Last night live on their stream, WeAreDooMClan became the first to reach the highest level in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Level 50, Prestige 15. Congratulations to them on being the first this year!

There also seems to be a bit a confusion surrounding a max prestige emblem – WeAreDooMClan has not received an emblem for reaching max prestige.

SOURCE: @WeAreDooMClan

  • TheGamerBeast

    Sledge hammer need to Fix that Max Prestige emblem, actually that small emblem is one of alot of things that make me grind more & faster

  • Three years time and they didn’t test any of the most basic functions… For example in-game chat or prestiging.

  • VVFZ

    Sledgehammer needs to fix that master prestige icon. The unicorn one is cool and all but that shouldn’t be the reward for reaching master prestige.

  • Mitch

    Seems like a bug that there isn’t a special emblem for max prestige. There’s a Calling Card for it, surely there’s also an emblem for it?!

    • I really hope so, going for master prestige.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Personally I prefer the 15 prestige emblem over the master prestige emblem.

      • Josh

        bcuz ur an fagit hoo lieks unic0rns

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Because the master prestige face doesn’t look that good imo.

        • Spodermen

          Im supozed 2 cal peeple fegits ;(

          • shut te fuk up fgt u hav no sweg

          • umm….

          • You dont read Dolan duk comments, you wouldn’t get the joke..

        • ScOott

          My comment gets deleted but this guy who was being a dick doesn’t nice work charlie Intel fucking twats … No bad language in my comment n it gets deleted I called you a fucking twat n I bet this stays up ur logic who ever deleted is beyond complete thickness

  • KernosT

    SHG needs to fix a lot of things.Even though the game is still awesome,for me mainly the prestige problems and connection need to be fixed first.YOU CAN’T GO UP THE LEADERBOARDS ONCE YOU PRESTIGE.Also the camo challenges are all reset.Make it quick SHG.

    • MeisseN

      Yeah. And the leaderboard is not showing all of my friends lol. I don’t know if it’s problem with Steam or the game, but I hope it’s the latter since it will be easier to fix.

    • David Sync

      SHG has a big patch to fix

      • I’m nervous for the patch and what else it’s going to break.

        100% guarantee it’s going to cause more issues that it fixes.

        • hjkl

          nope…. fixed

          • Doom=lame

            Nope still lots of issues

    • YouTard

      The challenge reset was done on purpose.

      • well even if they were which I never heard but im not saying you are wrong, they are still changing that

  • Grigori

    I have unlocked the gold camo for the RW1, I equip it as camo on my pistol. I start the game. I don’t have a camo on my pistol. It’s not only gold, all the other camos don’t work either on the RW1…
    Is this a RW1camo problem or have other weapons this too?
    Please let me know if someone else has problems with it.

    • Grigori

      Found the solution, you need to hve the original gun. I tried it on a elite edition.

  • This happens each year, kinda urgency on 1st world countries.


    Sad,say no more

  • Gossyt

    Need to sort the spawning and make the challenges a lot easier. 500 headshots for Woodland camo? Bit much, and considering you can’t get Royalty for anything until you do that for every gun in the class. You’ll be playing forever…

    • I’d like to know the logic behind 50 measly kills for Gold.

      It’s just backwards this game in regards to the basics.

      • Jk

        Well.. the other camps that are harder to get look better than gold anyway.

    • Matt Shotwell

      The worst part is if you prestige you lose all of your kills for the camo’s and have to start all over again.

  • I wonder how many people they had playing it non stop.

  • Guest

    That poor, poor soul…

    • KevJumbaify .


      • Guest

        Just the fact that a guy has that much time dedicated to video games makes me sad for him. I mean, I love games but there is a line and this is a little troubling lol.

        • Are We Not Young God?

          It was a group of people that played in this one account.

  • Ra1n

    i have a offtopic question

    Why are my teammates bleu on the minimap instead of the normal white?
    Why did they make myself the same color as my teammates?

    • Stewart Thomas

      They are blue if they at in the party with you. Randoms are white

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        No. Teammates are blue, party is yellow. If they made them white nobody would see them clearly, as they would blend in with the minimap.

  • J4MES

    Don’t see the point in doing this group grind. Surely it’s better just to play the game at a healthy pace and enjoy it rather than rushing to reach max level just to get hate on social media for being sad no lifers. There was a hacker who was prestige 15 on the 360 before the game was released so he beat them to it and without the hassle of leveling!

    Rank means nothing at the end of the day apart from how much you play. Just enjoy the game instead of try-harding to reach a pointless goal.

    • KnQ T R

      Just let the poeple play what and how they want. ^^

    • Are We Not Young God?

      You don’t see the point that’s why it’s not fun for you but to them it is.

  • The Flash

    has he literally just been playing that solid since release?! one way to spend your life

  • glar

    There was also $5000 up for grabs so.. There’s that.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    That is one way to kill a game extremely early. Sooooo Stupid!!!!

  • Ryumoau

    congrats to Doom clan. 🙂

  • spartanelite

    It’s actually multiple guys that do this every year so it’s not really no life when like 6 guys are doing it and taking shifts

  • DaMadOne

    How does someone – some group put up with this game long enough to become master prestige already

  • cRi7iCaL


  • Guywithbrains

    When I play Advanced Warfare I see it becomes even more funnier because I learn to use that new movement. 1st prestige going and still so much fun!

  • spartanelite

    Also its only 4 days play time that’s honestly not much

  • iSellPower

    GG these guys should go competitive IMO

  • iamJester

    of course they did… congrats and all but im sure if we all got the game at the same time im sure someone else would have been the first but like I said congrats..

  • ScOott

    What’s with comments getting deleted seriously some one on charlie Intel needs to get a grip … I remember half of them n none of them are bad


    max prestige already!! the game just came out, doesn’t that take the fun out of it.

  • matt

    wow that is sad

  • Static Oz

    **Attention SnD players** (SnD rules- first team to win 6 rounds Wins the game) if you are wondering why your W/L ratio is so LOW. It is because every Round in a SnD that you lose counts as a LOSS. If you Win a round it doesn’t affect you W/L ratio. Only winning the game affects your W/L ratio positively.

    • i heard about this and they are working on fixing it in the latest patch.

      • Static Oz

        Yeah that’s what I have heard. But my W/L ratio is already trashed :/

  • TheShadowReaper

    it seems someone dropped his tampon today and started deleting comments. oh well. usual internet, usual internet.

  • hi

    i’m enjoying this game! having so much fun and its not really stressful unlike ghosts 🙂 might even end up picking up the season pass too but cant be too sure since it hasn’t been a full week since release and things can change from good to bad but i hope not

  • Ech!

    This has nothing to do with the topic above, but has anyone acquired the full bloodshed outfit then find out it has expired a few games later?

    • Inferno 1337

      Bloodshed items have a 30m timer then expire, you cant keep them

      • Ech!

        Seriously? Well I’ll just stick to my zombie outfit then…

      • Devin Wolfe

        I wonder why that is.

  • Guest

    lol 1.61 KDR.

    • GinsuVictim

      lol @ you for thinking that matters

  • I got bored of Advanced Warfare already, I’m prestige 3 1.78 kd, but I don’t know it just got boring

  • WizzlePop

    Sledgehammer, bring dedicated servers and lag compensation improvements to Call of Duty AW
    sign this petition to show your support, don’t let their promises go unfulfilled like IW with ghosts

  • Busy Marine

    Damn man, this has to be the most sorry fourm on this website, everyone is fighting over this and that, chill out guys jeeze. Yes these guys may have no lives, but hey if thats how they wanna live then so be it. I serve my country, run 5 miles every morning and lift up to 400 pounds with my buds, me and my fellow marines still find time to play a few hours of COD maybe more if were having it good. Heck my GF is in the Navy and we play together all the time lol. But the point is, that it doesn’t matter how many hours someone plays, who cares your not them are you. Oorah!

    • KILLIN FROM 209

      shut up boot ass pog

  • b0ss

    Go outside and find some hot babes.

    • Gunky Sack

      Most girls don’t like greasy kids that smell like swampy ball sack from playing video games every waking hour of the day.

  • DopeAap

    I wonder if any of the guys in the clan ever even played DooM (1993)

    • David Vonderhaar

      That’s because their taste in games sucks dick

    • John117

      I cant believe it either…

    • Yaze Grader

      theres a new one coming out in 2015 right?

      • DopeAap

        Yeah, i wonder how it will be 😀

      • Brian Walker

        I think they have switched to an every 3 year rotation

        • blaine

          Yes they have went to 3 years but also have 3 companies working on them…next year will b treyach…then infinty ward then back to slege which will be 3 years for that company but a cod game will still be out every year

  • Mikey9835

    I was looking in the challenges for the assault rifles and to get gold camo it said you have to get 50 kills with that weapon with no attachments, seems pretty easy or do you have to unlock all the camos before that?

  • super_havick

    they hacked you know that right

  • ace

    QUESTION?… When u reach master prestige does everything in the game unlock like in BO2??????

  • ery1t34uit5 yu8123gru3

    SHG really needs to make teh camos more achievable, 500 headshots to get a camo? 500 hip fire kills?

  • spodoor3254


    Playing a game almost 5 days in a row for this…

  • Awesome Godly 1

    I have unlocked all of the camos except diamond and royalty for my BAL but it doesnt let me use diamond. Anyone else have this happen?

  • Andy Bennett

    man my score per min is 360 an kd 1.1 ittl take me twice that time