people all the time. When you see someone jump and dash left or right or just walk and double press in a direction besides up to dodge. I win most of my gunfights if I react fast enough to dodge

          • bigbadcrawford

            Am not bad at the game, i just find its become a spawn point spamming contest. Which is now dull and predictable and no matter what improvements are made in any future cod until they get rid of fixed spawns, those who spam the spawns will waste the game. I can beat spawn trappers with ease. Ive regularly averaged between 20 and 30 kills a match and have played every cod made. You dont know me so dont assume, ive been a hardcore gamer a long time.

          • bigbadcrawford

            One other thing i respect that you think its good and am glad for anyone who enjoys it, but in my opinion for me aw i the worst cod. Im an ar man and couldnt find one gun i liked, the nearest was the ak12, but it felt ever so slightly slow aiming down sights, compared with ghosts for me. I dont find any of the perks or killstreaks to be very impactful and the energy weapons are god awful. The heavy weapons hardly do much damage and grenades have a tiny blast radius. Again just my opinion, but i hope others find it more pleasurable than i did. Am going back to ghosts, and ive got destiny, so am not stuck for a good shooter. At least i tried it having bought day zero.

          • MrGladiator20

            And I care why? Im pointing out the game that you can dodge. There is a huge learning curve and its bigger than any other cod game. The spawn points are good and I’ve only experienced problems with them on retreat, the evacuation area in recovery, and a little in comeback. It also depends on what game mode you’re playing. I like to play domination and you can predict the spawns on there unlike Hardpoint or momentum. 20-30 kills every game? So what. Like I said it depends how you play and what mode you play. I Generally get 25 kills every game with 8 caps in domination as i run around the map.

          • Whojadaddy

            I totally agree with the sound issue. It’s not that u need an unfair advantage, (sound whoring as u call it) but its kinda nice to be able to tell where the action is taking place and which direction ur getting attacked from. All I can hear are my clunky footsteps, jet packs, and bullets hitting structures around me. Very disappointed with the whole audio aspect of this game.

          • Shadows420

            I would just like to point out that, having constructed multiplayer maps in the past, not having fixed spawns is more trouble than it’s worth.

          • bigbadcrawford

            Way to like ur own comment loser

          • MrGladiator20

            I didn’t, lol

          • bigbadcrawford

            You have no clue, been playing cod for ages and can more than hold my own. Just think this one is balls and if u dont like it you can kiss my extremely hairy bean bag

          • StopHatingPussy

            Bigbadcrawford shut the fuck up kid your a fucking used farm tool you lil punk stop hating on a video games cons and look for the pros.just bc you suck and have no life doesnt mean you can go around hating on everything thats not perfect in your opinion.nothing is perfect and never will be so get the fuck over dont like the game then dont play simple as need to grow up

          • – Said no one ever

          • bigbadcrawford

            Yeah well it might have been said before but they havent changed and nor will it ever change. Spawn trappers are now strangling the game and those offended by that point of view are usually the ones doing it. If they didnt constantlt know where their opponents spawn was they wouldnt even get a fraction of the kills. I can counter that but its become a real slog. In a way its the communitys fault, it seems some folk like birdman ad his kind have taken great pride in showing the devs that they can nerf their game, but imagine if people got out into battle and didnt know where the enemy would be most of the time it would be more fun, less predictable and the players who have the best and quickest aim would win thus making it more of a skill game. I would love a cod like that.

          • Satan

            Lol you’re a complete faggot. So you’re saying 100 year into the future, which it isn’t it takes place in 2049, but 100 years in the future we would all be deaf? If anything we would be able to hear BETTER you retard. Why would we hear better you say? Technology my dear moron, technology

          • COD4ever

            Someone is mad;)

          • huskerpower

            Actually the campaign goes to 2062 at least and the people are using the Exo mute which silences their footsteps and the Exo cover whatever it is called when that muffles the sound of the Exo jumping. So quit bitching and moaning. This COD is the first one that actually takes some skill to get good at it, I guess you should just go back to ghosts or something else that takes no skill and go cry to your mommy

          • Jimmy

            If you don’t think cod ghost takes skill your crazy. Any game has campers and advanced warfare included. I’ve actually noticed more on this game. Any of the call of duties takes extremeskill to get good at. Yes it was easy in ghost to sit, but if you were any good you could figure out how to kill those campers out of there. It was a faster paced more realistic game

          • DonkeyPunch

            …..actually Cod 4 modern warfare and the previous cods actually take skill…there’s less perks and scores streaks for people to rely on to get kills etc you actually need to play better can’t just rely on classes

          • AW suck

            I agree. I whant to hear the fuckers creeping up on me or running with shotguns. The soun of AW is pretty KD is not a bad player but I would rater be playing ghost.eun and gun I would fuck you all up baby

          • MrGladiator20

            I can still hear footsteps in my turtle beaches and especially boosts. If they have blast suppressor you can’t really hear the opponents exo and this game does make sense. Also if the exo was 300 pounds, how could you run with it strapped to your body, even jump without the boosters. Gravity would keep you on the ground. Why do unfortunate heavy people around 700+ pounds ride in a wheel chair? Cause gravity makes it too hard to move.

          • bigbadcrawford

            Ballox ghosts was awesome

          • DaMadOne

            I wouldn’t call Ghosts the worst game. I actually like it a lot. I’m not a camper, I rush all the time; however, the game did cater to campers. I.E.D’s, motion sensors, Riley, Oracles, etc. The original maps in Ghosts were down right awful! One thing I don’t like in AW, there’s too many directions an enemy can come from. Doesn’t give you much time to reload. My gun is always running out of ammo.

          • Jimmy Miller

            how do you suggest getting more kills. you won’t see in this game anyone going 100-10 like you did in ghost. i myself went 88-12 rushing the hell out of sky fall. my kill streaks were on point and so was i. it was a better game overall and I’m sorry the game modes you played had so many campers cause free for all and domination did not

          • stalker940

            I absolutely agree no sound is going to ruin this game

          • RebornAngel666

            Lol you’re one of THOSE guys who buy themselves expensive ass headsets just so they can HEAR movement behind a wall while waiting for that player to come to you to get a cheap ass kill huh? Must suck to be you now, since there’s no more sound whoring huh? Shouldn’t have wasted your money on something like that, it is now useless. Enjoy being a fair gamer now!

          • You conclude that off of one comment? Wow, really?
            No, I am not one of those players. I like to enjoy good sound, it completes the experience. I also like to have good microphone quality, so that’s why I bought a good headset.

            Having sound, complete sound in a game is good. Good for the immersion.

            Besides that, I like to be able to hear a bit of the enemy footsteps, or their movement. When someone uses their exosuit (which is quite a loud sound) right behind you, you should be able to hear that, it adds realism to the game. Not that COD is the most realistic shooter on the market though.

            Stop making such weird ass conclusions, and stop trying to start fights, it isn’t necessary..

          • RebornAngel666

            You just said you like to hear enemy footsteps.. Lmao. K bye.

          • Yes, but does that make me a corner camper? I don’t think so, buddy.

          • RebornAngel666

            I didn’t say that.. God just shut the fuck up.

          • Pretty much sounds like it, at least, that’s my interpretation of someone moving behind a wall and waiting for someone to come along and kill him in the back.
            Anyhow, me liking to hear footsteps, doesn’t immediately make me that kind of a player..

          • RebornAngel666

            But you can’t just drop it like a MAN. You’re acting like a female for fucks sake. Another reply out of you, I’m surely assuming you have feelings of a girl who just wants to keep running their mouths instead of dropping a situation that is over with days ago. I’ll be expecting a reply, I said bye already, and said stfu and you continue to keep going because your feelings can’t handle what people say about or to you on the internet. I wonder how you must feel in person when someone says shit about you. You probably cry like a bitch in your head. Goodbye Little Buddy

          • Another ridiculous assumption, really?
            Why should I drop something if I am being accused of something I’m not? I am defending myself.. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are so manly, why do you even bother reacting to such a ‘female faggot’ like me?

            Besides, you went completely off topic, and you started attacking me on a personal level, just shows how much you suck at debatting/discussing.

            Have a nice day, asshat.

          • RebornAngel666

            I don’t need to argue with a fucking pussy on the internet that is strong with words and nothing else. You little bitch quit being a drama queen and stfu you’re annoying as hell, good day to you, ugly fuck. And don’t get mad because the truth hurts motherfucker.

          • Haha, stop projecting your own problems on me. I’m a drama queen? A little bitch? Only strong with words? Don’t make me laugh.
            You’re the one who went personal on this without having the power of words to back up your assumptions. You’re the one who created the drama.

            Indeed, the truth hurts sometimes, but not in this case, and it definitely doesn’t hurt me this time.

          • RebornAngel666

            Instead you’re still going. If it doesn’t hurt, then why do you need to reply back and try to defend your pathetic sensitive feelings? Dude you wanna know how much I don’t give a fuck about any of this shit anymore? I don’t even read what you have said for the past 6 replies. I would only read 6 or 7 words of what you say. But you’re honestly not dropping this shit like I am trying to. You constantly want to keep fighting like a bitch online. I’m seriously fucking done now. Go ahead and have fun in your next reply to me because that reply is one I am definitely not going to read and ignoring. God people like you make me feel bad for them because of how pathetic their lives are by getting sensitive and argue with someone on the internet and try to win it so they can feel better about themselves. This worlds got a lot of fucking pussies like you buddy. Goodbye fucker! Lmao, I know you’re gonna reply cuz your mind has the mindset of wanting to talk back and not feel like a bitch, prove that you aren’t a little bitch, and stfu.

          • Hahaha, sure..

          • bob

            replace some entrances with walls instead fn 5 ways into every building 90% of deaths are in the back i should start walking backward that or im spawn killed. and why do the kill streaks suck how did the remote turret get a downgrade in the future lost its ability to kill targets by itself. im trying to like this game but so far it eats dick and poo sandwiches whens BO3 coming

          • samue10ramos

            You’re not a gamer if you don’t have a headset pal. Don’t writte stupid things where people can read them.

          • RebornAngel666

            Not a gamer if I don’t have a headset? Lol you are fucking stupid.

          • Fuckyou

            Just play the game and stop bitching . Sound like a bunch of pussies arguing footsteps

          • RebornAngel666

            Go fuck yourself and stay the fuck out of it you little bitch.

        • Stalker940

          Players are going to camp regardless, if your play style is camping then sound whoring has no effect on you, there are tons of campers in this game and there will tins more for every cod title

        • bigb22

          Quit sitting in corners or laying on the ground waiting for someone to come to you. Be aware of your surroundings by moving back and forth. Learn to adapt and most of time people are always using boost and you can hear them just fine.

        • bigbadcrawford

          People who bought the game are entitled to their opinion, if u cant handle complaining dont use forums or engage with others

          • TOC

            You´re right it´s kinda bad that you barely hear the exo movements.. they should make them a tiny little bit louder. But the other thing I really hate is: MY FUCKING GOD. This is their (sledgehammer) game so they can do the fuck they want. If a 300 pund guy+exo barely makes a noise then you have to deal with it. This playes 35 years in the future so why can´t there be a special shoe that makes your footsteps sielent? Why cant they have a special technology in the exo skeletons to make footsteps silent? It´s like saying “flying to the mars is just illogical.. this will never happen”. FFS it´s the damn future you know shit what is possible in 30 years.

          • Jessica Because

            Wow, people……wow.

        • Aleplus

          The point is not is about its unrealistic or not, future or not, 300 pounds or not. The point is in the game that is call of duty sound is a matter. In the last 7 games sound was a matter. Sound has to be in aw. Its not a conplaint this is call of duty.. No sound not cod..

        • B Zybrator

          No sound whoring is like saying you can play Madden without passing the ball. Half the game is gone. We’re deaf in the future apparently

          • Half of call of duty is gone because of no sound whoring? Lolwtf??

        • Jimmy Miller

          I’m sorry but i don’t agree with your statement at all. not being able to hear anyone is like a death sentence, it forces people to camp in AW because there to scared to run around and die. i know for me it seems like when ever i move a faggot dashes around a corner and shoots be in the back and i never knew he was there cause sledgehammer fucked up the sound

      • david

        Yeah the sound design in this game is really off

      • Devin Johnson

        you realize he said spawn and not sound right?

      • Jt

        I have had no problem what so ever hearing the enemy. Get some turtle beaches

        • XLKILLA

          I have the expensive turtle beach xbox one headset and can barely hear them.

      • abillops

        there needs to be sound. it’s unrealistic and infuriating when someone has been jumping around right behind you.

    • MrGladiator20

      I thought spawns were relatively good. The only maps with fairly poor spawning is Retreat and Comeback. Retreat has a spawntrap, constantly get the enemy spawning at least in domination in that little cave in the back of the map by C flag by just standing on 1 of the two rooftops over watching B flag and the middle

  • RebornAngel666

    Let’s realize the real problem here.. When you reload before you waste your whole clip, the rest of the ammo in the clip just disappears.. Which I think is realistic but it shouldn’t be like that in this game


      I agree, very bad idea to have the whole clip disappear as well as the rest of the bullets from that clip… Very disappointed. And get rid of the stupid suits… So dumb, if I wanted to play titangaylo I would have bought a firebox… And Add hc Dom in classic mode (no stupid suit mode)

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        It doesn’t even make that much of a difference. it still feels and plays a lot like traditional COD. The exos just make it faster paced.

        • LNKNPRKFN

          Yeah I enjoy the new speed of it, but all it is is just jumping and double jumping stupidness, I appreciate what they are trying to do, it’s just has a poor execution

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            How is that bad? It’s easy to pick people off if they’re boost jumping you have decent aim (from a distance, close range is a different story). They’re falling so it’s hard for them to aim, but all you have to do is aim at them and follow their character.

          • It’s all about jumping boosting forward and hip firing with a shotgun. When you hear the death chat they don’t know what happened.

          • Omch

            Wait, so you bought the game, knowing what it was about.. and the complained about it..and its not really stupid. Or like titan fall or halo. Its actually very well excuted. Its getting better feedback than any other cod in the last 4 years. Your comments are pointless and ignorant.

          • Gump

            I felt the same way until I found a gun that I rekt with.

          • Disagree, going forward and side to side getting from place to place and bouncing yourself of walls is really badass and fun. Not to mention the veritcality it adds.

        • Makes a big difference, being able to get away, dodge and outskill unskilled dickbags trying to camp or shoot me in the back,.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Ik, I just meant it doesn’t negatively affect you. You can still do well playing normally.

          • disagree to that as well. Not using exo puts you at a distinct disadvantage. The people that hate exo suck at using it.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Smh you missed my point.

          • i did.

      • zombiefreak935

        hardly notice it, i conserve ammo till i have less than 1/3 left, and i run extended mags.

      • Are We Not Young God?

        That’s like buying Skyrim and wanting them to remove magic/shouts that way it can be just swords, shields, etc.

      • reallynigga?

        What the fuck nigga? Really? THE WHOLE MOTHERFUCKING GAME IS BASED ON THE SUITS you dumb as fuck, if you wanna play without suits just buy black ops 2

      • KevJumbaify .

        The fuck? Did you not watch any of the trailers? And theirs a classic playlist which I actually hope SH gets rid of.

      • TheShadowReaper

        then go play the piece of shit normal mode or whatever its called that doesnt have the exo-suits in it. go play the usual boring ass COD we have been getting for the past 5 years. imma go play (as you call it) “titangaylo”. now gtfo of here.

      • Laughing so Hard. GET OVER IT IT’S FUN!!!! LMFAO!!

    • ccrows

      Fix that, put DS in as a perk, take DC out of the game, increase KC score to 100, and IMHO we’re good…

      • It seems you have a bit more health then usual/weaker guns. I’ve been getting 7 hit kills with smgs. I’ve not been able to get a one burst kill with the ARX.

        • Confirminator


          • That’s not good since the cool off for burst weapons are longer this time around. I’m getting bested by SMG’s at med range. The ARX is useless.

          • No, it isn’t. Practice aim. I love the IMR and ARX because they’re arent op 1 burst kills or shitty 3 burst kills. You have to get good aim, it’s not hard getting 2 bursts on someone, just get Kontrol freeks like me,

          • I understand that it takes more than one burst for most cases, but I got my first one burst kill yesterday at point blank, all head shots, and it took all 3

          • thatoneguy

            I take it you’ve never played hardcore before? Take any gun that is worthless in reg matches, and it dominates in HC.

            EM1 and EPM6 or whatever its called, decimate.
            MK14, ARX, IMR…either one shot, or one burst kills.

            Only gun that is still useless is the XMG akimbo mgs, their garbage no matter what game mode.

          • When I use my burst weapons that’s what I play. They’re useless in core si ce the Bal dominates everything, even the Imr at long range.

      • RebornAngel666

        Take Parabolic Microphone out the of the game. Lol

        • DeadlyTaylord

          No, i love that. useful. too. So you can’t hide and if you’re shooting at me and i live. So you can’t camp or hide in the shadows, i hate that, even my brightness is up and there are some places people blend in

          • RebornAngel666

            Ok, yeah there’s an upside to it. But EVERYBODY fucking uses it. You CANNOT STAY OFF THE RADAR IN THIS GAME. At least they should’ve put where you lose like 2 accuracy or something for putting it on!

          • DeadlyTaylord

            Makes sense. Makes sense to me. I see where you’re going with this. And it wouldn’t bother me if they did.

          • RebornAngel666

            Exactly thank you.

    • Aleplus

      There s 2 type of reloading. One that is faster but you lose the bullet in the clip, and one rhat is slowier and change clip so you keep your bullet


        That’s been disproven

        • Dannystator

          Go into the firing range when creating a class, shoot 1 bullet and hit X/Square once. You reload normally and keep all your ammunition.

          Then after you’ve reloaded, shoot 1 bullet again and hit x TWICE, that is a faster reload and you lose all bullets left in the magazine.

          • Daniel Lask

            Not true. I’ve done that with my bal and I loose all the bullets even when I tap square once. But I’ve also seen a vid which proves your theory so I don’t even know anymoee

          • Grigori

            Same here. I press one time, still lose my bullets

          • Marth

            That’s the fix they are detailing: “Speed reload timing”. Now it’s insanely fast so most likely if you just tap it normally, it recognizes it as two taps because of your finger vibrating or something. But this really does work, just tap is ever so lightly and it’ll be a normal reload.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Might be bugged. The game might think that that’s what it is supposed to do, since the “speed reload” and the normal reload are both connected.

            If you reload normally but it still throws the “old” ammo away, there’s a problem on the code (there’s probably some conflict).

          • I noticed that too, just decides to speed reload whenever it wants.

          • bigb22

            I think it may be an issue with the BAL reload because that is the only gun I have noticed the issue with losing ammo. All others that i’ve used haven’t had a problem with reload.

          • Guest

            Yeah but unfortunately it doesn’t work in mp, hope they will fix it.

          • Baldmanz_RAGE

            It works fine in firing range and private matches but not in regular MP games. I’ve tested out several guns. Everything rapid reloads in MP. Maybe its a PS4 thing i don’t know.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          How has it been disproven when I’ve done it?

      • zombiefreak935


      • Are you talking about Empty reloads vs Tactical reloads?

      • RebornAngel666

        Yeah no shit, I knew that already Sherlock.

    • Luis

      Its the bonus attachement dual mags. It specifically states that while using that attachment, ammo left behind will be thrown away when reloading before its empty.

    • spartanelite

      Is that why I run out of bullets really quick 😮

    • iSellPower

      If you double click your reload button you waste the rest of the ammo in that clip but it is quicker. If you dont want waste the ammo single tap the reload button for a slower reload but you keep your bullets! Hope I helped some u guys!

    • Christian Essinger

      SINGLE TAP on reload : standard COD reload (just fills up bullets)
      DOUBLE TAP on reload : “faster” reload, by wasting the whole magazin…

  • Ryumoau

    Wow that is so awesome to see the developers still caring even after the game releases, unlike Infinity Ward who didn’t even seem to care before their game released. :/

    • zombiefreak935

      sledgehammers gonna knock out its opponents.


    I’m repeating the same thing as everyone else. Spawns. Not working atm. Also they should get the more health exo-ability away from SD
    Edit: also so happy to hear that they change the camo challenges, I have almost 600+ kills with Bal-27 and I have like 26 long shots. Kinda far away from 500 xD

  • Ciarán Doyne

    I’d like to see them implement it so that in games like Domination, the team that holds two flags receives double XP and the team with one flag receives normal XP. I think it will help to get people to play the objective if there is a more rewarding incentive like this.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      This is actually a very good idea.

    • Rob Schneider

      Double maybe a bit too much. Maybe 1.5xp would be balanced. Double xp after a DNA bomb would be good too.
      On a side note, haven’t encountered a DNA bomb yet. I’m not close to getting one aha my highest killstreak is 10-11

      • TheShadowReaper

        that’s exactly one thing i was concerned about as well. with the new exo movement its nearly impossible to get a killstreak of more than 15 with only your gun, let alone 25 of ’em and especially on PC where people can pick you from miles away if they are skilled enough. now i’m expecting them to lower it to 20 else i probably will see 1 or 2 DNA bombs on PC in a year or so. and that’s not plenty.

  • DrkWrld Phantom

    make it so you don’t have to unlock all attachments again after prestiging

    • tKo Spurr

      Thats how its been for 7 years buddy, no changing that

  • EmbraceThePace

    I just want them to ditch the skill based matchmaking. If you wanna play with people of your own skill, play ranked matches. I wanna smack noobs instead of settling for a 2 KD every game.

    • omg can I have your autograph?

    • Guest

      I’m gonna borrow this and write it on the reddit page 🙂

    • Paul Thomas

      No I personally think its a good idea. I get tired of the MLG-pro wannabe’s ganging up on randoms and utterly destroying the whole game. It basically ruins the whole match.

    • InstantHawk

      I want to play with hosts who have an actual router. Not ones who upload their game data to CoD through a lemon.

  • EmbraceThePace

    I also hope they allow you to keep your headshots toward camos after prestiging.


      Don’t they stack atm?

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        When you prestige, the challenge progress resets. So don’t prestige until hopefully the first patch, unless you don’t care about guns.

        • MIKKEtheMIDGET

          Thanks dude 😀 I’m definitely not going to prestige after hearing that, not until the patch

        • XLKILLA

          That’s intended and isn’t going to change just don’t bother with camos till your whatever prestige you’re stopping at.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Why would that be intended? To discourage people from completing camo challenges or prestiging? Especially with camos at high amounts of kills like 500, you lose all your progress. It makes sense if you get the challenges done over time without thinking about it, but if it resets? I don’t think it’s intended, especially since the emblem is experiencing a very similar issue when prestiging.

          • XLKILLA

            Well I was wrong and so are you. I just prestiged and I still have my camos and all of my camo challenge progress is still there.

          • Siftblade of Rivia


  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Camo challenge tuning? Sweet. Is this regarding how hard it is to get them? Also, I wish they’d fix the dropping mags every reload thing. Sure, it’s more realistic, but it really blows.


      Hard? Gold camo is a joke

      • MIKKEtheMIDGET

        There are more camos than gold. It’s super hard to get Diamond at the moment. I don’t even mention Royalty

        • Rob Schneider

          Yeah true, don’t understand that tbh.
          Gold was usually the best or one of the best camos to get
          But now its the easiest to unlock
          It was my first camo unlocked ever. Now all the other ones seem pointless to earn as they feel inferior to the gold camo.

          • MIKKEtheMIDGET

            Yeah, until you earn diamond or royalty the other camo challenges don’t make any sense

        • Mike

          i found out you don’t actually have to get every camo to get diamond. you only need 7. 50 long shots, 100 headshot etc

          • MIKKEtheMIDGET

            Really? Well thats good 🙂 almost have 7. But lets see how they improve the system

        • MrGladiator20

          500 head shots with every weapon in the list?! Not to mention the triple kills. Royalty is nearly impossible.

          • Grug

            This is going to take an age when using shotguns.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        One of the only easy ones. Shame. 500 long shots and headshots is near impossible. I’ve played for at least 6 hours on launch night and had about 12 long shots. Also, idk what’s up with the triple kills. I kill 3 people within 1-2 seconds and I get a double kill? Happened multiple times. Same with the strafe jumping, got a ton of those (at least 1 per game, I see the medal always flashing by) but when I check my progress it says I only have 7.

        • MIKKEtheMIDGET

          Yeah, those triple kills are soooo hard. I don’t know what should I do to make them count

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I think the key is not to stop shooting. Even if you pause for half a millisecond and let go of R2, I think it won’t count.

          • Gump

            I think you’re right.

        • XLKILLA

          Not impossible it’s not meant to happen in one prestige. Your challenges don’t reset when you prestige and I still have the camos I unlocked after prestiging.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            The challenges do reset, I just did it. If they stayed it would make sense. But this means I can’t unlock shit until I stop prestiging.

          • XLKILLA

            That’s so weird my and two of my friends prestiged last night and none of our camo challenges reset and we still have the camos we unlocked.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            What console are you on?

      • zombiefreak935

        yeah, but you lose them when you prestige.

        • XLKILLA

          No you don’t I just prestiged and didn’t lose any of the camos and you don’t lose any challenge progress.

    • TheShadowReaper

      i hope they fix them like, not losing them after a prestige! unless they make them easier to get. WAY easier to get.

      • Kobrah

        Then don’t double tap reload…?

        • TheShadowReaper

          i’m guessing you replied to the wrong comment?

          • Kobrah

            Oops, think that was meant for Siftblade

        • zombiefreak935

          what? am i missing something?

    • Dean Cowan

      It’s a good mechanic, but it is way too easy to do. Often to it by accident and have no ammo within the 1st minute.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I didn’t even know it was a mechanic. Gunna test it in a second, I think it might be bugged on PS4. It drops the clip with one button push, I believe.

    • zombiefreak935

      nope sadly, its so you don’t lose them when you prestige.


      Well I prestiged and didn’t lose any of my camos and none of the challenges reset. For the reload thing don’t double tap X and you won’t lose the ammo

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        It must’ve glitched. The challenge reset isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

        • XLKILLA

          My friends didn’t lose there camos or challenge progress either when they prestiged.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Idk about my friends but I did. There’s tons of videos about it. I think even TmarTn made one.

    • iSellPower

      I think they are making them harder… I have diamond shottys!

  • aaa187

    So where’s the population counter or the ability to see other peoples stats?

    • Tri-Edge

      Why do you care what other peoples stats are?

      • aaa187

        Because I want to see who I’m playing against? I don’t see what the issue is.

      • DeadlyTaylord

        Me, just someone to look who the competition is. I’m usually goofy and laid back. I don’t mind losing games. Win/loss is all fun to me. But when someone has a high positive K/D W/L ration AND their embles is [email protected]$$ i try and give them a challenge, along with myself. Idk, just fun knowing who your enemy might be.

    • I wonder the same thing. I loved seeing people’s “playercards” like in BO and BO2.

    • TheShadowReaper

      yeah, they very bizarrely omitted that for some unexplained reason.

      • DanDustEmOff

        What’s the networking like on the PC version? I got the X1 version but the lag is horrible in this game. Is it any better on the PC?

        • TheShadowReaper

          nope, complete and utter shit as well (lag). the game needs dedis everywhere, not only on the PC.

    • I love the fact that there’s no population counter. The reason playlists die is because no one goes into those playlists because of the low numbers. Playlists theoretically will last longer because people can’t tell how ‘dead’ a playlist is.

  • meow

    dedicated servers. option to disable double tap? oh right i play PC nvm… lol

  • DroppinEyes

    not even mentioning Ranked playlist smh


    Change the colours for the flags in domination. Blue is good for yours, red is good for thiers, but losing and taking are both yellow/orange, so unless your listening you can’t just quick look to see if we are losing or taking…

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It says losing or taking in font on the flag, I believe.


        Yes it does but at quick glance, it would be nice to have a colour indication like every other version of the game… I only play hc so if I see a flag change I glance over and most of the time chuck a nade, and it too late by the time I realize we are taking it

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I guess I read pretty quick then. It takes a quick skim, almost as fast as seeing the color change. I haven’t had a problem with it and I played a lot of dom 😛

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Oh hardcore. Yeah, I guess I could see the problem there.

  • Brandon

    Kills in OBJ modes should be 75 thats perfects. It shouldnt take 8 kills for a uav

    • Kobrah

      Then you should probably play the objective if your playing an objective game mode…

      • Grigori

        Capture an objective = 150 p.
        Thats 3 kills

        • Kobrah


  • Max Martinez

    Also, when im loading a game the loading bar gets stuck a Synchorizing settings and puts me in the game the same time as everyone else and sometimes a few seconds later.

  • Hmm, what about the kill feed? Is it just me or is the kill feed harder to read?


      Just you I guess

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I think they should reverse it. Idk why newest kills show up on the top of the kill feed and not the bottom. Guess I’m just used to BO2, lol.

      • Same here I suppose.

        • Rodoe528

          I bet the next time I play bo2 imma look like a noob trying to use boost jumps and Exo strafes

  • Codie

    Sub machine guns are way to underpowered

    • Yep, sadly. Everyone seems to be using the AK and BAL (both ARs).

      • DEMOLITION12

        theres literally only 1 other gun what do u expect

        • Um, there are four other ARs plus guns outside the AR class.

          • MrGladiator20

            IMR-Feedback is very solid. Faster rate of fire but decreased range and accuracy. Also the MK14 red dot, QuickDraw, and stalk is 2 shot kill at medium to close range, long range around 3 or 4 shots

  • Will

    The netcode and spawns both need some serious tweaking.

    • Gump

      What more specifically about the net code?

      • Kobrah

        Random lag spikes all the time

    • Callum

      I’ve been getting terrible spawns in TDM

    • InstantHawk

      In FFA, I spawned right behind an enemy. He was NOT happy. His reaction was funny though “FUCK YOU HAWK…IM GOING BACK TO GHOSTS”
      Put all the trash talkers in the trashy game xD

  • meow

    pointless domination half time, i know you guys are use to ghosts but its just annoying

    • MrGladiator20

      Domination halftime has saved my streaks. Just today it happened twice where I was close to my paladin yet out of ammo. I camped out the last couple seconds and capped the flag at the start and got it

  • Star-Lord

    Played on 360, did anyone get double XP? Never showed for me :/

    • Stefan Lang

      I got the double xp from some moutain dew codes, not the day 0 double xp thou 🙁

      • Star-Lord

        Damn :/

  • OH MY GOD YES!! This is absolutely amazin’!! The emblem prestige fix and the camo challenge tuning! WOOP WOOP!

    • Rodoe528

      Ikr 500 headshoand long shots are ridiculous especially on snipers and shotguns

  • ghosts sucks

    What about when you prestige! All the camos reset. I had 8 camos unlocked for a gun, prestiged, and everything reset. (Said with much aggrivation)

    • Huh? When I prestiged, my camos were still there.

      • ghosts sucks

        Eveything reset but my stats

    • Callum

      I prestiged and only lost the progress towards camos I hadn’t unlocked. Kept the ones I’d unlocked

  • StaticShockFather

    No spawns and lag fixes??

    • Black

      Exactly what I want. I love the game design, but the functionality of this game is not good yet.

  • César

    What about the scoreboard placement?

    It is very annoying when play S&D…

    • Xecho

      That’s why you put the scoreboard away while you play you idiot :]

  • Rob Schneider

    Emblems on the app need to sync with emblems on the game too. Character customisation and create a class on the app would be useful too

  • Rodoe528

    They NEED to fix the spawns! I keep killing an enemy and his whole team spawns behind me and I get gang raped!

    • tKo Spurr

      They also need to nerf the BAL-27

      • Rodoe528

        Need all the ARs nerfed and buff the SMGs

  • Favorite Ape

    They needed player feedback before figuring out this game needed fixing? Maybe they should add another studio and give them 4 years.

    • Rodoe528

      They still did a pretty good job though. AW is fun and least they actually respond to fans unlike IW

    • fix the stats errors for godsake every round lose in snd and dom counts as a a lose wtf is that its bull shit 3 years cant even do the basics

  • fix the stats errors for godsake every round lose in snd and dom counts as a a lose wtf is that ?

  • Marv_

    I never got my double xp for day zero ?

  • fix this shit first!!!

    fix the lag and spawns, some games i get 6-7 shot kills and some it takes the whole friking mag??? and next thing i know the guy spawns near and insta-kills me before i can even aim down sight??

    • MrGladiator20

      I think this is my last cod. Im still on last gen with PS3 but the only difference is graphics. Advanced warfare is a good cod but cod in general is just irritating me. I might get the next battlefield only because I want to try a realistic shooter. Don’t hate me for it but battlefield is way more realistic and im not fanboying. Just want to try something new

  • Marv_

    The call of duty app won’t even open for me /: says lost connection to server

  • Mike

    Im glad they are fixing the chat thing in game, its bloody annoying the size and where its placed. Also wish they would change the way you mute to like BO2. So much quicker, and mute all doesn’t work when someone new joins.

    Also is it just me or is anyone else constantly getting put with the crap players. I have a win loss on .4! I have a positive kd and go positive each game, but keep getting matched up with player going like 4-20, 1-10, etc. It sucks! No matter how hard i try i always lose because of them

    • Kobrah


    • InstantHawk

      Lol I muted all my friends cos I couldn’t handle the size of the writing.

  • The7Reaper

    My biggest problem with the game right now is that my PS+ ran out and I can’t get it renewed till tomorrow to play the MP 🙁 lol

  • Johnny C

    What about the fact when you prestige your score freezes on the leaderboards?!?!?!?
    Also, WHY NO CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION in hardcore modes? Purple knee pads and the same guys????

    • Justin

      I thought I was seeing everyone in hardcore looking the same. Wow its not a huge deal but hope it gets fixed.

    • Grigori

      So you don’t know which guy is that ‘good’ guy or that noob. You need to trust in everyone on your team and you don’t know who you are fighting. He can be noob or pro

    • Tegano73

      Yea. That bothers me too Johnny C. I want my Character in Hardcore mode.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Glad to see that chat icon being worked on. It’s too bloody big haha.

  • Vermell

    Wait. Wait. Wait. Have we been lied yet again? Are the dedicated servers in or Nah?

    • TheShadowReaper

      there are no dedicated servers as of now. but why are you surprised? they did the same thing with Ghosts, now with AW and probably with the next game too.

      • Vermell

        I’m not so much surprised as pissed off. Well actually I’m neither since I haven’t even bought the game yet. Fuck CoD. I’ll vote with my wallet and “miss out” on all the “fun”. You wouldn’t trust a person if they lied to your face once would ya? Now they’re doing it AGAIN. Are deddies really so hard to implement? No they are not but guess what, such a tatic would only further helpslayer type players and noobs (Activision’s money makets) would suffer even more. They can’t have that so deddies will continue to be but a dream…have fun faggits :3

        • TheShadowReaper

          i know and i understand, especially since i’m a PC player (if a console kiddie was to replay to you it would be something like “gtfo with your dedis and shit you asshole”) and i miss those dedis too. now, does it matter much? no, i dont see the reason why should you boycott the game just for dedis. not many do dedis anyway, which of course is unfortunate but yeah…it is what it is. but if you want to boycott it for that, go ahead, its your money and of course your wallet speaks to those who you believe deserve to talk with it.

          • Vermell

            For starters, console kiddies? Dude grow up and shove that PC master race bullshit where the sun don’t shine. Now, CoD is and has been dead. I don’t say this in a oh its not selling kind of way, but the innovation IW brought with the Modern Warfare series is dead and buried. It’s a perfectly valid reason to boycott, because those dedis where PROMISED and where supposed to be in there. Like I said its not hard to implement. I wouldn’t expect you to understand since you have that abused housewife mentality. Eventhough PC has been basically ignored for years (when it comes to CoD) all you guys still go ahead and buy the game giving Activision your money and being arrogant, stupid, fanboys and sheep. I’m not down with that. I’ll burrow or maybe just rent the game and play the campaign since that at least seems decent enough. Multiplayer? Fuck that noise.

          • TheShadowReaper

            sure mate, whatever you say.

            i gave my money to SHG. ofc ATVI will get their hands on those since they own the company but i wont judge a game because it has ATVI and COD slapped on the box.

            and if you’re talking about fanboys we’ll see you how much of one you are if you are stupid enough to buy IW’s game in 2016. and if you dont like the game then dont buy it. dedis being promised was just a bait that was too obvious. i bought then game knowing that it wont have dedis. unless you have been living under a rock and you have no idea how ATVI works then i guess you are gonna cry for something being promised and not delivered. dont worry tho, since they promised dedis we will hold them accountable for that until they answer.

      • Favorite Ape

        But they will keep claiming dedicated server support or something else like that to drum up sales when they know full well there will be no dedicated servers. At least we know now condrey and SH are liars too.

        • TheShadowReaper

          that’s ATVi, not SHG. they lied cause ATVI wants them to do so. if you want to blacklist a game for not doing something that really just a few do in this day and age (at least 3rd party, PC exclusives always have dedis) then be my guest.

  • Shaw

    They need to make low profile like ghosts was in BO2. This would make it so that if there’s some dirty little camper you can see where they are and have a better chance at dealing with them. The way I see it if you’re rushing with low profile then that’s fair enough but if there’s a guy sat in his spawn IN A CORNER ADS at a door he should absolutely NOT get the benefit of low profile.

    Why does everyone have default class with blind eye in it? you’ve basically made every kill streak pointless and a waste of time. System hack, uav and bombing run are the only ones worth running and even then they’re pretty mediocre. Connection is just complete trash, worst I have seen so far in any CoD game and I have played since cod4, some of the bullet sponges I have seen are nothing short of mind blowing.

    The game has potential, maps are good and the movement is nice which sets a solid foundation to work with but if SH don’t do anything to fix the current issues plaguing the game then that’s 100% the end of CoD for me and I’m sure many others too.

    • I don’t know what to tell you, maybe you need better internet. My connection’s been pure butter. Best hit detection I’ve ever seen.

      • Rodoe528

        Also, this game is not at all camper friendly, you could just slam him or strafe, but it’s to fast to be camping

      • wwww

        schell-141, the only person that has had a pure butter connection. We all need to get the same internet as him.

        • Haha, I don’t know what to say. I’m in British Columbia with telus as my isp. 16 MB down and 6 MB up.

      • MrGladiator20

        Several times I’ve been sniped by the rw1 or mors. I know it’s called a drag scope but the thing was he didn’t even drag over my body or aim on me and I still died. Hit detection isn’t that great. Also connection drops all the time, it takes me 20-30 seconds to open a supply drop after the game. They really need dedis quick

  • Waido

    the first thing they should fix is the lag. give us dedicated servers pls. cant they use the servers from bo2. it had awesome servers ( playin on pc)

    • Rodoe528

      Nope nope nope bo2 servers were terrible, but bo2 was good well, in my opinion

      • Waido

        terrible? i had never over 29 ping how is 29 ping terrible?
        right now in aw there is not even a ping number just bars and i have just 1 of 4. bo2 servers were so great.

        • Rodoe528

          Well, maybe your internet is better, I lagged more in bo2 than AW

  • XQA

    So I started 1st prestige with 2 camo unlocks and then everything got wiped back to scratch. So today i unlocked another 7 of them including 300 headshots and It is still saying i have done 4/7 to get diamond camo.

  • TheGamerBeast

    and also regarding PC, when the Match Starts the Game is Really Laggy for everyone like maybe the connection for sure, and PC is amazing but still there is Frame Drops in Some maps

  • Starchild

    I’m guessing no one else is having bad connection issues?

  • b0ss

    Could they push the player count for Infected to 18, pls. That’ll be nice .-.

    • b0ss

      Wow, it’s been an hour, and no one has replied to, or liked, my comment.

      You could all die in a hole for all I care..

  • xlExquisite

    Does anybody have problems with there leader boards after you prestige? Mine quit working, and my career leaderboard updates occasionally, and how does the W/L work in this game. It says I have a .31 which is definitely inaccurate.

  • The ARX needs a damage buff, I haven’t got a one burst kill yet. Even at point blank.

    • Juses

      IMR is better

  • Rhys Egner

    And no word on dedicated servers. Again.

  • kia0525

    Mercenary playlist please

  • KevJumbaify .

    I been owning people with the goliath. So much fun

    • Rodoe528

      My team always suck, I get my Goliath and when I’m entering I have teamates “watching” me then I get killed

  • Steven

    Is anyone having trouble with getting clan XP? Because I was playing with 2 other clan members and I wasn’t getting any. If anyone could answer that, I’d be thankful. Also: they need set it so that your Camo challenges don’t reset after prestiging, cause I’ve heard of that happening, and get rid of expiring loot.

    • Paul Dunscombe

      have you found anything out on this? im having the same problem and seen a photo today of a clan with clan xp, i dunno whats going on ;/

  • iKasai

    No Bal nerf??

  • bruno

    What about snd and snr lol its a joke they were always like 500 a kill and for planting and defusing ….

  • Guest

    A feature so we can see how many people are online

    • KevJumbaify .

      Press triangle

      • Juses


      • Guest

        I don’t mean friends if that’s what you’re thinking 🙂 previous CoD’s used to show how many people are online for example if 500k is online playing the game

        • Juses

          I thinl they’re embaressed by how many people is online because the playercount was in the game pre launch.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            If people sees the low player count then people will start saying that COD is dying. They would say fior the 2nd year in a row, the numbers are dropping.

          • Juses

            But there is 700,000 people on the PS4 leadetboard.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            That’s the total number of players who tried MP. The amount of players playing online at any single time could be low. Ghosts sold 19 million copies by February 2014 and yet the number of people playing online is low.

          • Guest

            Ahh i see, thanks man

  • Diego Diniz

    Guys, im playing on PC. How is the game on PS4???
    What kind of issues PS4 is having on MP mode???

    • JDahn

      Nothing specifically on ps4, the same with PC, the spawns are kinda bad (at least in DOM) and the connection is kinda crap

      • Diego Diniz

        What about Performance? Framerate Drops, Lag, stuttering, things Like This…

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          There is no stuttering on MP but the lag is pretty bad. The framerate drop happens only on single player.

  • Nolyn

    Fix the SMG’s? The range is horrible and when you have gung-ho an quickdraw it glitches out for a second while your trying to aim.

  • Name

    can i get camos on my secondaries?

    • Ur_Mom

      Dumbass u can check

      • Name

        lol im a dumbass because i’ve been checking at least once a day and haven’t found any info and hoped that someone other than me might know something. . . k, i’ll keep that in mind when someone asks me a question irl

  • NextGenNose

    What I think needs to be added/fixed (from my experience):
    -Feature to share Emblems (especially for Clans)
    -Feature to view other player’s Combat Record in lobby
    -Killstreak costs
    -Increase score required to win (maybe 75 > 100 )

    • Grigori

      – Increase groundwar score required to win (100-125)

    • Edwin Cortez

      i believe there is something like that of sharing emblems on the App, but it would be good if you can share it with people on your friend list also.

    • tKo Spurr

      Nerf BAL-27, buff SMGs

  • Humza Qureshi

    I think they should add Gun Game, WHERE IS MY GUN GAME. WHERE IS MY STICKS AND STONES>The rest of the game is fine to me tbh highest stats I’ve ever had on Cod. Just got a 12 killstreak on Day One so I’m pretty hyped.

  • Humza Qureshi

    Anyone else waiting for esports rules to come out b4 they even touch ranked?

  • SkylineDesigns

    and buffs for SMGS that need to be added for more damage

  • Tbax10

    So they promise us dedicated servers and we don’t have them? It’s like ghost all over again the better connection always wins smh

  • KevJumbaify .

    Anyboys else’s game freezing during a match? Happened 2 times in a row on KC

    • Yep. My game froze several times but it was like I was still there according to my clan mates… Only current fix is to close the application (game) and reboot it.
      P.S. This is on PS4 btw

    • JDahn

      My game never froze and I’m on PS4.

  • Guest

    well guys this is the first time making a multiplayer so obviously they’ll learn from their mistakes and NO! SHG only helped worked on SP for MW3 not MP

    • Paul Thomas

      Infinity Ward did the campaign, not Sledgehammer. They were responsible along with Raven for the multiplayer.

      • ben wills

        Incorrect. They worked on all aspects of the game with IW. How is this rumor still flying around?

  • This comment was deleted.

  • MrGladiator20

    Fix the connection and also allow to search for best connection servers like in blackops 2. Slightly increase range of SMGs and buff that semi auto direct energy weapon, either reduce the kick or make it more powerful.

    • meow

      on PC you can set ping limit in the config file to join a better “server”

  • Dominic McCall

    No sound improvement?! You can’t hear footsteps at all besides your owns.

  • Alex

    Maybe some prestige challenges? Or at least get the challenges to carry over. Some are ridiculous if you want to prestige back to back.

  • condemnt

    I absolutely love this game, but i find the connection sometimes unbearable. i only have problems with the spawns while playing hardpoint.

  • GodGoku

    WTF… they’ll do all that yet they wont re balance the perk’s and gun’s… i was expecting that to be the first patch…

  • IIIllIlIlI

    so how long is this going to take before we get an update…. im about to prestige but not if im going to lose my emblem i spent alot of time and effort making

  • Stunner

    What about the fact you can barely get triple kills unless its like 3kills one bullet. ive had quad feeds/5man feeds, yet ive only had double kills! i dont get it!

    • Juses

      Sledehammer is fixing that

  • So a pump action shotgun that takes 3 shots to kill point blank stays untouched,

    Quickscoping that is 10x easier and nearly designed for the play style,

    expiring loot, DEWs being nearly useless,

    the mindblowingky high ttk but only +25 for assits no matter howmuch damage you do,
    ALL remain untouched but OOOH we must fix MP icons, SOOO important.

    • Stunner

      Loot expires because theyre challenge unlocks.. for example bloodshed gloves, you need a bloodthirster medal to unlock, but you have to get it every single game to keep it unlocking – or get lucky with a supply drop loot crate.

      • What? I don’t beleive so. I’ve gotten it and never lost it and I remember 1 or 2 games were I failed to get a bloodthirsty.

  • SotaGamer

    I would like lobby leaderboard back…:(

    • Stunner

      YES! me too!

    • Gump

      Nah m8.

    • Same.

    • GinsuVictim

      Glad it’s gone.

  • React


  • So i got 189 head shots in the first prestige with the HB. However when i prestige the head shot count went back down too zero. Therefore i need to get another two hundred head shots to receive the camo, instead of 11. Will this be fixed?

  • Spodermen

    The Atlas .45 really needs a nerf, as of now it is the most underpowered weapon in the game with a VERY short 3-shot kill range, relatively small mag size, and no real benefit of using it over, say, the MP443 or the PDW. Considering that the MP443 is chambered in a smaller round than the A-.45, the A-45 should be buffed to a little bit below the standards of ther BO2 Tac-.45.

    • eZwinZ

      The Atlas .45 needs a Buff*. Wrong choice of wording my s0n.

      • Spodermen

        Sorry about that, I was sleepy 😛 It really does need a buff though.

  • GTA 5 FIRST PERSON TRAILER here if you want to see it.

    • Juses

      How is that relevant?

      • tKo Spurr

        Because its what im returning Advanced Warfare to gamestop for lol

  • Steven O.

    What do they mean by “COD Vision team color improvements?”

    • I am wondering that same exact thing~

      • Liam

        For broadcaster mode, made the colours on oracle mode more obvious.

    • Steven O.

      Well if anyone know what it means, please do reply? I’m really curious about that question.

  • Super029something

    Ranked playlist improvement pls.

  • KuuGeeL

    We need search preference option back I get into two bar lobbys allot. I have to join my friends to get at least 4bars it’s annoying.

    Leaderboard doesn’t refresh im prestige 1 lvl 46 and it shows im level 29 prestige 0.

  • eZwinZ

    Let PC Players decide if we want to double press A or D to dodge, as it is ridiculously annoying to dodge when you don’t want to.

  • Fix connection

    The connection, that is no dedicated server if it is a dedicated server its a very bad one

  • J Sama

    Kills should be 100 points. Plain and simple. This is my biggest gripe with the game. There have been times where I’ve capped a home flag, capped B, got a capture kill and a few kills after that.. and STILL DIDN’T get one of my streaks. That is just absolutely silly. I PTFO and that is no problem with me, but this game just encourages brainlessly running to flags over and over, and it doesn’t reward you for kills. People that “only go for kills” shouldn’t be the reason that people who go for kills and play the obj, get punished. Then add in the fact that you get Blind Eye so dam early and everyone uses it, that makes the situation even worse. I got a maxed out Warbird and got like 3 or 4 kills with it lol. This is so dumb. Also, if you aren’t a solo player and you play in parties, don’t comment on this comment. thanks

    • tKo Spurr

      You realize that is how its always been, right buddy?

      • J Sama

        Im not your buddy faggot. Go play Black Ops 2 and tell me you get 50 points for a kill.

  • JDahn

    Fix the spawns please! In Domination I always get spawn trapped! Also the connection is kinda bad. I always shoot like 5-6 bullets and the enemy is still alive but the enemies shoot 3-4 bullets and I am dead! (and my connection is 50down 5up). Please fix that SHG! Other than that ,your game is good!

  • BHCMax

    where are the dedi servers for PC?

  • Killbunny74

    Change the big killfeed on ps3!!!

  • InstantHawk

    BO2+Exosuits-Good spawns=CoD AW
    Dream Match

  • NuttyTheSquirrel


  • Pro239

    We need amplify and dead silence can’t here no one and takes longer to kill someone barely can get a double kill it triples

  • Pro239

    *or triple kills bad connection too

  • eG_Tactics

    i sometimes spawn in the start of the game before anyone else, when im almost at the spawn of the enemys , all my teammates spawn right then and im spawn killing the enemies, and with domination i already captured the flag alone and after that the enemys and my teammates spawn, its ridicoulous, but nevertheless i like it xD, fix that ?

    • dbam

      I have the same thing only then I am almost always the last one to spawn. I first am forced to spectate 5 to 10 seconds before I eventually spawn. Also loading menu is slooooow. When in a lobby it needs a while to show the guns in create a class or to show supply drops . Even opening supply drops lags… I’m on ps3 by the way

      • eG_Tactics

        im on ps3 too, but even though ive got the worst internet connection (wireless 11 mb/s) i always spawn first, dont know why,, and yehh in lobby a lot of things lag too and the menu and loading guns is also very slow 🙁

        • dbam

          Yeah pretty annoying! Also smg’s should be buffed. They are too weak to the point of useless. They need to add more guns.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            They will add more guns and ask you to pay for it.

  • Killbunny74

    Fix the killfeed on ps3!

  • UpRiftCOD

    Can you fix the freaking lag? I have to put 8 bullets into a guy at close range, only to get melted by the same gun! Rage!

  • ryan

    I prestige and now it’s not letting me earn points towards the leaderboards I made it to 30 ranked in free for all now I’m getting demoted does anyone got any ideas here on how to fix this

    • ryan

      This is getting on my nerves lol

    • xlExquisite

      Won’t get fixed till patched, I’m 4th prestige. I could easily be top 10 HCSND.

      • ryan

        Ok so when is this patch supposed to happen


    Anybody on ps4 with an extra spot on there squad please invite me psn @ KRYSESTV

  • Kaysar

    Camo challenge tuning? Thank you!

  • LovekillerX

    Why everyone is complaining about lag? Not a single time I have encountered any lag in multiplayer. When I shoot hits are registered right away and I usually kill enemies pretty fast. And I haven’t died when I have ran behind the corner when enemy was shooting me, I survived.

    Maybe they should add more score to team deatchmatch but everything else is just fine for me.

    No problems at all with this game. Enjoying from it all the time on PS4. 🙂

    • ben wills

      A) You may not be able to feel it

      B) You may be on the positive end of lag comp. MW3 was half / half. Half of people were at a severe disadvantage, half were at a huge advantage.

    • KuuGeeL

      me too im enjoying it but I get matched with people not in my region I get 1-2 bar connection I have to join my friends session to get 4bar :(. They should add search preference.

  • Osner Jean

    I have a 1.65 kd but as soon as I started playing the classic mode I have a 3.17 kd.. The game is fun but the exo boost is kinda annoying when everyone just jumping all over the place, people always end up shooting behind me, kinda pointless of a 3 lane map.

    • Xecho

      then that means you suck pumpkin :]

  • They should fix the aim-assist, make it like it was in BO2 and Ghosts. It’s weird in AW/
    And also the instability of the connection, if that is a problem on their end.

    But good to see they are working on things 🙂

  • They need to fix private matches. I missed how ghosts and bo2 made it so you had everything unlocked. AW you don’t get to use camos and you can’t use the weapon variants and there is no way I’m doing the impossibly difficult task of 500 head shots for a texture on my gun.

  • Take Two

    Yeah, the aim assist is too much powerful, hopefully they will fix it ya

  • Ech!

    More infected classes maybe?

  • Mikey9835

    These are the things I want SHG to improve on:
    Better spawns
    SMGs and Laser guns buffed
    Nerf the pistols
    Make momentum have 2 rounds because it ends to quickly
    Increase health on exo survivor co op
    And finally decrease time it takes to plac a tac insert in Infected.

    Also I’m not a S&D player but I’ve noticed that the rounds went from 4 to 6 and you swap teams after every round which I think is cool.

    • xlExquisite

      It’s on Esports rules.

    • Eric Jones

      Nerf pistols? Are you srs m8? I could get hit markers with assault, swap to pistol get 2 or 3 more hit markers and be killed.

      This is only the first pistol though. Have not tried others.

  • Carrisi

    Ge is great, vast improvement on ghosts. Is it as addictive as previous titles I’m not sure. I still feel the TTK is too short, all the SMGs suck in comparison to assault rifles, exo abilities a waste of time. I am enjoying the game and there’s so many positive aspects of it but for me, an old school player, TTK just isn’t right in comparison with cod4, mw2, mw3.

    • Munir Fernández

      Agrre with the TTK and the lack of Power of all the SMG that are in the game. Been using the KF5 and is very Hard to get good KD with this. In a game 90 % of the enemy team has an AR

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      TTK is too short but it does help when I camp. They just simply don’t have time to turn around.

      • Carrisi

        COD4 mp5, MW2 ump, MW3 mp7. Gone are the days of the run and gun non stop kill sprees, which to me made cod addictive and fun. Camp it up with an AR seems to be the direction the game has gone, which is strange considering the exo stuff

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          The game is too chaotic and the enemies can come anytime from everywhere. it’s too random for my taste.

          • Carrisi

            I’m annoyed I brought the season pass to be honest. Was on the hype train and thought this year was the year cod is back! World at war 2 next novber then

  • Xo


  • All my progress to my challenges have reset back to zero after prestiging. Sick of shit like this not being looked at prior to game release.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Wasn’t MW2 like that?

      • No.

        500 Headshots and 500 Longshots is hard to do.. and will probably take the length of 5 Prestiges to do.. Why would a challenge of that magnitude reset every Prestige.. it makes the game not worth playing.. They’ve made achievements unachievable. Idiots I swear.

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          With three years in development, they should have thought of this.

        • xlExquisite

          I hope they keep it this way, either get to 15th, or which ever prestige you want, then grind out challenges.

          And all challenges did reset in MW2. Besides “Prestige” category.

          • One second.

            Let’s take good old Digital Urban, a weapon camo that should be somewhat easy to obtain.

            500 Headshots required.

            So even if I’m hitting 350 – 400 before Prestiging, it’s going to take 6000+ head-shots to get ONE crappy Camo for ONE gun.

            Do you now realise just how utterly ridiculous that is? Times is by the number of Assault Rifles 36,000 – and then duplicate to mirror the Longshot Camo challenge – 72,000.

            I played MW3 for 47 days, thats a total play time of about 1100 hours, and pretty much used 4 – 5 guns and I only just managed to get the 1000 Headshot Title for each.

            Admit that SHG needs to fix it or people are simply just going to lose interest and lose it very quickly.

        • PatPatPat

          Reasons why i do NOT prestige ^

      • xlExquisite


  • bigb22

    How about fixing the leaderboards after you prestige it stops counting your score. One of my clan members was #1 in CTF and now that he’s prestiged it stops counting his score.

  • Tayil

    things are disturbing me with advanced warfare are that when you prestige you will loss all the challenges that you are about to get in order to have camos en so…

    especially the camo challenges.. they are fricking time-consuming… 500 headshots..500 long kills… it will be reset with each time you prestige ….

    also, when you prestige, all the attachments of each weapon will be locked again.

    I won’t prestige unless this is patched or fixed …..

    can you tell me guys how can i forward my feedbacks to sledgehammer.. so then they will take them into consideration…..

  • DigitalFulcrum .

    Some weapons need tweaking too. The XMR is totally useless, I get that its akimbo and has a high ROF, but individual bullet damage is too weak. Make the shots hurt a little more or something to make it worth while. Seems like a really fun weapon.

  • Supakj

    Bring back demolition !!

  • Help

    Leaderboards, Leaderboards, leaderboards!!!!!!! Why have they stopped updating after prestige. Anyone have any idea on how to fix this. Please, thank you, please…signed, the annoyed gamer!

    • xlExquisite

      Won’t work till patch.

  • spartanelite

    Connection it always says I’m on one bars

  • Derek

    I hope they fix the kill feed font size for the ps3, it is way too big! I could care less who killed who……..

  • gaz

    dedicated servers should be top of the list!!!

  • Sal

    Also the quad-core requeriment is absolute horseshit. A fix proved that you can run it on dual-cores just fine.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    There has been many youtube videos talking about the rapid reload. Has anyone had a problem with it only doing the rapid reload in MP? I hit the reload button once and it should be the standard reload where you don’t lose bullets but it drops the whole clip and I waste bullets. But in private matches and the firing range it works properly. I tested out several guns in MP and they all do the rapid reload when i press the button once. Also I have a PS4 so I don’t know if it is console specific. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • Dan Marsh

      Yea having the same issue here, lots of people are


      every1 has it

  • juicestice89

    Woohoo it’s awesome! Its like a brand new game. Get it guys it’s sweet!

  • Sloth

    Nerf the Bal-27 pls. It beats smgs up close and the other AR’s at medium to long ranges

  • xlExquisite

    I’m looking forward for update #1 just as much as I was the game itself.

    • Rodoe528

      Yea, hopefully they don’t so what IW did and only give 3 with very few tweaks and running from suggestions and fan feedback

  • Divan

    How can you see another players combat record? I’m not entering prestige again if you can’t view combat records of other players!

  • That guy

    Please change the EPM3 weapon. I REALLY want to like that weapon but it always overheats before I kill someone. Either change the damage or turn up the overheat ceiling.

  • dokaxi

    what about the lag? this game is nearly unplayable because the LAAAAAAAG

  • zig

    Kill confirmed leaderboards need fixing too. Soon as you presteige, scoring freezes

  • Blaine

    Dedicated servers?!? DEDICATED FUCKING SERVERS?!?!?!?!

    They keep boost-dodging the topic because they know how bad the backlash will be (and already is). Until they have dedicated servers, this game is a no-buy for me.

  • Артем

    How about to fix Domination and Hardpoint? 50 score per kill is too low in MP

    • tKo Spurr

      How its always been, buddy

  • Jheri La’curl James

    How about fix the guns…I would like to use a gun besides AR’s. Oh, and the killstreaks, whats the point of using killstreak if they dont kill anybody?

    • tKo Spurr

      Right? SMGs are underpowered as shit, you are basically shooting marshmellows at people. And the only gun that has a purpose of being used is the BAL-27, the most overpowered piece of shit in the game. Taking this shit back to Gamestop

  • XmasTeaTowel

    Operator outfit/clothes not showing in game for hardcore modes.
    This is only happening in hardcore. In the game lobby everyone is wearing thier helmet/gloves/pants/exo etc. And then in game all players on one team are brown, the other all have green exo, purple knee pads, and a beanie.

    This bug really takes away from the experience. I just fear it will go unsung because it being in hardcore. It is confirmed on all platforms.

    If this was happening in all core game modes the internet would have exploded, but the hardcore community is smaller and already neglected.

    Somebody worthy of note needs to acknowledge this.

  • Festerrs

    What about fixing getting a lose for every round you lose in search and destroy?

  • I’m Prestige 1 on level 40, and I love this game. Noobs have no place in this game but there a few things that I want to get fix ASAP. I’m going to site some problems that I have counter on this game, but most of them have been sited already:

    – LAG, the connection in this game is pretty bad. The ping bar is all over the place IDK why.

    – Spawns needs tweaking but I assumed you will work on this one

    – Killstreaks:
    + Increase the OBJ game mode kills points from 50 to 75 and Non-OBJ game mode by 25 points. I can’t believe I’m saying this but IT IS HARD, almost near impossible getting high scorestreaks with upgrades on top of it. I’m running Bombing Run with the upgrades Stealth and Additional Bomber. I get this like every 4-5 games. Hell, to be honest I don’t think this will fix the problem but it’s a step in the right direction. The killstreaks in this game are pretty weak; it’s not like BO2 were you could OMA the other team and win by yourself.

    + NERF the Orbital Care Package like RIGHT NOW. I was playing TDM, decided to run this since everyone seems to be running this. I got the Bombing Run…. with the upgrade Additional Bomber !!!. How is that possible?? (I was running this without any upgrades btw) I been getting System Hack for days due to the Care Package. IDK what’s the ratio of the small scorestreaks but I only got UAV ONCE and been getting high streaks. If you get the Remote Sentry through the Care Package it comes with the Sentry upgrade…in my opinion it should come in default, period. Also, those SPECIAL killstreaks that you get through the Care Package…some of them are even better than the regular killstreaks…. This streak needs a whole re-balance in my opinion. At the moment one of the easiest streak to get, the best killstreak in the game…

    – IDC who b*tch, I need to see the COMBAT RECORD of everyone. My K/D is 1.74 and in every CoD besides this one, it always have been 2.9+. My W/L is garbage .80 due to my teammates having no thumbs. I need to know whether my teammates are casual players or not and see who the hell I’m facing. Everyone is struggling in this game, yes, the struggle is real…

    – Buff everything besides AR, not going to explain why on this one. The GUN BALANCE needs to be re-done.

    – Buff Hardline Perk, increase it from 100 to 125. The weakest perk in my opinion.

    – Something needs to be done about sounds on this game. I can’t hear footsteps of my enemies, not even when they are boosting around….

    That’s all I got, if I find anything else that needs to be fix, I re-edit. This is a great game, I’m enjoying myself. The maps, mechanics and pace are VERY well executed. I even bought the Digital Pro Edition because this new mechanic appeal to me and of course, to support the company. Don’t let me down or run away like IW, Sledgehammer. Your game is near perfect 🙂

    PS I’m playing on the PS4

    • PatPatPat

      what is this “lag” you talk about. I play on xbox one and there is no lag whatsoever. (i’m not trying to say xbone is more superior, it’s just that i see people complaining about lag and i haven’t lagged once)

      • blackburnt7

        I play on ps3 and the lagg is real. 9 out of 10 games I have a 1 or 2 bar and i get wrecked.

      • Damn mate, now I wonder if we are really playing the same game. “no lag whatsoever” really? Them, how come 90% of comments here are talking about lag and when dedicated servers will be active?. In one match I was skipping all over the place, ridiculous.

        I have 115 Mbps download speed and 30 Mbps upload speed….don’t tell me the lag is on my end…..

        • PatPatPat

          Well i ain’t lagged yet, lol.

    • Rodoe528

      Yea, I want to see my teammates k/d before we start the game because I always lead and my teamates are like recruit bots that can’t hipfire across the map. My effin w/l ratio is a .50 cause of that

  • Levi


  • Why is nobody even talking about dedicated servers?

    • Rodoe528

      Because nobody has seen any

  • Levi


  • Farcrylizard

    Why can’t I respawn in multiplayer

  • mooper

    i would also like lobby leaderboards, its nice to know whether the other people in your game are good or not.

  • Brandon

    Wheres the dedicated servers at? Pablo from guatemala always gets host i always lag C’mon sledgehammer

  • Do you know what it is right.

    SHG have bitten off more than they can chew.

    I’m going back to Ghosts.

    • PatPatPat

      Ghosts is your last resort? What a shame…

      • Why wouldn’t Ghosts be anyone’s last resort?

        It’s shit but it’s not as broke as AW is right now. I’ll come back when it’s fixed.

        • PatPatPat

          Advanced warfare is more balanced in 3 days than ghosts was in 12 months.

          • Balanced and Broken are two different things.

            When I think of “balance” I think of unfair advantages such as over powered perks and overpowered weapons.

            When I think of “broken” I think of the decision to implement ridiculous camo challenges and challenges that reset after Prestige, lack of key features such as the ability to view player stats or.. erm, how about a lobby leaderboard? Oh and any loot earned cannot be worn in Hardcore because you’re given what to wear in the form of a Graffiti covered Exo-Suit and purple knee pads that make you stand out like a twat. What about loot that expires? Expires? Really? I think I’ve earnt the bloodshed helmet about 40 times and it now, along with several other pieces of loot that strangely expires, takes several games before it recognises that it’s no longer new.

            What do they choose to work on first.. The placement of peoples mic indicators, Kill Confirmed score limit, 2XP and the speed reload feature.

            Priorities. SHG. Look it up.

  • Diego Diniz

    Ghosts (after patches and DLCs) is better than Advanced Warfare. Im serious!

  • Kyle Tourettes Bird

    LEADERBOARDS?!?!?!?! The top person on xbox 360 leaderboards has 1500 kills and i have close to 3000 and higher score and more caps and more defends. but yet NONE OF MY stats per game are going towards the leaderboard.. its stuck on my score that i had when i prestiged.. someone please let me know if your having the same trouble!!

    • xlExquisite

      Everyone who prestige has this problem.

  • codplayer

    Who else thinks the TTK is a little to much in AW?

  • xlExquisite

    OMG, No dedicated servers!

    Who cares? I’ve never had problems. Lag here and there but nothing to whine about.

    • jooker-jr

      Michael confirmed that the game has DS.

      what do u mean ?

    • Favorite Ape

      There’s one person that doesn’t care how laggy the game is. Any other cod nut jugglers want to chime in?
      I’m playing on some guys residential internet and game console over 900 miles south of me with players 400 miles north of me and one guy from hawaii which is 2500 miles away. You know how laggy that game was? The match making is garbage.

      • xlExquisite

        I’ve hardly ever had issues, plain and simple.

  • ODx N1C3

    What’s going on with leaderboard

  • ODx N1C3

    I prestige and my rank just stopped what are they going to do with it

  • TTrixRabbit

    Why the fuck is my score not changing on the leaderboards? I was ranked 7 in hard point now I’m 22 because my score won’t change

    • Hakem Haifa

      because you prestiged same here brahh, once i prestiged it stopped recording scores towards my leaderboards. its a glitch…

  • geoff

    make sub machine guns usable

    • Jad


  • Hakem Haifa

    Yes there is a leaderboard issue, soon it will be fixed, it will be fixed on the next update, everyone needs to chill, this is a major issue, of course they will notice it and fix it as soon as possible, just be patient.

    • Favorite Ape

      You can keep playing but don’t get any more points or kills till its fixed.

  • Ryan Olson

    OK I prestige today and for Team Deathmatch I was ranked in the 800’s. Than after prestiging, games/matches don’t count to my over all kills. I notice it saids I’m still level 50/0 prestige even though I’m 1st prestige level 26. I’m so pissed off. I payed for the atlas pro and this is what I get!!! They better fix it!!
    Does any one have this problem??

  • koutnryboy

    why is my lobby leader board froze on aw ? kills wont change score dont change bet yet i get atleast top 2 every game

    • Ryan Olson

      Yea same here! I prestige so long ago and saids I’m still level 50/0 prestige in the leaderboard. I’ve gotten so many kills after prestigeing but it doesn’t count. Son of a bitc*

      • koutnryboy

        i called activision they said preatty much there is nothing rong when it un freezes it should put us were we should be if not im [email protected]@@

  • koutnryboy

    and its for every game mode im preatty much ballin in the games but its showing that i quit playing preatty much on the leader board so every kill every capture everything doesnt show up

  • Luis

    Dedicated Servers :


    What I’ve noticed is that a few of you will follow whatever “popular” people on here say. The sounds is great and stops people from camping so much due to it being harder to sound whore which makes the skill gap a bit bigger undortunately. the spawns? Every game has its moments and there is no way of preventing that. Camo challenges, I agree with everyone on that. Speed reload does bug out from time to time. And please don’t compare this to ghost or we might as well repeat last year again. No game is going to please everyone. So focus on the good parts of the game, which out number the bad 10:1. I’m not trying to argue anyone, just stating my opinion and my thoughts, it’s been 2 days. Give it time my friends (:

    • Favorite Ape

      Who are the popular people again?

      • Mr Mc BICHENN

        What I meant by that was the people always commenting on here. Like the mods. Jordan and Alex, I can’t think of the rest at the moment. I’m not saying what they say is bullshit, just whatever they say there are those few that jump on their bandwagon. Nothing against them, just examples.

        • Favorite Ape

          I understand. Just checking to see if I made the list yet.

          • Mr Mc BICHENN

            Haha I don’t have a list, but I just read through and sit back most of the time. Rarely comment cause someone always says what I’m thinking anyways haha

  • AlexK489

    Does anyone else play matches where all the customizable stuff that pops up in the lobby is replaces really cruddy looking generic outfits? I remember playing a game where i just finished putting together part if the KVA Assassin outfit, but in the game, everyone kn my team was wearing white tshirts, Exos with green trim and purple kneepads.

  • John Blue

    “Speed reload timing”
    Timing? What timing? There is no “timing” in play, it’s just simply not working – in Firing Range it’s all good, press once and don’t lose any ammo, but in actual MP matches I lose the rest of the mag with a 99% chance…

  • Aligran

    First of all, overall a good game. I think the sound is alright, but what really bothers me is the spawning. they removed quick scoping, fear enough, but if you can’t run around and snipe people that way, then you have to get into position more. Not camping, just sit on a spot take out a couple, then run to the next spot. But when you kill a player, he suddenly spawns like right behind you. I mean…C’mon! If you don’t want us to quick scope, then fix the spawning at least.

  • Modern warfare 2

    Developers need to stop trying to make a player switch their play style we should have a choice whether your a camper, rusher, or strategic player, fix the sound in this game

  • DieHardCodLover

    This game is missing a alot of fan favored perks, guess I gotta wait another year for the next cod title, I’ll stick to playing Destiny until this game is fixed. Graphics are great and Audio just flat out sucks

    • Crisis Maximus

      I agree, I waited a whole year for this I returned my game already it sucks that gamestop only gave me half of what I paid for it in store credit

  • Destiny Rules

    Exot abilities suck, we want perks

  • Angry Cod Fan

    Why Would you ruin the Modern Warfare Series, Modern Warfare fun, Modern Warfare 2 fun, Modern Warfare 3 fun, Advanced warfare horrible

  • tKo Spurr

    How about we buff the SMGs and nerf the BAL-27?

  • edo

    camos need to be easier to bet imo…

  • blackcravin

    ping issue??? lag????

  • Benji93

    spawns, lag, hit detection… thats right, there is something i miss from ghosts the connection and hit detection.

  • Gaurav

    Anyone think scavenger should resupply lethals and tacticals like it did in Black Ops 2? If you ask me Treyarch nailed it. Also the reload thing where you lose the ammo left in the clip is dumb, it’s game that we’re playing for fun lol! It’s not real life! The camo thing I totally agree. Ridiculous for the casual gamer. Let’s face it, pro/hardcore players make up a small percentage of the CoD community.

  • Funk

    How about fixing things like matter? Like the shitty connections and the ridiculously low damage the weapons do.

  • Funk

    *that matter

  • skeetshootin

    How about adding a full auto selective fire option!

  • Shaggy

    Im sitting here looking for bugs and possible fixes to the game and yall talking about how sound needs changed. Lmao. What needs changed is the enemies that sometime stop spawning in exo survival on around flop 3, forcing everyone to kill themselves if they want to save the round they were on in the leaderboards. Sound whoring. You people are somethin else. Maybe its just me but even my shitty turtle beaches can hear just fine. (The pair itself is shitty)

  • mw2thebest

    These things need to be fixed first to be able to play the game properly:

    – lag (also lobby lag, create a class loads slowly, opening supply drops lags etc)
    – ttk should be faster. You need to empty a whole clip to get a kill. Come on!
    – all smg’s need to be buffed!
    – reduce scores needed for scorestreaks
    – buff scorestreaks

    And for personal preferences: I like to see more guns. They are getting boring already. It’s a Bal & AK fest. And the akimbo only ones? Useless! Come on SH! Fix these problems!

    I’m on ps3 btw

    • yean

      And also spawning. I’m always forced to spectate before I spawn in a match.

  • Fracture

    Challenges resetting upon Prestige…bullshit.

  • blackburnt7

    i dont see connection improvements? I’m already considering quitting because every lobby I join I have a 1 maybe 2 bar. this game is so connection based. though, the connections are even worse than mw3 host with all lagg comp. I’m playing on ps3 and will be upgrading soon to ps4. on ps3 it’s unplayable. first 2 days it was perfect. no connection issues at all, I was pulling host sometimes, but now… never. it seems like the guy with free wifi from mac donalds is pulling host again and again or I’m just playing with people from the other side of the world. but they really need to adress the connection issues because this shit is not playable at the moment.

    • MrGladiator20

      PS3 absolutely shit connection. The game is still playable but when it lags and drops connection that’s extremely frustrating. I was 1 off paladin yesterday and I froze. This game has too many freezing issues also

      • blackburnt7

        It’s like 1 out of 100 games i have a 4 bar connection and thats when im pulling host… all of the other games I just get completely demolished by people that have a better connection than me. i get shot around corners. I shoot first, i die…

        • MrGladiator20

          There might also be lag comp. I generally have good internet and same with some friends and we are hosting or at least I think we are because we didn’t migrate or join any lobby. We still lag probably because of 1 person getting it from the Walmart next door

    • Favorite Ape

      Ps4 is the same

  • AndeeDaDaddyOG

    Will they add up all the XP that we have accumilated and add it on to our total after they sort the leaderboard issue out as whats the point in playing if your not going to compete? thats why they are there!

  • Niko

    When you get variations of weapons there should be only added effects! I don’t understand why the decease in some aspects the same amount as increase! I get they are trying to even it out but then why even have variations in the first place! Seriously be a lot more fun if you had a sick gun with +3 stats and no defects! Just make them harder to get!

  • bowlschit

    Sound whoring is a huge aspect of the game. What’s the sense of buying a high end headset when you only hear your own exo suit. Its like telling football players they have to use sneakers no cleats. Add amplify or make dead silence permanent even if it cost 2 or 3 create a class points

  • Osner Jean

    They should call this game “call of duty rooftop warfare”


      that is what its called

  • Travis

    In my opinion the icons are jagged and blurry, they should do something about that. Yes there is more to a game than just graphics but come on! And if possible they need to change the interface a little. Anybody agree with me?

  • Jojo

    So I been playing hardcore kill confirm, and finished my first prestige and when I entered it, it stopped counting my points towards hard core kill confirm.
    Not sure what I should do, and it sucks

  • Anybody else think they need to do the IW model of Kill Confirmed? I hate playing black ops 2 and dealing with constant team carrying and getting nothing out of it because people take all my tags.

    Atleast with IW if your teammate took your tag you weren’t punished with less points, you got the full 100.

    There is like nothing worse than somebody dashing past you because of lightweight and them taking those 3-5 tags you earned by killing enemies only for your teammate for doing nothing but taking what you earned.

    I personally think SH should remove tag stealing by giving both players 100 points if the teammate takes your tag.

    • bigbadcrawford

      So said no one ever lol

      • bigbadcrawford

        Look moo cow i can like my own comment too lol not that sad

        • bigbadcrawford

          Nice change moo cow very naughty unclicking the like lol

  • BrotherhoodOfSteel

    They should fix the Diamond camo thing. It says unlock all the previous camos, then it says out of 7. You should have to do all of them, not just 7 of them.

  • Tricky VIk

    “Hopefully they fix the freezing..”

  • Dan Iron

    please god let them nerf he fucking BAL

  • brad

    There are so many things wrong with this game, its not even funny. Here are some fixes they need to do ASAP!

    -make fucking snipers scope in straight
    -Fix the goddamn lag
    -Maybe change the spawns so you DONT get shot in the back every 5 seconds
    -Make other weapons usable besides the BAL and AK12
    -Make ALL KILLS worth 100 points. It shouldnt take 8 kills to get a fucking UAV
    -make scorestreaks DO SOMETHING
    -change the sound so you can ACTUALLY hear someone boosting right on top of your head
    -Take out the broken speed reload and leave it alone!

    Sledgehammer is trying WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too fucking hard with this game….

    • bigbadcrawford

      Absolutely right, this cod is broken, poor weapons and perks are dreadful

      • brad

        and I’m not saying its broken beyond repair, they can definitely fix everything thats wrong. I just don’t know if they will. They’ll buff and nerf weapons, change spawns, etc., it just blows my mind that they had a WHOLE extra year and it has the same amount of issues as every other cod, maybe more actually

  • brad

    its “Call of Duty: Get Shot In The Back Warfare”

    • bigbadcrawford

      Its a shame cause i love cod and so wanted to love this, bought day zero and now so disappointed, going back to ghosts

      • brad

        it really is. Hopefully they get the patch in the game soon cause I don’t know much more I can take

        • bigbadcrawford

          The game feels like its really slow when aiming down sights and the aiming down sights doesnt feel balanced no matter what you do with sensitivity, down sights it has a slightly slow drag.

    • bigbadcrawford

      Cod spawn trap warfare lol

      • brad

        man you aren’t lying. I don’t blame people for playing like that though because if you take even a few steps forward out of the spawn, they’ll sneak some enemies in behind you.

        • bigbadcrawford

          I play lone wolf cause none of my mates play cod, so i had to sit after spawn, wait between 2 and 6 secs, get the kill and more often than not get hit from behind by his buddy. Because the spawns are so predictable and in one map with the volcano cant remember the name, i kept spawning in the same two places. People complained about ghosts but it wasnt that bad. Ive got the game sitting to send back on monday and am gutted i never enjoyed it.


    I want to prestige and still have my long shots and headshots I don’t want to do it all over again it takes for ever!!

  • bigbadcrawford

    Does anyone here think am being too hasty and thay they will improve the game or will it be more of the same? Keep or get rid and why?

  • Walter Iego

    Fix the game!

  • James

    Question for anyone who can answer this; is there anyway to see how many players are online? In older COD’s you could always see the total number of players online, it appears to be missing, at least for XB360?

  • bigbadcrawford

    Cod quake warfare

  • FixAdvancedWarfareYouCunts

    So when the fuck will this update be released?
    Also they better nerf the Bal-27 and buff the Sub-Machine Guns.
    Camo challenges really do need tweaking, so I agree with that one.




    My leaderboards lag so hard. I can’t see my SnD ranking. Just shows that I have 99 kills and last played at 50 level. I’m now 2nd prestige with over 400 kills. It would be nice to see the rank and all that shit

  • Justin

    Am I the only one who wants hardcore classic mode?

  • PackAttack

    I agree the Sound is stupid…if anything put enemy sound in HC and leave it out of core. Ridiculous that you can’t hear someone running up around you. It’s really spoiling it for me. I’m a rusher and rushers use sound too.

  • Abdullah

    What about fucking Exo – survival !!? IT REALLY REALLY NEEDS hot fixes for the stupid and unnecessary objectives especially dog tag collection , like WTF over 15 Dog tags are spread all over the HUGE MAP with tens of tough and smart enemies.

    Exo – survival really need team work and Sledge hammer didn’t realise that this is something Almost impossible to happen with random people especially in CoD and ITS SUPER RIDICULOUS , how you have to play through 100 ROUNDS to unlock this 1 Map ” Riot ‘

  • DaMadOne

    The lag issue is pretty bad on the PS3 end. The spawns are just as bad. In some matches, after I respawn, I am immediately getting shot from the back, side, and sometimes in the front. When the match starts, it always take a few seconds before I’m actually in the game.

  • Aaron D. Weidner

    So people who like to use sound should just be screwed. Because of all the whiners talking about “sound whoring” Sound is a huge part of shooters like it or not. CoD has catered to you little kids for far to long. Its killing the series.

  • Luke

    I should be ranked within the top 50 on Search and rescue but it says i have 0 kills and 1 death pmsl! i have over 1000! whats going on?

  • D

    Some sort of ranking system for exo survival or at the very least a lobby leader board. Very hard to find decent, reliable players without one.

  • Dave

    What about custimaztion doesnt even work as everyones wearing the same thing in game whats point in only being able to see it in lobby is this just me whos had this?

  • yumyum

    why does my score not increase in rank for kill confirmed after I prestige??

  • swegman420

    When i use gung ho and aim in with my gun it lags, but always does. like the gun does “two frames” before it aims, i dont know how to explain it, but its annoying

  • Dani Mäuschen

    Is anybody here Who knows how do i earn clan ep

  • grant

    Is it just me or does it take anyone else 5-6+ bullets to get kills???? Or is that just a server issue. I have been recording clips where I’ve put at least 5 or 6 into someone and not gotten the kill. And not just leg shots or hand or arm shots. Like to the head and to the body. It’s making me not want to play anymore.

    • brad

      yeah even in hardcore modes I get headshot hitmarkers…something isn’t right there…..

  • leon

    We need dead silence for the fact that I can only hear loud stomps when I’m playing search and destroy. It’s quite annoying that I can hear nothing but myself

  • leon

    Also submachine guns need to be buffed

  • porkchop

    Ranking system or at least lobby leader boards for exo survival.

  • melissa almonte

    i unlocked gold and i dont know how to put it on my gun

  • Unusual Uncle

    Ranked Matches: I just reached Gold ranking in ranked matches the preseason, and i lost one match as i hit gold and it brought me back to silver with -25 now. So im curious why you would do the 3 placement matches and you win 2/3 why would it put you back into silver with one loss right after?


    How do you get clan xp?

  • Chris Goad

    My leaderboard is stuck it’s not giving me my kills or deaths wtf?????

  • Motion scopes

    What about the leaderboards? Whenever you prestige nothing counts towards the leaderboards. So I think that the leaderboards should be reset and fixed because it’s not fair. The people that didn’t prestige still count towards the leaderboards but everyone that prestiged doesn’t count.

  • Preston Baker

    Hi my leaderboard status has not moved since the 3rd of november the day after the midnight lauch its been on 1397 kills for 4 to 5 days now. Its really annoying when I was 1 of the freaking first to play online and other people that just got it are way above me. I am still slipping down the leaderboard but my prestige keeps going up. Wtf? Im on ps3 and my online name is PrEz_Z. I dont want make another account because this is my account. I know about the crap lag I can deal with that but not f**cking moving on the leaderboard is bullsh*t.

  • Preston Baker

    You know the thing with ghost is not the game its the players if you choose to camp then you must prefer to get ambushed but the best players i have seen have camped. But the thing is if you use that left analog stick and run around i call that class and thats what I strive to be the best quickscoper no hard scopes on all cods. But if these dudes dont fix the leaderboards for the new advanced cod my efforts for playing is all for nothing. My whole clan is legit no hackers we hate them for so many reasons. But it seems like I have been put into that catagory of hacking from call of duty because I was so high up in the leaderboard so early in the game. Up your slegehammer and whoever is responsible if you thinkthat.

  • ol shootem lo

    The customization: shirts, gloves, helmets, exo suits, etc. Can only be seen in the lobby. During multiplayer matches, everyones got on beanies and the same color knee pads (on your team).

  • N FORCE 5

    How about making the Smgs worth using and nerf the Bal a tad?

  • Nell Rogers

    No sound is a very big mistake. A player could be breathing down my neck on my ass and chase me across the map and I not hear a thing. How is that a good thing? Didn’t know sound was gonna be nonexistent in the future. Smfh

  • Freddyp123

    I was ranking up and was placed 3rd overall in leaderboard for classic search and destroy. Once I prestiges it no long gave me any points toward leaderboard no matter how many games I play. Very unhappy.

  • W1LL1AM04

    They need to figure out a way to better track your challenges like COD: Ghost. (and yes I did give props to Ghost)

  • Leon

    How come my rank and score doesn’t change in hardcore Dom leaderboards? My score won’t change from 228180 even though I played way more games…on my friends leaderboard it says I’m ranked 174 on mine it keeps going up, I’m now at 243 because my score won’t change!

  • B Zybrator

    Sound whoring? I can hear traffic across the map but not the guy behind me

  • Jeremiah Stratton

    The stupid app too needs some fixing in Clan Chat unable to chat together because I have guys on PS4 and on mobile phones that are having the same problem also.

  • ivanosque

    What about the exo suit abilities reset in campaign?
    When you go out of the game and come back, sometimes your campaign progress would be reset, also you would have lost all intel and exo upgrades.
    Or only your upgrades reset but not your exo challenges, making it impossible to get any more points to put into your suit.

    Look into your single player once in a while too SH

  • Dylan Smith

    It really bothers me that when people are shooting at you and you are taking damage it sounds like nerf darts flying past you, I miss in other cods you could know where you were being shot from by sound and not having to look at the radar…

  • junkyardjoe

    Not getting clan xp

  • beastyRmk

    Okay I unlocked 3 camos to try and get diamond and when I prestiged it went back to 0 so does that mean I cant get diamond camo???

    • DeadlyTaylord

      I have seen a LOT about this, i cant remember how it went, but i just remember, do the challenges, it should then unlock, idk if that means EVERY challenge reset, or something, but, if so, sadly, you must do the challenges, then it will fix itself.

  • DeadlyTaylord

    I heard about the updates for the game, im stoaked and ready, but I play hardcore, so a lot of it i already adapted to, but my PRIMARY concern, although pretty much stupid, i dont care, anyways, Are they going to allow you to play as your customized character in hardcore modes? I’m not liking the stock characters all too much. :/ i have’t heard a thing.

  • Jimmy

    You could sound whore in black ops and the modern warfares. I don’t understand why everyone hated ghost. I was a rusher, up in your face and down your throat type of player. It felt like a fluid enjoyable game that was realistic. When I’m playing advanced warfare I’m taken back to the choppy ugly movements and graphics of black ops. I cannot wait for ghosts 2

  • stijlpaus

    i got a lots of lags its really disturbing cus i always need to restart my ps3 they should really fix this

  • FootstepsNowheretobeFound

    Have you ever heard of footsteps?
    I can not hear my enemy moving at all, they just suddenly pop up behind me.

    That is a very negative aspect with this game. In the other games you could make tactic decisons based on listening to your surroundings, howver that is not possible in this game and it makes me and my friends frustrated.

  • David

    This by far the worst cod ever. Make a classic hardcore playlist, fix spawning, it almost impossible to see enemies from afar, and I customize my player just to notice he looks like everyone else on the team. Wtf are the new guys doing!!?

  • Ron

    Anybody that think this version of COD is good should have just stayed with Halo

  • Hopsecutioner

    The fact that you can hear your own loud ass boots over any other sound is enough to suggest that other players within 10-15 feet should be heard in full sprints. I have to agree that situational awareness is a huge factor in first person combat. Now the game strictly boils down to chance regarding who sees who first. There’s no skill there. You can hear dog tags picked up across the map, but not boots slamming a surface? Audio was poorly designed. CoD is being catered to a noob generation. AW does not maintain any core values of the CoD franchise.

  • alphadog

    Yea the wait for respond in hard core team death match is some bull shit! Especially when sometimes it doesn’t even respond you st all.. what the fuck is up with that? Cool game over all that’s the only issues I have is the respon

  • keith

    This game is awesome if it actually worked and stop freezing and lagging it’s bullshit they need to fix this shit 100 dollar game and it don’t even work it is unplayable it freezes my PlayStation to Were I have to turn it off… I should of got destiny maybe I would actually be able to play it… if I ever meet the guy that released advanced warfare without fixing it.first on the street I would be in jail …smooth move whoever u are.. you are a real dumbass if u ask me … Thank you

  • stefan

    fix the fucking smgs omg.

  • fred

    Every time I try to play a match, I cant choose a class. I am selecting the menu to pick a class but wont lete pick and I get timed out for not playing?

  • jaden

    they should make low blow medals easier to get when they say after sliding they mean do it in half a second its impossible to do that with out the MORS.

  • mr7clean

    The re-spawn times in HCTDM are aweful. Please remove or reduce them. Please, please, please.

  • Mike Caldwell

    I can’t believe anyone would knock using a headset. Professional gamers use headsets. I use to do mlg for rainbow six vegas 1 and 2. Headsets are a huge part of competitive gaming and not being able to hear your enemies footsteps while they are directly behind you isn’t even an intelligent argument. In real life you can hear what direction sounds are coming from. I’m pretty sure even in the future we will still be able to hear directional sound. Ghosts was a bit of an overkill on the so called sound whoring but this game is just stupid when it comes to the sounds. Honestly I like the game pretty good maybe even better than ghosts but this sound problem is almost a deal breaker. I’m guessing there is enough intelligent competitive gamers that will complain about this that it will eventually be patched. All the complainers on headsets are not real gamers. Its about like the scrubs in rainbow six complaining about fixed spawns. Now thats a game that took real skill and can’t wait til the new one comes out.

  • Megazuut-gamertag

    Can’t they do something about the faults in aiming and firing while sliding, I’m trying to get my camo challenge and I just tried to do a slide kill and as I aimed in it lagged, I tried to fire and it shot 3 bullets, paused then carried on firing, in the space of that pause the guy already pretty much had my pants down, sometimes I look at these faults in the game and think why did I spend £50 on something that don’t even work the way it’s supposed to, disappointed that no one has spotted this fault yet unless it’s just my game, in that case where would I go to resolve this issue?

  • Connor

    Im having a problem, i was looking into my challenges and alot of them dont have the correct infothem. For example if you look at the paladin challenge it is to get 100 kills with it and it says 0 but if you look at my combat record it says i have 43 kills with it. And i know its not a display problem because on the carepackage changle says call in 100 of them and i have called in 146 of them so i should have it but i dont. Im not sure what to do