UPDATE: Activision has clarified their reasoning behind blocking Share Play on PS4 was mainly because their engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched.

Delivering a great gaming experience for fans is our top priority. We’re focused on launching Advanced Warfare and ensuring that people have a great time playing it, which our fans seem to be. Share Play is a new feature that was introduced as part of the recent PS4 firmware 2.00 update. Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched, so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it to see how it will impact the experience across all modes of play. Of course we wouldn’t include a feature in our game without having the chance to test it. Once we’ve fully analyzed its performance, we’ll determine how to support it going forward.

Original Story

Looks like Activision is going to full lengths in preventing Sony’s new feature “Share Play” on PS4. According to GameSpot, Activision has made it show that when an user tries to share their gameplay with a friend, the screen on the friend’s side just shows “Censored” across all screens, but the main owner can still play.

Internal tests at GameSpot show that Activision has marked all gameplay footage as censored, which does not affect the owner’s console, but ensures that gameplay cannot be streamed to another user.

This follows the fact that Sony announced that al games would be compatible with the Share Play functionality.

Activision has not issued a statement about this.

SOURCE: GameSpot

  • k5berry

    So if I record something and hit the Share button, it won’t work?

    • J4MES

      Shareplay is when your friend owns the game and you can join his game without owning it.

      • k5berry

        Ohhhh ok. Didn’t even know you could do that haha

    • Guest

      No, it’s only share play blocked. Screenshots, videos and live streaming still avaliable.

  • Hmmmm. Sounds really Dickish. Not cool Activi$ion.

  • clercq1983

    Damn, and I just bought my PS4 today… That’s big BS Activision…

    • FazalGaming

      If you just bought a PS4? The hell are you doing here? You should be raping noobs on the PS4 right now!

  • suicidal joker7

    oh well its playstation what do u expect

    • Alex

      that makes zero sense. It’s not playstation, it’s Activi$ion.

    • This post gave me ebola….

  • UnforseenSin


  • J4MES

    I am actually siding with Activison on this one. I hate them but they are absolutely right not to allow people that don’t own the game and free pass because their friend owns it. Sony were far too cocky about this ‘Shareplay’ feature and did not consult the relevent publishers on this which is why many are peeved at them for endorsing such a concept and marketing it as if was available in all games.

    It’s a pretty weak feature anyway; if someone wants to play such a game; they should buy it themselves.

    • Brad Barnes

      Totally disagree with you. this a money hungry greed move by activision end of story. the feature is fantastic and you just come off as a COD fanboy with what you posted.

      Any gamer should be all for others being able to try out a game before buying it

      • J4MES

        COD fanboy? What are you waffling on about kid. Sony had NO right to incorporate such a feature and many devs have moaned about this since it was introduced; not just Activision. You probably don’t even own the game and are just bitter that people can play it and you can’t. Oh well xmas is coming so I’m sure mummy will get it you.

        • EDIT: http://www.gamezone.com/news/here-s-why-activision-blocked-ps4-s-share-play-with-call-of-duty-advanced-warfare

          “Share Play is a new feature that was introduced as part of the recent PS4 firmware 2.00 update. Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched, so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it to see how it will impact the experience across all modes of play,” Activision told us.

          “Of course we wouldn’t include a feature in our game without having the chance to test it. Once we’ve fully analyzed its performance, we’ll determine how to support it going forward.”

          EDIT OVER

          Sony had NO right to incorporate such a feature?

          What the hell is this garbage? How can people upvote this crap….

          They had no right according to who?

          That’s like saying MSFT/Sony had no right to have DVR/gameplay capture software on their consoles because of spoilers or copyright issues…

          You just seem like a salty fanboy for no reason who seems jealous of this feature…ugh, you disgust me with your ignorance.

          • Ben

            He has the right, so does Activision to block the feature.

          • J4MES

            Seeing the amount of publishers who blacklisted themselves and seeing that Sony said it was compatible on ALL games; you were conned by Sony kid. Why does Sony think they have the right to offer people to play games for free without approval from the publisher?

            Please stop crying also – it’s embarrassing. If you can’t understand the industry from a business perspective and legal angle; you clearly have no clue.

          • Guest

            just curious where did sony say it was compatible with ALL games like you claim?

          • J4MES

            E3 and it says it in this article too (sigh)

        • Brad Barnes

          lol Kid.. I guarantee I am old enough to be your father child. Any person who doesn’t want fellow gamers to be able to test out games using a feature like share play is simply a troll that means you lil fella.

          • J4MES

            I don’t make the decisions on shareplay – Activison did. They also said at E3 there would not endorse the feature despite Sony the day before saying it would be compatible on ALL games. Sony had no right to mislead people in that way and if you’re bitter for it; be angry at them. If people can’t make objective decisions about games in this media-driven age with even transparent sources; they probably should be playing games. This is the future of the industry; deal with it. Not happy? Cry to Activision. I couldn’t care less, I have the game and it’s brilliant.

          • Guest

            It wasn’t even announced at E3….shows how much you know…ignorance is bliss :/

            Also, as I said, where did sony say it was compatible with ALL games??

            Also, it’s funny because Destiny allowed share play and is published by activision….your argument is flawed mate

      • Alex

        I’m guessing he also owns a XBox1

        • J4MES

          PS4 and PC.

        • Will WilFredo Mendoza

          And whats wrong with a Xbox1? People like you start wars.

          • Guest

            He never said there was anything wrong…he was implying he doesn’t own a PS4 and owns an Xbox One so he seems jealous of this feature

        • Sepiroth

          He’s a closet XB1 fanboy – you can see his comment history. He pretends he owns a PC/PS4 but all he does is bash PlayStation whether it’s subtly or explicitly.

          He is a stealth troll and he ain’t fooling anyone

      • Just saying

        I think we all can understand what your saying but Sony doesn’t own the indivual games. Nobody’s disagreeing with you that the share feature is great or that activision is greedy. But if the company that does own them doesn’t want people playing the game without paying. I don’t see why they can’t choose to not participate. I can understand demos being free.

      • TheShadowReaper

        i believe that the two companies are both right and wrong on this one.

        Sony wants to give value with a variety of features that allow players to experience games in a different way than before but was/is too cocky about this.

        and Activision wants to protect their product from freeloaders that can actually play the game for free instead of buying it themselves, which is interpreted by ATVI as loss of money. but they went the wrong way on this one.

        there seems to be miscommunication between the two companies. lets hope they talk about this and come to a sensible conclusion like giving players a set number of hours in which they can actually play the game. much like a demo.

        • spartanelite

          See why can’t you make more comments like this and I also agree with you in that both companies were right and wrong 😛

          • TheShadowReaper

            because they are. i’m not here to sugar coat anything, i just spit truth in everyone’s face cause i dont have a reason not to.

        • HenryDF

          Well said 🙂

        • DanDustEmOff

          Sony give value? Really? How come they told EA to piss off with EA Access? All companies get twitchy when it comes to profits Sony is no different to Activision.

          • TheShadowReaper

            because EA access is bullshit and an anti-consumer practice? EA access gives 0 value to you fellow XBot. wake up already. whatever you get by giving money to EA access i get for free on PC with Origin! wake up! they lied to you!

          • DanDustEmOff

            For £20 my whole family got something to play on the tv for a year, access to six games for a year is hardly 0 value. To you it maybe nothing but you don’t get to determine the yard stick for value.

            I have a meaty rig which is my main platform but this CoD I chose Xbox One to play on. The console is for the family mainly. I fully understand the benefits of Origin and Steam but when you just pick up a console and have only one or two titles EA Access is a good buy in that scenario.

            Surely Sony, the champion of the consumer should give PS users the choice, not make it for them? I would also argue that EA Access is a way better deal compared to PS Now.

          • TheShadowReaper

            the problem is that you dont even understand that you are being ripped off. you have formed an opinion and you just came here to validate it. sorry but i dont have time for those who arent smart enough to understand that they are being ripped off. have a good day, loyal XBot.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Like I said you don’t get to decide what adds value to me and my family. Spending £30 on FIFA 14 when 15 was months off being released would be a rip off to me. Same is true for Peggle 2, Need for Speed, PvZ. Collectively those games would cost way more than £20 and have become boring or out dated long before my pass runs out. Sure I don’t own the game out right, but the amount of fucks given is zero. Why you feel the need to act like a smug condescending arse hole is beyond me. Your refusal to look at things from other perspectives means that you are either Autistic or just an immature wanker that thinks anyone that disagrees with you are wrong.

          • TheShadowReaper

            you can buy Peggle or whatever game for 20 euros or even less on a good sales like winter or summer. and i dont need to pay 30 euros per year to have those discounts. they are free! i get the sale value as you do, but for free! get it through your thick skull already! wake the fuck up!

          • DanDustEmOff

            You can just pay £5 for a month and rent six whole games, burn through them in a month if you like, it’s all about options. How much would that cost on PS Now, for 5 last gen games, for an entire month? The consumer should always be able to decide what defines value.

          • TheShadowReaper

            “it’s all about options” exactly! and that’s why EA access is a rippoff. because it provides you with a few options. PS Plus can have any game that has launched in the Sony platforms. EA access only give you EA published games. and 90% of them are crap. no much value, even less options.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Lol have you seen the pricing on that shit mate. It’s a joke $5 for four hours. $22 dollars for a month, and that’s just one game. That’s god damn histerical.

            All I am saying is Sony should allow it’s customers to decide what they want not Sony. If you disagree then it’s you that needs to wake up not me.

          • TheShadowReaper

            *sigh* *facepalm* that’s PS Now, not PS Plus! you ignorant moron! see? you dont even know what you’re talking about! please, gtfo already! damnit with all the ignorant morons on the internet these days.

          • DanDustEmOff

            PS Plus is different that’s owning games for subscribing. This is renting games digitally it’s more akin to PS Now, which is a total fucking rip off. It doesn’t matter, if it’s plus or now, it’s still a fucking rip off. If I’m a moron you’re practically brain dead.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah, its quite obvious who is the uninformed and braindead idiot here. *sigh* console bots…

          • DanDustEmOff

            Dude my PC is way more powerful than yours, who the fuck are you to call me a console bot. Like that even makes any of your retarded comments any less stupid. My points are valid and you have failed to come back with a decent rebuttal to any of them. Like I said you’re either stupid or ignorant, you can pick which bracket you fall under. No more replies on this from me on this matter, cause it’s clear that the fan boy in you is blinding you to reason and logic.

          • TheShadowReaper

            it doesnt matter if you have a quadruple more powerful PC than i do cause of one thing, the console spirit. the console spirit burns strong in you. no matter how hard you try you will never become a PC gamer. cause PC gamers do not spread misinformation. and that’s what you do.

            you points not only arent valid, you dont even know how or what about to make a comparison. you just compare random things that arent even competing with each other and you call yourself a winner in an argument. move along console spirited gamer. we dont have any use for a clown that spreads lies.

          • jimbo

            Hyperbole in a nutshell ladies and gents. Nothing to see here.

          • TheShadowReaper

            his argument is “i believe that my money have value on spending them on [insert product here] because i spend them!” if you want to tag this as “Hyperbole” or whatever that means, be my guest. but your arguments are always this “you are wrong because i’m feeling you are wrong” instead of presenting evidence. overly emotional internet degenerates.

          • jimbo

            Whoa, aren’t you the leet pc gamer who was trying his hardest to pretend like he knew how frame rate worked, but was clueless in his responses? I guess intelligence is part of paid DLC for some PC gamers.

          • TheShadowReaper

            wanna give me a reminder? cause i’m pretty sure i know how framerate works but you do not. blind accusations.

      • How does this make him a COD fanboy? Oh wait…it doesn’t. You are just mad that you can’t play a game for free like a cheap ass when you should pay only 60 dollars for a game that costs millions upon millions to make

    • Michael

      Agree. Whenever they have a free weekend on Steam; you have people coming in and ruining it for the people who bought the game legitimately. Activi$on are merely protecting the integrity of their product.

    • Are you dumb or just misinformed?

      DO you honestly think that Activison DID NOT know about this shareplay? Sony obviously consulted their 3rd party partnerse about this decision – don’t act as if ATVI never knew about it. Hell it was even announced at E3…and ATVI were at Gamescom, and even if they weren’t, the would have still heard about it

      Besides, it’s a dumb move because if anything, ATVI are cocky as other publishers are embracing this move, especially as it is a clever marketing tactic – you try out a game, if you like it, you may buy it and then spend money on the $$$, and then maybe even buy DLC – a chain reaction. Simple marketing 101.

      It’s a stupid move on ATVI’s part….

      • J4MES

        Activsion knew about Shareplay and said months ago that they would NOT endorse such a concept with their games. Sony marketed the feature wrongly and misled us by claiming that it would be operational with all games initially. Simple. You’ve just confirmed what I originally said.

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      Dont worry bud. I agree with you. Others seemed to have gotten butt hurt.

      • J4MES

        Yep! Seems people can’t accept that Sony’s initial claims (lies) were just a con. Activision can do what they want with their product and Sony can’t despite initially claiming they could…

        I guess people are just raging because they can’t experience the amazing AW at this time;-)

    • Psychomaggot105

      Totally agree with you!

      • J4MES

        I’m 100% backing gamers and it’s a shame that Shareplay isn’t on AW for people on the fence about the game but Sony pretty much lied about the legality of the feature. They can’t play god with products they don’t own especially when companies like Activision specify that they don’t want to allow the feature. It’s purely Sony’s problem to initially claiming that ALL games were available on Shareplay when they clearly weren’t. It’s wrong for Activision to do it but at the end of the day; they are within their legal rights not to endorse Shareplay.

    • KevJumbaify .

      Or they should test it. Dumbass.

      • J4MES

        It’s not a beta.

    • OMG nobody uses Shareplay for what your saying. People use it to try before buy, or to help a friend beat a difficult part in a game. Buy a PS4 then comment

      • J4MES

        I own 2 PS4’s thanks.

  • Ryumoau

    Not sure why Activision is so against this, especially considering how good the game is to alot of people. Share Play seems like such a quick and free form of publicity for the game, which lets friends test the game out and see how fun it is.

    I guess Activision is just paranoid and greedy like most big publishers. :/

  • Blaine

    Typical Activision bullshit.

  • PCMR

    What i gather from this article; Sillibk can’t afford the game and he’s crying because we can play this amazing game and he can’t LOL!

    Should we do a whip-round and buy him the game or should be continue to laugh even more?

  • meow

    money first, customer second.

  • Hahaha think i’m buy the next CoD game,Activision? Fuck no

  • Willekeurig persoon

    So dumb.. maybe I could’ve convinced a friend to buy the game with this feature


    Hahaha, Activi$$$$ion… Ya know what they want 😉

  • JDahn

    Activi$ion! Worst company ever…

  • Tep Kok

    Why are people so concerned whether a company that literally does not care about them as an individual is getting money for their product

    Are you really so indoctrinated that you actually genuinely care about whether or not suit #16363727 gets to take home his 500k bonus, it’s hilarious

  • It sucks but it isnt a big deal. As far as I know, you can only do share play for an hour at a time anyway.

  • PCMR

    So many people who are butthurt about this. Face it; you can’t afford the game but I’m sure mommy or daddy will get it you for christmas. Sony lied about Shareplay saying it was compatible with all games despite the same day activsion saying they wouldn’t allow it. You all got mugged off. Get a job and buy the game yourselves instead of crying about not being able to play it off a friend because you’re peasants. You had a year to save up for it.

    AW is the best cod ever and you poor people are missing out. stop crying about activison’s decision – it’s their game and sony can’t do what they want with it cos of this illegal shareplay feature they put in as a marketing ploy to con people to buying a broken system.

    • Max Martinez

      Well, shit.

    • Take Two

      Jesus American peoples…This hate is coming from butthurt xbox fanboy

      • PCMR

        PCMR = PC Master Race in 4K

        Xbox LOL. Oh dear

  • Guywithbrains

    So many people are complaining about lag. Am I the only one who still haven’t got any lag at all?

    I suggest checking your 2mb internet connection before commenting. Then we can say it is the game’s problem and not your internet’s.

    • 8mb with 10 ping, wired connection. Every lobby lags, same with my friends and whole reddit.

      • Guywithbrains

        Seems like I am benefiting from everyone’s lag. But I think it will get fixed pretty soon.

      • meow

        how do you know you have 10 ping?

        • I’m not talking about my in-game ping, and I know that my speedtest “10ms ping” won’t be what I’ll get in game. But lets say your ping on speedtest is 300 because someone on the same network is downloading something. You wouldn’t get a good connection in-game either because your internet’s speed is already way too low. See what I mean?

      • meow

        please dont tell me people are still thinking speed test ping is gonna be the same as in game ping xD

    • Stefan Lang

      Nope, I barely lag. I seen people post vids on reddit where lag is so bad that the bullets wont register but that doesnt happen if I do lag. It’s just small spikes that happen.

      • Guywithbrains

        Cool to know. But as I said it will be fixed pretty soon so hold on ‘laggers’!

  • Psycho2194

    Damn, that’s cold. Share play could have been used to sell AW to the skeptics.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      It could work the other way around, too. That’s what Activision is afraid of.

  • Terry78

    I don’t know why people are being so harsh on Activision in this thread? It’s their game after all. Sony were the ones that said all games on the ps4 would be shareplay enabled which turned out to be a complete lie. Surely ps4 owners should be angry at them and not Activsion who are merely preventing people who haven’t paid for the game access? There seems to be a lot of angry ps4 gamers here who haven’t had the fortune to play this masterpiece yet – why not just go and buy it? You don’t need to ‘try it’ as the name and the game sells itself. I think people just can’t afford it and are taking their frustrations out because they have no money and can’t play.

    Sony were foolish with this shareplay application and arrogant in thinking publishers would want to do this. This is also one of many games that have been blocked yet people are only whinging now? Get a grip people. It’s no wonder psn in a completely laughing stock of the industry.

    • Guest

      J4MES stop making multiple accounts…

      • J4MES

        I have one account thanks. That’s mine right here.

  • EuroXMan

    This is why Activision suck huge dick, I cant even share with my brothers..

  • ccrows

    *sigh* Read the title and kinda figured this was gonna turn into a fanboy war.

    Seriously guys?… 🙁

  • Omgwtfcritz

    Yo guys what are your thoughts on AW so far? Enjoying the game but there are many glaring flaws I see right out the gate, that make me kinda miss BO2. Not trying to bitch and I know AW after patches and time will be different but I just wanna know if other people feel the same way.

    – OBJ kills should be 100 pts, not 50. — Killstreaks are hard enough to get in this game, but in dom even if you’re playing the OBJ they’re virtually impossible to get. And am I the only one that feels like dom games end so quickly now? I’m not sure why…
    – Killstreaks need to be massively buffed — Killstreaks are my fave aspect of CoD and what I feel set it apart from other franchises. If you do well you should be rewarded with smashing the other team with a god-like killstreak. BO2 got that just right but in this game even the high end killstreaks seem to do next to nothing. The fact that most people run blind eye immediately, have increased mobility, and all the maps having a ton of cover/roofs due to this new verticality you can get a big ass streak and leave with 0 kills after you put that iPad thing away.
    – Perk re-balance — I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to give low profile right when you begin, should be a end-prestige only perk. Also blind eye NEEDS to be moved somewhere else to make killstreaks actually worth going for.
    – Gun balance — I don’t think I need to say much about some of the ridiculous AR’s in this game. Makes practically all other weapon classes null and void.
    – Care packages — I swear I see people getting some high end streaks yet when I look at the opposing leaderboard none of the scores add up, so I’m assuming the care package with mods has some crazy ratio with giving away good streaks, plus some of the map based streaks completely overshadow the default streaks which doesn’t make much sense. Such as the sniper drone in terrace and so on. Plus the system hack spam is ridiculous, but maybe that’s just me.
    – Map flow — I’m aware due to exo’s and all that everything’s going to be a lot faster but I feel that there’s no readable flow to this game. Maybe I need to give it more time but everything feels extremely random. I’m sure spawns are a factor as well but 90% of my deaths come from behind or some other crazy angle.

    Well that’s all I can think of atm, any thoughts?

  • Favorite Ape

    I don’t see this increasing sales for Activision, but I do see this being another PR blunder for them.

    • Sepiroth

      it’s funny because they allowed it for destiny…

      i honestly smell a marketing deal with MSFT in that they didn’t want people getting CoD AW for PS4 because of share play…it’s only logical because they allowed it for their other games

  • Emre

    can someone tell me of i can play four player splitscreen on the xbox one or the other platforms?

  • Adam

    i tihnk that if it happens it will be in an update so just don’t install the update

  • Not Sure

    I understand blocking story mode, but co op? Doesn’t make sense. Seems like greed to me. It also really seems like Microsoft had some influence on this.

    I’d be amazed if that isn’t the case.

  • bobafett

    These comments are hilarous with kids who feel so entitled to play games for free if you want to play the game buy it if not get over it companies spend millions developing these game’s why should people get free passes I have a ps4 and im not mad about it I bought the game and love it so im not missing out on shared play if you want to share play go to tour freinds house and test it out you damn hermits

  • MrGladiator20

    I am on PS3 and don’t know entirely how share play works for ps4, but if it only lasts a couple of minutes then why block it? It’s not like somebody actually wants to keep on inviting their friend in so they can basically have the game for free. If people did manage to do that then I agree with blocking it, but since I don’t think people do that i very much disagree with activision. That is basically saying a really close friend can’t come over and play the game with you anymore or even your bro. GFY activision you pesky lil’ pricks


    “Share Play is a new feature that was introduced as part of the recent PS4 firmware 2.00 update. Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched, so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it to see how it will impact the experience across all modes of play,” Activision told us.

    “Of course we wouldn’t include a feature in our game without having the chance to test it. Once we’ve fully analyzed its performance, we’ll determine how to support it going forward.”

    Makes sense. But they did allow it for Destiny…does it maybe have something to do with who ATVI partnered up with on the game eg. Sony with Destiny, and Microsoft with CoD?


    • TheShadowReaper

      which of course is the way for ATVI to say “we dont want our game to be played freely even for a couple of minutes. GIV US YOR MANEY!!!!!”

      edit: such bullshit.

      • LOL. Or that.

        But then again, they allowed it for Destiny right?

        • TheShadowReaper

          that’s one of the reasons i’m calling bullshit on that one. yeah. they just want to money grab the consumer as always. wow, WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE!

  • ShankSquadIII

    Is there a PlayStation, Charlie Intel clan for AW. If not, why don’t we make one, for both Console Families. It would bring the Charlie Intel community closer together.

  • (FAZE)xXXXOPticSwagYoloXXXx

    So no splitscreen?
    in local?

  • Dr. Salim

    This is a bad idea. What if you want a friend to buy the game but he doesn’t want to get is without trying first.

    • Xecho

      Then invite them over. No real life friends? Get a life?

  • why cant they patch it in can someone give me a reason for that please

  • This honestly sucks because my friend wants to try out the game to see if it’s worth playing, and now he can’t because of stupid Activision.

  • Mickey Ulziibat

    Hey I had an update for call of duty black ops 2 today can someone explain?

    • Ryumoau

      i saw one for ghosts today as well on ps4.

    • Waze

      It’s called dedication. You know the developers care when they still update and support a 2-year old game 🙂

  • Ryumoau

    I’m glad Activision at least updated about the reasoning behind not including it.

  • zombiefreak935

    cod is a great game, but activision ruins it.

  • Super029something

    Every game should just have a short demo or like a Timed multiplayer trial or some shit so you know what you’re getting yourself into. I wish XB1 had a feature like this.

  • Update the update, and then update that one.

  • uhMayzedHD

    This is why COD don’t have a beta!
    Let’s be serious if they was COD Ghost Beta
    would you still buy the game when it came out Nov.

    • Favorite Ape

      A beta would kill the hype and the sales.

    • Take Two

      No, i wouldn’t buy it, AV is multi corporation and honestly they don’t care for customers, all they want is money and more money.Karma is bitch, trust me.

  • JoinTheRest

    Who cares who would be even use share play lol just buy the game

    • uhMayzedHD

      A lot people have you ever wanted to test out a game to see if it was for you!?… Well this is what that feature is for.


    Makes total sense from a business standpoint. It forces people to buy their game.