UPDATE: Glen Schofield has tweeted out stating ‘the full weight of Activision is on top of the issues.’


Original Story:

It looks the Advanced Warfare has brought an un-wanted issue – the infamous “lag.” Users across social channels are reporting that the lag in Advanced Warfare is effecting their ability to enjoy multiplayer and turning many users away from Advanced Warfare. The issue seems to be effecting mostly PS4 and PC players, as the official forums are populated with users talking about “server disconnects.”

Activision has only issued the following response:

“We’re aware of connectivity issues currently being experienced. They are under investigation. Stay tuned for updates.”

Sledgehammer Games and Activision said before launch that dedicated servers will be part of the game, but the exact status of the dedicated servers are unknown as of now.


  • TheShadowReaper

    yes. fuck that shit. it makes the experience nearly intolerable. for some maybe it already is. dedicated servers, NOW! i dont know how you will get them or where but go get them already! dedicated servers for all platforms SHG and ATVI. this is a multibillion dollar franchise which makes it even more inexcusable. make it happen, soon!

  • RdJokr

    Sledgehammer needs to work on getting those dedicated servers rolled out quick, or all their efforts put into this game will be for naught.

    • EuroXMan

      No thanks.

      • RdJokr

        Well that’s surprising, you’re probably the first person I’ve seen to say no to dedi servers.

        • TheShadowReaper

          he is probably a damage controlling ignorant kid. we already have a lot of those. moving on…

    • Aldo

      I believe it’s Activision’s remit rather than Sledgehammer’s but I wouldn’t get your hopes up if I were you!

  • Guest

    weird. Guess I am one of the few who have yet to experience this “infamous lag and disconnect”? playing on PS4 btw and I’m already on 2nd Prestiege

    • HotHam

      Team me too. Just hit second prestige and never got the weird lag issue. I, for the most part, have a steady 3-4 bars but those aren’t accurate enough. Should actually tell you the ping number instead of bars

  • J Sama

    If they don’t give us dedicated servers, I’m done with this game and I’m done with Activision. They make soooo much money every year from us and all we ask for is simply Dedicated Servers. I know they see everyone yelling at them to do it, yet they never even acknowledge it. This is infuriating. I got on Xbox and literally the connections are all over the place and it’s not even playable a lot of the times. Smh

    • Duke of hazard

      I’m going to tell you something very useful for you and everyone else to understand.

      Dedicated servers doesn’t always get rid of this. It just reduces lag. You will still experience the disconnection, just not as often. Happens all the time to games with or w.o DS’s

      • XLKILLA

        Destiny dedicated servers no lag problems at all the connections are perfect everything I play. AW is a nightmare.

        • Super029something

          I literally play with people from America (I live in Australia) and get no lag in Destiny. It’s really good.

          • miike05

            Its not the same with aw..this issue needs fixing…

        • Adam The Ginge

          What a joke, there’s most kto’s on that game than any other game, the amount of error codes on destiny is unbearable even without dedicated servers AW’s connection lags out far less.

          • XLKILLA

            I’ve had zero connection problems with destiny and I have about 7 days played. I never disconnected once. The only problem with PVP is kill trades.

    • ccrows

      Right now IMHO this is what SH needs to do to make everyone happy.

      1 – Work on the MATCHMAKING, and include a “Search by Preference” just like BO2 has.

      2 – Give people the option to RESET STATS AT ANY PRESTIGE, just like BO2. So when this does get fixed, people would feel as butthurt about their career stats.

      ^ The MM is what’s jacking these games more than anything. This game honestly feels just as laggy as MW2 was at launch – and make no mistake MW2 got unplayable too at times in the beginning.

      Old IW worked on the MM (which actually took a couple of updates) and then the connection was fine…

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Don’t forget the spawns.

        • ccrows

          IMO that can come later. I rather see them focusing all time on the MM first.

          IMHO the spawns in this game aren’t that bad. I consider them “middle of the road” compared to other games in the series. Ghosts was worse.

          Then again people that I see complaining about spawns the most in lobbies are the people that just blindly run out in the open after they spawn.

          Spawns could use a little work, (especially on RIOT) but the MM is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL TO FIX RIGHT NOW.


          • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

            The problem is I don’t have even time to move I’m already dead lol.But I’ve been playing gamemodes like hardpoint and uplink and the game is fast and the spawns aren’t that bad.I know one thing for sure:I won’t be playing TDM,free-for-all and domination ever again in this game.

          • Confirminator

            Let everyone get on 4 bars! (#LEGO 4B – Spread the word)

          • kw

            Are you fucking insane? These spawns are a damn site wise than even Ghosts. Every death results in a spawn party with the enemy team.

          • Rigger Nitch

            Not everyone has 4 bar internet service…. get rid of lag comp!

        • J Sama

          Bad spawns are a product of the Exo-Suits. The on;y viable way to fix spwans is to increase the Cooldown timer on Exo movements. Right now it’s about 2-3 seconds. An increase to 10 seconds or so, would fix a lot of spawning issues. It’s literally impossible to “fix” spawns when you got 6 people on the other team boost jumping all over the place

      • abood

        go play BO2 then if u want everygame to have the exact same experience

    • Mrrantman

      Everyone loves to bitch about everything over the same problem that has been there for over 7 years. If it wasn’t fixed 3 years ago it won’t be fixed this year until the right company invest there money to it. DS were said for ghost look at how that ended up. AW said the same shit, take information from all companies with a grain of salt. Nothing is ever sure until it’s there and you and everyone else is aware of it. You can’t say the same shit each year and then still buy the game lol you sound like a jack ass. Your too loyal to the game and like it too much to give it up like oh lag buy game I’m done. Ps4 user all bitch from lag I honestly have one bitch is the over all idea of campers a stiff code into the game where camping would light up a player a bright color to let people know his in a corner or laying down to avoid stupid shit why buy a game of your going to seat on your pussy…? Anyways try to enjoy the game I have to admit it’s a cod game but MF know its the best cod since bo1 waw cod4 so let’s try to not quit on the game over the same consonant problem. That is all. #rantover #breathingnow #fuckingkidsdontknowanybetter #stfuandenjoy if a hoe gave you bad sex would you just give up pussy and start sucking dick? #food4thought

    • Static oz

      First off dedicated servers don’t really help much. It would probably lag either way. If you knew anything about the technical part of how online games worked you would appreciate this game. EVERY GAME as issues at release. There are many problems that won’t come up until you have thousands of players all playing the game at once. They will be able to fix the connection issues and probably most of the other problems all the spoiled unappreciated 12 are complaining about when they have no clue how complex and technical a game can be. Just give them some time! The game has only been out for 4 days!

      • J Sama

        And you’re missing the point.. As you just stated, this happens EVERY year. If they cared about the community, they would not let that happen. They make MILLIONS of dollars and even then, they still gouge with DLC and microtransactions. They could easily have a beta to stress test servers(like BF), There is no excuse to have the same thing happen every year and make us wait an entire month for a patch, then another month for another patch, and then another month for another patch. I work hard for my money and when I spend it, I want a quality product. I dont think that’s asking to much. I appreciate the game but I don’t appreciate how Activision treats consumers.

        • Are We Not Young God?

          You act like the people in Activision don’t work. It isn’t as simple as you think. Educate yourself more on servers and stress test.

        • Static oz

          I understand what you are saying. But you must understand how complex it is. If it was that easy to fix don’t you think they would have fixed it in all the past CODs???? The don’t know how it will react when you have a huge number of players playing online at once. That’s why it takes a few weeks or month to fix it with a patch. The more players you have from around the world the more complex and difficult it is to fix the Networking and connection issues.

      • Simon TamΓ‘s

        True, but it would be nice to choose the server where I want to play so I don’t end up in a lobby with 800ms.

        • Nemo hos


    • jack

      Amen. I used to LOVE COD. But I actually stopped playing around BO2. Bc of the lag. Then bought Ghosts and sold it in a week after I could tell the lag was the same. This year learned my lesson. NO COD for me until they fix the lag.

    • AC

      Good. Take a long walk off a short pier. The world will be a better place.

    • Josh Aguirre

      Well, today’s date is Nov 20, 2014 and its 5:54pm. Today I hve experienced an awful gameplay on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on my Xbox 360 where every single time I join a match on Multiplayer, I’m only in Spectating Mode, but I try to change load out, my Xbox freezes every single dang time!! I’ve been trying to fix for the past 6 hours n the exact same thing happens every single time!! But Advanced Warfare has been lagging since its release, every single day! I’m a super huge Call of Duty player n I think it’s time to retire it (Franchise), permanently! :,(
      **Any suggestions or hope to continue on??

  • Potato

    Anyone have a clip on where they said dedicated servers will be an addition?

  • Primey_

    It has potential to be a great call of duty but the lag and lag compensation is holding it back. These problems wouldn’t be as major if we had dedicated servers like promised

    • DamZe

      Activi$ion doesn’t give two shits about their playerbase, we are all $ signs to them. They have one of the biggest profit margins each year, but these cheap suits won’t provide dedicated servers for their players, something their competition (EA) gladly does.

      • Primey_

        I’m very well aware of this.


    Exactly the same crap they said last year with ghosts, A pure marketing quote designed to grab headlines and mislead the general community. They never rolled out dedis for all then and it wont happen this time, there will be a few dedis here n there but the most of us wont get to see them. P2P costs them nothing so there is your answer,

  • vVv_skye_vVv

    I have experienced on the past 3 nights severe lag , where the charactor is bouncing all over the place, have no option but to quit when it happens as it becomes unplayable, I am using xbox1, and I know its nothing to do with my internet,was really hoping to see the end of lag this time around with the promise of dedicated servers


      Thing is they said AW will support Dedis they never said it will have dedis, 2 entirely different things,it was said to grab headlines prior to release, they knew full well it would be misinterpreted as “It will have Dedis” Its a bit like if a car manufacturer said their car supports fuel. doesn’t mean they will supply it with a new car…

      • Primey_

        If that’s the case where’s the support then? no matter what way you look at it they flat out lied.

        Michael said yes to this question

        “Will there be dedicated servers on consoles or PC? Thanks!”


        • SPAWNST4R

          Yes but remember, if they made 1 dedicated server then technically he didnt lie, also all cods can support dedicated servers, the code is all there , they just chose to not use them in certain games, I 100% agree with you , its total BS. Even that reddit post is misleading and he knows it.

    • Zac

      We can only hope man.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’ve personally not experienced being disconnected from servers, but lag is one major drawback of this game. Even Black Ops wasn’t this bad.

    • Zac

      BO2, right?

      • jordanxbrookes

        Nope, Black Ops. I know Black Ops was literally just lag, but at least I wasn’t constantly on 1-bar for 3 matches in row before I had to back out and find a new match. I always have an open NAT type and make sure no one is uploading or downloading things while I’m playing so I can’t understand why so many people are on 1-bar to the point where I’m also on 1-bar :/

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Same here. The lag is horrible and the game is unplayable. I somehow reached level 50 and the lag is making me feel like shelving this game.

      I don’t normally post my gameplays but just to give you guys an idea, this is how the lag is on my side.


      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Damn, that blows. If I had lag like that I would be pissed too. Idk I haven’t really experienced any of that. It’s mostly just the gun fights where I shoot him first and he kills me. I think I have a pretty high tolerance to that though, especially from playing BO1 and BO2 with the shitty internet I had. I know how to deal with it and it doesn’t bother me too much. I hate the teleportation lag that you’re experiencing though, haven’t encountered that yet thankfully.

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          It’s been like that since Day Zero. Count your blessings and be thankful you’re not experiencing what I have. I don’t know what’s causing it.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Maybe it’s location, idk. Best of luck to you.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            I’m close to NY. Ghosts played fine for the first seven months until the population went really low, matchmaking needs to find people further away. I suspect it’s just like BO2 and they are using skilled based matchmaking and are pulling people from far places. The farther we are from each other, the more lag we get.

            Anyway, i just hope this thing gets fixed soon. As of now, Ghosts plays a lot better than AW.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, I’d prefer better connection matchmaking. Skill-based is no fun. It causes lag due to distance and I don’t get to stomp on noobs, lol.

          • Michael

            Get ready for beasting/feasting on dem Christmas noobs! Can’t wait!

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Lol families are excited for Christmas family reunions and a big dinner and gifts, and I’m just like “Can’t wait to beast on some noobs!”

          • Michael

            Lol same here πŸ˜€

        • TheShadowReaper

          the only one thing i cant tolerate in terms of bad connection issues is the disconnect. i cant stand it! it has even disconnected me in the middle of a match! and then brought me back to the main screen! complete and utter bullshit.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, that only happened to me once, thankfully. And another time it wouldn’t let me connect to online, so I just restarted the game and it worked, lol.

      • You peopl are all so fucking stupid. That’s not real lag it’s apart of the system hack you have to unlock riot zombies and kill 600 zombies and when you do that you get your system hack gold, once you do that you get to unlock something called ” Exo lag ” but it’s dev only

        • TheShadowReaper

          yeah dont forget to go on to ‘Call of Duty Advanced Warfareplayers2config_mp.cfg’ and change ‘seta cl_maxPing “800”‘ and set it to something like 200. its a possible lag fix on PC.

          • IKx2CF

            800 is a crazy high defaultdefault max ping. I can still find games well after setting it to 200.

          • Jessica Because

            Have you tried this?

          • TheShadowReaper

            its a joke ffs! x)

          • Jessica Because

            Hey, one doesn’t become wiser by never asking. lol :/

          • TheShadowReaper

            true, true.

        • Dagger_X333

          Lol u fucking retard

          • I was joking, I was trolling omg retarted guests..

          • Michael

            Talk about not having a sense of humor geese. Your comment above made me laugh. It was an obvious joke πŸ˜€ but that system hack is really annoying though. That skeleton on the screen got me killed multiple times during combat.

          • It doesn’t even put you at a disadvantage it just annoys the hell out of you.

          • Michael

            Sometimes I can’t even see in front of me cause of the skeleton. The skeleton eventually goes away but still, it is mad annoying.

      • Gump

        Do you use an Ethernet cable?

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          My PS4 is wired directly to the modem.

      • AC

        Hmm, did you ask your mom to fix the internet connection?

      • AC

        HA. I guess it’s Sledgehammer’s fault you fell to your death at 1:15.

    • TheShadowReaper

      let me give you a reminder. do you remember the system that Treyarch was using for BO2? the one that “supposedly” makes everyone equal and at the same range of ping? my guess is that AW is using a very very bad version of that.

  • ZCas

    This has been talked about time and time again yet the creators still have no real answers. When do we say enough is enough and cut ties due to consistent let downs? I’m very disappointed.

  • IIPlayer99II

    I don’t want dedicated servers I want better lag Comp the dedicated servers on ghost was what lead to the incredibly fast time to kill because dedicated servers means better hit detection and registration

    • jordanxbrookes

      There’s a difference between good collision detection and time-to-kill on weapons. Dedicated Servers mean a lot less lag aka great connection, not a quicker TTK.

    • your stupid

      why would you want lag comp, thats just shit.

      • HotHam

        It would be way worse with out it. Every big multiplayer game has lag comp

  • TheGamerBeast

    i really couldn’t play yesterday at all, and if i connect online i get disconnected between a match or while in lobby, and the issue is on PC and PS4 only, and if they added dedicated severs for PC omg that’s going to be good

    • DanDustEmOff

      It’s just as bad on the Xbox one.

  • Cosima McInnes

    I put a full clip into someone who was runing the opposite direction and a spilt second later who is the one that gets killed …. me :’)

    I gave the game more time since I hated it at first and I know it is fantastic but the connections and hit reg have to be sorted. It will take some time but I know with good connections this game will be great πŸ™‚

    • Willekeurig persoon

      I thought you were selling it?

      • Cosima McInnes

        I gave the game more time and it’s ok … just the connections are pissing me off.

  • Righteous dude

    *affecting. Just saying πŸ˜›

  • BTEC Superman

    I’m on xbox one and can also say from experience on the game that these servers aren’t as dedicated as sledgehammer first stated, laggy games with red ping bars going from one player to another then the whole game is suddenly on a red bar ping with seriously bad lag and then sometimes the game will disconnect or it will go back to red bar ping jumping player to player, if sledgehammer want this game to be successful with the community and not just their pockets they’ll sort this issue out fast because i think I can say for most people that the lag is making people walk away from the game… So yeah, please fix this sledgehammer…

  • Michael

    I’m experiencing lag on 360, and I sometimes have to restart my router/modem because it says “the AW servers are unavailable right now. Please try again later. Whatever.

  • ScOott

    Lag no where near as bad as black ops 2… I hardly lag at all.. Once you get into a good lobby it seems fine …the only thing that annoys me is when in the lobby I sometimes get kicked, as if I have pressed the middle button on xbox controller n it’s took me back to xbox home page when I haven’t even pressed the button

  • The7Reaper

    I don’t get constant server disconnects but my connection in game goes 1 bar, 3 bar, 2 bar,4 bar,3 bar, 1 bar, 3 bar, etc. lol just back and forth but sometimes I get lucky and get a constant 3 bar the whole game which is good too me

  • Guest

    The ping bars are random. One mintue it’s 4 bar then 2 bar then one bar then 3 bar …. etc.

    • Psychomaggot105

      Yep every match I’m in everybody’s bars are going one to four. The whole game.

    • COD4ever

      It’s hilarious actually whenever I’m just looking for people , I’m at one bar, but when I find someone and get killed , quickly check my connection and all of a sudden it says I have 4 bars lol. It’s like the game itself knows it lags and makes up for it by saying you have 4 bars everytime you die to cover its own ass. Try it out next time. Never fails

      • TheShadowReaper

        that’s actually true! lol x)

        • dove

          i likr how you cant even join some games yet it still counts as a loss fix that activision

      • It is, hahahaah its hilarios

      • Darrick Snead

        I’m on ps3 n it does it a lot
        one min I have all ping bars next i got red ping bar then it freezes my system n I have to manually turn it off
        What’s going on ?
        I with they would fix this issue cause I wanna play a.w. on my ps3 cause I can’t afford a ps4 yet

        • Dougie Flow

          A simple fast way to unfreeze PS3 is to eject te disk and then reinject the disk, restart automatically with no errors

        • Mugees

          My ps3 keeps freezing on me during game play. I like the game a lot but this is a issue that’s keeping me from enjoying the game. Wish they would fix this.

          • Darrick Snead

            I called game stop were I preordered a.w. from n asked them about it n they said I could have bad CD lol.
            It’s the game servers but why would it freeze my system

          • radrob

            my cod bo game does that to my ps3. I just think video games are becoming more garbage than anything else, I was so disappointed with the ps3 games that I will not buy a new generation console at all. forget it im out

        • Steven Michael Miller

          I have the same issue

        • Dalek_caan-cs

          Same issue here on my ps3 it happens at least ten times a day and especially when I do good it crashes right at the end of the match and because of this it’s impossible for me to level up and I’m afraid it’s going to cause my system to die

      • ihate lag

        I don’t know what is up with this game but it’s like every gunfight i get into i loose. I’ll watch the kill cam and it’s like they’re freaking doing the robot shooting me and I’m getting melted, kind of like little lag spikes. Mixed WITH lag compensation. Like when i was playing earlier some guy came out of no where with his shoulder turned towards me, i try to shoot him but WHAT THE HECK i start getting shot and i die. Guess what in the kill cam it shows the guy facing me before i started shooting and him shooting first. But in my POV it showed him never turning around and eating bullets. I’ve dealing with this since bo2 all the way up until now. It’s crazy because it shows i havea 4 bar the whole eentire game even when i die. I don’t know what to do. I shoot first but die. He eats bullets, and i take 1 bullet. In kill cams its shows the dude getting a hit marker shooting WAY above my head, or beside my body. There’s always someone behind me, above me, or right behind the person i killed. At certain times the game is good but 85% of the time it sucks major horses balls. It dumb. Idk if it’s my connection or what but it’s really making mad

        • Undead~Nightmare

          Holy crap, yes. I have the exact same problem. I play on hardcore now because I can’t kill people on normal game modes, and I have found that whenever I see someone if I shoot a few bullets at them and run off (before they die) then a lot of times they’ll die as you’re running away. I still get killed IMMEDIATELY after spawning. Or reloading. Or switching my gun. Or joining a match. Or walking, jumping, punching. And sometimes I even get killed just from looking at my tv. It’s ridiculous when you shoot someone with twice as many bullets as they shoot, and yet you’re the one that dies. Wtf Sledgehammer? Get your crap together or I won’t buy anything else you make. Disappointed.

        • lol

          yeh i get that and it realy annous me just like when you put a entire mag in them and they survive they just turn around and kill me in 3 bullets wtf

      • sang

        Try the classic modes. I think all that jumping makes it lag… smh

    • Devin Johnson

      it was like that in mw3 too and still is

      • I see the same thing with regards to the Ping Bars on Xbox One but I’m not really seeing any lag – possibly a bug in the game..

    • Thank you, I’m having the same issues myself. The connection/ping bar on the PS4 it’s so inconsistent, keeps jumping around from 4 bar to 3, 1 etc.

    • Yeah I dont think they really correspond to the actual connection that people have at all.

    • jigar patel

      When the game starts I have to wait like 10 seconds before playing, it makes me spec in that time.

      • ihate lag

        Same man. Makes me so mad

    • wolfaaron 9

      when I always Start playing,I experience allot of lag.with one bar But sometimes I get full bars But still lag

    • wolfaaron 9

      Like, Why?

  • Take Two

    Nah, there is no lag comp, so fix your connection and everything will be fine.And hybrid P2P is best, so we don’t need dedi support

    • Tribellion

      Titanfall uses dedicated servers and yes it’s not by any means perfect but it’s as near as damn it. Everyone usually has a solid connection and u get the odd bad one but that usually only effects that individual. I don’t care how they do it I just hope they sort it ASAP otherwise people will boycott and That’s bad for the community and the franchise. Activision own Blizzard who have closed servers and merged servers on Warcraft can’t see why they can’t utalise those ontop of that when Xbox one launched they bragged about 25,000 servers world wide that will make xbox live a far better experience?? Why aren’t they using those centers like Titanfall do it just doesn’t add up – money isn’t an object here that’s for sure. This needs to be prior 1! If they nail this it could well be the best CoD to date.

      • Take Two

        No dedis, i hope AV won’t bring it, AW is perfect without teh dedis

        • Rei

          Obvious troll is obvious LOL

          • Take Two

            Yeah sure lol, i told only the truth, nor i never experienced any lag prob

          • Rei

            If you didnt it doesnt mean others didnt too, we are talking in general here god damn it, its not just about you and me and him. people like you piss me off!!

          • Take Two

            Pay more for quality connection speed, so i call this an pure BS, lame excuses oh again lag comp.Nah peoples always complaining

          • Rei

            you really are dumb! how is this a problem with my connection when i get decent pings in other cods?? and i own them all

          • Take Two

            Cry me a river, umed:)

          • Rei


  • Ivan Ivanski
    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Lol that guy just straight up sucks. I’d understand if he actually shot the dude and didn’t get a hitmarker, but he missed twice, and every time he punched, he was way too far away. People are acting like this is Ghosts knifing. It’s more like BO2 knifing.

  • Psychomaggot105

    I am a hardcore cod fan. I’ve been one since cod 4 but this game just pisses me off! I want to enjoy it but how could I? The campaign Is good with great graphics! The survival mode IMO is boring. Kindve upset they saved zombies for the season pass. I know they just did that so people would buy the season pass. If this isn’t fixed before clan wars I don’t even care to do it. The only thing I can do is fool my selve in playing multiplayer. Oh btw there better be a reset in mp.

    • xlExquisite

      A reset? For what?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Zombies doesn’t come with the Season Pass, but it’s coming as DLC.

  • Guywithbrains

    5 days without lag on PS4. Almost level 50 and trying to unlock attachments to TAC-19.

    • Der Rekone

      same here 6 days without lag on PS4 and i can say that i really like the game so far =)

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Yup, no lag on PS4. About to be prestige 2.

      • HotHam


  • Dr. Salim

    I have a steady wired connect and I don’t have this problem. Maybe you guys should hop off McDonalds’ free wifi.

    • Best-guest

      Don’t be a germ all ur life mate, makes you look like a total fruit cake.

      This shit is real, constant and beyond a joke.

  • Makaveli

    What’s about the snd thing you lose 6 rounds counts as 6 loses bloody bs need to fix that .

  • Nurisson

    This game is broken.I always got killed from behind.


      Yes every time I kill someone I instantly get killed from behind.

  • On the PC Day 0 connection performance wasn’t too bad at all – I was actually surprised. Day 1, 2, & 3 has been all over the place. Some games are fine and some are absolutely horrible. Last night was horrible and I had 2 disconnects like the screenshot shown. To top every thing off I couldn’t even find games in CTF and Search & Destroy last night. The fourth day of the game release and already lobbies are non-existent for game modes. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    All platforms should have dedicated servers. Period. No excuses. SHG had 3 freaking years to work this crap out. It is an issue every year yet they just keep trying different band-aids with every release. The PC should also have a server browser to browse said dedicated servers so they can play a game mode of their choosing since the player counts are much lower than console and clearly the matchmaking system isn’t finding games for some game modes already.

  • Technifyy

    Connectivity Issues, Console freezes, No weapon when I spawn, I spawn in late, Sometimes I can’t even spawn, i just spectate.

  • Hoho

    I am also having a fast reaload bug on the PS4. It always fast reloads, even when i am single tapping the square button. That leads to me losing all my ammo VERY quickly, and that kind of ruins my game experience. Let me know if you find a way to fix this


      wait for the patch


    There’s no dedicated servers it’s a friggin lie we aren’t stupid.

    • Take Two

      You paid for the game, not for dedi servers

      • J4MES

        They said there would be dedicated servers. They lied.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          To be honest they never said when, on what console, and how many. I want dedicated servers too, but I didn’t believe they were going to implement it at launch. They did the same thing on Ghosts. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

          • J4MES

            I knew IW’s Ghosts wouldn’t but I expected better with Sledgehammer as they seemed to be pulling out all the stops on the game in development. The blame lies more with Activision as they have the final call on this but SHG should have been more transparent leading up to release. It makes them look bad at the end of the day.

          • XLKILLA

            They lied about ghosts there isn’t dedicated servers in that either.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            There were dedis. I played ghosts for eight months and didn’t see a single hosts migration for seven straight months. The hosts migrations started when the Destiny Alpha came out. They probably have to lend the servers to Bungie. As we all know, Destiny is currently much more massive than AW and they have more players.

          • XLKILLA

            Nope I’ve had tons and tons of host migrations on ghosts on xbox one well before Destiny Alpha came out.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            I guess it’s based on location.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            There was for like a week.

          • TheShadowReaper
          • Siftblade of Rivia

            He says it will be on PC or console. Very vague answer. He never said when they would be there, how many there would be, and for how long they will be there. I thought everyone learnt from Ghosts when they did this.

          • TheShadowReaper

            vague answer or not, the answer is “yes”. i dont care what happened with Ghosts, this is not the same developer. he answered us in the subreddit and we will hold him accountable for it, instead of going the damage controlling route you so love to opt for Sift.

      • XLKILLA

        They said there would be dedicated servers so they lied again so I don’t see what the point of your comment was.

      • TheShadowReaper

        games that make much less money have dedicated servers! great example is Counter-Strike and Battlefield! is COD above dedi servers? no, it is not. its ATVI trying to control their customer base while making tons of money. it doesnt work that way tho.

        • Take Two

          Don’t compare Valve with AV, since Valve is much powerful than AV.And lol how csgo is making much more less money?

          • TheShadowReaper

            i’m comparing CSGO with AW, not Valve with anyone. the sales a game makes are easily found even on wikipedia pages.

          • Take Two

            AW sucks, and csgo is doing fine.Atleast Valve is doing something for pc customers

    • xlExquisite

      And your mom said Santa was real.

  • Super029something

    Havent been disconnecting but have been lagging pretty bad.

  • PursuitofGreat

    I am experiencing an issue that when my buddy and I are in a party, as soon as we join a MP lobby, it boots him out. If I am in his party, when we join a MP lobby it boots me out.

    Anyone else having this problem??

    • What are your nat types? If you or your friend has strict/moderate it CAN cause someone to get kicked out.

      • PursuitofGreat

        Both of us have NAT types set to Open. He is a network engineer and has done everything the forums are saying to do. Still no go?

        It boots one of us about 90% of the time and we can randomly join and play a game together. But once we are in, it isn’t an issue. It is just trying to join a lobby that first time.

        • Aldo

          Yeah my brother and I experienced this a few times but persevered and it was fine. The only other time I played online with a friend we didn’t have any issues so I don’t know how big a problem it is but I’ve certainly experienced it.

    • BHCMax

      yup ive seen this as well , almost impossible to party up, tho tbh this could be linked to the main problem this post is reffering to

  • BHCMax

    above is the perfect example why p2p does not work for pc gamers, can anyone explain what was wrong with the old methods of cod2 cod4 waw? you launched game, searched for a local, low ping server, that was well admined and had fun for hours on end..
    Ever since mw2 this has been a big problem for PC gamers. Its time the devs made good on their pre launch promise of dedi servers.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Money. It’s all comes down to money and some people claim that a game as massive as COD will cost Activision a lot of money and they’re not willing to do that.

      • BHCMax

        well my clan run a dedi box with 2 x cod4servers and a waw server, and this cost activision Β£00.00 , coz our clan pay for them, same as tons of clans would if the server files were public.
        now I know there are some rogue clans with boosters etc, but there are many more who supply a decent place for others to enjoy the games.

    • J4MES

      Lag compensation has ruined COD. Good internet connections get punished for the bad ones in the lobby where people get phantom lag. Also the fact that they are using server farms instead of dedicated ones just oozes cheapess for a billion dollar brand and it’s not good enough. As long as COD is produced from the standpoint of consoles; problems like this are going to be rife on all systems.

  • meow

    we dont just want 32 tick servers we want 64 tick server!!

  • J4MES

    Day 1, 2 and 3 were perfect but yesterday was a day to forget. Finally Activison acknowledge this issue after fobbing everyone off and blaming the users connection but it’s still 24 hours late.

  • thebulky1cometh

    *Sits back and plays Destiny after being a midnight-COD buyer for the past 5 years…*

    Looks like I made the right call.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      gr8 b8 m8, i r8 8/8

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      I’m a bit bored with Destiny after reaching level 30. I have to wait until December for the next raid.

      • thebulky1cometh

        I can see that- I’ve been grinding to get past 27 and into 30 territory. Once I do, I’ll probably go buy COD IF and ONLY IF these crazy server issues are patched up by then.

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          Don’t count on this COD to get fixed. The playercount is low and I think it’s a major contributing factor to the lag issues. With the low playerbase, matchmaking is pulling people from far places and that causes lag.

          Btw, are you on PS4?

          • thebulky1cometh

            Yes I’m on PS4. User name is same as this name. Why do you ask?

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            I need more Destiny players come December. I don’t always gets to raid with the clan and i need more raid buddies.

  • Rorke File

    Are there deticated servers ?

    • J4MES

      Nope. SHG lied about that. It’s the same P2P nonsense we’ve had since the early days except lag comp is killing it even more.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Nope. Not in my area and I’m north of NY. Back then in Ghosts, I didn’t see a single host migration for months until they reduced the number of servers. With AW, I’m getting sent back into the lobby after the host dashboards.

    • jooker-jr

      For my expirence its DS

      I only got host migration once since i started playing AW

  • David Grant

    I live in Devon, UK and it is god awful. My ping changes every 5 seconds from 4 bars to 1. Desperately need dedicated servers. My K/D has suffered enough.

  • Rob

    Every single game I play on xbox one I get kicked out of and I really like the game but it’s unplayable

  • Sal

    We are pretty much talking about latency, right? I get confused. Times where people react too fast and I swore that u had them. Shot and saw them first.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      On their side, they saw you first.

  • On my xbox 360 it seems to constantly kick me out of Xbox live. I dont lag and I don get kicked offline unless I play multiplayer and none of this happens on my Xbox one.

    • Bengal

      Same here. They need to look into that. Seems to be happening more and more now.

      • Today I was physically unable to get into one match. I’m serious. I was lucky to get into the menu, most of the time it would freeze my Xbox. This is coming from someone who had a perfect experience when bf4 first came out, and I played it on the 360, the friggin 360!!

  • Kaharad

    PS3 – after a really bad day for lag on “Day Zero” the lag in terms of jerky movement and ‘teleporting’ enemies has been better. Still feel I lose too many gunfights I get the first hit in (tho I know my old, knackered, hands prob cost me some of them).
    2 real problems (spawns are a given right now) are:
    1) the game freezing up the ps3 frequently, forcing a hard reboot; and
    2) connecting to a game delays – it is really frustrating playing a game like domination and finding that when you eventually connect to the game (at least 10seconds) the opposition already have 2 flags.

    Still think it is a good game tho

    • Take Two

      Throw away your ps3, and buy next gen…

      • Kaharad

        LOL! I know. I got one on release but none of my clan mates have one so I wouldn’t be able to play with them. Also, circumstances changed so I had to sell. On the wish-list for next year but making do with old ‘fat’ ps3 right now as my wife got my nice quiet slim one for upstairs πŸ™‚

        ….and it’s ‘new’ gen not next gen now πŸ˜›

        • Take Two

          xD, i had a lot of prob with my ps3, super slim disk noise, freezing, etc Still somewhere i have my old fat robust motorstorm bundle pack, it is still working xD

  • Juses

    Plz buff the points per kill in objective game modes. I just went on a 17 gun steak I still only got 2 of my streaks -_-

  • Rafael

    I’ve been trying to play since Day Zero and I simply cannot. All matches
    have EXTREME lag (by extreme I mean, I join it and I keep getting
    teleported everywhere – can’t even walk; shooting enemies is
    impossible). If I could play 4 good matches that was it.
    I really hope they fix it soon and please do not ignore the old gen (the one that I’m playing at – on XBOX 360).
    I just want to play the game. I’m not asking too much, am I?

    • I dont experience is that , I am constantly getting kicked off Xbox live but when i play my xbone I’m all fine and dandy lolwtf

    • Juses

      That’s probably your internet.

      • TheShadowReaper

        no, its not. and its infesting every platform, including PC.

        • Juses

          There’s lag but it’s never that bad.

          • TheShadowReaper

            it doesnt affect everyone. you are of the ones that are not affected.

    • GinsuVictim

      I’m also on 360. In all CoDs, I tend to get host in smaller lobbies and usually have a great connection, but this game has turned me into Nightcrawler way more times than it should’ve–huge teleports all over the place. As soon as my bullets stop registering, I tell myself to keep moving. As long as I don’t stop, I’ll survive…..then I die. The killcam doesn’t even know what happened.

  • Guest

    This game is an absolute disgrace

    • GinsuVictim

      No, this game is fucking great…..it’s the connection that’s an absolute disgrace.

      • Guywithbrains

        Which will be fixed soon. You think it will then become the best Call of Duty in long time?

        • GinsuVictim

          It has its share of problems, mostly that it has only a handful of good maps, but DLC will hopefully fix that. Best, no, but “one of” for sure.

          • Guywithbrains

            In my opinion all maps are great. Those maps didn’t need anything special to be better than Ghosts’ maps.

          • GinsuVictim

            Some of these maps are too small considering how fast you can now travel.
            And, come on, Detroit is NOT a great map.

  • Dagger_X333

    Honesty the spawns for all maps HAVE to be fixed, that is the ONLY thing that’s disappoints me.

  • Guest

    Refresh – there’s an update.

  • Just Joshin’

    I’m having the same issue on PS3. Is SG going to be working on that or is that a Halfmoon Studios issue?

  • NiftyGam3r

    I havent had not one issue lag, disconnections etc not on single problem sonce release. And i’m grinding this game (ps4)

  • skeetshootin

    This game sucks….

  • YouFools

    Sledgehammer lied about dedicated servers but we all knew they were because IW lied about it for Ghosts. As long as there is muppets like Jordan Brookes always up the franchises arse; they will keep on lying to people and delivering the most broken games possible once they’ve got your money. This is the 5th year in a row people have fallen for this garbage and you only have yourselves to blame.

    • jooker-jr

      Every game I played on in AW was on DS

  • Take Two

    Activision is same as EA, CoD is going to fall down, sooner or later

  • aMoodyCustomer

    Sledgehammer have proven themselves to be the worst developers in the franchise. AW is a good game but they are totally clueless on how to manage it and get it running to a satisfactory standard. No dedi’s, rife lag-comp and connection failures just sum up this shame of a game. Even Sledgehammer promised that dedi’s were in AW and now that’s proven to be complete BS. I think everyone should be entitled to a refund now for false advertising. Why the hell people are happy to accept this level of service is beyond me. I used to play Unreal Tournament on the Dreamcast with 700,000 on at a time with dial up and never had any issues. Call of Duty is just a pitiful excuse of a brand these days that mugs the people who have supported off like idiots. This is the end of cod and with Failarch next year; it’s only going to get worse. Fools will still buy it for da zombies but Activision are making a mockery of everyone once again. Stop buying this utter garbage and stop being walked all over because they’ll continue to get away with it.


      dude chill ur taking this to seriously , there is a solution for everything in this world except death, youll see everything will be ok, got faith in them

    • jooker-jr

      Clueless ? The worst ??

      They gave us almost everything we wanted.
      New Gameplay ? We have it
      a new engine ? We have it
      a solid and fun cod ? We have it
      something freash and new ? We got it

      Are they the worst because they had some issuses ?

      Every single game in the market has lanuch issuses but since SH is a cod dev then haters will complian about it more than any single game.

      And its their 1st game and the game is launched one week ago.

      Look at bf4 at lanuch and look at it right now.

  • joe

    When its lagging, its bad. Unplayable really. I have yet to see a host migration or anything i can tell that corrects the ping problem.

  • DG

    Best COD Ever!!!!!

  • Show N Prove

    Its the hit detection for me….

    • GinsuVictim

      Hit detection is fine when the lag isn’t in the way.

  • superman

    they said there was going to be dedicated servers before the game came out all it was a lie to boost sales

  • brad

    I’ve noticed the most problems occur on the smaller maps, especially with spawns. I enjoy the larger maps in the game, but the spawns and lag are horrid on the smaller ones

  • I’m not having any issues with lag what so ever on my ps4.

  • Dany Mg

    Its impossible to play this way. I have xbox one, 100MB connection and always have a TERRIBLE LAG, 1 bar, 2 bars…. maybe sometimes 3 or 4 bars, but ALWAYS lag, and its impossible to play that way. I can shoot a guy all the charger and he kills me, and in kill cam i just see he shot me first…… impossible to play this way!!!!!!!

  • juicestice89

    I have xbox one. No issues at all at 25 mb

  • Guest

    On the bright side here is a pic of Emily ratajkowski

  • Daniel Harvey

    Probably the last one I’m ever buying. It’s been the same issues for years now. This multi billion dollar company doesn’t want to spend enough money on fixing these known issues. Garbage.

  • abood

    yea im giving up on multiplayer, ill just go for campaign untill someone decides to fix this, also am i the only one getting slow starting screens when i enter the game?

  • anthrax

    Idk about it being for only ps4 and pc only, everyone I know (still on PS3) gets a really mean lag every few minutes that seems to freeze you in place for about 5 seconds while other players are free to come scoop up a free kill. It happens to just about everyone I talk to….Or not being able to start the match at the same time as everyone. I once went an entire match, after choosing my beginning class, as a spectator because for whatever reason I couldn’t seem to join the game. It usual happens to most people I come across but for only the first few seconds and to a minute at worst…. But a whole game? Get it together already

  • Orange

    the lag is horrible,
    but connectivity for pc i found to be my windows firewall and anti-virus turn
    these off and it will connect after few attempts

  • coddude

    Why am always spectating when playing online? PS3

  • Billy Bedlam

    its because were on skill based match making like bo2 wereplaying wioth people all over the world!

  • Disgruntled Gamer

    My issue with the lag is that people will come around a corner and not even a split second later I am dead. I didn’t even get to raise my weapon, Then when I watch their killcam the frame rate and amount of time doesn’t add up.

    Another issue I have which may just be the game play, Is that it is WAY to fast paced. I almost feel like I am playing Quake. I wasn’t the best at MW3, But I didn’t suck either had 3.00 K/D Ratio on MP, Luckily I was able to get my money back.

    SMG’s and Shotguns almost have no use on MP. It’s the same 3 weapons everybody is using the BAL being top choice. The game isn’t well balanced and it’s so frustrating at times it’s hardly even remotely fun.

    Don’t get me wrong the campaign was solid as can be, But I didn’t buy it for the SP. I guess I went in with very high expectations and was ultimately let down. This is the first COD I’ve bought since MW3.

    Also another issue I have is with the Jet packs. It’s dumb. All anyone does is jump around like a ragdoll on fire, Yes I know you can play classic mode, Classic mode only has 4 different game play modes and it’s lacking. There is just almost zero satisfaction when comparing it to older COD titles.

  • Russell stearns

    I don’t so much have lag problems as I do problems getting into a match. I play a lot of hardcore Dom. It’s kinda tough when by the time you get in the match your opponent already has atleast one flag if not two. Just to be clear I am running a brand new hard wired connection with 100mbps dedicated service. The only thing in this connection is my PS3. This game is the only one I have any problems with. Worse than the not getting in is the freezing my system at the end of a match. Fix these and you will have a great game.

  • Nemo hos

    so after 2 yrs we buy a game to find out we cant enjoy it until they fix some more stuff..so why bring it out when not ready? money hungry bitches

  • Deek

    Not only do I lag and end my kill streaks multiple times a game, I ALWAYS start every game 10-20 seconds after its started( especially domination), even when I’ve been in the game lobby… Then it will start with me spectating half my team capturing our flag, while the rest of us arnt in the game yet

  • me5647
  • patrick kilgore

    1. In Ground War you have 9 players but only 8 slots for chat ?????

    2. The chat box (states players in chat, or joined games) pops up in top left corner hiding all my options in that area, move it to bottom left nothing to cover up there seems logical.

    3. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG come on guys since the franchise came out you’ve made billions off of loyal fans. I’m seeing more friends playing other games on day two after launch then ever before. Sure in the past its been expected (LAG) on launch night and we would battle thru it. Not anymore its upsetting i really always enjoyed COD, but you guys dont enjoy your fans!!!!!!

  • Van Nikolakakos

    past 2 days constant lag and cut off game has become unplayable . not to mention problems in game . which i would like to discuss if i can get on the game first .once again . could have waited for a better experience . but collect money is better loks klike i am not going to waste my sunday waiting for a game .

  • oxyidizer

    BULLSHIT!!! Had game for 3 days, played multiplayer few times before being stuck in lag land….What a let down! Oxyidizer

  • Joe

    i cant play a full game of search and rescue without disconnecting….

  • Master Yi


  • Bengal

    I have a question…is anyone else getting fully kicked? like off xbox live? Its constant for me. I know its not my internet bc my pc stays on- never looses connection- and I can play destiny or any other previous CoD perfectly fine. Im just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem. I have a few friends who are.

  • Andrew Vernon

    Activision is consistently crap with servers. Virtually no one was playing Ghosts on PC, even before the new version launched. Every time I log in to BO2, I get stuck in a European or South American server with 200-300ms. Plenty of other shooter games run just fine for me. Ghosts was the last CoD title that I will ever buy until Activision actually fixes their crappy servers. I encourage others to do the same. CoD is a stale franchise with poor support. Spend your money on a more realistic, in depth game and stop supporting the ridiculous crap that is CoD.

  • corruptsmurf

    I literally cannot play at all right now. “Service is not available” error window pops up every time I try to play online.

  • boo

    All cods are way too laggy

  • David Arnold

    Advanced warfare is an awesome game, but there are many problems! Lag is one of the factors in this game it’s not only effecting the ability to play online, but it’s so bad that it freezes you whole system I have had to restart my PS3 many times. At first I thought it was just my connection to the internet, but I read some feedback about the game and then realized it wasn’t just me. I hope someone fixes this because it would be a good game if it wasn’t for the lag!


    What they do is milk the shit out of the idea of CoD having dedicated servers. What does activision do it releases call of duty after promising to have dedicated servers with NO dedicated servers then promises dedicated servers in the next game, that gets us to buy it thinking “well it’s gonna have dedicated servers and finally have online that isn’t 90% of the time LAGGY and cheap to players who are actually good” but we buy it and come to find there are no dedicated servers like they promised but here’s the best part, every year, every release, they promise to have dedicated servers in the next installment, which does what ? Get us to buy the next installment with what exactly? No dedicated servers.

    At this point that tells me Activision and all the developers that make the game (Infinity ward, sledgehammer, trey arch) have no respect or love for the diehard call of duty fans that buy the game EVERY fucking year (Me) as sad as it is to admit it I’ve been buying call of duty since modern warfare, I’ve bought MW MW 2 MW 3 BO BO2 GHOSTS AW … And EVERY SINGLE TIME it’s the same FUCKING problems. Spawn Camping, LAG, 20 bullets in a soldiers face and he doesn’t die then kills me with 1 bullet. Fix it every year all CoD fans ask for ALL WE ASK FOR is dedicated servers and acouple new things to make the feeling of the game fresh, and it seems every year they make these promises get our hopes up then drop a game with all sorts of fucking problems. Thanks activision for always having our backs.

  • asdf

    I haven’t had any issues with lag during gameplay but almost 50% of the time a new match starts I get dc’d from the server while loading. If I’m put back into the same match its continues to dc until I join a different match.

  • AC

    I haven’t had a single disconnect. Sledgehammer is playing nice and just doing good PR but they know it’s the crappy users with crappy internet connections doing all the complaining.

  • guest

    Fix this shit. It’s ruining the experience. And annoying the shit out of me having to hard restart my system every freaking time. Maybe 8x a couple hours before I give up

  • Original Symbificus

    Yeah, really on top of it, can’t even connect to the server. I wasn’t super excited about this game in the first place and now I’m even less excited to actually get to play multiplayer.

  • Guest

    I have a PS3 and every time I’m about to start a game it goes into spectator mode and I have to wait until it brings me into the match. Does anyone have the same problem ?

  • Guest

    The PC version is unplayable. It’s constant lag. Waste of money.

  • Miles Krabill

    Its not so bad that the servers boot me out all the time. But its the fact that when I try to join it completley freezes my console 100% every time I try to get back into matchmaking. And it can get very upsetting. And its sad to hear that the whole team is working on fixing it and it hasnt been fixed yet.

  • Guest

    Its still happening whyyyy cant even play the game ffs

  • Rigger Nitch

    Game sux

  • Rigger Nitch

    Get rid of lag comp. Otherwise, this game is useless for multiplayer.

  • don

    No its ps3 also and bad I’ve had people ask if they should get this game I tell them would you throw 60 in the toilet and flush it they no there’s ur answer do not buy this game it is shit

  • don

    Yep because of this lag on ps3 I’ve already turned 25 people away from buying this crap 15 on ps4 10 people on ps3 I’m gonna keep telling people about this crap till it stops on PS 3 fix ps3 disc now or else

  • don

    All I can say is **ck cod aw it sucks big fat di*k the developers actually whoever had part in this game should slit their wrists do us all a favor and die your game is wack fix the lag on ps3 you lazy ass fags

  • TranceFormerFX

    I honestly have no idea how they keep screwing this up… Especially the spawn points, O-M-G the spawns… And it’s like this with every Call of Duty, yet they never actually address this even though this is like the 10th Call of Duty. This is text book willfull ignorance. I’m so tired of getting shot in the back or getting shot 3 seconds after spawning. Killzone SF may not have the best multiplayer, but atleast they fixed all the problems CoD players STILL experience with every Call of Duty.

  • Dannyborden

    Horrible spawning, easy fix is to just make 4v4 modes. The game would be a lot easy to play this way too. Instead of having tons of people flyIng around and getting shot in the back every two seconds. 4v4 modes also fix the constant spawn flipping

  • Andy

    When the game starts I am always in spectator mode

  • Forest Demon

    Its the same with Destiny on PS4. Its PSN that is the problem. I have both consoles and I have no problems with Live. Always issues with PSN.

  • Fuk AW

    They say the same crap every year. Straight up lies. Every year the public buys it. Here is a spoon full of truth. DEDICATED SERVERS ARE NEVER [email protected]$! ING COMING BACK! Buy a real game like Destiny or Titanfall. They have real servers. None of the P2P garbage.

  • unclesukky

    I have that problem as well, it freezes while in a gun battle, after being killed or when the kill cam ends. Now after the new patch, I stay spectating and it doesn’t let me choose a weapon, and I end up getting kicked out for inactivity.

  • karl

    I haven’t had issues until today. It keeps making me go straight into spectator no matter what I try to get on. Anyone else having this issue? I’ve tried everything and I am getting extremely annoyed.

    • karl

      It also had me update right before the issues. It shows I’m on the score card but won’t let me play. Makes me spectate. Then kicks me due to inactivity, but it won’t ever get me the option to get out of spectator mode.

  • Daniel Paulino

    I’m stuck constantly on spectator mode… Idk what the issue guys I need help I join a game and it says spectator select or menu and im not playing search or search and rescue

    • karl

      Did you do the update? I chatted with someone on Activision and he claimed that the new update is throwing people into spectate mode only and that sledgehammer is trying to fix it. This is what they told me at about 11 EST. I tried just a minute ago and it’s still not working. I tried every playlist and they all do it except exo mode which is what the man on chat told me was the only thing I’d be able to play until they get it sorted.

  • Jesse

    I have a ps3 and every time I tried choosing a different class on a.w it freezes on me and I have to turn of my system manually and it fuckin gets me mad

  • Jesse

    I have a ps3 and every time I tried choosing a difer

  • Alex.


  • F – U

    garbage game designers cant stay up to date.

  • thehawkman

    Just done the latest update ..now I can’t join a multiplayer game says spectator and then kicked for inactivity…. What a joke game not getting any better..

  • Dre

    Man fuck this game, I wasted $110 on it and this is the shit it does?
    Man this game is now garbage. Keep your fucken updates because in a year
    this games is clearly gonna get hacked like all the rest, so stop
    wasting your time and end the franchise. AND QUOTE ME ON IT BITCH!

  • Karmisity

    IF ANYONE can help me please reply, I have been having issues with Cod aw, it says that I’m not in my clan but for my clan members it show there’s and commander and active but no Gamertag , and when I try to see if I can go to my clan it says just create clan. I have tried going on the Aw app and singed in and it told me my MP – multiple player is down or no data.. Can someone tell me how to fix it please and thank you

    Xbl – Karmisity

  • Dimehead

    You guys NEED to watch this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7CTGY16m3I

  • WhyUNoWork

    Im in xb1 and im getting a bad lag and there’s no sound in my game at all!

  • vom

    It locked up on my xbox one as well! No way are these dedicated servers. Halo 2 ran smoother online than this garbage..and it wasn’t dedicated. I saw looking for best host on the bottom of my screen last night ….just as it locked up…….they are greedy bastards. Would also help if they wouldn’t make insane sensitivity settings for movement speed. Idiots!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    The bars are complete bullshit. 4 bars one minute, then down to 1 the next, all in the same game!
    Their press releases aren’t much different: yes we have dedicated servers…but we also use listen servers. What’s the point of K/D stats when it’s all a crapshoot?!

  • Jose Luis Burgos

    It’s the game. Because I played madden 15 last night and gta v and it’s doesn’t do it. When Am playing cod advance doing amazing in a game at the end of the match just freezes up I get so mad it’s done it like 3 times already ugh!

  • Adrian Jose Rivera

    I got another issue my costume in multiplayer dosent show, everybody looks defaul and all the adds i put in my character never shows.. can
    someone help

  • Demon Gorum

    The game is actually kicking off Xbox live when I play battlefield or any off my other online mp games like black ops 2 .it doesn’t kick me off only when I play advanced warfare please fix a lot of people are sticking the middle finger at this game to many issues. And skilled based match making was a bad idea other than that and lag the game is fun as ever

  • Lone-Ranger2

    Iam so pissed of with this game, the lag on my advanced warfare is about 1to 2 seconds or it just freezes.I just want to compete in the game and enjoy playing.My ping goes from red when iam playing and full after i get killed ffs going mad here.

  • griffin

    Activision,you fucking suck!I got a ps3 and Cod aw keeps lagging me out or freezing.I also hate team killing fix your shitty game

  • simbob

    Im sick of putting bullits in players on mp they dont die just turn round put 2to3 bullits in me and im dead the game is the worst ive ever played sick of wasting my money on this crap want to no why im firing rubber bullits

  • Julie chez

    Every time I try to play cod advanced warfare on my Xbox 360 it disconnects me to Xbox live. And it’s only on that game. It’s fine with any other Xbox live game. I did the install disk and I’m playing on disk one. Yet I still can’t play multieplayer and when I go to Xbox home I conect to Xbox live just like that. And when I press play cod advanced warfare it disconnects me and I can play anything accept slit screen and campaign. And suggestions. Please

  • Julie

    Every time I try to play cod advanced warfare on my Xbox 360 it disconnects me to Xbox live. And it’s only on that game. It’s fine with any other Xbox live game. I did the install disk and I’m playing on disk one. Yet I still can’t play multieplayer and when I go to Xbox home I conect to Xbox live just like that. And when I press play cod advanced warfare it disconnects me and I can play anything accept slit screen and campaign. Any suggestions. Please

  • Allen Cannon

    Is this still going on? I’m on 360 and I keep getting that message, its annoying really because I havent even been able to touch multiplayer once, I really hope this gets fixed

  • Guest 123

    My issue is it says ” unreadable disk on one part of the Campaign

  • bills

    I liken Advanced Warfare on PC to a dumpster fire. Ever since the so called patch released on Dec 18 2014, the lag is now worse than before. I know for a fact it isn’t my network or hardware:

    Netgear Extreme N900 fully configured with all known ports triggered/ NAT is always open. Internet is 25 down and 3 up all day.

    I5 2500K

    Asus Maximus Gene Z ROG

    16Gbs DDR3 Kingston Hyper X

    Dual GTX 660 2Gb Supersclocks in SLI

    Dual Samsung 840 EVO SSDs in Raid 0

    Nvidia Driver WHQL 344.79 seems to be the most stable for SLI on this game, new driver is garbage. I’ve played FPS in this and other franchises for a dozen years at least. Ranked in top 400 to 1000 in about every title. Clanmates who rank in the top 50 are leaving this game in droves and rolling back to previous titles. FIX THIS GAME FOR PC!!!!!

  • trent

    Every time I get on advanced warfare multiplayer on ps3 I have 1 bar connection and it is making it so I cannot enjoy the game to it’s full extent

  • FTW

    I don’t get it, My friend and I stay not too far from each other but he normally has 4 bars whereas I have 2. And it sometimes goes up to 3 but never hit 4. In fact 3 is a rarity. One time I played exo and everyone had 1 bar ping.
    Also, *affecting

  • udufh

    My ping bars are full, but I lag so bad when I shoot move or see anyone else move I lag so bad didn’t even know that was possible

  • lol

    i noticed how its very odd in killcams like i die as last kill and i shot the guy but i die and in the killcam apparently i dont shoot my gun

  • onuris

    5 months later we still have lag!!