Sledgehammer Games has announced that they have activated Double XP for all players on Advanced Warfare to celebrate launch weekend.

The Double XP is now live across all platforms and will end on Monday, November 10th at 10am PT.


  • kplem

    for what a complete failure of a launch?

    • Mr Mc BICHENN

      Hahaha failure? All games have issues at launch, server wise, glitches, you knew it would happen, it’s COD it just happens, every year

      • simonb1471 .

        3 Years to make you should expect better.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Better of what? The connection issues? That’s Activision’s doing, not Sledgehammers.

          • don

            Sledgehammer have engineers that work on the networking side you dumbass. Its their fault for not having stable p2p connections all across the board.

          • jordanxbrookes

            They code the game to work, but ATVI pays for Dedicated Servers, dumbass.

        • Mr Mc BICHENN

          Gta v, more time, shitty launch. It’s the amount of people

      • kplem

        hahaha sounding like a blind fanboy defends everything that cod botches on, yeah games do but not this ground braking PLUS they had 3 year and this junk is what they put out? MW2 COD 4 WAW hell even BO2/1 didnt have this much connection lag lel we are talking about ground braking lag. i played private match with a friend to test it out and we were both lagging very bad LMAO what a failure one of the worst game launches ever that ive experienced. other than that the game is great when you dont lag its good and fun other then that failure. PLUS this is cod they have SO much money yet they still dont put out dedicated servers! utter greedy dogs.

        • Static oz

          First off dedicated servers don’t really help much. It would probably lag either way. If you knew anything about the technical part of how online games worked you would appreciate this game. EVERY GAME as issues at release. There are many problems that won’t come up until you have thousands of players all playing the game at once. They will be able to fix the connection issues and probably most of the other problems all the spoiled unappreciated 12 are complaining about when they have no clue how complex and technical a game can be. Just give them some time!! The game has only been out for 4 days!

          • kplem

            hahahaha face the facts they are money hungry pigs at least other games give out a beta or delay the game, there isnt any excuse for the lack of dediacetd servers. what the hell are talking about? dediacetd server will make a MASSIVE difference you wouldnt have to rely on some fat looser downloading porn or some moron on the other side of the world, on PC BO2 was phenomenal the dedicated servers eliminated the lag fully i went on console and it was just a lag fest, on PC it was so smooth id still be able to play on servers with 250 ping. peer to peer i cant even play on a 3 bar without lagging on cod 4 PC i can play a 50 player TDM or whatever mode on a 300 ping and still do good because the amazing benefit dedicated servers bring. you sound like another blind cluesless fan boy of cod, MW2 had SO many players on it aint funny did that lag? no! not even on day 1 it was rare for lag in MW2 stop blindly defending cod fanboy PLUS this game’s sales makes ghosts look like Super Mario on NES or pokemon on gameboy. how can this game have so much ground breaking lag? oh i know money hungry dogs plus they have already named their DLCs and the season pass is out to buy LEL talk about money hungry.

          • Static oz

            Lmao! Kid I design and manage on line game for over 7 years. You don’t have a fucking clue about dedicated server. They only help I don’t fix the problem. The problem is farther within the networking of the game. Once it is tweaked it will be better then BO2 was on last GEN consoles. The current GEN allows much more room to fix the connection and latency problems. So technically dedicated servers aren’t needed on the current GEN as much as they were in the past. Don’t try talking about shit that you honestly have no clue on how it work. My point is the online lag takes tweeting to fix. And it’s impossible to know how the connection will react when all the players jumped online. So quit crying and give them just a little time so the can fix the issue

          • kplem

            haha crying? im sure if your experience has been as bad as mine and alot of people’s you would complain, im complaining because we have a great game here if it was ghosts i wouldnt care xD. A game like call of duty should have FULL supported dedis by now its been out for so long and yet has made ALOT of money, dedicated servers will help A LOT you cant deny that, yes i know there will be still lag but at least you wouldnt have to worry about someone’s else s shitty internet. Since you say to know about this then you should be right so i blame them 100% no excuses for a terrible launch like this, they have had this problem for a long time with their games and still havnt fixed, its not like its a new franchise like titanfall which had godly/beautiful connection, there aint excuse for cod it’s a big franchise activision has a lot of money, plus they have had this issue for a long time should of fixed it by now with the money they have. its 100% inexcusable if they say there are too many players thats poop since this game is selling very bad as well as destiny has them and plenty of other games that are big. BTW i would understand more if it was a rushed game but come on its been 3 years now and you still cant do a proper launch… lol MW2 was made for like 1-2 years it had a beast launch. A dedicated server helped 60 players on PC fine on cod 4 lol

          • um….most games create the DLC while making the base game…

          • kplem

            yeah i know i forgot to add that

        • Onkydonkey

          GTA V was worse

          • kplem

            i wouldnt know about that i wasnt a fan of GTA online i just played the hell out of single player but heard of the problems

        • Mr Mc BICHENN

          Every cod that has come out in the past 3-4 years has had shirty connections at launch, I raeely have connection issues. Stop using your Taco Bell wifi. Ps4 and of have the worst lag, so I wouldn’t know the expire once being on X11 but like I said they all have shitty connections at launch. Get off the bandwagon

          • kplem

            i aint on the bandwagon just pointing out facts, im actually really liking the game when it runs well, even BO2 wasnt this bad. im pissed because 1. they have had 3 years, 2. they have had this problem for years still havnt fixed it, 3. no dedis for the absolute worst/bullshit reasons, 4. they continue to do it every year. remember MW2? that had very good connection im guessing probably because they cared more back then because they wanted to get bigger as a franchise now they really dont

          • Mr Mc BICHENN

            Connection was shit at launch, plus it’s not sledgehammer that deal with servers. That’s all unde activisions control. So before everyone blames them, it’s activision they don’t give a shit about their customers

          • kplem

            yeah it was but not as groundbreaking as this one, thats who im suppose to blame activision its so stupid how they cant run proper servers yet they have amazing server back in MW2 COD 4

          • Mr Mc BICHENN

            The connection isn’t shitty on Xbox one, so of and ps4 as well as old gen I don’t know about the connection so I can’t say it’s not “groundbreaking bad”

    • Keshav Bhat

      I’ve had zero issues so far 🙂 not saying lag isn’t an issue, but I’ve yet to experience it.

      • kplem

        lucky man! wish i was that lucky because like i said the game is GREAT when not lagging just a few maps i dont like. WAY better than snoozefest ghosts better than poop ops 2 and is on par with BO1 for me

      • TheShadowReaper

        you are very lucky Keshav

      • exactly. I have had no issues besides challenge resets when going up a prestige. I dont really like the MP but Im not gonna be like most say it has tons of issues just because of that

      • MichiganerE

        Same here, it’s very rare for me.

      • TehShadewRaeper

        I am the same

    • trust me…. BF4 has been in dev since like Black ops and you see how buggy that game was and still is? BF4 is still fun though but that’s nothing compared to a few bugs.

      • kplem

        i think its harder for them develop BF im not sure since there is more people and great graphics and the amount of shit to customize on the engine, but BF are known now to purposely release their games with cod so they can try beat them greedy EA. but hardline did the right thing and delayed it but to me the game looks shit


    Thank you Sledgehammer Games

  • Max Martinez

    YAY! I wanna hit prestige 1 by Sunday! Thanks Sledgehammer! 😀

  • Seven

    Well this is a suprise.

  • Primey_

    Cool I hope PC gamers will get it

  • NiftyGam3r

    Ooooh yea, i’m going to try to prestige this weekend and unlock that riot map for survival.

    Anyone having issues with the app? I try to go ing and make an emblem and its giving me server error unable to load

  • TheGamerBeast

    if someone gonna BITCH (sorry for language) about the lag and servers issue, then blame Activtion not Sledge Hammer it’s there issue i my self didn’t play all day yesterday, and PC DOUBLE XP Doesn’t work why? from day 2

  • bigb22

    How about they fix the leaderboards so we can prestige and still move of the rankings.

  • Michael

    Horay! 😀

  • That’s really nice, the game is laggy and unplayable and they put out double XP just to spite us.

  • Stefan Lang

    Idk where people are experiencing this lag. I barely lag. I lag probably once a day and then it migrates to a better host.

    • Jessica Because

      Perhaps you are joined a on a dedi server and not a listen server.

  • Activision have said to not Prestige until thy fix the reset issues and then they go and activate double XP to rub salt in the wound. Dickheads.

    • P_bauer6

      Exactly, I am sitting on prestige 1 level 50. So what is the point of double xp

      • Start doing some Challenges for Player Cards or Camos you want to unlock, that’s what I’m doing until they update.

  • There was a silent update about 20 minutes ago on AW. Anyone know what was it?

  • Activision are probably going easy on SHG because to be fair they’ve actually put out a decent game it just needs fixing. Unlike Ghosts it seems fixable and not the sorry state Ghosts was and still is. But they seriously need to whip some ass as SHG before it’s too late and people lose trust in the franchise completely. Don’t let it be two failure of CoD’s in a row.

  • Rorke File

    The launch of this game is still better than bf4 launch, and it will be patched faster than battlefield 4 did but not worked and still is camping with problems 🙁

  • XB1RuleZz

    This game is completely broken and is worse than Ghosts. SHG throwing out DXP just to keep people onside but let’s face it; this game will die quicker than Titanfall. Halo MCC and AC Unity next week – AW simply cannot compete.

    • KernosT

      on a scale of 1-10 you must retarded like on 15.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I guess you haven’t played Battlefield 4 then.

    • they always do DXP launch weekend

  • Ryumoau

    I’m glad they brought back double XP, but hopefully they get the servers working well for everyone before the week ends. I personally have only encountered a couple of lag issues on ps4 but alot of people seem to be experiencing that. Its a shame because the game is really great when its working. 🙂

  • Guest

    Is exo survival down for anybody else

  • I always love Double XP, even if the game has lag and spawn issues I will be playing it all weekend so I might as well have it.

  • ShankSquadIII

    I just want less lag!!!

  • Ricky Falcone

    Yea not even getting double xp on ps4 for me but it’s working for my brother on xbone. Lol so sad how dumb devs are these days.

  • Doesn’t Matter

    Guys, stop bitching about lag and masturbating over which cod “sucks less” for a minute and talk to me. When I go into hardcore modes, all characters wear the same outfit on my team: White Shirt, the skullcap, and purple kneecaps. Now when I go into Atlas gorge playlist, I wear my custom shit again. What is going on? Is this a glitch, or something Sledgehammer changed? So much for player customization if this is going to last.

  • JKB98

    Whoooo. I’m gonna grind out to 3rd prestige tonight, and maybe 4th tomorrow. 😀

  • Stefan Lang

    So many people crying about lag. I’ve never been to type to give any company shit about servers when the game is new and just launched. Now if this is a problem 2 weeks from launch day then I’d understand. I can’t speak about lagging in AW cause I rarely experience lag on the 360. If it does lag it’s probably once or twice a week never in the same day. People are talking about it like it’s GTA Online launch day lag and I bet it isn’t even that bad. Give them a chance and stop whining like little bitches.

    • ToaD

      No dedicated servers as promised is the issue. The 360 version is hacked to shit thanks to this so why are you so pleased about it?

      • Dinky

        Lol theres you problem your playing on a 3(shitski) LMAO!

        • Stefan Lang

          Since when was owning a 360 a bad thing? Since it seems to be, I have a PS4 also. 😉

          • Dinky

            Well play on that then instead of moaning about hackers you moron

          • Guest

            Lol that wasn’t me you idiot. He wasn’t moaning either he just said it was hacked to shit.

          • Dinky

            I apologise just realised your not the poster of the comment i was answering

      • Stefan Lang

        I haven’t ran into any hackers. People act like Sledgehammer is supposed to react to things at the blink of an eye. They never promised dedicated servers at launch. All Im saying is people should give things time to fall in place.

    • Favorite Ape

      Never heard so much bitching about people who are having major problems with the game. If your not having problems then go play and stop your whinning. You already admit you have no idea what problems people are having so why are you posting your ignorance? Your here to cry about people who are having issues with the game?

      • Stefan Lang

        Ahhhhhhhhhhh shut the fuck up. Eat a dick.

  • king wolfe

    Im wrecking shop on this game i found a killer class to use for run and gun styles of play..average 30-40 kills on DOM…if you need a class to run ill try to post a vid on youtube this weekend 😀

  • Janelle Adamson

    yay i’ll be able to rank up on the leaderboards. oh wait no I won’t

  • Love these dedicated server!

    • woah

      thats a p2p server

      • I think.. I think he meant this sarcastically my friend.

  • I haven’t been experiencing any lag issues with Advanced Warfare.


    I have played a couple of hours worth of AW and haven’t had any lag problems…I have pretty good Internet and I play on PS4

  • Waido

    there is no 2x on pc ;(.. they forgot us..

  • Slingshot

    They should extend the double xp to all week so i can hit max prestige and finally make an emblem that isnt going to magically disappear when i do so…. FIX THE DAMN GAME! Every year COD puts out a new title and every year it’s friggin broken. Every year they mention dedicated servers, Sledgehammer had 3 years… why is this so difficult!?

  • Jarmo Piirainen

    if it needs to put something on top of that gets 2xp PC and play does not work ??

  • Sean

    Not guving me double xp only 100xp a kill on tdm, anyone help me?

    • Rmawi

      no it dosent multiply the score in game its after game where you will get twice the xp. upvote so people can see.

  • Jovani Santos

    I don’t get any 2xp

    • Osner Jean

      Same here, this game is so broken

  • Curtis Chapman

    not only does the game lag a lot, it also keeps freezing and making me restart my ps3! 🙁

    • Tricky VIk

      “It did for me too, I deleted the patch and reinstalled it, try that, I haven’t frozen yet.”

  • drjakeyoung

    Just completed 101 round or survival with my friends 😉 Easy as shit