Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales are on a roll in the UK; according to new data, Advanced Warfare’s week 1 sales beat Titanfall, Destiny, and Wolfenstein’s week 1 sales combined.

“We are very happy with how much fans have embraced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as evidenced by an increase in combined retail and digital sales year-over-year in the UK,” the company said in a statement issued to MCV. “While it’s still early, we think we have a great game that’s fun, engaging, and will keep people playing for some time to come. Welcome to a new era of Call of Duty.”

It has become the fifth fastest selling Call Of Duty title ever, and the sales for week #1 has been higher than Ghosts – but do note that Call of Duty: Ghosts only launched on three platforms on week 1 last year, as next-gen systems came later in the month.

US data isn’t expected until next month, when NPD releases the numbers.

SOURCE: VideoGamer

  • Chris

    nowyou have the money fix your game please

    • Ryumoau

      Thanks for this pointless comment. As if Sledgehammer is magically going to fix everything in one day because some random guest account douche told them to.

      Of course they’ve been working on improving the game, just read Micheal Condrey’s tweets. It takes time.

  • Titanfall and Wolfenstein sales werent that great but beating Destiny along with those 2 is pretty crazy.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      It’s only in the UK. I want to see worldwide sales.

      • True. Would be interesting to see if sales are the same worldwide.

  • If you haven’t purchased Wolfenstein I suggest you do. One of the greatest Campaigns I’ve ever played.

    • kyr95

      Indeed! 😀 This and AW’s are my favorite campaigns of this year so far.

      • Simon

        AW’s campaign was almost as disappointing as Destiny… almost..

        • kyr95

          In your opinion.

          • I’m sorry but a lot of the gameplay wasn’t fun, such as spending 3/4ths of one mission in a factory shooting more guys ( I played it on veteran, not once did I see them use their exo skeleton ) ooh, or that one mission that looked like favela were you spent some of it shooting down a corridor ( I won’t say the names of them )

            Plus, most of the time you don’t use your exosuits. I absolutely loved near the end were you were done using jets, Lagos was finally open and you could use anything you had to your extent, but a lot of there missions were full of the same boring simple hide behind a corner and shoot enemies until Gideon says something.

            I like the campaign, it was fun and a lot better than any campaign but it still can’t beat BO1 and it’s tied with COD4 in my opinion. Whatever, nobody really cares.

          • kyr95

            Well everyone has different opinions, i respect yours 🙂 My biggest “plus” for this campaign were the characters.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            The jets mission was stupid. And it was obviously there to extend the campaign. “Many” missions are there to extend the campaign. Such as the golden gate bridge mission.

          • The jet mission was really bad, I agree too, thats by I said ” when you are done with the jets ” there is a chunk after it were you’re in Lagos, before the actually Lagos mission starts.

            Also, The controls are even worse and they’re shit compared to battlefield’s, but the part when you get out of the jet and you’re in Lagos is the best part of the campaign hands down.

            The mission collapse, was really bad too, ( and for some reason the cop you grab at the end was turned black to white, I guess they don’t like black people? ) and it was the same shooting but the enemies used there Exo skeletons allitle more.

          • drjakeyoung

            The original trailer had the cop with white skin, then in the demo version black, and the proper white again. I see no problem.

          • I never said it was a problem, lol. I just found that interesting. And also were, and what trailer was the white cop in?

          • TheShadowReaper

            i have to agree with Simon to a certain extent. even though the campaign was nice unfortunately it was predictable. which made it a lot more disappointing that it should be. but i’m not complaining. compared to the crap that the Ghosts campaign was, AW’s campaign seems as good as Bioshock in comparison. (in comparison, not in reality of course)

        • Ryumoau

          lol i hope you’re trolling….

        • Primey_


        • Atleast AW made sense and everything was explained.

        • Daniel

          Rushed ending

          • FazalGaming

            The ending sucked! It had a suckish ending & was a copy & paste of MW3 last mission. You and a British guy ((MW3-Price)(AW-Gideon)) go in heavy armour ((MW3- Juggs)(AW- AST)) Do some killing and the other guy gets stuck somehow ((MW3- Yuri & Knife)(AW- Gideon & Exo)) and you need to chase the bad guy to the top of the tower. And the ending all it was was throwing Irons of the tower. MW3’s ending was better. It like SHG did both. Wait.. SHG did, cos they worked on MW3.

          • Duuuude… Holy shit…

          • Yeah, it was rushed really hard. I want to explain why but I don’t want a armada of angry guests saying ” spoiler! ” on me.

      • Juses

        you must not play many campaigns if AW campaign is one of your favorite…

    • Max Hass… God damnit…

    • Ryumoau

      i will after it goes down in price.

    • RdJokr

      Probably gonna wait till it is 75% off on Steam… $60 just for a singleplayer game seems waaaaaaay too high, even if it is good.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      There was a reeally good mission fariety, but the campaign itself isn’t “one of the greatest”. Maybe for you, but it is definitely not one of the greatest.

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    See no matter what happens, cod will still be the No.1. And fuck destiny slow paced game and boring

    • ccrows

      & once they remove SBMM (to get rid of these laggy lobbies), sales will “stay strong” and DLC sales will increase…

      • XtremeK1ll3r

        What is SBMM guys? explain me please^^

        • Skill Based Match Making

        • ccrows

          SBMM = Skill Based Match Making

          Sledgehammer is matching up lobbies ATM based on “skill” rather than “connection”.

          Treyarch did the same thing with BO2 at launch, and the lobbies were just as awful. Once Trey got rid of SBMM, BO2 became a much better game to play.

          I get that SH wants everyone to have 1.0 KDs, but SBMM doesn’t work. That’s why these lobbies have been an inconsistent mess since launch…

          • XtremeK1ll3r

            Ahh thank you men , i have 1.78 KD , Now i know why the fuck people are immortal hahahahaha

            At what moment of the game did Treyarch pull off SBMM?

          • simonb1471 .

            Guys Skill based matchmaking is the real reason behind it watch this guys video

          • ccrows

            When I first saw the pic of your video, I thought you were gonna be trolling, however…….


            If only TmarTn would have made that, all his nut huggers would be screaming at SH to get this fixed by now.

            Excellent video, excellent work, SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE SBMM NEEDS TO GO!…

          • Bob Brown

            Ive seen the game code and SBMM has NO priority over the Ping… NONE… the laggy lobbies were because of server issues, that EVERY title released latley has been having. If you aske me, I think that next gen servers are part of the problem, and them programming games to run on next gen and old gen causes some mix ups…

          • Pickle Chips

            This is dumb…skill based keeps guys like this from killing people who are new and trying to learn the game, and clearly this guy loves to lord over people with his extensive experience in the game…

            Xbox live already filters people and there may be lag, but it does not advance anyone through the xbox filter…go to pc gaming, where slow internet connections dont cause lag…they just lag the player and give them a huge advantage!

            Stop being a baby about having to fight people of your own level vs being able to screw over all new players which woulld make them abandon the game immediately and completely.

          • ” Instead of fixing it the problem, fuck console And get a pc! ” – Pickle Chips

          • HORSE SIX ZERO

            And in chimes, the PC guy. Here you go man, watch this. Hopefully you’ll pull your head out of your ass and stop thinking you’re the master race. Fuckin gaming Nazi!

          • What?

          • Bob Brown

            THANK YOU!!!! These YT’ers crying because they can’t pubstomp is so annoying!! and if you can’t pubstomp in this game, you arent as good as you thought… its really easy because the majority of people havent adjusted to exo suits very well…also… there is NO proof to say sbmm has priority over ping… this is a BS claim made by someone who needed a scapegoat.. ive looked at the game-code… ther is NO priority which means its just crappy server issues…

          • 111AlaN111

            SBMM is useless for COD in my opinion.

            A player can be max prestige not because of skill, but because he plays all day long.

            A player can have a 1.5 K/D, but because he quits out of matches if he loses (a friend of mine does this and says it works) or just keeps camping all the game.

          • Bob Brown

            I see your point, and this is why SBMM is good… because then people like me can still beast these kids who arent truly good at the game.. sbmm actually seems to rely on rank more than it does skill, and in that case, it really lets me stomp on kids because im not playing people my skill level

          • Yeah Halo 3 was good at that also. Halo 5 seems like it’s going that route also

          • Bob Brown

            I’m sorry but your info is bullshit… ^ this is not what is going on. I have seen the game code and sbmm does NOT have priority over ping… this is a lie started by some big YT’er who couldnt get good gameplays… instead of blaming themselves for not adjusting that well to exo-suits they blame the sbmm… Also ranked play sbmm runs differently than pubs… it WILL sometimes sacrifice connection in ranked because there are so many fewer players in that playlist..

        • Cycovision

          A thing people with no understanding about networking and matchmaking bitch about.

    • Destiny is a good game, it just got very repetitive after you did the same missions 15 times or better. The multiplayer movement was too slow though.

    • KevJumbaify .

      Destiny is a boring ass game. Just like titanfall it lacks content. Wasted my money on it

      • TheShadowReaper

        they say Destiny will get a lot of content since its an MMO like game. they made a statement about it but i’m too lazy to search for it. although i wouldnt give money for the content. if it is free then fine but it has a price its not worth it and unfortunately you will have wasted your money on it.

    • david tomlinson

      LOL! Good one!


      COD is NOT No. 1. Sales-wise, it’s only The UK. It’s still projected 3 million less than COD HOAX =ing 11.5 million. The lowest sales since COD 4.

      The No. 1 FPS on Twitch is CounterStrike with COD FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR behind. Don’t think I’m telling the truth, go look at the Twitch viewer count.


      • Underdog BO1 FTW!

        k. Counter strike is boring… No killstreaks, slow paced, angry people using Mic, kids begging for skins so yes boring

  • CoDforever

    Hey guys! Im back! Anyone miss me?

    Anyways, am i the only one surprised at this game? It ttok 3 years to make and most of the assets are reused from ghosts and 3 years only to make a zombies demo?

    If thats what 3 years will being us,please go back to 2 years and kick IW out instead and SHG in with 3arc


    Also, the ranked playlist sucks dick its more closer to CvC it is then to League Play, so please make some changes ASAP

    Dont get me wrong, the game is great prob my fav cod after bo2 but just a few gripes

    there are quite a few reasons to hate on Aw, but if you say one them is because its the same game THEN PLEASE SMD AND GTFO ASAP AND THEN MAYBE KYS

    • TuTKoKmoLLi

      Really bro? Zombies were probably added in the last months because of thousands of kids complaining that there was no Zombie Gamemode. I think if you want to play Zombies so bad just play BO2,BO or WAW or buy another Zombie game

      • CoDforever

        But then again, even if that were true Exo Survival is an 80% copy from Safeguard in ghosts .. Im not joking i checked out both they both are pretty similar

        You’d think with 3 years they would do BETTER then going backwards?

    • Ryumoau

      what are you even talking about? Nothing about this game feels like Ghosts. You are trying way too hard….

      • CoDforever

        Im not talking bout the gameplay, the gameplay is fast and outstanding im talking about the assets and ideas (Weapons copy pasted from ghosts, Exo Survival which is a minor variant from safeguard in ghosts etc)

        And ik this happens in every cod, but this year its surprising because they had 50% more development time, FIFTY

        • Josh

          Exo survival is not like safeguard from Ghosts!! It’s the same as co-op from MW3 which SHG co-developed!

        • RdJokr

          And what do you think goes on in those development times?
          AW and Ghosts were developed roughly around the same time, so it’s understandable that there are certain assets shared between games. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Treyarch reuses some guns from AW for their game next year.

          And besides, there aren’t that many guns from Ghosts that showed up in AW. Only about 20% of them, really. Also, Exo Survival is NOTHING like Safeguard. More similar to MW3’s Survival, except with Exo movements.

  • Ryumoau

    This is great news. I know ‘financial experts’ are saying the franchise is declining in sales, but i hope to god that Advanced Warfare at least outsells Ghosts before the year ends. Sledgehammer did such an amazing job with this game that they at least deserve to do better than that lazy Infinity Ward outing.

    • Maybe Infinity Ward will step their game up next time once they figure out that they have been surpassed by the other two Call of Duty studios.

      • Michael

        I hate to break it to you, but why would you even think about IW stepping their game up after the release of ghost? Ghost was a collausal failure and I don’t think I will ever buy another IW game. I will probably skip IW’s next game because it will probably suck and AW will occupy me that year. I just don’t see AW dying after it’s life cycle. Obviously people will buy 3arcs game cause of zombies and MP but I hope AW is still alive during 3arcs upcoming game.

        • It wasnt really a hopeful post. It doesnt matter to me because I wont be buying their next game. I hated MW3 and Ghosts.
          I dont see why wouldnt still be able to play AW when Treyarch’s next game comes out.

          • CrowReap .

            True mw3 and ghosts were the worst cods ever

          • MichiganerE


    • kplem

      ghosts didnt even sell as bad as people think it sold more than cod 4 and WAW if you combine the x360/one PS3/4 versions you get 21M+ advanced warfare will NOT sell more unless its good so far it wont sell more. the pre orderers for AW were Abysmal compared to ghosts

  • ActivisionLOL’[email protected]

    Still sold 9m less than MW2 on release. CoD is slowly dying. BO3/WAW2 next year and then IW will kill it off for good. Here’s to the future – better games that actually work for a change. Even Halo MCC tomorrow will dent the hell out of AW’s population and once the PS4 finally gets a non-indie game on its system; they’ll abandon AW too. PC Gamers have too much of a choice and I bet most of them haven’t bought the game or have already jumped ship back to BF4 or Counterstrike (proper competitive MP games and not arcadey crap)

    • KNQ TR

      I really wanna know , why u EXTRA go tu Charlieintel a website where u can get CoD news/info only to say that CoD is slowly dying. Cant u just play BF4 or CSGO? Stop annoying us.

      • smayo

        Why should he ?? Because his opinion doesn’t match yours ? He is entitled to express his opinion just as much as the next one, positive or negative.

        • jooker-jr

          you can tell that he’s a troll

    • That was about 5 years ago, there is no way any game series that has 10+ games can constantly allways over do themselves. That is just a bad nitpick. But I can agree no matter how well SH or Treyarch do, IW will kill them off brutally with ghosts 2.

    • ccrows

      Your user name says a lot about you… <_<

    • jooker-jr

      source please ?

  • Walter Iego

    That’s because we are stupid people and believed the hype once again.

    • Ryumoau

      The game was just as fun as i thought it would be, so your comment means nothing. 🙂

      • Walter Iego

        As well as yours. I am happy you followed my trail.

    • Are We Not Young God?

      If anything this is the one COD that people tried not to get hyped for as hard as they could restrain themselves after ghost. I didn’t pre-order advanced warfare until I played it and watched reviews. I don’t regret the purchase one bit. So far better than BO2 and Ghost in my opinion.

  • Stealth_Valtsu

    Take that Destiny!

  • ScOott

    And they deserve to imo 😀

  • Guywithbrains

    In my opinion we have so called next gen Call of Duty 4 now. Going to 2nd prestige and I am still enjoying the game!

  • Omnitrix

    Funny how Destiny and Titanfall were the so called “Cod-Killer”. Haha LMFAO

    • Guywithbrains

      In my opinion Destiny killed itself by lacking content and good story. All you can do is grind in same 4 places and kill those same boring enemies all over again.

    • I dont think Titanfall was supposed to be a Cod killer. It was hyped because it was fresh and very fun to play. It received a lot of positive press because it was so fun to play.

  • Brad

    It’s the fifth best call of duty ever…which is lower than ghosts…

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Only because people paid their money ahead of time for Ghosts which was a piece of shit. People aren’t going to do that again ever or at least not on the scale that it was for Ghosts.

  • Jordan Spoon

    I knew Advanced Warfare wouldn’t do as well as Ghosts. No disrespect to Sledgehammer but IW are the kings of COD and will never be beaten. AW is good but it’s no where near on par with Ghosts or even MW3.

    • Rmawi

      hahahhahahhahahaah ghost is the worst are you on crack, honestly cod ghost was the most traded ingame this year so next time please state if it is your opinion or your saying this for everyone.

    • Not sure if you are serious. Ghosts was considered by most to be the worst Cod possibly ever. MW3 wasnt very good either.

  • Dominic McCall

    In the UK all they do is play COD lol

  • J4MES

    Good for Sledgehammer! I really thought that IW had severely dented the franchise’s reputation but thankfully SHG let the quality of the game sell itself. Sales will also drive dramatically over Christmas as people will be picking up the game on the current gen consoles. Also quite a few were sitting on the fence after Ghosts understandably but thankfully AW puts any lingering doubts aside as they deliver a quality game with a good future into next year. Hopefully Treyarch continue thrive and then we’ll worry about what IW churn out (Ghosts 2 probably!) in the distant future.

    • Ryumoau

      yes. People were harping so much on how low the preorder numbers for Advanced warfare were, that they forgot about the millions of people who were waiting for reviews and feedback from the community before they bought it. Since the game has gotten much better critical reception than Ghosts, i think the sales for this game will improve as the weeks go on.

    • TheShadowReaper

      i’m calling it now, 2016 COD sales will be a lot less cause IW.

      • 2016

        • TheShadowReaper

          yes, something among those lines. x)

  • KevJumbaify .

    Anybody else game freeezing? It doesn’t happen to me a lot but once in a while the game freezes while I’m in a game. Its pissing me off.

    • Guywithbrains

      Happened to me twice on PS4.

    • Tricky VIk

      “It’s still a bit buggy, I was freezing constantly, but what I did was delete the patch and re-install it, haven’t frozen yet.”

  • Zeus

    Default match making ping for Advanced Warfare is 800ms. SBMM isn’t the only issue.

  • KevJumbaify .

    Wolfenstein is a great game. That’s what I hope treyarch looks at for inspiration on their next world war 2 game 🙂

  • KevJumbaify .

    SH hurry up with the update please so I can prestige

    • Guywithbrains

      I am already going to 2nd prestige and then I start doing challenges after AW gets patch.

      • KevJumbaify .

        Nah fuck that. I don’t feel like restarting again

  • Korencek

    We need Ghosts 2! IW, i hope you make it, damn haters

  • Rorke File

    I’m still thinking how epic Black ops 3 will be on next gen.

  • DG

    The new update needs to hurry!!!!!!!!. I’m always getting kicked out mid way through a match saying servers unavailable or literally close my game app saying error occurred … and when I try opening my supply drops its say unable to open or some shit and lose what ever was in there. LVL 48 2nd prestige BTW 🙂

    • Dean Cowan

      The patch will probably be 1-3 weeks I’d guess. I’d like to ask SHG what’s with all this 2xp that we’ve been getting. 5th prestige 21.

  • Great news and much expected!

  • spartanelite

    Expected to sell less than the average CoD Out Still Sells more than 3 game put together

    • Carrisi

      Exactly, it’s not an achievement for a COD game, it’s the expection

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    What Sledgehammer need to fix :

    Connections.Even tho I rarely lag in gamemodes like Hardpoint,CTF and Uplink, when I lag it’s pretty bad.BO2 lag.

    Hit detection.This isn’t a major problem since it only happened me 3-4 times but sometimes I put a whole clip into a guy in mid range and I don’t even get a hit marker.

    Spawns.I think this will be a major problem that will never be properly fixed since the exo movement is so fast there will always be guys that kill us from behind.

    SBMM.I’m a casual player and if I wanted to play against tryhards I would shove my scuff up my ass and play the ranked playlist.

    And the reset challenges,lose your emblem,etc.

    • LovekillerX

      Couldn’t agree more. Starting from yesterday I have been experiencing lag. Not so often though but when I have lag, it is serious lag. Hits aren’t registered and enemies outruns me too easy with their BAL-27.

      Hit detection is pretty good in this game but I have to admit that couple of times I empty whole clip to enemy and sometimes I put few bullets – with a same gun. This needs to be fixed so we could have as good hit detection as possible.

      I haven’t seen so many bad spawns. What I have seen is that people spawn usually to another side of the map. Once I spawned to the place where I just died but in general spawns are great for me (not sure about others?)

      Skill based matchmaking… yes! This needs to be fixed. When I started to play Advanced Warfare, I literally got “elite players” on my side but when I got first prestige it started to throw me to team which doesn’t really know what to do in a TDM (imagine, there you have to kill enemies, nothing else…) and I literally hate it when enemy feed is filling my screen with their BAL-27s…

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Drinking game. Take a shot everytime someone posts the same comment.

    • Dean Cowan

      The hit detection will seem better for you. Like you said you’re a casual, so there is more people for you because obviously therre are more casuals then tryhards and people who are absolute terrible. So it will join you to a good connection. The further you move up and down the skill level it will have worse and worse connection.
      Me personnally, the hit detection and connection makes it almost unplayable.

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Personally my k/d as always been a 2.00 ++.But right now I have the lowest k/d I have in a COD game that is 1.50.However I’ve been playing Hardpoint and Uplink and I’m always doing atleast a 2.00 k/d up.I just need them to fix the spawns for some surprising occasions.

  • simonb1471 .

    Skill based matchmaking is the real reason behind it watch this
    guys video

  • king wolfe

    If your favorite cod doesnt start with MW1 or MW2 then you need your ass whipped

    • Dean Cowan

      If you think everyones opinion should be the same then you need your ass whipped

      • king wolfe

        If you think more people disagree with me then you need your ass whipped

        • Dean Cowan

          So by your standard, if you don’t agree your dumb. Please fuck off.

          • king wolfe

            Dont be so emotional bro

    • AlexK489

      Both those games were boring and terrible. I traded em when i got done with the campaigns, cause Captain Price and Soap were some BAMFs, but i’d chalk both of those up to boring, terrible failures.

      *awaits imaginary ass-whooping*

      • king wolfe

        mw2 = greatest of all fall in line son

        • some random black guy

          fuck no

  • Devin Johnson

    i feel like the last mission was a copy and paste from the MW3 campaign… he drops from a high spot, and dies. the only difference was, makarov was tied to a rope, dropped, and hung. here they did the exact same thing, but didnt have him hung. both ended in an amazing and huge win though. i just think they should try something less predictable :/

    • juicestice89

      Umm spoiler alert? Jeez

      • Devin Johnson

        not much of a spoiler if its the same thing.

        • juicestice89

          Good answer… that made it unhappen

  • exeterman2

    Yet I know no-one who pre ordered cod aw but at least a dozen who pre ordered destiny… Maybe I just know intelligent people lol

    • Dean Cowan

      Yes, destiny leaps and bounds above CoD. Cough, cough.

  • kplem

    AW will NOT sell more than Ghosts atm, Ghosts got like 21M+ if AW is that good more people will buy it i doubt it itll sell more than ghosts, + AW got abysmal pre orderes for a cod game. So many people have just leave cod and they have every right to be. some from boredom including me like i got AW its ok but i got bored of it IDK something about it (i got a 2.10 KD) and other from sick of being screwed by esports dick sucking

    • juicestice89

      The pre-orders don’t include the digital count. Who knows the numbers.

      • kplem

        i doubt many people got a digital copy since its a like 50 GB download but come on it wouldnt really add to the charts anyway

        • juicestice89

          I got it…. just saying probably just like cds people will just be getting the digital copies instead eventually so it’s hard to say at which point we start to count the download sales as a major part of overall sales

          • kplem

            cod has been declining in sales since after MW3, surprisingly BO2 got few extra sales since ghosts was so boring and no one liked it. still MW3 is the most sold cod

  • AlexK489

    I have a feeling the game did well here. I work at GameStop and we nearly sold out of Xbox One and 360 versions of the game, and led our reigon in sales of the season pass. And here’s an unpopular opinion, as much as i love Destiny, i like AW better. Destiny’s story is a mess, and it’s kinda suckish even when you finally explain it. The game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but i have yet to hate anything about AW so far. The campaign’s really well done, the loot drops in MP make you giddy with excitement since you never know what you’re getting, the customization options are awesome, the fact that i can test weapons out without going into online play is a god-send, it just feels pretty damn good on my end.

  • Guest

    Does anybody know if they will remove SBMM? I really hope so.

  • Favorite Ape

    Hilarious comparison.
    Call of duty’s 11th major franchise game release since 2003
    compared to
    Destiny – 1st in francise series
    Titanfall – 1st in francise series

  • DarthDan97

    Cod is dead they said… Battlefield is better they said….

  • Dean Cowan

    Really? A patch already SHG? Good job. Thanks for not pulling a Mark and Tina.

  • DopeAap

    I wasn’t surprised that it beated Destiny and Titanfall, BUT WOLFENTSTEIN?!

  • Pickle Chips

    This is a game ranked on online play, and that is why the game has suffered…they have focused a lot of attention on story mode…Ghosts was a great story, the only CoD story I played through…never even tried it online…but for some reason the company wants to continue to focus on creating a better single player experiencce…now advanced warfare came out and is supposed to be the saving grace of the series…the single player already is lacking compared to ghosts, they just tossed in leveling up elements and special abilities which are popular among other game series…even though it is completely misplaced among the entire series of CoD…Took them many games, but CoD is now selling out…when all they had to do is focus more energy on making better and better online play…

  • Favorite Ape

    I guess that’s a better stat to advertise.
    Wouldn’t want to advertise aw pre orders dropped by almost a million compared to ghosts. Ghosts was a little over 2 million and aw was a little over 1 million. That’s a huge drop. They should post an article on that. Or maybe find some obscure publication like Guinness book video game book and quote that.